Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What do you do when you find out your wife is cheating? Get angry? Get even? Retreat into your shell and blot the world out?

What do you do when you find out your wife is cheating? Get angry? Get even? Retreat into your shell and blot the world out? I don't know, probably a bit of all three. The key to keeping your sanity is to get the balance right, the trouble is I don't think anyone knows what the right balance is.

I didn't when I first suspected that Christine, my wife of ten years, was cheating. There were little things that didn't add up and, over time, I got more suspicious. I suppose these suspicions simmered for about three months before they came to a head one night when Christine was late in. I knew she was going out after work but had expected her home around nine pm, it was about ten-thirty when she arrived home. I asked her what she had been doing and she said that she had been out with her friends Sam (as in Samantha) and Linda. Trouble was, Linda had rung me at about eight-thirty and asked me to talk her through a problem on her computer. There was obviously a breakdown in communications somewhere but, in my experience, liars always get caught.

Now, I had been utterly faithful to Christine over the years. Don't get me wrong, I would still look at and appreciate an attractive woman but I never once moved beyond window shopping, even although I had a few offers over the years.

Christine was thirty three, four years younger than me, an attractive woman with big boobs, nice long, brown hair, and a flawless complexion that some girls are blessed with. She dressed well, kept a tidy house and was a good cook. She was fun in bed and was everyone's ideal wife but I was certain she was cheating and, in my eyes, she instantly turned into the ugliest bird in Northampton, where we lived.

I went to bed almost immediately, I didn't want a confrontation. I felt Christine join me an hour later but I pretended to be asleep and Christine was asleep quickly. However, I laid there tossing and turning, thinking about what to do. It was a good job Christine was a heavy sleeper. I eventually got to sleep having formed a plan in my mind.

In the morning I got up early, went to my home office and started browsing the internet, I wanted a tracking device. I eventually found what I wanted, a GPS device which would keep a log of its journey and times, which could either be replayed, or downloaded into a mapping program such as autoroute. I ordered the device and arranged delivery to a friend's house nearby. Ross knew of my suspicions about Christine, he had caught his wife cheating a few years ago, and gave me the 'been there - done that' talk.

I went round to see him that evening and told him I was finally doing something about it as I had a bare faced lie which needed explaining. He said he would ring me on my mobile when my package arrived.

Two days later Ross rang me and I went round to collect my package, wondering how to fit it to her car without Christine noticing. In the end the problem solved itself. When she got in from work, she asked me if I would take her car to the garage in the morning and warned me that she would be late home. I was going to a meeting in London the next day and could drop it off on my way to the station then pick it up on my way home. Brilliant! I fitted the tracker under the rear parcel shelf of my car, she never went in the boot as it was full of my tools. I went round the block, got back and hooked the unit up to my laptop. My ten minute drive appeared highlighted on the autoroute map.

The following day she arrived home late, apparently she had been out with Sam and Linda again. It was too late do anything about it that night without arousing suspicions, so I went to bed and tried to put it out of my mind. Christine followed me through the shower and into bed.

Once in bed she initiated sex. Now this was quite unusual. Lately, I always had to make the first move, this was one of my suspicions that had built up over the last three months. I wasn't really in the mood and it must have shown because, after a few minutes, she scooted down the bed and started sucking me. With this I got hard and she planted her pussy onto my mouth. I soon got into the mood, even with the nagging doubt that someone else was fucking her. She came hard, got off me and speared herself with my dick. I fucked her hard, I suppose I was angry, but she met every thrust and got off again. I came and she came again. She then said, "Wow! What got into you tonight, that was a hard fuck, but I enjoyed it." I was confused but I was also tired and fell asleep quickly.

As soon as I got up the next morning I went out to retrieve the tracker and plugged it into my laptop. I saw her drive to work then, from work, she went to a road on the other side of town and parked in a cul-de-sac, Preston Gardens, until driving home. I had a look on Google earth, and there are six very large detached houses in their own grounds. Each house appeared to be secluded from its neighbours by carefully planted trees, with views over open country to the rear. These places would fetch £750,000+.

I needed a good excuse to check out all the occupants in Preston Gardens and decided to revive the business idea I had a year or so ago; to offer a complete home maintenance service to well off householders, and printed off eight colour brochures. It meant doing some cold calling but it was the best cover I could think of.

I drove across town and parked at the head of the cul-de-sac. My first impressions were confirmed, every house had two or three expensive cars parked on the drive, Audi's, Merc's, BMW's, that type of thing. My Ford Focus looked well out of place.

The first house was occupied by an elderly retired couple, they invited me in and were very interested in my idea. We chatted away for maybe twenty minutes, and I think I could have closed the sale there and then but I wanted to leave it open to come back so I left my details and went on to the next house.

They were a couple in there early forties. The husband worked from home, much like me and they had three teenage children who were at home. They didn't want my services, the husband was clearly quite comfortable with major DIY projects. I didn't see how he could entertain my wife under the noses of his children even if his wife was away. There was no-one in at the next house. so that was still a possible.

The fourth house was occupied by a very attractive young woman in her mid twenties, now I wouldn't mind dallying with her! Her husband was away so that ruled him out and anyway, with a wife like, that I couldn't see Christine getting a look in.

The fifth house was empty and up for sale. The last one was occupied by a Japanese family, the husband worked at a new development in the town.

I had discounted all but the house where there was no reply when a thought struck me, maybe they had used the house that was up for sale. I decided to pay the agents a visit.

I went home, changed into a suit, and rang the agents for an appointment. They said that all viewings had to be accompanied so, if I was on the right track, that limited it to someone who worked for the agents.

I went to their office in town and pretended to have arrived by train from London, that way they would take me to the house and my car wouldn't be seen again. I spent maybe ten minutes in the offices and didn't see anyone that fitted the bill. I had already decided I was looking for a man aged thirty to sixty and both the manager and her assistant were female! Maybe Christine had turned bisexual on me.

The house viewing left me no closer to an answer, the house was empty and there were no signs of a recent visit. The electric was also off so the place would have been dark last night.

I knew that I was missing something and when I got home I just sat in my office and played around on my computer. The answer was in Preston Gardens but I hadn't found it. I also tried to think of any valid reason why Christine would have spent yesterday evening there but I couldn't.

While I was sitting there an e-mail came in, from All it said was 'Getting warm in Preston Gardens'. It had to be related to my search but who had my e-mail address? Then I remembered that it was on the brochures so someone in Preston Gardens knew something. I decided to go back and see the old couple. Maybe they would give something away, without even knowing what they knew.

As I pulled up outside the house again my phone beeped with a text, it said 'Getting colder'. I tried to ring the number that sent the text but no one answered. I got out of the car and decided to have a quick walk round again, just to see if anything struck me. Besides, someone was watching me and playing the old hotter-colder game with me.

As I walked up the cul-de-sac I got another text, 'Getting warmer again', so I carried on walking. As I got to the house that was occupied by the twenty something whose hubby was away I got yet another text, 'Getting hot now'. As I approached the gates the front door opened and the lady called me in.

This was the start of the blackest hour of my life. Well, maybe not that bad, after all I was almost certain Christine was cheating from my own enquiries, but even so, this meeting confirmed my worst fears.

As I walked up the drive the woman held out her hand and said "I am Amanda Gawton. I think we need to have a talk, please come in."

I looked at the woman in her mid twenties and noticed the long blonde hair, large tits, perfect skin and a pretty face, lightly but expensively made up. I realised that I was looking at how the other half live, the really rich ones.

The house was very well furnished and decorated and I was shown into a large 'through' living room with views over the back garden and across the adjoining fields. "Please sit down," said Amanda, "I will get straight to the point. Your wife is having an affair with my husband, it has been going on for three months, maybe more."

My face probably showed pain and hate, to start an affair like she had was a pretty horrid thing to do.

She then carried on to explain that she became really suspicious about six weeks ago and finally employed a private investigator to follow her husband. She had arrived home late yesterday from a visit to her mother in France and, today, the investigators called round and gave her the news, together with pictures, times and places. She showed me the file and there was no doubt, there was my wife with her husband in various states of undress along with Christine's name and address. One picture was taken with a powerful telephoto lens where they were naked and having sex, she was riding him. My house calls in the cul-de-sac had confirmed to her that I was on to Christine. "Otherwise it would have been an amazing coincidence," Amanda commented.

I explained my tracking device and what it had uncovered. She asked me what I was going to do and I said, "Throw her out."

Amanda then started to tell me a bit about her husband. His father was the owner of a large shoe factory, as well as several other business interests and factories, and his son was a junior partner in these enterprises. Amanda had to sign a pre-nuptial agreement and, whilst their status in English law is doubtful, her only chance of coming away with a decent settlement was to prove James' adultery. Amanda said, "I had a clause inserted at the last minute invalidating the pre-nup if James was unfaithful. But I want revenge, it isn't the first time he has cheated and I doubt it will be the last." After a pause she went on to say, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." She wanted half of everything, including her husband's holdings in the various businesses.

She then asked me about my circumstances and I explained that we were mortgage free and fairly well off, two incomes and no kids. She asked me if I wanted to give half to my cheating, soon to be ex, wife. Needless to say I answered no.

She was going to organise a showdown, in front of her father-in-law, at the factory where her husband was MD and my wife worked in the accounts department. There was also a step-sister who was involved with the business, she had been sidelined and was pissed off, so she was the way in.

What I couldn't understand was why he would cheat on Amanda, she was every bloke's dream girl. Anyway, she went to the kitchen and made a pot of tea, and we talked. She helped me put a plan together to protect my assets and gave me the name of a friendly solicitor, she thought this would take two to three weeks. I asked if the affair was likely to fizzle out and she said no, they got together at least twice a week.

Having laid our plans, we parted as comrades-in-arms, if not friends. Somehow, though she was a very attractive woman, I didn't warm to Amanda as a person but, perhaps, that was due to the circumstances of our meeting. Yes, I was gutted and upset, but I think having a plan and a comrade-in-arms helped me face it. And, after all, it wasn't a surprise, I had been making my own enquires because I knew in my own mind she was cheating.

So, having agreed to her plan, I went home, the cheater would be home in an hour or so. I decided to start playing mind games with Christine over the next few weeks. I would try to initiate sex on the nights when I knew she had seen James. I would change my plans at the last minute to try and fuck with their schedule. But, I agreed with Amanda, I wasn't going to confront her or let her know I knew until the time was right. I also idly wondered about a revenge fuck with Amanda, she was certainly fit, but I was ambivalent about it.

The next two days passed without incident and then, that evening, Christine announced she was going to be late tomorrow night as she was going out with Sam and Linda. I sent a text to Amanda saying, 'They are fucking tomorrow night'. She replied, 'I know he has just told me that he will be away tomorrow night. Want to have a little fun? Pick me up at 4pm'. I wasn't sure what she meant but wondered about a revenge fuck.

I picked her up at home and she said, "We are off to the Travel Lodge near the M1. They always meet there unless I am away, and he stays over, he is supposed to be in London. They will arrive about six o'clock so that gives us time." She didn't say what we would have time for. When we got there she had a whispered chat with the girl on the reception desk and was handed a pass key to a room in exchange for a £20 note. Amanda explained, "Everyone has their price. Hers was twenty pounds and we get to go to their room before they get here."

Once in the room she took a packet from her handbag and folded the bed back, "Itching powder," she said without smiling. "That will give them something to think about."

She then put a small camera behind the curtain. "I will recover that in the morning and give you a call."

In five minutes we were back at reception and Amanda asked the girl on reception if she would be on in the morning. She said she would so Amanda told her not to let anyone else into the room after the guests left. She slipped her another £20. The girl asked if it was her husband, and Amanda said it was and that my wife was involved. The girl on reception seemed to be on our side.

I then headed back to Amanda's house. When we arrived she asked me to come in and I accepted. I began to see that her coldness was due to the fact that she had loved her husband and felt let down as well as disgusted. I felt the same really.

She showed me to the living room and asked if I would like a drink. I asked for a tea and Amanda went to the kitchen leaving me sitting in the living room. After a few minutes she emerged from the kitchen and my jaw dropped. She was carrying a tray with two mugs of tea and a plate of biscuits, but was completely naked.

Amanda smirked and said, "Do you like what you see?"

"Yes!" I replied when I could speak again.

Amanda laughed and said, "I need sex and I expect you do as well. I do not want James anywhere near me. I despise him and I suppose you do not feel very loving towards Christine at the moment. I think we should try being friends with benefits for the moment, at least until this mess is sorted."

"You're a very attractive woman," I said. "I'm not going to turn you down."

"But not attractive enough to stop James ... fucking around," she said bitterly. With that, she set the tray down on the table and sat on my lap.

I started kissing her and rubbing her boobs. She opened her legs to reveal a landing strip of short blonde hair. I moved my hand to her pussy, she was wet, and I started rubbing her clit. She started to get worked up and said, "I am the only one naked around here, that is not a very nice party."

She got off my lap and I got up to shed my clothes as quickly as I could. I had a good hard-on and she grabbed it, dropped to her knees and started sucking it. I laid down on the rug and pulled Amanda on top of me, she knew exactly what I had in mind and scooted her bum up to my face whilst swallowing my dick. I worked at her pussy with my tongue, she smelt and tasted like she was behaving - really horny. I soon found her clit and, as soon as I put my tongue to it, she started to come; talk about hair trigger! As she came she swallowed more of my dick and I could feel her lips on my pubic hair. I continued to lick her and tease her and she came again, harder this time. Now her pussy was all wet and squishy, she certain didn't have a problem with natural lubrication.

As she came I also came, I warned her but she kept her lips on my dick and swallowed the lot. We then lay there chatting in the sixty-nine position on the rug in her living room. Every so often I worked at her pussy with my mouth and, a couple of times, stabbed and licked her anus which really turned her on. I got two more comes out her. She kept licking my dick, to keep it hard. We talked about our lives but kept off the subject of our spouses. I was enjoying the attention my dick was receiving and, judging by the little moans coming from Amanda, I was doing something right as well. I don't think either of us wanted to spoil the moment.

She then looked up and exclaimed, "Good God, its eight-thirty! We have been doing this for two hours!" And with that she jumped up and impaled herself on my dick. We had a quick ride and I shot my third load into her pussy. We lay there for another ten minutes or so, I was admiring her body, she really was a looker.

She then got up and said, "Come on, quick shower to get rid of my pussy smell and then you need to get home otherwise Christine will be suspicious." I actually hadn't thought about Christine for the last 2 hours. My face must have clouded because Amanda said, "Just think, I am here for you whenever you can get away. Anyone who can lick pussy like that has to be a keeper." With that she dragged me to the shower.

Before I left we had a quick chat, just sitting on the settee, and Amanda told me a bit more about James. Her husband was fifteen years older than her, they had been married six years and Amanda was twenty seven. She told me that she wanted to explore her sexuality but James just wanted a missionary fuck. He would only eat her out or do doggy style very occasionally and that was about his limit. I asked how they got together and she admitted that she was impressed with his wealth and status, and that she loved him. If he had been faithful she would have accepted a limited sex life.

I got dressed and prepared to set off home. She kissed me deeply as I was leaving and said, "If you have to fuck Christine to stop her from getting suspicious I wont mind, but I am not letting James anywhere near me. He has no idea how to please a woman. He refuses to lick my pussy unless I have just washed it and then only for a few minutes. I tested you tonight, I have not washed down there for two days but that did not stop you."

"You just smelt sexy to me," I said. "I've always enjoyed eating pussy and the way you came and flooded my face, well it turned me on like nothing ever has before."

What really upset her was the fact that she was fairly sure he was doing things with Christine that he wouldn't do with her.

I told her Christine was OK in bed but lately she didn't have time for me, which was hardly surprising since she was shagging James.

I walked back to my car, she waved and went in. I think I was falling under her spell, my earlier reservations about Amanda had evaporated.

I got home around nine-thirty and waited up for Christine. She turned up at quarter to eleven and said that she was late because she had to take her friend home as she wasn't well. I also noticed she was fidgeting a lot, the itching powder had obviously done its job. She went for a shower and was a long time. When she came out I was already in bed and she said, "Aren't you having a shower?" I told her I had one before she came in. She then got into bed and after my workout with Amanda I was asleep in a few minutes.

Amanda rang me the next morning to tell me she had recovered the camera and it made interesting viewing. "I'll look at it the next time they get together," I said

Amanda sighed and said, "I hope it's not too long, I enjoyed last night. By the way, did you know Christine took it up her bum?"

"Yes, I very occasionally get an arse fuck off her, if she feels she owes me for some reason."

"Well, James won't fuck me there, he says it is disgusting but he is obviously not disgusted by her anus. Do you think my anus is particularly horrible?"

"It looked normal and fuckable to me. I licked it last night."

"I know and I loved it," she giggled. "It really turned me on."

We continued to talk sex for a few more minutes and Amanda made it clear she expected me to test drive her arse the next time we met.

After the positive reaction to the home maintenance package that I got from the older couple in Preston Gardens I decided that idea was worth pursuing. It had been rolling around in my head for over a year and it was only the need to visit Preston Gardens that made me dust it off again. I decided to get a trial run of brochures printed and use a mixture of direct mail and cold calling. If I spent a half day each week on it I would get some idea if it was viable. I wouldn't take any payments until I had enough potential customers to make it worth doing, I thought this would be between fifty and seventy five households signed up. I could then enter into negotiations with local tradesmen, plumbers, roofers, etc to provide the actual services.

As I walked out of the print shop I bumped into Amanda. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and asked what I was doing. She was quite formal and anyone who didn't know wouldn't suspect what we were doing the previous evening. I told her that the brochure I had brought round was actually a genuine business idea, just that I hadn't developed it yet.

She asked if I wanted to have a coffee or tea with her and tell her about it, and I agreed. We discussed my plans and she had a lot of ideas of how to develop the business, I was surprised and said so. She then told me that she had a degree in business studies but James wouldn't let her have any role in the family business. I said I was surprised. From what she told me I thought she was wasted sitting at home waiting for him to come home - or not...

She then let another bombshell drop. "I would like to invest in the business. We can set it up as a limited company and launch much bigger than your original plans. I have the money and we can be fifty-fifty." I asked where the money was coming from and she said, "Don't worry, it's not James' money. I have a large investment portfolio left to me by my Grandfather, I don't need the money from James, I just want to hurt him as revenge for the way he has hurt me." We chatted away for another half hour and in the end I said I needed to go as I had a job to do in the afternoon. Amanda and I walked out of the tea rooms and when we got to the pavement she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said "I won't forget that arse fuck and rim job you promised me," before heading off.

I really couldn't make her out, she seemed to totally professional one minute, and a total sex bomb the next. She had given me food for thought about my business idea and I wasn't sure what to do about it.

That evening I had another chance to play some mind games with Christine. We were due to visit her mum and dad who lived just outside Northampton. I said, "I need to drop a brochure off on the way out, I'll only be five minutes." I was going to call on the old couple again and try to close the sale. I texted my plans to Amanda and she replied, 'Nice one, should make her sweat a bit. I will walk by while she waits in the car'.

As I pulled into Preston Gardens I saw Christine tense up but when I stopped short of Amanda and James' house she relaxed slightly. She gave her nervousness away when she said, "I hope you won't be long, leaving me sat in the car."

"Don't worry, we don't have to be at your parents until seven and it's only ten past six., Stop flapping!"

"I am not flapping, I'm just saying."

A cat on a hot tin roof would be the best description.

As I left the car I sent a blank text to Amanda, that was her signal. I knocked, was invited in and in five minutes had closed the sale. They offered me a cup of tea and, as I sat there, I saw Amanda walk by. Even from the distance I could see she had put on a show, smart clothes with immaculate hair and make up. She returned as I was finishing my tea. I left and rejoined Christine in the car. She had obviously recognised Amanda and the previous tension was replaced by sheer panic. I asked if she was OK and she said "Yes, fine," but her voice gave her away.

"Are you sure? We could ring them and see them another night if you don't feel well."

She didn't calm down until we were well away from Preston Gardens.

As we were on our way to the in-laws, the old couple unwittingly played right into my hands. They rang to ask if I wanted to pick up the signed agreements on my way back. Of course I did!

Christine heard everything as I was on hands-free and as soon as I hung up she went ballistic. "I have to be up early," she shouted.

"No you don't. Or you haven't told me."

"I forgot. I have to be in early as Mr Gawton needs me to prepare some reports before he goes away."

Mr Gawton was also known as James or the philandering prick.

I thought for a minute and said, "OK. We can leave a bit earlier and I'll drop you off at home so that you can get an early night. I'll sleep in the spare room then I won't disturb you."

Christine was now in a foul mood and picked a fight with her dad as soon as we arrived. This turned into a full blown row, and Joan (mother-in-law) and I retreated into the conservatory. As soon as we had left the room Joan said, "What's up with Christine tonight? Have you two had a row? She was horrible to George and he only asked her how work was."

I wanted to say, 'She's shagging the bosses son behind my back... ' but I just said, "It must be the time of the month."

Joan then caught me unawares, "She's having a 'time of the month' every week now. I think there is something wrong, is there anything you want to tell me?"

I said, "No," but Joan wasn't stupid, she knew something was going on. Problem was, I knew her and she would dig until she got to the bottom of it. She wouldn't like what she found, that her daughter was a slag, but at this point she wouldn't know that.

We actually left very early, the atmosphere between Christine and George was still frosty and, at quarter to nine, Christine said, "Come on, I have to be up early tomorrow, we need to be off." As we left Joan pushed a piece of paper into my pocket.

We drove back towards Northampton in silence. As we approached the outskirts she said, "You may as well call in and pick those papers up." I did so and was no more than five minutes, enough fun for one night.

When we got home Christine said she was off to bed. I said, "OK. I have a few things to sort out so I'll still sleep in spare room and then I won't disturb you."

Christine looked fed-up as she said, "I was hoping you would have an early night as well. I didn't mean I wanted to go to sleep straight away."

I didn't want James' sloppy seconds again, even if it was a few days since they had shagged, and I said, "Look, love, you were really horrible to dad and you've been touchy all night. You are obviously tired so get a good night's sleep, tomorrow is a new day."

I sorted out the paperwork for the property maintenance contract and texted Amanda. Over about four texts I told her of the evening's goings-on and said that Joan was now suspicious of Christine and would dig until she got answers. I asked her how long to show-down day and she replied, 'If your paperwork is sorted we could go for this Friday. I know they will both be around as James has a meeting with Niceshirt Ltd on Thursday. Not very original LOL'.

That meant they would be at the Travel Lodge on Thursday night. I then looked at Joan's note, 'Ring me during the day please. I want to talk to you'.

The next morning Christine left early, at just after seven, she would be in the office by seven-thirty at the latest. I wondered what they were up to. I texted Amanda and she said 'James left early as well, some bullshit about a breakfast meeting. They will be at the travel lodge tomorrow evening. I expect you round here by 6.30pm, and your dick to be in my arse by 7pm!'

When I got in at five Christine was in the kitchen, cooking, and seemed a lot happier. We would see what we could do about that. I asked her why she was home early and she said, "I wanted to cook a nice meal to make it up to you. I was in early so I finished at quarter to four."

"Oh, by the way," I said, "do you want to come with me to Frankie & Bennies for a meal tomorrow evening? I have two complimentary tickets for free meals."

Frankie & Bennies was next door to the Travel Lodge!

Her face clouded again and she said, "No, sorry, I'm out with Sam and Linda, you know we often go out on a Thursday. Can't we go on Friday?"

"No, they're dated. I'll see if anyone else wants them."

This rattled her a bit more and she said, "I'll see if anyone at work wants them."

I thought for a few seconds. "No, leave it, I'll give them to Tom and Gina. They've had a rough time recently."

I played cricket with Tom in the summer, he had been made redundant two months ago.

This completely distracted Christine and she ended up burning the meal. She managed to rescue it but I could tell she was preoccupied.

The following evening, Thursday, I arrived at Amanda's at half past six. She had cooked me a meal, and was dressed to impress. I soon had a tent in my trousers, which didn't go unnoticed. We discussed the plans for the following day. Vanessa, James' half sister would get Christine and James in the upstairs conference room at ten, Amanda and I would arrive, the receptionist had been told to expect us, and send us straight up, and then the show would begin.

I had divorce papers for Christine, Amanda had papers for James, and she had copies of all the incriminating photos, including one still from the Travel Lodge film where he could be clearly seen with his dick buried deep in Christine's arse. If they had been playing to camera they couldn't have positioned themselves better, it was a fluke but it sealed their fate. James' dad was to be introduced once the 'introductions' were out of the way.

Amanda then said, "The meal will be half an hour or so," and she handed me a tube of KY jelly while taking her dress off, she was naked underneath. I got undressed quickly and joined her on the settee. We kissed and groped and then I moved south. I started by kissing and licking her pussy and then, after her first orgasm, I transferred my attention to her anus. I licked and probed with my tongue and was obviously doing it right because I could sense Amanda's arousal building again. I then coated a finger with KY and started to gently penetrate her arse. I kept adding more KY and introduced another finger, before long she was aroused and ready for a dick there. I coated my now rock hard dick with KY and started to penetrate Amanda. I took it very slowly. I continued to stimulate her clit and, before long, I was buried deep. I then started to fuck her arse very slowly. The only time Amanda had shown any signs of discomfort was as my bell-end went past her inner muscles, now she was horny and enjoying it. She soon started thrusting back and, as my dick exploded in her arse, she had her first anal orgasm.

As I held her she turned around and said, very quietly, "I wonder what else I have been missing out on!" She was referring to James' unwillingness to explore their sexual boundaries.

I said, "I don't know but that was something else! I don't think I've ever been as hard."

My dick slipped out then and Amanda got up, fetched a cloth and cleaned me. She then handed me the cloth and turned around, expecting me to wipe her, my come was already leaking out. Instead, I did something that I had never done before, I used my tongue to clean her; there wasn't a hint of anything mucky. This drove Amanda wild. She turned around and started sucking my dick. I was soon hard again. I went round the world with Amanda and we ended up eating stew and dumplings at eight-thirty.

As I left she said, "Do you want to move in here on Friday - after the show down?" I hadn't really thought about what would happen after it, I had assumed that Christine would move out.

I said, "I'm not sure, I want Christine out of our house."

"I have locksmiths calling here at half past tem," said Amanda. "Do you want me to send them on to your place when they have done here?"

I decided that would be a good idea.

I got home at about nine-thirty and Christine came in about an hour later. I was in bed and pretended to be asleep even though my mind was working overtime.

The next morning Christine left for work at the normal time. I hung around and met Amanda outside Gawton's at ten to ten.

Vanessa met us at reception, she was a good bit younger than James, maybe mid twenties. She was plump and homely looking, not a girl that would turn your head but I thought she was attractive. She had nice long brown hair and a ready smile.

She showed us into the conference room where James and Christine were already sitting at the table with some papers in front of them. Christine had her back to the door and didn't see us come in. James said, "Amanda?" and Christine looked round and saw me. As she did so I handed her the envelope containing the divorce papers. Amanda handed James a similar brown envelope.

Neither of them spoke for a few seconds and then Christine, with a shocked look on her face looked up and said, "It was nothing, just a fling. Can't we talk about it?"

Amanda answered her, "Christine, Tony has suspected for some months that your were having an affair."

I then chipped in, "James, you are scum in my eyes. I thought about arranging a beating for you but I think Amanda's plan is much better, to bleed you dry."

"Hard luck, Amanda," he shouted, "you signed a prenuptial agreement."

"Yes I did and, if you remember, I had a clause inserted that would make it null and void if we divorced due to your adultery. So, I want half your assets as of nine am this morning." And with that, she plonked a sheet in front of him, prepared by her solicitor, giving an estimate of his assets. I saw the bottom line, it was a big number! His face drained and, as he picked it up to look at it, his father came into the room. "What the hell is going on Amanda, Vanessa, Mrs Loftus, and who is this?"

Vanessa answered, "Daddy, your wonderful son has been shagging Mrs Loftus. Amanda and Mr Loftus," she indicated me, "are in the process of telling James and Mrs Loftus, or should I say Miss Tillings, that they are both going to be divorced and, I imagine, left penniless in the process."

I then spoke to Christine, "You will leave our house, I'm having the locks changed as we speak. You can fight me for a settlement, in which case these," I threw the contents of my folder on the table, "will be passed on to all your family; mum, dad and your sisters. Or, you can take £30,000 and get out of my life."

Mr Gawton Snr then looked at his son and said, "You fucking idiot, Amanda is attractive, intelligent and a good wife, and you have to go and ruin it with a fling with some slut from accounts who couldn't keep her legs together. Yes, I know about the clause in the pre-nup, I tried to talk Amanda out of it, the pre-nups were my idea if you remember, and she said 'If James really loves me it won't be a problem'."

James just sat there and pushed the piece of paper in front of his dad who blanched when he saw it. Vanessa turned to me and Amanda and said, "I think it may best if you two leave now. I have no doubt I'll be seeing more of you, Amanda, as I imagine one way or another you will end up with shareholdings in some or all of the business."

We left, we had done what we came for.

As we left the room I could already hear Christine and James shouting and blaming each other. Amanda laughed and said, "Trouble in paradise already by the sound of it."

As we walked out of the factory, past the reception desk, Vanessa said to both of us, in a voice that everyone there could hear, "Perhaps father will realise that my brother is a waste of space and take me seriously now."

We left together but didn't acknowledge each other beyond a brief, "I will call you," from Amanda as we left. I just nodded, we didn't want the tongues wagging.

We both set off home, we had picked up the keys to our houses on the way in to Gawton's from the locksmiths. I went home and let myself in, the locksmiths had done a tidy job. I sat down and cried, I was actually heartbroken by Christine's behaviour, I had loved her and I think it hit me then.

I sat in the chair, the TV on but not really watching it, in a world of my own when my mobile rung, Joan.

I let it ring, but it didn't stop, and in the end I answered it. Joan went straight off into a long speech about how Christine had rung her in a state, because she had had a fling, but it didn't mean anything.

I stopped her mid flow and told her how I saw it.

"Christine has been having an affair behind my back for at least three months, maybe longer. She has been seeing her partner in crime, who is one of the owners of Gawton's, at least twice a week, in addition to whatever they got up to in company time. I'm divorcing her, and I am sorry Joan, it's not your fault, but I want her out of my life. If she tries to get more than a minimal settlement from me I'll make her life a misery. I'll let everyone know what a slut she has been, I have the pictures to back it up, and so, while she may get more money, it may not be worth it."

Joan started crying and between sobs I heard, "I knew something was wrong, I'm sorry, I thought it was you that was having the affair."

In the end Joan pulled herself together and said "I am sorry Tony, we really like you and you've been a good husband. I think Christine has made a big mistake."

I agreed and brought the conversation to an end, I really wasn't in the mood.

I decided I needed to do something to take my mind off things and got my old bike out. I would have a ride on the country roads out towards Stoke Bruerne, it was a fine afternoon.

I must have been out two hours at least and when I got back Christine was waiting on the doorstep. Her eyes were red and she had obviously been crying. As I rode up our drive she ran towards me saying, "Tony, I am sorry, can we talk, I love you."

I ignored her and went to put my bike away in the garage. She followed and said again, "I am sorry, I didn't love James, it was just a fling." The way she was coming out with the old clichés that people use when an affair is exposed just made me more angry. She tried a different tack and said "At least talk to me, you owe me that."

I went and opened the front door, and Christine stood on the step. I let myself in and she obviously expected to follow me but I turned and blocked her, facing her. I then said, very quietly, "I have a recording made at the travel Lodge where James and you declare you love for each other so I don't believe you when you say it was just a fling. I owe you nothing. You decided to try and trade me in and, now it looks like it's going pear shaped, you want to get back with me. I have only one thing to say, NO DEAL," and I emphasised these two words.

Christine started to cry and said, "What do I have to do to convince you I am sorry?"

I just looked at her, she was actually pissing me off now, and said, "I don't doubt you are sorry, sorry you got busted, sorry James doesn't want to play now he's been busted. My problem is one of trust, even assuming I could overcome my disgust at your behaviour, how would I ever trust you again? Every time you were late in from work I would wonder, even if it was perfectly innocent, a traffic jam or something. And if you wanted to go to a works do, or meet your colleagues after work, same problem. I don't see how we could live like that."

Christine was now sobbing hard and between sobs said, "I know. Well, the first thing, I will give you your divorce, on your terms. I want to prove to you that I am sorry, that I've learnt my lesson, and can be trusted. I can't do that while we are fighting a bitter battle through the courts."

I looked at her and just muttered, "Fine!"

She then asked if she could come in and collect some clothes. I decided to follow up on what she had just said, and replied, "You can take some clothes now, find a solicitor tomorrow, accept my terms. Then we can decide what other things are yours and you can arrange to get them moved."

She had now pulled herself together again and said, "I've already had an initial talk with a solicitor and instructed him to accept your terms, even though he advised me that I could get considerably more. I explained why I was accepting your offer and told him to proceed on my behalf."

I then let her in and she went upstairs to our room. At first I was going to follow her, but then decided that I would see what she came down with and waited in the living room. About fifteen minutes later she came down with a large suitcase and I showed her out. She said, "I'll be staying at Mum and Dad's for the moment."

I just said, "OK," and wondered what George thought of that idea.

When she had gone I rang my brother in British Columbia and got him out of bed, it was only six-thirty am there, and explained the situation. He asked me if I wanted to visit them in Canada for a couple of weeks. I agreed straight way, I could leave my solicitor to deal with things this end and it would give me a break. By half past four I had flights booked, I was flying out on Monday and would be gone for two weeks and a day, returning Tuesday evening.

That evening Amanda rang, and we compared notes. James, as expected, was trying every trick in the book to stop Amanda filing for divorce on the grounds of his adultery. Amanda asked when I was coming round to see her and I told her, quite truthfully, that I was going away for two weeks or so, and give things a chance to settle down. Amanda sounded very upset and said, "Are we finished?"

I decided that truth was the best option and said, "I think you are sexy, intelligent and attractive, and any man who you fell in love with would be the luckiest man in the world but, with all the stress of the last few weeks, I think we both need a bit of space to think about the future."

Amanda was silent for a few seconds and then said, "Tony, I know it's early days, and we haven't met under ideal circumstances, but I am falling in love with you and yes, there is lust as well." I didn't know what to say to this and it was my turn to be silent. Amanda prompted me, "Are you still there?"

I snapped out of my thoughts and said, "Yes, I fly back into Heathrow Tuesday fortnight, from Vancouver, if you still feel the same way about things in two weeks meet me at the airport."

Amanda cheered up a bit and said, "I promise I will be there but what do I get for being there?"

"What do you want?"

Her response was immediate, "We see if we can make a go of things as a couple. Either we start 'going out' or move in together."

I still wasn't sure but I was attracted to Amanda at sexual level. I just wondered if she was out of my league and, at that moment, two weeks seemed a long way off.

Over the weekend I packed and got myself ready to visit Neil. I rang Joan in the end and told her I would be away for two weeks, did Christine want anymore clothes, etc. Joan and Christine came around about half an hour later and Christine was quiet. As they were leaving Christine said, "When you get back think about what I would need to do to get you back."

I didn't want another discussion on this, particularly in front of Joan, and said, "I'm having two weeks away to get my head together. Now is not a good time to discuss it."

Christine just said, "OK, I can wait."

I flew out Monday and meeting Neil, his wife, Cindy, and their three kids took my mind off things. They lived in a beautiful house overlooking a wooded valley. We went for walks on the woodland trails and I took his oldest lad mountain biking on some of the trails in the area. I rang my solicitor at the end of the first week and he had already had confirmation from Christine's solicitor that the terms outlined would be acceptable, and the required documents were being drawn up.

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