Between Friends

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My best friends were the couple next door who taught me everything they know.

Chapter 1

Our next door neighbors, Dawn and Jeremy, were friends of our parents and also friends of my brother and me. They were younger than our parents and older than we were, like half way between.

I was thirteen, my brother, Hank, sixteen, Dawn was twenty-three and Jeremy twenty-six. So, we were basically all friends including my parents.

Hank and I would often spend the night at Dawn and Jeremy's and play games or rent movies, eat pizza and make popcorn, mostly fun stuff and we all got along really well.

When Hank got his driver's license, though, and his first car, he stopped going to Dawn and Jeremy's much and began running around with his friends from school. So, I began going over to their house by myself and we still had a fun time and I always felt that they were easy to be around at a time in my life when I wasn't always comfortable even with my own age group.

So, one evening at their house, after we had eaten, we started watching the movie, 'Threesome.' It was basically about three college students, two guys, and a girl named, Alex, who were put in the same dorm room because they assumed Alex was a boy. So, you can see, there was a bunch of sexual stuff that was part of the plot. I guess it was also rated 'R' so was really meant for older viewers than me.

Anyway, we were watching the movie and I'm getting tingly feelings in the place where I was pretty regularly getting tingly feelings which I had found in the past year or so that, when rubbed nicely, made me feel good, very good.

After the movie, Dawn said, "Andrea, that might have been a little more grown-up a movie than you're used to. I guess we think of you as more grown-up. Did you understand everything, you know, about the sex part and everything? I mean if you have any questions or anything like that, Jeremy and I will be glad to tell you what you want to know."

"Well, my mom has told me some stuff but it was really pretty lame. I hear a lot more at school from the other girls, you know?"

"If you want to know anything, anything at all, about it, just ask us. Just promise not to tell anybody we've told you about sex, okay?"

"Yeah, they didn't tell us much at school, either. Mostly about what not to do and stuff."

"Have you ever been french-kissed, Andrea?" asked Dawn.

"Yes, kind of. What I mean is that my friend, Martha and I have kind of taught each other how to do it."

"Did you enjoy it? Did it turn you on? My first time was with a girl, too."

"Oh, we probably did it at least fifty times but, no, I really didn't feel anything from it. No sexy like."

"How about boys? Any boys?"

"Yeah, two. It was different than with Martha. But each boy was different from the other, too."

"Did you like it better with the boys?"

"Oh, some, but I'm just put off by it all because I'm not sure I'm any good at it and I don't want any boys thinking I'm not a good kisser."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. You want to look like you at least know what you're doing, right?"

"Yeah, I just don't want to look stupid."

"Would it help if Jeremy kissed you and could see if you're doing it all right or teach you how to do it better?"

Now, Jeremy is a very nice looking guy. They are both very attractive and he's kind of a hunk if you know what I mean. So, I said, 'sure.'

So, Jeremy got up, took me by the hand, had me stand up and french-kissed me much, much better than Martha or the two boys. He ran his tongue all around the inside of my mouth and I did the same to him. My heart was racing, I could hardly believe that a grown man was kissing me like a grown woman.

"Andrea, you did it just fine. You're a great kisser. Here," and we kissed again, this time, with his tongue going in and out, in and out. As he pulled his tongue back in, I did what he had just done, probing my tongue in and out. When I put my tongue in his mouth, he sucked on it and that felt really sexy. I was now having those familiar tingly feelings in my panties and I could sense that my breathing was a lot faster. Jeremy kissed me like no other had.

"Oh, Andrea, you're just great," then Dawn stood up and asked, "Do you mind kissing me?"

I nodded my head but inside, I was really excited and really wanted to kiss her.

We put our arms around each other and began to kiss, running our tongues in and out and all around one another's mouths. This was exciting and very tingly. It just seemed so forbidden to kiss another female even though I had kissed my friend, Martha.

"Did we kiss alike, Dawn and I," asked Jeremy.

"Well, you really don't, not alike at all."

"That's because everyone is different and you'll find that while some are better at kissing and, really, sex, that others, different people do things differently and that's sometimes a lot of the fun," said Jeremy.

"Well, Andrea, any time you want to ask us about sex, anything at all, just go ahead. We know how parents get uptight about questions but we want you to know as much as you can and to be comfortable with it, okay," said Dawn. "It's so important that young people be informed as much as possible. We want you to come to us for advice, Andrea. We're your friends."

"I have wondered about a lot of things about sex and stuff and this was fun, I'd like to learn more."

"Look," Dawn suggested, "why don't we go in our room and talk more," so we got up from the sofa, walked down the hall to their bedroom and all laid down on the bed with me in between.

"Any particular questions, Andrea?"

"Well, I was wondering if it will it really hurt the first time? I've heard that it can."

"Well, honey, it depends on whether or not you still have your hymen, your cherry. Have you used tampons?"

"Yes, that's what I usually use."

"Have you masturbated with anything very big, like a cucumber or a hairbrush handle, anything that really filled you up when you put it in?"

I felt my face get warm as I answered, "Um, yeah, a cucumber, how did you know?"

"Oh, Andrea, I was a girl, too, once. I put lots of things up my vagina. Anything that felt good."

"Well, girls, I'm gonna go clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher and get it started. You two can talk girl talk."

"I have another question, what does it feel like to have sex?"

"You've masturbated, right?" I nodded. "Did you have an orgasm?"

"Well, I'm not exactly sure. It feels good, is that it? Nice and warm all over."

"Sure it feels good but an orgasm is when the good feelings just explode inside you and they just take over. You are overwhelmed by wonderful sexy pleasurable feelings. That's an orgasm."

"Oh, maybe I haven't ever had one then. When I rub myself, it feels nice and all, really nice, but no explosions."

"You'll know when you have one. And you'll love them when they happen. There's nothing that feels better."

"I have another question."

"Okay, shoot."

"Well, I know a boy's penis is supposed to get big when they're excited and ready for sex but how big? And how big does it get?"

"Well, not every guy is the same. Jeremy's gets to about seven inches, that's a bit above average. He probably wouldn't mind showing you if you wanted to see it. You've never seen a guy's cock, right?"

"No, and that's a funny word for it, cock."

"Andrea, if you would like to see his, I can ask him for you. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. We want you to be able to learn what you want to know about sex without being embarrassed about it."

"Well, maybe if you asked him for me. I'm not sure I could ask him. I'd be too embarrassed."

"Sure. Now, he'll have to take some of his clothes off to show you and I wouldn't want us to make him uncomfortable doing that so, what do you say, maybe we should just get down to our underwear so we'll all more comfortable."

"Okay, that makes sense," and we removed our outer clothing and lay there in bras and panties.

Chapter 2

"Well, you two look comfy," said Jeremy when he came back in the room.

"The reason is that Andrea wanted to know what a guy looks like, you know, hon, his cock, and I thought I'd ask you to show her yours. We figured that if you were going to take some clothes off, we should, too."

"Makes sense. Sure. Andrea, you want to see a real guy's penis?"

I nod and he begins to take off his shirt, then unbuckles his belt, unzips and pulls his pants off and stands there with a rather large bulge in his briefs. Omigod, here it comes. The real thing. I asked for it and it's too late to go back.

"Oh, looks like Jeremy is turned on by us in our underwear. He's kind of bulging out. Okay, Jeremy, go ahead, don't be embarrassed."

So, he pulls down his briefs and there it is. Is it big. Really big. It looks enormous to me. I don't see how that could ever fit in a vagina.

"Move closer, Jer, so the poor girl can see," and he steps closer until it's just a foot or two from me.

"It's really big. Bigger that I ever expected. Can that really fit inside, you know, when you two, um, make love?"

"Oh, yes, sweetie. It fits inside me just fine. And I just love it inside me. Don't worry, they look big but we girls can take it all inside just fine. Oh, just fine. Would you want to touch it? I'm sure Jeremy wouldn't mind."

He took a step more and knelt on the bed right in front of me as I reached toward him and placed my index finger tip on the end of it and wiped it back and forth. I was kind of scared to just hold it.

"Go ahead, Andrea, play around with, see what it's like," said Dawn.

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