Climb to Domination
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Incest, Father, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Sadistic,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Related to my story "Climb to Contentment" but stands on its own. Four well trained submissives move off to college together where one dominates, and with help from two of the others they sell the forth for a period of months as a kind of experiment in psychology. One they insist be absolutely real.

Tessa watched closely to make sure no one else was hanging about outside the door as Becky opened it to let in the stranger they had been expecting. Oddly enough he appeared much as she had pictured he would, wearing a long dark coat, jeans and boots which she decided made the stranger who called himself Aaron look up to the task at hand.

"Aaron ... right?" Tessa said with a nod knowing it could not be anyone else. The man returned her nod and so she motioned for him to come inside and follow her though the doorway into the next room. She remembered to tell Becky to lock the front door as she proceeded across the small room to the closet door on the far side.

The man followed and parked himself slightly to one side of the closet door as Tessa prepared to open it, and he had a damn good idea what they were going to find within. If the girl he expected to see behind this door was half as pretty as these two college girls were he would be more than happy with the sum he was about to pay them. As the door swing slowly open he was not disappointed.

The young woman's name was Kelli and she was naked and on her knees with a short spreader bar complete with iron collar around her neck and her wrists cuffed to the end of the bar. Her pendulous breasts quivered a little as Kelli suppressed a sob while forcing herself to keep her knees far apart so that the man could see the rings hanging from her pussy lips. She had been well conditioned over the past few years to do such things.

"Nice!" The man commented after a moment. He then waited for the women to make the next move. He was going to go thru with this he told himself as his cock got rock hard. He was going to own this damn bitch for no less than three months and was going to use every bit of that time on her seemingly pristine flesh.

"Yea ... she is all I said she would be," Tessa commented as she grabbed the bitch's long ponytail and hauled her to her feet. The exhilaration of what she was about to impose on Kelli was intoxicating and she decided she needed to calm herself a bit as she proceeded to walk Kelli out to the center of the room for the man. Thoughts were racing to fast through her mind as she tried to concentrate on the mental list she had formed of what she needed to confirm with this man before she truly turned Kelli over to him.

Aaron stared closely at his new bitch's fine naked ass as she was paraded by and was very pleased to see her spread her feet a bit after she was positioned by the girl holding her by the hair. The girl in control of the bitch was Tessa he figured and she had been the only one who had been in contact with him over the past few months, mainly through an alternative lifestyle Internet chat room they both frequented. It had taken a long time for the two of them to reach a consensus to this point. But finally one day Tessa had invited him to a video chat so she could convince him she was what she had told him — a female college student.

"Looks like she has been trained some then," Aaron commented. He wanted as much information as he could get on this girl and although Tessa had told him much he really had no way to confirm any of it.

"More then you can know," Tessa replied softly. She could not resist running her fingers along Kelli's face and tits as she tried hard to think how to keep her cool and how to proceed.

For the first time the other girl, Becky, spoke up. "Yea she is trained way more than you think," Becky exclaimed as she stepped closer to the bound girl. "She has been doing this a few years for her dad and..."

"Becky!" Tessa snapped sharply. The girl was a pretty thing but a talker and had apparently forgotten that she was to let Tessa do the talking.

"Hmm ... dad huh," Aaron asked to no one in particular as he stepped up to examine closely the large nipple rings that pierced his new bitch's tit's. He loved the way she kept her head down just a little and the fact she had kept totally silent.

"Yes, among others. Kelli has been fully conditioned to perform a number of tasks," Tessa added as she decided to explain more about this girl she was turning over. She told herself she would not reveal anything about Mr. Jim and the corporation that backed him. This had been drilled into all the girls trained by Mr. Jim that everything about him and the corporation and the fact that most of the girls had been placed in his care by a family member was to be kept in the strictest confidence. Rumors were that if the head master, Nigel, got wind of a leak one might find oneself in a place far away ... and might be there for a very long time. The fact that Tessa was trusted enough to be attending college while looking after the three other girls that had come through the corporations training program was nearly unprecedented and so she had to be very careful not upset the balance of things.

Becky spoke again, "Yea and she will understand and maybe even like it ... I mean what we are doing." A stern look from Tessa told her she should shut up now but she really wanted this guy to know who they were and what they were about.

The man looked over to Becky. The girl was wearing a miniskirt and was showing great cleavage. Obviously the girl talked too much but a gag would solve that problem if need be ... should he ever find this girl under his control that is. Besides, it was always good to have an excuse to punish a submissive bitch. He turned his attention back to the slave he was about to purchase and began to walk slowly around the bitch admiring her. She was only slightly marked, a crop maybe had left marks on her tits and ass, other than that the goods were unmarked. Normally he dealt with overweight slightly older bitches in the B&D circles he frequented and very rarely had he seen a girl of this quality willing to be the kind of submissive he needed ... and wanted.

Tessa watched him scrutinize the bound girl and then decided to throw her weight around a little to impress this guy but more to keep Becky in line. She was the house mistress by default as she had only three rings in her pussy, not counting the one they all had in their clits, with all the others having four. Mr. Jim's system dictated that girls with more rings be submissive to the girls with fewer pussy rings. The max number was 6 which designated a girl as a B&D/S&M door-mat making her essentially everyone's slave. Very few, perhaps three or four girls Tessa knew of had six rings, and only a few had five which made a girl a kind of part time door-mat ... something they all feared having seen what was pressed upon such girls. It was partly the fear of having "Rings" added that kept Kelli in line now, for the corporation had a most strict policy that allowed for additions of pussy rings, but never their removal.

"Becky, show our guest how many rings you have!" Tessa said as she watched the guy's face for a reaction as she knew he was in for a treat.

Aaron turned toward Becky with raised eyebrows, not quite sure what to expect. He then watched as Becky's face kind of softened and her eyes became distant as the girl methodically spread her legs slightly as she raised her miniskirt up to her waist to expose her bald pussy then stood as still as Kelli was standing.

Tessa walked over to Becky then squatted down and proceeded to spread the girl's pussy lips. "Here, take a look," Tessa said to the man. "She's a four." She pulled the fleshy lips out to expose the bitch's pink inner pussy and the four small gold rings, two in either lip.

The man squatted down next to Tessa to best admire Becky's slit as he nodded his head in understanding. He was even more impressed when Tessa then pulled up her miniskirt to show him her pussy.

"And I'm a three ... which make the three bitches that live here with me essentially my property ... at least when none of the masters are around."

"Really, then you're their mistress?" Aaron asked. "Does that mean someone with fewer rings can walk in and take over?" As he said this he watched Becky as the girl continued to stand with legs spread and pussy exposed. She showed no sign of impatience or embarrassment, in fact if anything she looked a bit proud to be displaying her slit to the room.

"If that happened ... and it won't ... we would all obey without question," Tessa replied as she let her skirt fall back into place. "We have been ... let's not say quite harshly ... but more ... fully conditioned to accept domination by our masters," Tessa continued as she played with Becky's pussy rings. "And lacking a master we serve those with higher status ... don't we Becky!" Tessa then extended her middle finger up deep into Becky's pussy. She kept the fingernail on this finger shortly trimmed so as not to scratch the inside of her bitches' pussies.

"Ooohh ... yes mistress ... I serve you mistress. Let me please you mistress let me please him," Becky exclaimed. She just realized she had gone further then maybe she should have but her conditioning often got the better of her. "Act for all ... please all ... this will please yourself," was one of the phrases drilled in my master Jim, not to mention her father. She kept her position as trained letting Tessa's finger slid in and out of her. All would have been great save for the act that was coming ... the selling of her friend, Kelli, to a stranger for some spending money and for this awesome thrill they we're getting from this obscene act. Looking over at her friend she let out a forced "Aaaaghh" as she thought about the sex that would be imposed upon Kelli. This all made Tessa's finger feel good ... and sooo nasty. God she wanted this guy to fuck her.

Tessa could feel pussy juice leaking now from the girl's twat and knew Becky too was experiencing the tremendous high of the situation. Tessa was no lesbian but domination was its own thrill and without a bitch like Becky, or Kelli for that matter, she could not experience it and so liked at times to get her three bitches's pumped for sex with guys, often at the bitch's own expense.

"Can you show us some things you might do ... I mean to Kelli ... we want to be sure before we take the money?" Tessa asked. She was formulating a reason to proceed with the lewd display she was giving to this guy. Damn her heart would not slow down and her pussy was wet as hell, which worked to beat back the tremendous gilt she was feeling toward selling Kelli ... even if it was for only three months. "I guess you don't have to do much," she added quickly, now a bit concerned the guy would do something too extreme ... something god knows what, that would force her and the other two girls to back out of selling Kelli. She then decided it was time to signal Alicia to come in from outside where she was to have been watching the building to make sure this guy did not have any friends waiting.

"Hah ... hmmm," Aaron shrugged as he smiled a little at the suggestion. The bitch's were defiantly getting off on this shit, both had wide eyes and were breathing heavy as was evident by the movement of their big tits. All three of these bitches had big tits and nice asses ... must have been one hell of a surgeon to get these boobs so big and look so damn real he figured.

"OK ... I got to call Alicia in ... she has been outside long enough," Tessa suddenly remarked as she pulled her soaked finger out of Becky's pussy and then absently wiped her wet palm on Becky's skirt as the little bitch continued to hold it up, keeping her box in full view. "No problem though ... I mean she was just watching things a little from outside," Tessa quickly added as she walked over to the window to give the agreed upon hand signal that would call Alicia in.

The man frowned for a moment at the complication to the situation, but as long as this was just one more bitch he could handle it. "What do you want to see Becky?" He said to the girl as he gave her his best icy stare, she had not asked the question but was obviously the most interested in it. The bitch's eyes widened in shock and quickly turned from him and then seemed to have problems settling on any one object in the room before finally coming to rest on the floor in front of her. This little girl certainly had just realized she had bitten off more then she could chew.

Adrenalin rushed through Becky's veins as she tried desperately to figure out if she should answer his question and what she should say. Tessa was walking back from the window now and the man kept staring at her like she was going to be the target of something ... something painful. She then realized she was breaking out in a cold sweat and that maybe she would be happier upstairs, away from this man until the transaction was complete. The only thing stopping her from slinking toward the door was the fact that she had her pussy exposed and that was a base conditioning, long ago pounded into her brain ... and ass ... one did not move from this position until explicitly told to.

Tessa walked slowly back to the two, excited as hell that something was going to happen while at the same time a little terrified. She and the other two had talked at least a hundred times on what they would request of the man they sold Kelli to ... not so much an exhibition but more a verbal agreement that he would do these things else they all thought the whole experiment would be a waste of their time. The risks were just too high they all thought to just turn the bitch over to anyone and then find out he was a limp-dick who could just talk but could not do the walk. They had settled on some pretty extreme acts, some of which they had seen Mr. Jim orchestrate on some of his other girls, some on them even though to a lesser extent. In the end no one had made a list, mainly out of guilt and even embarrassment. Still they wanted very extreme psychological and even physical domination ... and yes even pain imposed on Kelli. They wanted so much to take things to the next level but now were wondering if they really knew what that meant. They were trained submissives, which included some S&M stuff like whipping and long term suspension as well as the full set of B&D acts from ultra tight bondage to sucking your own shit off your father's cock. They got off on it now; loving the accolades they got from their masters, both from family and from Mr. Jim and his associates. But they wanted to try more, if for no other reason than to impress their masters and peers.

Tessa stood next to the man, "you want to do something on her you can!" She exclaimed as she locked eyes for a second with Becky. She knew she should probably not be doing this but the rush was too much. Besides maybe she was just kidding and would take it back in another second or two.

The man paused for a moment then replied, "sure thing girl ... got any restraints?" He knew they would ... hell Kelli was bound by some pretty expensive looking equipment so he figured they had a lot more.

Tessa bit her lip, "yea ... I'll ... I'll get some." There she had done it; she had committed herself ... well no she could still back out ... but now the high of being in action hit as she walked quickly to retrieve things from the closet. She only got a step or two before she heard both Becky and Kelly yelp just as she saw out of the corner of her eye the man moving in on Becky.

"Eeeiiiiaaa" Becky involuntarily exclaimed as the man lurched toward her with a slight snarl on his lips. In one quick motion he had clamped her right boob in a vise like grip with his left hand while bringing down his right hand in a solid open hand blow to her right tit.

SLAP! "Ooooowee!" Becky screamed as she released her skirt so she could protect her tits with her hands but she was too slow as the man got in a second solid blow to her left tit.


Tessa turned and took it all in quickly as she tried to assess what to do. Kelli was sobbing and babbling though no one had touched her, likely she had figured out that the future held such punishment for her though no doubt she was concerned for Becky. Tessa decided against trying to intervene, after all they had asked for this, so she moved quickly to get the restraints, perhaps then he would ease up on the bitch.

"PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK!" Aaron hissed loudly at the cunt he had just struck. He then lifted mercilessly on her right tit forcing the much smaller girl to her tiptoes. At first his victim grappled with his hand but then to his astonishment she actually complied with his command. "Good cunt!" he spat at her as he began methodically slapping her left tit with considerable force.

SLAP ... SLAP ... SLAP...

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