My 11th Summer 4: Dog Days

by Osprey

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Fiction, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Carson meets the girl in the woods, and with so much in common they become best friends. Spyder becomes the teacher, and Carson learns the many ways to get along without boys.

Dear Diary

This is soooo weird. I went to the store for Mom today, and on the way back I had to wait for the light to cross Main Street. Before I knew it that tomboy I saw that day in the woods was standing right next to me!

I pretended not to notice or recognize her or anything, but she kept looking at me, and then she spoke.

"Hey, didn't I see you at the park the other day?"

I was, like, totally embarrassed and didn't dare look at her or anything. I shrugged, and said I didn't know.

"Yeah, the one uptown." She seemed to think of something, then nodded. "You were laying in the grass. What were you, getting a tan or something?"

I shrugged again. "Maybe."

"It was you. I knew it! You looked pretty hot, kid."

"Yeah, it's been pretty hot for a while now," I told her, hoping that would be the end of the conversation.

"I don't mean that kind of hot, honey," she said, bending so she could say it softly in my ear without anyone else hearing.

I looked up at her and she gave me a wink. She had a halter top on, and I could see her boobies hanging inside the neckline. Her top was as black as her hair, and so were the miniskirt she had on. I looked away so she wouldn't catch me looking. She kind of laughed a little.

"Oh, yeah. You are a little hotty, alright."

I pretended not to know what she meant. My face was all red, but I hoped she couldn't see that. The light changed, and we started across the street. She asked what my name was, and I told her.

"I'm Spyder, with a 'Y'," she said. "That's what my friends call me anyway."

I smiled and nodded. We reached the other sidewalk, and I just kind of stood there, waiting for her to go on her way because I didn't her to know I knew about the short cut. When she asked which way I was going, I pointed my thumb down the street to the corner of the long way around.

"Over on Pleasant?" She sure was nosey.

"On Hopkins," I told her. I didn't think to lie to her. She's older, after all.

"Oh, yeah. I'm on Maple. I take a shortcut, though. It saves, like, ten minutes. It's shorter for you too. Want me to show you?"

The best way to end this game was to let her "show" me the shortcut, so I nodded. Once we got up the hill and into the trees, she asked what I had in my bag, and I told her: cigarettes.

"They're for my mom."

"You ever try it?"


"Yeah. Ever steal any of your mom's? Sneak out to the garage and take a puff?"

"No." The thought never occurred to me.

"You want to?"

All I could think to do is shrug. "I don't dare take any of my mom's."

"No problem. I have my own," Spyder said, and pulled a flattened package of smokes from the belt-pack she had around her waist. I almost fainted when we stopped at the big rock to light up. I wondered if she knew how much I liked to come here.

Anyway, we stood beside the trail smoking. Well, she smoked. I just kind of puffed and gagged. I'd rather give a blow job if I have to gag, I thought then, but kept it to myself. I kept trying to inhale the smoke because I wanted Spyder to like me. Sure, she's a girl, too, but she's older and not just any girl. I'd seen her playing with herself, so I knew we both liked that, at least.

And it's way better than being alone all the time.

It didn't take long for the older girl to say the real reason she wanted to talk to me.

"So, what were you really doing at the park? And don't tell me you were working on your tan. A girl goes to the beach to work on her tan. She wears a bikini to work on her tan. Shit, you can work on your tan in your back yard. I bet you were teasing the guys." She winked again.

I just shrugged. What was I supposed to do, tell her the truth?

"Come on," Spyder said, tilting her chin at me. "Trust me. It ain't anything I haven't done."

I guess that was true enough, but I still couldn't bring myself to say it out loud to a stranger.

"I'll tell you what I saw, Carson. I was walking down the sidewalk. I came around this bend and saw these two guys coming toward me, you know? They were talking and not paying any attention to me, which is pretty strange all by it self. I heard them curse to each other, and then keep walking. I kept going and looked where they looked, and there you were, flat on your back.

"At first I thought you were hurt or something, and swore at those guys for not helping you, but then you moved. Your hands came up and lifted the bib of your dress a little. Your knees were up, too." Spyder chuckled, shook her head and lit up another cigarette. "Not a very lady-like position. Honey, you are one sexy little tease!"

She offered me another, but I said no. My mouth already tasted like a burning pile of leaves.

"I bet you got laid that day, right?" The older girl laughed again. I guess she was teasing me, so I didn't answer. I guess I didn't need to, because the next thing she asked was if I was still a virgin.

I can't believe my thrilly suddenly went up. Maybe it was her telling me what I looked like at the park that day, or the idea of admitting to this older stranger that I have had sex before. I guessed it wasn't going to hurt anything if I did.


"Nice. How old are you, Carson?"


"Wow. I'd love to hear how that happened!" Spyder took a long puff on her smoke. "So, you got a boyfriend?"

"No. I used to," I blurted out, not wanting to sound like a total slut. "But we broke up."

Spyder nodded knowingly. She stubbed her cigarette out on the rock. We started walking down the path again.

"Yeah, guys are mostly jerks. It's nice they got penises, and know how to use them, but other than that, I don't have much to do with them."

That made me think of the day I saw her masturbating near where we were. I could picture it clearly in my head. And when she asked if I touched my privates for fun, I wondered if she could read my mind.

I shrugged, grinned foolishly and nodded.

"There. You've got the right idea. There are so many things a girl can do for fun that we don't really need men. Know what I mean?"

"Yes," I said, aloud this time. I felt like Spyder with a 'Y' was becoming a friend. I don't know if it was my thrilly or just a feeling of closeness with another girl with secrets like mine, but all of a sudden I just wanted to touch her.

"Hey, what if you show me how you do it?" The question did not compute at first. Because of my own thoughts, assumed I did not hear her right. I guess my blank stare told her as much, because she continued to elaborate.

"Nothing kinky. I just mean I'm curious if you do it the same as me."

I searched my brain for a way to answer. I do it so many different ways, and we didn't have any toys with us right then, so how could I even start to show her. Spyder was already rubbing the front of her miniskirt, warming to the idea. I never guessed she might be a lez until just now. It was more like two girlfriends sharing a secret.

I mean, it's not like I'm afraid to play with myself with someone watching. It seems like I to it all the time. Anyway, I did my shruggy thing, and asked if she meant right then and there.

"Why not. No one's around." We had reached the edge of the woods by now, right where I f-ed my bike handle, and Sammy too.

"Ok," I smiled, and pushed my shorts off my hips.

And so we did it. Spyder took her panties right off and held up her skirt so I could see her pussy while she rubbed it, leaning against a tree just like before. I pulled my pants off, too, and sat in the grass beside the trail and opened my legs so she could see my fingers toying with my slit. It didn't take long for me to get wet down there, and I started fingering my pee hole.

"Oh, yeah, baby. That's how to do it," Spyder said, and bowed her legs and put her middle finger in her vagina. She slid down the tree to sit with her thighs way open so I could see her put two fingers into her cunny. "Hey, Carson. Let's keep doing it 'till we get off, okay?"

I nodded, wiggled another finger into my cunny hole, and we did.

Dear Diary

I ran into Spyder again today. I've been kind of hanging around on the shortcut hoping to meet her again. Being with her was a lot safer than trying to tease older men, and a lot better than doing anything with those stupid guys from school.

Anyway, we went in the woods again and smoked her cigarettes. This time I actually had two. After that she invited me to her house. After introducing me to her mom, we went to Spyder's room.

I'd already figured out she was kind of a Goth, almost always dressed in black clothes. She didn't wear make up, though, and today her hair was pretty normal. It was combed like a boy's but not spiky. Her bedroom is in the basement. It's pretty big compared to mine, and she had a big waterbed, dressers and bookshelves and posters of rockers and Batman and some Gothy-types I don't even know who they are.

She's got a beanbag chair and a TV all her own, and a PC on a desk. She told me she masturbates in the chair a lot, and in bed hugging a big stuffed monkey. She said there was a door in the furnace room, next door to her room, and that sometimes she sneaks out at night. Then she showed me a locking box that she keeps her toys in.

I thought I had some great toys, but Spyder has my stuff beat. She actually has a rubber thing shaped just like a hard penis that she calls a dildo. She's got a plastic candle-shaped thing that vibrates, a screwdriver and a feather duster with a knobby wooden handle. The whole time she was showing me her treasure chest, her bare shoulder rubbed against mine.

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