Early Retirement
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I take an early retirement and enjoy much sex and many women with help from some new friends.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Incest   Brother   Sister   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Bestiality   Water Sports   Scatology   Cream Pie   Size  

My name is a good place to start; it's Ken. I've never married so there's no Barbie. That is, by the way, an old joke. I am now a refugee from the high tech world. The company which I helped found was bought and I was able to cash out with a work contract which now was complete. It was coming to an end and the new owners did not want me to stick around. That was acceptable, so I retired at the ripe old age of thirty-one.

My house was paid off with some of the money from the sale and I had a roommate who covered the taxes, insurance, and utilities as rent. I had always liked to fish when I was young so I started to look for a home on a lake. Since I had taken up golf while starting my business, I also wanted to be on a golf course. I also wanted to get away from Atlanta's traffic. Looking around, I found a place on Lake Martin in Alabama. I bought two lots and had a house designed and built while finishing my work contract.

Now, the house was finished and decorated. I started living at the lake on most weekends but this was the first time that I stayed over not needing to go to work on Monday. I wanted a boat for fishing. It was a fine day in early June and, I decided, a good one for boat hunting. I got in my Jag convertible and went around to the first marina and stopped to look at boats.

I was walking down the line looking in, around and under the boats. I was squatting down looking at one when I heard a low, musical voice say, "May I help you?" Looking around I saw a nice pair of legs wearing tennis shoes. Following up toward where the sound had come, I realized the legs were long and really good as they went into a pair of tight tan short shorts. Moving up, the tee shirt did nothing to hide a flat stomach and a nice set of breasts. Her face was pretty with green eyes and long blond hair. She said, "My name's Sue Ann."

I said, "Oh, uh, I'm looking for a boat."

She responded with a smile, "Then you came to the right place as we have a fine selection for many different purposes. Just what type of boat are you looking for?"

"Well, I want to go fishing and will have friends with me sometimes riding for pleasure."

"How many friends?"

"Sometimes, eight or more, other times, just one or two."

"Hmm, most fishing boats don't handle large groups like eight or more. Have you thought about a pontoon boat?"

"Not really. I just started looking." I was trying to stare her in the eyes but those super breasts had caught my attention, also. I thought I could see her nipples through her tee shirt.

"Follow me and let me show you a few different types of boats and their uses so we can determine what you really want." I already knew what I really wanted was to get in her pants. She started walking away and I followed willingly. Her ass was well defined under those shorts and her hips moved enticingly as she walked.

Two boats down, we stopped a boat that was flat on top except for the cockpit. She said, "This is one of our better fishing boats. It comes equipped with a trolling motor and a fish finder as standard items. It's very stable and has power to get anywhere on the lake, yet is small enough for one person to handle. That's about the best we have for fishing." We went over the boat in detail. As she bent over to show me a feature on the boat, I would notice her ass as her shorts rode up. "Now, let's look at a different type of boat."

We went down to the end of the lot and walked around to the back of a boat. We went up a set of steps with her shorts pulling against her hips as she went in front of me. When we got to the top, I saw that this was a bigger boat with a cabin of sorts. She guided me in and said, "This boat has more space, some of which is covered. It's nice for changing and things. She then stepped close to me. She was so close that those breasts were boring into my chest and she said, "Particularly for things."

I decided to push matters and brought a hand up to cup one of those breasts. She gave a little moan and leaned into my palm. With my thumb and forefinger, I tweaked the nipple through her tee shirt and bra. My other hand went around to her ass and pulled her in close meeting no resistance. She leaned her head back just a little looking me in the eyes and brought her hands around to pull my lips to hers. As we kissed and traded tongues, my hands moved on her breast and ass and she pushed her groin to mine grinding her pelvis into my cock.

Obviously, this was suiting both of us and I moved into her pushing her back toward the double bunk at the bow. When the backs of her legs touched it, she let herself fall over backwards and pulled me on top of her. I landed between her legs and we continued to kiss. Pulling my hand from under her, I added it to the other one working her tits. Her hands left the back of my head and she started pulling her tee shirt up. I helped and then undid the front hook of her bra and slipped it away from her breasts. A long golden expanse of flesh was then before me with two firm mountains in the middle. She sighed and pulled at my shirt which I quickly lost. That seemed to make her happy as she hugged our chests together. We dry humped while I nuzzled her breasts. Then she pushed me off.

When I stood, she leaned forward and unfastened my pants and pushed them and my briefs down. When my cock bobbed free and fairly hard, she lowered her head and took it in. I could feel her swirl it around as it grew even larger and then she pushed it all the way in her mouth and down her throat. She started a rhythm of swirl, throat, swirl that was fast pulling me to a climax. I managed to croak out that I was going to cum and she just nodded. Then I took her head and started to really fuck her face. It hit me hard, I started to cum and kept forcing my cock down her throat spurting my load into her stomach. As I pulled out, she sucked me dry and didn't miss a drop.

"I like to look at boats!"

"You, I like to show," she replied. "Strangely enough, you're the first person that I've ever done that with or anything remotely like it. You just turned me on."

"That's okay as I am not resisting nor do I mind."

We replaced and adjusted our clothes and she started to explain about the boat we were in and how it could be used. I said, "It's a nice boat but it really won't work for fishing."

"I know but I had to have a taste of you and it is a nice boat," she responded. "Let's go look at pontoon boats and see what you think of them."

"I've never even been on a pontoon boat before."

"They are somewhat different from most boats and are great for cruising the lake."

"Lead on, Sue Ann," was my reply and she led us out of the boat and around the marina to the dock area. There, I saw a number of boats on floats which must be pontoon boats.

"We have a few different manufacturers who have different ideas on design though basically it's two or three pontoons with a platform and a motor. Let's go on this one" She led me onto the dock and, opening a place on the side of the boat, waved me in. She started to explain how the boat worked and what options were loaded on it. After talking for a few minutes, she said, "How would you like to take a ride on the lake?"

"I would like that a lot. Also, we could go by my place to determine if there is a place to park this monster."

She winked, "I'm sure I can find places for you to park a monster."

We pulled out of the marina and started down the slough toward the rest of the lake. She said, "Where's your place?"

"I'm not sure by water but it's over and around that way. I believe so, anyway."

"We'll find it. That's a fairly new area by the golf course."

"That would be right as I'm on the water and the course."

"Wow, that sounds like a great setup."

"I hope so since I'm retiring there."

"At your age, you're retiring?"

"Yeah, I got lucky and then got out."

"Why don't you drive? It'll give you a chance to see how it feels to handle a pontoon boat."

So, I stepped over to the Captain's chair and sat down taking the wheel. She let me by and helped me to rub my cock against her ass as she moved out of the way. She smiled as she could feel that my cock was already hard for her again.

She moved out to the middle of the boat and sat down on the floor. Even though there were no boats around, no one would have seen her there if there had been. She looked at me and pulled her tee shirt off and then unfastened her bra, leaned back and smiled. I grinned and watched. Then she moved her hand to her shorts and unbuttoned and unzipped them. She pulled them down and kicked off her shoes leaving only her panties. She turned over and I saw that they were a thong and the thong was tight into her ass crack. Then she rolled over to face me and eased them down her legs and off.

Still looking at me, she started caressing her breasts. She tweaked her nipples which stood up sharply. Then she moved one hand toward her hips tracing along the skin. She moved by her navel and through the closely trimmed bush to her pussy. She started rubbing and then pushed first one then two fingers into her cunt. Working those fingers deeply, she continued to play with her nipples for a while. She lay back and rolled on to her side. Her free hand left her breast and moved over her hip toward her ass. It caressed her ass checks before heading for her sphincter. After rubbing there a moment, she penetrated her hole with a finger easing it in slowly and deeply until it was in all the way. She started to move it along with the fingers in her pussy, obviously working her way to an orgasm. She moved the fingers harder and faster in both her holes until she climaxed with a low scream. Gradually, she came down from her high and removed her fingers, but made no effort to cover herself. I saw my house and half broke the spell by saying, "Look, it's my house."

She said, "Let's pull closer."

Getting up and looking around, there was no one around. So, still naked, she came beside me and helped me control the boat and park it at my dock. I quickly tied up and killed the power. She got on her hands and knees and, looking over her shoulder, said, "Stuff me with your monster."

I dropped my shorts and briefs and knelt behind her. Taking my rigid cock in my hand, I pushed the head into her cunt feeling the walls expand to hold me. When I reached bottom and my hairs were scraping against her ass checks, I started to move in and out. She groaned and said, "Fuck me good and hard. Do my holes." I moved faster and faster. I could feel her react and the walls of her pussy convulsed around me. Then I pulled out and pushed the head against her ass. "Oh, yes! Put it there!" She moaned a bit and then even more as my cock head pushed through into her ass. She gripped me tightly with her muscles and I again started moving in and out, faster and deeper. "Cum in my ass! Fuck my butt! Harder! Give me all of it!" she screamed.

I slammed into her cheeks again and again. Using one hand for leverage on her hips, I used the other to slap her cheeks which made her moan even louder. Finally, I felt the cum well inside me and shoot into her hot ass. Feeling my cum shooting in her ass took her over the edge and she screamed out another climax with me.

I stayed in her until I got soft. When I pulled out, she turned around and licked my cock clean of our juices.

After resting a few more minutes, I suggested that, while we were here, to show her my house. She agreed and we put on some outer clothes, my pants on me and my shirt on her. Adding shoes, we went up the path to the house.

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