Marla, Naked at Work
Chapter 1

As the office started leaving for the day and shutting everything down, I quickly checked to see if there any important notices in my in box. After glancing over them, I see one from James, about tomorrow department meeting. Not wanting to late for the kids practice, I quickly printed it to read later. From the glance, management is considering relaxing the dress code.

A little side note for those that are not from my region and or haven’t been followed the news. For the past several years through the court challenges and bills submitted through the legislature, have chipped away many of the old age taboos on body acceptance. That today, there are actually people going about their daily life without even bothering to get dressed at all.

Once I got to baseball practice and took a seat, I read the meeting email. To summarize what in the email, that the meeting is mandatory for all supervisors and department managers to attend; that it wants all the managers to be seated and the supervisors to be standing; meeting will be on relaxing the company’s overall dress code; this will be a closed meeting and it asks that managers be seated by 10:00 with everyone else be standing when doors are closed and locked. Looking around at the other watching, it’s not hard to spot out the ones that are, well under dresses.

Back to the office, it takes about an hour of traffic to get here. Be honest, I really didn’t think anything else about that email, besides that my attire on warm days like today can be uncomfortable. After some phone calls and email it’s time.

In the conference room I sat down next to my coworker and friend Annette. Neither of us knew anything about the meeting or what is going too talked about. Over the next 30 minutes, I saw all the rest of the department managers sitting down in the chairs and the place was filling up with most if not all the supervisors in the division. Before long, with all the people behind my chair, I could feel my chair being pushed into the table.

Then just about 10:30, our boss, Mr. James Wood, the company division manager for The Technology and Research Division, walked into the conference room, up to the podium and started speaking. “I do want to make all the supervisors that are here in this room welcome for attending this meeting and to all the managers that are sitting down, I want to welcome you all here as well. Now, before I started talking about the reason that I have asked for all to be at this meeting is that the entire company has decided to make some drastic changes in the company’s dress code. The new changes are reflections of the changing times, where the old stigmas about clothes are going away and the country as a whole is starting to venture out into public places with little or no clothes with little or no objection from others.”

“Now about the new dress code for the company and for this division, the company directors have decided on adopting it immediately after it is passed down to the employees. Now if everyone will look at the overhead projection please”. There on the overhead projection, was a video from the CEO of ACNE Corporation, Jill Mathis.

On the overhead projection, she welcomed all of us to this meeting again. “I have asked for you all to attend this meeting to talk about the new dress code the company has decided to adopt for all employees. The new dress code will be different for managers and above from the dress code for all supervisors and below.

“The new dress code for all supervisors and below will be clothing optional and the new dress code for all managers, we are asking you to remain completely clothes free; complete nudity. I encourage all of you to adopt this relaxed and very relaxed attire on off time as well.”

“Now for the dress code for supervisors and those that work for you, I strongly encourage that each one of you take the opportunity to work in our company new dress policies with your departments and divisions. I encourage all of you supervisors to remove your clothes while you are telling the employees about the new dress code or to be completely unclothed when you enter the area to pass on the information.

“And now to the new dress code for all managers, the new dress code for all managerial positions above supervisor will be complete nudity at all times, regardless of whether you are at the company property or not (we then all started watching our CEO, then take off her suit, blouse and slacks). I know that this dress policy is kind of extreme to require that all the managerial employees are totally unclothed at and off the work place but that is what has been decided. And to implement this policy, before all the managers and directors depart this room, I have requested that all the clothing of the managers and directors be collected and discarded if they so desire to donate their current attire.”

“Now thank you all for attending this meeting and I am looking forward to meeting you all again in the future. Enjoy the rest of your week. Thanks again for attending.” And the screen went blank.

Once the lights were back on, I see that the director is completely naked and I know that I will be before I leave the room. I just cannot believe that I have to give up wearing clothes here in the conference room and that I will have to walk out of here, go to lunch and go home naked. The director went back up to the podium, and said, “As you all know the new dress code will encourage all employees here to be getting more comfortable with their body by going out into public without any clothes on and to work unclothed.”

“And now for the managers, under this new dress code you are required to be totally unclothed whenever and wherever you are on company time. The company cannot force you to totally undress if you do not want to but if you decide that you do not want to adopt the new dress code for managers, you can resign your position.” Looking around the room, two hands went up. “If you do decide to resign your position, the company will offer you double the normal severance pay for the first three months and half of that first remaining few months up to six. This offer remains available until the end of Friday next week.”

“Now that have said that, I would like to thank all of you for attending this meeting today and I encourage you all to adopt the new dress code for yourself and for everyone in your department. Thank you for attending.” He said that the place emptied out extremely fast.

After the last supervisor left the conference room, he asked one of us to close the door and grab the pouches and trash bags that are on the table in the front.

I realized that I wasn’t in a very bad dream. I looked at the faces of my coworkers and I could see the rest of them were as stunned and shocked as I was that we would be forced to be naked at work for now on.

Our naked boss spoke, “I will now need each one of you to check your pockets for any belongings and place them into the pouch that was given to each one of you. Then I will need for all of you to place all of your clothing along with your shoes into the trash bag for disposal/donations. I am totally aware that once each one of you places your clothes into the bag that you will no longer have any clothes to wear when you go on your lunch break and when you depart this evening. The management has made the decision that they wanted to put you all into a position where you would feel that you have no other choice but to go out into public without anybody covering. But, again, I need to remind all of you that if you do choose not to comply with the new dress code, I will ask you to depart this room immediately.”

I have to say that, for a second or two, I thought of resigning my position, but I could not think of working as a supervisor again or going out and finding another job. So I am left with the decision of removing the only clothes that I brought with me today and putting them into the trash and to go out to eat lunch and to go home naked.

Waited for a few minutes or so for someone to walk out of the room, but all twelve of us just started to stand up and start removing our clothes as if we were in a fancy locker room. But this time we will not be changing into our exercising clothes or into another outfit. I then noticed my fellow managers starting to remove the contents out of their pockets and placing their clothes on the table to discard. So, there I was a 37-year-old mother of two teenagers and a wife of 15 years removing what could be the last piece of clothing I will ever wear here at the office.

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