Memories Written in Sand

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It happened on a vacation in Spain when I was fifteen. I didn't even know her name.

Maybe your teen years were full of confidence and self-assuredness; mine weren't. I was bashful and kind of tall and lanky, not really girl-bait and had only been on a few dates. The time I'm telling you about was when I was fifteen and on vacation with my parents along the coast of Spain.

I liked the beach, the rest, touring museums and old churches, well, it was okay, but I really liked watching the girls and the women, too, in their skimpy bathing suits. I had really never seen thongs before, they were really new and, in The States, I just hadn't seen them at our local pool.

But, here, oh, yeah. I had a hard-on all the time I was at the beach. I walked the beaches every day and just drank in the beautiful girls and women that I saw along the way.

About two miles down the beach, there were really no crowds, very few people and I was just about to turn around when I came up a dune and saw a couple, probably in their middle-twenties, sunning below. He was naked and she was topless. Oh, I hit gold. She was beautiful. All brown from the sun, long, blond hair, spread out, her breasts firm, not sagging, just beautiful.

Well, I'm fifteen, male, looking at a half-naked woman as she sat up to talk with her partner. I did just what you would do. I got up as close as I could, pulled down my trunks and started to jack-off. I tried to not make any noise and really don't know if I did or not, but, then she seemed to spot me up on the dune and pointed me out and they were soon laughing.

Me, I was cumming. The couple probably knew what I had done, I really didn't care. I was feeling too good enjoying the sexual release after seeing such a sexy sight. I think the woman kept looking up at me, it was hard to tell for sure, she had on sunglasses that prevented me from telling exactly where she was looking but I think she was watching me.

Well, you know where I went to the next day, right? Bingo, the same spot. I slogged up the dune and, as I neared the top, stealthily peeked over. There she was. But ... she was alone. Her boyfriend wasn't there. I gazed at her breasts, glistening with oil, so beautiful, so firm, so seductive. I watched her for about twenty minutes, then she rose and walked into the surf and started to splash and play.

I slid down the dune on my feet and threw down my towel about ten or fifteen feet away from her spot. I lay down on my stomach, trying to keep my erection hidden and under some control as she walked back up to her towel and sat down.

I figured that she would completely ignore me but, no, she looked over, gave me a big smile and turned on her side with her back facing me.

Oh, what a back. Her thong cut right up between her beautiful, tanned cheeks and I could see the string cutting up between her pussy lips peeking out from between her thighs. Oh, my hard-on was killing me. I just had to move a little to let it have some more, sorely-needed room to expand.

So, just as I was raising up and reaching down and adjusting my dick around, she looked back at me over her shoulder and stared. I knew that the next thing would be a scream and her running down the beach, screaming, "Rape, rape, pervert," at the top of her lungs.

But, no, she started to laugh. She then got up, walked over to me, knelt down and said, "If your cock gets any bigger, you're going to shoot all over the sand." Then, she took a quick look around, reached down and pulled my trunks down and took hold of my dick just as it began spurting cum out onto the sand.

"Oh, oh, my, what a waste," as she laughed. "Oh, never mind," and she bent over and began to suck me as her breasts slowly swayed before me. Her beautiful butt was up near my face and I reached over and pulled off her thong. Then, she hoisted a leg up over me and lowered her wet pussy down to my mouth. Oh, I licked and sucked and tongued as she sucked me, we both moaned and wriggled and writhed as we pleasured each other to the sound of the surf.

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