1) Pass

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control, Slow,

Desc: Flash Sex Story: 1) Pass - A series of short little scenes - too short to be their own stories - from the Elspeth's Legacy Universe

"So you think playing this 'mind control chess' game will be good for me?"

"Chess is supposed to teach people to plan ahead, little brother. Playing this variation should help you think about your current situation if anybody else like you comes around. Do you understand the rules ?"

"Yes. White goes first, right?"

I nodded. My brother stared at the board for a long time. This was a good sign. We hadn't even started the game, and I could already see the wheels turning in his head as he stared at the thirty-two pieces waiting for him to start the game.

"You are white. You have to do something," I prompted.

"I pass," he said.

"What? You can't pass."

"Why not? If this is supposed to make me think about what I would do in a real situation, refusing to put one of my people in harm's way - even if it means doing nothing - is a valid option."

I sighed, said "Fine", and moved a pawn forward a space. He changed the pawn to white. I changed it to black again. He changed it back to white. I could either remove the pawn from the board or move another piece. I captured the pawn with one of my other pawns. He changed that pawn to white.

I stared at the white pawn sitting alone outside of the backfield. I could repeat the process, but I was certain all I would accomplish was removing that pawn from the board too. I moved a knight. He changed the knight to white. I could capture the knight with a pawn, but I was certain he would just change the pawn's color.

I moved a rook within the backfield where he couldn't change its color, but where he could capture it with his newly white knight.

"I pass," he said

"I gave you the ability to put a knight in my backfield where it can wreck havoc," I said, incredulous that he hadn't seen it.

"I know," he replied confidently. "I still pass."

Now it was my turn to sit and stare at the board. He waited with a smug smile, then eventually got bored, and left to get a snack.

"You can't win this way," I said when he got back.

"I don't need to win," he replied, handing me a drink.

"A draw, then?"

He nodded; we put up the board, and found something else to do. Something about the game had given us an urge to check on our family and friends and make sure they were okay. All of them were fine: right where we had left them.

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