Betsy's Journey
Chapter 1: Betsy's Journey Begins

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Betsy's Journey Begins - Betsy is turning 40 very soon and she takes time to recall her past. Some of the things she did, especially the sexual affairs, still sent shivers up her spine.

Betsy would be turning 40 and she, like most women, considered the thought very frightful. It seemed like yesterday that she was a girl, a young girl gaining experience in the world without any regrets or fears. Lately she seemed to be daydreaming more and more and it was all about her journey through life. In reminiscing, she was a girl trying desperately to prove to everyone that she was a well-refined, vibrant woman.

She loved dreaming with her eyes closed and watching the animated images of her life pass across her darkened eyelids. The clarity of her daydreams was outstanding, most being stunningly alive in vivid Technicolor. Betsy wondered if she was different than most women and if other women visualized their past in such detail. Even at 39, she felt like it had taken a lifetime to develop into a fully mature, grown woman.

Lately Betsy seemed obsessed with fantasizing especially about some of the lewd and erotic events that happened over the years. Reliving the various affairs gave her the chance to wonder if she would do things differently.

The weekend was ahead and it promised to be one of those rare opportunities to be alone. Her husband, Danny, had gone away for a weekend business conference and he had left a couple of hours earlier. Betsy welcomed the alone time because it afforded her the freedom to do whatever she wanted. With the aspect of turning 40 just around the corner, it seemed these days that she felt a powerful urge to dream about her past. Betsy questioned if she had missed something or if things should have been different. Did she have any regrets, she wondered?

Betsy really looked forward to being home alone all weekend. When Danny first told her about his trip, she was sad, but it soon turned to elation when she realized the freedom she would have. She was already in a dreamlike state of mind when she got home from work and the weekend officially began. Rushing upstairs to the spare bedroom, she threw herself on the bed. For some strange reason, Betsy had decided to use the spare bedroom for her fantasy escapades. Maybe using a room not shared with her husband, she reasoned, alleviated some of the guilt feelings for acting secretively.

She landed on the bed letting out a big sigh of exhaustion from the long workweek. Lying spread-eagled on the bed with her arms stretched out over her head, her mind immediately went into fantasyland. Many of her memories started right after junior high school.

Any recollections before she was 15 or 16 were merely fleeting memories of events. Her father raised Betsy and she dearly missed the influence of having a mother. Her mother was a smoker who died when Betsy was still very young and all Betsy remembered of her mother was that she was a very beautiful and loving lady.

Betsy could recall very few things that happened in those early years and what she did remember usually consisted of simple pictures or a few vague details. They were nothing compared to her stimulating memories of high school, grad school and those from her 20's and 30's, memories that flashed through her mind like theatrical movies.

Betsy loved the tranquil state she lapsed into whenever she was really alone. That was the only time she let herself drift off so that she was oblivious of anything else around her. She had an uncanny knack of being a third party in her daydreams; she would dream of watching herself, as an actress playing the role of Betsy, moving from one event to the next, from one chapter to the next.

Her first dream of the weekend started when she was a teenager going to Bedford High in the mid 80's. Betsy's plan was to fill the weekend with chapters of her life. Her earliest meticulous memories, which were her teenage years, would commence the novel of her life story. The way she acted in chapter one and the things she did in high school laid the foundations for the woman she was today. Suddenly she was in a subconscious state, hovering high above herself like an angel, watching her life unwind. Most people call it visualization and Betsy was very good at it.

All through high school, Betsy was shy and did not have many close friends. The group she did hang around with was of the geek category or so all of the other students said. Maybe Betsy's biggest mistake was not realizing just how beautiful and sexy she was. Her classmates called her a 'knockout', but Betsy never considered herself one.

Her boobs were always a huge hit with the boys and Betsy remembered how she developed at a very early age. She quickly grew to like having her boobs touched and often caressed them herself during masturbation. That reminded Betsy of two profound things from her high school days. She loved masturbating, as a form of mental relief, and she had wanted to just feel like a normal person.

Betsy yearned to be accepted like any other girl, which most likely led her into a world of submissiveness. It was that urge to please her friends and to fit-in, that got her into trouble. She cringed thinking how she started giving blowjobs and eventually performing fellatio in front of others. Betsy reasoned it was peer pressure or some odd motive that doing sexual things with others would make her feel liked and needed.

Betsy tried to think about the very first time. She was paired with one of her geek friends for an assignment. They went over to his house to work on a physics project and after three hours of working, they paused for a soda. For years Betsy remembered the events as something that just happened, but now looking back, she realized that it was planned.

She kind of liked the boy and didn't object when they sat on the sofa to study. When they took the break, the boy got drinks and returned to sit close beside her. Before she knew it, they were kissing and the boy had his hand in her blouse. Having her well-developed breasts fondled and felt by an eager teenage boy was traumatic, yet profound. Betsy tried to get control of things, but one thing led to another, and she found her hand resting on the boy's cock. She had never seen one or even touched one, so for whatever reason, she left her hand on the obvious bulge in his pants.

Betsy lapsed into that perfect visualization state for the rest of the dream. "My zipper ... pull my zipper down," the boy whispered. "That's it, honey ... pull it out. Pull out my cock."

The boy started kissing her neck and her ears, the sensations that rushed through her suddenly seemed very heated. Her dainty hand was on his pecker, which seemed too hard to be real. To this day Betsy didn't know why she didn't move her hand from his crotch, but she kept her fingers tightly wrapped around the throbbing shaft.

Suddenly he had his hand on her head and pushed downward until her face was perilously close to his meat. "Oh my God ... that feels good, Betsy. Keep moving your hand like that ... up and down, like that," the boy moaned feeling his pressure mount. "It feels good if you put your mouth on it ... put my cock in your mouth."

Before Betsy realized what he was doing, the cock was in her mouth. The boy was obviously overly aroused because within moments cum spewed like a fountain. The hot, creamy lava surprised her but she quickly determined it wasn't all that bad. Once he had recovered his composure, the boy explained that she had just given him a blowjob and that it was an extraordinarily good one. So when he begged her to do it again, silly Betsy saw no reason not to make him happy.

The end to the evening came in a hurry when the boy's parents returned home earlier than expected. They came into the house with the two teenagers madly rushing to get their clothes in order. Startled by the discovery, she hoped they didn't realize what was going on. Alas, the boy's father didn't say anything to her, but he grinned knowingly at her, which made Betsy flush with embarrassment. After that, all the geek guys were after Betsy. Eventually the geek girls wanted her to be a closer friend, which Betsy found enlightening.

Thinking back on it, Betsy realized the word was out; she was willing to please and would do anything to please her friends. One of the girls who had a steady boyfriend was the first to draw Betsy into the fold. She used the old line, 'show me how to do it.' The girl asked Betsy to give her boyfriend a blowjob and she wanted to watch. So in the basement of the girl's home, Betsy sucked the boyfriend's cock in loyal fashion.

When she swallowed the boy's abundant seed, the girl was overly dramatic. "Oh gawd ... that's so erotic. Brent ... oh my gawd ... she's drinking your cum," the girl said. "She's sucking your cock ... and her tits ... holy fuck, her tits are amazing."

Betsy shivered with the memory. The girl had sneakily pulled Betsy's sweater all the way up and left her tits exposed for her boyfriend. Not wanting to make a scene or destroy the wonderful chemistry now between her and the teens, she allowed the boy to fondle her boobs. Then when the girl started begging again, Betsy felt obliged to satisfy her request. Another shiver shot through her entire body with the realization that she had masturbated in front of the couple. They expounded their utter delight for being able to watch such a sensually, erotic event. She remembered how they gushed with gratification when she climaxed for their ultimate satisfaction.

Betsy reasoned it was how her submissive nature developed. The next incident happened shortly after and again it was in the girlfriend's basement. The girl was having a get-together with another couple from their geek-group, and they invited Betsy for entertainment. This time all formality was quickly ignored and the two girls undressed Betsy much to her dismay. Naked, afraid and shivering, she was swiftly ordered to perform. "We're the three heavenly angels from Bedford High and all the boys are at our feet. Betsy is our leader ... show us how to please the boys," one of the girl's said. "Look at Brent ... and Steve. Their cocks are hard and waiting."

So that night, Betsy was the consummate actress. She skillfully demonstrated to her girlfriends how to make a boy happy by performing two expert blowjobs. And then the girl's begged her to do it, to masturbate. Hence, naked and a squirming fool, Betsy experienced an orgasm in front of her friends. They applauded near the end, and to her utter amazement, she tried harder to make them happy. Betsy masturbated for her dear friends experiencing an earth-shattering orgasm seemingly losing all of her inhibitions.

Naïve, Betsy was completely unaware of her newfound reputation. Her supposed girlfriends were the source of much gossip and they informed the other students that Betsy willingly gave blowjobs. Thus when one of the school jocks asked her out on a date, Betsy was shocked but overwhelmed that he even asked her out. When the boy drove to lovers-lane, Betsy was thrilled that the jock liked her enough to take her to the grooviest spot where the in-crowd gathered.

Looking back on it now, Betsy realized the boy had taken her out for one reason. That quickly became apparent when they parked, and he began fondling her before the engine was cold. Twenty years later it made her grin remembering how carefully she had dressed for the date. She wore her prettiest blouse and a skirt she bought specially for the occasion.

The boy started with compliments and it didn't take long before his hands were inside her blouse. She struggled like crazy but all to no avail. All of a sudden the past was clear as a bell. "Oh Betsy ... your breasts. God, they are so beautiful ... so sexy," the boy said. His hands had already unbuttoned the sheer blouse and he was trying hard to uncup her boobs. Then Betsy's dream got vivid and real. Her bra was cast aside and she sat in the boy's car completely nude above the waist. "Holy, sweet Jesus ... they're gorgeous. And your nipples ... God, they're so hard."

Betsy kept looking out the window hoping nobody was watching but that didn't stop the boy. After he had slobbered all over her boobs and used his sharp teeth too roughly, the boy indicated he wanted more. His hand that had been trapped between her legs suddenly dipped under the hem of her skirt. He grabbed her thigh perilously close to her crotch and Betsy started to panic.

There was one fixation that all boys seemed to readily accept, which stopped their attempts to get into a girl's panties. Betsy used it with her geek boyfriends and she decided to use it with her new jock-friend. Logic told her that the best way to survive and save her virginity was by offering to suck the boy's cock. Acting like the perfect girlfriend, she unzipped his fly and took out his bulging penis.

Betsy vividly remembered that the jock was not heavenly endowed and his stamina was rated in seconds rather than minutes. Her hot volcanic mouth barely got his pecker inside before the boy was spewing molten lava. Today it was funny how the jock had such a small cock, yet his load of cum seemed so vast. She sucked as hard as she could and managed to stroke his throbbing penis until he collapsed. "Oh my Lord ... that was fantastic. Betsy ... you're the best," he moaned. "I wish we had time ... I want to fuck you, so bad."

She quickly realized matters could get much worse and Betsy made a rash decision. So the next time the jock took her to lovers-lane, and they moved into the backseat of his car, Betsy knew what to expect. She gave him a fantastic blowjob and then she did the unthinkable. She masturbated for his encouragement and wonderment.

Having been steadfastly denied her pussy, the jock realized he wasn't going all the way with Betsy. He was overjoyed getting to second base with her even if a homerun was out of the question. When he picked her up for their next date, one of the jock's friends was in the backseat. "Jordy's coming along for the ride ... hope you don't mind," her boyfriend said when she got in the car. They drove to the usual lovers-lane parking spot and her boyfriend shut off the car.

The silence became deafening. Then Betsy realized why Jordy was with them and she began to get frantic. She didn't know why or how, but all of a sudden she was sitting in the middle of the backseat with a jock on either side of her shivering body. "C'mon honey ... Jordy wants to see your gorgeous boobs. Let me show him," her boyfriend whispered. He suddenly whipped her sweater up and over her head and the game was on. Her hands were going every which way but they did nothing to discourage the two boys. They swiftly had her naked on top and each had an enlarged nipple in his mouth. She moaned and groaned but her protests merely gave the boys even more encouragement.

Soon Betsy realized that there was only one way out of her growing dilemma. Her hands were shaking like mad, but she managed to unzip Jordy's pants and take his bulging cock out. This boy was gifted, but beyond that Betsy remembered nothing more about him. Her boyfriend whispered animated encouragement to give Jordy a blowjob and then excitedly waited his turn. Betsy sucked both boys and then to get out alive, she put on the performance of her life.

She was now getting very good at masturbating for the entertainment of others. Her boyfriend and Jordy watched the lewd display with their mouths hanging wide open and Betsy performed porno magic. Soon it wasn't just Jordy riding shotgun on their dates; other jocks were treated to her tits, a blowjob and a show on a regular basis. For the time being, that satisfied her boyfriend and his close jock friends. Betsy struggled hard to remain a virgin, which meant she had to come up with extremely innovative and intelligent ways to fend off the hormonally crazed boyfriends.

The next time her boyfriend took her out with Jordy, Betsy had to use her imagination to remain pure. The boys loved her tits so much that when she volunteered to use them on their cocks, they were overjoyed. Although she didn't mind giving blowjobs in the backseat of a car, she did object to this type of gratification. It turned out to be far too messy and the boys' joy-juices seemed to go everywhere.

Betsy remembered holding her boobs together so they surrounded a boy's cock and the cum shooting out like a gusher. In her dream, she could see her luscious breasts moving up and down on a cock; her mouth was wide open with her tongue wagging when the spurting cum splattered her face. The scene was very dramatic and the boys loved it immensely. By now, Betsy thought satisfying the boys was part of the deal to becoming popular and obediently she performed for her boyfriend and his friends whenever she was asked. Even so, she somehow remained a virgin.

Today she looked back and realized she was a sexual prize being passed around by the jock community. Eventually her boyfriend got tired of her when he recognized that he simply wasn't getting into her panties. She wound up dating other jocks and dated four or five guys for short periods, using blowjobs as a rule to satisfy the boys. The only way she could get off was by touching herself, which all of the boys loved watching.

Betsy eventually got into a rut trying to do almost anything to be accepted. It seemed the boys all loved her. The more provocative she acted; the more they liked it. But Betsy had a hard time getting into a close-knit group with the girls. The girls didn't readily accept Betsy into their friendship circle because of her extraordinarily good looks. Betsy was beautiful with a very sexy body and that combination made most of the girls jealous. Although she did not think of herself as attractive or desirable, Betsy's good looks made the teenage boys drool.

The other girls did not like hearing their boyfriends talking about Betsy. They were furious that many of the boys chased after her and they countered her popularity with dirty rumors. Being innocent and extremely naïve, it was a big shock to Betsy when she realized there were rumors being spread around the high school. She was hurt deeply when she heard that one of the boys, she dated for a while, had tagged her with a nickname. The name was 'Iron Maiden' and like all hated names, it stuck like superglue.

After that, boys kept taking her out but they quickly gave up when she didn't go all the way. Even though Betsy gave the boys more sexual pleasure than most of the other girls, it did not stop the rumors. In fact, things seemed to get worse. There were rumors that she let boys feel her up, even go so far as to remove all her clothes. Some of the rumors were true, especially the one that she gave blowjobs to boys just for them taking her out. That rumor grew and grew until she was considered the absolute best cocksucker around. And more gossip spread that Betsy loved masturbating with boys watching it all.

Then girls started gossiping that Betsy was a floozy. It made her wonder if remaining pure and saving herself for marriage was the proper thing to do. During the last year of high school, Betsy almost caved. It was also a time when she realized that sex with another female might be possible.

At a party, which all of the high school seniors attended, somehow Betsy wound up in a bedroom with two other girls and their boyfriends. The two girls were members of the schools cheerleader's squad and they were well aware of how popular Betsy was with all of the jocks. It was quiet; it was dark; and it was eerily romantic, she remembered. The dream made her shiver even though she knew what was going to happen.

All five teens were on the bed and the girls were huddled close enough so that they could whisper together. They gossiped about many of the other grads and suddenly Betsy realized the two boyfriends were taking profound liberties with their girlfriends. Bare flesh was rapidly abundant and Betsy blushed profusely when one of the boys started sucking a boob.

Betsy was just about to get up off the bed when one of the girls grabbed her. "Please ... please stay. Don't go," she whispered. The girl stared into her eyes and Betsy stomach did tremendous summersaults with trepidation. "Don't go, love. I have wanted to do this for a long ... long time."

All of a sudden the girl kissed Betsy on the lips. Betsy didn't have a clue of what to do so she merely remained a zombie. It was the first time a girl had ever kissed her or even gotten intimate. Suddenly there were hands roaming all over her body and Betsy knew they all didn't belong to the girl. Some were rough and brazen, while others were tender and loving and Betsy was going out of her mind trying to find a solution to her mounting dilemma.

Betsy could not remember a time when she was stripped so quickly. In measly seconds, her clothes were strewn around the room and she was spread out on the bed like a sacrificial lamb. Suddenly one of the boys was sucking a nipple, one of the girls sucked a titty, and the other boy was between her legs. Frantically she broke the kiss with the one girl and started to cry like a baby. "Stop ... please stop. I can't ... can't do it. Gawd ... please stop," she pleaded with the group. "Oh please ... please. I can't ... I'm a virgin."

The next few moments of her life passed but Betsy felt like they lasted forever. The girl who kissed her began kissing her face and lips before suddenly pausing. The other girl caressed her titty like an angel and then she too paused. The boy sucking her nipple continued for a while before he too halted letting the hardened bud slip from his hungry mouth. The boy between her legs kept his tongue busy for many seconds, licking her slit, as if searching for a long lost treasure.

It was at that point when Betsy wondered if they would stop or she would become their slut. Her mind was in turmoil. Betsy remembered thinking her reign of virginity was over. She struggled with all her might but it did nothing to persuade the teens to stop molesting her. Suddenly the two heads hovering over her chest rose up and allowed her to see all the way down to her tummy. She stared in horror, as she watched the boy's tongue lapping her opening, just before he hungrily latched onto her precious clitoris. Betsy thought the top of her head would blow off when he sucked the puffy clit deep into his burning mouth. He swirled the bud around inside his mouth, as if was a lollipop candy, and she wondered why her hips thrust so wildly.

It was one of those moments of monumental surprise in a person's life when the one girl put a stop to what was happening. For whatever reason, maybe guilt or maybe it was remorse, but she ordered her friends to leave Betsy alone. It might have taken Betsy five seconds to get dressed and leave the room but she managed it in world record time.

The departure was traumatic for Betsy and she considered not dating again. Not because of what her fellow students did to her but because she knew that if the boy had continued for a few more moments, she would have willingly lost her virginity. It was the first time she understood what lust could do to a person's sanity and reasoning.

After that party, everyone in the school seemed to know that Betsy was a virgin. She avoided the jock crowd like the plague and reverted back to her more familiar geek group of friends. Betsy reasoned that these students were much the same as she was, but it was a mistake. When they reached out to her, Betsy was more than glad to do almost anything to gain their approval. It never entered her mind that they were just playing an evil trick on their dazzling playmate.

Sadly for Betsy, the ritual of being used would continue. The one girl had fantasized ever since watching Betsy perform lewd and raunchy acts for her and her boyfriend. Suddenly the girl had the ravishing Betsy back again. At the time, everything the girl did seemed perfectly unplanned and natural, but now Betsy could see how the girl manipulated her.

She remembered the one time when she stayed overnight at the girl's home. It started out very innocently with the two watching television in the family room while lying on a makeshift bed. They changed into lounging attire, which consisted of loose, oversized t-shirts and baggy, flannel pants and settled in for a comfortable night. The two girls had the house to themselves because the girl's parents were attending a late-night party.

Without warning, the girl's boyfriend showed up at the house. The girl reassured Betsy that her boyfriend merely wanted to stop by for a little while. "Do you mind if Bobby watches TV with us? He won't bother us," she asked knowing Betsy could not refuse. "My parents don't know it ... but we have sex right here in the family room when they're upstairs ... don't we, honey?"

Of course her boyfriend nodded his head while giving Betsy a devilish wink and a grin. Betsy remembered the night very vividly, as she almost lost her virginity to the scheming couple. She wasn't exactly sure what really happened or how it happened, but eventually the boyfriend wound up between the two. Betsy tried to keep her distance but it was difficult, as she didn't want to be rude to her friends. Then she remembered watching the couple out of the corner of her eye, as she pretended to watch TV. The boy fondled and even exposed the girl's boobs and she did not object one little bit.

Then Betsy spied the girl's hand inside the boy's pants and it was very obvious what she was doing. The girl stroked her boyfriend's penis until he started letting out strange moans, as his pleasure increased. Betsy felt immense guilt and shame for being so close to the lovebirds but she didn't run away for fear of offending her girlfriend.

Betsy remembered vividly what happened next. The boy went to the washroom and her girlfriend made a proposal. "C'mon ... let's do it together. Let's make him cum," she whispered.

Betsy didn't really want to it, but she relented seeing how her agreeing made her girlfriend's face light up with happiness. Then she thought, 'why not? I have done it before ... jerking a boyfriend off in front of the girlfriend.' So when the supposed boyfriend returned to the rumpled sofa, he again slipped into the space between the girls. The girl motioned and beckoned for Betsy to begin and before she knew it, her hand was caressing the front of the boy's stomach.

Suddenly the girl's hand covered Betsy's and swiftly shoved it into the boy's pants. The hot, searing cock made Betsy shiver but she kept her hand covering the throbbing pecker. That was all the encouragement the boy needed and he rolled over facing the shocked Betsy. His hands were a blur and quickly rolled the big shirt up until he could see the bottom swell of her boobs. All of a sudden her girlfriend was on her other side and helping the boy.

Betsy was totally flabbergasted and under normal circumstances, she would have run fast and far. But not on this night! The two easily stripped the loose fitting t-shirt and the boy put his hands on her bare chest. Betsy remembered how she remained motionless on the couch and allowed the two to take liberties with her. She thought by not resisting it would make the two happy and she would become closer friends with them.

Everything happened so fast that Betsy was too confused to react. The boy was groping her tits and suddenly he was kissing them. Then her girlfriend was saying something. "Bobby told me how much he loves your big tits and especially the way your nipples stick out in your sweater," she whispered. "We can't believe you are still a virgin... 18 and still a virgin? We'll rectify that tonight!"

Betsy heart beat so fast that she was positive all the blood rushed to her head. Her head buzzed when the boy stretched her nipples making them stand out prominently like they always did when she was aroused. Sometimes Betsy wished her nipples were not so big and did not get so stiff when they were touched. Then the girl was holding Betsy by the arms and pinned them behind her back. This allowed her boyfriend to swiftly strip the baggy PJ's from her lower body and suddenly Betsy was completely nude.

Betsy remembered how she allowed it to continue because they were her close friends. In her dream, she glanced down at the boy and saw he was also nude, crouching on his hands and knees between her widespread legs, looking more than ready to defile her virgin charm. Then he was rubbing the wet end of his cock all over her legs and threatening to move higher.

It was at that point when Betsy chickened out. She got a sudden burst of strength and determination. "No ... no, for gawd sake, Bobby ... no!" She screamed for him to stop and struggled so hard that the couple realized their advantage was over.

Betsy used every church going word she could think of to explain how sinful it was to have sex but the couple merely shunned every excuse. They were in a fit of rage and blamed her for what had happened. She could still remember the harsh words and being called a prick tease. The breakup was so traumatic for Betsy that she stopped dating, which was not very difficult because none of the other geeks ever asked her out during the remainder of the school year.

It took years for Betsy to fully understand why she was treated so badly in high school. She lay on the bed in the spare bedroom thinking of the good things that happened, and true to her nature, she forgave the jealousy shown her by some of the other students. Her mind floated through the dream and she lay on the bed in a comatose state realizing that the high school period had come to an end.

Graduation day came and went and it was time to move on. Betsy slowly came out of her dreamland needing a little break. Her mind was totally alive and felt revitalized from the memories of her teenage years. Life can be cruel at times but Betsy felt immense pride for remaining pure to her faith all through high school. Looking back on it now, she wondered at how immature she was at eighteen. Betsy had reasoned that oral sex and masturbating were okay as long as she didn't let the boy actually screw her.

Betsy rationalized that giving a boy a blowjob in the backseat of a car was immoral but she was willing to do anything to be accepted by her peers. Well, almost anything, she quickly added with a grin. Her father had harped about the biggest sin of all, getting pregnant, so Betsy was determined to do anything as long as it didn't involve actual intercourse. One of the things she considered at the time was anal sex but she couldn't imagine letting a boy stick his cock in her ass.

It was still early on a Friday evening and she had more life-chapters to review before the night was done. She rolled out of the bed and stretched, feeling proud of being able to relive the initial chapter of her life story.

Betsy Goes to College

Betsy finished having something to eat and immediately returned to the dream bed. Over the next couple of days the pattern would become very familiar, as she would not be content until all the chapters of her life had been reviewed. The spare bedroom would be the launching pad for every session and this time she curled up on the bed, as if she was a little girl again. Her eyes had barely closed when she remembered herself going off to college.

When she was accepted into an Atlanta school, it should have been the happiest day of her life, but it wasn't. Betsy had to start all over again making new friends and trying to fit in. She chose a popular vocation not because she truly loved the thought of being a teacher or professor, but more so because her father pushed her in that direction. Her marks were outstanding so Betsy had her choice of which school to attend.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Betsy didn't want to attend college there. She eventually picked one in Atlanta and settled into college with relative ease. Betsy had a deep yearning for love, but unlike many young women her age, she really didn't have much experience at intimate relationships.

One of the first things she did on her arrival in Atlanta was start taking the pill. Today she came to the realization that she did so because she wanted her first-fuck. She wanted to lose her virginity in the worst way, as she deemed it was the only way to move on in her life. It sounded crude and animalistic when she thought about it now, but deep down, she wanted to know what it felt like to have sex.

Still Betsy remained a virgin that first year. She had mixed feelings about it, but it seemed the right situation or the right guy didn't come along. She studied and did the usual college crap without dating much. Dating really took place the second year. Betsy remembered how most guys were happy to feel her luscious boobs and to get a blowjob from a beautiful girl. A few got their hands inside her panties, but like high school, a blowjob stopped a boy from going any further.

One guy was determined and he got even more persistent after finding out she was a college virgin. Her last recourse was to offer him to do oral on her. He gladly accepted and Betsy retained her virginity one more time. The fleeting cunnilingus episode during high school was good, and memorable, but nothing prepared her for the actual greatness of receiving oral sex. She recalled the episode with the two cheerleaders at the end of high school and regretted not letting things progress further than she allowed. Betsy quickly came the conclusion that she had missed the boat when the boy's tongue performed sexual magic on her delicate clitoris. She remembered experiencing one of the best orgasms of her life and didn't regret her first oral climax.

Her head was spinning after the overly erotic memory. Innocently and almost accidentally, her fantasy drifted into the chapter of homecoming weekend. All of a sudden her heart quivered wildly, remembering that it happened during homecoming weekend. Betsy, two of her girlfriends and three boyfriends were in a drunken state after celebrating all evening. The three couples wound up in a hotel and the other two girls lost their clothes piece by piece.

Betsy reasoned that it was peer pressure that caused her eventual downfall. After twenty years she tried hard to set the stage so that everything was authentic. The hotel room had two beds and the temperature was turned up so high that everyone was sweating. She remembered sitting on a bed with her boyfriend and they were drinking and trying to caress each other at the same time.

Betsy remembered how her eyes wandered and she stared across at the other bed to see her naked girlfriend having intercourse. The girl was on her side with her boyfriend behind her and he was holding her upper leg high in the air. There was no misconception or delusion as to what they were doing. Betsy could see the boy's cock going in and out of her girlfriend's hairless pussy. Even today she giggled thinking that she would remember such a thing, a girl shaving herself down there. From that day on, Betsy realized that she liked watching. She stared at the couple, as they fucked without the slightest hesitation or fear of being watched.

Betsy thought her first time would be most memorable and dramatic. In part she was right but not in the expected way she had hoped. Betsy reasoned staying a virgin until her second year of college was something special and then losing her virginity would be one of the most memorable events of her life. It was memorable, but looking back on that night twenty years later, she realized it was nothing like she had dreamed it would be.

Her date had his hands all over her body. Again Betsy deemed it was the peer pressure when she reluctantly allowed him to take off her sweater shortly followed by her bra. The memory was vague from that point on but somehow she was persuaded to move over to the other bed. Her girlfriend had quickly dismounted her boyfriend's pecker and they seemed to be waiting with the other couple.

Even now Betsy's eyes were glassy as she observed one of the most eventful life chapters unfold. She wasn't really sure how it happened. Both of her girlfriends each took an arm and encouraged Betsy to get onto her hands and knees beside the bed. One of the boys was directed into position so that his hips were on the edge of the bed and his feet were on the floor. Then the girls pushed Betsy's head. She remembered feeling her hair being pulled hard and could not be sure if both or just one girl forced her face into the boy's crotch.

Suddenly she had to put her hands out and grab the boy's stellar cock. Betsy squeezed the hard shaft with both hands in an effort to prevent the boy's cock being shoved down her throat. Sucking cock was something Betsy was good at so she had no trouble performing even in a slightly inebriated state of mind.

All of a sudden Betsy saw herself posing for a submissive poster. She had always thought that she was submissive and liked doing things to please her friends but this confirmed it. Slowly everything came back to her. Her head was moving up and down while one of her girlfriends was whispering in her ear. She kept saying, 'suck it, suck it!' Then Betsy wasn't sure which of her girlfriends said something that still sent shivers up her spine. 'She's ready ... holy fuck, she's ready.'

Betsy imagined what it must have looked like to her boyfriend. Her ass must have been high in the air and far too seductive for any man to resist. Her head was held on top of the boy's cock giving him a glorious blowjob and her ass was waving; an open invitation to her boyfriend that she was willing and very available. Now she tried to guess how long it took to actually lose her cherry. One moment her mind was fully concentrated on satisfying a fellow student and the next her head was filled with intense pain.

Her boyfriend had rammed his pecker, which was thankfully narrow and not too long, to the hilt. He crudely ripped her hymen in a split-second while her friends held her in a captive position. She remembered the pain lasting only a fleeting moment and then her boyfriend was jerking wildly, as he filled her inner being for the very first time.

That was when she got fucked. "Fuck her ... fuck the virgin," her girlfriend hissed. When the second cock penetrated her, Betsy's will and spirit was crushed and her friends took full advantage. "She saved it for this ... saved her cherry for a gangbang," the girlfriend laughed out loud. As she was despoiled, the two girls kept talking to her, asking questions, 'do you like sucking cock, and do you like being fucked?'

They encouraged their boyfriends and all three boys ravaged her relentlessly throughout the night that seemed to have lasted forever. Lying on her bed twenty years after that sordid event, Betsy was not able to count the number of times the boys had intercourse with her. She did remember her boyfriend being the first. After the second boy had fucked her, she was roughly shifted to the bed. All of her friends held her in position for the third boy. Her legs were held firmly outstretched and it left her vulnerable and helpless.

She remembered holding her breath when the third boy jumped her. Being pinned down, it was impossible to fight off his assault. As he inserted his cock into her opening, her body stiffened and she held her breath. She thought it would hurt like the first one but that was a complete fallacy. The boy was frantic and started pumping in and out of her precious and now slippery pussy. While being raped, Betsy realized intercourse was not all that bad. She managed to let her body go limp and once she started to breathe again, the ride was fairly enlightening.

All of a sudden the gangbang didn't seem so ominous, as there was no pain involved. The rest of the night was a blur, most likely because there were five people all taking advantage of her non-struggle. The one girlfriend bit her nipples, but now Betsy deemed it was her way of demonstrating who was in-charge. Her brain accepted what was happening and she found herself enjoying being fucked. Still Betsy determined that she should never do it again.

When Betsy woke in the morning, the controlling girl was sleeping beside her with her head on her chest. The girl played with her nipples and she had them fully erect in no time. She even asked Betsy if she wanted more cock to which Betsy shook her head vehemently indicating she had enough. Her negative response was not the one the girl was looking for.

Betsy remembered what happened next. The girl ordered Betsy's boyfriend to do it again; this time she wanted him to do it with Betsy on her back so she could watch everything. The girl grabbed Betsy by the hair and jerked her head high in the air. She twisted Betsy's head until her dazed eyes stared down the length of her naked torso. "Look! Look at it. Watch his cock ... touch your slutty cunt," the girl whispered. "You're not a virgin anymore ... are you?"

She jerked hard on Betsy's head and didn't stop until she heard an answer. "No ... oh gawd, no."

"That's right honey. Now you're a slut ... fucking every boy around," the girl whispered.

Betsy watched the boy rub his pecker all over her velvety flesh leaving a trail of wet pre-cum. "Oh please. I've had enough ... don't let him do it," she moaned trying hard for mercy. The boy seemed to hesitate, but proceeded when prodded.

"Can you feel it? Look! He's rubbing his dick all over your slutty tummy," the girl said. Betsy's eyes got bigger watching her boyfriend rub the head of his cock up and down her wet slit. "Then he's going to fuck you ... hard! Stick his big prick into your little cunt."

"No ... no, please. No more ... please," Betsy whispered. The boy made her hips twitch and jerk every time he hit her most sensitive clitoris and Betsy suddenly realized the key to a woman's fulfillment.

Suddenly the girl jerked her head again and she put her lips next to Betsy's ear. "Feel it? Feel his cock? He's putting it in ... in your sweet-ass pussy. You're going to fuck ... and cum for me," she whispered. Her teeth nibbled on Betsy's ear and she continued to whisper. "Aren't you? You're going to cum all over your boyfriend's cock ... aren't you?"

Betsy remembered staring back into the dark, controlling eyes just before it happened. It started with a short, swift spasm in her heated internal region and quickly spread outward. Suddenly she felt her boyfriend pumping like a madman and her girlfriend demanding retribution. Even though her eyes filled with tears, Betsy still focused on the commanding eyes above her when she climaxed.

So that was the morning after homecoming. Betsy was the perfect missionary and she got royally screwed by her boyfriend. When he was finished filling her with his seed, Betsy shivered with the memory of one little word. 'Next!'

Her girlfriend said it and then Betsy remembered how the boyfriends each screwed her. It went on all morning and her girlfriends stayed close to her. They even took liberties by fondling her whenever none of the boys did. "Holy sweet Jesus ... she's not a virgin anymore. She's a slut from hell who wants every cock buried inside her cunt," one of the girls said. "I've never seen a slut cum so often ... and so hard. Have you?" The girls laughed and kept holding the helpless victim while the three boys each screwed her.

What surprised Betsy was that the girls didn't demand her to do anything to them. It was that morning when Betsy realized that lust would make her do the most uncommon things. Once her head was filled with lust, nothing erotic or sexual had limits, which sort of scared her to some degree.

The first round of copulation was completed in furious fashion. Each boy was thoroughly aroused and it took no encouragement for him to have sex with her. They couldn't wait and fucked Betsy in rapid succession time and time again until none of them could get it up anymore.

The morning was still young when Betsy remembered her girlfriend doing more. "Suck him! Get him hard ... so he can fuck you again," she had whispered demanding Betsy start all over. Betsy concentrated hard to ensure every possible image was recalled from homecoming weekend. It wasn't until days later that one of the girls explained how the whole evening was planned and executed perfectly. Betsy was horrified that friends could do such things to her but true to her nature, she didn't hold a grudge.

After homecoming weekend, Betsy resigned herself to letting her dates have sex if they wanted. And what boy didn't want to have sex with a gorgeous woman who had a sexy body to die for. Fucking was no big deal to Betsy anymore, as the chapter of her college years drew to an end. Of the five or six guys who she dated during the final semester, Betsy remembered only one. He was a real piece of work and that was probably the reason she still remembered him.

The guy had a little sports car and there wasn't much room for any intimacy; 'Without some ingenuity, ' she thought with a grin. Usually sex involved her giving him blowjobs, as there was not a lot of room in the car. Occasionally they would fuck which really got the guy excited. He would sit between the seats and Betsy had to sit facing him on top of his outstretched legs.

One time they had consumed too much alcohol and she shuddered thinking of the stupidity of driving in such a condition. They shouldn't have been on the road but they wound up parked in a secluded part of campus. Somewhere along the line, the guy moved her and she wound up on the gearshift. Betsy bitched and tried to get off of the knob but he just kept moving her up and down. To her utter surprise, she had a great orgasm, which caused her to forgive the guy for being so brazen.

It happened a few more times before they broke up. He even once tried to get the knob up her ass while his penis was still in her pussy. The guy acted like he didn't know what was going on, and the odd part was, she almost let him do it. Then Betsy chuckled thinking it was a good thing the gearshift wasn't lubricated or it might have happened.

Reminiscing about her early years, her high school years, and her college years had been exhausting. She was too tired and sleepy for any more. She didn't have enough energy to get up so she remained curled up on the bed in a fetal ball. Betsy merely squirmed until she had the blankets over her body and then she fell into a restless sleep, dreaming of the next chapters in her life story.

Grad School - A True Relationship

Betsy had fallen asleep after reviewing the highlights of her college years. The dreams were odd and disjointed, with faces morphing into other faces amid bizarre happenings and settings. Suddenly she realized the sun was up and the morning paper had arrived. It was too early for wine so she decided that reading how the liberals promised to fix her life would help pass the time. Betsy was not the best morning person in the world and she didn't want to move into the next episode before she was fully awake and revitalized.

Suddenly an image of Danny popped into her head. She loved Danny and he treated her so very special. He always praised her whether it was her appearance or her professional attributes, and made her feel on top of the world. Maybe if Danny was there when she was 18, or even 25 or 30 ... life might have been different, she mused with a grin.

Betsy never wanted the responsibility of having a family. She wondered if that decision might have been a mistake, but it was too late now. Her remorse was broken when she grinned thinking, 'and with my luck ... I would have ended up with a pervert son.' No! There were no kids in her life and she was grateful for that considering her troubled past.

She wandered around the house having something to eat, reading the paper and having a nice refreshing shower. It seemed like a foregone conclusion that she returned to the spare bedroom, as soon as possible. She contemplated remaining naked after her shower and roaming around the house with nothing on, but then she decided to choose modesty over bravado.

When Betsy had gotten up on the Saturday morning, she felt the need for more. She realized the next paramount event in her life story was falling in love, so she rushed back to the spare bedroom. Her emotions quickly increased to the feverish level where they were last night and she was filled with great expectations.

Betsy almost ran up to the bed, too excited to wait any longer. She jumped onto the bed in a playful fashion and landed spread-eagled with her arms and legs outstretched, as if they were tied to the corners of the bed. Her mind immediately went into visualization mode when she remembered herself entering Grad school.

She had decided to pursue a teaching career in high school physics. Her schedule was very demanding but it didn't take her long to find a new boyfriend. It was her need to be loved and cared for that enabled Ron to become her steady boyfriend. Ron treated her like she was truly special and he did everything that a perfect gentleman would do for a lady. It was the first time in Betsy's life that any guy had worshiped her in such an intimate, thoughtful manner.

Thinking back now, on this chapter of her life, Betsy realized that Ron had taken advantage of her. The first few weeks they were together, Betsy thought she had found true love. Ron always opened doors for her and he held her arm when crossing the street. When he brushed her hair aside and talked to her looking her right in the eyes, Betsy felt her tummy do tremendous summersaults. Ron did stupid things, and caring things, and all Betsy could think of was how much she loved him. Other men in her life had treated her like a piece of meat, but Ron never did, or that is how she saw it in the beginning.

Betsy thought back and the memories brought tears to her eyes. She should have told Ron to leave immediately when he told her that he was married. But he insisted it was a bad marriage and he was only with his wife until he could get an amicable separation. Betsy fell for the line, 'my wife just doesn't like sex, ' and believed Ron when he told her that he was leaving his wife. Betsy didn't know how he did it, but somehow he made her feel sorry for him. He told her that all his marriage problems were caused by his wife's hatred for sex.

She kept her eyes closed tightly amazed at how naïve and stupid she had been. Betsy offered herself to Ron and he told her that she was the only woman he cared for. The first time was magic. Dreaming about that remarkable night sent a shiver down her back. He just kept pushing her buttons, buttons that she didn't know she had. The final blow came when Ron accidentally hit her boob and he said he was sorry. At the time, Betsy was overcome with his "sincerity" and she willingly gave her soul to a scoundrel.

Everything Ron told her, or did to her, made complete sense at the time. "I have to be careful ... my wife can't find out about us. My lawyer is working on a divorce, but it will take time," he told her. Ron explained how he didn't want to jeopardize his divorce proceedings and that they would have to meet in secret places. His suggestion to use a hotel sounded logical to her confused mind. At the time, the underlying reasons for his covert actions were never remotely considered.

When they checked into a hotel that first time, Betsy tried not to make her embarrassment too obvious, but Ron found her blushing totally stimulating. The routine after that was always the same. Ron would pick her up and they would go directly to a hotel and spend a few hours there.

At first she was uncomfortable with many of the things he wanted her to do. But he insisted and eventually she did whatever he demanded ... plus more. It was her willingness to please him and her devotion to the man she loved, she reasoned.

All of a sudden she needed to see it one more time. See all the thrilling details of that first night, which she now considered immoral and sinful. Betsy suddenly took the stance of a fake prisoner on the bed by pretending her arms and legs were tied up. Then she pretended to struggle, as her detailed visualization passed over her darkened eyelids. The images were so real that Betsy felt like she was watching it happen in real-time.

They entered the seedy hotel room, musty and reeking of stale smoke. Even after twenty years, Betsy could visualize everything clear and precise. At first she was not very aroused, but it didn't take Ron very long to get his hand inside her blouse. He put his lips next to her ear and started talking dirty to her. "You're so beautiful ... so sexy. All I want to do is fuck you ... rip your clothes off so I can see your sexy body," he said beginning the sexual seduction by whispering in her ear. "Your titties ... they're so gorgeous ... so voluptuous."

Why she did not object to his talking dirty was still a mystery to Betsy. He had kept her standing that first time. On her feet, she was like putty in his skilled hands. Ron didn't take the time to unbutton her blouse but he merely rolled it up her body until he pulled it off over her head. He put his strong arms around her shaking body and roughly pulled her against his hard body. Coaxing her arms around his neck, it left his hands free to undo her pants.

Even though her eyelids were closed during the dreamlike visualization, her eyes were ablaze seeing what happened that first night. She stood on legs that were vibrating so badly it was hard to stand up straight. Before she knew it, she was locked in Ron's arms and wearing only bra and panties. Betsy could hear and see everything clearly even after so many years.

His fingers slipped beneath her bra and he started twirling her hardened nipple around like it was a spinning toy-top. "My God ... your tits are so beautiful ... your nipples are so hard," Ron whispered keeping his lips next to her ear. Suddenly he ripped her bra off throwing it across the room, and to Betsy's amazement, she did not care. Now both his hands were fondling her boobs and his fingers constantly caressed her nipples ever so tenderly. He would squeeze and pinch only hard enough for her to begin a protest, and then he would roll the throbbing buds around like crazy.

Her imagination was detailed and extremely vivid even though her dream was from 1986. Betsy pushed her chest out almost begging Ron to keep fondling her boobies. Her heart was beating madly and for the first time in her life ... she was the one that wanted more!

Betsy did not question how Ron was naked in her dream. In her trance, his body was perfect and his nakedness was even more profound. Back then Betsy was too ashamed to look at his nakedness. When she did catch a glimpse of his hard cock, which bobbed up and down in front of his hips, it immediately made her blush.

Suddenly she could hear Ron's voice and it startled her. "Your body ... it's so sexy. I'm gonna fuck you baby ... fuck your brains out," he whispered which should have disgusted her. "Your tits! I love your big tits."

Ron bent her backwards arching her back and he held her upper body from falling with one arm. His free hand roamed the front of her body. He squeezed and caressed her titties like a magician and then began a downward descent. His hand covered her tummy and suddenly he was finger-fucking her belly button. Betsy thought it was the most ghastly thing, yet she didn't want him to stop.

Her heartbeat increased another level and her body felt totally flushed and heated. She remembered how things happened during that first time and her dream most likely embellished the episode. At the time, Betsy wondered if she had not gone too far, but then it happened. His face was next to her own and he spoke softly and with passion. "I love you ... I love you baby!" he whispered, as his roaming hand made a downward motion.

Betsy almost fainted when she watched her legs spread inviting Ron to touch her. His hand left her tummy and slipped downwards onto her silky panties. Why her thoughts were of lust and perverted pleasure was mystifying and she blushed even though it was a dream. She was happier than ever that night with the expectance of finally having sex with a mature man. One particular memory made her shiver. She remembered thinking how glad she was to have worn sexy panties, and how she hoped Ron found them appealing.

All of a sudden Betsy was standing wrapped in Ron's muscular arms and she was completely naked. Her sheer, lacy panties had been stripped and she was pushing up against his hard body. She felt his thingy, as that is what she called it in those days, and it was between her legs. Betsy marveled at how his penis lay between her thighs tickling her most intimate being like a feather. Ron's strong hands were on each of her butt cheeks and he was squeezing hard, digging his fingers into her delicate ass. Betsy didn't know why she was standing on her tiptoes but she was and her legs were apart. The head of his cock was poking her everywhere except where she wanted.

"Higher baby ... get it higher. Get that pussy higher ... so I can feel it with my cock," Ron said sending violent tremors through her entire body. She watched her daydream in horror, as she stood even higher begging him to take her. All of a sudden she felt the head of his penis touching her precious opening. Her breathing stopped but her heart pounded faster.

The flared head pried her puffy lips apart and she could see it happening. It slipped into the wetness in an instant, and suddenly she was standing flat on her feet with his thing inside her womanly hole. Ron implanted his cock so fast there was a momentary pain but it was gone before she took another breath. They stood like that for an eternity and all Ron did was use his hands. He squeezed and molested her ass cheeks making sure to keep his cock fully embedded in her heavenly abode.

Ron was a master. He lifted her up until he convinced Betsy to wrap her legs around his body. Then he drilled her by thrusting his hips at her motionless crotch, which made Betsy grunt every time he speared her tender cervix. Ron slowly shuffled the short distance to the bed and she clung to his body for dear life. In reality they fell onto the bed with a thump, but in her dream they floated.

Betsy was probably the most attractive and sexiest woman he had ever dated. When Ron found out that she had never been in love, he vowed to be the first and the thought drugged his mind. The heat surrounding his swollen cock was an inferno and it was quickly robbing his stamina. But Ron wanted it to last forever so he tried not to move his hips. He knew that if he pumped or thrust in and out many more times, it would be over.

Betsy abruptly found out more about her boyfriend. Ron liked to watch and he loved watching Betsy. He arched his back and raised his upper body off her chest. "Feel your tits ... do it baby. Squeeze those gorgeous nipples," Ron whispered so softly. "That's it baby ... show me."

She could never understand why she did it. Her hands cupped each titty from the bottom of her luscious boobs and her thumb and forefinger rolled each throbbing nipple around to please Ron. Betsy saw the smile on his face and she lost all inhibitions molesting her breasts to make him happy.

If she found fondling her own boobs was inexcusable, she was utterly flabbergasted when she obeyed his next demand. Ron grabbed her right hand and shoved it down between their sweaty bodies until it rested on her upraised pelvis. "Put your fingers down there ... feel your clitty. Pinch it for me, baby," Ron whispered. She shuttered to this day when she recalled his next command. "Masturbate ... cum for me baby. Masturbate all over my cock!"

The fingers of her right hand were a blur in her mind, as they squeezed and rolled the tiny clit vigorously. At the same time, her left hand continued to caress her nipples moving deftly from one to the other every few seconds. Years later it was apparent to Betsy that her intense emotions were not so much from Ron's talent or skill but more so because of her own ability. The first orgasm with the man she loved was memorable but now she understood more about sex and real lust.

Betsy was overwhelmed when the dam broke. Her breathing was extremely ragged and uneven; her heart rate soared, and her mind filled with lust. That first orgasm broke so fast and furiously that she lost all sanity when it flooded her soul. Her hands followed Ron's damning instructions and she felt his hips jerking wildly out of control. Betsy knew he was filling her loving sanctuary with vile semen but she didn't care. She remembered how he held her and hugged her long after it was over. Ron was the first man to do that and she would always cherish the fact even though she grew to hate the man.

Betsy remained in a trance but she felt drained from hours of dreaming. She was getting very tired but stubbornly fought the urge to stop. She wanted to finish reminiscing about the opening chapter of Ron's love affair even though the time was approaching noon. It was funny how a person could look back on their life and think, 'what if I had done it differently?'

One traumatic event that should have triggered warning bells happened right after that first night in the hotel. Betsy was still on cloud nine and she felt that Ron was the love of her life. Suddenly her memory flashed back to one point during grad school that was probably the most embarrassing. She came back to the dormitory early because of an exam the next day and entered her room to find her roommate was having a small party. There were five or six girls and all of them were fairly tipsy when Betsy entered the room. They were all laughing and giggling, which ceased as soon as Betsy came into the room. A couple of the girls kept whispering in each other's ear and Betsy could tell by their peculiar actions that they were talking about her.

When the girls left and Betsy was alone with her roommate, it didn't take long to get at the truth. She pressed her roommate until her friend inadvertently mentioned that it was all about her falling for a married man. Betsy was horrified to find out that people knew and that she was the brunt of gossip. "The girls just found it strange that you'd go to a hotel ... having sex with a married man. They couldn't believe that Ron is fucking another grad student," her roommate confessed.

Betsy was furious and she did not find anything funny about her roommate's humor. She remembered bringing it up the next time she met Ron but he somehow made her forget about the embarrassing gossip. She couldn't remember the exact reasons he gave for having previous affairs, but she could only assume she was blinded by her love for the man. Betsy suddenly jumped out of bed wanting desperately to put an end to the initial chapter of her time with Ron. She felt disappointed that her life seemed to be going in the wrong direction.

The Relationship Changes

Betsy felt butterflies in her stomach when she returned to dreamland. She had gotten up at noon to take a much needed break from her life story but now it was time to continue. Betsy returned to the bed and this time she pretended to be bound and gagged. Thinking back, she felt like a prisoner to her strong, emotional feelings for Ron but her relationship with the man had changed. Betsy was a Baptist who went to church with her dad and other relatives until she left home. She could understand how she fell in love with Ron but not how she let him convince her to do the sinful and immoral things she did.

Initially Ron was tender and the perfect gentleman. She tried to think of how long it was before he introduced her to a threesome. A subtle smile broke out on her pretty face when she realized it should have been named a foursome.

Ron's excuse for using hotel rooms made her uneasy, but she went along knowing it made him happy. Making him happy was the important thing. They always went to one specific hotel so Betsy didn't think anything was out of the ordinary on one particular occasion. When they entered the room, Betsy stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of two strangers. She turned on her heel thinking that they were in the wrong room, but Ron quickly put his arms around her. "This is Jerry and Allan," he said, making her wonder what the hell was happening.

"I told them how gorgeous you are ... and how sexy you are," Ron whispered but it sounded like he was yelling at her. "I told them how great you are in bed ... what a great fuck you are, and that nobody fucks like you."

Betsy stared at Ron unable to believe what he had said. She was so shocked that she stood motionless with her mouth hanging wide open. "Take your blouse off ... and your bra, Baby. Show the boys your gorgeous tits ... now!"

To this day Betsy never understood how it happened. She remembered putting her hands up to protest but it did little good, as Ron's hands furiously stripped her clothing. Betsy knew that she didn't help Ron but one by one he undid the buttons of her blouse until the front hung open. She flinched when Ron grabbed the loose material and swiftly stripped it from her body. When he yanked her bra strap and pulled the garment from her heaving chest, she felt like dying.

Betsy stood frozen on the spot and she could see the two men devouring her nakedness with their hungry, beady eyes. She watched her visualization in horror, as Jerry boldly walked up to her, and he put his hands on her boobs. She did not move a muscle when he fondled her and then began caressing her nipples, which seemed to betray her thoughts. The buds were rock-hard and Jerry rolled them around like they were marbles in oil.

Suddenly Ron grabbed a handful of her hair. He was standing behind her with his body pressed against her own so that she couldn't move. Then he yanked her head backwards until she lost sight of Jerry and her eyes stared directly at the ceiling. "Now you can show Jerry how good you are ... what a great piece of ass you are," Ron whispered with his lips beside her ear. She started to whimper and a tear rolled down her blushing cheek, not from what Ron was saying but from what Jerry did to her.

The complete stranger who she had met just minutes earlier put his hand on top of her pussy. Jerry pressed hard with his middle finger so that her pants pushed into the wetness between her legs. "That's it, baby doll ... open those gorgeous legs so Jerry can feel you ... he loves young cunt," Ron said holding her absolutely motionless. "I love ... love when you make my friends happy. I want to watch them fuck you, baby." Betsy couldn't understand how Ron, the love of her life, could allow this to happen. It was if she didn't know him at all when Ron encouraged his friends and offered her to them.

Betsy felt Ron's free hand on her waist and shuddered when his fingers undid her pants. As soon as Ron loosened the waistband and rolled her pants over her flared hips, Jerry's hand brazenly pushed between her naked thighs. His fingers covered the narrow panty-band of material in a most threatening fashion.

The memory was very clear, vividly clear. Her breathing was so ragged and uneven that she started to feel dizzy. The crotch of her panties was no protection and Jerry easily shoved the wet material to the side. Betsy tried her utmost to keep her legs together but Jerry wormed his hand under the stretchy material groping to find the vulnerable opening. Then he kicked her feet apart and suddenly Jerry's probing fingers were directly over her puffy labia.

"Ron ... oh gawd, please! Please gawd ... don't let him touch me," Betsy pleaded feeling more desperate with each passing moment. "Pleeease ... dear gawd ... this can't be happening?"

The rapist rammed his finger into Betsy so fast, all she could do was cry out. She stretched upward standing as high as she could on her tiptoes. There were hands all over her body, more hands than she could count. In a split second, all her clothes were stripped and the three men felt her up, as if they were teenagers. Her dream was so vivid and realistic that Betsy reasoned it must have happened that way.

If Betsy remembered correctly, the three men held her a prisoner. She didn't know how to resist Ron at the time and her hesitation and doubt was her ultimate downfall. The men had little difficulty carrying her across the room, as she was totally overwhelmed and confused by what was happening. They tossed her naked body on the bed, but it was the last thing Betsy remembered from that night until years later.

Now Betsy tried to justify her actions in that dingy hotel room and she welcomed the opportunity to visualize about what really happened. Even today, she was so embarrassed that it was hard to think about what complete strangers did to her. Jerry was between her legs before she could stop him. His hands pushed her thighs outward and he dove into the exposed opening. Ron had his hands on her shoulders holding her down and Allen was next to her waiting for an opening.

Everything happened very fast and looking back on it, Betsy realized she didn't have a chance. She was helpless and what could she do against three overpowering guys, she reasoned, even though it was twenty years later.

Ron suddenly put her face between his hands and he started kissing her all over ... her cheeks, neck, forehead and then her ears. "That's it, baby ... spread your legs so Jerry can do it. Let him lick your pussy, baby," Ron whispered sending tremors all through her body. Then Jerry fulfilled his dream of cunnilingus with what he thought was the sexiest woman he'd ever seen. He licked Betsy's cunt nonstop and his tongue danced, as if it was on fire.

Even now Betsy was ashamed of the way she responded. Ron whispered softly and he rained tender kisses on her ear while moving his body to the side. This left Betsy's chest exposed and Allen attacked like a starved maniac. Her face felt hot and flushed and Ron held her steady while he urged Allen to suck her nipples. Betsy had tried hard to merely listen to Ron and block out everything else but that proved impossible. Now she focused, as hard as she could to see the truth, knowing it had taken her a long time to forgive herself.

"That's it baby ... Cum for me, baby. Cum for me and the boys. I told them you were the best. That's it! Holy fuck ... I love watching you cum baby." It was a horrible movie when it flashed into her head and she watched her hips thrusting madly at Jerry's hungry mouth. His tongue lapped her clitoris and she squirted love juices down his throat. Jerry drank from her womanly fountain and his cunnilingus would be just a horrible memory for Betsy.

Numerous times she had whispered, 'this can't be ... can't be happening to me.' Then she realized that indeed she was experiencing an orgasm with a stranger and her loving boyfriend had given his consent. Suddenly she could hear Ron coaxing her on and Allen cheering for his buddy. "Go Jerr ... eat'er. Holy fuck man ... I think she's cumming," Ron yelled at his buddy. "Look at her ass go man ... you're eatin' her out like a monster."

Betsy now knew she surrendered her spirit that fateful night. In her mind, she was doing everything to make Ron happy because she was in love, or so she thought at the time. It proved to be the beginning of a chapter in her life, which she was not proud of. After the demoralizing climax, Betsy was too ashamed to fight back. She was numb when contemplating what was worse, no Ron in her life or being shared by his friends? Sadly her mind shut out the truth and she chose the wrong path.

All she remembered was Ron beside her during the orgasm giving his complete blessing as his buddy ate her out. She lost track of the number of times she said, 'this can't be happening ... not to me.' The memory was horrifying but she willed herself to continue the daydream even knowing things got worse. Betsy watched the dream unfold from a lofty perch, as if it were happening to some other woman.

She was a complete wreck after the orgasm. Betsy was vaguely aware of Allen coaxing her onto her hands and knees and her heart was still racing a mile a minute. Ron knelt beside her and he spoke sternly into her ear with a challenging voice. "I've waited for months to see this ... watch you get banged by a real stud."

Being overly sedated by guilt and shame from what had transpired already, Betsy waited in the precarious doggie position. Ron made sure her arms were bent so that her upper body rested on her elbows, which dug into the bed. Her knees were pushed apart to give her extra balance and Allen moved in for the kill. At first, Betsy didn't realize what he was doing but then she trembled frantically.

Her head drooped down between her forearms with her forehead resting on the bed and then she felt it. Allen began the slow, intense pecker spanking. Ron had pecker spanked her before, but this felt different; the mass of the organ was much greater than Ron's. The sound of his heavy cock slapping her bare ass echoed through the dungy hotel room, which was most likely heard by the rooms next-door.

Betsy remained spread-eagled on the bed dreaming, and letting the degrading events pass through her head. Her arms were high above her head and her wrists were bound to the bed by imaginary handcuffs. Even now she rolled her shoulders around, as if she was struggling to get away, but like twenty years ago, she stayed a prisoner. Betsy had heard her girlfriends talk about a man's size and how it was far more pleasurable having sex with a man who had a big penis.

Allen was still spanking her with his over-sized cock and she shivered with each slap. Her eyes were ablaze watching it all happen. Jerry was going out of his mind watching his buddy getting ready to mount Betsy. He pushed Ron out of the way so he could get close to Betsy and tell her what he was feeling. Compared to Jerry, Ron was far too nice. Jerry craved dirty, perverted sex.

"You're gorgeous ... the sexiest bitch I've seen," the vile man said. "Keep that ass in the air, Honey. Al's gonna fuck the shit out of ya ... make you his bitch," Jerry said sending shivers up her spine. "Wait till Al gets that fucking monster dick in your sweet cunt. When he does ... you'll bark like a dog or I'll pull every fucking hair out of your pretty head."

Jerry was in control and he loved the feeling. "That's it bitch ... can you feel his cock smacking your beautiful ass?" He grabbed her head and held it above the sheets by twisting his fingers in the long, curly strands and yanking hard. By this time, he had all of Betsy attention. "Holy Christ ... he's rubbing the big, fucking head of his dick through your snatch. I bet that feels good ... doesn't it, honey?"

At the time, Betsy twisted and struggled but her hips weren't moving. Allen had his fist around his enlarged cock and he was rubbing the wide, flared head up and down through her pussy crack. Every few moments, he threatened to shove the head into her vulnerable opening but held off. Allen wanted her to suffer and he prolonged the devious assault. There had to be something different about this man but at that precise moment years ago, Betsy was still unsure.

All of a sudden Betsy began to whimper remembering the devastating consequences of how she acted that night. To this day, she still remembered it as the climax of the century. She had to see the orgasm again and the brilliant scenes rolled across the movie screen of her darkened eyelids one more time. Her heart beat increased drastically in anticipation of what happened and now she was going to watch the rerun.

Three determined men held her in the perfect doggie position. Allen rubbed his magnificent cock through her wetness and he purposely lingered over her swollen clitoris with each pass. He made sure to caress the swollen clit with the tip of his penis by holding the head directly on top of the bud while moving it in a small, circular motion.

Betsy's eyes were on fire trying hard to fight these overpowering men and Jerry's rugged face was right in front of her. "Honey ... you've got the prettiest ass in the world. When Ronnie bragged that you were the best piece of ass in town ... well, we just had to find out," Jerry whispered. His dire prediction stopped her breathing but not her heart. "I guarantee, Honey ... you haven't felt anything until you feel Al's big cock inside ya."

Betsy stared back at the man unable to comprehend what he was saying. Suddenly she felt it. The head of Allen's cock slipped into her wetness spreading her cunt-lips wide, wider than she'd ever been spread open before. Then he thrust just enough with his hips to embed three or four inches of thick meat inside her and Betsy let out a dire moan.

Allen put his big hands on her hips and held her steady. He had reached a wall and felt her tightness preventing any further penetration. Skillfully he worked his pecker in and out an inch at a time until the thick shaft was coated with lubrication. Suddenly Betsy's breathing was ragged and extremely uneven, as she expected the worst.

She heard Allen beckoning his buddies for help. "Gimme her arms ... it's time to make her my bitch," Allen said. His voice broke with excitement, as Ron and Jerry grabbed Betsy's arms forcing them backwards. Allen grabbed her around the wrists and pulled back hard so that her upper body straightened in the air.

To this day Betsy still remembered it like it was yesterday. Her eyes were tear-filled and she looked straight ahead into a large vanity mirror. The movie played and Betsy remembered wondering why she wasn't stronger. She should have fought harder, she reasoned.

The image in the mirror was devastating. She was kneeling with her upper body being held steady above the bed with Allen holding her arms behind her back and pulled straight backwards so that it arched her back severely. Her eyes bulged when she noticed her boobs hanging down and swaying like crazy. At first she didn't know what was really happening but Allen quickly put it in perspective.

All of a sudden, Allen thrust with all his might and his sword sliced through her inner being. The fleeting pain lasted mere moments and Betsy felt him sink deeper than anyone before. She watched her tits swaying and realized she must look utterly slutty to Ron and Jerry who were also staring into the mirror.

Everyone was talking at once and she recalled each man's words. "Sweet Jesus ... What a set of knockers! Look at her tits ... they're jiggling like crazy," Ron said. "That's it, Al ... bang'er ... make her your little bitchie," said Jerry. "Bitch has a tight cunt," grunted Allen. "Well, it won't be so tight for long."

As Al pummeled and ravaged her, Ron's excitement was very evident by his overly dramatic face in the mirror. "I told you guys ... she's the best fuck. Just wait ... just wait until you see'er," Ron whispered. "It'll blow your mind when you see her climax."

But it was Allen who robbed her sanity. "Push back, bitch ... harder ... harder!" Allen shouted. "Fuck me back! Yeah, baby! That's it!" Betsy would never forget the reflection of lost abandonment when she stared into the shining glass. She remembered praying for strength even though she knew all hope was lost.

Relentlessly, Allen drove his massive cock into her inner being like a savage beast. Betsy could hear him yelling at her but she was completely oblivious of what he was saying. He treated her like a dog but she was beyond caring. Allen was brutally thrusting in and out with his powerful hips driving madly at her bare ass-end. Whenever he drove his pecker into her deepest regions, he pulled back hard on her arms, which he kept pinned behind her back. The loud slapping sounds blended perfectly with all the ravenous cries of the men and the sight of her full tits bouncing wildly in the mirror sent shivers through Betsy.

Betsy felt it coming when the first tremors rocketed through her abused body but she had never experienced the height of such passion. She vaguely heard Ron's voice in the background and it made her shudder even in her dream. "Baby ... holy fuck, baby. An orgasm ... you're having an orgasm with Al inside you," he said. "Go! Baby, go ... give him all you got. You're the best."

Betsy couldn't watch anymore. The scenes of her going through the most passionate yet debasing climax of her life, up to that point, made her sob. It was too shameful knowing she was filled with so much lust that she had lost complete control. Betsy considered all three men wild animals, but then she realized that her desire was also untamed.

Betsy's eyes fluttered open. It took her a few moments to realize where she was and realize that her body was completely covered with sweat. The devastating memory of how Ron betrayed her was too much and she needed to take a break. She was totally exhausted even though she merely visualized about the past and didn't do any physical exercise other than lay spread-eagled on the bed. The final shocking details that she remembered were of Ron departing the hotel that night and leaving her with his two friends. It had been late and Betsy vaguely heard Ron giving his buddies the excuse that he had to get home before his wife got suspicious.

Her boyfriend left her with two strange men, to do with her as they pleased. Betsy couldn't remember how many times Jerry and Allen had sex with her, but she stayed in the hotel room with them all night. Stamina and getting rejuvenated was not a problem for the two men, as they found Betsy exceptionally sexy and stimulating.

Finally she rolled around on the bed letting her muscles stretch and relax after such a long dream. Betsy longed to get up, as she needed something to eat, but one more sordid element flashed into her head. 'One more ... just one more scene, then I'll get up, ' she whispered.

She would always remember the first blowjob with Allen. At some point during the night, he shoved his semi-hardness in her face and demanded she make it hard. With no other alternative, Betsy put her hands on Allen's cock and began the arduous task. No one was more surprised than Betsy when the pecker started to swell. It was utter magic.

Jerry would never forget the show either, as he watched his close buddy getting sucked by a goddess. Allen's cock quickly got hard and throbbing. He pulled backwards until the head slipped out of Betsy's mouth and then he rubbed his enlarged cock all over her face. Suddenly Allen wanted more. "You do it ... rub it all over. All over your face ... your neck ... and your tits," Allen whispered.

His order took her breath away. Betsy shuddered at the images of how she obeyed the man that night. Her small hand was on his cock with her fingers wrapped around the thick, throbbing shaft. She touched her flushed cheek, which was hot but not nearly as hot as his penis. Betsy flinched with every caress but she didn't stop moving his prick all over. Every time the flared head passed her mouth, she obediently licked it clean.

She rubbed her neck with the bulbous head. And then she did it. She had opened her eyes wide watching the head leave a wet trail all over her boob, and then her other boob. At the time, Betsy was mesmerized rubbing Allen's cock over her body and suddenly Allen reached the end of his stamina. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and held her head steady. Then he rammed the head of his cock between her lips and down her throat so fast she choked. By the time she stopped coughing, Allen was draining his monster. She blushed remembering how obediently, her hand stroked the long, hard shaft and attempted to milk his huge cock, which she knew would please him.

When the final images of her drinking the last of Allen's cum rolled over her imaginary screen, she had enough. She needed to take a break from daydreaming but first she thought, 'I have to finish this period of my life.' It was during this chapter that Betsy realized that Ron might not be the man for her. She would never share someone she loved with anyone and it dismayed her that Ron had shared her with his friends.

This chapter of her life unfolded almost as if Betsy was a pawn in Ron's porno fantasies. She still remembered being driven home after that first night with Ron's two friends. Allen had volunteered to drive her and the ride home had been very quiet and serene.

It wasn't until weeks later when Betsy reminisced over the dire events that she realized Ron wasn't going to leave his wife. Still, Betsy continued to date Ron on a steady basis even after the horrible affair. She reasoned that her mind refused to accept the fact Ron was just using her to satisfy his perverted sexual fantasies. They continued to use a hotel, and even a different hotel on many occasions, but after the first gangbang, the scenario was always the same.

Betsy remembered the second time Ron forced her into a degrading affair. They entered the hotel room and she was on pins and needles the whole time. It had been the silliest thing when she saw Allen's smiling face and she felt a shudder of relief wash over her body. But that had quickly changed when she noticed a stranger sitting on one of the beds in the room. She remembered looking at Ron for an answer but he merely shrugged his shoulders, as if to say, 'you know what you have to do.'

So that was how the middle stage of her relationship with Ron transpired. Initially it was Allen and a stranger. Then it was two complete strangers, and after that Betsy lost track. Not that there were many sexual encounters with strangers, she mused, but then again how many was too many? Betsy forgot the strange faces because it went against her Baptist upbringing for a woman to have intercourse with men she didn't know intimately.

Allen she did remember as she had sex with him many times while Ron and others watched. Jerry ... maybe twice more, but the others, the others who used her remained nameless and faceless. Strangely her conscience got duller with time and soon she was able to block out the sinful characteristic of it all. When Ron picked her up, she knew what was in store for her, yet she willing went with him to be sexually exploited.

One aspect kept nagging her during her relationship with Ron. She still cringed every time she remembered how her boyfriend bragged to the men after they had sex with her. "She's the best, man ... did you ever see a body like that? She was born to fuck," Ron would often say to the men. "Did you see that orgasm ... Man, she's the greatest ass, ever!"

His crude, insulting remarks would make her cry. Although Betsy found Ron's boasting horrifying, her tears were considered tears of joy by the men, which only made them more thrilled to be in bed with her. Even to this day and at the age of 39, Betsy found it unbelievable that Ron coerced her into experiencing the most demoralizing thing ... an orgasm with a complete stranger.

Betsy looked at her watch noticing it had been over three hours since she started recalling all the events of chapter three. It was definitely time for a break, she mused. She was weary from all the torrid dreaming and slowly left her hideaway, letting her mind come back to the present. That brought a smile to her pretty face knowing that Danny was now the man in her life.

As she slowly walked out the door of the spare bedroom, her mind considered the next chapter. Betsy was very glad for the opportunity to be home alone so she could write the book of her life story. She flipped the page and realized the next chapter would see her relationship end.

I will continue Betsy's weekend in a second story. I promised her that I would write about her first 39 years and then we can fantasize about the future. I hope readers don't find this type of flashback too confusing but I wanted Betsy to think about all the things that happened in her life before turning 40. Betsy is probably the most appealing woman I know, and strangely, I am not sure if she is not the wittiest, smartest woman ... or the craziest.

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