An Intimate Examination

by hotwetnshaved

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I see a very pretty patient

"Send the next patient in please Cynthia."

"It's Mrs. Marshall doctor, your last one for the day, I'll get off home now if that's all right."

"Certainly, I'll see you tomorrow."

I switched the intercom off and turned to see Mary Marshall coming in through the door, a big smile on her beautiful face,

"Good afternoon Mrs. Marshall" I smiled, "What can I do for you this afternoon?"

She smiled and sat down crossing her long, nylon clad legs,

"I think I have a small problem doctor."

"Well that's what I'm here for."

"It's er, down there."

"Tell me" I sat back and hoped my erection wouldn't be too obvious,

"It might be better if I show you."

"Very well."

My prick jerked as she stood up and unfastened the zip on her skirt and stepped out of it, underneath she wore dark tan stockings held up by a narrow white suspender belt over tiny white panties.

She sat back down again to take off her blouse and I shifted position to ease my aching prick,

"Perhaps you'd better sit in the examination chair Mrs. Marshall."

"Yes thank you" she smiled and I watched her gorgeous little ass beneath the skimpy panties as she walked slowly over to the chair,

"Are you all right doctor?" she grinned as she sat down and hooked each leg into the stirrups provided, "You look quite flushed."

"I'm fine thank you" I replied, "But tell me what's troubling you."

"It's very personal you understand."

"Of course."

She smiled again and asked if I liked her underwear,

"It's very nice" I said and allowed my eyes to wander over her bra where her hard little nipples were clearly visible through the thin material, "But maybe a tad too tight?"

Slowly she ran a finger down to where the pristine, white nylon was stretched tightly over her shaven slit,

"I think my pussy's too sensitive doctor."

"Really? It looks fine to me."

She pouted and I thought my prick might burst through my trousers at any moment,

"But you can't see it doctor, I've still got my panties on."

"Would you like me to examine you?"

"Yes please."

"Please remove your panties, er your underwear."

"It's all right doctor, you can say panties, I think it's quite a nice word don't you?"

I was afraid to answer.

"I've just put some new nail varnish on my nails doctor, I would hate to smudge it by taking my panties off, do you think you could do it for me please?"

"Very well" I said manfully and leaned forward to unclip each suspender button, even then the heady aroma coming from her slit filled my nostrils and made my prick jerk, once I'd unfastened all the clips, I threaded them beneath her panties and refastened them carefully, the flesh of her thighs was soft and I could see minute traces of talcum powder no doubt from a recent shower.

"Do you think I've got nice legs doctor?" she asked as I reached for the waistband of her panties,

"They're very nice Mrs. Marshall" I said softly as I began to ease the delicate little garment down, "You'll have to lift your bottom up for a second."

She did, I could feel her eyes on me as I continued to pull her panties down, her cleft came into view, tiny droplets of moisture clinging to her labia, she eased both legs out of the stirrups and held them together just long enough for me to rid her of the tiny garment, then she sat back and smiled, her legs back in the stirrups and wide open.

"Now then" I said, my eyes fixed firmly on her gorgeous little slit, "Where exactly is it sensitive?"

"All over doctor" she smiled, "My nipples too."

"Your nipples?"

"Yes" she nodded, "If you take my bra off, I'll show you what I mean."

It was a front fastening bra which came off easily to reveal her beautifully firm breasts, but on closer examination, I could make out teeth marks around each nipple!

"Have you been bitten Mrs. Marshall?"

"What? Oh yes sorry, my flat mate and I had a little bit of fun this morning, I'd forgotten all about that."

"Did he bite you anywhere else?"

"Oh dear, yes, but it's not a he, she's a girl she probably did bite me elsewhere, I feel so silly now doctor."

"It doesn't matter" I smiled, "Better safe than sorry, I'd better give you a quick internal anyway."

"Yes I think that might be wise."

"Aren't you hot doctor?" she slid a hand down to her slit again, "I am."

"Yes, it is a bit warm isn't it?"

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