Bailey, Marla Daughter

by BareLin

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Desc: : If there is one thing about Bailey, is that for the most part of her life she has had a love hate relationship with clothing. Even know for a couple of years now she can legally toss them for good. She or her best friend didn’t seriously consider it until the summer prior to her senior year. This is her story into the life of being an absolute naturist.

Where should I start? First, my name is Bailey Williams and I am currently a senior at Wilson High School. My family consists of a younger brother Zach and my mom and dad. I feel I need to tell you all a little about myself. I hate clothing. I never liked the way it feels on my body, it is just that I couldn't find the nerve to ask my parents if I could start going around naked. I was worried that if I asked they and they found out that I have been naked around my brother and our friends and sometimes outside the house; my parents would put a stop to all of that. So, I have almost made it through school and then I can apply at Blanke Schande College where I would be able to attend classes and everywhere else without dealing with getting dressed. I did notice that my little brother Zach has started undressing when we have the house together a majority of the time and sometimes even when his friends are over. I have to say at first, I did feel strange being naked with him and his friends but over time it become normal. I need to mention my friend Carrie and my brother's friend Clark. They are brother and sister and it just works out that we are both the same ages. I think it started around the end of the last school year. Our friends and Zach and I started playing in the yard or watching television or other stuff naked whenever their mother wasn't home. We then started undressing as soon as we walked into the door, without asking, especially since their mom was always at work. It almost ended a month later when we both came over and carelessly undressed at the door and didn't ask if their mother was home and we walked in on them in the back yard butt naked. Of course Carrie and Clark were still dressed. I do have to say that at that moment both Zach and I wanted to die of embarrassment. When I looked at Carrie and Clark they were embarrassed as well.

I know that my first reaction was to put my hands over my breasts and pussy and run back to the house and get dressed and leave. But, for some reason, Zach and I just stood there, with our hands at our sides waiting for someone to move or say anything. Then without saying anything, Carrie pulled her bathing suit top off and undid the strings to her bottom and Clark pulled down his trunks and they both got up and walked over to where we were standing. Then Carrie broke the silence, "Mom, for the past several months we all have been getting used to being naked around each other. I know that Bailey doesn't like clothes and I am starting to dislike them as well. It is probably pretty obvious that Bailey and Zach didn't know that you were home otherwise they would be dressed like we were a minute ago." She then grabbed my hand and waited until her mom would say something. She said, "I see that you all are feeling comfortable enough around each other. I won't change that, and I will allow you and your friends to undress here at the house. However, I don't want either one of you having sex in my house." She went back into the house, and it was about an hour or so later before we had to get dressed to go home. We all had a great time not wearing anything.

Over the summer, the school board decided to adopt the Naked-In-School Program for my school district. I have read about this program that has been in schools around the country for a few years now. I knew that my school district would eventually adopt that program and I would have to spend a week naked at school and in public. I know that I have been spending the last paragraph telling you how much I hate clothes, but I don't want to be in that program. The more I read about it, the more I want my parents to exempt me. The problem I have with the program, and I believe my brother feels the same way, is we would have to use the other gender bathrooms and be subjected to touching and other involuntary sex stuff. So, I would want to be exempted from the program, either under the absolute naturist contract or completely exempted from it. The absolute naturist contract says if a student signs the contract to be an absolute naturist, he or she agrees to remain completely unclothed every school day until the end of the school year or until graduation day. And under that contract, I would not be able to enter or leave the school ground with any clothes, as the naked in school participants are allowed. But the thing I like about this is that theirs is not any unwanted body touching and I can still use the girls' bathroom and shower at gym.

Well, it's now Wednesday, the middle of the third week of school this term, and I have homework and it is very hot outside and I am still wearing these sticky clothes. I cannot wait 'til I get home so I can undress along with Zach and we can finish our homework and still have time to go over to our friend's house to swim. I to see if we could come over since neither of them had been at school Monday or Tuesday and Carrie would not tell me why, she just told me to call her, but she said that we could come over. After we finished our homework, we got dressed again and headed to their house. We rang the bell, and when the door opened Clark and Carrie where standing there and let us into the house. Once inside, we were told the real reason their parents kept them home from school. Carrie told us, "Mom wanted us to get used to being naked everywhere, including at school. On Monday, Mom then went to the school with us and signed us up on the Absolute Naturist Contract. And to top that off, our mother and father are now full time naturists as well." She then showed me the silver band on her left wrist and left ankle. She then showed me her armband, on it reads, "Carrie M. Kent, Absolute Naturist at Wilson High School for the term of Graduation, This band shall not be removed". I then looked at the band on her wrist and I noticed that the only way to remove it is to cut it off. She then showed me the ankle band and it read the same thing. After I was done reading the ankle band, she said, "The best part about this band, we will not be mistaken with a student in the Naked-In-School Program and be subjected to all that stuff that you have expressed some dislike to with me".

Just then a very naked Carol walked into the room and gave us a big smile as we finished undressing. We all went out to the back yard and started playing in the pool. Zach said that he thinks it is time we tell our parent's that we want to be an absolute. I told him, "Yes, when we get home."

While we were throwing the ball around the heated pool, I realized that tomorrow morning at school and from this day forward I will no longer see either one of them wearing any clothes. I wonder if I have the guts to ask mom and dad to sign up Zach and I in that program and exempt us before we get picked for the Naked-In-School Program.

I didn't know it was time to head home until Carol stuck her head out the back door and told us that it was almost 6:30. We dried off and reluctantly got dressed in our school clothes again to head home.

We both got home and entered the kitchen area and we immediately saw that our mother is standing there bare-assed naked. I could tell that Zach was as shocked to see Mom dressed that way as I was. The real shock was when Mom told us why she was naked. Her company is requiring her to be dressed like that and they want her to remain naked even after work, no matter where she goes. And then she told us what dad said. I looked at my brother and he was making faces trying to get me to ask them to do what we were talking about earlier. I did want to spill it all out right then and there, but I just couldn't get my head around information my mom was giving us. That her employer now requires all managers to remain naked at all times under the new dress code and the fact that dad wants her to be dressed like that from now on. I know that going naked in public is no long considered indecent but I never thought that my friend's family and now my mom are going be naked more often than dressed. All Zach and I could do was get the table set and dinner ready to eat and look at each other in puzzlement.

I broke the silence, "Mom, Dad, as you know Zach's and my high school has adopted the Naked-In-School Program that requires students to be naked for a week, to use the other sex's bathroom along with some other things that I'm not comfortable with. I don't want to be placed in that program and I am requesting that you exempt me and instead could you please sign me up for the lifestyle naturist so I can spend the rest of my senior year butt naked. Please!"

When I was done talking, mom and dad just looked at me in disbelief. Mom said, "Excuse us, while your dad and I talk this over" and left the room. I looked at Zach, and asked him, "Are you sure you're ready to go all the way with this and remain naked until you graduate in two years?" He said, "Yes, all the way, sis".

Mom and Dad came back into the room and sat down. Zach said to them, "When you exempt Bailey from the program, please do the same for me and sign me up for the naturist lifestyle. I know that I have to complete the rest of high school totally naked. Could we all take up that lifestyle?"

Dad answered Zach's question, "Yes", and then went on, "You both know that if we all agree to this lifestyle, we should just donate all of our clothes to charity. Are you ready for that?"

After Dad was done taking, I said "Yes" and my brother agreed as well.

I said, "Mom as you might have noticed one of our neighbors, Carol, was naked in the front yard."

Mom said, "Yes".

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