Lapis Lazuli
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Fiction, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In a sword and sorcery world, sometimes the exact right person for the job, when you need something valuable stolen, isn't a professional thief.

Lapis looked into the mirror and seriously considered getting into a new line of work. She was still beautiful: beautiful enough that even the youngest girls at The Painted Lady gave her evil looks.

She had taken a few risks over the years, elevating herself from simply attractive to stunning, but the effort had been worth it. Her only visible scar was a smooth blue gem, flecked in gold, where her left eye should be. But rather than hide that eye, she had taken the magical scar and turned it into an asset: a way to stand out from all the other whores. She had even changed her name. No one knew her by any name other than Lapis Lazuli.

But she was also no longer eighteen. Granted, her hair was still soft and wavy auburn; her body was still trim with long legs, a tight rounded ass, and breasts that defied nature in their large perfect roundness; but she had recently noticed a single wrinkle in the corner of her good eye, and another small line at the edge of her mouth when she smiled.

She needed to either think about retiring, find herself a wealthy patron in search of a live-in mistress, or she needed to start looking for a wizard that could correct these microscopic flaws without turning her into a caricature of a beautiful woman. Neither option appealed to her. She loved what she did, and young men still bankrupted their life savings for an hour of her time, but her philosophy had always been "you don't stay ahead if you don't plan ahead." She needed a third option that didn't leave her fate in somebody else's hands.

Just then, Madame knocked on the doorframe and walked into the room. Madame was the only person who could walk into Lapis's room uninvited, but she also didn't knock first on the other girls' doors. She was good at those kinds of compromises.

"Your next appointment cancelled and you have a walk-in." she announced.

"I don't do walk-ins. You know that."

"You don't turn away a priest of Fate when he asks for something."

Lapis raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

" ... and he paid in gold. In advance."

"Ah," Lapis replied. Madame would sell her unborn children for the right price ... but she would also get top dollar. "What did you promise in exchange for the nice priest's gold?"

"Fifteen minutes of conversation. No touching. No skin."

Lapis's heart sank. "You let a priest in to sermon at me, and tell me what a sinful woman I am?"

"A little religion will be good for you," Madame said, "and he promised to match his initial payment for every minute he went over fifteen. You have suddenly become a very bad girl in need of a long drawn out confession."

"Is he good for it?"

"I'm amazed he didn't get mugged coming here with that much money on him, priest or no," Madame replied smugly. "Try to make sure he has less temptation for muggers with him on his way back to the abbey."

While Madame went back downstairs to fetch the priest, Lapis changed into a simple ankle-length long-sleeve nightgown and fetched a prayer mat out of her toy closet. The nightgown was deceptive in its modesty. It had a demure lace-trimmed neckline, but that neckline was low enough to prominently display her bountiful breasts. The material was plain and off-white, but was just thin enough that her nipples poked clearly at the fabric and the neatly trimmed dark hair above her legs was visible if the priest stared.

Lapis unrolled the prayer mat and arranged her nightgown so that it was pulled tight against her body as she kneeled on it. Facing the door, she bowed her head and placed her hands as if she were praying, but those same hands also pushed the fabric tighter against her belly and the underside of her breasts. The priest was treated to a vision of naughty innocence when he entered the room.

Head down, Lapis smiled when she heard the priest's breath catch and a small gasp escape his lips.

"Greetings holy father," Lapis said in a voice that started out innocent. "I've been told that you have been gracious enough to pay to hear my confession. I'm afraid I've been very naughty, but the wicked Madam here won't let me speak to you for more than fifteen minutes without payment. Could I get you to promise to pay to hear all of my confession?" The last she said in her sexiest whisper.

Instead of the naughty role-play Lapis expected, the priest chuckled and said, "Actually, while I would be very interested in hearing your confession, I've come to offer you a business deal."

This is why I don't do walk-ins, Lapis thought silently; but aloud she said simply as she raised her head, "What kind of deal?"

"I am knows as Chance, servant of the great god Fate. I have a particular gift from my god that allows me to find the absolute right person for a particular job. If there is a job that no one can accomplish, I can find the one person who can."

"And what is this job that you have in mind for me?"

"I will pay you your weight in gold for breaking into the main temple of the Sunfish god and bringing me the eyes from the statue within."

Lapis laughed. "I'm not a thief. For a guy who prides himself on his judgment, you certainly picked the wrong person today."

"Entering the main temple of the Sunfish god is punishable by death," the priest continued as if Lapis had not spoken. "This is mainly due to the statue of their god upon the altar. The statue itself is nothing special: a large flat sandstone fish head with sandstone sun rays projecting out of it. But the eyes of the statue are a pair of huge, blue faceted gems."

"How huge are we talking here?" Lapis asked, intrigued despite herself.

"Each gem is a faceted disk about as wide as your shoulders and as thick as your thigh."

Lapis whistled softly. "Are the blue gems lapis lazuli?" she asked.

The priest chuckled softly, "No. I chose you for other reasons than your name."

"Why did you choose me then?"

"My god said you were the right person for the job," the priest replied simply. "When you have completed the task, bring the gems to the main temple of Fate for your payment."

"I haven't agreed to do the job," Lapis objected.

"If you don't do it, no one else can," the priest replied, then turned and left.

As soon as the priest left the room, Madame rushed in.

"Are you all right?" Madame asked. "He was out the door in five minutes. Did something go wrong?"

"I'm fine," Lapis replied as she got up from the prayer mat. "Weren't you listening at the door?"

"I think he be-spelled it. I didn't hear a thing."

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