The Crack of Dawn

by wetfly6969

Copyright© 2009 by wetfly6969

Erotica Sex Story: An older brother is forced to bring his younger sister to the biggest party of the year where things get out of control. Was she set up or was she a slut all along?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Coercion   Blackmail   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Brother   Sister   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Prostitution   .

I knew I was screwed. The biggest party of the year and I may not be able to go. It was my senior year and should be the time of my life, but instead, my bratty little sister found out about it and threatened to tell our mom if I didn't take her with me.

She had just turned 12 and thought she was older than she actually was. I mean she had only this past summer started having her period and about two months ago mom bought her first training bra but you'd think she was all that.

I thought long and hard about this. If she went she'd probably ruin it for me, hanging around me and wanting to leave early. It would be mostly high school kids there with maybe a few older people. My friend Ray's parents are really cool and let us party there from time to time. Their motto is "they'll know their sons are safe if they drink and party at home".

Ray's older brother just started college this past year and he was expected to be there with a few friends too but I didn't expect any trouble from them. I did hear that the girl I liked, Anna, was going and I wanted so much to see her.

"Well?" Dawn asked again tapping her foot. "Do I tell mom or am I going too?"

Shit. I couldn't bail now. I'd already told all my friends I was going and this will be the party to end all parties. Planned for the Saturday before Halloween a few people planned on coming in costume. We had our opening game yesterday and totally slaughtered the Yellow Jackets. Everyone was still reeling with excitement from that. Life is good!

I glared down at her angry that she was putting me in a position like this. She was just a runt, hardly 5 feet tall and I doubt she weighs more than 95 pounds. She's too young to be going.

"Do you really think you can party with the big dogs?" I asked hoping to scare her off. "There's not gunna be anyone your age there and no one you know. There's gunna be drinking and shit like that. After all, it IS a party."

"That's okay, I still wanna go."

"Why don't you go spend the night at Carry's house? You can play dress up and put on her mom's make up and play dolls like you usually do."

"That's baby stuff. Any way I don't like her no more."

Great. Looks like I really screwed. If I say no, she'll tell mom and I'll be grounded and still can't go but if I say yes, I'll have my annoying little sister hanging around and bugging me. I won't be able to enjoy the party with her there either. Shit!

I had already talked to mom about spending the night at Ben's house so she wasn't expecting me home tonight. But what about Dawn? She can't just disappear for the night and mom not worry about her. Mom gets off of work about 8 and if Dawn's not home, she'll go ballistic.

"Ask mom if you can spend the night at Carry's house tonight..."

"But I don't wanna spend the night there; I want to go to the party!"

"I know that, just listen, dummy. You need a cover so that mom won't worry about you. If she thinks you're at Carry's she won't worry and you can stay out late with me, okay?" A big smile crossed her face.

It didn't take long for her to get mom on the phone and approval for this sleepover. Mom wanted to speak to me though. "I want you to walk Dawn over to Carry's house before you go to Ben's. Make sure her mother or father is home before you leave and make sure she packs her tooth brush and a change of clothes and bla ... bla ... bla ... She always

babies Dawn which made her into this spoiled brat that I have to deal with now.

I agreed to whatever it was she demanded and hung up. It was already 6:30 and the party was starting at 8. I needed a shower and Dawn would need at least an hour to dress. She always takes so long it's irritating.

"What's with the outfit?" I asked as she emerged from her bedroom.

"It IS a Halloween party, isn't it?" she replied very sarcastically. I remember that costume from last year. She was some kind of pirate zombie princess but she made a few changes to it. We didn't have time to argue and I didn't have time for her to change and our ride was here.

My friend Mark rang the bell and right away made a comment about how "hot" Dawn looked. I did have to admit that she was looking very pretty but she had too much makeup on. I assume it was either she didn't know how to put it on or she was trying to look older. Her strawberry blond hair was spiraled into large locks, she had a half tee shirt on that barely reached the bottom of her rib cage, a short skirt and sock-less ankle boots. It fit her okay last year, but she's grown a lot and it was really too small.

Looking at her if I didn't know better I would have thought she was a slut, but this is my kid sister and I was pretty sure she was still a virgin. We headed outside. Mark drove, Ben sat in the front and another friend, Kyle, sat in the back. Dawn sat between us and I kept seeing Kyle staring at Dawn. A few times I saw Mark checking her out in the rear view mirror.

Ben fired up a joint, took a hit and handed it to Mark. It was passed to Kyle and he handed it to Dawn. "Want some?" he asked holding it out. She smiled and grabbed it from him.

"Hold on, Dawn, you don't wanna do that," I said reaching for it.

"Com'on man, let her live a little," Mark said watching the scene unfold through the mirror. Ben had turned around and was staring at us and Kyle was staring at me like a party pooper.

"If she wants some, let 'er have some," he said. Dawn never smoked before and took a long, deep drag causing her to choke and cough. Everyone got a laugh out of that and she quickly handed it my way. I took it and enjoyed a toke. It had been about a week since my last joint and I needed it. I passed what was left forward thinking it would be gone before making its way back. I was wrong.

"You want another hit?" Ben asked Dawn sticking it in her face. She looked at me, still red-faced from her coughing spell and smiled defiantly. Like a normal rebellious wannabe, she was going to do it for no other reason then I didn't want her to.

I could smell the beer before I saw it and Ben took a swig from the 40 he had. "You're driving," he said to Mark and passed it to Kyle. Two sips later it was in Dawns hands and she was looking down at it.

"It's not too late to drop you off at Carry's house," I told her. There's gunna be a lot of smoking and drinking at the party so if you don't want to see it, you'd better not go. She gave me a glare and put the bottle to her mouth. Stupid kid. She made a face and handed it to me. Fortunately when it was passed back to her, she didn't drink any as she didn't like the taste.

By the time we made it to Ray's house, the 40 was gone, another joint had been passed around and everyone was feeling good. The party house was just outside the city with so many cars parked nearby that we had to walk about a block to get there. We weren't even to the front

door when I noticed the house shaking from the loud music that blared from the open windows.

As expected there was a ton of people there, most from my school but a lot I'd never seen before. The living room had all the furniture put along the walls and the middle was being used as a dance floor. The kitchen had been set up as the bar with every sort of alcohol you could imagine. Ray's Parents really know how to party!

Within a minute of us getting there, Dawn had a couple of guys I didn't know were talking to her and someone handed her a mixed drink. I was about to intervene when I saw Anna and she was smiling at me. I forgot all about Dawn and went to say 'hi'.

We talked a while, danced a few times and found a more quite spot to try and talk over the music. When we began to kiss I knew tonight I was getting lucky. The second I touched her breast, she jerked back and asked what I was doing. I thought she was into it and said so. She got mad and stormed off, just like that.

I walked around looking for Dawn. It had been almost an hour since the last time I saw her and I wanted to make sure she was okay. That's when I spotted her on the dance floor. When she was younger she had taken two years of gymnastics and ballet and was very limber. Some of the moves she was doing I know they didn't teach in ballet.

I wasn't the only one who noticed her shaking her ass as most of the guys near by were watching. She raised her arms over her head and did a sexy spin, exposing the bottom of her bra to the room. A second guy came up behind her and pulled her close and began rubbing against her backside.

She smiled, lifting her arms up around his neck and he leaned over to say something to her. The guy she had been dancing with moved closer and they had her sandwiched between them. I had seen enough and started towards them. This was going to stop right now!

"There you are," I heard as someone grabbed my shoulder. It was Ben and he wanted me to go smoke another joint with him.

"I can't right now, I gotta take care of something," I said pulling away from him.

"Anna's there and she asking for you."

"Huh? What did you say?" I couldn't be sure I heard him correctly. Just 15 minutes earlier she practically slapped my face for feeling her up and now Ben says she's asking for me?

"Com'on, lets go out back."

Against my better judgment I followed him and two other guys to the back yard. We all had had enough alcohol to be just this side of drunk and I was feeling a little shaky on my feet. We passed several guys in various stages of inebriation along the way.

I'm not sure who sent out the invitations, but there was definitely an imbalance of gender. Of the seventy or so people there, only about 20 were girls and half of those had their boyfriends with them.

Ben fired up the joint and passed it to me. I didn't know the other two guys we were with but handed it to one of them after I took a hit. "So, where's Anna?" I asked looking around. The only people I saw was this old guy about 50-years-old, Three guys talking to some girl, two guys passed out on lounge chairs, some guy talking on his cell phone and way on the other side of the pool was a couple making out.

"Well," he said, "she ain't really here. I just wanted you to come with me and figured that was the best way to get you. I saw her leave a little while ago with her fat friend Becky." That pissed me off. I hate being lied to.

He handed me a glass of punch and told me to drink up. I was mad and only wanted to get back in to check on Dawn. Tapping his glass to mine, he took a mouthful of his and looked at me. I downed mine and started to walk away.

"Where ya goin'? It's not so noisy back here, you should stay a while.

"Naw, I gotta check on Dawn. I don't want her to get into trouble."

"She's a big girl now, man, don't sweat over her. Besides, from what I saw she can take care of herself just fine."

"No, I think I better go make sure she's okay," I said turning away. He grabbed my arm.

"Man, don't let her spoil the fun. You came here to have a good time and to party, not babysit your little sister." I looked down at his hand. He was right of course. I tried to tell her not to come but she wouldn't listen. It would serve her right if something did happen so it would teach her a lesson.

Then my protective big brother feelings took over. "I need to check on her," I said walking away. It was around 10:30 and the party was still in full swing. A few people had left but not enough to make a difference in the crowd. I checked on the dance floor and saw her slow dancing with some guy and he had his hands all over her.

They were slowly rocking back and forth with him slumped over her smaller frame with his hands on her ass. She was snuggled against his chest but I couldn't see her face. When they turned a little I saw not only were his hands ON her ass, they had pulled the back of her skirt up and he had her exposed to everyone in the room. She either didn't have on panties or she was wearing a thong. Damn it!

Watching I had an incredible hard erection. I'd been hard all night and really got turned on with Anna. I don't know if it was the pot, the alcohol, or the party atmosphere, or what, but my pants were about to split from my cock.

"Here, have some more punch," Ben said handing me another cup while we watched the dozen or so people dancing. I couldn't take my eyes off of Dawn and how sexy she looked. This is wrong. She's my sister. My little sister. I gulped my drink and dropped the cup to the floor.

"Take it easy on that shit, man, you don't want too much." I looked to him briefly before returning my stare to Dawn.

"What are you talking about, it's only spiked punch."

"Yea, but what it's spiked with is the killer."

"What do you mean?"

"You know Ray's dad is a pharmacy rep, right?"

"Yea, everyone knows that, so."

"So he gets a lotta free samples to give to doctors and clinics and hospitals all the time."

"What are you saying, Ben?" I had a bad feeling about this.

"Ray thought it would be a funny to spike the punch with Viagra," he said laughing. "All these fuckers here are walking around with a boner, check it out," he said pointing to someone a few feet from us with an obvious bulge.

"Damnit, Ben, why didn't you tell me this earlier? I had like six glasses of this shit already!"

"Relax, man, it won't kill you, just make you horny as hell." He took another sip of his. "See what I mean?" he added groping his bulge laughing. Looking around I suddenly realized he was right. Every guy that I could see clear enough had a noticeable hard-on.

Looking back to the dance floor I noticed Dawn wasn't there. Shit. I panicked. Scanning the room, I didn't see her. I rushed around in search of her. She wasn't in the kitchen or any of the four bedrooms. Two of the bathrooms were empty and I knocked on the door of the other two. One had a guy in it and the other a girl but it wasn't Dawn.

I hope she wasn't stupid enough to leave with someone she just met. I started asking around but no one saw her. Shit. Then I noticed something strange. The room went from like 50 or so people to just a handful in the ten minutes I'd been looking for her. Even Ben was gone. Looking out on the patio I found where everyone had gone to.

It took me a while to push my way through the mob to reach the front of the line. The pool deck was smaller making everyone crowd around into a tight knot. When I reached where everyone was looking to, I gasped.

Dawn was on her back, on a chair cushion and seemed to be in a semi-conscious state while everyone from the party watched some guy with his hand up her skirt. By his movements, it was clear he was fingering her. I was stunned and couldn't move. My own aching cock throbbed as I watched along with the others.

Another guy knelt on the other side of her and began playing with her breasts. It didn't take long before her bra was off and sinking to the bottom of the pool. I looked around at the crowd, all with the same intense, lust-filled stare and for a brief moment, felt what they were feeling for Dawn.

When I returned my stare, the guy had already pulled his pants down below his ass and was on top of her with his ass going up and down between her legs. Not surprisingly, I could feel my cock swell even more. She showed no sign of resistance or pain as he plowed into her. The group began to cheer and encourage him. Dawn hardly moved.

I looked down at her dimly lit face. Her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth slightly opened. She seemed to be breathing hard and I could see her nipples briefly between the guys' fingers.

I stood motionless and watched as the guy fucked Dawn. "Lucky bastard," I heard someone say next to me.

"That's where I'm going - in that little slut," the guy next to him added.

"You're gunna have to wait 'til after me," the guy standing in front of them said laughing. I suddenly felt light headed. This can't be happening!

My cock now pressed hard against my jeans as I shoved my hands into my pockets trying to dislodge it from its uncomfortable position. I looked at my sister's breast and wondered what it would be like to squeeze and suck them. They were small, mostly nipple with very little breast meat. Still they looked inviting. "What are you thinking, you sick fuck. She's your little sister," I thought.

After the guy apparently finished fucking her he rolled over. I looked at Dawn and gasped in surprise. In the dim light I could clearly see her dark crack but there didn't appear to be a thread of hair around it. Did she shave or didn't it grow in yet?

The guy who had been playing with her tits quickly moved around, unzipping his pants. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see the glistening of liquid as it dripped from her tight slit. My reaction should have been to shout, stop him, grab Dawn and get the hell out of there, but before I could do anything he got on top of her and slid right in.

Two other guys quickly got next to her and each began sucking and playing with her budding breasts. She was twelve and obviously too young but it didn't seem to matter to these guys. She had a pussy and they all wanted to fuck it.

I couldn't decide what I should do as I watched this guy, a complete stranger, on top of my kid sister fucking her like some two-bit whore. He was really pounding her into the cushions and I wondered how she was able to take it like that without reeling in pain. Then she moaned softly and spread her legs wider.

My cock was so hard it hurt. I squatted down so that I could get a better look at his violation of my little sister. "Sweet, ain't she?" someone said from above me. I looked up to see one of Ray's brother's friends standing there watching them too.

When I looked back at the action, the newest guy was getting off of her and one of the guys sucking her nipples moved around. He knelt between her legs and they opened further, as if on command. I watched as he pushed his hard cock into her and began to rut around like some animal. Someone else took his place on her nipple and began sucking hard on it.

Several guys had their cocks out and were slowly stroking them. Some older guy pulled his pants off and knelt above her head and was trying to get his cock into her mouth. She was either too out of it or too unwilling to accept it but he tried several times.

The guy fucking her slowed his strokes and then got off of her. I expected the other guy sucking her tit to go next, but Ray beat him to it. I guess it was okay with him as it was their party. What he lacked in technique he made up with in determination and banged her hard. He came and flopped on the ground next to her.

"Fuck she's tight!" he yelled out to no one. "I thought she was going to pinch my dick off." Before he finished his second sentence, his brother was getting on top of her.

One of the guys sucking her nipples brought her hand to his cock and helped her stoke it. The second guy took his cue and did the same. The other guy was still trying to get his cock in of her mouth. Several minutes passed before Ray's brother came with a loud roar and got off.

Dawn's small, hairless crack looking inviting, her knees bent and her legs spread wide. Mark unzipped his pants and moved himself on top of her. Shit, he's one of my best friends and is going to fuck my little sister like that? He lowered his pants and entered her. I guess we owe him as he did give us a ride here.

After Mark was one of the guys sucking her nipples, then the guy trying to get a blow job and then Ben followed by two guys I didn't know then the other guy that had been sucking her nipple the longest. Once he finished, Ray wanted another turn and cut in front of everyone. No one complained though.

There I was, a raging hard-on in my jeans watching random guys fucking my younger sister! I should have reacted, protested, or scream maybe. But I didn't. Some guy finally was able to get his cock inside her mouth and her lips were stretched wide but her eyes remained shut. The guy on top of her had a fast rhythm and fucked her deep. A short time later he arched his back and let out a deep moan as he orgasmed into her.

There was no hesitation as the next guy got on top of her, a black guy at that, and started his long, hard fuck. I knew that I couldn't say anything to him as I'd let several white guys fuck her and if I tried to stop him, everyone would think I was prejudice.

I found myself wondering why she was acting this way. Was she so drunk that she didn't know what was happening? Had she expected me to intervene and prevent this from happening? Was she really a slut and enjoyed doing it? It's apparent she wasn't a virgin the way she was able to take a cock right off like that.

I watched as another guy pushed his cock into Dawn's open hole, thrusting his pale ass up and down into her hairless, soft flesh. His hands were under her ass making her arch her back to meet his thrusts as he slammed hard against her. Dawn finally made a noise. She gasped and rolled her head to the side.

That had no effect on the guy as he continued thrusting into her. Moments later, he slowed, moaning until he stopped. It was eerily quiet around the pool as I realized the music was turned off. No one seemed to mind as it made talking easier. As that guy rolled off of Dawn, another one was waiting on deck and quickly slipped into her.

The only sounds heard were a few whispering voices, the noise of the pool pumps and the loud smacking noises coming from her cum-filled pussy. I wasn't sure exactly how many guys had fucked her but one thing I did know, not one of them used a condom. As this guy finished and a new guy climbed on her, I needed some fresh air.

I stumbled away and headed towards the garden. My legs felt weak and I sort of fell onto the wet grass and rolled over. I lay on my back breathing hard, trying to understand my feelings, unable to block the images of all those guys fucking Dawn. I shook slightly and felt very confused. What was I doing? I should be feeling revulsion or anger or guilt and not these intense sexual feeling I had. My cock was so hard and all I wanted to do was go back and get in line with all the others! "Shit," I thought again, "you really are sick!"

Heading into the house I needed to pee and try and think straight. What in the hell was I going to do? I couldn't stop them now, not after allowing so many to fuck her already. That might cause some kind of riot. Splashing water on my face I looked in the mirror. "Ass hole"! I said aloud. What was worse was that my cock was still rock hard and I had the hardest time peeing.

I had to return. I wanted to return. I had left Dawn alone for almost 30 minutes with all those guys while I tried to sort out my thoughts and I knew what I had to do. Walking back I had a slight feeling of panic as images of my sister coming to her senses and struggling to push off whatever guy was fucking her at the time as she realized what he was doing to her. I hurried back to the pool area.

Several of the guys who already fucked her had left and there were now only about 20 guys and two girls there. I was able to push my way into a spot even closer than where I had been before. Every guy standing around had his cock out and was watching the action.

Dawn was still in the position with some unknown guy between her legs. His jeans were down to his ankles and his ass flashed up and down as he pumped with hard, quick thrusts into her body. Her naked breasts quivered slightly as he drove himself into her. Her eyes were closed and her breath was ragged as he rooted her.

I noticed the older man who had been there when we first came to smoke our joint moving closer so he could have a good view of what was being done to my sister. I later found out it was Ray's uncle and was supposed to be a chaperon. He had a cigarette in one hand and his cock in the other.

With a final thrust, the guy arched his back and loudly moaned as his body tensed and he shot more cum into my sister's body. After a few moments he picked himself up, pulled up his pants, tucking his wet limp cock into his jeans then, bumping into me, staggering away.

The old man came right up to Dawn and looked down at her. "OK, if I take a turn now?" he asked no one in particular. This was the first time in hours that she didn't have someone fucking her so the old guy just dropped to his knees between her opened legs and stared down at her. He didn't move, just looked at her.

Dawn's eyes were still shut, her face relaxed, with no signs of trauma. Her wiry legs were parted and bent at the knees. Her breasts looked bruised, nipples erect. Her nude body looked as if she was floating and the once tight little slit glistened in the low light. Gobs of fluids slowly oozed out her body and began to puddle on the cushion beneath her.

The old man leaned forwards and eased himself into her. This guy was like old enough to be our father and maybe our grandfather and he was fucking her. Not once since before the gang bang had my cock softened and it ached for release. I touched it and sucked in a gasp of air. It was so tender and so sensitive.

The old man reminded me of a train slowly building speed until he was slamming on her like most of the others did. She was going to be so sore tomorrow she'll probably not be able to walk. He lasted quite a while, longer than any of the others. I guess he had more experience. Finally he came but remained on her to catch his breath.

The old man finally withdrew from her and moved up to straddle her chest. Every guy there had already fucked her at least once but was still hard. I watched the old man rubbing his cock across the small space between her tits. He looked me right in the eye. "Go on, son" he said, pulling her nipple. "Fuck her, she really likes it."

I had moved closer while he fucked her and was within reach of her. I could smell her scent, the odor of sex and the countless guys that fucked her. I was no longer concerned with the emotional elements of the situation. For right now, she wasn't my sister but some slut that just fucked every guy at the party. I reached a hand for her nipple while the other unzipped my jeans. As I began to pull and tweak her nipple I also began to pull my cock.

The old man looked at me. "Are you going to fuck her?" he asked. "Because, if not, someone else will."

As I stared to move I noticed another guy standing beside us, his pants down to his knees and his fully erect cock standing at an angle. Dawn was starting to come too and moaned, her eyes fluttering open. She looked at me and flinched as yet another cock penetrated her.

The old man and I knelt each side of her, masturbating and playing with her tiny tits as he drove hard in and out. Dawn winced but he didn't let up. For a full five minutes he slammed repeatedly into her with her eyes widening more with every minute. Soon he came and got off.

I was about to take my turn when another guy pushed his way through the guys watching, dropped on top of her and quickly he was inside her, his cock pumping in and out of ever widening opening. I put my lips to her nipple and sucked it into my mouth and she unsteadily reached for me.

She mumbled something but it was too soft to hear. I asked her to repeat what she said and all I heard was, "don't" and something else and "stop," she slurred before going slack again. I could tell she was very drunk but getting sober.

"You heard her," the old man called out. He was kneeling right next to me and also heard what she mumbled. "She don't want us to stop!" he said twisting her nipple. I looked down into Dawn's glassy, half closed eyes and frowned. Her face was contorted from pain as her latest fucker pumped another load into her.

My cock was hard and if I had been thinking clearly, I would have done the right thing and took her out of here. But instead I cradled her head and watched as yet another guy began to fuck her. She passed out again as he picked up his pace.

That guy soon finished with a grunt and, as if he thought I would hit him, moved quickly away, stuffing his cock in his pants. I was still holding her head in my hand when another guy crawled between her spread legs. She let out a garbled sound as he entered her.

Slowly I laid her head back down and watched until the new guy shot his load and move aside. I'd been waiting a very long time and as the next guy started to move, I cut him off.

As I moved forward to get between her legs I noticed all the other guy's, cum running out of her. I placing my hand on her pussy and rubbed some of the dripping cum into her skin. She wasn't responding so I slowly spread her legs a little more. Liquid oozed out of her now gaping slit and, after a few seconds of savoring the sight, I pressed my cock into her cunt.

I didn't take long. I couldn't. I'd been too excited for too long to be in much control. I shot what felt like an enormous load into my

sister's body then collapsed onto her. After a while someone gently tapped my back and said something I could not understand, then, after a few moments, someone pulled me off her. "Come on, man," he said, "I want another turn."

I knelt beside her and watched as this guy began to vigorously fuck her. The old guy was still tweaking and sucking her nipples and the crowd was down to maybe a dozen. It was already after 3 AM and almost everyone had left.

"Ahh, ahh!" he soon cried out, and began to squirt another load into Dawn's pussy. Damn, for a girl who had been fucking for hours, she sure can fuck.

He finished, letting the old guy move around between her legs. I stared mesmerized as his old, fat cock slipped easily into her young body. Dawn was having a life time of sex in one night and just laid there like some frog waiting to be dissected. My cock had gone soft for a while but was now fully erect again. I knew before the night was out that I'd fuck her at least one more time.

It was sometime around four the next time I got my chance. I wasn't as rushed and actually took my time to enjoy it. She was hot, very hot inside and it felt like I was fucking a glass filled with oiled silk. She was so soft and so wet it felt great. I didn't think about what had been there before me.

After I came, I just stayed there on top of her. It felt really nice. So soft and warm and her throbbing pussy caressed my cock until I fell asleep. There were still three or four guys there, but I didn't care. She was my sister and therefore I had exclusive rights to fuck her last.

I fell asleep like that. On top of her, pool side. The sounds of the birds first woke me. It was still dark but just light enough to see we were alone on the patio. I had a morning hard-on and was surprised that my cock was still inside of her.

She was moaning and starting to stir. I began moving my hips, wanting to get off once more before she realized what we had done. I was pretty sure she would be hung over like a mother fucker when she came to and didn't want deal with her. I quickened my pace.

Her eyes fluttered opened and she stared right into my mine. "Brian, what are you doing?" she protested trying to push me off of her.

"Relax, I'll be finished in a minute," I grunted trying to reach a little deeper inside her.

"Stop it! Get off of me right now!" she cried out. "It hurts, quit it!" I was too far along to stop. I'd already cum twice inside of her and was literally seconds away from another. Her struggles only helped my cause as it tightened her vaginal muscles. I grunted and she moaned as twenty seconds later my cock was exploding, flooding her gooey hole.

Panting I rolled over to catch my breath. She immediately turned to her side and grabbed her crotch crying. I could only imagine how much pain she was in. Looking at her like that I felt like a real ass hole and now that I wasn't horny, I regretted what I had done. "You okay?" I asked reaching out to her.

She coiled away and mumbled for me to leave her alone. Sitting up I looked down at her battered and bruised body. The cushion she had been on all night was coated with cum, most of it dried but some still wet.

"Dawn, I'm sorry," I said hoping it would make her feel better. "But you shouldn't have come to the party." She said nothing but her body shook from her sobs.

"You got drunk and started flirting with all the guys and some of them got the wrong idea about you. Or at least I think it's the wrong idea."

"Go away." It was chilly so I threw a sheet on her and headed for the bathroom. I really needed to pee. I noticed the clock said 6:16 and knew I'd only had about two hours of sleep. My head was already hurting from the handover I knew I'd have later.

After the bathroom I headed for the kitchen to look for some aspirin for my headache. Two of Ray's brother's friends were in there talking about the "little slut" from last night. I knew who they were referring to but didn't say anything.

"I saw you fucking her a few times last night, pretty wild shit, huh?" one of them asked me. I smiled and nodded. I didn't know who they were and they didn't know who I was.

"And thanks to you we all got a piece of that young pussy," the second guy said. The other one laughed.

"What do you mean?" I asked curious how he turned my sweet little sister into some nympho-slut.

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a small bag with two pills in it. "These will get you all the pussy you want. You just gotta find the right girl and the right time."

"What are they?" I asked not sure what these magical pills were.

"Roofies. Slip it into some dumb girl's drink and in about 15 minutes she's out like a light for hours. You can do whatever you want to her and she won't remember anything." They both laughed at that.

"You gave that girl one of those last night?"

"Yep, sure did. Worked like a charm," he said smiling. "But you don't gotta thank me. We all got what we wanted from the little slut."

I was suddenly furious but didn't know at whom. Was it me for fucking her and not protecting her from the others or him for giving it to her in the first place? I felt my jaws tighten and my hand curled up in a fist. No, it's not his fault he's like that. I had to sit down and left the room without my aspirin.

She was sleeping again when I checked on her and called Mark to take us home. Hopefully mom was still asleep as she didn't have to work that day. On the ride home Mark kept commenting on Dawn and how she fucked like a minx and that everyone was talking about her already. My stomach turned listening to him.

I couldn't find her clothes so she was wrapped in a sheet we found some place and Mark suggested we take her to his house to clean up and she could wear some of his sister's clothes. She was older but not much bigger so they should do OK.

She slipped in and out of consciousness all morning until I put her in bed and rushed off to my own. Mom woke us up about 9:30 for breakfast but Dawn was too "sick" to eat. Later I wanted to talk to her but I wasn't sure what to say or how to say it. I figured I'd wait until she came to me. From what I heard about roofies she may not remember anything about last night. I was wrong.

Dawn changed after that day. She went from being an honor roll student to failing most of her classes. She went from being the teacher's pet to getting suspended and detention. She went from being a shy, innocent twelve-year-old girl to aggressively hunting for guys. Mom was getting called for teacher's conferences almost weekly and twice she was caught in the boy's restroom giving blow jobs to eighth grade boys.

After mom went to bed at night she'd sneak out of her window to meet with boys to drink, smoke and have sex. This was a nightly occurrence. She also began using my idea about sleeping over at Carry's to party all weekend long with who knows who. She was getting a really bad reputation not only in her school, but my school, two other high schools and the college that Ray's brother goes to. I heard she often goes to frat parties there and doesn't need a roofie to let the guys fuck her in one of the bedrooms.

I wanted to help her, to make her stop doing this, but I didn't know how. Mom was clueless as she worked so much and expected us to be okay on our own. This went on until spring break when I got the shock of my life. Mom was working the mid shift and Dawn waited until she left to get ready. I got up and headed for the bathroom, opening the door just as she was getting out of the shower.

It looked like she had swallowed a watermelon! Her stomach bulged out considerably on her small frame. "My God, Dawn, You're pregnant!" I almost shouted. She reached for a towel and yell for me to get out.

For the past few months she had been dressing sort of Goth and wore big bulky clothes but I thought it was just her stage but now I see it was to hide her swelling stomach. Her breasts had also grown quite a bit and she was almost now in a "B" cup. I couldn't help but stare as she tried wrapping the undersized towel around her.

"I said get the fuck out!" she yelled once again. I did leave but waited for her in her bedroom. We needed to talk.

I talked until I was out of breath but she didn't hear a word I said. Her only thoughts were to get to whatever party she had been invited to. "Dawn, you're only twelve-years-old, you can't be acting like this and you certainly can't be pregnant!"

"I'm almost 13!" she yelled back trying to get her bra buttoned around her swelling breasts.

"You won't be 13 'til September so shut up about that. One year really don't matter anyway." I was huffing I was so upset. "Wait

'til mom finds out about this."

"You're not going to tell her," she stated matter-of-factually.

"If you don't then I will!"

"If you do, I'll tell her it's your baby!"

"WHAT?!? You can't be serious. You know it's not mine."

"It could be. You DID fuck me that night."

"Yea, and a lotta other guys did too, so what."

"So what? The only guy I remember fucking me is you. I'm sure mom will shit a ton of bricks when I tell her you got me drunk and fucked me and now I'm pregnant!"

I suddenly felt sick. She had me and there was no way out. It would be her word against mine and there was at least two dozen people who saw me have sex with her. But it's still my word against hers'

Maybe I could bluff my way out.

"I'll just tell mom I didn't do it and you're lying. Everyone knows you're a slut and a liar." She stopped applying her makeup and looked at me with a grin.

"Here," she said throwing something at me. It was a fuzzy picture taken with someone's cell phone but it showed me on top of Dawn and both of our faces could be seen. "I got a lot more where that came from!" she added puckering her lips for the gloss.

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