The Paralegals
Chapter 1: In Court

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Mystery, BDSM, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: In Court - Paralegals set out to prove whether or not husband was filmed committing adultery. There is bondage but no S&M in this story. This story is not 'non-consensual', 'rape, or 'reluctance'.

It was about 3:30, late in the afternoon on the last Thursday in November. The weather outside was unseasonably cold.

I was sitting at our table in the courtroom waiting to see what Willard Sanders, the attorney for the plaintiff, Lilly Rossi, was going to do next.

My name is Marty Gordon. I'm forty-eight years old; weigh in at two-hundred pounds even, I am five feet nine inches tall. I have a 'stocky' build that is, except for my legs, not very muscular. Both my hair and goatee are brown, which I keep cut short and neatly trimmed at all times. Most of the time, I have brown eyes. I say most of the time because when I put in long hours at work, they are usually bloodshot. In my opinion, I'm not very handsome, but to be honest, I'm also not ugly either. What I'm trying to say is that I think I'm just plain average.

That particular day I was dressed in a navy blue classic, two-button business suit and a white shirt. My tie was dark blue with white stripes. On my feet I wore black socks and black, monk strap shoes.

There were four of us at our table. To my immediate right sat my partner, Rachael Wolf.

Rachel is the other paralegal on the team. She's forty-two and, since I've never been good at guessing women's weight, I won't even try. However, considering she has a figure that would make a playboy bunny envious, it really doesn't matter anyway. Her hair, which is black and wavy, flows down past her shoulders. She has pale, almost alabaster white skin, and brown eyes. If I had to compare her to anyone, I'd have to say that she reminds me of a full figured version of Monica Bellucci. She also is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

Next to Rachael was our boss, Samantha Roberts, the firm's head and only attorney. I'm not quite sure of our boss's age but I think she's about thirty-six. She's a little skinny for my taste. Hell, I'll bet she doesn't weight an ounce over a hundred pounds.

Finally, at the far end of the table sat Vincent Rossi. "Vince", as he liked to be called, was the defendant in the case and our client. Suffice it to say that he was obviously male and with a name like Rossi, you can bet he looked Italian.

Moving along, at the table to our left was Lilly Rossi and her legal team. Her team was comprised of Lilly Rossi, her lawyer and a paralegal.

Lilly, by the way, is herself, a successful (if not ethical) divorce attorney. Next to her at their table was her mouthpiece, Willard Sanders. And, next to Sanders was his paralegal, a quiet little man whose name I can't remember.

Sequestered in the Witness room was Gloria Lemons, the self confessed adulteress of the affair and potentially the most damning witness they had.

Before this mess started, Samantha, Lilly, Rachael, Gloria, Vince and I used to be good friends. Now, as sometimes happens, we've divided into two camps. On one side was Samantha, Rachael, Vince and myself. On the other, the unlikely team of Lilly and Gloria.

It was the first day of trial and Lilly was about to take the stand.

Her attorney said to the judge, "I call to the stand the plaintiff, Mrs. Lilly Rossi, your honor." I was somewhat surprised, I had just assumed that he'd present the video, it would be shown, and we'd all go home. Then I could start enjoying my long holiday weekend, Rachael could do whatever it is she does when not working herself to death, Samantha could sulk, and poor Mr. Rossi could cry himself to sleep while he tried to figure out how to pay our bill. Although something told me he wasn't going to be able to pay it. Lilly had been smart enough to get him to sign a prenuptial agreement giving her everything in the event he committed adultery.

I expected this to be the first and last day of what had promised to be one of the shortest divorce trials in history. The evidence in the case was so strong it was sure to be a slam dunk win ... for Lilly and her attorney!

But then she did have what, in my mind, was indisputable video evidence of the husband's infidelity with his mistress, Gloria Lemons.

You might be interested to know that Gloria also just happened to be Lilly's best friend ... that is until Lilly caught them in bed together!

Unsurprisingly, things started exactly as I expected they would. Sanders went straight for the jugular!

"Mrs. Rossi", he began, "In your complaint you said, and I quote, 'I was sure that Vince was having an affair'; is that correct?"

There was an appearance of anger on Lilly Rossi's face when she replied, "Yes."

"Were your suspicions correct?" Sanders continued. His voice had changed from professional to soft and conciliatory.

Meekly, she replied, "Yes."

"How do you know they were correct?"

With an almost triumph look expression on her face, Lilly Rossi answered, "I have proof!"

"What kind of proof do you have?" Sanders asked. His tone showed no change of emotion.

She answered, "I recorded them together."

"What do you mean you recorded them together? Was it an audio recording? Were you there when the alleged act of infidelity occurred?" Judge Judith Hastings asked, interrupting.

Sanders frowned. For, while it wasn't common knowledge to the public, it was well known to those of us working in the court system that the judge had recently developed a dislike for his client.

I looked over at Samantha and then at Rachael, both were smiling. We all knew that Judge Hastings was hoping Lilly would admit to being present during the act. If that happened, then Samantha could claim that Lilly had, at the very least, given consent to the act and possibly even been a willing participant. Either way, the allegation of adultery would be effectively nullified. Unless, of course, Lilly said she was hiding at the time.

There was a faint smile on her face that couldn't conceal the scorn hidden behind it as Lilly replied, "No; I mean, before I left the house I hid two cameras in our bedroom. They recorded the whole thing."

Still looking at the judge, Lilly said, "I brought the cameras here with me today."

"Why did you use two cameras?" inquired the judge curiously.

To which Lilly responded, "For a couple of reasons. First, one might fail. And second, I didn't know exactly where in the room they might be. If I had used one camera, it might not have captured the bitch's face"

"You know better than that Mrs. Rossi." The judge interrupted. "You will restrict your testimony to the facts and not embellish it in any way." The judge warned sternly.

Sanders approached the bench. In his hand he held four evidence bags. Two about a foot in diameter and two were just large enough to hold a single compact disk each.

"At this time, your honor, I'd like to enter into evidence the videos and cameras Mrs. Rossi is talking about. I also request they be marked 'Plaintiff's Exhibits 26, 27, 28 and 29.'"

Vince Rossi turned to Samantha and asked angrily, "Why don't you object or something? You said she only had one video, not two."

"The truth is Vince that I just found out this morning. I knew about the first one, but not about the second one.

Sanders pulled a fast one on me. He sent the two videos over all right. But one video he labeled "Original" and the other he labeled "Backup Copy".

I just assumed that the second video was a duplicate of the one labeled "Original' so we never looked at it.

I tried to keep it out; but, the judge said that, while she was sympathetic, it was my responsibly to examine "ALL" the evidence. She's right, it's my fault. I let him get one over on me." Samantha replied.

Vince looked at her, anger in his face. I guess he realized she'd been tricked because he calmed down and then asked, "How bad is it?"

"As bad as it gets!" She told him somberly.

In a voice too loud, he exclaimed, "FUCK!"

"WHO SAID THAT?" The judge yelled sternly and looked right at Vince. And then before he could answer, she looked around the room as if looking for somebody to blame. "Nobody did it? Well, the next time it happens 'Somebody' is going to be in contempt." Then the judge turned to Lilly and said, "You may continue Mrs. Rossi."

I looked over at Vince. He was red faced, teeth clinched and tight lipped. The judge had given him a break. I could tell he knew it wouldn't happen again.

Smiling again, Lilly said, "I hid one camera on the television stand under the TV and the other I placed atop the large dresser on Vince's side of the bed."

"Mrs. Rossi, I'm confused. If you placed the second camera on top of the dresser as you say you did, how did it go undetected by Mr. Rossi and Ms. Lemons?" asked the judge.

To which Mrs. Rossi responded, "I guess they were too busy screwing each other to notice it!"

Laughter ensued throughout the entire courtroom; and, a few bangs of the gavel later, the Judge Hastings ordered that cameras be produced.

The evidence bag containing the camera was opened. The camera was removed from the bag and held up for all to see.

For several seconds, silence filled the courtroom as all eyes stared at it. The camera, it turned out, was designed to look exactly like a vibrator. There were a few snickers from the audience.

"That's a camera?" the judge asked. I could hear the disbelief in her voice.

Unashamed, Lilly replied, "Among other things."

There was an outburst of hysterical laughter after which the judge, who had turned red faced, probably from embarrassment, was forced to order a recess.

As soon as we left the courtroom, the bailiff walked up to Samantha and handed her a note.

She read it and then said, "Don't go anywhere. I'll be back in a second."

Samantha led Vince outside, presumably to calm his nerves.

Meanwhile, I said to Rachael, "Have you seen the second video?"

I hadn't.

Down the hall, someone opened the door to the courthouse letting in a rush cold of wind. It must have blow right up her black dress because she shivered suddenly and I saw her teeth start chattering.

"No. Have you?" Rachael replied.

I took off my suit jacket and put it around her, then answered, "Nope. But I heard Samantha tell Vince that it's worse than the other one."

"Thanks." Rachael said, and then she added, "Jesus, Marty! How much worse can it be?"

Before I could answer, Samantha walked up. Vince wasn't with her.

"Where's our client?" Rachael asked.

A worried look upon her face, Samantha replied, "In the bar across the street getting a drink, he'll be back in a few minutes."

"What was that note about?" Rachael inquired.

Then she sprung it on us, "That was from Judge Hastings. She let me know that when court resumes, she intends to let Sanders show the second video. Then recess for the holiday weekend. If you had any plans this weekend, cancel them. We're all working!"

"But we've already checked out of the hotel and what with the holidays, we'll never get another reservation!" I told her as I thought to myself, 'There goes my weekend!'

Going into 'boss mode', she instructed, "Don't worry about that, it's all taken care of. You'll both be staying at Vince's residence.

He's going out of town for the weekend and has given us full run of the place. He told me the place has four bedrooms. One bedroom is being used for storage and he is sleeping in another one.

After what happened to him, he doesn't want to go near the master bedroom and doesn't mind if you use it.

You two can figure out who gets it when you get there." Samantha paused as if waiting for us to say something. I think we were both in shock. When we said nothing, she continued. "Your first priority is to watch both of those videos. Since we haven't had a chance to analyze that second video, look at every frame of it and see if you can find anything to help us. Then I want you to examine the bedroom as if it were a crime scene. If that doesn't pan out, go over the entire file again."

"Are you going to be joining us?" Rachael asked.

"I can't. Jimmy's still sick and I'm not going to leave him with the babysitter that long." Jimmy was the name of her three-year-old son.

"I'm going to drive home when court ends today, but I'll keep in touch with you by phone. I'll call you when later and see what, if anything, you've come up with.

While you're working at it from this end, I'll be going over both videos and the affidavits again."

It was my turn to ask questions. "What if we can't find anything? Then what will we do?"

"I know you two. You'll find something. You always do." At that point the bailiff opened the courtroom door and called everyone back in. Before she turned to walk to the door, Samantha handed me something and said, "Here's the keys. Go on! Get moving you two and don't let me down!"

Two hours later, after we realized that the GPS in Rachael's car had gotten us lost for the third time, we found someone to give us directions and located the place. Five minutes after that, we were walking in the front door of Rossi's house.

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