A Tale of Two Sidneys
Chapter 1: A Paradigm Shift

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Paradigm Shift - This is the story of two men; one at the beginning of his sexual life and one closer to the end. Each crosses generational boundaries to fulfill their needs. Not without consequences.

Sidney Dickens was having the best of times in the worst of times. The downturn in the markets had shrunk his investments like everyone else's but his business was booming. It seems that manufacturing 'knock-off' clothing was a growth industry these days. With the well to do not so well anymore but still interested in keeping up appearances Sid's quality replica clothing passed all but the closest expert scrutiny thanks in large part to his beautiful younger wife.

When he'd opened the business ten years ago it was really Julia's brainchild. She said that when she saw an article of clothing that she could immediately envision the cutting patterns that would be required to produce it.

In those early days they'd catered to the discount department stores—high volume but low margin. Once a garment when into production Julia's work was done, so she started her own business creating custom patterns for the larger players in the sewing and fabric retail trade. She became a subcontractor to her own husband.

Lately he'd acquired contracts with a couple of more upscale specialty chains and his new profitability had him thinking expansion and re-investment. Even having just celebrated his sixtieth birthday, slowing down and retirement was the furthest thing from his mind.

Dressing quietly in his walk-in closet so as not to disturb his sleepy-head wife he pulled on his Ralph Lauen polo shirt complete with the name sake logo. It was amazing that just by changing the position of the polo mallet ten degrees he couldn't be sued for trademark infringement. The baby blue of the shirt was complimentary to his eyes; or so Julia repeatedly told him. The grey Pierre Cardan slacks were also one of his more popular products.

Checking his appearance in the full length mirror he wouldn't say he was pleased but he wasn't surprised. Short and now slightly paunchy, the only improvement was the Lasik surgery relieving him of the glasses he'd worn for the first forty odd years of his life. He thought it was somewhat ironic that eye glasses had attained a certain chic especially since he was now free of them. They certainly had been anything but fashionable when he was in school. His small un-athletic body, Poindexter appearance and nerdy demeanor made him a social outcast throughout his formative years.

Sid was looking forward to getting to the office today even more than usual. He was assured by the equipment moving company that the programmable cutting machine would be delivered by noon. He'd picked up the exorbitantly pricy piece of equipment at auction for a fraction of its sticker price. It was the first step in doubling his production capabilities. The next hurtle on the horizon—get someone on board who could program it and make it run.

It was a shame that Julia had turned down rejoining the company to oversee it. The technology was so far advanced from what she was used to that it would take some work but she had such a talent for it that Sid felt that he'd probably never find a better candidate than his own wife. He had other candidates but the experienced ones were being very well compensated by their current employers. The recent college grad that he was scheduled to interview this evening didn't have the track-record but she did have the most up to date education and probably a more palatable salary expectation.

Sidney stood for a moment beside the bed where his trophy wife lay sleeping. It had taken almost ten years after college to advance in power and authority in industry to the point that his physical appearance and basic personality no longer impeded his opportunities with the opposite sex. Along with his professional success had come handsome financial rewards. It was a life changing development when the money and power trumped physical attributes—or lack thereof. For quite a few years he'd basked in his nouveau sex appeal gaining confidence, and then along came Julia. Looking down her dark red multi-toned hair was an unkempt mat obscuring part of her beautiful face. Julia was eighteen years younger than him and looked thirty years younger.

He was the General Manager of the flag ship plant of a large clothing manufacturer when she'd come to work there as an assistant in the design department. Her job was considered sort of menial; it was anything but. Julia converted the designs to a pattern which prescribed the cutting of the fabric, so that when it was sewn it would match the original design. As such they came into contact regularly each time a new design went into production. She was drop dead gorgeous and he was determined to relive the sexual revolution of the sixties; a decade when he'd barely been able to get a date much less get lucky.

He leaned down and kissed her gently on the forehead. Twisting and stretching pulled the sheet off her and when her hands went up over her head Julia's very substantial breasts distorted and tried to escape from her white satin nightie.

"Let's go to the club for dinner tonight," she sighed sleepily without opening her eyes.

The clothing plant owner wondered in passing what she was going to do all day if not at least prepare one meal.

As she spoke she twisted fully onto her back and scooped her melons up onto her chest. Her green eyes twinkled when she applied her thumb nail to her satin covered nipple and sent it into a growth spurt. The entrepreneur felt his manhood jerk in his pants and the previous thought was lost.

"I maybe a little late, but I'll call you when I'm about ready to leave," he informed the vamp he had married as he reached for the bedroom door handle.

"Never mind just meet me at the club," she called after him.

Thirty seconds later he was backing the Benz out of the driveway and hoping the erection Julia had inspired was gone before he reached the plant.

Sidney Bing was putting on his leather football jacket in preparation for the trip to school. It was his first day of school but not the first day of school. As an Honor Roll student he had no trouble getting permission to miss the first week. The rural road construction project that he'd worked on all summer had run long because of the crappy weather.

He had no qualms whatsoever about catching up with the school work that he'd missed. He knew that he would catch and pass ninety percent of his classmates by the end of the month. What was weighing on his mind was his position on the football team. He'd missed a week of practice—that was bad.

Sid was a significant part of the reason that the Grand Valley High Rams had won their division championship the year before. It was his good luck and Gary Robson's bad that put him at the pivot in only his junior year. It wasn't written in stone but the usual was that seniors play.

Robson thought he was pretty hot shit when he got the motor cycle for his birthday and continued to hold that opinion right up until the day he wiped-out and broke his leg. Two games into their ten game season it was show time for young Mister Bing and he didn't disappoint.

'I've gained twenty pounds since last season ... and it's all muscle thanks to all that slugging in road construction, ' he comforted himself as he started down the front steps of his house.

He had no doubt that he was stronger than ever; what concerned him was speed. The Rams' offense required a mobile quarterback.

'Suppose the extra weight slows me down too much?'

The one hundred and eighty pounds densely packed on his six foot two frame made him as big as some of the linemen in the league. Tackling him even if they could catch him was no mean feat.

Sid pulled the baseball cap off his head as he entered the school. The sandy colored and unfashionably long hair never looked combed even when he tried so he just ran his fingers through it to make himself at least slightly more presentable before entering the main office.

Mildred Stern the school's long time secretary felt her heart flutter as the incredibly handsome athlete entered her domain.

'I swear they get better looking every year, ' the middle aged widow thought and refused to recognize the needy feelings so low in her belly that they were nearly in her crotch.

"Good to see you back Mister Bing," she greeted the gridiron hero.

The mister part was somewhat tongue in cheek.

"I've got this letter they told me to bring," Sid explained pulling the legal sized envelope out of his inside jacket pocket.

The secretary rose from her desk and approached the counter that separated the staff space from the student and visitors' part of the office.

Mildred dressed conservatively but certainly not frumpy. The blousy type print dress she wore showed off the widow's figure very nicely.

Sid's eighteen year old's hormones were raging as Missus Stern came toward him. His pecker twitched unexpectedly in his blue jeans.

'God I bet she was a knock-out in her day, ' he mused.

'Never mind in her day, ' he amended. 'She could knock me out today!'

Mildred felt herself blushing and her nipples were suddenly itchy and she didn't even know why. It was something in the star quarterback's eyes. She took the envelope from him.

"I'll see that Miz Hubbard gets this as soon as she comes in the office," the slightly disconcerted secretary assured the senior student.

Picking up a large manila envelope from under her side of the counter with S. Bing written on it, she passed it over. Their hands touched just for an instant and Mildred felt an electric jolt shoot directly into her pussy—she yelped.

Sid wasn't sure exactly what had just happened but the older woman across the counter was as red as a beet.

"Static electricity," Mildred speculated.

It came out as a croak and she knew that there was nothing static about the sensations that were coursing through her. Smiling sweetly as she tried to get a grip she said,

"You'll find your time table, locker assignment and pretty much everything else you need to get started right in the envelope."

"Thanks," Sid responded as he exited the office, still unsure of what had actually taken place.

Mildred felt the twitching begin, watching the hard athletic ass molded into the tight blue jeans. The widowed secretary knew that she was going to have to deal with this problem or she'd never get any work done.

The rest of the high school senior's day was pretty mundane. Renewing connections with his friends, borrowing notes so he could catch up. He saw Jennifer, his ex, briefly. They'd broken up in the spring for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that he was going to be gone all summer. It did sting that his cheerleader girlfriend was now dating a linebacker from a rival team.

When the final bell rang Sid was in a full sprint to the equipment room.

Jake had been the equipment manager for three years and was also a senior. They swapped summer stories while the athletically ungifted classmate assembled his gear. Carrying his neatly nested pads in one hand and his practice uniform in the other, Sid headed for the locker room.

"Not so fast Bing," the coach's voice took him by surprise.

He turned to face the well respected former NFL special teams player.

"New rules from the State Education Department nobody gets suited up without a physical."

Sid was well aware that incidents of student athletes dying on the playing field or court had made the legislators paranoid. They had to show due diligence or risk a law suit. Players had always undergone an annual physical but in past years it was just a formality that was conducted en-masse, usually in the gym, sometime before the first scrimmage. He was disappointed but actually not surprised that it was now mandatory.

"Before I can even practice?" Sid moaned.

"Don't worry hot-shot I made arrangements knowing that you'd be back today."

Coach Riglieri handed him an appointment card.

"Dr. B. Chapel

200 Maddox Rd.

Mon. Sep. 8 - 4:00 pm"

The incumbent QB looked from the card to his head coach as the information sunk in.

"That's today ... uh now!" he exclaimed, glancing at the clock that hung in the center of the hallway.

"No ... You've got about half an hour ... it's not far," the coach chuckled. "Stow your gear and get a move on. Let's see if you're as fast as you used to be."

There was no time for pleasantries. He acknowledged the welcome backs from his teammates dismissively and within five minutes he was jogging quickly the four blocks to Maddox Road.

Sid was proud of himself that, even after the jog and bounding up the two flights of stairs at the medical center, he had barely broken a sweat. He only needed to pause outside the doctor's office for less than a minute to catch his breath.

Getting the suite number in the lobby was easy enough. The alphabetical listing showed that Chapel, Dr. B. was the tenant in suite number 206. Now as he reached for the door handle the name beside it hit him in the gut.

"Dr. Barbara Chapel

Family Physician"

'She's a woman!'

Sidney did not recognize the redundancy in the thought.

Suddenly the happiness he'd felt at proving he wasn't as out of shape as he might have feared lost its meaning. As he stepped through the door into the empty waiting room his mind shot forward to the obligatory hernia check. The thought of a strange woman having her hand on his balls made the boys jump and sort of clench.

Sid could see just the top of a head above the counter at the far side of the room. His confidence was a little shaken but he was macho enough not to let it show. He crossed between the facing rows of chairs and marched up to the counter like he owned the place. The woman of indeterminate age behind the counter immediately passed a clip board over with a pen tied to the clip.

"All your information has already been entered Sidney," she smiled. "I just need you to check it over in case anything has changed since it was last updated."

The Rams QB sat down and got to work.

Barbara Chapel fluffed her chin length under-turned dark brown hair and scanned the mirror in the private washroom attached to her office for any traces of silver that she knew she wouldn't find. She paid handsomely to be sure there wasn't.

The lines on her face were another matter. The doctor looked at the wrinkles her fifty-five years, high stress occupation and two failed marriages had imposed on her once flawless complexion. She would have been happier without them but she wasn't unhappy about her appearance in general.

Her early morning runs and weekly aerobics classes kept her body toned. Thanks to good genes she could still easily pass for someone ten years younger in spite of the lines. What was more, she didn't feel fifty-five. Once again she had to attribute it more to her lineage than any personal effort. She was vigorous, vivacious not to mention horny more than half the time especially now that she'd parted ways with hubby number two.

Last week had been exquisite torture doing physicals on the Pleasant Valley High football team. Getting to run her hands all over the buff jocks clad only in their gym shorts was hard enough. Pulling out the waistband of the shorts and jockstrap to do the hernia check had left her with saturated panties. The thing was that the whole team, not to mention the coaches, were milling around in the gymnasium. The little privacy screen that shielded the player being examined and herself from the other people present wasn't privacy at all.

'Would it have changed anything, if I'd done the physicals in the office?' she couldn't answer the question, but owing to the straggler in her waiting room Doctor Chapel concluded that she was about to find out.

It only took Sid a minute, sitting opposite the reception counter, to verify his basic information. He really didn't have a medical history other than the usual childhood diseases. He'd just risen to return the clipboard when she walked through the frosted glass door from the back area of the medical suite.

"Oh fuck," Sidney said under his breath watching the beautiful brunette pick up the clipboard that he'd just laid on the counter.

'Why couldn't she be old, or fat, or ugly ... Jesus... ' the senior quarterback actually felt faint.

"Mister Bing," the doctor said looking up from the form, "come with me please."

When she turned and started to walk away the sway of her hips under the knee length white coat did nothing to alleviate Sid's problem. Following her down the hall he caught the slightly floral fragrance of her delicate perfume. He wished she smelled like alcohol or formaldehyde anything but an alluring feminine scent.

Sid was no stranger to stressful situations, but the anxiety he was feeling right then was up there with what he'd felt in the moments before the championship game last year. It fact he had pretty much already decided that this was worse—he just couldn't figure out why. He didn't grasp that what was aggravating his anxiety was the sexual component.

The doctor was two or three strides ahead and turned a hundred and eighty degrees to face him when she pushed open the door to the examination room. He didn't want to look but there was no way to avoid it. The white medical coat parted as she stood with her right arm extended from the shoulder. Under the coat she wore a simple black and white shirt dress in a sort of geometric pattern. The black belt synched in around her waist gave her the classic hourglass shape. Sidney wasn't sure if it was the belt or the billowy style of the dress top that made Doctor Chapel look a bit top heavy.

'Big tits too!' the high school senior lamented as he passed the doctor and entered the examination room.

Every card in the deck was stacked against him.

"I need you to get undressed down to your under shorts and then you can take a seat up on the table," Doctor Chapel instructed as she'd done hundreds of times before.

Barbara didn't fully appreciate the effect that the never before heard command would have on her patient but she was quite aware that the familiar words were having a very unusual effect on her. She had the feeling that if she looked down she would see a glow from under her skirt.

'I better go clean up before we start ... this could get uncomfortable, ' she recognized and headed for her washroom.

Sid pulled his T shirt over his head and laid it over the back of a chair.

"Get a grip Bing," he challenged himself out loud as he worked the button on his jeans.

Sidney Dickens was finally back in his office. He'd spent the entire afternoon watching the machinery movers position level and grout his new toy. A very profitable toy if things worked out according to his plan.

It was late in the day. The dayshift would be leaving soon to make way for the nightshift. If it weren't for his interview with the recent college grad he could have been down at his favorite watering hole. Instead he sat behind his desk and pulled out the envelope containing the young woman's resume. He'd decided to give Melissa Somers and interview over a week ago, before he'd even read a word.

What does it say about her that she paper clipped a five by seven of herself to the front of her cover letter?

'I don't think I've ever seen that when applying for a manufacturing position, ' he thought.

Nevertheless the photo had accomplished the mission without the text; it got her an interview.

Sid was looking forward to getting a closer look and having a chat with the very pretty young lady. His roving eye hadn't roved in a while and there was always the possibility that perhaps more than his eyes would get to roam.

According to the clock on his computer screen he still had over an hour. Taking the glass of single malt and a glass from the bottom drawer of his desk, Sid filled the rocks glass and sipped while looking at the auburn haired applicant's picture.

Not far away the applicant threw her purse on the easy-chair of her bachelor apartment and went directly to the washroom stripping her T shirt over her head as she went. Melissa's college degree in fashion design so far hadn't paid any dividends. The job she took with the clothing manufacturer as an order picker she'd hoped would be at least be a foot in the door. Trouble was that toiling away day after day back in the warehouse she wasn't going to get noticed and that was an unusual circumstance for the twenty-one year old.

She turned on the shower to let it warm up while she finished getting undressed. Melissa liked to look at herself. The bathroom mirror provided an opportunity that she could hardly ignore. Scanning down her slender frame she was pleased, as always, with what she saw. Her breasts weren't large but their high conical shape still made her look like a Barbie doll. The illusion was further enhanced by her slender almost boyish hips and incredibly long legs. Turning to check the water temperature afforded an opportunity to admire her high round butt.

The rough bath puff felt good on her skin and she spent a little too much time washing her boobs. Her puffy pink bee-stung nipples crinkled and stood up begging for more attention. She knew that she didn't have the time.

The next hurtle was when the scratchy washing tool moved over the little tuft of hair on her otherwise hairless mons. Rubbing the soapy balled up plastic between her legs she felt a shiver run down her spine. Pressing hard against her vulva caused the outer lips to separate and the slightly abrasive bath puff rubbed deliciously on her tender inner folds. Changing her grip allowed her to run two fingers deeper between the buttery soft petals. A ball of heat was developing in her belly and she knew that if she didn't stop she'd have even more clean up to do.

Promising herself a long session with her toys after the interview allowed her to focus. She'd done her homework on Mister Dickens and his company. As she washed her long hair she did a review.

The company was ten years old and had doubled in size in the past three years. Information about the clothing manufacturing operation wasn't hard to get; personal intelligence about its owner took more initiative. It was logical that the restaurant closest to the plant would be a place Mister Dickens might frequent. She'd lucked out in finding a high school classmate who was working as a server at Danny's Bar and Grill.

Melissa found it ironic that she'd always considered Vickie her chief rival when they went to school together. Her ex-classmate was very forth coming and knew a lot about her prospective employer.

She knew for example that he was married and that his wife was at least fifteen years younger. Vickie also shared the fact that Mister D was not shy about hitting on the waitresses and, from what she'd gathered, hit on anything in a skirt; provided they were young enough to be his grand-daughter.

When she asked if her prospective boss had ever hit on her, Vickie got devious little smirk on her face and said, "Oh yeah!"

When Melissa pressed for details she got the shock of her life.

"Ya know honey I'm much more into girls," the ex-classmate reached across the table and put a hand on her arm. "Ever try it?"

The snooping fashion design grad could not believe the sensation the admission and question generated between her legs. She would hardly admit to herself that the thought had crossed her mind—and more than once.

Melissa could only try to imagine the expression on her face when the pretty server patted her arm and said,

"Sid is okay in the sack ... but his wife is wonderful. ... and you know that she's the real brains of the operation."

Mel wanted to ask if they'd had a threesome or just how Vickie knew about Sid's wife's talents professional and otherwise but they were interrupted when Danny came over and curtly told her informant that her break was over.

Too stunned to leave she'd sat there finishing her glass of wine. Vickie swung by about five minutes later with a full tray on her shoulder and adroitly dropped one of Danny's business cards in front of her. On the back the waitress had written her cell number.

"If you want to talk some more ... or ... or anything, give me a call."

That was last week and Melissa still had the card but not the nerve.

Sidney Bing was sitting on the high, paper covered examination table in his tighty-whiteys looking down at his powerful thighs. They were surprisingly hairy, considering his fair hair. Slowly kicking his dangling bare feet he'd resigned himself to his fate. He wasn't shy normally and he knew he had a body to be proud of.

'So what's the problem?' he reasoned with himself.

'It's just because she's older and an authority figure ... if she was more my age I'd get naked for her in a heartbeat, and enjoy every minute of it.'

Problem was that this wasn't a social situation. He was still nervous about the inappropriate physical reaction that, according to the signals coming from his balls, was likely to occur with very little provocation.

"Are you ready Mister Bing?" the doctor's question through the door followed the light rapping.

"Yeah," Sid confirmed.

When the door opened and the attractive older woman in the white coat entered Sidney thought it was like a metaphorical kick-off. He put his game face on—or at least he tried to.

Barbara felt the warm glow in her pelvis going to hot when she'd closed the door and faced the high school Adonis one on one. Even with the boy's slouched posture his chiseled pecs, lightly coated with fine blonde curls were evident. The hyper development of the vastus muscle group rippling on her patient's thighs focused the heat in her womanhood.

Anticipation made her skin tingle especially on her breasts as she inserted the ear pieces of the stethoscope.

"Sit up nice and straight," she instructed.

When the football player complied she couldn't resist stealing a glance at the package contained by the crotch of the white jockeys. The throb from between her legs told her clearly that it was a mistake.

Applying the cold disc to the young man's chest Barbara was proud of the fact that a significant part of her professional focus returned.

During the auscultation Sid forced himself to concentrate on the commands he was being given.

"Take a deep breath and hold it ... okay breathe normally."

Then later "another deep breath and hold it ... you can breath normally now."

Concentrating on the doctor's orders kept him from thinking about how wonderful she smelled or how soft and gentle her hands felt as the collaterally touched his back and chest during the stethoscope exam.

There was a moment of crisis when she reached around him to get the head of the scope on the far side of his back. The stretched position caused a strain on the button front of the shirt dress and for a dick hardening moment Sid caught a glimpse of the white lacy bra Doctor Chapel was wearing. It was like an invisible force grabbed him by the nuts and a deep grunt escaped when his barely covered manhood flinched.

The doctor looked at him with curiosity in her eyes.

"Are you okay?" she enquired.

"Yeah I'm ... I'm fine."

She could tell by the strain in his voice that he wasn't fine but then neither was she.

"Alright I'm going to get you to lay back for me now and I'll check you tummy."

As he reclined on the crunchy paper Sid was thinking what a childish term the doctor had used in referring to his abdomen. To his chagrin he found it somehow sexy and his pecker responded to the stimulus and now that he was flat on his back it was impossible to hide. He prayed somehow she wouldn't notice.

Barbara could have missed the subtle little twitch were it not for the fact that her eyes were riveted to the teenager's crotch. She focused on moving the disc around the rippled abdomen listening carefully to the bowel sounds but it didn't prevent her coochie from screaming at her.

By the time she finished the disc was moving on his belly so low that it was nearly touching the waistband of his underwear. Sid closed his eyes and focused on keeping his dick still. It came as no surprise that he wasn't entirely successful. He had as much control over his penis as he had over the weather.

Doctor Chapel draped the stethoscope over her shoulders and put her right hand ever so gently just below his stomach.

"Now I'm going to poke you a little. I want you to let me know if you feel any pain or tenderness."

Her small soft warm hands palpated his abdominal organs. Sid was relieved to find this part was somehow less erotic. He was sort of getting used to lying there in just his shorts and felt like he was beginning to relax a bit. He was in for a shock.

The doctor stood up straight and gently sort of plucked the waist elastic of his Jockeys.

"I need you to pull these down past your knees."

It was as if she'd punched him in the gut—hard! Sid was suddenly breathless.

Barbara saw the understandable panic on the young athlete's face. She gave him her most reassuring professional smile but opted not to give him the 'I'm a doctor. I'm sure that you haven't got anything that I haven't seen before' speech. While it was certainly true the implication that it had no effect on her was an absolute lie. And she was never sure how the doctor's jaded point of view was in anyway a comfort to an embarrassed patient.

Trying not to make pathetic little noises Sid hooked his thumbs under the wide elastic and with all the courage he could muster thrust the Jockeys down. His arms were only long enough to get his shorts to his knees.

"A little further, please," Doctor Chapel requested.

The way the teenager's abdominal muscles rippled as he did a stomach crunch in order to push the Jockey's below his knees gave Barbara a warm flush. Looking down at the fully mature package that had been revealed, and was in plain view, converted the flush to a full-blown fire. The middle aged doctor was now using all of her impressive powers of concentration to keep her head from spinning.

"Put the souls of your feet together."

Sid complied with the latest instruction without even thinking. He was concentrating on not letting his member rise anymore and hoping that whatever was coming would at least be brief. In the frog-legged position his genitalia was even more exposed. His penis was hovering like a magician's levitation illusion and cool air was circulating over his normally tightly confining thighs.

When the doctor's warm small hand slid under his scrotum it felt warm, and he jumped as she cradled his balls in her hand.

"Just relax ... I'm not going to hurt you," Barbara assured her overwrought patient. "I am just going to examine you testicles. You may feel a little pressure but there shouldn't be any pain."

'Oh Jesus!' Sid's mind screamed as the attractive woman gently worked over his balls. He knew that the battle with his penis was lost.

Mister Bing's eighteen year old uncircumcised dick began to rise at a steady rate. There was no possibility of stopping it now. He groaned as much from the shame he was feeling as the useless effort he was still exerting. His head felt as though it was on fire and he knew that he was as red as a tomato.

"Don't be embarrassed," the doctor soothed. "It's common for a young man to get an erection during this type of examination ... it happens quite frequently."

The high school quarterback was surprised that the doctor's information actually did help with his embarrassment. He wasn't ashamed of his cock or his body; his only reservation was whether his reactions were inappropriate. Now that she'd told him that they were not he began to relax a little. He stopped trying to suppress his rising member and began to allow himself to focus on the experience.

After a general exploration of the young man's golden curl covered sack she concentrated on each testicle individually feeling the size and shape, examining for irregularity and inconsistent resilience. Squeezing carefully as she went Barbara alternated her attention between her patient's face looking for signs of discomfort and his penis which was now pointing straight up his belly and twitching in syncopation to the pressure she was exerting.

Sid's hard-on was becoming uncomfortably rigid. The engorgement had reached its limit but the remote stimulation seemed to be demanding that even more blood be supplied to the erectile tissues. The result was a throbbing ache making him feel like his dick was about to explode.

Finally the doctor gripped his entire sack again and while pressing firmly upward told him to cough. The process was repeated a couple of times until Doctor Chapel was satisfied.

"You can relax and straighten your legs now," she said and Sidney quickly took advantage of the permission to get out of the awkward position.

Whatever relief there was from being in the less exposed position was entirely demolished when she said,

"I'm going to examine your penis now."

The raging hard-on was suddenly the least of his worries.

'What if I blow my load right in her face!' he stressed. 'I'll bet that's not in her definition of normal.'

Her soft little warm hand was re-posturing his member from its magical twitching position hovering an inch above his belly until she had it pointing straight up at the ceiling. His foreskin couldn't stretch enough to keep the head of his dick enclosed, so the purple tip with the slit down the center and a glistening droplet of precum emerged, framed by the irregular crinkled frame of his prepuce.

Barbara felt the throbbing heat of his rock hardness and it sent a rocket of sensation to her own crotch. Her nipples were itching and tingling inside her bra. She knew that they were stiff and standing at attention. The urge to grab and squeeze them was as undeniable as it was unacceptable.

Doctor Chapel forced herself to keep the pressure light and only use two fingers as she began to retract the supine athlete's foreskin. The pulsating heat of the young man's penis under her finger tips made her want to wrap her fist around the rigid shaft and pump up and down—worse, she was imagining wrapping her mouth around the engorged glans and sucking the salty cream that would inevitably cum.

When the foreskin snapped behind the corona of Sidney's dick head he emitted an involuntary grunt.

"I'm sorry but I need to pull this all the way back," the doctor apologized as she continued to pull downward until her patient's prepuce was completely inside out.

Leaning forward to check for lesions, sores or any other anomalies the urge to take the whole weeping plumb in her mouth invaded her thoughts again.

Sid felt his balls tighten and twitch. He could feel the doctor's breath in his hyper-engorged member and his ability to stave off the inevitable was waning very quickly. Just when he thought almost anything she did would be the 'coupe de gracè' she released his organ and said,

"Now I need you to roll on your side away from me."

It was close ... so close that Sid rejoiced at the reprieve. He was not familiar with the sound of the latex gloves being snapped on. The feel of the doctor's rubber encased hands prying his buttocks apart came as a complete surprise.

Doctor Chapel inspected the young man's crack for hemorrhoids and other skin maladies before applying a large glob of lubricating gel to the fingers of her right hand.

"I want you to draw your top leg up to your chest," she instructed.

Still oblivious to the examination process he was being prepared for Sid complied without fear or reservation. The gloved hand prying his ass cheeks apart again was the first indication that he might be in some trouble.

"I'm sorry this will be a little cold," Doctor Chapel warned before applying the lube to his anus. "Have you had your prostate examined before?"

Sid actually had no idea what she was talking about but he was beginning to extrapolate what might be involved by the sensation the doctor's fingers were creating as they smeared the slippery substance around his rectum. He tried to say no but it was an unintelligible grunt.

"You're going to feel some pressure but it'll be easier if you just try to relax," Barbara forewarned.

It wasn't so much pressure he felt as heat. The doctor's fingers sliding up his ass were like a pair of branding irons. The hot sensation blossomed like a mushroom cloud up through his pelvis and belly until it reached his head. The intruding latex clad fingers were pressing on something inside. It felt as though she was squeezing his nuts again but this time from the inside.

He felt dizzy and disoriented. When the doctor reached a round and gripped his aching dick it was like nothing he'd ever imagined. If his eyes had been open he would have seen the first spurt of semen hit the wall three feet from the examination table. The second and third fell a bit short and splattered on the black tile floor. Sid felt as though his balls were in a wringer.

Doctor Chapel was well aware of the line she'd crossed when she took hold of her patient's throbbing penis. It wasn't the first time that she'd provided the blessed relief and it wouldn't be the last. Her own climax shuddered through her as she ground her mons against the side of the table. She fantasized about flipping the young man on his back and straddling him; taking the length of hot hardness inside but she managed to resist the temptation.

"There ... we're all done," she announced casually. "You can get dressed now."

Sidney was curled into the fetal position on the examination table when he heard the door close. He knew what had just happened but he couldn't actually believe it. His balls ached and his ass was still on fire.

Last year he'd tried to get Jenny to touch his dick; he'd pulled it out as they sat in the car in front of her house after a night game. She wouldn't do it.

'She's too young ... too immature, ' his endorphin saturated brain concluded.

By the time he arrived back at school, practice was over for the day. His teammates were in the showers and Coach Riglieri was collecting up footballs.

"Everything come out okay," his mentor asked with an inscrutable smile.

"She said I'm as healthy as a horse," Sidney replied.

"I'll bet," Riglieri responded meaningfully. "Get that cannon you call an arm limbered up for tomorrow. We're going to see if you've still got it."

The coach hoisted the ball bag onto his shoulder and headed for the school. Sid wondered just how much he knew about the doctor's examination practices.

The cheerleaders had finished their workout for the day and they all smiled sweetly at the star quarterback as they jogged past. He knew that not a single one of them was putting out.

'Too fuckin' full of themselves, ' he thought as the pert little buns flashed under the short skirts.

He'd heard that some of his less attractive female classmates were much more appreciative of the attention of athletic heroes. In his mind it was a contradiction. Hang around with a plain Jane because she'd put out? Why? He'd just blown the biggest load of his life with a beautiful woman—mature woman.

'That's it ... that's the answer. It's not how good looking they are it's a matter of experience, ' the epiphany made him think about all the beautiful older women who'd given him the eye.

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