Amy's Security

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: She was just looking out for herself.

I had slipped in unnoticed, gotten a drink from the bar and then I had moved to a dark corner where I could unobtrusively watch the goings on. The lateness of the hour and the cleared tables suggested that the dinner part of the festivities was over and more than likely so was all the speechifying and the dispensing of bonuses. Now it was more of a cocktail party. The tables had been moved back to create a dance floor and a five-piece band was setting up. My attention was centered on the reason I had come to the affair. I watched as she moved through the crowd talking to the people and looking for all the world like she was the hostess.

I sensed him before he spoke, "She sure is something, isn't she."

I turned and saw a short, ruddy-faced man standing to my left and slightly behind me. He stuck out his hand, "Jack Branscomb. I work out of the Omaha office."

I took his hand and introduced myself and said, "You know her?"

"Not near as well as I would like. I came close once, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, right?"

I was intrigued by his statement, "You came close? How was that?"

"You new to the company? You don't know who she is?"

"I'm just a guest."

"Well, little Amy there is the bosses private stock, but when the mood strikes him he will share. The Omaha branch has been the poorest producing branch in the company. One day the boss and Amy flew into town. The boss had all the sales people come into the office for a meeting and then he read us the riot act. Turn the place around or he would shut the office down and we could all go looking for new jobs. And then he said:

"But to give you a little incentive I'll make it interesting and throw in a prize for the highest producer. Amy, show the boys what the winner will get."

"Amy did a strip for the boys that would have put a professional stripper to shame and then the boss said, "One night with Amy to the highest scoring salesman." I missed by a lousy two grand. My sales were a million, five hundred and sixty-two thousand, but Miller beat me by eighteen hundred dollars. Miller, that's him over there, said that Amy showed him what heaven would be like. Hey, there goes my regional manager, got to go and suck up" and he left me standing there staring at my wife and wondering if I knew her at all.

It was Amy's company Christmas party and I wasn't supposed to be there. I was supposed to be in New York on business, but things moved a lot faster than expected and I was able to fly home two days earlier than planned. I tried reaching Amy to let her know, but her office had closed for the day and all I got at home was the answering machine. When the plane landed I saw that there was still enough time to hit the party, have a couple of drinks and then take Amy home and try to make up for a week of going without. Now I didn't know if I should even bother going home at all.

The idea that my wife was the company whore was ludicrous at first glance, but Jack had not equivocated at all when he made his statements. Amy was the Executive Secretary to Jason Billings, the president and CEO of the company and she did travel with him when he visited the outlying offices. And she had made three trips to Omaha that year. My heart was crying out "Bullshit!" but my gut was saying "Check it out."

I stayed in my corner and nursed my drink and watched Miller. After half an hour he did what I was waiting for. He put his drink down and headed for the bathrooms and I set my glass down and followed him. Luckily he was the only one in the bathroom when I walked in. I stepped up to the urinal next to the one he was whizzing in and I looked over at him, "Miller, right?"

He nodded and said; "Do I know you?"

"Nope, never met, but you are my hero."

He gave me a funny look like he thought maybe I was trying to hit on him and then said, "Why am I your hero?"

"Because you scored Amy Beckman. Do you know how many guys in the company would cut off their left hand just to have coffee with her? You got to spend a whole night with her. I got to tell you that that puts you pretty high on the list of people I'd like to be like."

I saw the relief on his face when he realized I wasn't a fag trying to pick him up and he smiled.

"Just the luck of the draw. Jack Branscomb was ten thousand ahead of me going into the last day of the contest. I told all my customers about the contest and the prize and almost all of them kicked their orders up a grand or two and that gave me just enough to ace out Jack. Hey, if you ever get a shot you had best lie, cheat, steal or do whatever you have to do because she is totally worth it."

He started digging for his wallet and when he got it out and open he took out a Polaroid snapshot and showed it to me. "I keep this to inspire me on days when sales are slow."

It was Amy all right, in all of her naked glory. "Oh man" I said wistfully, "Some guys have all the luck." Yeah, and some guys get it broken off in their ass, especially trusting husbands.

I went back to my dark corner and settled in to watch. Amy didn't expect to see me for two more days and I was curious to see what would happen. When the party started breaking up I moved out to the hotel lobby and sat down where I could watch the doors to the ballroom. Jason and Amy were the last to leave and I had a paper that I was pretending to read in front of my face when they walked by me. I heard Jason say, " ... leave yours here and come back for it in the morning?"

"No, you can follow..." and then they were out of earshot. I guessed that Jason was going to follow Amy to our house and I needed to beat them there so I could erase the answering machine tape.

I drove like a mad man and broke every speed limit in town. Any light that caught me I ran and all a stop sign was to me was something to look at as I blew by. I parked around the corner and ran to the house, let myself in and dashed for the answering machine. I hit PLAY and as soon as my message started I hit the DELETE button and then I hurried to the hall closet where I kept the camera bag. I took out the Nikon and checked to see what I had left on the roll and then I took the camera bag and ran up the stairs. I set the video camera up where it wouldn't be noticed and then I focused it in on the bed. At the last minute I remembered the little red light and I ran to the bathroom and got a Band-Aid to cover it.

Five minutes later I heard the garage door opener start to run and I left the bedroom and moved to the head of the stairs and peeked around the corner. Amy came in and headed straight for the wet bar and fixed a couple of drinks and about two minutes later Jason let himself in the front door. The bastard had a key to my house!

Amy walked over to him and handed him a drink and tilted her face up for a kiss. Jason took the drink and then bent and gave Amy a kiss on the lips that seemed to have a little tongue action with it and then the two of them went over and sat down on the couch.

"I think everything went well tonight. You did a great job as usual."

Amy grinned, "That's why you pay me the big bucks."

"No it isn't and you know it. I pay you the big bucks because you are the hottest piece of ass this side of the Mississippi. Your efficiency in other areas is just an unexpected bonus. Speaking of which, I hope you were happy with the size of yours?"

"You were more than generous Jason."

"It should have been more, especially since you wrapped Feldman around your little finger last night. He couldn't say enough good things about you. Did he stay the night?"

"Yes, and I got damned little rest out of it. He is especially fond of anal and my pooper is still a little sore. You will have to settle for blow jobs and pussy tonight."

"I thought you would never ask" and he stood up and undressed.

Amy downed her drink and then got on her knees in front of him. "All the way?"

"Yeah baby, I want to cum in your mouth to start out the night."

"How long can you stay?"

"All night baby. Nancy is staying with her sister for three days. How long before I have to be out?"

"You can stay until tomorrow night. Hubby flies in at two the next day."

"Why can't I sty over night tomorrow too?"

"Because I want to be fresh as a Daisy when Mark gets home and that big cock of yours stretches me. I have to give it time to shrink a little."

"You sure that he doesn't expect anything?"

"Nope sweetie, he is clueless. He loves me and as far as he is concerned I can do no wrong."

And then she lowered her head and started sucking Jason's cock. Jason leaned back on the couch and I saw a satisfied smile come over his face. I wanted to go down there and smash his face in, but I held my anger in check. I'd get my revenge, but it would be my way. I'd had several friends who had gone through divorces and they had been raped and left bleeding by the courts and the lawyers and I was determined that it wasn't going to happen to me. But I needed the right pictures and I needed Amy to get Jason up to the bedroom where the video camera could tape them. Pictures with sound are so much better than stills, but I still needed the Nikon for back up.

Down on the couch I saw Jason arch his hips up off the couch and I could see Amy's throat moving as she swallowed his load.

"God baby, but you are the absolute greatest at that," he said as Amy stood up and started stripping. When she was down to just nylons and high heels she did a slow turn in front of him.

"You like?"

"You know I do baby. I can't get enough of you."

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