Bailey, Marla Daughter

by BareLin

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Slavery, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, School, Nudism, .

Desc: : If there is one thing about Bailey, is that for the most part of her life she has had a love hate relationship with clothing. Even know for a couple of years now she can legally toss them for good. She or her best friend didn’t seriously consider it until the summer prior to her senior year. This is her story into the life of being an absolute naturist.

Where should I start? First, my name is Bailey Williams and I am currently a senior at Wilson High School. My family consists of a younger brother Zach and my mom and dad. I feel I need to tell you all a little about myself. I hate clothing. I never liked the way it feels on my body, it is just that I couldn't find the nerve to ask my parents if I could start going around naked. I was worried that if I asked they and they found out that I have been naked around my brother and our friends and sometimes outside the house; my parents would put a stop to all of that. So, I have almost made it through school and then I can apply at Blanke Schande College where I would be able to attend classes and everywhere else without dealing with getting dressed. I did notice that my little brother Zach has started undressing when we have the house together a majority of the time and sometimes even when his friends are over. I have to say at first, I did feel strange being naked with him and his friends but over time it become normal. I need to mention my friend Carrie and my brother's friend Clark. They are brother and sister and it just works out that we are both the same ages. I think it started around the end of the last school year. Our friends and Zach and I started playing in the yard or watching television or other stuff naked whenever their mother wasn't home. We then started undressing as soon as we walked into the door, without asking, especially since their mom was always at work. It almost ended a month later when we both came over and carelessly undressed at the door and didn't ask if their mother was home and we walked in on them in the back yard butt naked. Of course Carrie and Clark were still dressed. I do have to say that at that moment both Zach and I wanted to die of embarrassment. When I looked at Carrie and Clark they were embarrassed as well.

I know that my first reaction was to put my hands over my breasts and pussy and run back to the house and get dressed and leave. But, for some reason, Zach and I just stood there, with our hands at our sides waiting for someone to move or say anything. Then without saying anything, Carrie pulled her bathing suit top off and undid the strings to her bottom and Clark pulled down his trunks and they both got up and walked over to where we were standing. Then Carrie broke the silence, "Mom, for the past several months we all have been getting used to being naked around each other. I know that Bailey doesn't like clothes and I am starting to dislike them as well. It is probably pretty obvious that Bailey and Zach didn't know that you were home otherwise they would be dressed like we were a minute ago." She then grabbed my hand and waited until her mom would say something. She said, "I see that you all are feeling comfortable enough around each other. I won't change that, and I will allow you and your friends to undress here at the house. However, I don't want either one of you having sex in my house." She went back into the house, and it was about an hour or so later before we had to get dressed to go home. We all had a great time not wearing anything.

Over the summer, the school board decided to adopt the Naked-In-School Program for my school district. I have read about this program that has been in schools around the country for a few years now. I knew that my school district would eventually adopt that program and I would have to spend a week naked at school and in public. I know that I have been spending the last paragraph telling you how much I hate clothes, but I don't want to be in that program. The more I read about it, the more I want my parents to exempt me. The problem I have with the program, and I believe my brother feels the same way, is we would have to use the other gender bathrooms and be subjected to touching and other involuntary sex stuff. So, I would want to be exempted from the program, either under the absolute naturist contract or completely exempted from it. The absolute naturist contract says if a student signs the contract to be an absolute naturist, he or she agrees to remain completely unclothed every school day until the end of the school year or until graduation day. And under that contract, I would not be able to enter or leave the school ground with any clothes, as the naked in school participants are allowed. But the thing I like about this is that theirs is not any unwanted body touching and I can still use the girls' bathroom and shower at gym.

Well, it's now Wednesday, the middle of the third week of school this term, and I have homework and it is very hot outside and I am still wearing these sticky clothes. I cannot wait 'til I get home so I can undress along with Zach and we can finish our homework and still have time to go over to our friend's house to swim. I to see if we could come over since neither of them had been at school Monday or Tuesday and Carrie would not tell me why, she just told me to call her, but she said that we could come over. After we finished our homework, we got dressed again and headed to their house. We rang the bell, and when the door opened Clark and Carrie where standing there and let us into the house. Once inside, we were told the real reason their parents kept them home from school. Carrie told us, "Mom wanted us to get used to being naked everywhere, including at school. On Monday, Mom then went to the school with us and signed us up on the Absolute Naturist Contract. And to top that off, our mother and father are now full time naturists as well." She then showed me the silver band on her left wrist and left ankle. She then showed me her armband, on it reads, "Carrie M. Kent, Absolute Naturist at Wilson High School for the term of Graduation, This band shall not be removed". I then looked at the band on her wrist and I noticed that the only way to remove it is to cut it off. She then showed me the ankle band and it read the same thing. After I was done reading the ankle band, she said, "The best part about this band, we will not be mistaken with a student in the Naked-In-School Program and be subjected to all that stuff that you have expressed some dislike to with me".

Just then a very naked Carol walked into the room and gave us a big smile as we finished undressing. We all went out to the back yard and started playing in the pool. Zach said that he thinks it is time we tell our parent's that we want to be an absolute. I told him, "Yes, when we get home."

While we were throwing the ball around the heated pool, I realized that tomorrow morning at school and from this day forward I will no longer see either one of them wearing any clothes. I wonder if I have the guts to ask mom and dad to sign up Zach and I in that program and exempt us before we get picked for the Naked-In-School Program.

I didn't know it was time to head home until Carol stuck her head out the back door and told us that it was almost 6:30. We dried off and reluctantly got dressed in our school clothes again to head home.

We both got home and entered the kitchen area and we immediately saw that our mother is standing there bare-assed naked. I could tell that Zach was as shocked to see Mom dressed that way as I was. The real shock was when Mom told us why she was naked. Her company is requiring her to be dressed like that and they want her to remain naked even after work, no matter where she goes. And then she told us what dad said. I looked at my brother and he was making faces trying to get me to ask them to do what we were talking about earlier. I did want to spill it all out right then and there, but I just couldn't get my head around information my mom was giving us. That her employer now requires all managers to remain naked at all times under the new dress code and the fact that dad wants her to be dressed like that from now on. I know that going naked in public is no long considered indecent but I never thought that my friend's family and now my mom are going be naked more often than dressed. All Zach and I could do was get the table set and dinner ready to eat and look at each other in puzzlement.

I broke the silence, "Mom, Dad, as you know Zach's and my high school has adopted the Naked-In-School Program that requires students to be naked for a week, to use the other sex's bathroom along with some other things that I'm not comfortable with. I don't want to be placed in that program and I am requesting that you exempt me and instead could you please sign me up for the lifestyle naturist so I can spend the rest of my senior year butt naked. Please!"

When I was done talking, mom and dad just looked at me in disbelief. Mom said, "Excuse us, while your dad and I talk this over" and left the room. I looked at Zach, and asked him, "Are you sure you're ready to go all the way with this and remain naked until you graduate in two years?" He said, "Yes, all the way, sis".

Mom and Dad came back into the room and sat down. Zach said to them, "When you exempt Bailey from the program, please do the same for me and sign me up for the naturist lifestyle. I know that I have to complete the rest of high school totally naked. Could we all take up that lifestyle?"

Dad answered Zach's question, "Yes", and then went on, "You both know that if we all agree to this lifestyle, we should just donate all of our clothes to charity. Are you ready for that?"

After Dad was done taking, I said "Yes" and my brother agreed as well.

I said, "Mom as you might have noticed one of our neighbors, Carol, was naked in the front yard."

Mom said, "Yes".

"This afternoon we went over to Clark and Carrie's house to go to the pool after we finished our homework. When we rang the bell, our friends greeted us naked. Once we were inside the house they told us that their parents wanted to keep them home from school the first part of the week to get used to being naked all the time, because the entire family has agreed to take up the naturist lifestyle."

Dad asked us, "Are you making your decision to give up clothes because the neighbors are".

Zack and I answered, "No".

Mom said, "If this is what you both want, I will take you to school tomorrow and sign the paperwork in the office so you both can remain dressed as you are now".

After that we all cleaned up the kitchen and then Zach and I went to our bedroom after we both had said goodnight to Mom and Dad.

I went into Zach's room and he was looking at his clothes in the closet when I walked in. He told me, "Bailey, you know after we are signed up tomorrow it will be very hard to get out of the contract". I asked him if he just wanted to be on this contract until the end of the school year. His answer was, "Yes and all next school year until graduation day". I watched him pull everything that was hanging in his closet to the floor as I was leaving his room.

I went into my room and looked at my clothes that were hanging up. I pulled out my favorite dress, took it off the hanger and folded it up like a towel and placed it on my computer chair before I sat down. I figured that I would not be wearing it anytime soon so I should use it for a seat cover.

Once I was on the Internet, I typed in the absolute naturist lifestyle in the search engine and started reading about it again before tomorrow. And then I went onto some more webpage's and after I turned off the computer I finished getting ready for bed. I never thought that asking my parents to be full time naturist was as easy as it was tonight. I then climb under the covers without any pajamas. I then remembered what I read on Blanke Schande College website about absolute; I then pulled the covers off the bed and laid down on just the sheet and pillow. I then fell asleep thinking about what life will be like as a full time naturist.

(Second Day)

Good Morning everyone, I am now up. All last night was nothing but a very long series of dreams and I have to say just about every one of them was with me completely naked or if I was dressed in something in the dreams the outfit would just evaporate in thin air.

As I am laying here in bed, thinking about last night, I cannot believe that I actually found the nerve and guts to ask them both that question. I have wanted to ask it for some time. I also cannot believe that my Mom, yes my prim and proper Mom, that I have known all my life was so casually standing there in the kitchen, NAKED! She was completely naked fixing dinner last night. And then to tell my brother and me that she was now working naked and was considering staying that way. I was a little shocked by what I was hearing and I knew that I could not wait another day to tell Mom how Zach and I felt about being naked outside the house.

Well, I look at the clock on my end table and figure that I need to get myself up to take a shower and eat breakfast at my computer. So I cleaned myself off and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I ran into Zach doing the same thing, naked as the day he was born. I asked him if he has changed his mind and he said, "No way, I still want to go through this". I told him, "I still want this in the worst way". I grabbed a bowl of cereal and headed to my room. Once there I started looking at the entertainment news, when my Mom walked in. I could hear her walk into the room, but I didn't turn my chair to face her until she sat down on my bed. She asked me if I still want to go through with this, of course my answer was "YES". She told me that we are going to have another discussion to try to talk us out of this. I told her "I will be there in a minute". And she left the room; I think to find my brother to ask him the same question. I finished up my bowl and headed to the dining room.

A minute later, Mom and Dad walked into the dining room butt naked. Dad said, "Bailey, Zach, I hope you know that after you are signed up for this absolute naturist contract, you won't be able to get out of it without some extensive steps. So if you both want to go through with it, it needs to be your and only your decision, because it is your clothes that you will be signing away. Are you both sure that this is what you want?" I don't think I even let him finish before I said, "YES". Them Mom started talking about the weather. I know that the weather is going to get very cold and I am ready for it, I have to be after today when I sign that contract.

I then leaned over to Zach and said, "Are you ready to freeze your carrot off this winter?" He said, "As long as you are willing to lose those two melons". I then said to our parents, "Mom and Dad, Zach and I know what we are getting ourselves into. We both wanted to talk to you about this before last night but we couldn't get up the nerve to ask you. I not only want to give up my clothes at school under that contract for the absolute naturist lifestyle, I want to be completely naked everywhere I am at. Zach and I are totally aware that the weather is going to get very chilly soon, and we are not worried. About the contract, Zach and I want to be required to be naked until we graduate from high school or until we move out of the house. One more thing, later this school year, I want to apply for the Blanke Schande College." I cannot believe that I actually told them that I want to go to college completely naked too. That will be just about five years without anything to wear.

After our parents talked for a few minutes, Dad said, "Zach and you can be on that contract until graduation day." I wanted to jump up into his arms as I did when I was little. What I did say is, "Thanks Mom and Dad". Then the last thing Dad said before Mom and we left, "always be sitting down on a towel". We all climbed into the car, Zach and I in the back seat and I have to say that the seat feels different with just a towel under you.

On the short drive, we both talked about how our friends, besides Carrie and Clark, will react to us on this contract. And how will our teacher react to us when we are not in the program. I told him that I am a little nervous and excited too, and he said that he is a little nervous too.

Once we pulled into the parking lot, Zach and I noticed Carrie and Clark getting out of the car naked. We both waved to them as they passed us. I could tell that they both where nervous, but both of them were walking into the building as if they always dressed like that. I said to Zach, "Let's do the same when we walk in, heads up high."

Mom then asked us again, and before she could finish, we both said, "No". We both looked at each other and said, "Thank you Mom for taking us to school and granting our wish".

I said to myself, as I was opening the door, this is it. Wow, here I am standing in my high school parking lot butt naked. I walked over next to Bro and started walking into the building as confident as I could.

Once we were in the building I noticed some of the girls looking us both over while they were walking by us before we entered the office. Then we both pulled out our towels and sat down while Mom went up to the counter. Mom brought us the contract to read.

I started reading the contract that I so desperately wanted to sign. I read what the requirements and procedures are to be under the contract. I already knew that after I sign this contract to become an absolute I would not be able to get out of it. I just didn't realize how final a decision this would be until I started reading it. Like the requirement that I cannot be within 1000 feet from the school grounds with clothes on my body and there are other restrictions, too. It then covered the punishments if an absolute gets caught with clothes, and then some more stuff. I just quickly read up to the part where the contract states what an absolute might be requested to do by the staff. As an absolute, you are under no requirement to participate in any of the naked in school procedures. But, if an absolute would like to participate in the program at anytime, all the student has to do is ask a staff member. If an absolute decides to participate in the program, the absolute can drop out of the program at any time. If the absolute student wants to be in the program at all times, all the student has to do is request another band to be placed on their wrist and ankle that states "Program Absolute". After reading that last part, about the program, I like the part that reads that if I decide to play by the program rules I could quit at any time. It continues: if the student decides to become a program absolute, the student is not bound by any contract or term, so at anytime the student can drop from the program and remain on this contract for the duration of the term. Just like program participants, absolutes will be asked to participate in some light sexual activities within the classroom and the teacher may requested, to be used your body as a learning aid, and now for some more requirements for the absolute student. Items that are restricted - under no conditions to bring on the school grounds: Shirts/Blouses, Pants/Slacks/Skirts, Shoes, Socks, jewelry and/or any other body covering. The only items that are allowed are: one small watch, the absolute naturist band and the program absolute band.

As soon as I placed the contract down, I looked at my brother and asked him, "Are ready to do this?" He said, "Yes". Then Mom asked us the same question and with that both of us said, "Yes, and more than ever".

Then we all walked into the principal's office and sat down. I looked around the room and looked at the pictures on the wall.

Then the principal started talking. She asked us if we had read the contract and Zach and I said, "Yes". Then she asked us if we understand what we were reading, and we both said, "Yes". Then she read, out loud, the long procedures to get out of the contract and the punishments if we were caught with clothes. All I was thinking, while she was reading it, was please hurry it up. She then asked both of us if we had any objections, and we both said, "No". She read the bottom part of the contract and asked us if we have any questions, and we said, "No" again. Then she handed me the contract that my Mom had filled out to sign. I knew that if I was to back out, now was the time. I just picked up the pen and signed my name and handed the contract to my Mom. Then Zach handed his contract to Mom to sign and she signed them and handed both contracts to Ms. Jones to sign. She handed our now signed contracts to the secretary to make copies. When the secretary come back into the office, she was carrying a plastic box with what looked like four bands with some paperwork that I think are the copies of the contracts. She set everything she was carrying down on the table, closed the door and then pulled her dress off and took off her shoes. I have to say that I didn't expect that. She picked up the items she carried in and put them on the desk. She opened the box and pulled out what looked like a wire clamp and a plastic sleeve. She picked up two of the bands after looking at them; she walked over to me and said, "Bailey, I am going to attach this band on your left wrist and then to your left ankle. Once these bands are placed on you, you will not be allowed to remove them under any conditions and are required to wear them everywhere from this point on, are you alright with this?" I said, "Yes". She placed that sleeve over my arm and then clamped the bands on my wrist and ankle. She then pulled the sleeve off and went over to my brother and told him the same thing. While she was banding my brother, I was looking at the new band on my wrist. I noticed that I could not feel where the band connected. I took a closer look and saw how the underlining of the band connects together. I smiled at the principal and mouthed to her "Thank you". I cannot believe it. I have just signed away my right to wear clothes at this school. And from this day forward, I will have to start living in the lifestyle of an absolute naturist.

Once I was out of the principal's office, I noticed the time. I have to be in my homeroom class no later than 8:15 and the time is currently 8:02. I gave my Mom a great big kiss and said thanks. Zach told Mom thanks as he was walking away to his homeroom class. I looked back at Mom as she was walking out of the school and smiled, I got my wish to be a naturist.

I was almost to the door to the classroom when my friend, Colleen, stopped me. "Bailey! Why are you naked?" She then looked down at my wrist and the look on her face was in a state of amazement. "I would never have thought you would voluntarily sign your clothes away like that." I just looked at her as we both walked to our desks that were next to each other. "Colleen, I wanted to do this for a long time and last night I found the nerve to ask my parents if they would sign me up". Then she asked, "Are you the only one?"

"No, my brother and my friends Carrie and Clark have signed up too." I do not know what to make of the expression on her face when I told her that. All she did was turn her toward the whiteboard and not say a thing until after the bell rang for our first period. "Bailey, I do not know what to say, I just want to wish you the best of luck today". And then she left down the hallway.

Colleen is a nice girl, but I cannot even think of her making the same decision I have made this morning. I went down to my first period classroom. Once I was in the classroom and took my seat, I noticed the program students standing up by the whiteboard. The bell rang and the teacher addressed the government class, "Anyone who would like to provide relief to any of these students, please come forward now". He looked at me. "Bailey, would you like to come up here as well?" I told Mr. Ehrismann, "No thanks, I am an absolute." Once I was done talking, I noticed that every eye in the room was on me. I hate to say it but this was the first time today that I felt embarrassed by my decision. Then the teacher said, "Program students would you please take your seats, Bailey would you please come to the front of the classroom?" I was dumbfounded by what he just said. I got up as the program students were sitting down but I couldn't believe what had just happened. "Bailey, first I want to give you a round of applause for your courage to make that decision." The whole room broke out in clapping. Once the noise stopped, he said, "Class, as you all have just found out, she has signed away her clothes for the rest of the school year and since she is a senior student, for the rest of her time here at this school."

I looked at my class and the expressions were of all different stages of amazement. He pointed at both of the bands that I am now wearing. "Students, Bailey just happens to be the first student in my class to become an absolute. I need to let you all know that SHE IS NOT IN THE PROGRAM AND SHE IS NOT TO BE TOUCHED UNDER ANY CONDITION WITHOUT HER CONSENT!" He then turned his attention to me. "Bailey, do you have anything to say about your decision before I ask you to take your seat?" I said, "Yes, and thank you for what you have just said." I quickly thought of something to say. "I didn't just make this decision to become an absolute this morning. I started thinking about becoming a full time naturist even before summer started. And if any one of you thinks you want to become an absolute, I hope you think it through all the way. I have just read the contract this morning and it is, in all aspects, final and non-reversible with almost impossible requirements to get out of it. All I can say is please respect my decision and treat me as if I was fully clothed right now." The teacher thanked me for my nice speech, and I then walked back to my seat and sat down. Once I was seated he then asked us to look up at the board and the class really started. When the bell rang, and I got up, some of the other students came up to me and congratulated me as I walked out of the classroom. Walking down the hallway, I wasn't even paying any attention to who was looking at me. All I was thinking about was that speech I just made back there. I still couldn't believe that I was standing up there in the front of the class butt naked with everything showing and wasn't a bit embarrassed.

I walked into Ms Kilgore's class for English. She is one of those old school teachers with the sternness to think you are walking on ice. In her class no one dares to ask for relief or anything else for that matter. I just sat there taking my notes and reading what was on the board until the bell rang.

I like my next hour much better, gymnastics. I went into the locker room and looked at all the other female students removing their clothing for the class due to the requirement from the teacher, Ms. Liang, that everyone in her class be completely naked. Her reason for this was due to the fact that gymnastics at the Olympics are now done in the raw since the last summer Olympics games. Of course I was the first one out there in the gym. My teacher noticed my bands and gave me a smile. She walked up to me, "I see you have made this your regular outfit. I have been a full time absolute naturist for almost three years now." I knew that she was always naked whenever I saw her, but I didn't know she was an absolute. "Bailey, have you given much thought to the winter temperatures?" I said, "Somewhat."

"What I take is an herb called, wheat won win. That herb brings up the body tolerances to cold weather and builds up the immune system." I thanked her for that information and asked her where to find it. She said, "Online, and at the Health Food Store." I have to say that I am getting better at gymnastics, but I could not see me devoting all my time at it as some girls do. Soon she told all of us to shower and get dressed. I took my daily shower, dried off and took a seat waiting for the bell to ring, looking at my wristband. Jessica sat down, naked, next to me and asked me, "I take it you are not in the program since you are in here?" I said, "No, I am an absolute." She got up and pulled her dress over her head without any underwear and slipped on her shoes. And then she said, "I do not know how to ask my parents." All I said was, "Please take it slow, try being naked at home first and then work your way to the public places. Then when you are ready, think about the absolute contract." She said, "Thanks", and walked out when the bell rang.

One more class until lunch: Fundamentals of Art and the teacher, Mrs. Lewis, is an absolute, just like my last teacher. Our assignment was to chalk draw an apple and banana and some other fruit. Exciting, I know. I like drawing, but this is boring. The only excitement in the class was when the program students where getting relief. After what seemed like forever, the bell rang and I started heading toward the cafeteria. I hate my schedule in that the only classes that I have with Carrie are the last two. The last time I saw her was when her mom dropped her off this morning. Normally we ride the school bus to school or walk, depending on how lazy we are in the morning. The walk is just about four blocks from home to the campus.

I ran into her just outside the door and we walked to the line. She asked me, "How was your first day?" I said, "Better than I thought it would be." I then told her what my first teacher said and summarized the morning. Then Carrie told me that her morning was very interesting. Her first period she gave relief to a female student and requested all of her teachers to treat her as if she was in the program today, I asked her, "Why?" She said, "Because I wanted to get that out of my system and I was curious what it was like." We took our trays to the table and sat down next to some program girls. One of the program girls said, "I see from those bands that you are absolutes." I said, "Yes."

"Why?" Then Carrie answered the question, "Because we both have such a dislike for the way clothes feel." The other girl asked, "Do you have to use the men's bathroom and shower and all the other stuff we have to put up with." We both said, "No!" I said, "Under this contract, no one is allowed to touch us without our consent and we don't have to bother with all the other stuff you both are doing this week, unless we want to." Then she said, "My name is Amy and she is April. We are best friends and it just worked out that we were placed in this program the same week. We both have guys as partners, but neither one of us really care to spend any more time with them than we have to this week." I said, "My name is Bailey and this is my best friend from first grade, Carrie. And while we are introducing each other, I should let you know that we both have younger brothers, Zach and Clark, which are absolutes as well." April said, "What about the winter weather?" Carrie said, "I guess we will have to deal with it along with the program students during those months, we will just be doing it all the time, on and off campus."

"ALL THE TIME," Amy said. "Yes, all the time." While I was taking my last bite, I said, "Neither one of us would have made this big decision to be an absolute naturist if we didn't plan on living this way for many years to come." Amy asked, "How final is that contract?"

"Once the contract is signed it final with no grace period at all. Once you are signed up, it is through the end of the school year or through graduation day. And if you are a freshman and sign up until graduation, you will be completely naked for four years and this contract is completely transferable to another school anywhere in the country, Canada and some places in Europe." They both asked, "What grades are your two brothers in?" We told them, "They're both junior students". "Wow". I then looked at the clock and said to the girls, "If you ever think about being an absolute, please give it a lot of thought, it is a big decision." And then we both got up and left the table. We looked at each other and smiled as we turned in our trays.

As we both walked out to our last two classes together, I told her "We did handle ourselves pretty well in there." Our next class together is in the Media Centre, Study Period. And our last class, which we both enjoy, is with Mr. Adjani, Advanced Human and Animal Anatomy. Come to think about it, because of that class earlier this week, which Carrie missed, today's class will be very interesting to say the least. I will go into detail when I tell Carrie about it in the Media Centre. Now we both need to get through this passageway before the bell rings.

Once we both were through the main door to the media centre for our sixth hour study period, I was stopped by the librarian after she gave me a funny look. "Ms." I looked down at myself and noticed a black mark on my right ankle, I must have bumped up against something in the cafeteria. I gave the librarian a thank you smile as I went to the bathroom to clean up. I have to say that I am a little embarrassed right now. There I am with my leg up high in the air showing anyone who comes in here everything I have while I am cleaning myself off. Carrie walks in and sees me like this. She says, "Wow, what a sight, seeing you stand there with your leg up like that." I just smiled at her while I finished up. Once I was done we both walked out to the table that she had put our stuff at.

As we were pulling out our homework from our other classes, she asked me, "Bailey, I know from the last two weeks in Mr. Adjani's Class, things have been getting interesting. What did I miss while I was out the last three days?" I just smiled at her, and said, "Do you remember that letter that was in the paperwork on the first day of class?" She was silent for a second. "You don't mean the letter addressed to the parents that requested two class servants, one male and one female to give themselves completely to the class as training-aids?" I said, "Yes". She said, "After I read that I threw it away before I even got home from school, I didn't think that anyone would give that MUCH up for a class." I said, "I agree, my mom never saw it either". "So, go on what where you saying?" "Yesterday, near the end of class the teacher told everyone that we have found two students in this class that agreed, along with their parents and the school, to give themselves up completely to the class for training purposes. After he told us that I did what just about everyone else in that classroom did, scan the room looking for empty chairs or any clues as to who it would be. For some crazy reason, the only chair that was empty was yours." She just gave me a shocking look, and said, "Bailey, you by no chance think it is ME?" I noticed that she was not thinking in overdrive. I said, "No, of course, not". "I don't want ANYONE TO THINK..." I said, "don't worry, he told the class that today, in class, he will tell us who it will be and what they will be required to do." She relaxed a little bit. I said, "I wanted to tell you about this last night but I was only thinking about asking my parents to ONLY give up my rights to wear clothes in school." "Bailey, if what I remember reading on that letter on the first day of school, that is all we are giving up. Those two will have to give up a lot more." I said, "You're right about that. Let's get some of this homework done before we find out who the class servants are." We both pulled our attention to our homework until the bell rang for the last class.

Once we were both sitting in our chairs, across from each other in our Human and Animal Anatomy Class, we both scanned the room as all the other students were walking in, looking for any clues to who the two that had volunteered. I have to say that I had no idea who it could be. Our friend Colleen walked past us and said hi to both of us. We have known her since we were young but as we got older she started hanging out with some other friends, but Carrie and I are still friends with her. Once everyone was seated the teacher closed the door and walked to the front of the class.

"Do most of you remember the paperwork that I sent home with you on the first day of school?" Most of the hands in the room went up. "The paper that I am talking about is the 'Class Servant Request Form'. I talked about it briefly, yesterday, and told you that we have picked two students in this room to be our class servants. But, I didn't go into any more detail about it; I told you I was going to let you know who those individuals were. Does anyone have any questions before I continue?"

A girl I am not sure of had her hand up. "Yes". "Sir, why do you need two students to give up that much of themselves for the class?" "Good question Damaris. I want to know if you are willing to do this for the class; come to the front of the room, remove all of your clothes, and get up on the table and let anyone touch you everywhere without your consent". She didn't even let him finish and said, "No WAY I WOULD EVER DO THAT". "Class that is the response I would expect for just about all of you if I asked you that question." After he said that I looked around and I knew that answer was the same as mine, no way in hell would I give that much of myself up for a high school class.

"Once I call the two students to the front of the classroom they will be stripped of all of their personal rights to their bodies from today until the end of the school year. Plus, from this day forward they will become complete servants to the school. What I mean by "complete servants" is that they will both assume a new servant name, the female will assume the name of Sub One and the male will assume the name of Sub Two and they will respond only to that or to the number." I have to say that I am still in shock on what I am hearing.

Then he said, "Damaris remember what you said?" Her answer was, "Yes". "If I ask either one of the new Subs that question they will both comply with my request with no questions" Now I have to say that the class is totally shocked by what the teacher was saying.

"All right class, will the following students please come forward and remove all your clothes and bring your new collar with you." The room was completely silent. "Colleen and Nathaniel please step forward".

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