To Call a Man Evil
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about a young genius with little compassion, and his loving older sister, who stands by him, no matter the evil or depravity he sinks to.

Dr. Martin had been on call all night.

He had delivered two babies during this shift, and was hurrying down the hall of the maternity ward to another delivery.

His balding head glistened with sweat, and his lab coat and shirt were rumpled with the night's efforts.

They don't pay me enough to do this, he thought.

The room he was heading for was 105. He was late as it was, but the mother had so far only begun the preliminary stages of her contractions, that could very likely continue for the entire night.

He was just supposed to poke his head in and make sure everything was all right. The nurse would page him when the serious contractions started, or when her water broke, whichever came first.

He quickly grabbed the chart that was in a small black plastic bucket outside the room. He familiarized himself with her name and situation, so it would seem like she was important, and not like the thousands of other faceless patients that walked through this ward.


Dr. Martin pushed his way through the door, fixing his professional smile on his face.

He hated delivering babies. Modernly it was becoming a job occupied by female doctors, but he was a relic of the seventies, when female doctors were in all honesty, considered little more than a passing experiment.

"Hello Mrs. Thane, how are we feeling?" Doctor Martin asked, fixing his eyes on the bleach blonde lady lying prone on the bed.

Martha Thane looked like hell. But then again, in Doctor Martin's experience, most women did not look their best this close to birth.

Her long hair was disheveled, and her eyes were blood shot. Her greatly distended belly looked like a beach ball ... yet still she managed a weak smile.

"I've been better doctor," she said.

Martin gave another of his patronizing smiles. "Yes I imagine so."

"When do you think we'll get this show on the road," she asked wearily.

"Oh, I imagine any hour now. The fact that the contractions have lasted most of the day are a pretty good indicator that this is no false alarm." He said reassuringly.

She nodded and settled her head back down into the pillows. She sighed.

"This little guy is causing me much more problems than his big sister," she said warmly. "I wonder if that means he'll be a little trouble maker."

She absently stroked her stomach, a faraway look in her emerald eyes.

Doctor Martin felt a small pang. He was sixty seven years old, and never once had children.

On the outside he smiled. "I'll be back in about an hour, hold on their Mrs. Thane, I'll see you through the night."

Dr. Martin left the room.

The page came at two twenty three in the morning, December 1st.

Dr. Martin was passed out in the faculty break room, a Styrofoam cup of coffee balanced in the crook of his arm.

The page startled him, and he almost spilled the drink. It was room 105. Mrs. Thane's water had finally broken. He was tired, but adrenaline fueled him.

Dr. Martin was across the hall in record time, and immediately took charge of the situation.

When water breaks after prolonged contractions, instead of before, it is usually a sign of a speedy yet violent birth.

Martha didn't disappoint. She began labor almost immediately. It was a difficult birth, and it lasted for about thirty minutes.

Dr. Martin had to turn the child around in order to get him head first down Martha's vaginal cavity.

Martha, however, acted like a pro. She pushed at the right times and she preformed her breathing exercises flawlessly.

There was no vaginal tearing, and little blood. She thankfully also didn't soil herself, as is common during birth, nor did she begin to urinate, which is also very difficult to do.

The child was born facedown, and crying.

Dr. Martin, was however, very tired, and his fingers were clumsily. For a split second the baby slipped from his arms, and the child's forehead hit the metal footboard for a split second.

The child immediately stopped crying.

Dr. Martin's heart stopped.

Had he killed the child?

He quickly looked at Mrs. Thane. She was sleepy and her eyes were lidded. She was in and out of consciousness.

The nurse was stroking her head, and wasn't looking at the baby.

No one had seen what had happened.

Dr. Martin pretended as if nothing was amiss. The baby had its eyes closed. Dr. Martin placed his stethoscope against its little chest and listened for a heartbeat. It was there, and it was strong.

Dr. Martin let out a sigh of relief. Everything was fine.

He gave the boy to the nurse for cleaning. And she hurried him away.

Ten minutes later he gently shook Martha awake, and presented her with her little boy.

She reverently took him into her arms.

She cradled the child. He was silent. Bright blue eyes stared calmly into his mother's emerald.

Martha simply cradled the boy.

"My sweet William, my sweet William," she cooed. She repeated those words over and over. Until the child fell asleep.

Thirty minutes later, Martha's family was brought in by a nurse. Dr. Martin observed a strong jawed man with graying red hair and sharp blue eyes. Clutching his hand was a little red head girl, with her mothers emerald eyes and a pale pixie face.

She couldn't have been more than two. She was looking at the baby boy.

Martha looked up at her family with watery eyes. She smiled warmly.

"John, it's a boy. A beautiful baby boy."

John smiled and reached out his hands. His wife softly proffered the baby, and he gently received it into his arms.

John lightly kissed the babes forehead. "What do I call the new man of the house," he said. His voice had a lilting Irish accent.

Martha smiled tiredly up at her husband.

"William, John, I named him William."

John nodded. "A good strong name, for a good strong lad," he said proudly.

Martha looked down at the little girl, who was lurking nervously about the doorway.

"Sarah," Martha said. "Come see your baby brother."

Sarah shook her head, and crossed her arms.

John looked down sternly. "Sarah, listen to your mother and come meet your little brother. You'll come to love him as much as Mommy and Daddy."

Sarah reluctantly toddled over to her parents, and John bent down so that Sarah could see the sleeping baby in his arms. She hesitantly copied her father, and kissed him on the forehead.

Dr. Martin watched curiously as Sarah shivered, and looked at the baby with contempt.

John and Martha seemed oblivious to this little motion.

Sarah quickly backed away from William, and her parents went back to ogling their baby boy.

Dr. Martin cleared his throat.

The two parents looked expectantly at him.

"I believe my work here is done," Martin said. "You seem to be fine Mrs. Thane and you will be discharged as soon as a nurse gives you a once over, and brings the birth certificate to fill out."

The parents both thanked him; Dr. Martin turned around and walked out into the hall.

He was exhausted.

After one short hour, he forgot the Thane's even existed.

They simply became nameless faces in a see of patients.

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