Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Mind Control, Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, FemaleDom, Masturbation, Transformation,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A hot blonde law student from the midwest moves to LA to broaden her horizons - and they are broadened, indeed.

"Your point," Debbie said as she futilely ran down the dropshot winner. "Game, set, and match."

Debbie was sweating hard, and although she was generally in pretty good shape, spending an hour matched up against a vastly superior athlete had left her pretty much wrung out. "You're barely even breathing hard, you bitch," she said, with a smile, as her partner jogged up to join her at center-court. "Why do I keep letting you drag me out here like this?"

"Well, that's because you're crazy about me," Becka replied, leaning in for a quick cheek-kiss over the net. "Plus you're really getting pretty good. Seriously, you're very skilled for an amateur," she added.

"Wow - thanks!" Debbie said, with a sweet smile of genuine satisfaction. "You're going to make me blush!"

And, Debbie thought to herself quickly as the two girls walked to the side of the court, you're sure as hell right about the first part, too. Debbie still marveled to herself at how comfortable she had become with her sexuality, and how quickly.

Becka, meanwhile, allowed herself a long moment to think about the other ways she enjoyed making Debbie blush, but soon interrupted Debbie's towel-off, asking "You got time for a Jamba?"

"Wow, she is really checking you out," Becka said quietly. "Seriously?" Debbie asked. In general, Debbie and Becka allowed each other a lot of leeway when it came to the sexual exclusivity of their relationship, but only recently had Debbie shown any real interest in putting any of that leeway to use.

"Oh, hell yea she is," Becka replied. "She was just staring at your chest the whole time you were ordering - and didn't you hear that lilt in her voice when she suggested the Femme Boost? She wants you, lover."

Debbie was silent for a moment, but she couldn't contain her little grin. "I'm gonna go flirt with her," she then announced, and with that she was off. "Heaven help me - I've created a monster!" Becka laughed.

And as she walked away, Debbie giggled, too, because this had become one of their little in-jokes. It was hard to believe that just nine months earlier, Debbie had arrived at Los Angeles School of Law ("LA Law," to most) as just about the pure stereotype of the first-year law student: somehow simultaneously brimming with confidence and optimism, but inwardly more than a bit intimidated. She was eager to take on some new challenges but awed, frankly, at the new circumstances that surrounded her in this big city, especially as far as sex was concerned.

While not technically a virgin, Debbie's sexual experiences back at Podunk State University had been relatively few - and even those had been straight out of the "humping and fumbling" school of sexplay. She came to Los Angeles secretly hoping all that would change, but she could never have guessed how.

Becka was a different story. She was a third-year at the law school when Debbie showed up, and worldly-wise in the way only college sophomores and third-year law students can be. By the time she had graduated from college several years earlier, Becka was as much an expert in sex and seduction as Debbie was a neophyte.

Becka realized she was gay at an early age, and far from struggling or fighting with her sexuality, Becka positively reveled in it. An outstanding athlete, she spent a few years on the professional tennis tour between college and law school, years that were reasonably successful both financially and sexually. She still stayed in shape by hitting balls with the undergrad team at LA University whenever she got a chance, and she still drew lots of attention from pretty much every lesbian on campus.

Becka was kind of "easy to find and hard to get," though, and turned almost all of them down. Well, most of them, anyway.

Corrupting the minds and bodies of narrow-minded, "traditional" girls was more her thing, and when she overheard some of the undergrad football jocks taking about the gorgeous new law student who had just arrived from fly-over country, she quickly added "check out the fresh meat" to her mental to-do list.

"Dudes, I'm telling you, this chick looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson, only sexier," Debbie overheard the alpha-dog meathead say as he described Debbie - and at first, Becka just rolled her eyes. But by golly, she thought, when she saw that vision in a sundress walk out of the campus bookstore, it turned out this time Moose was right.

Where Becka was toned and lean, Debbie was curvy and shapely - and oh, what a shape. Their blue eyes were about the only physical feature they shared; Becka kept her black hair athletically short and spiky, while Debbie's longer blonde hair was usually in a ponytail. Exactly like every straight guy on campus (and in truth, about a third of the women), Becka wanted Debbie big-time from the moment she laid eyes on her.

Unlike everyone else, however, Becka never doubted she'd have her. Self-confidence, and the record of success to justify it, was just part of what made Becka who she was.

It usually took Becka a month or so to "turn" a straight girl into someone a little more, well, open-minded. It was pretty surprising, therefore, even to Becka when she managed to have Debbie writhing around under her tongue on the second weekend of the semester.

Debbie, it turned out, took to girlsex rather enthusiastically, and she quickly came to lust after Becka's tennis-toned hardbody every bit as much as Becka enjoyed Debbie's own busty, curvy ripeness. "I've created a monster" became Becka's stock joke whenever Debbie went topless around Becka's apartment, or joined Becka in the shower, or went panty-less to nightclubs just to keep herself feeling slutty and accessible.

On most levels, Becka absolutely loved this - let's face it, spending your downtime with a somewhat sluttier, sexier version of the "Central Casting" blonde cheerleader has a lot of upsides. To her further surprise, however, Becka eventually found herself becoming at least a bit ambivalent about it all.

First of all, Becka was quite accustomed to being the "hot" partner in a relationship - and her tight body and dirty mind usually kept that role pretty clear. With Debbie's increasing openness and aggressiveness, however, Becka saw the roles in their relationship changing in a way she wasn't accustomed to.

In fact it had been months since Becka had pulled a little action on the side for herself, so second of all, Becka admitted, she was confronting for the first time the possibility that she was falling in love.

Therefore, when Debbie suggested, as they got into bed in Becka's apartment, that she might try to seduce her boss during her upcoming summer internship, Becka's stock reaction was more a defense mechanism than a real attempt at humor.

"I'm not a monster, Beck, I'm serious!" Debbie announced across the pillows with a hearty laugh, "You would love Alexia, she is seriously hot!!"

"All right, dirty girl, convince me - what's so hot about her?" Becka asked, rolling up onto her elbow to pay attention.

"Well, you know, just, everything," Debbie replied. "She's ... gorgeous, first of all. In every way. She's really pretty, and she has a perfect body, but that's not really what does it to me, you know what I mean? There's something more to her, that's just hard to describe. It's like, what she says, goes - period. No discussion, and definitely no disagreement. She's in total command of that office. Plus she's always put together just right: she dresses impeccably, her make up's always perfect. She's got this great chestnut hair, but she keeps it pulled straight back, you know? Like the girls in that old Robert Palmer video? She really makes it work, though - it doesn't look out-of-place on her at all, it just looks great. Imagine the sharpest lawyer you ever met, but with Carol Alt's face atop Elle Macpherson's body. Making equity partner at LA's top law firm by age 30 can't be easy, but damn she just makes it look so good!"

"Yo, what's with all the 80's references, babe?" Becka asked, slapping Debbie's ass, just beneath her thong. "Were you even born back then?"

"Shut up. You know what I mean. I just really admire her - it's impossible not to when you look at all she's accomplished - and especially," she said, running her hand up under Becka's t-shirt, "now that my horizons are a little broader, I just can't help myself. Seriously, Becks, you should meet her. Next to you, she's just about the sexiest person I've ever met. Maybe the three of us should get together and see what happ--"

"All right, all right, she's hot, I get it already," Becka replied, with just enough of a chuckle that she seemed to mean it. After a relatively quiet kiss that promised noisier ones to follow, she added, "Just don't embarrass yourself is all I'm saying. I thought you said she's straight, right? Married or something?"

"I think so," Debbie nodded. "There was a picture of some guy on her desk during the interview."

"Well there you go. Look, I'm not saying she shouldn't turn you on, you little slut," Becka said, giving Debbie's nipple a quick pinch, "I'm just saying not every straight chick is as eager to get laid by a girl as you were!"

"Fine, fine," Debbie replied gamely, "I won't make a fool of myself, but I'm telling you right now: I will flirt with her and if she even thinks about considering the notion of possibly making out with me, it's on! Do you understand? It - is - on!"

No, I'm on, Becka thought, rolling the two of them over so she could straddle her lover's waist as their tongues played together. Becka still wasn't sure she liked the overall sound of this idea, but as she pushed up the lacy bra of the blonde goddess underneath her she quickly went past the point where she was really thinking about anything much at all.

"Well, good afternoon, Ms., uh..."


"Ms. Debbie?"

"No, ma'am." [Chuckle.] "Just Debbie."

"Of course, I remember now - you're the first-year, from LA Law. Well, good afternoon, Debbie. Nice to see you again. I like familiarity among my staff, by the way, and I also like the kind of self-starters who are willing to insist on it. Please call me Alex."

"Great - thanks Alex!" Debbie replied, hoping she wasn't seeming too eager. She had already learned that the high-powered litigator liked to use first names, and now, having deployed that tidbit in her first meeting in Alex's office, she couldn't imagine how she could have made a better first impression. All told, Debbie thought to herself, she was doing a pretty good job getting this experience started on the right foot.

"So tell me, Debbie, how did you enjoy your first day here at the firm?"

"Well, it's hard to judge much in eight hours, ma'am," RATS, I mean Alex, she thought, but didn't say. "But so far it certainly seems to be everything I expected. I'm just so pleased to have this opportunity to learn from the best, Alex," Debbie added quickly, grimacing a little at sounding so trite.

"Wow, thanks. The best, huh? Me? Really?" She let the question hang in the air for just a second while Debbie felt her face go red. "That sounds like a summer associate answer, Debbie, but hey - I like it! Remember, flattery will get you everywhere in LA!" Alex laughed, which made Debbie smile broadly with relief. "Seriously, we're really going to enjoy having you here this summer, and actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about."

But the buzz of the speakerphone interrupted Alex' next thought, followed by a woman's voice saying, "Sorry Alex, it's your five-thirty conference call."

"Damn," Alex said with a glance at her watch, "I really have to take that. But tell you what, are you free this evening?"

No matter what Alex meant by it, the question immediately reminded Debbie of all the "seduce the boss" bravado she had shown to Becka the other night. And although Debbie was more than a little intrigued by it, she quickly resolved not to blow her first-year summer associate job - and with it, the launching pad of her whole legal career - by reading more into an innocent social courtesy than was really intended. Without a doubt, she certainly still found this woman nipple-achingly sexy, but Debbie could see the picture of Alex' Ken-doll boyfriend sitting right there on her desk, silently reminding her of the promise she made not to embarrass herself.

Just as she made up her mind to politely demur, however, Debbie heard herself blurt out, "Of course!" She paused, a little surprised at her own answer but trying to think of a way to play it down the middle.

"Great," Alex replied. "I see a lot of myself in you, Debbie. I think you've got some real potential. Come by the house around 8:30 or so, we'll get some Chinese food and talk about what your future could be like. Maggie out front can give you the address and such - see you tonight!"

"Super!" Debbie said, adding, "I look forward to meeting your, ah, husband," with a quick gesture towards the picture.

Alex chuckled and replied with a smirk, "Sure, Debbie, that'll be super. See you later."

"Damn. Oh damn," Debbie muttered softly to herself as she walked away from Alex's office. "Damn, damn, damn. What the hell am I getting myself into..."

"I am not going to hit on her. I am not going to hit on her. I am not going to hit on her." Debbie figured the more often she thought it to herself, the more it would convince her, but it seemed to be having the opposite effect. Each thought of taking a run at her boss left her panties just the slightest bit wetter, and thinking about taking them off like she was nightclubbing definitely wasn't helping. Sternly reminding herself how much of her career was at stake helped, though, so by the time she got to Alex's gorgeous house in Los Feliz she was confident she could keep herself under control.

That is, right up until the door opened. Alex had traded the business suit for a sleeve-less, beige silk top with matching silk pants, and had scrubbed off the day-job makeup leaving her with just her fresh-faced natural beauty, and maybe a touch of lip-gloss.

Most disarming of all to Debbie, she had taken her hair out of its severe pulled-back, "all business" do and let it hang loose, beautifully framing both her face and the hint of cleavage she displayed at her neckline. "Just ... stunning," Debbie thought to herself. "Oh, heaven help me," she thought a nanosecond later.

"Hi, Debbie, come on in," Alex said brightly, "glad you could make it." No peck on the cheek, or even an LA air-kiss, but Debbie swore she could feel a spark of something shoot up her arm when Alex briefly squeezed her hand. "Have a seat, I'll get you a drink. White or red?" she asked.

Hunh? Colors? What's that supposed to mean, white what? Debbie was reeling, there was just something about being around this woman that made Debbie's head feel like it was filled with pudding. White or red? Oh right, wine - duh, she thought.

"Oh, whatever you're having," she said, stepping over to the couch and trying to pinch some sense back into herself.

Alex came back with two big glasses of red and they spent the next hour talking about who knows what. It seemed like an hour, Debbie guessed, but in fact she really had no idea.

Her mind was just a blur, she realized, as she tried desperately to hold up her end of a conversation which seemed focused on work and law and careers - and tried mightily to keep her attention away from the tiny, enticing points Alex's breasts made in the sheer silk top that shifted across her nipples every time she moved.

Suddenly, something broke her train of thought. "I'm sorry, what was that?" Debbie asked her host.

"Your breasts," Alex said. "What size are they?"


Debbie tried to think fast, blinking quickly a couple times and asking herself how the hell did that come up? What have we been talking about?, she wondered. What are we talking about? She realized she had no idea.

"My, uh, b-breasts? Uh, they're, they're uh, they're about a 34D."

"Wow, they're perky for their size, aren't they? Just lovely. Are they sensitive?" Alex asked.


"Your nipples, Debbie, are they sensitive? Some girls with big boobs don't have very sensitive nipples, but yours look a lot like mine," Alex said, running her left index finger in a smooth circle around one of the twin bumps on her chest.

"Yeah, I guess so - wait, what are we talking about?" Debbie asked aloud, trying to shake some clarity back into her head. "Did you just ask me if my nipples are sensitive?" The incredulity of it all was starting to break through a heavy trance Debbie hadn't even realized she was in.

"Yes," said Alex, "your breasts look a lot like mine, and I've always thought I was lucky to have such sensitive nipples," she added, cupping them in her hands and pinching them lightly. "Granted, mine aren't quite as big as yours, but-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoawhoawhoawhoawhat are we doing here?" Debbie interrupted quickly. "I mean, you - what are you doing?" she said, getting up off the couch, but staggering on legs that had gone all watery. "Look, Alex, I, um ... I need to go, ok? I mean, you are really sexy, ok? Really sexy," she added. Debbie was getting more flustered with every word, but she had managed to get up off the couch and walk herself back to the door. "So please don't misunderstand, ok? I'm not saying you're not sexy, and under other different circumstances, actually, I would really appreciate the thought, but--"

"STOP," she heard Alex say from behind her. "Look at me."

Debbie stood motionless, but heard Alex walk up a little closer. "Look at me," Alex repeated, but Debbie remained as still as a statue.

"Turn around, Debbie, and look at me. Now." She turned, but kept her head down.

"Look at me," Alex said softly, as she ran a finger along the line of Debbie's jaw. Then, just at the instant she met Alex's gaze, Debbie felt something wet hit her across the eyes. Stunned, she blinked twice but then stood there motionless, staring straight ahead while Alex calmly looked her in the eyes, worked her tongue against the roof of her mouth for a moment, and did it again.

Is she... spitting on me?, Debbie thought. Who the fuck spits in someone's eyes?

Alex regarded Debbie for a long moment, and then reached out with her thumbs, carefully lifted both of Debbie's eyelids and did it yet again.

One dose of venom was usually enough to stun anyone, Alex thought to herself, and those last two were direct hits. Time to kick this party up a notch.

"Take off your pants and your underwear," Alex said, pulling her top over her head, "and get back on the couch."

Debbie immediately complied, and as she peeled her soaking wet panties off of her cleft she could practically feel her higher brain functions going dark.

"So, Debbie, a minute ago you asked me what I was doing," Alex said. Even though Debbie had briefly stopped wondering much of anything, as soon as Alex repeated it, she realized that now - even more than when she had first asked it - that was a hell of a good question.

"I'm Turning you," Alex explained while Debbie sat her bare ass down on the couch. "I got Turned myself several years ago, and about once a year I get to Turn someone new. Remember Maggie, at the office? She used to go by Margaret. That is, until I Turned her."

Oh, Margaret, Debbie thought through a thick haze of arousal, sure, I remember Margaret - pretty hot Asian chick. As a matter of fact, Margaret was not only very hot, she had graduated magna cum laude from LA Law a couple years earlier and eventually clerked on the Ninth Circuit. Maggie, on the other hand, seemed like her head never held a thought that Alex hadn't put there. "But you don't unnerstann," Debbie whispered groggily, "you don' hafta 'turn' me annywherr, Alexss, i'm already there..." She had both hands between her legs, and had started gently fingering herself. "Promise you won' tell annywon at th' office, ok? But serouslly, if you jus' wanna fuck me, you can jus' fuck me..."

Alex spread Debbie's legs slightly, and kneeled at the edge of the couch just in between them. "Oh, I will sweetie, but it's not like you think. I know you're already into girls, Debbie, but this is different," she said, kneading her breasts.

"The biological changes of Turning take about six months, all told, and as you'll see in a minute, some of them are more, well, dramatic than others. Here, smell this," she said, holding a nipple under Debbie's nose.

Trust, hope, joy, warmth - it was incredible. Smells can trigger powerful memories of time and place, but Debbie never knew anything could smell so much like feelings and emotions before. After taking a couple deep whiffs of Alex's nipple Debbie licked it, moaned softly, and then greedily sucked Alex's breast deep into the back of her mouth.

"Oh-hh. That's nice," Alex said. "Yeah, suck it, Debbie. Just like that. Drink it all - deep. Oh shit, that feels good. You got a taste of this in the wine already, but you need to get a few more ounces straight from the source before you'll be ready to be implanted."

Implanted? The thought of being "implanted" sounded kinda not-so-great to Debbie, but since at the moment she found herself sucking pure, liquified bliss from this incredible woman's breasts, she figured she'd focus on that first, and worry about the implanting and such later. "Here, give me your hand," said Alex. "I want you to feel something."

Debbie felt Alex guide her hand between Alex's legs, and for the first several seconds, Debbie just enjoyed the simple pleasure of fingering a beautiful woman's turned-on, wet pussy. After a moment, though, Debbie felt something unusual under her palm. Pulling her hand away, she glanced down and thought to herself that Alex's clit seemed to be sized more like a thick red thumb.

After a longer look she realized that what she was watching reminded her of seeing a big dog's dick unsheathe itself in all its shameless, visceral glory. "Slide down the couch a little bit, baby," said Alex. "Use your tongue on it."

Debbie slid her butt down off the couch so Alex would be able to climb up and straddle her face. Alex's whole body shuddered as Debbie put her mouth to work on Alex's strange anatomy. "That's it," Alex said, "use your tongue just like that, baby, tease it out. Oh fuck yeah, you are really good at this, Debbie. Lick it out just like that."

What "it" was, in fact, was slowly starting to dawn on Debbie even through her venom-addled mind. What she had first thought was just a dramatically oversized clit had still not stopped growing. It was now at least two inches across, stretched out about a full seven inches from Alex's pussy, and judging by the wrinkly texture of the skin hanging from it, it appeared to have room to grow even more.

"You ... have a ... cock?" Debbie asked dizzily, her lips dripping with Alex's milky secretions. It sure looked a lot like one, all veiny and rigid, but it had no head and a relatively huge slit at the end.

"Not quite," Alex said, shuddering once more as she ran that oversized slit across Debbie's lips. "A biologist would probably call it an o- [shudder] ovipositor. You see, The Turning will make some pretty major chemical changes to the function of the glands in your mouth, your skin, and definitely your breasts, but it doesn't change their physical structure all that much, really. But this," she said, proudly sliding her wet member down across Debbie's tits, "this is all new." Alex stroked it the way a guy would his cock, and forced a large blob of fluid out from that strikingly large slit. "This is the hot part, Debbie. Watch."

Alex was soon moaning deeply as she stroked her phallus with her right hand and massaged the area around her anus and perineum with her left. After a minute, Debbie noticed that something appeared to be descending from Alex's body down into the base of her freakish alien penis. It was large and bulbous, and actually seemed to be throbbing a little. For some reason it reminded Debbie of a fish writhing in a pelican's gullet - she could clearly see its broader contours through the now-taut skin of Alex's member.

Judging by Alex's reactions, the process of spawning this baseball-sized pod down into her new sex organ was giving her overpowering pleasure.

"That's my egg," Alex announced to Debbie as she panted from the sexual exertion, "Your egg, I should say. Pull your knees way up now, Debbie, and spread your legs as wide as you can. You're about to become a whole new woman."

With a quick look down, Debbie saw a line of thick, milky ooze dripping from the slit at the end of Alex's bizarre dick. It occurred to her that although her thoughts were dulled and primal, and she didn't have the brainpower to disobey Alex's instructions if she tried, her body was physically sensitized like it had never been before. Her every heartbeat felt like a thunderclap in her nipples and clit, and her labia were not only soaked with her girlcum, but visibly distended and swollen with lust. She should be terrified, she thought dimly, and perhaps on some level she was, but she also knew that in about 5 seconds she was going to get fucked by the alien-altered she-bitch in front of her, and she was going to come like crazy when it happened.

Like a caricature of a testicle, the egg pulsed within the tight skin at the base of Alex's pseudo-cock. With a sigh, Alex positioned the drippy tip of her unit at the entrance to her lover's cunt. Both women soon gasped loudly as Debbie took Alex's first short penetrations. They quieted then, somewhat, as Alex settled into the heavier rhythm that would drive the egg deep into Debbie's womb. Debbie's hips rolled with each thrust, and she kissed Alex passionately, since on the primal level her body was operating on she was just getting a hell of a good fuck.

She ground her clit against the ridged top of the phallus as it moved within her, which both drove her sensations higher and higher and aided the passage of the alien bulb down the egg channel in Alex's prick.

Both women wallowed in delicious agony as the egg progressed further and further, inch by exquisite inch, down Alex's cocktube and deeper into Debbie. Soon the egg was just at the brink, and when at last it popped with a quick spurt out the end of Alex's thick appendage, they ground against each other passionately and cried out - sharing a deep, joint orgasm - one already Turned, the other just on the precipice.

Even as the first micro-thin tendrils from "her" egg were already threading themselves into Debbie's bloodstream and into the base of her spine, what was left of her lust-fogged human mind pondered a final idle thought.

She wondered to herself whether Becka would now find their little in-joke ironic, or was it prophetic? Soon enough, she thought. Either way, I'll find out soon.

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