Dream Cottage
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of a young wife's naivety and how she rapidly learns men are not to be trusted.

"The question you've got to ask yourself is. Do you really want Edward; or are you prepared to start over again? But make sure you're not making your choice out of spite or revenge. Because the second time around, things will be harder with two young children, and the chances of finding a good man won't get any easier."

"But even if I wanted to keep my marriage together, and I give him another chance; what's to say I can ever trust him again?"

"It comes with time. I know what he's done must hurt, but believe me; it isn't the end of the world, nor the end of your marriage. Unless you want it to be?"

"That's easy for you to say mum, but you were lucky when you picked dad."

There was a cold silence for a good couple of minutes while I thought. And then I decided to put my daughter's happiness before my own pride. I didn't tell her the whole truth, but what I did tell her was true, and it hurt to admit to my daughter that the father she loved and admired had once been a philanderer. I told her how I'd found out about my Jim's other women, and how I'd taken advice from two different sources. And in truth, even now, I'm not totally sure either of the things I was advised to do would have worked in isolation. But as my daughter had already got her own family of two wonderful little children, she'd already exhausted one of the pieces of advice I'd been given.

So I began to tell her about the second piece of advice, one given to me by a professional source. And although I can't say for sure if this would have worked in isolation from the advice of starting my own family and giving my husband a feeling of purpose and duty. I am sure; it was this professional advice that tipped the scales. The advice was simply to read and learn from a little Japanese sexual techniques book. And in my own mind, the most powerful of the techniques it described was the art of controlling your pussy muscles with a little 'Jade Egg'.

Once I'd explained to my daughter about my husband's infidelity, I then began to tell her about how I'd set about attempting to combat it, not with conflict, but by making his sex life with me, superior to the sex he was getting elsewhere. I got out my little box of tricks, and showed her how I could still lift a full basket of weights using the muscles in my pussy, and then I explained exactly how that helped with giving sexual gratification to your partner. I didn't tell her the whole story, that is to say; about my own infidelity. Or that the man she called her father wasn't. Or how I'd achieved my own family of two wonderful children, when my own husband was infertile. But here it is for you to read, and I hope you won't judge my conduct too harshly.

I guess my story started that day back in 1973, we were driving across the deserted moors; that is me and my new husband on our honeymoon,

"Oh Jim, wouldn't it be just perfect to live in that little cottage up there?"

"Be a bit bloody isolated."

"Oh yes. But just think of the views. And nobody else around to disturb you, and come to that, no worries about you disturbing any neighbours."

"You're not serious, are you?"

"Yes. Why? Wouldn't you like to live in a place like that?"

"I'm easy, but if that's what you want, if we can't buy that one, I'm sure we could find another one that is just as secluded."

"Do you mean it?"

"Why not, I mean it isn't as if money is a problem. But you do realise, it would only be a second home. I can't work this far away from London."

So over the next six months, we talked our way through the idea of a place in the country, and within a year of me first mentioning the idea, we'd bought a country cottage. Not the one I'd seen, but one equally as far off the beaten track, and still in Yorkshire. (That's a county in the north of England, for any none UK readers)

My Jim had taken over his dads garment firm, and with his modern ideas about fashion, he'd designed and started producing clothes that were selling like 'hot cakes'. So as he'd said, money wasn't a problem, and as I didn't need to work, it gave me lots of time to spend in our country hideaway. It was idyllic, and by the time we'd owned it a year, I'd got the most wonderful country garden with flowers, shrubs, a vegetable plot and even fruit trees. It was like heaven on a summer's day, to just lie back in the hammock, which was tied between two trees in the orchard, and watch the clouds drifting over my head.

I guess all things have their drawbacks, but mine was of my own making. I mean I knew Jim had said he'd have to work in London. So when I went up to our cottage, I was mainly on my own. Which is nice in a way, but nights can get very lonely. So the weekends when Jim came up from London were the times I longed for. And he did make it most weekends.

So move on three and a half years from the date we'd moved in. I guess the one thing that wasn't right with my little world, was that my Jim had now been in London for six weeks solid. The new line of clothes he'd designed were proving difficult to manufacture. Something to do with the material he'd chosen. So as Jim prides himself on the quality of his garments, and the delivery times he'd committed to, he was working every hour god sends, to make sure the order was right, and got out on time. But it'd been so long since we spent any quality time together; I'd made plans to go down to London that weekend just to be with him. But as I'd thought it would be a nice surprise for him, I hadn't phoned to let him know.

So Friday morning arrived, and I'd got on the train, arriving in London at around ten in the morning. I'd caught a taxi to our London home, and let myself in. I knew Jim wouldn't be there, but I wanted to prepare a surprise meal for him for when he arrived home. This had taken some planning, as I wouldn't have any idea what time he'd be working to, and I wanted the meal to be ready in as little time as possible after he'd walked in the door. So clutching my bags of ingredients, I made my way to the kitchen.

I'm not sure exactly when it hit me that something wasn't right. I guess I must have caught the aroma of an unfamiliar perfume as I'd first stepped into the hall. But it wasn't until I saw the breakfast washing-up littered on the kitchen work surface, that alarm bells began to ring in my head. I mean, yes Jim would leave the things to be washed-up and tidied away by our cleaning woman. But why would there be two cups, and two glasses. And it wasn't like Jim to have muesli; especially as the other plate looked like it had been used for a full fried breakfast (that was Jim's usual morning meal). I put my bags down on the floor, and went into the lounge. Shoes! Ladies shoes! And they weren't mine. I looked around the room, and all of our wedding photos were missing, in fact, there wasn't one photo of me in the room.

I almost ran up the stairs, and the clothes around the bedroom floor were the clincher. Knickers, bra, blouse and skirt; and none of them mine. Then I heard a key in the front door. The blood rose to my face, and I was about to explode. But as I got to the top of the stairs, I could see it wasn't Jim, or his fancy woman. Well not unless he'd started to have an affair with our cleaning lady Mrs Lang. Not that there is any reason why I should write her off so flippantly. But she is around fifty, and I somehow couldn't imagine her getting into the frilly little knickers I'd found on my bedroom floor.

As she heard me, she looked up, and the embarrassment showed in the colouring up of her face. I went down to where she was waiting for me.

"So how long has this been going on?"

"Please Mrs Theabold, your husband told me if I ever breathed a word, I'd not only loose my job, but he'd also sack my Freddy."

"Freddy, who is he, and what's he got to do with anything?"

"He's my son, and your husband gave him a job in his factory. I really didn't like what was going on, but I couldn't tell you."

"But I haven't seen you since the last time I was down in London over three months ago."

"I know. But he's been bringing different girls back here for over six months now."

"Different girls! The cheating bastard!"

"Well yes, I know it's not nice. But according to my Walter, he says it's not as serious as if he'd been just bringing back one woman."

"And how does he make that out?"

"Well he says, it's just a kind of comforter. But if it was one woman, it would mean she was a rival to you. But these are just like some men go out at night and find a street girl to relieve themselves with. I mean I'm not saying its right, but from what I can gather, these are girls from the works."

"So does he bring a girl back every night?"

"No, it's maybe two or three times a week. Sometimes, like a few weeks ago, he went over two weeks, without bringing back one girl."

I guessed that was the time he'd had the problem with the sewing-up of the garments. A problem he'd told me was still going on. I felt so let down, and I just wanted to cry. I walked past Mrs Lang, and went into the lounge where I slumped down in a chair.

"You just sit there luv, I'll make us both a nice cup of tea."

Well by the time she'd returned with the tray with two cups, and a plate of biscuits, I was sitting with my head in my hands, sobbing.

"That's it luv, you have a good cry, get it out of your system. Here, have a sip of this."

We sat there for what must have been a good hour, and as she offered her words of wisdom, she gradually turned my head around. I'd started off feeling so let down, thinking I could never trust my Jim again.

But her matter of fact way of looking at sex and marriage gradually got me to accept that while what Jim was doing wasn't ideal, it was by no means the end of our marriage. She even got me to accept the idea that maybe; it was my fault to some extent. As she put it, 'Men don't really have brains when it comes to sex'. She said if they haven't had sex in the last hour, then any female is likely to arouse their interest. And as I was living at the other end of the country, and leaving Jim alone without sex for over a week, then she said it wasn't surprising he'd felt the need to stray. Her advice was for me to move down to London, or start a family.

She said,

"Ok, giving him a son or daughter to drool over won't stop him playing around down here while you're up there looking after the family, but it will give him roots. And even if he does play around, he'll be less likely to form any permanent attachments."

And then she said something that at first I didn't catch the meaning of,

"And anyway luv, this has now given you an excuse to get one of those country lads up there to plough your furrow."

"Plough my furrow? We've got a fair size garden, but not big enough to."

Then the penny dropped, and as I realised she was hinting I should do like Jim and start playing around. I found it very offensive.

"There is nobody up there; or for that matter anywhere else that I'd even look at. And I don't like your suggesting that kind of thing."

"Come on now, there's no point in trying to convince me. You can't tell me the men up there are any different to the ones down here. And even if country lads are slow witted, I'm sure at least some of them will have worked out that you spend a lot of time on your own."

"The men up there aren't slow witted. And the fact that I'm up there on my own so much, just makes them more protective of me. But nobody has ever made an improper suggestion."

"In that case, it's down to you. You've certainly got the body and looks. I can only assume you're dressing down, and consciously or not, you must be snubbing all advances. But 'what's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander'. So if he's not going short down here, you'd be silly to sit up there like a vestal virgin."

I gave her a black look as I said,

"When I took my marriage vows, I meant every word of my promise."

She shrugged her shoulders,

"You're living in a dream world my dear. Do you think for one second anyone takes that church mumbo-jumbo seriously? Love honour and obey. Love, yes maybe for the first few years. Honour, what in god's name does that mean? Obey! Are you kidding? There's no way I'd take orders from my old-man."

"But it was a solemn vow taken in church in front of a vicar."

"Shall I tell you about vicars and oaths? I know my wedding was a few years ago, and I know I'd had way too much to drink. And by the end of the reception I was putting it about a bit. Not serious stuff, just snogging with anything in trousers. Well at one point the vicar, the very same man who, a few hours earlier had been coaching me with the words; 'keeping yourself for him, and forsaking all others'. This same man had backed me into the unlit cloakroom, and not content with just kissing, and a feel of my tits, I had to physically fight with him to keep his hand out of my knickers! And I'm sure if I'd let him have his way, he wouldn't have stopped there. Vows! Vicars! Church! It's all bullshit. And that's being polite about it."

It all sounded more than a little cynical, but she did speak with a confidence, that came from experience. So gradually, I made my mind up to make my way back home, without confronting Jim. And I planned to start talking to him about the idea of children.

The next day, while I was sitting having breakfast, the phone rang, and it was Jim. He apologised for not being able to make it back home for the sixth weekend in a row, but promised that come hell or high water, he'd be up to see me next weekend. He ended as always by sending me his undying love. And for my part, I did the same to him. But I must admit, as I put the phone down, I said under my breath,

"You cheating bastard!"

Then I started to re-run all the things Mrs Lang had told me, and gradually I mellowed back into a state of submission. I decided, as I couldn't face living in London, and I knew Jim couldn't live up hear and work down there, I would have to put my hopes into the idea of family ties binding us together.

Sunday was always my church day and it was as I selected what to wear, that Mrs Lang's words came back to me. I realised at least part of her observations were true. I hadn't before consciously been aware, that I dressed differently to go to church alone, than when going with Jim. In fact, as I thought about the way I dress, I realised, that when ever Jim is away, I dress down; almost to the point of looking dowdy. I can only assume some subconscious safety mechanism must have kicked into action, to ward off unwanted advances. Not that I dressed like a tart when I went out with Jim, but I usually kept up with the fashion; even if it required short skirts, or those see-through blouses. (Though not necessarily when going to church)

I thought to myself, why should I hide my charms; just because Jim isn't here. I mean, it's not as though I'd take-up any advances, even if my looks encouraged any. So I put back the dress I had taken out of the wardrobe, and found a pretty skirt and blouse. The skirt wasn't over short, and the blouse wasn't see-through. It was a real eye opener, I mean for me to see the different reaction it generated within the male church goes. And I guess I could almost describe their reaction the same way; it opened their eyes. Nothing untoward happened, but not only could I feel the eyes boring into my flesh, but it was amazing how many more men were waiting outside the church at the end of the service. Normally at least half the men are in the village pub within a minute of the end of service, leaving mostly the womenfolk to stand around catching up on the latest gossip. Bearing in mind, this is only a little village church, so there would only be a dozen men in there in total.

But today, as I walked out of the church, I was met by three of the local farmers asking about how my little vegetable garden had faired this year. Yes over the three years of living up here, I'd met each of these men on different occasions, local county fares and such; but never before on a Sunday after church, as these three were among the men who'd usually be straight down to the pub. There was nothing said by any of them that was out of place, but one of them did make me an offer of a free trailer-load of manure. Not what you'd class as being chatted-up. But overall today, there was definitely more interest in me than normal.

Then as the three farmers went on their way, the landlord of the village pub came and made inquiries about the purchasing of any surplus from either my vegetable plot or my fruit bushes. I thought its strange how they're all so interested in my garden produce all of a sudden. But in truth I knew it was probably just the only feeble excuse they could find to talk with me. I did negotiate the sale of raspberries and gooseberries, as I'd bottled and made as much and more jam than I could use, and the remainder would only have gone to waste. I arranged to deliver it to his pub the next day, thus thwarting his idea of him coming up to my cottage to collect it. Not that I didn't trust him to come up to the cottage whilst I was on my own. But I do know how village tongues can wag even when there is no real foundation for the rumours they are spreading.

A couple of men who I recognise from seeing them handle their dogs at the sheep-dog trials, sidled their way across, and their excuse was to offer me the chance of buying one of a litter of new dogs. And I have to admit I was sorely tempted, but I didn't want to just go ahead and make that kind of decision without talking to Jim first, so I declined their offer. Then as they left and I was about to make my way to my car, the vicar made a bee-line for me. Which was rather apt, as he keeps bees, and came over to discus an idea I'd had some weeks ago, about me having a go at doing the same.

So all in all, when I sat down in front of the fire that evening, I reflected on the different attitude I'd experienced, just by a change of clothes, a bit of make-up, and a different hair style. It made it clear to me, that if I should want to adopt Mrs Lang's philosophy, it wouldn't be difficult to get started.

On the Monday I got together the fruit, and off I went to deliver it to the village pub, thinking I'd also take the opportunity to collect a few groceries at the same time. But again, like yesterday, I decided to dress smart and put a bit of make-up on. The woman in the village post office noticed straight away,

"Off somewhere nice are we?"

It took me by surprise, and for a moment I wondered what she meant,


"I was just wondering, are you off somewhere? You're all dressed up."

"Oh no. I wouldn't call this dressed up. I just didn't feel like wearing my old gardening clothes."

"And I don't blame you lass."

Then she gave me a sly wink,

"I'd heard your old man hadn't been home these last six weeks or more. While the cats away the mice will play. Eh."

"Where had you heard? And I'll have you know, there'll be no playing away. Cat or no cat."

"Don't take offence lass. It was just old Roy at the railway office; he said your husband hadn't made it back home in a while. I wasn't meaning anything by my remarks."

I turned around, and marched out without even paying for the book of stamps she'd just handed to me.

Next I visited the local butcher, and he was nice as pie, in fact, I've never seen him so friendly and chatty. And all the time he was talking to me, young Garry, his assistant, a man who is about my age, was standing at the sausage making machine. Now I'm sure I must have seen him or someone else operating one of those machines before. But this time, I don't know whether it was my mood, his looks, or the way he was operating the machine. But what I do know is, as those sausage skins filled in his hand, and slid through his fingers, it set such a turmoil going in my tummy. I kept trying not to look, but every time I glanced out of the corner of my eye, he'd be staring at me. When I left there I was in such a state, and yet in truth, nothing had happened to cause such a condition.

After sitting in my car for fifteen minutes to calm myself down, I then went on to the grocers; a little shop; which sold just about everything. The narrow aisles, and so much stuff stacked everywhere; overcrowding is the norm in here. Not I hasten to add, overcrowding with people, when I went in, there was only one other lady in there. I wandered my way around with a little wire basket, and then as I rounded the bottom of one of the aisles, there was Mr Harper, the shop keeper. A man around forty'ish, small in build, but good looking. Now why did I notice that? I'd seen him a million times, and not once before has that thought crossed my mind.

Well anyway, he was making his way around towards the cool cabinet to get something for his other customer, which meant we'd need to pass each other. But as I'd said, this shop hasn't much room, so unless one of us had retraced our steps, it would require squeezing past with bodily contact. I can't remember, but I'm sure some time in the past, I must have done this in this very shop. But now, it was as if everything went into slow motion. He stepped back, pressing himself backwards in between a stack of brushes, and a stand stacked with weed killer. It meant I was almost forced into moving into the space in front of him. Yes, I know I could have turned and gone back the other way, but that would almost have been an insult.

So my first decision was made, now what I had to decide was, do I pass him face to face, or turn my back towards him. I decided I'd smile politely and pass face to face. Once I had started to make my move to pass him, after a brief acknowledging glance, I had diverted my gaze to directly down the aisle in the direction I was heading. But it was a small gap to squeeze through, and even with my shoulder-blades up against the shelf behind me, I still felt my breasts gently rubbing against Mr Harper's chest. Now this was the sum total of the incident, and maybe, as far as he was concerned, nothing had happened. After all, he's in this little shop everyday, so I guess it's happened lots of times before.

But for me it just heaped coals onto the fire that had been ignited by young Garry as he'd worked on the sausage machine. I collected the few other groceries I needed, and waited until Mr Harper had served the customer he was dealing with. And once I'd paid for my things, which I did without further incident, I left and made my way to my final call for the day; the pub. Going into a pub on my own is not something I'd ever done before, so even this felt strange, and as all the customers in the bar (only about ten) were men, it was with their eyes staring at me, that I had to stand and wait until the barmaid had finished serving, and then she went to fetch the landlord. He took the boxes of fruit from me, and paid the agreed sum. He also invited me to stop and have a drink while I was there, but I politely declined his offer, and went on my way.

Unbeknown to me, as I'd left, the talk in the bar had turned around to me. Surprisingly, started by the barmaid, a girl around my age,

"Well lads, it looks like miss frosty-pants has come in from the cold."

This comment was soon picked up by one of the bar-flies,

"It's the first time I've seen her tarted-up, without her husband."

Another man joined in,

"Tarted-up be buggered. Did you see her nipples?"

The landlord nodded a glance towards his barmaid,

"Now then John, ladies present."

"Young Katie don't mind. Do you lass."

"Course I don't. I'm just surprised any of you lot noticed. You don't normally get your eyes out of the sports page."

Soon most of the men in the bar were swapping comments about me.

"Noticed; she almost poked my eyes out, they were sticking out so far."

"To right, and unless it's our young Katie getting excited, I'd swear I caught a whiff of her fanny."

Again the landlord snapped,

"That's enough of that kind of language Will."

Katie said,

"He's right though. Even I noticed it from this side of the bar."

"Told you. Either she's been taking herself in hand, or somebody's been doing it for her."

"Are well from what I've heard, there's been some sort of a bust up."

"How's that then?"

"Don't know the ins and outs of it, but he's down in London, and hasn't been home for over six weeks."

"Well she's definitely out on the pull; I've never seen her dressed-up without being on her husband's arm. And coming into this pub on her own; never."

"Well six weeks without a bit of how's your father; it's enough to make any woman start looking for a substitute."

"What d'you mean you old bugger, you ain't had any how's your father for ten years or more; so how would you know?"

They all laughed at this.

Then another man joined their conversation, this time a stranger to the area.

"So who is the young lady?"

"Ah she's not from around here. Her and her husband bought the old Thomas place up on shag fell. But he works down in London."

"Still, I suppose she's got relatives or some companion living with her?"

"No. She's normally a real recluse. That's why today was so different. She rarely comes into the village, and when she does, she normally dresses like her."

He pointed to a picture on the wall. A beggar woman dressed in rags.

"Oh come on Roy, she isn't that bad, she's always got a pleasant smile, and even if she doesn't normally dress up to the nines, she's always clean and tidy."

"Never said no different. But you ain't telling me, she isn't looking for company."

Another local quipped,

"The petals only open up when the flower wants to attract a bee. And she certainly had her pollen on show today."

"Not just on show, she was wafting the scent of it around like an orchard in full spring blossom."

The stranger asked,

"The fruit she was selling, do you think she'd have any more for sale?"

The landlord said,

"I think I bought all her spare fruit, but she did tell me she'd got more jam and bottled fruit than she could ever use; so maybe she'd sell some of that."

"Well that would be even better; it would save me the job. Do you think you could give me directions to her place?"

"She lives about fifteen or so miles out on the Thirsk road, but look out there now, the weather is closing in. They promised us a storm, and it looks like it won't be long a coming. If I was you I'd by some local, Mrs Gamer in the middle of the village always has some for sale."

"Maybe, but as we're going out that way, it wouldn't really be off our path."

One of the locals quipped,

"If you ask me, you're more interested in her pollen than her fruit."

There was a little chuckle all around. The stranger smiled,

"Well I'd be interested if she was game. But at my age, I can't see her offering to let me collect any honey."

Then he looked across to where his two boys sat. I say boys, but they were men in their twenties, and built like giants,

"Now if it was my lads you were talking about; that might be different. I think they'd me'be stir something up in the lass. Anyway, you say her place is about fifteen miles out, what's the name of it?"

"You won't need a name, once you leave the village; you'll pass two farms about five miles out, and then nothing until you see her place right high up on the moors. She's at the end of a private road. There isn't another property within seven miles."

One of the other regulars butted in,


"Well yes, from Jackson's place, it's about ten miles by road. But she's at least seven miles as the crow flies from any other house."

"Well thanks for the information, I think we'll get going now, it looks like the rain has already started."

I of course, wasn't privy to any of that conversation, so I'd just gone off home, and before I'd arrived, the storm had started. I parked my Land Rover, and went inside. The days events, although looking back now, all seem innocent, had stirred something up inside me. So much so, that as soon as I got inside I went immediately to the bathroom and run myself a bath. During the half an hour I lay there soaking, I not only calmed down, but I also decided to ignore Mrs Lang's suggestion, about how I should dress that is, and I decided I'd revert back to my normal wear.

We now move on just a few hours, its seven o' clock, I've not long washed up the things from tea time, and I'm sitting in the snug in a comfy arm chair. Being late autumn it's already dark outside and that storm is now raging in its full fury out there. Thunder and lightning, and rain coming down in sheets. Up here on the moors, when a storm rages, it's a real fury. Not that I'm worried, the cottage is well built and well maintained. There is plenty of wood stacked up inside, and not only is the kitchen range blazing away pumping out heat, but the big open fire in the snug is also roaring and crackling.

This place of ours is at the end of its own private drive, a road which is a good two miles long. So of an evening, unless I've got something arrange with one of the local women, I never ever get an evening visitor. And with a storm like the one outside in full fury, I certainly am not expecting one tonight. So my hair is tied up, I'm not wearing makeup; I'm not even wearing a bra. I've got on an old wrap-around house coat come dress, which doesn't even button together. All it has is a loop and tie-string to hold the overlapping front to the waist. And underneath, I'm wearing a very old fashioned pair of cotton knickers. You know, very long, elastic around the waist, with big baggy leg openings. Like I say, I'm not expecting company, and I find this style of underwear very comfortable.

I hear a noise, and its coming from the front of the house. With the noise of the storm, it's only just discernable. I turn off the stereo, and then the noise changes, it's now recognisable as the big brass door knocker on the actual front door. I guess the first noise was someone using their hand or fist to bang on the outside door to the porch. Now you might think I should have been worried, especially being on my own. But in all the time we'd lived up here, there has never been a hint of trouble, and the local people are the salt of the earth.

As I walk down the hall, I'm thinking it must be a local who has been stranded in some way by the storm, and made their way up to our cottage to take refuge. Well I was partly right. I opened the door, and there were three men. I'm sure you've heard the expression 'drowned rats'. Well I guess it's not fair to say they looked like rats, but one thing is for sure. If they just climbed out of the local river, they couldn't have been any more soaked. All three of them were huddled together in the little porch, and with the dim light in there I could just about make out their faces.

I didn't recognise any of them. There was a man about as tall as my Jim, but he was in the same age group as my dad, well into his fifties. And the two other men with him were much younger, I'd guess, late twenties. But these two were giants, six foot six at least, and big broad shoulders.

The older man spoke.

"I'm sorry to call on you in this state lass, but our car has just been hit by a falling tree. And from down in the valley, the lights of your house were the only thing we could see. Can we use your phone? Or being as were in such a state, could you ring for a breakdown truck for us?"

I stepped back into my hallway,

"Come on in. You look perished."

"No it's alright. We'll mess-up your house. If you could just ring for us?"

"Well ok. But pull the porch door closed behind you, and I'll go and get some towels, so you can at least dry yourselves down a little."

So off I went, leaving the front door open, and I returned with three bath towels.

"There you are. Now I'll go and ring for a tow truck. Do you have any special firm in mind?"

"No lass. We're not from around here. Just ring the local garage."

So off I went, and as soon as I'd picked up the receiver, I realised the line was dead. Again, this didn't worry me or seen suspicious, in a storm out here, a tree taking down the telephone line was quite normal. But, of course, that fact wasn't going to help their situation. I went back out to where they were now at least looking at me without water dripping from their heads.

"I'm sorry, but the telephone line must be down. I guess there's nothing for it, you'll have to come in."

"But your floor?"

"It'll clean. If you follow me straight down the hall into the kitchen."

With this I started to walk back down my hallway, as I continued with,

"I guess you'd all better take it in turns to have a bath and get out of those wet clothes."

They were following me in a line, with the older man first. He replied,

"But lass won't your husband mind."

"He isn't here, but I can't see why he would anyway. The only thing is, he's not the same build as your friends, so I won't have any dry clothes for them. I think I might find enough bath robes, they might just about be able to get one of them to wrap around them."

We were now in the entrance to my kitchen. I say entrance, because the main part of the kitchen has the range, washing machine, spin dryer and fridge all along one side; these take up the full length of the outside wall. And with a work surface all the way along the length of the other, the gap in between the two is really only wide enough for one person. To pass someone in between the two sides requires both people to turn sideways, and then squeeze past each other. Something Jim and I love doing; but that's another story. Anyway, being as we have a downstairs bathroom, built in the extension on the back of the house, this puts it the other side of the kitchen. So I'd stopped short of the range, where the kitchen is considerably wider, so as to allow the first of them to make their way past me to the bathroom.

As we reached this point, the older man replied,

"Are you sure its not too much trouble lass?"

"Well I can't get you a tow truck, and I can hardly send you back out into that storm, so if you're gonna sit it out here, it makes sense to let you each get a hot bath. And if you throw your clothes out while you're in there, I can stick them into the spin dryer. Then maybe by the time the storm has eased off, with them hung on the drying rail up there, they might be dry enough for you to wear."

"Well lass I don't know what to say. You're an angel and no mistake. Well if your sure about this, I think its best if our Tom goes first. You see,"

And at this point he spoke softly, and nodded back towards one of the younger men,

"Our Kenneth here is a little slow on the uptake, so if Tom has first go, he can then show Kenneth the ropes."

So as Tom went off toward the bathroom, I followed on behind. Once I'd shown him what was what and where to find a robe, I waited outside the bathroom door for the clothes to be passed out. I'd expected the door to crack open, and Tom to hide behind it, with just his arm appearing around the door to pass the clothes. But to my surprise, and horror, the door swung wide open and a naked Tom stood there. Brazen as you like, his wet soggy clothes in a bundle in his hands. And the height he was holding them did absolutely nothing to cover his manhood.

I stood there for a second, in a state of shock. Not only at his barefaced rudeness, but also, the size of his manhood! I know I'm a married woman, but I'd been a virgin when I'd walked down the aisle with Jim, and my Jim's cock, was the only cock I'd ever seen. But this big lump of meat hanging limp in between Tom's legs, was over double the size of my Jim's cock. I was staring as much in disbelief as I was shock. Then I came to my senses, and without a word, I grabbed the clothes, turned and marched back into my kitchen.

I stopped at the spin dryer and bundled the clothes in. I needed the few moments it took to distribute the clothes around the drum, not only to make sure this heavy load was spread evenly, but more to give myself time to collect my wits. With the bathroom being positioned off to one side at the end of the kitchen, I knew the older man and Kenneth would not have seen what had taken place, but I'm sure if I'd have gone straight back, without time to collect myself, they'd have known something had happened.

So now recovered, and spin dryer cycle started, I made my way back to where the older man, was standing alongside Kenneth, and both of them directly in front of the range. As I approached, the older man backed away from the range, as if making room for me to sidestep past him. I looked at the small gap, but knew I wouldn't get through without making bodily contact. I was for a moment not sure if I should just squeeze through, or say something. But just then the man said,

"Shift yourself back up there Kenneth, so I can move out of the way to let the lady get through."

And as soon as Kenneth moved, so did he, and so I slipped past them both without incident, saying,

"Thank you. Would you like a cup of tea whilst were waiting for, Tom. It is Tom, isn't it?"

"Yes, that's my lad Tom. And this is my other boy Kenneth. Oh, and I'm Jack."

We shook hands, as I said,"

"Well that's rich; I'm Jill."

We both laughed, but Kenneth just stood there looking confused.

I made a pot of tea, and the three of us stood there in front of the range drinking it, while Jack told me how a tree had been struck by lightning and a massive branch had landed in the road directly in front of them. Their car had collided with it, and mounted itself up in amongst the smaller branches, coming to a standstill straddling the main bough.

"So you see, its going nowhere without a tow truck."

"Well thank god you're all unharmed, the car can be mended, or if not, replaced."

"Too right. But without an angel like you, we'd be out there in that nightmare."

He'd only just finished his tea and put his cup onto the work surface, when the light from the bathroom lit up the passage at the end of the kitchen,

"Ah, I think Tom's done. Go on then Kenneth lad, Tom'll show you how to go on."

"I'll go and take Tom's clothes out of the spinner."

And with that I followed Kenneth, but I stopped at the spinner, where I removed Tom's stuff, taking it back and piling it on the work surface opposite the range. Then after lowering the drying rack from the ceiling, I positioned the clothes along its length, to keep it balanced, but leaving enough spare bars for the next two lots of clothing. As I was about to haul it up, Jack's arms came around my shoulders, and he took the cord, hauling it up for me. But in so doing, it had brought our bodies into a very close contact. Not that he took advantage, but it nevertheless unnerved me a little.

Then Tom appeared, and with him being so tall and broad, the bathrobe looked almost like a jacket, one that only just met with very little overlap. Thank god it had the tie/belt around it, which did at least attempt to keep the front from hanging open. Not wanting to have to pass Tom in the narrow gangway, I called down to him,

"Wait there a second, I'll come and put Kenneth's clothes in the spinner."

And then as I saw he looked like he was about to ignore me, and make his way towards where we stood, I added,

"No Tom, wait the other side of the spin dryer, there isn't room for us to pass alongside the work surface."

He smiled broadly as he said,

"Don't worry, I'll squeeze past you."

I looked at Jack for support, but as none appeared to be forthcoming, I turned back and said,

"Ok, drop them on the work surface; I'll wait for you to come here. And then once I've put them into the dryer, I'll pour you a cup of tea."

He did as I'd told him, putting the clothes down, but then his reply took me by surprise.

"Its not tea I need, ain't you got no whisky?"

Jack replied in an agitated voice,

"Now then Tom lad. That's not very polite."

"No Jack, he's right. I guess even a hot bath doesn't really get the cold from your bones. Its just me being tea-total, I always think everybody else likes it as much as I do. I'm sure there's a bottle in the dresser. Anyway Tom, now you're dry, you might as well go and sit in the snug, and we'll all join you once the bathing is finished."

Jack replied for Tom,

"You're too kind Jill; we didn't come here to sponge off you."

"It's only a glass of whisky; I think I can stand you a drink. I'm sure you'd do the same if the rolls were reversed."

Tom was still alongside where he'd put the clothes, and he said,

"Ain't you coming to sort out these wet clothes?"

"I will when you come up here, I told you the gap is too narrow."

He again smiled,

"Not for me its not."

Jack said angrily,

"Enough of that Tom. Get yourself up here smartish, and go and wait in the other room, like the lady told you to."

There were no comments or hesitation, he just meekly walked past us both, and into the snug through the door I was holding open. As he passed me, I said,

"Sit yourself down in front of the fire; I'll be in as soon as I've put Kenneth's clothes into the dryer."

And that was what I did, leaving Jack stood on his own in the kitchen, still dripping water onto the floor. As I entered the snug, Tom was seated where I'd told him to sit. I walked to the dresser, and as soon as I began pouring the glass of whisky, I knew Tom had got up from the chair. And even though I hadn't turned or glanced behind me, I could in some way sense his close presence. But what I didn't know until I turned, was that he was stood not two paces away, facing me, with the bathrobe held wide open. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, and the glass slipped through my fingers, shattering with a crash as it hit the stone floor.

I made a dash for the door, but as my hand took hold of the doorknob, his hand encircled my wrist.

"Where are you going? Aren't you gonna pour me another glass?"

"I I have to see to the spinner, just help yourself, you saw where I got it from."

It was then I felt his other hand, pulling on my other wrist, and wrapping my left hand around his cock.

I say wrapping, but his cock was no longer hanging down all limp, as I'd turned, it had been stood there, bolt upright, and if it wasn't over a foot in height, then I'm a Dutch-man. (A phrase my dad used to use) But not only was it long, it was so fat, my fingers weren't long enough to encircle it; not that I wanted to. But with his hand wrapped around mine, he made sure I at least got to feel it throbbing.

"Please let me go."

"Don't you like my cock? I thought the way you was eyeing it up in the bathroom; that you maybe wanted to take a ride on it."

"Please. Let me go."

He'd by now moved in real close, so his body was pinning me to the wall. He now released my right hand, thus allowing him to use his freed-up left hand to cup and squeeze my breasts. As his hand moved from one breast to the other, I let out a scream. His hand now flew to my mouth, where he stifled any further sounds. We stood there for what must have been five minutes, one hand preventing me from making any noise, the other guiding my fingers up and down his throbbing cock. And then we heard Jack's voice from the kitchen,

"Jill lass. Kenneth is done now, what do you want me to do with my clothes?"

Both of Tom's hands let go, and in seconds, the door was open and he was pushing me out towards the kitchen. I was all of a fluster, but as Jack was by now at the other end of the kitchen, he didn't notice. I hurriedly made my way towards him, feeling at least the nearer I was to him, the safer I'd be. I said,

"I'll take Kenneth's clothes out now, if you give yours to him, he can bring them out."

"Ok, will do."

But as he spoke, out came Kenneth, naked as the day he was born. But like his brother Tom, his cock was like a salami hanging there in between his legs. It wasn't aroused, but even in its limp state, it still looked menacing. The bathrobe was casually draped over his arm.

"Oh Kenneth lad. Don't go flaunting yourself like that in front of the lady."

Then as he took him by the arm and turned him back into the bathroom,

"I'm sorry Jill lass, but he really doesn't know he's doing anything wrong. I'll get him to put the robe on, and then I'll send him out with my clothes. Oh, and don't you struggle to lift that drying rack, get Tom or Kenneth here to do it for you."

Then the bathroom door closed. I took out the clothes from the spinner, and I took them to the other end of the kitchen. I lowered the drying rack and began to put the clothes along its length as I'd done with the others. As I put the last piece on, Tom appeared behind me. I quickly ducked under the drying rack, and stood the other side of it.

"If you come any closer I'll scream for your dad."

"Now why would you do that? What have I done?"

"Just you stop that side. And while you're there, you might as well pull that rack up for me. But I don't want you coming down this end of the kitchen."

Then I heard the door behind me, and as I turned, there was Kenneth with his dad's clothes in a bundle in his hands. And this time, he had the robe wrapped around him. But like his brother, it looked far too small. I went down to meet him, and took the clothes from him one by one, and positioned them in the spinner, and as I turned towards the range end of the kitchen, the rack was hauled up out of the way, and Tom was stood there, robe wide open again. His cock was not as hard or rampant as before, but it was by no means limp. It kind of hung in a bent fashion out in front of him.

"Ok Tom, that's enough of that, why don't you just cover yourself up and go back into the snug and get yourself a drink."

"I'll cover myself up on one condition."

"And what might that be?"

"You come back in and pour the drink for me."

"And if I do, do you promise to keep that thing covered up."

"I guess so."

"And you'll keep your hands to yourself. No touching or anything like that?"

"I wouldn't dream of it."

"Look Tom, if you do touch me, I swear I'll put you all out in the rain."

"What? All by yourself. I didn't know you were such a big strong girl."

Why the hell I'd said that, I don't know, like I'd said, him and his brother were six foot six if they were an inch, and here I am, five foot four and nine stone when wringing wet. Oh, I guess I ought to also tell you just a little about myself. I'm twenty three, brunet, 38b 25 36, and not wanting to brag, but I do attract a lot of male attention, so I guess I must have at least a little of what it takes.

But back to my predicament, I'd made a stupid declaration, and I knew I couldn't back it up. But what was also dawning on me, was that I have three strangers in my house, and absolutely no way of calling for help should it be required. And the more Tom played his games, the more I began to realise help might be needed. So anyway, I thought maybe, the best plan is to appease him, only just enough until his dad gets out of the shower, and then throw myself into the protection of his dad Jack.

"Ok Tom, I'll take you at your word. Now remember, I've taken you in, and looked after not only you, but your brother as well. So now I'm putting my trust in you, I expect you to behave yourself."

"Ok. Come on then."

And with that, he pulled the two sides of the robe together, and tied the belt. I walked towards where he was waiting for me. As I got close I said,

"Ok, you go first, you know the way."

He stretched his arm high in the air, and reached across and behind me, bringing it gently down in the middle of my back, and at the same time said,

"Oh no, it's always ladies first."

I wanted to pull away, but realised, if I tried, he'd win the struggle, and I'd be on the back-foot. So instead, I stepped in front of him, and he followed on close, his hand slipping down my back, and pushing me along with his open palm under my bottom. And when I say bottom, I mean dead centre, and pushed under, taking the loose fitting material of my housecoat into the crevice. I wanted to stop and confront him, but knew again, that this would just promote a conflict, one I couldn't win.

So instead, I just walked into the room and as I did so, I said,

"You promised no touching."

I didn't stop until I reached the dresser, and when I did stop, and began to fill his glass, he said,

"I'm not touching you; your dress is in between my hand and your fanny."

I'd filled his already used glass, and as I turned to pass it to him, I felt a tug, and tearing sensation. And as I turned, he used both his hands to pull the front of my housecoat wide open. The ripping had been the loop on my waist, where the wraparound had been tied to.

I stood there with the glass in one hand, and tried to pull my housecoat back together with the other. But it was pointless, Tom was using two very strong hands to hold the housecoat open, and short of ripping my own clothes, I just had to stand there. What happened next was another surprise. I knew Kenneth had followed us into the room, but he'd just been stood warming his hands by the open fire, not taking any notice of Tom's tricks. (Hands under my bum that is) But the second he saw my naked breasts, he homed in on me like; well I'm not sure; maybe a guided missile is the only thing that comes to mind.

I'm not kidding, I'd hardly started to workout what I was going to do or how I would deal with Tom holding my housecoat open, when Kenneth's mouth was on my left breasts, and his arms were wrapped around me. At this, Tom let go. Kenneth just picked me up, and walked across to the big armchair in front of the fire, sat himself down, with me on his knee, and sucked away. Tom just stood there with a big beaming smile on his face.

"What in god's name are you playing at? Tell him to get off me."

"Nothing to do with me, you tell him."

"Kenneth luv, that's enough now. Come on please stop it. I'll tell your dad, and you know he'll be cross with you."

It was as if I hadn't spoke, he hugged me tight, and sucked hard. Well now came the biggest problem of them all. As you know, it had been six weeks since Jim and I had had any quality time, and by that I mean been to bed together. Also, after the revelations of last weekend, I guess my own loyalties to Jim were under a strain to say the least.

The days event's, while liked I'd said earlier, might appear innocent, had somehow driven my bodily senses wild. And in so doing, taking me to such heights of arousal, and then melting away without actually reaching a climax, it had left me feeling so unfulfilled. And now so far tonight, I'd seen two cocks, the like of which I'd never even imagined existed, let alone seen before. I'd held one of them, and wanked it while it throbbed relentlessly in my hand. And even though I'd not done it voluntarily; I'd done it all the same. And something I hadn't mentioned, when I'd escaped from Tom after wanking him, my hand had been wet and slimy, from the pre-cum that had oozed from his big bell-end. I'd also had my breasts fondled. And now Kenneth was sucking for all he was worth.

I'm sure there can't be many women out there, who even if they had been regularly (as the farmers say) serviced, wouldn't find their bodies reacting to such an array of stimuli. Well faithful wife or as Mrs Lang would have it, Gander looking for sauce; my body was now on fire, and that is putting it mildly. I tried to struggle free, but that was useless. I kept up a barrage of pleas and threats of actions to be carried out by Kenneth's father, but nothing made any impression at all. And now Tom was stood in front of me, cock in hand, as he wanked slowly and menacingly. Kenneth was still sucking on my breast but he'd now taken to going from one to the other. This was making me so horny, my nipples were standing out, and the tingling, no throbbing, was almost more than I could stand. But there was no sign at all that it was having any effect on him, it was almost as if he was a baby sucking on his mother to get milk.

But Tom was an entirely different matter. He was pumping his hand up and down that monster cock, and I thought it couldn't be long before he moved his brother out of the way, and used this cock in the way his threatening eyes kept proclaiming he would. But even knowing I was about to be raped, there was nothing I could do. I wasn't strong enough to resist. Even if I screamed my lungs out, the thick stone walls in this house, would prevent Jack from hearing me at the other end of the building. All I could do was to lie here and pray that Jack would soon be finished his bath, and that he would be able to control his sons.

And then, just as I was beginning to give up hope, we heard Jack's voice.

"Ok Jill lass, I'm done, do you want me to get my own clothes out of the spin dryer, and put them on the rack for you?"

Tom had his robe wrapped around himself in two seconds flat, but Kenneth was oblivious, and he kept on sucking from breast to breast. The door opened, and as he walked in, Jack was saying,

"I guess you couldn't hear me, I was just asking. Oh no Kenneth. Tom lad, surely you could have stopped him."

He came across, and with a hand on each of Kenneth's shoulders, he started to try to get him to leave me alone,

"Come on lad. The lady doesn't want to have to nurse you all night. Now come on lad. You know that you're not allowed to do that. Kenneth's mouth left my breast, and he looked up at his dad.

"But dad, she showed them to me."

"Now I'm sure she didn't. Come on lad, if the lady showed them to you and she doesn't mind you having a little suck, then I'll let you have a go later. But right now, there are jobs in the kitchen I need her to do for me. So come on, be a good lad."

Reluctantly, he lifted me up from his lap, and let me stand on my own feet, and as I did, I pulled both sides of my housecoat back and wrapped them across each other. It was like I'd fired off a flare. Kenneth shot from the chair, and screaming and shouting, he pulled my housecoat wide open again.


Jack again took hold of his son's shoulders, but this time in a forceful manner. Not that such a smaller man could in any real way restrain this angry giant. But he did respond to his dad's voice, and he let go of my housecoat. But not before he'd torn it. And before I got chance to try to pull the torn material to attempt some sort of cover, Jack said,

"No Jill lass. Leave it open, and you come with me."

So with my housecoat still open, breasts on full show, and nipples standing out proud, I meekly followed Jack out from our snug, into the kitchen. As soon as we were out there, he said,

"My god girl, what on earth possessed you to show him your tits?"

I was taken aback by this question, and I stuttered out,

"I I didn't. It was your Tom. He ripped my housecoat open."

"Oh god I'm sorry. You can cover yourself up now if you want. I should have realised. He'd do anything to try to get his brother into trouble. He didn't hurt you, did he?"

"No, but he ripped the tie ribbon on my housecoat, and then held it open so your Kenneth could see my nakedness."

"Yes that would do it. And then I guess Kenneth just lost control?"

"Yes. He came at me so suddenly."

"I guess I'll have to explain. It all started when they were very young. I mean all babies suckle their mother's tits, but with our Kenneth being so; well lets say different. Whenever he got upset, his mother would lift him up for a cuddle, and he'd suckle her tits. But this then became a comforter for him. I mean, even after he'd been weaned. Well by the time they were both toddlers; they are twins by the way. Like I said, by the time they were running around, Tom had started to get jealous of Kenneth's cuddles, and he started to play up. Well I didn't find out until some years on, but to pacify Tom, the wife took to playing with his cock, and even sucking it. By the time they were starting the big school, they were both being treated to more of my wife's goodies than I was! And on a much more regular basis."

"It was around then, when I came home one day early, and found Tom fucking her. I know it's hard to believe, but she told me some time later, that they had both been able to get erections from the time they started their first school. But she said they didn't actually shoot their first load of cum until they were both at the big school. And believe it or not, they both came on-line so to speak, within a month of each other. And all these years, neither of them have ever had another woman except my wife, and they were both fucking and doing just about everything imaginable to her, up until about three years ago, when she passed away suddenly with a brain tumour. I sometimes wonder if it wasn't the tumour that had affected her judgment, and the way she brought those lads up."

"So you see, Kenneth wasn't coming to you for sex as such, in his mind, seeing your tits on display, he just wanted some old fashioned comfort."

"I see. That explains one thing."

"What's that lass?"

"I don't know how to put it."

"Well there's no point in being shy now. You spit it out, I've seen it all, and I won't be offended by anything you say."

"Well it was just all the time he held me and was sucking my breasts, his, you know."

"His cock?"

"Yes. It was still soft. But Tom was stood there in front of me, with the biggest erection I've ever seen."

"That's it my dear. I'm sorry about what happened. But now I guess I'd better get my damp clothes back on, and get the boys to get dressed as well."

"But the storm is still raging."

"I know, but we can't wait until it blows over now. You've seen the size of those boys. If they want you, there's little I could do to stop them."

"But they both do what you tell them."

"Ah well yes. But only up to a point. If you were to upset Kenneth; I mean like when you pulled your dress together. I mean, he could flare up, and I'd not be able to stop him."

"But you'll have at least ten miles to walk to get to the nearest house. And if their phone line is down as well, it's another five more miles to the nearest village."

"Well of course I don't want to go out there, but other than us going now, there are only two more options."

"And they are?"

"Well you resign yourself to playing the substitute mother to both of them. And you know what that would mean?"

"You mean letting them have sex with me?"

He nodded,

"Or there is maybe one other way."

He paused, I said,

"Go on."

"Well if you keep Kenneth on your side, he wouldn't let Tom touch you. Well not have sex with you anyway."

"What? You mean if I let you stay, I'll have to let Kenneth suck my breasts, to keep him happy."

"You saw his reaction when I told him to let you go. The only reason he took any notice of me, was that I said he could carry on once you'd finished doing jobs for me."

"I can't believe that after all I've done for you, that you could expect me to let him do that."

"I don't."

And at this he un-tied the cord, and as he started to lower the drying rack, continued,

"That is why I said I'd better take them away from here."

He began to pull the clothes from the rack, but I put my hands onto his,

"No wait. Surely there is some way to stop them without having to send you all back out into that storm. I mean its getting worse if anything. I wouldn't put a dog out on a night like this."

"But like you said, I can't ask you to nurse him. And I know that if he isn't pacified, then he won't be on your side if Tom decides to rape you."

"But you think if I let Kenneth nurse me, as you put it, then he will stop Tom?"

"Oh yes. Tom might look and act as if he is the stronger of the two, but Kenneth has a violent rage. I wouldn't be surprised if his brain isn't suffering like his mother's was."

"Oh that's dreadful, I'm so sorry for him."

"It's not him that suffers, he's oblivious to it. It's the likes of you who pay the price."

"Yes I see, and I know it isn't their fault. And I can maybe forgive and try to put it out of my mind, the things they've already done. But try as I might, even though it might be the Christian thing to do, I can't walk in there and just let your boys maul my body. I'm sorry."

He took all the clothes from the rack, and carried the bundle towards where I stood at the door to the snug. As I opened it for him, in he went. I stopped in the kitchen, but propped the door slightly ajar with a log from the wood box; I wanted to hear what was said.

"Ok lads, get yourselves dressed, I'll go and get my clothes on, and I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

It was Kenneth's voice I heard next,

"Where is she?"

"Never you mind where she is, we're going now. Just get yourself dressed."

The next sound I heard was a dull thud, and then a throaty noise. It took a good minute before I realised it was a choking sound. I threw the door open, and there was Kenneth holding his dad up against the wall. His hands were around his dad's neck, and his dad's feet were dangling in mid air. The noise had all but stopped coming from his mouth, and his face was bright red.

I dashed across and took hold of one of Kenneth's wrists with both my hands and as I pulled like crazy, I yelled,

"Stop it! For gods sake stop it."

My pathetic grip on his wrist had no effect at all, and neither did my shouting. In a last desperate effort, I stood back a couple of paces, pulled the top of each side of my housecoat wide open, and with my breasts pushed fully out towards Kenneth, I said,

"Here Kenneth. You can have them. Let him down."

Talk about magic, Jack dropped like a stone, into a crumpled heap on the floor, and I was swept up in Kenneth's arms and carried back to the big arm chair. His mouth was instantly back on my nipples.

And within seconds, my nipples were again on fire. I looked across to where Jack was still lying, and there was no movement. I called to Tom,

"See if your dad is ok."

"Fuck him."

"Please Tom. He could be dieing."

"Serves him right."

"Tom please."

It was then I saw an idea springing into his head. I'm not kidding; it was just like a cartoon character. His surly look changed to a big sly grin. If I'd have thought about it, I could have guessed what his next words would be.

"What's it worth?"

But I hadn't, and it took me by surprise,


"What's it worth if I go and make sure he's ok?"

"What do you mean?"

"I get to fuck you? Yes?"


"Well that means you've fucked him."

And then I got my next shock. He calmly walked to where his dad was lying, and lunged out with his leg. The heel of his foot made contact with his dad's torso, and the sound as the air pumped from his dad's body was sickening.

I screamed out,

"You ungrateful bastard. How could you?"

And with that I started to cry. But even my crying didn't affect him; he calmly walked back and asked,

"Well? Will you fuck now?"

Through my tears I blubbed out,

"I wouldn't let you near me if you were the last man on earth."

He again went over towards his dad, and I screamed out,

"Leave him alone."

But he took no notice, the only saving grace this time was that he didn't kick the poor crumpled heap, but instead he lifted him up from the floor. At first I thought he'd come to his senses, and was going to help his dad to a chair and attempt to revive him. But no. He hauled him up, and threw him over his shoulder, like you would a sack of potatoes. Again I heard the wind being pumped from the old man's body as he landed on his son's shoulder.

"What are you doing?"

He turned, and opened the door,

"Where are you taking him?"

"I'm throwing the old bastard outside where he belongs. That's what he wanted to do with us, so now its payback time."

"Please no. You can't throw him out there in that condition."

"Can't I? You just watch me."

"Please, I'm begging you."

"Will you fuck?"

"You know I can't do that, I'm a married woman."

He turned, and without a word, began to walk. I screamed out,


The door re-opened, and he lent his head back around it,


"I can't do that, you know, what you want to do to me. But I will stroke your thing for you."

"You'll wank my cock?"


"That's not the same as a fuck."

"I told you, I can't go that far."

"Ok, if I don't get a fuck, I get to lick your fanny."

"Oh no."

He didn't answer, but just let the door go and marched off.

As much as I didn't want to be unfaithful to my Jim, and I had no desire to get involved in any kind of sexual activity with any of these men, I just couldn't see that poor old man, a man who'd done his best to control these other two, I couldn't see him dumped outside in his condition with such a storm raging. I screamed as loud as I could,


He didn't return, and I listened to see if I could hear him opening the front door. The only sound I could hear was the storm lashing on the windows. I thought if he's taken him out, I'll at least hear the front door as it slams closed. But not a sound. It must have been a good two minutes, which under the circumstances seamed like an hour, but then the door to the snug opened, and there was Tom with his dad still on he shoulder.

I immediately said,

"I'll do it."

"What? You'll fuck?"

"No, the other thing you said."

"Too late for that. You took so long, I've upped the anti. It's a fuck or I take him out and kick the shit out of him."

It was then I noticed he'd now put his boots back on. I suddenly realised, maybe that was what had taken him so long, lacing up those big tall boots. But I also realised, the re-fitting of the boots was maybe more significant, than just putting something on to go out into the yard. And if he did start to kick the old man now, he'd like as not kill him. This whole thing was now beyond my worst nightmare.

Then to my surprise, Kenneth lifted his mouth off my breast, and spoke,

"Are we gonna lick your fanny?"

I was stunned for a moment, I mean, Kenneth hadn't up until now been involved in any of this stuff. I stuttered out,

"Y Yes. You can both lick me; just don't hurt your dad any more."

Tom again spoke,

"Ok. Are you saying you'll let us get you completely naked, and then we can feel you up, and lick you all over?"

The thought was repulsive, but I just shrugged my shoulders,

"I I guess so. But you can't go all the way."

Kenneth looked confused,

"What does she mean?"

"She won't let us fuck her. But she's gonna get naked, so let her up."

Then as Kenneth lifted me back to my feet, Tom said,

"Come on then, let's see you get naked."

"Only after I've made sure your dad is ok."

Kenneth asked innocently,

"What's wrong with dad?"

I looked at Tom, and then said to Kenneth,

"Don't you remember? You hurt him."

"Shall I get some water to throw at him?"


I then looked at Tom,

"Put him in that chair, and then, when I've made sure he's ok. Then I'll do what you want."

He carried his dad across to the spare arm chair, and tipped him off his shoulder; where he again fell like a sack of potatoes into it. I dashed across to the chair and knelt down alongside it. Jack was sprawled out, with his bathrobe crumpled up underneath him, leaving his cock lying limply in between his open legs. I tried to lift him up in the chair, but even though he wasn't a big man, he was still far too heavy for me. Then I tried to pull the robe from underneath him, but again it was useless.

I turned my head to ask one of the boys for help.

"Come and help me to make your dad more comfortable."

Tom just snapped out with,

"Fuck him."

I pleaded,

"Kenneth. Please come and help me."

But this plea also fell on deaf ears.

There was no sign of life in the body that slumped in the chair; I tried to put my ear to his mouth to see if he was breathing. Then I remembered seeing someone in a film putting a mirror up to someone's mouth, and if they are alive, it is supposed to show signs of misting. I rushed to the dresser, and searched for a small hand mirror. When I got back and placed it in front of Jack's mouth, there was no sign of any misting.

I guess I was now in despair, and then I remembered a TV program, where someone gave the body of an injured person the 'kiss of life'. I'd never been trained in this, but I just pulled Jack's jaw down, so his mouth was open, and with my own mouth as wide as I could get it, I took a deep breath and then sealed my lips around his mouth. I blew as hard as I could, and then took my lips away. Nothing! Well nothing from Jack. But Kenneth said,

"She's kissing dad."

Tom replied,

"Dad said she was a horny bitch. He said she wanted a good fucking."

I tried my best to ignore their comments, as I took another deep breath, and tried again. Nothing! I repeated this at least ten times, and then I just sat back on the floor looking up at him. The tears began to fill my eyes, and I felt so sick about the whole thing. Tom asked,

"Is he dead?"

"I I don't know."

"Well if he's dead, you might as well get naked now."

Why hadn't I just done what Jack had suggested? I mean what would it have cost me to have come in here, and let that poor boy/man sit me on his knee, and suck on my breasts? They say pride cometh before a fall, and I guess it was my stupid pride that wouldn't allow me to comfort his Kenneth. I mean that was all it was, maybe a man's body, but just a poor little boy frightened by the storm. And now comes the fall. Jack is dead, and in a few moments, those boys will be doing god knows what to me. I dropped my head in my hands and began to cry.

Then I heard a coughing, I open my eyes, and it's Jack! His eyes are blinking, and he is looking all confused. But he is alive! I bounce back up onto my knees; and with my hands I cup his face,

"Oh Jack. Thank god you're alive."

He was slurring his words, but I could just about make him out,

"What is going on? Where am I?"

And then the eyes closed again, and he went silent. I tried to get him to talk,

"Jack come on, wake up. Jack its Jill. The storm, don't you remember?"

Then his eyes opened again, and it was as if that first time hadn't happened,

Still slurring his words, he repeated word for word,

"What is going on? Where am I?"

This time though, when I said,

"The storm, don't you remember? I'm Jill."

"Jill yes Jill. Are you alright? Where are the boys? Did I pass-out?"

"Oh thank god you're back with us. I thought you were dead. Yes, I'm ok, and your boys are here. You came in here to tell them you had to leave, and Kenneth got upset with you."

"Ah yes. I remember. They haven't raped you, have they?"

"No. Not yet."

"What do you mean not yet?"

I then tried to explain to him what had taken place while he'd been unconscious, but when I got to the part where I said I'd agreed to Tom's suggestion of letting them have me naked, and lick my body, he gasped,

"Oh no. Oh my god, why didn't you just come in with me earlier?"

"I'm sorry. It was just something I couldn't agree to."

"But you know what you've done now, don't you?"

"Well yes, they'll be all over me. But I had no choice. I thought he was going to kill you. In fact, up until just two minutes ago, I thought you were dead."

"But you haven't just agreed to let them maul you, Tom has tricked you again."

"What d'you mean?"

I looked back at Tom who was stood behind me, and he had a big beaming smile on his face.

"You've seen Kenneth's behaviour. He just reacts, and nobody or nothing can stop him. You show him your tits; he's onto them like a limpet. Now you've agreed to show him your fanny. When you open your legs, and he sees that wet pink flesh with your black curly hair framing it, he'll be up your fanny like a rat up a drainpipe."

"But I told them there was no way I'd agree to them going that far."

"And you think Kenneth will keep to that? Don't be so naive. He's got the mind of a two year old, but the bodily needs of a grown man, and couple that with a brain that is permanently on the point of going into a fit, and you've got a real problem. Not to mention his cock! I mean you saw it when he came out of your bathroom, just imagine what that thing is like when he's aroused!"

"I don't need to, I've seen Tom's."

"And do you think your fanny will take a cock of that size without it tearing your flesh. You'll end up in hospital, and as like as not it'll ruin any thought you might have of ever bearing children."

"Oh my god, what can I do."

"I can only think of one thing, but you never listened to my advice before, so I don't know if it's worth even suggesting it."

"Please Jack. I know you were right before. And of course I wish I'd listened last time."

"Ok, this is all I can do, but it might not stop you getting fucked."

"Well if it's not going to stop them, what help will it be?"

"I knew you wouldn't listen."

"No please tell me."

"You've sealed your own fate by telling them you'd let them see your fanny. Ok, we can't go back on that, I mean you know what kind of reaction that would get from Kenneth if you told him he couldn't see it now?"

"Yes, I guess he'd go berserk."

"Ok, so if you get naked and he sees you spreading your legs, then he'll mount you before you can say 'Jack Robinson'."

"Well yes, you told me that."

"Well it isn't the being fucked that will be the problem."

"It is as far as I'm concerned."

"It's too late to stop that happening, all we can do is make sure it doesn't damage you. Your problem is the fact that your fanny has never had a cock of that size, coupled with you being frightened which will make you tense up. You see, if you were to be relaxed, and your fanny was worked up until its juices were on full flow, and then if instead of Kenneth jumping you and going at you 'bull at a gate'. If it was our Tom who mounted you, and broke you in gentle like. Then once Tom has got your fanny comfortable with the size of his cock, Kenneth could take his turn, and bash away, and you'd be able to take it without any damage at all. In fact, I dare say, if it was done right, and you go with it willing like, it'd probably be the best fucking you'd ever had."

"I I don't know what to say. I mean are you saying you want me to offer myself to Tom or what?"

"No, but one thing the boys do like is a game of cards."


"Yes, their mother used to play a game with them, with her own special rules. If you agree to play by their rules; you might still get fucked. In fact, I'd say there's a fifty fifty chance. But at least, if it does happen, it will happen gradually, and you'll not only be drunk, but well and truly aroused."

"But I don't drink."

"So it'll have all the more effect. It'll make sure you're not all anxious and tensed-up."

"So how do we play this game?"

"First, I want you to agree to do everything as I tell you. I mean everything, to the letter."

"I guess I have no choice."

"So is that a yes?"


"That's a good girl."

He then looked around and spoke to his boys,

"Ok boys, Jill has agreed to play cards with us."

The reaction was instant, and before the minute was up, I was seated in the arm chair one side of the table, with Jack seated on the opposite side in the other. The boys sat at the other sides on dining chairs they'd brought in from the other room. In the middle of the table was a small glass, a bottle of whisky, and a pack of playing cards.

Jack took up the cards and dealt them all out around the table.

"Ok Jill, pick up your hand. I'll go first. The idea of the game is to get rid of all the cards from your hand. The one to do that first wins. But the others, want to try to keep the cards they are still holding as low as possible. You see once one person is out, we tot up the value of the cards the others hold. And if you break fifty, you have to do a forfeit. As you see I've put down a King. So as it's Tom's turn next, he's put down a queen. If he hadn't got a queen, he could have played an ace. But now it's your turn, so you have to play a king or jack."

"I see. I have to play a card of the next value to the last one played. But I don't have either of them."

Tom reached for the bottle, and topped the glass up to the rim. Jack handed it to me,

"So now you drink this."

I didn't want to, but knew I'd said I'd do as I was told. I sipped at it, and the taste was horrible. Tom reached across, and taking hold of the glass with me, said,

"No, down in one. It's only a little glass."

It went down, but I almost choked, and I began to cough. Jack spoke,

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it."

I did stop coughing, and the game continued.

It seamed everybody else had got the right card. Kenneth had played a jack, Jack had played a ten, and Tom played a nine. So now it was my turn again, eight or ten required. But I didn't have either of them. So Tom now poured a second glass of whisky. Now the glass they'd picked out for their little game was probably no bigger than an egg-cup, but Tom filled it to the brim every time, and I don't normally drink alcohol. But I'd agreed to follow their rules, so down went the second glass. And at this point, I guess it was more the horrible taste that I objected to. The game continued, and the next time I actually had a card I could play. But Tom didn't, so he took a drink, not that such a small amount worried him. And so it went on, with Jack not missing a turn, me having six glasses, and I think Tom and Kenneth just a couple a piece.

So now after six glasses and about fifteen minutes, the alcohol was starting to hit me, and things weren't quite so threatening. But then as Jack had played all his cards, and thus won, they totted up the cards left in our hands, I'd broke the fifty mark, having 63.

"Ok boys, it looks like Jill will have to do a forfeit. Any ideas."

Tom blurted out,

"Get her to suck our cocks."

Kenneth said,

"No, I want to lick her fanny."

"Well Jill? Which one of those options would you prefer?"

I know I was gradually slipping under the influence of the drink, but I could still remember what Jack had said about the outcome I could expect if I let Kenneth see my naked pussy. So even though I'd never sucked a cock in my life, I thought maybe that should be my option.

"I guess I'll go for Tom's suggestion."

"You will, will you? Sit up a minute."

I guess as the drink had started to get to me, and the actual card playing was in a lull; I'd slumped back into the arm chair. So I sat myself back up to the table as instructed.

"That's it. Now open your mouth as wide as you can."

I leant forwards, and opened my mouth.

"Nah lass. That's nowhere near wide enough for Tom's cock. Tell you what; we'll start you off gentle like. Your forfeit can be to let us take turns kissing you and feeling you up a bit. Is that ok with you?"

This seemed to me to be a better option than either of the two boys had suggested, so I quickly said,

"Yes, of course you can."

Tom asked,

"Can I go first dad."

"Ok then, but start slowly, and make sure you get plenty of tongue down her throat."

"Can I finger her fanny as well as her tits?"

"Well she agreed to being felt-up, so I guess she won't mind."

He looked across as if looking for confirmation.

Knowing I'd agreed to follow Jack's instructions,

"If that's what you want, I guess its ok."

"There you are lad, but only start on her fanny once you've got her warmed up with plenty of kissing and don't forget to work her tits."

"You don't mind it being Tom who is the first one to play with you, do you?"

I now realised they were all going to take turns, so who went first didn't seem to matter.

"No. As long as he's gentle with me."

So that was it, the table was pulled aside, and in came Tom. He lent himself over me, and began to kiss. As I'd said, the drink had started to make itself known, and this whole thing didn't actually seem real. It was just as if I was having some kind of weird dream. But his kisses felt real enough, and as his tongue touched mine, my tongue gradually left my mouth, and entwined itself around his tongue deep inside his mouth. He'd now got the top of my housecoat pulled wide open, and his hands were cupping each breast in turn, with his fingers squeezing and rolling my nipples. The other thing was although it was all like a dream sequence; I could still hear Jack's voice, as he appeared to be coaching Tom.

"That's it lad, you can see she likes that. Now start to move your hand down. No, slowly. Just stroking gently as you go. That's it, inside her knickers. She she's lifting it up for you."

He was right, but I hadn't been doing it consciously. And without him giving a running commentary, I don't think I'd have known it was me offering myself to him. But hearing him telling Tom what I was doing, kind of jarred a nerve. I mean, no way was I trying to encourage him to go further. So I made a conscious effort to lower my pelvis, and I even tried to pull my legs back together. But as his hand slid across my naval, and began to stroke into my pubic mound, I felt myself lifting it into his hand. And at the same time, with the arching of my back, I slid down lower in the chair, and spread my legs open wide.

"That's it lad, go on, she wants your fingers up her fanny now."

And up his fingers went, and I just arched even more, spreading my knees even wider.

"Good lad, work them in deep. Tell you what Tom, you move down in between her legs. Come on Kenneth lad, you can have her tits again."

So as Tom now was on the floor, kissing my inner thighs, and fingering deep into my pussy, Kenneth got back to his favourite position, sucking on my breasts. And just as I was thinking about how much I was missing the tongue dancing in my mouth, I felt something touching my lips.

It was wet, but not another tongue. I opened my eyes, to see Jack's hairy cock and balls directly in front of my face. I'd never sucked a cock, and the thought of doing so, didn't in anyway excite me, in fact, I thought it was disgusting. But my body was so enflamed with the attention it was receiving from the two boys, coupled with a mellow inebriated acceptance of anything Jack suggested, I let him open my lips, and push his cock inside. And to my surprise, it wasn't nasty at all. In fact, within minutes, he was pushing it in deep, touching the back of my throat, and I was sucking willingly. But maybe some of my reaction to his cock, was due to another first. I'd never been licked down there. Jim had never done it, or even suggested it. And so as Tom's mouth and tongue began to massage my pussy lips, it sent such a wave of pleasure, I think I'd have been willing to try anything with them.

So I'm sucking cock, with one man sucking my breasts, while another is sucking and probing my pussy. And all of these men are total strangers. I knew from the crescendo building, that an orgasm was only minutes away, and yet orgasm is something I've only ever experience three times in my life. The first time was two days into my honeymoon. The second was about a month after our marriage. The last time I had one was last Christmas, while we were staying at Jim's Mom and dad's house. And all three of those times, it was brought about by Jim being very horny, and with full penetration. Each time, fired off as he'd cum inside me. But here it was, and I could do nothing to stop or delay it happening.

"Oh god yes! Ohhh God! Ohh more. Yes. Ohh yes. Ohh god! Ohhhhh."

"I think you did well there Tom, she liked that. Are you ok lass? Was that good for you?"

"Ohh no. Ohhh j just give me a minute. Ohh god!"

"Ok boys, nip upstairs, and pull a mattress off one of the beds, and bring it down, make sure you bring the sheets as well, there'll be a fair amount of mess, and she won't want any evidence leaving for her old man to find."

Jack began to stroke my forehead, but his other hand was still cupping my breasts, and working my nipples.

"Ah you're back with us. Was that ok?"

"Oh Jesus. I I've never had anyone doing that to me before."

"You must be kidding. Don't tell me you've never had your fanny licked out? Well in that case, I can only say this is going to be your lucky night lass."

As I attempted to sit myself back up straight, I said,

"Where are the boys, aren't we going to carry on playing cards now?"

"There's no need for any more cards luv, they've gone to fetch a mattress, and once we get you comfortable, we'll show you just how good a fucking can be."

"B but, you said."

"Yes, I said there was a fifty fifty chance of you getting fucked. And it looks like it's turned out to be heads you loose."

I was now gradually coming out of the stupor caused by the sexual frenzy, but still quite mellowed by alcohol.

"But I thought my forfeit was just to let you take turns to kiss me."

"I told you before we started; the game was just to get you relaxed and worked up. You'll see, once we get you spread out on the mattress, you'll soon get back into the swing of things."

"But I trusted you."

"And you still can my dear. Just keep calm."

Just then the boys burst into the room carrying the double mattress off one of the beds.

"Hurry up you pair, move these chairs and get it set out, her heat is dying, and she's coming out. Tom lad, just fill another glass and pass it here."

While Kenneth moved my chair with me still in it, and Jack still working on my breasts, Tom poured another glass and gave it to Jack. Then as he brought it to my lips I saw it was one of the full size whisky glasses,

"Come on lass, get it down you."

"But this isn't what we agreed. I agreed to play their game with you."

"Come on lass, don't be awkward. I'm only doing this to make it easier for you. Just drink this glass, and we'll soon have you back into that little dream world."

I really didn't want to, but as Tom and Kenneth moved all the furniture to the edges of the room, and spread the double mattress down in the middle, Jack assisted me in drinking one more glass of whisky. And then Tom came and lifted me from the chair, placing me down in the centre of the mattress. Where he began to kiss me again. Someone began to suck on my breasts, and I just knew by the feel of him, that it was Kenneth. My first instinct was some kind of resistance, but I was obviously overwhelmed in the strength department. I couldn't make a verbal protest, as Tom's tongue was deep in my mouth. And so gradually, I just capitulated. I guess they'd both been working on me for about five minutes, when I felt hands on my knees, lifting my legs open. And then I could feel hot breath on my inner thighs.

As Tom and Kenneth were still manning their own stations, it had to be Jack who was going for my pussy. Again, initially I wanted to resist, but before his tongue had been lapping at my pussy for ten seconds, I'd started to heave my crotch up towards him. And then I just let them take me to the heights of arousal, the likes of which I'd never before experienced. How long Jack's tongue lapped around my pussy before the next phase began, I have no idea; as I was just a passenger, in it for the thrill of the ride. But Jack did move to the next phase, and the first I realised, was as the two boys moved away, and I opened my eyes to see why. And there looking at me face to face was Jack.

"Ok Jill lass, now I want you to take hold of your legs for me."

The boys, one either side, had taken hold of my wrists, and they guided my hands to a position under my own knees. It wasn't a stretch to reach them, as Jack had lifted my legs up high. Once I'd hooked my hands under, Jack let go, and sat himself back on his haunches, positioning himself directly at the entrance to my pussy.

"Ok lass, here we go."

I just held my own legs up, while he pushed his cock up to the entrance of my pussy. But as soon as it made contact, my hips thrust my pussy onto his shaft. With that, he lent down, resting his weight on his outstretched arms either side of me, and he began to rhythmically thrust himself deep up inside me.

"Ahhh yes. Ohhh yes."

I couldn't help myself from voicing my pleasure, as his cock stretched my pussy. I'd not expected Jack to fuck me, but when I'd seen that was what was in store for me, I hadn't expected it to be much of an event. I mean, I'd seen his cock, while he'd been lying there unconscious. And it hadn't appeared to be even as big as my Jim's cock. It did look maybe a little fatter, but I would have said it wasn't as long. But now as it thrust in and out of my pussy, it was not only stretching my pussy walls more than they'd ever been stretched before. But I'm sure he was driving it into untouched areas of my pussy.

So as he kept up his slow rhythmic pumping, I kept voicing my pleasure with stupid incoherent noises. And all the time, the orgasm that was about to erupt, just kept building. And then Jack breathlessly gasped,

"Here it comes lass; push your fanny up to take it."

And that is what I did, I heaved up hard, as he rammed down with equal force towards me. This reaction from me, would have taken place, whether or not Jack had spoken; it wasn't a conscious action on my part, but just a reflex to the feeling as his cum was ejaculated deep inside me.

But now as Jack pumped his cum, mine weren't the only noises to be heard. Jack was no longer just panting heavily, he was grunting with each and every bolt he pumped in. But as his climax triggered the most climactic of orgasms I'd ever experienced, it left me totally under the control of my libido. So much so, that even as Jack recovered his senses and sat himself up alongside me; I just lay there basking in the afterglow. I wasn't out of it completely, not to the point where I didn't know what was going on around me. But it was either the effect of the drink or the overload of sexual stimulation, or maybe the combination of the two. It left me so mellow; I just lay there languid, with legs still spread wide, as all three of them looked on.

Then Jack said,

"Ok Tom lad, you get down on your back, come on lass, let's have you up a minute."

And without any protest or resistance, I let Kenneth and Jack ease me up into a kneeling position, just to the side of where Tom had lay himself down on his back in the centre of the mattress. As he lay there, that monster cock of his was standing up straight, the head of it just clear of his belly button, and it pointed towards his face. As Jack started to manoeuvre me into a position above Tom, he continued with,

"Come Jill lass, leg over, and up high on your knees. That's right; now hands underneath, and get it located. And you Tom; no pushing until she's eased herself onto it. That's right lass, just lift it up until it's in line with your fanny; it'll find its own way in."

He was right about that, as I felt the big bulbous head pushing into my slit, I pushed it back towards my hole, and that was it!

"My god! Ohhhhh Jesus."

"Just take it easy lass. You're the one in control of how much you're pushing up there."

And I guess he was right, but while the stretching was hurting, I seemed compelled to push myself down harder. And, of course, the harder I pushed down, the more cock went in, the more my pussy was being stretched. I guess it only took about a minute to get myself right down onto it. But during that minute, I shamelessly verbalised every sensation that my body experienced.

And then Jack said,

"Ok Tom, I thing she's about settled, but just take it easy until she gets used to it."

Tom heaved upwards, and at the same time, pulled down on my hips. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced. It wasn't like any orgasm I'd ever known, my pussy just went into a kind of spasm. I couldn't move, and my pussy was alternately clamping onto his cock, and then sort of pouting. And each time it pouted, it made the most embarrassing of noises as it pumped out a sticky juice. It completely halted Tom's thrusting, and he just held me there for what seemed like an age, as my pussy misbehaved like a naughty child who was disobeying its mother. I'm sure it was over a minute that I was held there, unable to stop it, and feeling so ashamed of myself.

But Jack wasn't fazed by it at all; and at the onset of my little performance he'd said to Tom,

"Hold up a second lad, her fanny's about to blow."

And then as I was suspended helpless, with my pussy out of control, he continued,

"Well done lad, I'll bet that's the first time anyone has rang her bell, and made the chimes vibrates so loud."

And as the spasms came to an end, and my pussy relaxed its grip on Tom's cock, Jack said,

"Ok lad, turn her over and show her what a real fucking is like."

And he did just that. He effortlessly lifted me, his cock still buried deep into my pussy, and then he turned over, laying me down on the mattress underneath himself. And then he began to thrust his cock. It was almost more than I could stand, and I don't just mean the pain as it stretched uncharted territory. It was the pleasure as well, it just drove me crazy. It was total overload of all my senses. I was moaning, screaming, and yet loving every second as his cock pounded harder and harder. And then he began to jerk his hips, and even as the first bolt shot deep up inside me, I just knew something extraordinary was about to happen. And happen it did. In a similar fashion to the way my pussy had gone into spasm as it took his initial length, it now began to grip his cock, on every jerking insertion. And then as it released him, and he withdrew, my pussy exploded in a flood of messy juice. As for my mental state, I was just a passenger in my own body. Who was driving? I can only guess it was Mrs Pussy. And the way she was going at it, was like a kamikaze taxi driver.

When he'd finished pumping his cum, he lifted himself off me, and I just lay there writhing around as waves of pleasure kept rippling through my body. But gradually it subsided, and as I came to my senses, Jack was kneeling alongside me.

"Well lass. There's no need to ask if that was ok for you?"

My head was still spinning, not just from the overload of sensations, but the drink was really kicking in now. So through heavy eyes, and with a soggy brain guiding my words, I replied as if I was proud of what I'd just done,

"I did it, didn't I?"

As he replied, he took hold of my ankles, and lifted my legs up towards my head,

"You certainly did lass. Now lift up your legs, and hold them open with your hands. Come on Kenneth lad. That's good girl, now ask Kenneth if he wants to fuck you."

I'd taken my legs under my knees, so now as I lay back, bottom up, and feet spread wide open, I obeyed Jack's instructions; to the letter,

"Kenneth. Come on Kenneth. Do you want to fuck me?"

As his big body loomed over me, I felt the big bell-end of his cock at my pussy. I think he actually took his time pushing it in, but as soon as my pussy began to stretch itself around his bell-end, my body lunged off the mattress, and I impaled myself deep onto his cock. This obviously triggered an automatic reaction in Kenneth, and he rammed down so hard, forcing his cock right up until the head of it was pushing my internal organs. I released my legs, and he went away like a thing possessed. We fucked each other, in such a wild haste that in less than a minute, my pussy was again clamping. It gripped his cock so hard, as Kenneth tried to keep thrusting; he was just swinging me back and forth underneath himself. Jack was trying to get him to pause a while,

"Hold on lad. Kenneth lad, just stop a minute. Whoa-up there son, she's got you clamped up."

But it took a good few seconds before the message got through to Kenneth. But he did pause, and then my pussy again pouted out its sticky juices.

"That's it lad, you've rung her bell, like Tom did. Now give her a minute until she settles down, and then you can go for it as hard as you want."

So it was, that as this spasm subsided, Kenneth re-started, and boy did we fuck! He started to cum, jerking his seed into me within seconds of re-starting the fuck, but he didn't stop once he'd unloaded himself! Almost as soon as his last shot was fired, he began pumping again. And for me, it was as if it was all one long fuck. When he cum the second time, my orgasm was ready and waiting, so like with Tom, we reached heaven's gate hand in hand. It was magnificent! I knew I shouldn't be enjoying this, but I was helpless.

Then while I was still basking in the warmth of the ecstasy, I realised something was going on. I think Kenneth had paused to catch his breath, and he'd then tried to continue, like he'd done last time. But Tom had obviously got other ideas. So as Tom was pulling at Kenneth shoulder, he was enlisting Jack's help,

"Dad, tell him. It's my turn now. He's had two goes already."

"Come-on Kenneth lad. Let Tom have a turn, you've got all night, you can have as many goes as you want, so long as you take turns. Come on, don't be greedy."

"But dad, she fucks so good. Let me just have one more go."

I don't know, but I think Jack must have been looking at Tom when he asked,

"Well? It won't take him long."

"Well ok. But get on with it. My balls are aching to get back into her."

So Kenneth was back into his stride again, and his pace didn't slow-up one jot. He pounded away like a thing possessed, and I rode him like a back-street whore. It was the most wonderful thing I'd ever experienced. And I knew it was going to get better as we both reached the climax. Speaking of which, I could now tell, this was something that would soon be with me, and I couldn't think of any way I could slow it down to wait for him. But I guess these things are all worked out, and as if by some magic, just as I thought I'd again spasm and clamp him, he began to shoot his spunk. It was obviously heaven, and I'd kind of drifted off into some kind of pleasure bubble.

But this time, the bubble didn't have time to gradually deflate; it was popped, as I felt Tom's cock pushing up into me. It kind of brought me to my senses abruptly. Not to my senses in the way of back to my normal self, but just back to being an active part of the current proceedings. And as I felt him stretching my internals, I kind of winced. Then I heard Jack's voice,

"Steady on Tom lad. I know you had to wait, but let the lass get herself prepared. Are you alright Jill?"

I couldn't speak, the stretching was still painful, so I just managed to nod and give a little smile. But it wasn't long before the pleasures generated in my pussy overruled the pain, and from then on, I just heaved myself up to meet his thrusting, and rode him like I'd done with Kenneth.

I won't go into detailed description of the next two hours, but suffice to say, it was one endless fucking session. I think Jack came back and had me two, but it could be three more times. But the boys, just kept taking turns, as one pulled out, the other was getting into place. They did listen to Jack's advice, and if I was in the throws of the afterglow, they waited until the lights came back on. Then I heard Jack saying,

"Ok lads; that's enough for now. Get her into the chair, and take the mattress back and put it on whatever bed it came off."

They helped me up to my feet, and even though I don't normally swear, even I've heard men say when they are tired, 'I'm fucked'. Well now I know where that expression comes from. Cos if anyone had justification for using that expression, it was me at that time, 'I was well and truly fucked'. I could hardly stand on my own two legs. Tom spread the sheet out in one of the arm chairs, and I was helped across, and I flopped down exhausted.

Jack came across, and said,

"It's my guess you've never had a real orgasm before."

I was embarrassed about what I'd just let them do to me, to say the least. But more than that, there was a feeling that I didn't want to admit to this stranger, that he and his sons could pleasure my body in a way my own husband couldn't. So stupidly, I tried to make out that my little performances were nothing new.

"Well that's all you know. My Jim makes me cum like that every weekend he comes home."

"Does he by god, well then, I guess that's why you're so randy; being as he hasn't been home in six weeks."

I was angry to think he knew anything about Jim, and the fact he'd not been home,

"How on earth do you know that?"

"They were talking about you down the pub. They say you and him have had a bust up. So I'm guessing you fucking my boys is your way of getting your own back at him."

"For a start, we haven't had anything of the sort. And nobody down at the pub or anywhere else has any right to talk about me that way."

"Sorry lass. Don't get all shirtie with me. I'm only telling you what I was told. I couldn't care less one way or the other whether hubby and you fuck ten times a day. All I'm interested in is me and my lads getting a piece of the action."

Don't get me wrong, I was still woozy with the drink, but his tone and attitude was now riling me something awful.

"Well I've done what you asked, and not only have I pandered to the wants of your boys, you also helped yourself; which wasn't part of the deal. So I think it's about time you all got dressed and left."

"Don't be silly lass. The night is yet young. You get yourself dressed, and then go and make us all a nice supper."

"Supper! If you think I'm feeding you, you've got another think coming."

"Now lass, there's no need for all this hostility. After all, you aren't going to pretend you didn't enjoy that little session."

Yes, he was right, the things I'd experienced were way beyond anything I could ever have imagined, but now I was out of the spell I'd been under, I felt so ashamed of the way I'd given in to their demands.

"That's as maybe. But the fact is, the storm is now bating, and I want you all to leave."

"If that's what you want, I'm willing to try. And I'm of course grateful for what you've already done for us. But I can't guarantee Kenneth and Tom will actually do what you want."

"I don't see why not, they've obeyed you to the letter all evening."

"Yes, but that was when they could see it was to their advantage. I'll tell them we need to get dressed and go as soon as they come back. I guess I might as well start getting myself dressed. My clothes will still be wet; they're still in your spin dryer."

He was right; and the boys clothes were in a soggy crumpled heap, where he'd dropped them when Kenneth had attacked him. And knowing they would all still be wet, I began to feel guilty about throwing them out. But as he went out to the kitchen to get his clothes, I reasoned, I had no real choice open to me. And then just as he came back into the room and started to dress, as if to make me feel even worse, the rain re-started, and not just gently. Just then, the boys opened the door, and Tom said,

"What are you doing dad? Don't you want another fuck of the lady?"

I thought, 'Lady', he was talking like he was a little boy, and yet he must be a good five years older than me. And anyway, someone who behaves the way I'd just done with three strangers, can hardly be called a Lady.

Jack said calmly,

"It's time for us to leave now boys, just pickup your clothes and get yourselves."

He didn't get chance to finish his sentence, before Kenneth said,

"I'm not leaving, you can if you want."

"Come on lad, the lady's been good to you, but it's time for us to go."

Kenneth shook his head,

"We're not going out there, it's still raining."

Tom spoke next,

"We're staying the night."

"But boys, the lady says we have to go."

Tom answered,

"Well she's unlucky then, cos we're staying here."

Jack looked at me, and shrugged his shoulders, and I knew there was nothing I could say, or for that matter do; that could persuade them to leave.

"Ok, I'll go upstairs and get myself some clothes on, and then I'll make you something to eat. But you'll have to take pot luck, I haven't got much in the way of a selection of food in, I wasn't expecting guests."

Kenneth said,

"Don't get dressed, I like seeing you naked."

Jack said,

"Ignore him lass, you go and get some clothes on. And you pair can start putting this room back to how it was when we arrived. I want to see everything neat and tidy."

And to my surprise, there was no tantrum from Kenneth, and both of them just went around moving the furniture as they'd been told to. So off I went and got myself dressed.

So I was once again persuaded to comply with their demands, and after getting myself dressed, I made them a supper, and we all sat in the snug eating it. And then Jack told the boys to go into the kitchen and wash-up for me, and to my surprise they just did as he'd told them. As soon as they were out of the room, he said,

"Look I know this has been a bit of an imposition, us descending on you, and making ourselves at home, but I am a victim of circumstance, as much as you are. I only have a limited control over them, and it was fate that brought our paths to cross."

"I guess so. But you have to see it from my point of view. I'm a married woman, if my husband ever found out."

"He won't, we'll stay the night here with you, I'll take one of the spare bedrooms, and the boys will no doubt want to sleep with you. Not that you'll get much sleep. But in the morning we'll be gone, and nobody will ever know we've been here."

I hadn't thought as far ahead as sleeping arrangements, and as soon as he'd mentioned his boys wanting to sleep with me, I could see there'd be no way out of that happening. So I resigned myself to my fate,

"Ok, but you'll make sure they go first thing tomorrow morning?"

"You have my word. I mean, they will want breakfast, and probably a last fuck, but as soon as they've both finished fucking you, we'll be on our way."

"You make it sound like I'm just here for them to relieve themselves with."

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to. But as far as they are concerned, that was the way their mother let them use her. So now they've tasted your treats, so to speak, they'll just expect to be able to use you the same way. But once we leave, it'll all be a thing of the past. And be honest, it will leave you with some very pleasant memories. I mean, you've never had cock like that before. And the fanny licking, you said your hubby never does that for you. I mean, when we go up to bed, if you want me to, I don't mind giving you another good licking before I turn in."

"No thank you. I'm sure I'll manage without."

Just then the door opened, Tom spoke,

"All done, dried and put away. Do you want to take your stuff off again dad, and I'll put it on the rack with Kenneth's and mine. That way it'll be dry by morning."

"Good idea lad."

And with that, Jack began to strip off naked, without a concern for me being in the room. And as he handed his clothes to Tom, and he turned to see me looking at him, his cock began to lift.

"Well bugger me. I've had more fanny tonight, than I've had this last ten years, and the old cock still looks like it wants more."

I didn't reply, but just got to my feet, and said,

"Well I'm going up to my room; I'll see you in the morning."

"I think I'll come up with you, and give you that licking. I mean, you've done us proud tonight, so I think you deserve another little treat. And anyway, I'll maybe give my cock another little dip in your fanny; it's hard, but I doubt it'll make much spunk."

Again I didn't reply, but as I passed him to leave the room, his arm came around my shoulder as he followed me out. As we passed the kitchen, he said,

"Take your time lads, I'm gonna have another little fuck before I turn in. I'll leave her nice'n wet for you."

So up to my bedroom we went, and once I was naked, he was down in between my legs, with his tongue driving me wild again. As much as I didn't want him or the other two to re-commence their abuse, it only took a minute of Jack's tongue, before I was heaving myself up, and once again a keen participant. Jack might have been old, but he knew how to please my pussy, and not only with the use of his tongue. His cock, as I've said before, might not be bigger than my Jim's, but he seemed able to get it to reach parts of me, that Jim never did. And his slow determined pumping also seemed to stir up a much greater sensation. Although he'd said he probably wouldn't have much spunk, and I can't vouch for the quantity, all I do know is, when his cock stiffened to shoot what it had available, it triggered yet another spasmic orgasm. He lay with me for a minute or so, and then with a goodnight kiss, he got up and went to one of the spare rooms to sleep.

Almost as soon as he'd left the room, in came the two boys, both naked, and both with massive erections. They got into bed, one either side, and as Tom began with kissing, Kenneth was back to sucking on my breasts. Tom and I kissed with deep tongues for maybe ten of fifteen minutes. In fact, I was beginning to think he wasn't going to go any further, and that we might all end up going to sleep without further sex. But no, just as I was mellowing with that thought, I felt Tom's fingers as he began to probe into my pussy. I just let my legs fall open as they instinctively wanted to, and he mounted me. How many times they both fucked me before I eventually dropped off to sleep, I have no idea. I do know it was more than three times each, but it could have been double that.

I also know that when I awoke, it was with Kenneth in front of me as I lay on my side, and he was nestled up in a ball under the covers, his mouth suckling one of my breasts. But as I was also in a curled up ball, this meant my bottom was in an accessible position for Tom who was behind me. And I awoke to the feeling of his big cock gently driving in and out of my pussy. I guess I should have been annoyed, shocked, angry, or all three. But in all honesty, I can only once in my life remember waking up with such a wonderful feeling. And that was waking up on the first day of my married life, and feeling Jim's arms wrapped around me. Ironically, with us both lying in a very similar manner to what Tom and I were doing now. But my Jim hadn't been fucking me at the time, just holding me in a warm cuddle.

So I awoke, and my situation instantly came back to me, and again, it is amazing to say, but even knowing I was in this situation, it wasn't an unpleasant or daunting feeling. Yes, I was irked by the fact I wasn't in control, but somewhere in my sub-conscious, was the knowledge, that this experience was something I'd look back on in times to come, and not with regret. And as it had been something I'd not entered willingly, it wasn't as if I need bear any blame for my conduct. Well before we left the bedroom, they'd both had me three more times; including the one I woke up to with Tom that is. Then I took a bath, dressed, and went back down to make breakfast. We all ate heartily, even me, and I confess, I was in good spirits, and I didn't feel any animosity to Jack or his boys. After breakfast, the boys again washed and dried the breakfast crockery, while Jack and I sat in the snug and talked. He was again thanking me and apologising, and for my part, I said,

"It's ok. It's not your fault, and I can't blame your boys. I guess it is just like you said last night, fate, and once you all leave, it will just be a memory."

"Well I'm glad you don't bear me any hard feelings, and I do really think you were an angel to take us in last night."

"You'd have done the same if the roles had been reversed."

"Maybe. Are it sounds like the boys are done."

The door had just opened, and in came Kenneth,

"Is it all cleaned up and put away?"

"Yes dad."

"Ok, you can take Jill upstairs for one farewell fuck, but don't take all day about it; I want to be home by dinner time."

Kenneth took hold of my hand, and almost dragged me out of the chair, and I just meekly got to my feet, and without protest, let him lead me up to my bedroom. While Tom and him got undressed, so did I, and soon we were all naked, and in bed. It only took a minute or two before Tom's fingers told him I was wet enough to mount, and then we were back into a rhythm. They took it in turns like they'd done before and Tom had had two fucks, and Kenneth was on his second, when I heard Jack's voice, but not calling up the stairs, he was in the bedroom at the foot of the bed.

"Kenneth lad, if you can't get it to cum right now, then you'd better just pull out, and have another go later. It looks like the lady has got visitors."

Kenneth began to ram violently, and within seconds he was pumping his spunk. But although he was instantly back on his feet, I was still very much under the influence, and I don't mean of alcohol. They stood me up, and as Tom held me there, Kenneth was wiping me down in between my legs, and Jack was lifting a dress up and over my head. And then with just a dress, no knickers or bra, I was being helped down the stairs. As I got to the bottom step, there was a knock on the door. Both Jack and Tom who'd helped me down the stairs, both stood there out of site of the front door, I assume to listen to what I said. I was now coming out of my trance-like state, but still not what you'd call with-it.

I opened the door, and there was the vicar, and stood behind him were two men, I recognised them as local odd-job men. I'd seen them doing various jobs around the village, and they were also grave diggers for the church. I looked at the vicar all bemused, and he must have seen the confusion in my look.

"You don't remember, do you? We arranged for me to bring you a hive."

The penny dropped, it was Tuesday, and he'd said he'd get one of his hives out to me.

"Ah yes. I'm sorry, I forgot. Come in. No I mean can you go and wait by the back gate. I'll just put my shoes on and let you in to the garden, its going in the orchard. But I haven't prepared anywhere for you to put it."

"No problem my dear. Don't you remember, I said I'd bring a concrete slab, and that's what we've done? I'll get Garry and Len to carry the hive around to your side gate, and we'll wait there for you to unlock it."

So as the vicar turned and went back to the two men; who were lifting the hive from the back of the pick-up truck, I went back in, to find my shoes, and I'd thought, to get myself a pair of knickers. But as I approached the stairs, Jack asked,

"Where are you going?"

"To get some knickers, I can't go out there without any on."

Both him and Tom blocked my path, and Jack said,

"Don't be silly. Nobody will know. And you haven't got time."

I was sure I could have rushed upstairs, and been down without any trouble, but with them barring my path, one thing I didn't have time for was an argument with them. So I dashed through my kitchen, putting on a pair of shoes on the way, and then out into my garden, where I opened the side gate.

The vicar and I led the way along my garden path, past the lawn, and into the orchard, with the two men carrying the hive following on behind us. And all the time I was walking, I could feel the juices gradually seeping their way out from my pussy, and making their way down my inner thighs. Two things made this more worrying than normal, not that this situation is in any way normal for me. But first, I wasn't wearing any knickers, so there wasn't even a first line of defence, that is nothing to soak up the juices, and delay their progress. But second, and something that in my state I'd not realised until I'd got to the gate to let them into my garden.

The dress Jack had provided and slipped over my head, was not a day wear style. It was a party dress from about three years earlier, very pretty, but not something I'd wear unless going to a club or late night party. It was one of those dresses that looked to all intents and purposes, like it was made for a girl in her early teens, but was being worn by an older, and more well developed grownup. So with the bodice, now being filled with adult breasts, it lifted what should have been the waist-line to directly under the breasts, and hence the hem of the fully flared skirt portion, was now well above normal stocking-top height. Meaning this dress definitely required the wearing of tights (Panty hose), and respectable panties. Neither of which I was wearing.

So as I'm walking, I can imagine the eyes of the two men who are following, to be scanning not only for the telltale glistening streaks down my legs, but also, to get a glimpse of anything that the flapping hem of my dress might reveal. But as I can't think how to do anything about the situation, I carry on down through the orchard to the place where the hive is to be sited. Once the men put it down, the vicar then says,

"Thank you. Now if you can just go and collect the slab for the base, then we can set it in place."

As they both turn around, and begin to walk back out to the truck, I take my opportunity to get back to the house, thinking I'd not only be able to give myself a quick wipe down, but also find some knickers,

"Excuse me a second reverend. I think I've left something on the range, I won't be a minute."

So off I went, and as soon as I was inside the diner, I grabbed a box of tissues, and with my foot propped up on one of the chairs, I began to wipe my inner thighs clean. I guess I should give a little description of the layout of this part of my house. As you approach the house from the back garden, you enter the new extension. This room you enter the house by is the one we use as our kitchen diner, and the door has a frosted glass panel. It joins onto the end of the kitchen on the opposite side to the new bathroom which I described earlier.

The reason I've just told you the layout, is so you'll understand the next series of events. So I'm in the diner wiping my inner thighs, but what I didn't know was, that once Len had helped Garry to lift the slab down from the truck, they'd put it onto a sack-barrow. So now it only needed one of them to wheel it. And as they'd come in through the gate, Len said to Garry,

"You take that up to the orchard, I need a piss. I'll go and see if I can use their toilet."

So I'm stood on one leg, with my back towards the door, and I didn't hear him open it. The first thing I know is a hand is under my pussy, and another one is around my mouth.

"Right little lady. Let me tell you how this is going to go. First, I know all about you and your husband splitting up. And I know he's looking for evidence of you playing around, that way it'll cut-down on the divorce settlement. I also know about the three men who you spent the night with. And I know they're still here in the house. So when I let go of your mouth, if you scream or make a sound, I'll call Garry and the vicar, and we'll root out those horny bastards who've been fucking you all night, and make sure your husband gets all the evidence he needs."

He turned me so he could see my facial reaction,

"So are you going to keep quiet?"

My head was spinning, and I had no idea how he knew so much about me; even if some of it wasn't true. But the part that was (the three men being here overnight), was enough to make me not want to call for help. So I meekly nodded agreement. He slowly released my mouth.

"Ok, get over that table."

And as he said it, he was manoeuvring me into the position he wanted me into, and before I knew what was going on, I felt his cock entering me. He fucked hard and quick and I just lay there, arms spread out across the table.

But from my position, I could see the kitchen clock on the wall, and I just couldn't believe how slow time can be. I watched the long pointer as it ticked away the seconds, and even though it had only circumnavigated the dial twice before we heard the vicar knocking on the door behind us, I'd have sworn he'd been fucking me for ten minutes or more. But on hearing the knock, his cock was out of me instantly, and he lifted me to the upright position. Then with a quick,

"You'll keep your trap shut if you know what good for you."

He pushed me towards the door. Even before I opened it, I knew it was the vicar, the panel might be frosted, but it gave a clear enough view to recognise his black clothing.

"Are there you are. I was just wondering if I could trouble you for a glass of water before we go. Ah and Len, if your done down here, I think Garry might need you to give him a hand putting the back up on the truck."

So Len quickly disappeared, and as I handed the vicar a glass of water, he said,

"Are you alright my dear?"

"Yes why?"

"I don't want to pry into things that are not my business, but while I was at your door wiping my feet on the mat, I saw more than I let on to Len. All I want to know is, did you invite him in, or was he taking advantage?"

What could I say, if I say I invited him, what would the vicar think of me. But if I said he'd forced me, Len might carry out his threat to expose me to Jim.

"Please, I don't want any trouble."

"There won't be any trouble. I won't confront him. But if he took advantage, he'll be back. I mean, if you don't mind him coming back, its nothing to do with me. I won't say a word to anyone."

"I don't want him back, but if I say anything, he knows something about me, something he's threatening to tell my Jim."

"Ok my dear, you don't need to say anymore. I'll see what I can do."

"Please, don't let him know I've told you anything."

"I won't. I'll go now, but I'll ring you later to give you more information about when to expect the bees. By for now, and take care."

So I went through the house and watched as the truck drove off. Then Jack spoke from directly behind me,

"They've gone at last."

I turned,

"Yes, and you and your boys had better do the same."

Tom who was stood behind his dad, said,

"After one more fuck."


I was livid, and no matter who said what, I just stormed past them, ignoring any comments made. Jack could see I was serious, and he said,

"Ok boys, make sure you collect anything that belongs to us, and tidy up anything we've touched; we don't want to leave anything out of place for the lady."

Then he turned to me,

"Well it was nice meeting you, and again, thank you for taking us in last night."

"You do realise, that one of those men who were here just now, knows the three of you spent the night here?"

"How can he?"

"I don't know. But he has just threatened to tell my husband."

"He's bluffing. Nobody but you, me and my boys know what happened here last night. And we aren't going to tell. He's likely as not just took a flyer, seeing the state of you when you went out to meet them. I wouldn't pay him no mind if I was you."

"Well the sooner you and your boys are gone, the happier I'll be. And I'm sorry about you having to walk to wherever your car is, but I guess by now, someone will have called in help if the tree is blocking to road."

"That's alright lass; the walk will do us good. Are here are the boys. Is everything shipshape?"

"Yes dad."

So with that, they all just said there goodbyes, which did involve giving them all a goodbye kiss, and then they left. As they walked out of my front yard, I began to feel a twinge of guilt at not giving them a lift to find a breakdown wagon, but I'd made up my mind, and that was that. So off upstairs to get myself a change of clothes. While in my bedroom, I looked out of the window, expecting to see them a fair distance down the drive by now. But to my surprise, just out of site of the house, that is out of site from downstairs, there was a car parked next to the last telegraph pole. And at the top of the pole was Tom, and he appeared to be doing something with the wires. Then as if by magic, the extension phone in my bedroom made a tinkling noise. Not a real telephone bell ring, but just the bell inside, making the odd binging noise. I dashed across to the phone, and there was now a dialling tone. By the time I'd got back to the window, Tom was almost at the bottom of the pole, and then once he was down, he joined Jack and Kenneth, and they all got into the car. The car turned around in the drive, and off it went, disappearing behind an avenue of trees.

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