Mandy and Bob

by AJ Martin

Copyright© 2009 by AJ Martin

Erotica Sex Story: Mandy is tossed onto the street by her wicked mother. She wanders the streets in rags for a week. Hungry and alone she finds Bob. Constantly afraid he will just toss her away too, she gives him her virginity. Even though she is 17 and he is 55, they build a strong sexual and otherwise rewarding relationship. A way to even the score with her terrible mother and his witch of an ex-wife thrusts itself upon them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   .

Chapter 1

Bob held Mandy tight and whispered into her ear, "I need you too Mandy. I want you to stay forever. Please stay forever!"

Mandy sighed, kissed Bob's ear and softly whispered into it, "Yes!"

They were sitting in the warmth of the tub. Safe. Secure. His arms wrapped around her and he sighed, thinking, "It has been so long since I have been with a woman. So long."

Bob had never been with anyone as young as Mandy. Never had sex with anyone so young. He had been in his mid twenty's before he met his witch of an ex-wife. She was his first. And his only.

Mandy was young and as he thought about it, he hoped things would work out for them both. Perhaps ... even, "together."

Bob thought there was no way to adequately describe the feeling of her flesh against his; the closeness of her body, the softness of her breasts pressing against his chest, the security of their arms holding, circling each other, the pleasure of her vaginal sheath, clutching him.

He had meant it when he told her "Please stay forever!"

Mandy sounded so happy when she had finally answered "Yes!" to his plea. She had kissed him tenderly and literally sobbed her answer into his ear.

Now Mandy welled up again. Tears of pure joy started streaming down her face another time, lubricating his cheek and shoulder, her body trembled and shook.

"I was so afraid Bob, that when you found out just how young I was and I was a virgin you would freak out. You had been so nice to me and all I did was lie to you. I was sure that would make you hate me. Toss me out.

"I was so very scared that because I had lied. I was so scared you would just toss me out on the street like my mom did when I told her Craig, her boyfriend, had threatened to rape me. I hated being out on the street. I hardly slept. Hardly ate. I was, alone."

Tears still were welling up into her eyes as she lifted her head off of his shoulder, her body still vibrating from the brutal pain from her mother's betrayal. She had held in the pain, tucked away into a corner of her mind but, Bob's kindness was the key that let it come flooding out.

There were no external scars from the verbal abuse her mother had descended upon her since her father's death. The emotional scars would take a long time to heal. Sharing her pain with another person, Bob, let her start on her road to recovery.

Mandy sighed and Bob sensed her tears had slowed as she began to believe she had actually found someone who really cared about her. A deep breath and she shifted her head up a little. A second deep breath, gathering her thoughts, she moved nose to nose with Bob.

Mandy was at first serious looking and then as a light seemed to beam on, her face brightened. She dipped her head and looking back up at him almost through her eyebrows asked, "Do you think we can do it again?"


"You know, sex!"

When Bob just smiled at her she was very confused.

"I know it hurt when we started before but then, inside, that great feeling just spread over my entire inside of my belly.

"Can we do it again. Please?"

Bob, grinned and then laughed a little.

A big question mark showed up on her face as she didn't understand why he was laughing.

Mandy leaned forward just an inch and tilting her head slightly to the side, let her lips touch his and gave him a light kiss. Separating their lips, she whispered, her breath washing over his face, "I've never felt like this before and I'm sure I love you!"

"I love you ... more!" he answered.

"Then why can't we have sex!"

"We can't!"

Totally confused, Mandy said, "But I want to!"

Bob moved his hands to under her armpits and gently moved her away, increasing the space between them to a couple of inches. Then he looked down between them.

When her eyes didn't follow his, he looked at her hard, frowned and glanced down again. She scowled not understanding.

With the third try to make her look down, she finally figured it out and looked down. Way down ... to where their bodies were still joined.

Bob simply said to Mandy, "We can't do it again, because we never stopped!"

Her right hand came up to her face as she giggled and then looked up at him shyly through her fingers. He could see her face was beet red from embarrassment.

"I'm such a dunce!"

"That might be, but you are MY dunce," he told her.

"Do you really mean it?"

As a smile grew across her face when he told her, "Definitely," it was quickly replaced with a frown, quickly followed with a scowl.

"Ow! ... Oh! ... Mmmm!" followed.

Bob had given a little thrust into her.

Even though she was sore from her first impalement, less than a half hour ago, Mandy found that pain quickly turned into pleasure.

It had only been a gentle thrust but it violently awakened the demon within her. Her lust sprang into motion and again her instincts took over.

"Oh, my God. I love you!" Mandy sighed as she drew their lips close again.

"I love you!"

She rotated her hips forward, pushing her sex against his, then she rotated her hips in the other direction, lifted away from Bob a little and followed that with the motion driving them back together again.

"Oh this feels so good," she thought to herself as the heat built inside of her.

That was when, Bob brought his hands up between them and snuggled his palms onto her breasts. They were fairly small, not really smaller than a single "B" or much larger than an "A." He squeezed them gently and felt her body surge from the attention.

He massaged both her breasts at the same time as Mandy increased her technique, driving into and pulling away from him, to pleasure herself.

Probing the softness, the beauty, the thrill of her breasts, Bob felt the little nubbins there, hardening. He moved the tips of his thumbs and index fingers around her nipples and gave them a series of gentle tweaks.

Mandy had been on a down stroke at the time, because of the new stimulation, she slammed harder into him than before. He felt her vagina pulse and then she slowly withdrew.

Nearing the end of his penis she stopped and then she started another downward motion. Bob squeezed her nipples harder. Twisted them. Pulled at them. Harder!

She shot her body forward faster than Superman's speeding bullet. Crashed into his pelvis and arched her back crying out the muffled, "Oooommmmppppffff" as a strong orgasm riddled her, vibrating through her, curling her toes.

Bob watched as the chin of her contorted face looked like it would like to rocket her head off it's tether. The muscles and tendons of her neck were drawn tight. Her lips were glued together from the strain as the orgasm hit her full force.

Her whole body remained tensed.

Then the bright crimson which had spread from her face to down between her breasts faded and she started to turn blue.

Bob shook her gently and told her to breathe.

Then again a little louder. "Breathe."

A third time he finally got through to her and she drearily opened her eyes: "BREATHE!"

Mandy took a hard gulp of air and collapsed against his chest. Several rapid gulps later and she calmed her breathing. From her protected position buried in his shoulder asked, "Wow. Is it always like that?"

"Not always, but enough to make it worthwhile," he assured her.



"Can I have it back now?"


"I know you want to play with it, but can I have it back for a while."

"What?" she said with a final squeal of the word.

Laughing a little, Bob put his hands back under her armpits like he had before and lightly moved their bodies apart and looked hard in her eyes. Then glanced down between their conjoined bodies.

She didn't even have to look. Her face started to show crimson again and in all seriousness she said, "No!

"It's mine and I want to keep it right where it is!"

Bob laughed saying, "How about I let you play with it anytime you want.


Laughing Mandy pulled off of him and then again said, "Ow!"

"I'm still a little sore down there but the good far outweighs the bad."

"Let's get rinsed off and I need to pee," Bob told her.

"So do I," came her response.

Bob rinsed off, stepped out of the tub, handed Mandy a towel and dried himself with another.

Stepping over to the toilet he let loose his stream. As he finished, there was a woman snuggling into his back.

He lifted his chin, curling his head back and gave a sigh of pure pleasure. Somehow, he felt whole. Not the person who felt shattered into pieces most of the time.

He shook off the last vestiges of urine from his penis and turned to Mandy and said, "Your turn."

As Bob turned to leave, she caught his arm and said, "Stay with me."

"Forever," he returned and stayed, holding her hands, as she turned and sat down to pee.

"Ow!" came her cry again. "Boy, that stings!"

Bob knelt in front of her and snuggled up to the toilet so he was right between her knees. He kissed her lightly and waited with her as she would pee and stop. Pee and stop as she worked through the stinging sensation.

Then Bob had an idea. "Spread your legs wide and then spread yourself apart down there.

"Let the pee come right out of your pee hole.

"Then it shouldn't back up into your vagina and sting you. Your lips down there are holding your pee in."

Doing as he suggested, Mandy let her legs go wide, causing her hips to move forward, coincidentally, giving Bob a great view of her entire sex.

Reaching down, she spread her vulva apart. With the labia no longer restricting the flow of her urine, when she let it flow again, she smiled and said, "Good thinking."

Of course, Bob had never seen a woman pee before. So, he took everything in, savoring the sounds, sweet smell of her urine and the experience.

When she was down to a dribble, his hand was right there with a wad of toilet paper to catch the last drops which might slide down to her vagina and sting her. Making sure she had finished, he tapped the area where he could see droplets of moisture and then dropped the damp paper into the bowl.

Grabbing a fresh wad of paper, Bob reached a little further back and tapped at the entrance to her vagina. Mandy jumped a little and rather than saying "Ow!" said a lighter, "Mm."

"Sorry," he told her. "Just wanted to make sure it was dry there too."

Before he could drop the wad into the toilet, she lifted his hand and turned it toward herself to examine the paper. There was a hint of red there, confirming her passing from virgin, to woman.

She took the paper from his hand, dropped the paper into the bowl and kissed his palm. "Thank you for everything."

There was no answer that Bob could come up with that could have been any better than the beaming smile he showered over her.

They maneuvered around each other as they stood up and with a quick press on the lever, flushed their problems away.

Mandy grabbed his hand and said, "It's getting late. I'm tired. You look tired and I'm sure we should get to bed."

Together, they headed out of the bathroom.

She glanced at the pile of bedding on the couch and looked up at Bob. With three simple words she told him how she wanted things to be, "No. Not there," leading him into his bedroom.

Mandy, pulled back the bedding and climbed in, pulling Bob in right after her. Soon their arms were around each other and nose to nose, Mandy asked him softly, "Is this OK?"

Bob simply said, "Always."

They both never realized how stressed out they were from their own personal trials and tribulations. For both of them, it was the first time in a long time that they could just, relax.

That they did and after a deep sigh from each, sleep quickly took over.

Chapter 2

The smell of coffee wafted across his face as he slowly rose out of the depths of the very restful sleep he had experienced. He smiled, Mandy caused that. Wonderful Mandy.

As his senses became more aware he felt her face on his chest and her arm across his belly, her leg up over his as she was snuggled tightly against him.

It felt so comfortable. It felt so good. It felt so right.

Mandy just sensed he was awake and tilted her head up so she could look up at him.

Bob took a deep breath and signed a long sigh, "Coffee!"

"Right there on your night table, Sire."

"Oh, have I found the right Damsel In distress? The one who serves coffee in bed!"

"At your service Sire. At your service."

Bob added, "This is such a nice way to wake up."

"I can make it even better, Sire," Mandy said softly and reached down, cupped his balls in her hand and tugged gently on them.

"You said, I could play with these anytime I wanted. Didn't you?"

Bob laughed softly, "A promise is a promise ... so ... yes ... I'm ... it's ... they're, yours."

Still with a firm grip on his balls, Mandy moved so she was on her knees next to Bob. She took her other hand and wrapped it around his morning wood.

Bob, groaned as Mandy moved her hand up and down his penis. She had grabbed it near the base and as she moved her hand up and down, she slid the sheath, the length of his penis.

Even though the skin was in contact with her palm and fingers, there was no friction as the outer part of his penis slid up and down. For Bob, it was just pure pleasure.

Mandy loved the look and feel of his male member. It was a little squishy, yet it was hard. The more she stroked it, the firmer it got.

While she was concentrating on how his penis operated, she was also aware of the strange way his balls felt like in her hands. She had always thought that a guy's balls were like huge solid marbles. Hard things in their ball sack. But it was not like that at all.

Yes there was a hardness there but they too were a little squishy. They moved very freely in the sack. Things were very fluid there and she could move them around. Grab one or both of them and she could tug and lift them.

She did know in the end to be gentle from the one time she got in trouble in the 8th grade. A boy had grabbed her tit and got kneed for the offense. He doubled up on the ground and a teacher came running over.

They both got sent to the Principals office and she had to do a 500 word essay on testicles, what they are and how sensitive they are. The boy had to do the same on breasts. That was not the bad part. They were told they had to read their essays in front of the class and to apologize.

Yet, this was her first real experience with male parts and she liked it.

As she increased the speed and firmness of her grip and the motions on his balls, she noticed Bob had thrust his head back into the pillow and his eyes were closed. The girls in High School often talked about sexual things and well, Blow Jobs came up frequently.

Well, she thought to herself, why not give it a try.

Leaning over she stuck out her tongue licked ons swipe across and then kissed the tip of his penis.

Bob, grunted and his body tensed at that additional action.

Mandy decided to go for it and kissed him again there and then let her lips slide over the ridge, keeping her hand motions going. Her tongue found it's way back to the tip and swiped at the little slit there and circled around the bulbous head.

Another stronger grunt from Bob let her know that she was giving him the pleasure she wanted to give him. Intuitively, she wanted more. He had filled her vagina and now she wanted him to fill her mouth.

When her hand came up to meet her lips, she let them ride down with her hand. Matching the motion, her lips rose and fell with her hand.

Then she heard Bob groan something and she knew what was going to happen next as his semen surged into her mouth. The taste was strong and salty. But to her surprise, she liked it.

She felt him pulse several more times, squirting more semen into her mouth. When he stopped squirting, she slid down his length one more time.

Mandy drew her tongue to the back of her throat, causing her cheeks to implode and surround his penis. Then, with increasing suction as she withdrew, she milked him dry ... and swallowed.

When he finally floated down off of cloud 9, Bob sighed and mustering up all of his energy, told her it was fabulous.

Mandy snuggled up against Bob as he baked in the orgasmic afterglow.

"Now, was that better than coffee?"

He sighed. "Well. Statistics are developed through many trials and tests. Perhaps with a couple of hundred of these under my belt, I'll be able to give you a more definitive answer than just a simple; Yes!"

Mandy kissed his cheek and said, "I'll see what I can do about that."



"That was the best morning wake up I think I've ever had."

"I try," she told Bob.

Then when her stomach growled she tugged at him saying, "C'mon sleepy-head. I'm hungry. Grab your coffee and let's get something to eat."

Once Bob was up, Mandy took his hand and led him into the bathroom. "As much as I like how you taste, I need to brush my teeth."

"Good idea," he told her and kissing her, he brushed his tongue over them.

"Did I tell you I love you today?" he told her.


"Well, I'll have to remember to do that. OK?"

Mandy laughed and swatted him on the butt.

Bob reached his arms around her, grabbed one of her butt cheeks in each hand, squeezed lightly and drew her to him, lifted, sliding her up his body till they were eye to eye and nose to nose. She put her arms around his neck and smiled.

"Mmmm. I like this," she murmured.

"I love you!" Bob whispered.

Her answer was, "Me too!"

"Well, I'm glad that you love you too! It makes us a happy family."

"You goof!"

"Yeah and I'm cute," he laughed.

"That you are," she told him. "And I love you TOO!"

They both smiled and when he put Mandy down Bob went to pee and she brushed her teeth.

Turning around after finishing, there was Mandy with a washcloth in her right hand and a smile on her face. She put her left hand under him and raised up.

"I think you need a little rinsing or I think things down there are going to get real sticky."

The warm wash cloth felt exhilarating and Bob had a raging hard-on in a second.

"Down, Boy!" Mandy laughed.

"Well 'he' is glad for the attention. It's just his way of telling you he's happy to see you."

Mandy squeezed his balls and gave him a kiss on the tip of his penis. Standing up and playfully still holding onto his ball sack said, "C'mon guys. I'm hungry and I want to eat!" leading Bob to the kitchen that way.

They decided on instant Oatmeal with sliced bananas and some cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.

As they chatted Mandy asked Bob what he did for a living.

"Not much," was his reply shaking his head.

"Anyway, I'm a freelance journalist," he explained. "You know, stories like you you see in the Sunday magazine or feature articles.

"I get an idea, take some pictures, write it up and submit it to a local paper. Sometimes, they'll call me and give me a spec ... special assignment.

"As a matter of fact, this afternoon there is a dedication for the new children's playground that was added to the city's Veteran's Park. It's a small assignment, but it brings in a little money. Every penny helps!"

"Wow! My own personal reporter." Mandy laughed.

"At your service Mam," joked Bob.

"Can I go along with you?" she asked.

"That's the only way I would want it. How would you like to be my assistant? You could take notes with me and we can do the story together.

Perking up, Mandy told him she always got straight A's in English and Literature so that would be great fun for her.

"Well, then we have a deal," Bob replied to her. "So I think we should get our butts in motion and get you something to wear that would be appropriate for an assistant."

Mandy dashed around the kitchen table and gave Bob a smiling kiss. Her appreciation glowed from her and if her smile were any wider, she would be able to swallow her ears.

Just a two minute walk from his apartment was a Target. Bob and Mandy, hand in hand walked to the woman's department and he told her to pick out something, a couple of panties, a pair of jeans and a couple of t-shirts. "Oh, and a package of socks too."

Bob watched as Mandy rummaged through the department. Her clothing just didn't fit her. Although clean, it was very worn and torn.

She got a few looks from the salesgirl who he thought was wondering if she was going to steal the stuff she was accumulating.

What Bob noticed, was that every time Mandy saw something she might like, she checked the price tag and would shake her head. He was positive she was shopping for price. A low price.

That was confirmed when Mandy came over to him and told him that she hoped what she had picked out wasn't too expensive.

"I checked all the prices and got the cheapest I could find." she told him.

Kissing her, Bob told her to go try on the jeans to make sure they fit OK.

Mandy looked like a five year old as she skipped and bounded over to the dressing room. Smiling along with her glee, confirmed she truly appreciated his generosity.

It must have been at least 10 minutes that he waited for her to appear out of the dressing room. When she did, her eyes were very red above an incongruous smile.

"Sorry I took so long," Mandy said to Bob, "I couldn't stop crying. I've never had anything to wear that wasn't second hand.

"My mom would always drag me into the Salvation Army Store and just about throw something at me. Whatever it was, whatever size it was, I had to wear it.

"Never did I get to try anything on and make sure it fit."

She had her upturned face, with its chin pressed against his chest inches from his. He could see tears were trying to roll out of the corners of her eyes. They were like little lakes about to overflow their banks.

Light blue pools of love is what Bob thought to himself as he gazed into her eyes. He put his arms around her and bent down the inches necessary to reach his lips to hers.

"Mandy," he told her, "it makes me happy to see you so happy. And those jeans look great on you.

"Now, this stuff is great for casual wear but I need an assistant to look like one."


"Yes. You will need a pair of black slacks, a white blouse and a pair of black flats to complete the wardrobe.

"Go for it!" he told her.

Bob gave her butt a light tap of encouragement and sent her off on her quest. Mandy actually squealed in delight as she dashed off through the clothing racks toward the more formal clothing.

There was an additional bounce to her step. There was no doubt in his mind. She was exuberantly happy.

After gathering everything else she needed, they went to the check out register. Mandy had tucked herself firmly onto his side, under his armpit. It was as if she wanted to crawl into his skin to be as close as possible, showing her love and appreciation for him.

When the cashier finished scanning everything, Mandy just gasped and looked up at Bob. Her forehead was deeply furrowed and her mouth was slightly open, chin dropped in surprised concern.

Bob just lifted a finger to her chin and gently closed her mouth, then gave her a brief soft kiss.

"It's OK. You're worth it,"

Chapter 3

Back at the apartment Mandy stripped her old clothing off and tossed it into the trash. Bob didn't make a any comment, understanding her disdain for her old clothing.

She had told Bob on the walk home that her mother had never spent more than $20 on her clothing, always complaining about the expense.

It wasn't as if her mother didn't have the means. She always had new fashions and regular beauty appointments. At every opportunity Mandy's mother told her that she just was not worth the bother.

Naked, Mandy walked over to Bob, hugged him and reached up and kissed him softly on the lips. Drawing her tongue around the edge of his lips and then swiping it across the space between his, let her tongue fall into his mouth.

Mandy knew that she didn't have much to offer Bob except herself and that is what she wanted to give him. He had told her that sex was not a requirement but that is what she wanted.

Her hands were holding his head down to hers and she released them letting the kisses get more passionate and intensive. She drew her hands down his chest and between the bodies. She let her fingers trace over the strength of his chest and fondled his breast, noticing the rigidity of his nipples.

As she passed her fingers over his nipples a few times his response was obvious. He liked his breasts played with as much as she liked hers played with.

It was a natural next step for her to draw his shirt from its tucked in neatness, under his pants' waistband, lift the shirttail up to glide her hands upward, underneath it.

Bob groaned softly into her mouth as she found his hard, sensitive nubbins. Circling them. Lightly running her fingers over them. She played with his chest.

Soon, she wanted more. She wanted her hands on his hard masculinity. Swiftly she slid his zipper down and reached both hands into his open fly.

His cotton underwear kept her from touching his flesh but that only excited her more. Her left hand slid down under his balls and cupped them with a gentle squeeze. Her heel of right hand pressed against his erection and rubbed up and down the cotton encased center of her attention.

Bob groaned louder at her new attention to his sex. "Oh that feels wonderful." he told her in a strained voice.

Mandy glanced up and could see he was arched back a little and his chin was raised high from the pleasure she was giving him.

"Like that don't you."

"Yes. Very much," came another strained reply.

Then Mandy knelt down in front of him. She reached for his belt and released it. Then came the button holding the waistband. His pants fell to the floor and his white briefs were all that was hiding her treasure.

She stood up again and kissed him. When she asked him if he loved her, his very soft reply was, "Mandy, I love you so much. More than I have ever loved anyone, EVER."

Mandy reached in the slit at the front of his briefs and sliding in her hands, grabbed his flesh.

His penis throbbed in her hand and his balls seemed to have grown a few sizes. She slid her hands, along with his sex, out through the slit in his briefs.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" was Bob's reaction to the different feeling. His balls and his penis were constricted by the tightness of his underwear and the tension was very pleasurable.

She knelt down in front of Bob again and kissed the tip of his penis, swiped her tongue across the tiny slit there, tasting his pre-come. Then she pressed her lips to his penis and let it slide into her mouth.

This time she slid it in until it reached the back of her throat. She felt her mouth gag and then retreated until her lips were surrounding just the bulbous head.

Her hands started to pull and twist his balls. Squeezing and pulling. Twisting and turning.

Pleasure flowed from her mouth and hands through his entire being. His body tensed. Rather than continue with her mouth, Mandy wanted him buried deep withing her.

Bob's erect penis was very hard. Very thick. Would fill her up. She wanted that magnificent maleness in her. Her body demanded it.

Releasing him, she stood up and climbed onto him, first encircling her arms around his neck and then following that with her legs.

Her sex was right there right by his sex.

She rotated the bottom of her hips downward, then forward as she reached between then with one hand, gliding him into her.

They both gasped a lover's gasp, acknowledging the feeling they both received from the entry.

She lifted and rotated back and then forward. Tightened her vaginal muscles to increase her sensations from the liquid pleasure radiating through her pelvis from her efforts. Tighter. Faster she moved. Working toward the sexual crescendo her instinct demanded. Wanted. Lusted for.

Bob's entire body spasmed. He thrust his hips up against hers on her downward, twisting stroke. As she bottomed out, his penis throbbed. Pulsed. Exploded within her.

His orgasm flooded her vagina with his hot semen. The pulse and the realization she had driven him to orgasm brought joy to her. Fulfilled her.

Then her orgasm hit the floor of her pelvic muscles with the energy of a train wreck. She clamped hard on his penis with her vaginal muscles. Drove herself against him.

Her clitoris, trapped between their bodies, sent a huge pulse through her, causing another great orgasm to radiate up from her hips, deep into her bowels and emerged from her throat.

"Aaarrrggghhhh!" was forced from her as her diaphragm compressed along with the other involuntary spasms rippling, coursing through her body.

When speech returned, Bob told Mandy, "That was so very nice. Have I told you I loved you today?"

"No, but I think you do," she replied, and they both laughed a little.

Mandy relaxed and Bob slipped from within her. The action and their super sensitivity caused them both to flinch a little and they hugged.

Bob's damp penis started a wet spot on her stomach and the coolness reminded Mandy of the impending drippage that would soon follow.

"C'mon," she said as she grabbed his hand, "you wash me and I'll wash you."

"Sounds like a nice plan, my love. Sounds like a very great plan."

They turned on the shower and waited. Bodies pressing against each other, lip locked, tongues twisting around each other as they waited for the warm water to flow.

Mandy laughed and gave Bob a firm swat to his butt. "We'd better get in there or I'm gona leave a puddle here," as she felt her vaginal fluids leaking down her thighs.

They washed each other using plenty of soap and even more love.

As they dried off, she looked up into Bob's eyes, smiling, but with concern on her face. "I hope you don't mind. But, I've always had so little and really don't have anything else. It was the only way I could thank you ... for everything."

Bob thought for a bit and then asked her, "Do you love me?"

Mandy almost used the standard reply, "Of course I do," but knew that was not what she wanted to say. Hugging his bare chest to hers, she replied, "Bob, I love you with all my heart ... and ... all of the rest of me too."

Bob returned the hug and kissed the side of her forehead. Then he told her they had better hurry up or they would miss the park dedication.

Decked out in their matching outfits, White shirts, black pants and black shoes, they almost looked like twins. Of course with the obvious differences. And, underwear.

Bob liked tight white briefs because if he happened to be aroused by anything he saw, his erection would be contained. Scenes like, Mandy getting dressed with her white sports bra containing her nicely puffy A leading to a B breasts or her black thong.

Before putting her shirt or pants on, Mandy had twirled about in such glee at having such finery to wear. She was so sexy that Bob had all he could do to control himself and not grab her and sex her up.

He did grab her, stop her and press her against his body and told her that he would make love to her right then and there if they really had the time.

"You are such a happy, very sexy, sight for my very sore eyes," he said to her. "But Mandy My Love, sadly, right now we do have to hurry. We can't be late."

"Do you really think I'm sexy?" she asked.

"The very best!" Bob answered.

Mandy looked up from his clutches and a little tear formed in the corners of her eyes. "My mom always told me I was UGLY and no one would ever want me. She always told me I was good for nothing!"

Bob kissed each eye, drawing out the tears, savoring their sweet and salty taste.

"Your mom was very wrong. You are fabulous My Love. Fabulous! And extremely pretty." Then drawing her face to his. Her lips to his. He kissed her softly.

Mandy sighed. "Thank you for loving me. I love you. I really never felt that anyone ever loved me before." Then with a huge grin forming on her face and mischief in her eyes, she reached down and nestled her hands under his 'Package' held tightly in place by his briefs and told him, "They have to come out to play as soon as we get back. I need you and I need them!"

They both laughed at that and Bob did promise to have a great play session with her when they got back after the dedication.

When they arrived at the park, after about a 10 minute brisk walk, they stood across the street from the park and just looked at the scene. The fenced in park in the city center had the entrance blocked by a bright lime yellow streamer with a huge blue bow in the center.

Then Bob told Mandy to come with him and he would introduce her to the City Councilman in charge of Parks and Recreation; Stan Wilson. He was a formidable person to look at. He was a few inches over 6 feet and very muscular.

He had been a football player in college. Nothing spectacular, but was a fairly good quarterback. Quick and agile, which also makes a good politician.

As Bob and Mandy crossed the street, Stan waved at them to come on over and talk to him.

"Hi Bob. Thanks for coming today.

"This park has been a pet project of mine and the neighborhood watch group needed this park improved so it could be used. It had really gotten very seedy lately and well, sorely needed to be brought back.

"I see you have an assistant with you today. A very pretty one too," he added.

Blushing a little she held out her hand toward his and Bob introduced her as Mandy. They were dressed alike and Bob had given her a note pad to write details and names on to help with the story. He had told her that when the story was submitted, her name would be right up there with his at the 'By Line.'

Mandy found Stan's huge hand just swallowed hers, though it emitted the power of it's owner, it was actually very soft and friendly.

She smiled and politely said, "Nice to meet you Mr. Wilson. This is a great park you have put together."

"Thank you, Mandy. I'm pleased to meet you too. Although, I must admit that you do look familiar.

"Have we met before?" he asked.

"Well, I don't think so, sir. But is is very nice to meet you," she replied.

Bob then added to the conversation, that Mandy had a few family problems and he had taken her under his wing. Then he explained to Mandy that Stan was a lawyer and asked Stan if he had a little time later, he would like to ask a few questions.

Stan indicated that after the dedication was over that he would be happy to have them join him for lunch. Bob and Mandy were delighted at his offer and said that would also give them time to get more information about the park project for the newspaper article.

The dedication took about 15 minutes with first the Mayor saying how wonderful that this was a community project and showed how citizen groups and the city could work together to improve things.

The Mayor introduced Stan Wilson who introduced, Mrs. Gladys Tenor, chairwoman of the local garden club. Then Stan produced a huge set of scissors and let Gladys officially open the park.

In a very surprising move, when the ribbon was cut the huge blue bow fell to the ground, Stan picked it up. He held onto it while Mandy made notes and Bob took pictures of the people entering the park. When the crowd had entered the park, Stan took the bow, which was at least a foot across and tied it on Mandy's left arm.

"Here. I think this bow deserves a beautiful home."

Tears welled up in Mandy's eyes for the umteenth time in the last two days as one great thing after another happened to her.

"It's beautiful! Thank you so much!"

Bob had taken a picture of Stan tying the bow onto Mandy's arm. He was sure the striking smiles on both Stan's and Mandy's faces would make a great picture to present to Stan and surely would make Mandy happy to have one too.

Bob had taken many promotional pictures of Stan and always made sure that he gave Stan trophy quality pictures to hang in his office.

Bob gave Mandy his camera and asked her to take a few pictures of the families and children playing in the park and on the various playground activity centers. She bubbled with blatant happiness and enthusiasm, "Really?" and went off with the camera to take a bunch of pictures.

He then busied himself gathering some names and quotes for the article. After Mandy took about a dozen shots from all angles of a father pushing his very young daughter on a baby swing, he wandered over and got their names. Bob assured them that their picture would be in the newspaper.

When the activities wound down and it was nearing lunchtime, Stan found his way to Bob's side and suggested it would be a good time to go to lunch.

Chapter 4

Stan called to Mandy and asked her what she would like for lunch.

"Pizza!" was her enthusiastic reply.

"Well," said Stan, "How about Emilio's Pizza. It's right across the street behind the park. We can sit down and eat inside."

Mandy told them she had never eaten in any sort of restaurant, "Not even a Burger King or a MacDonald's," she added.

Stan told her as they walked through the park toward Emilio's Pizza, that "This should be a real treat."

Mandy's step had a unusually huge bounce to it as she displayed how happy she was.

Stan glanced over at Bob, showing he had many questions and Bob just shrugged and told him, "That's what I want to talk about."

"OK. We can eat and then talk." Then after a pause Stan added, "If this is going to be confidential, perhaps we should get the Pizza to go. My office is right around the corner."

"Yes, I think that is an even better idea. I have a few serious ideas and privacy might be a little better. I think your conference room would be a great place. Is that OK?"

Stan agreed and when they ordered the pizza and drinks 'To Go', Mandy looked confused. When they told her they would be going to Stan's office she showed her natural exuberance and said, "That's a fantastic idea."

Once inside of Stan's office they gathered around the table and for about 15 to 20 minutes Mandy and Bob asked questions about the Park project while they ate their pizza.

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