Sex Experiment: Sorority House

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Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Introduction - Thirteen beautiful girls from a sorority house are chosen to take part in a special training that'll turn then into the 'faces of the company' - models, spokesgirls and pets - for a good sum of money. But the company has other plans, this experiment will turn the hot coeds into its business tools - sexual dolls to offer to its associates, executives and clients. This is the story of how they change the girls.

Doctor Jesse Taylor sits on his chair and sees the papers on his desk. It looks like his 'talent scouts' have outdone themselves this time. In a search over thirty Universities, with the help of his co-conspirators, he managed to find the first team for his experiment.

The project is very expensive and demands the combined work of several greater intelligences. More than that, it needs complete secrecy. Thankfully Doc. Taylor has an extensive network of contacts among the old school professors, rich businessmen and a few government agents.

Jesse Taylor is the owner of a medium sized company, a pharmaceutical industry with associated firms that deal with training and learning technologies. Of course, he is also the owner of all these firms, using smart accounting methods to keep this fact a secret.

Mind control research is not legal and he had to be extra careful about who he would tell about it, of course, all the men involved had their personal interest in it. All of his helpers, co-researchers and government contacts wanted the mind control technique for their own uses.

Everyone agreed to test the method and the drugs developed on a bunch of college girls, who are divided in two competing groups. His long time co-conspirator, Mrs. Lynn Payton Cornfield, has been the one to offer the best choice of subjects. Thirteen young and beautiful college girls, one of them being Lynn's step daughter.

They are the hottest coeds in campus, from a sorority that is well known for the beauty of its members. These girls are desired and know it, they strut around the University like princesses, they go to parties to be treated like royalty and they attend classes as if doing a favor to their fellow students, allowing them to look at the Campus super hotties.

The chosen subjects attend College far from their homes, with no family nearby, are currently unengaged in major amorous relationships and can easily spend their days in the research facility without raising suspicion.

More than that, they are all beautiful young girls. They'll be the first 'perk' for the top men involved in the project. Each candidate has her file. The team is composed of very hot coeds, the best Jesse Taylor could choose from over a hundred candidates. He must thank Lynn next week when her gets to use her talents again.

He reviews the chosen girls with a big smile on his face.

Natalie 'Natty' Bellart is a hot blonde. She's tall and very slim, with small A-cup breasts, tight small butt and a tanned skin. Her beautiful face and long blonde hair give her a model look.

The blonde is Cajun, from an old family with deep French roots, sporting a charming accent and refined manners. She is a greedy girl and very high maintenance, always buying expensive stuff, something she isn't able to do with the little money left after she pays the expenses at the end of the month. Her family has been affected by the crisis and isn't able to help her anymore.

Mary Fisher is medium in height, very slim, almost skinny, with a cute face and perfect ivory skin. She has that classy look that reminds you of supermodels or movie stars like Nicole Kidman.

She had actually worked as a model before moving to college. When she realized that life in the campus was not as glamorous and wild as the one she had in the fashion world, she started looking for a new thrill, but couldn't find any that was worthy of her attention. She is a girl who desperately needs to be in the spotlight.

Rhiana Grant is a short girl, not taller than 5'2", but is one of the hottest of the lot. She has a perfect body, with small A-cup boobs but a lovely ass and a toned pair of legs. She is tanned and fit. But her best feature is her amazing face and smile. She is so sexy her friends have bet once she could seduce ANY man.

The brunette beauty NEEDS the money. She is from a poor family and college was way too expensive for her, even with a partial scholarship, so she is using up all her savings in the hope that something will show up that helps her pay her higher education. She desperately needs money and had been working two shifts waiting tables at the college bar, but it doesn't pay enough.

Bruna Shupetta is beautiful, with a 'girl next door' kind of look. She is medium height and slightly overweight, but almost all the extra weight is in her sizable boobs - solid and firm DDs. Her black eyes and sexy smile make her a desired girl in campus.

The busty hottie is an egocentric and ambitious girl, aware of the effect of her beauty on men and ready to use it to her advantage. She loves to use her looks to get anything from free drinks to work opportunities.

Lisa Cornfield is a perfect brunette. Medium to tall in height and just slightly chubby ... pleasantly plump would be a better description. She has large D-cup breasts and a curvy body with a great bubble shaped ass. She is sexually active and, while not a slut, she is not a prude either.

Her father is a rich businessman, who married her mother — a trophy wife — and later left her for a woman half his age - when Lisa was ten years old. He still provides his daughter with all of her material needs, but the hot brunette developed a compulsive need for her dad's approval, trying hard to look beautiful, intelligent and competent in front of his eyes and trying to impress her old man and his old and misogynic rich friends.

Michelle Kant is of medium height and has an exotic light brown skin from her Latin heritage. Michelle is a work out freak and has a perfect body, toned and muscular, with tight but sizable butt and small perky boobs, A-cups only. Her cute face and long black hair are the cherry on top of the sundae.

The young athletic girl is both a straight 'A' student and a social shark. She manages to have at least three or four boys at her call all the time, playing them around, as her suitors fight for her attention. Michelle loves power games and wants to feel in command of all her relationships, using multiple men at a time for her needs and for her fun.

Diana Fuentes is a hot Latina. She is tall and curvy, with full C cup breasts and an amazing butt, firm, muscular and heart shaped. Diana also has an exotic face that sports a sexy smile and inviting eyes. She comes from a poor family, an honest and hard working folk. Her mother is Mexican and she inherited the best features of her American dad and her Latina mom.

The tall beauty thought it was a dream when she managed to enter a University, but soon she found out she'd need much more money than she thought to stay in college! Her dad is doing his best to pay her tuition, but he does not earn nearly enough. Diana is desperate because she wants to help her family, and getting a degree is what she thinks will do the trick, she just can't find a way to pay for her education before all her family savings are used up!

Carol Popozuda is another tall brunette. She has nice B-cup tits, almost C-cups, with a tiny waist and wide hips. This girl has a 'pin up quality' and is blessed with a beautiful face, with long stylish hair and perfect fair skin. Carol is sexually 'open', not to call her a slut and a show off, and gets a BIG thrill of dressing in expensive and sexy clothes. She is a tease, the girl just can't resist the thrill of flirting and getting guys crazy for her.

She doesn't really need the money, her family sent her enough money to pay all expenses and allow some luxury. But she loved the idea to have extra cash to pay for extra luxury! Not to mention she sees the project as a big adventure, in her pampered immature mind it is just another thrill she'll have with the sorority sisters.

Isabelle 'Belle' Silverton is a voluptuous blonde girl. She is very short, just 5'1" tall, but endowed with massive DD tits and an ass that is impossibly round and large if compared to her tiny waist. She is has exaggerated pin up shape with the pouty lips of a woman made for oral sex.

Belle is funny and ready to party at any time, especially after a few drinks. Her family is not rich, but she doesn't have financial problems, so she can study and party without the need for a part time job. She is also a short fused girl who never refuses a dare and hates to lose; she can't stand being second best at anything. Belle would do the wildest things at her sorority parties just to win the wild dares and challenges from her girlfriends.

Martha Stevens is a tall blonde with pale skin, blessed with a beautiful face and large hips. Her small B-cup breasts are very firm and her ass is in level with Lisa's - large, firm and heart shaped. She is very sweet and usually shy, she is even considered slightly prudish and dumb, but she is the kind of girl that looses all of her inhibitions every time she drinks too much.

The golden haired beauty comes from a very racist southern family and is married, but lives a few hours' drive from her husband since she entered the University. The hot blonde never cheated on her husband, but she has that problem with alcohol and knows that any guy can get into her panties after a few drinks, so she stopped drinking alcohol when she was 15.

Paula Goldstein is a cute and demure girl, to the point of being considered a prude Jewish princess. She has long dark brown curly hair that crowns a beautiful face with the sexiest brown eyes. Her body is curvy but not exaggerated; she has nice B-cup boobs and a rather large and firm butt, and rather wide hips. On the other hand, her waist is tiny and her face has a sexy quality, with large doe like eyes, giving her a cartoonish look.

The cute girl was from a very religious family, like Martha. She came from a closed Jewish community. She became Martha's inseparable friend from day one in their University and only after the first semester she discovered they had the same problem with alcohol. While their friends — Belle, Lisa, Carol and the rest of the girls in the sorority — were able to keep their legs closed after some drinks, Paula and Martha chose to NOT drink alcohol EVER.

Andrea Johansen had a cute innocent face, is fair skinned and quite tall, with a curvy but not voluptuous body. Her breasts are nice B-cups and she has what looks like mile long legs. This girl has an elegant beauty, quite like a supermodel, but mixed with the coyness of a shy teen girl.

Of course, she is not as innocent as she looks! Andrea likes to be seen as a 'good girl', but gets a kick at men ogling her and desiring her. She has an alluring shyness about it, getting all wet when she notices the guys checking her out and blushing at the same time.

Finally, Mandy Cross is the last of the college beauties. A brunette girl blessed with porcelain skin and the face of a doll, with long straight hair. She has a dancer's body, long muscular legs and a tight toned butt. This girl has a slim waist and small A-cup boobs completed by a killer smile.

She looks younger than she actually is, like some high school student, but has a thing for older men. Mandy is the perfect Lolita, flirting and showing off for her older boss, her professors and even her father's friends. She loves male attention, but especially if it is from an experienced man with grey hair.

Chuckling at them, Doctor Taylor can hardly wait to start his 'experiment' and 'train' them, turning the poor deluded girls into his sex toys.

He is very proud of his achievements. The two new wonder drugs he developed are ready to be tested. The last time the girls exposed had permanent brain damage. They are no more than giggling whores that spread their legs for any men who wants them. It was very hard to keep this a secret, to prevent their families from finding out the girls have been drugged and subjected to intensive and revolutionary subliminal techniques. It won't happen again.

He perfected the B-plus pills, what he calls 'Body Inflation and Memory Boosting Organism' — B.I.M.B.O. pills for short. It is now a bio engineered virus that creates the changes he wants, a small increase in bust size and a great enhancement in libido, making every pleasure felt a powerful memory in the subject's mind and creating an addiction for such sensations.

The touch of genius is that the virus takes a week to reach full capacity inside the average human body and then it can only survive if the subject consumes human semen. So, if the virus leaks outside, it'll probably die after a day or two - the changes would be permanent, of course, but it'd not be infectious.

While inside the facility the subjects here are fed the sperm all the time - first indirectly, through pills and injections, then direct from the 'source'. As the virus touches the semen it'll start the changes, faster and faster up to the maximum level, about two months later, as the girls keep taking the pills.

But that's not his only break through. Doctor Taylor has just perfected the Total Intelligence Transformation Securer — T.I.T.S. — that caused so much intelligence loss in the past tries. It still makes the mind totally open to the subliminal messages but does not cause brain damage. The girls will be completely changed in demeanor and morals, but will keep their brains intact, which is the funniest part.

The subliminal systems have also been upgraded with the use of new computer technology and the new facility is totally built to cause maximum exposure of the subjects to the subliminal messages twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Using an element found in the last test, Doctor Taylor added the competitive environment. With a little push on the right direction and little deception here and there, all the girls will soon be competing with each other for the men attention and the chance to achieve greater results in this experiment.

Jesse Taylor found out it accelerated the process, helping them accept things they'd never normally accept and justifying — in the girls' minds — the need to act in ways that would be abhorrent to them before.

'This will be a lot of fun', chuckles the evil genius, 'something like a sexual reality show with some of the hottest college girls in USA!'

Taylor just couldn't wait for the games to begin...

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