How I Got Tied Up With My Husband's Friends

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Has your sex life ever gotten a bit boring? Well, for Mike and I, I decided I'd get tied-up with friends of his for a good time. I was bound to enjoy it, that's for sure. I was restrained while they all had a good time. It was all a cinch, really.

Chapter 1

"Let's do something different, Mike. Seems like we do the same old things, suck and fuck, and yes, it's nice, but I really want us to try something that will make my pussy just go wild. Like when I was first having sex. I couldn't get enough, I just had a buzz in my pussy all the time. I wanna feel that buzz again. I mean, I'm twenty-six, not seventy-six. I want that buzz again."

"Sounds like you need a new vibrator, Gina."

"No, I didn't mean, buzz, exactly like that, I mean like a real turn-on. Something that would make me sopping wet every time I would think of it."

"Ew, now, is there anything you have in mind? Some secret fantasy?"

"Hmm, fantasy. Well, I've wondered how bondage might be, you know, tying me to the bed, stuff like that. No rough stuff, you know I don't like that."

"Well, there's an adult store near work that I could check out. You're serious about this?"

"Yeah, I think so, just no pain and stuff. Nice people's bondage, you know."

"Well, no, I don't know exactly but I'll shop around and see."

So, Mike was going to the sex shop down in the industrial area where he works and look around. Better him than me. I like Victoria's Secret, not Sculley's Whips and Chains Shoppe. Not my style.

Two nights later, he came home with a plain brown paper bag and said, "Well, here's the stuff. Tie-ups for the wrists and feet, it's wonderful what they're doing with Velcro these days."

So, Saturday evening, we lit candles in the bedroom and Mike went around the bed

tying the wrist bands to the bed frame. My pussy was so wet and eager, I couldn't stand it.

"God, am I sexed-up. Want me naked?"

"Sure, then I'll fasten you down."

Just the words made my pussy drip with anticipation.

I spread out on the bed and he had me raise up and he put a pillow up under my butt. Then, it was only a minute or so before I was firmly spreadeagled on the bed. My pussy was right out there.

MIke took his clothes off and got a feather off the dresser. Oh, god, I thought, I hate being tickled.

Then, he approached the bed, bent over and french-kissed me for a minute. Next, he licked my nipples, then drew the feather back and forth across them sending shivers of erotic delight all over my bound body.

"Oh, Mike, oooh, that's good. Look how hard my nips are. They're really out."

"Let's see what we can do with your clit," and he runs the feather down my stomach and abdomen and down my slit which is spread for him by the tiedowns. He touched the feather tip right over my clit and just teased me with it. Then he spread my hood with his fingers and caressed my clit with the feather.

"Oh, my god, oh MIke, oh, wow, that is so good. Oh, you're gonna drive me crazy with that."

"Just what I want," and the feather touched me gently again sending shivers of ecstasy through me.

He got up between my legs and bent down with his face near my pussy. Oh, good, I thought, I'm gonna get licked which I adore. But, no, he blows on my pussy. Oh, it feels weird, well, weird and nice. Then, he pulls my labia apart and gently puffed breaths of air directed right at my vaginal opening.

"Oh, MIke, oh, baby, that's wild," I said as I squirmed in the straps. Then the feather again, gently up and down my slit with the lightest touch. I wiggled as much as I could but I was fastened pretty tightly, then, he blows again on my pussy and gives me the slightest lick to wet my labia. Then blows. It sent chills all over me.

"God, Mike, you're making me so hot, do something more, touch me harder. More firmly."

But, no, he opened to my clit again and blew gently, then licked softly and blew again. Then, the feather.

"Oh, god, Mike, you've got to fuck me pretty soon, please."

I could feel my juices drooling down my butt between my cheeks, I was so turned-on. Then, he went over to the dresser and got something out of a cup and brought it back to the bed. An ice cube.

He touched it to each nipple, then rubbed it around and around each aureole, making my nipples ache for his warm mouth. Then, the ice went between my legs.

"Oh, my god, Mike, oh, oh, please fuck me soon. Please," and he pushed the melting cube up inside me.

"Oh, oh, oh, OOH, OOH, OOH, OOH, OOH, omigod, it made me cum, oh, MIke, oh, oh."

He's hardly touched me and now I've had one of the hardest orgasms I've ever had. I asked for our lovemaking to get a little new spark, boy, I got what I'd wished for.

And he's back with the feather, just tickling my clit. It must be sticking out by now, it feels exposed and every touch is electric. Then, he licks on it and blows on it. Then, the feather. Just over and over and over.

I never knew such extreme pleasure could be so agonizing, it was both and it was wonderful. I could feel another orgasm coming on as he licked, blew, then tickled.

"Oh, MIke I can't stand ... UUH, UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, uuh. uhh, oh, oh, oh, Mike, fuck me now, please fuck me. I want you now. Please."

Then, he got up between my legs and plunged his cock straight down into me all the way and pushed as far deep as he could and just held right there.

Oh, it was incredible. I was bound tightly but I could move my hips a bit and I struggled as hard as I could to move his cock deep down inside me. Then it hit as I bucked against him.

"UNN, UNN, UNN, UNN, uhh, uhh, uhh, oh, oh, oh, MIke, oh, Mike, I can't believe how good this is. Oh, just stay inside me. It feels so good. Whew, I feel exhausted. And very, very happy. Thanks, love, you're the best."

Then, Mike untied me and we hugged and kissed for a long time. Usually, after we make love, I can fall asleep fairly soon after. This time, I was so wound-up, my pussy so stimulated that it was hours before I could sleep. And only with a hand between my legs.

As we began to wake the next morning, Sunday, my mind was immediately back to the night before and the wonderful session we had. I lay there fingering myself and when Mike turned on his back and made some waking-up noises, I got up on my knees, pulled the sheet back and took his semi-hard cock in my mouth and sucked him awake.

"Oh, wow, hon, good morning to you, too."

Once he was really good and hard, I got up over him, reached under and sat down on him pushing his cock deep inside.

"Mmm. That's what I want. Mmm, yum, you feel so good inside me," and I began rocking back and forth.

After we had lovely orgasms, we lay in each other's arms just enjoying the mood.

"Mmm, this bondage thing has really sexed you up, hon. You're hot stuff. A tiger."

"I love it. Oh, MIke, what you did to me, teasing me like that, oh, baby, I'd fuck the whole Marine Corps after that."

"Well, I don't know the whole Marine Corps, you'll just have to choose a smaller group."

"Think I could?"

"Could what?"

"Choose other guys to bring into the fun."

"You bound up on the bed and a group of guys doing whatever?"

"Well, maybe. Am I an awful slut for thinking of it?"

"Look, babe, these new things we're doing are getting me more action in the bedroom than even when we were first together. So, tell me what you want. You might just get it."

I really thought he'd veto the idea right off. But...

"Um, what about your golfing buddies?"

"You mean with you tied to the bed. What, and them just doing whatever they wanted to you?"

"Well, um, maybe."

"God, Gina, you're something."

"Awful, huh?"

"Well, there's Dan, Ken, Brian and Tony. Well, and me. I'm included, right?"

"Of course, always."

I'm thinking back to something a former girlfriend of Mike's friend, Brian, once told me. About how big a dick he had. She sang his praises every time she saw me. Hmm, Brian, too, as part of the group.

"Is this something you really might want to do?"

"Well, I don't know. I mean they're all pretty decent guys. I don't think anything would go wrong."

"If you want it, hon, I'll ask them. Knowing these four, they'd love to have you naked and tied to the bed."

"Well, let's not do it if you think you would be unhappy about it, you know, jealous, or just embarrassed over it all," I said.

"If it gets me fucked more, I'm all for it. And, I think I'd like to see you get it from all these guys. I'm hard again, just thinking about it."

"Good, let me just take care of that for you," and I bent over and sucked him until his cum warmly erupted in my mouth.

He called me at work on Monday and asked if next Sunday night would be good for meeting with his golfing buddies. I froze for a few seconds before I answered, "Yes," as I realized I was going to be tied to the bed with five naked men in the room, all prepared to fuck me.

I wanted to make sure that Mike was happy with the decision, so I fucked him every night and set the alarm ahead fifteen minutes each morning to suck him off. He was a happy man. And, I was a horny woman, wet all week just thinking about what I was going to get on Sunday.

Chapter 2

The time dragged, really dragged. And finally, it was six-thirty when the four guys were due. Mike had me wear a negligee that was his favorite, mainly because it basically showed everything I have. He also carefully shaved me all nice and clean and used whipped cream so he could lick the final bits off. He's so thoughtful.

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