The Crack of Dawn

by wetfly6969

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Brother, Sister, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Prostitution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An older brother is forced to bring his younger sister to the biggest party of the year where things get out of control. Was she set up or was she a slut all along?

I knew I was screwed. The biggest party of the year and I may not be able to go. It was my senior year and should be the time of my life, but instead, my bratty little sister found out about it and threatened to tell our mom if I didn't take her with me.

She had just turned 12 and thought she was older than she actually was. I mean she had only this past summer started having her period and about two months ago mom bought her first training bra but you'd think she was all that.

I thought long and hard about this. If she went she'd probably ruin it for me, hanging around me and wanting to leave early. It would be mostly high school kids there with maybe a few older people. My friend Ray's parents are really cool and let us party there from time to time. Their motto is "they'll know their sons are safe if they drink and party at home".

Ray's older brother just started college this past year and he was expected to be there with a few friends too but I didn't expect any trouble from them. I did hear that the girl I liked, Anna, was going and I wanted so much to see her.

"Well?" Dawn asked again tapping her foot. "Do I tell mom or am I going too?"

Shit. I couldn't bail now. I'd already told all my friends I was going and this will be the party to end all parties. Planned for the Saturday before Halloween a few people planned on coming in costume. We had our opening game yesterday and totally slaughtered the Yellow Jackets. Everyone was still reeling with excitement from that. Life is good!

I glared down at her angry that she was putting me in a position like this. She was just a runt, hardly 5 feet tall and I doubt she weighs more than 95 pounds. She's too young to be going.

"Do you really think you can party with the big dogs?" I asked hoping to scare her off. "There's not gunna be anyone your age there and no one you know. There's gunna be drinking and shit like that. After all, it IS a party."

"That's okay, I still wanna go."

"Why don't you go spend the night at Carry's house? You can play dress up and put on her mom's make up and play dolls like you usually do."

"That's baby stuff. Any way I don't like her no more."

Great. Looks like I really screwed. If I say no, she'll tell mom and I'll be grounded and still can't go but if I say yes, I'll have my annoying little sister hanging around and bugging me. I won't be able to enjoy the party with her there either. Shit!

I had already talked to mom about spending the night at Ben's house so she wasn't expecting me home tonight. But what about Dawn? She can't just disappear for the night and mom not worry about her. Mom gets off of work about 8 and if Dawn's not home, she'll go ballistic.

"Ask mom if you can spend the night at Carry's house tonight..."

"But I don't wanna spend the night there; I want to go to the party!"

"I know that, just listen, dummy. You need a cover so that mom won't worry about you. If she thinks you're at Carry's she won't worry and you can stay out late with me, okay?" A big smile crossed her face.

It didn't take long for her to get mom on the phone and approval for this sleepover. Mom wanted to speak to me though. "I want you to walk Dawn over to Carry's house before you go to Ben's. Make sure her mother or father is home before you leave and make sure she packs her tooth brush and a change of clothes and bla ... bla ... bla ... She always

babies Dawn which made her into this spoiled brat that I have to deal with now.

I agreed to whatever it was she demanded and hung up. It was already 6:30 and the party was starting at 8. I needed a shower and Dawn would need at least an hour to dress. She always takes so long it's irritating.

"What's with the outfit?" I asked as she emerged from her bedroom.

"It IS a Halloween party, isn't it?" she replied very sarcastically. I remember that costume from last year. She was some kind of pirate zombie princess but she made a few changes to it. We didn't have time to argue and I didn't have time for her to change and our ride was here.

My friend Mark rang the bell and right away made a comment about how "hot" Dawn looked. I did have to admit that she was looking very pretty but she had too much makeup on. I assume it was either she didn't know how to put it on or she was trying to look older. Her strawberry blond hair was spiraled into large locks, she had a half tee shirt on that barely reached the bottom of her rib cage, a short skirt and sock-less ankle boots. It fit her okay last year, but she's grown a lot and it was really too small.

Looking at her if I didn't know better I would have thought she was a slut, but this is my kid sister and I was pretty sure she was still a virgin. We headed outside. Mark drove, Ben sat in the front and another friend, Kyle, sat in the back. Dawn sat between us and I kept seeing Kyle staring at Dawn. A few times I saw Mark checking her out in the rear view mirror.

Ben fired up a joint, took a hit and handed it to Mark. It was passed to Kyle and he handed it to Dawn. "Want some?" he asked holding it out. She smiled and grabbed it from him.

"Hold on, Dawn, you don't wanna do that," I said reaching for it.

"Com'on man, let her live a little," Mark said watching the scene unfold through the mirror. Ben had turned around and was staring at us and Kyle was staring at me like a party pooper.

"If she wants some, let 'er have some," he said. Dawn never smoked before and took a long, deep drag causing her to choke and cough. Everyone got a laugh out of that and she quickly handed it my way. I took it and enjoyed a toke. It had been about a week since my last joint and I needed it. I passed what was left forward thinking it would be gone before making its way back. I was wrong.

"You want another hit?" Ben asked Dawn sticking it in her face. She looked at me, still red-faced from her coughing spell and smiled defiantly. Like a normal rebellious wannabe, she was going to do it for no other reason then I didn't want her to.

I could smell the beer before I saw it and Ben took a swig from the 40 he had. "You're driving," he said to Mark and passed it to Kyle. Two sips later it was in Dawns hands and she was looking down at it.

"It's not too late to drop you off at Carry's house," I told her. There's gunna be a lot of smoking and drinking at the party so if you don't want to see it, you'd better not go. She gave me a glare and put the bottle to her mouth. Stupid kid. She made a face and handed it to me. Fortunately when it was passed back to her, she didn't drink any as she didn't like the taste.

By the time we made it to Ray's house, the 40 was gone, another joint had been passed around and everyone was feeling good. The party house was just outside the city with so many cars parked nearby that we had to walk about a block to get there. We weren't even to the front

door when I noticed the house shaking from the loud music that blared from the open windows.

As expected there was a ton of people there, most from my school but a lot I'd never seen before. The living room had all the furniture put along the walls and the middle was being used as a dance floor. The kitchen had been set up as the bar with every sort of alcohol you could imagine. Ray's Parents really know how to party!

Within a minute of us getting there, Dawn had a couple of guys I didn't know were talking to her and someone handed her a mixed drink. I was about to intervene when I saw Anna and she was smiling at me. I forgot all about Dawn and went to say 'hi'.

We talked a while, danced a few times and found a more quite spot to try and talk over the music. When we began to kiss I knew tonight I was getting lucky. The second I touched her breast, she jerked back and asked what I was doing. I thought she was into it and said so. She got mad and stormed off, just like that.

I walked around looking for Dawn. It had been almost an hour since the last time I saw her and I wanted to make sure she was okay. That's when I spotted her on the dance floor. When she was younger she had taken two years of gymnastics and ballet and was very limber. Some of the moves she was doing I know they didn't teach in ballet.

I wasn't the only one who noticed her shaking her ass as most of the guys near by were watching. She raised her arms over her head and did a sexy spin, exposing the bottom of her bra to the room. A second guy came up behind her and pulled her close and began rubbing against her backside.

She smiled, lifting her arms up around his neck and he leaned over to say something to her. The guy she had been dancing with moved closer and they had her sandwiched between them. I had seen enough and started towards them. This was going to stop right now!

"There you are," I heard as someone grabbed my shoulder. It was Ben and he wanted me to go smoke another joint with him.

"I can't right now, I gotta take care of something," I said pulling away from him.

"Anna's there and she asking for you."

"Huh? What did you say?" I couldn't be sure I heard him correctly. Just 15 minutes earlier she practically slapped my face for feeling her up and now Ben says she's asking for me?

"Com'on, lets go out back."

Against my better judgment I followed him and two other guys to the back yard. We all had had enough alcohol to be just this side of drunk and I was feeling a little shaky on my feet. We passed several guys in various stages of inebriation along the way.

I'm not sure who sent out the invitations, but there was definitely an imbalance of gender. Of the seventy or so people there, only about 20 were girls and half of those had their boyfriends with them.

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