Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, DoOver, First, Petting, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A couple in love but not married to each other gets a chance to rewind their life to a time when they were both young and single

Just as we walked into the bed and breakfast in Lambertville we saw the sign on the chalkboard.


Elizabeth and I both were in bad marriages. Because of family issues we could not leave our spouse no matter how much we wanted to. We lived our lives like zombies except when we were together. We had managed these few days together and wanted nothing more than each other's company.

After meeting the owners and paying the fees we went to our room and began our rendezvous by watching the orientation video. I turned on the VCR and we sat down to watch...

Today is tomorrow and yesterday is today.

Welcome to Rewind.

Then we fell asleep. I woke up in my own room, the one I had as I grew up. I hadn't slept there in 40 years. I got dressed and showered when I walked into the living room after getting dressed I knew what day it was. The sing on the wall said welcome home Bruce. It was June 2nd 1968 the day after I had come home from Vietnam. I knew where Elizabeth would be. She had talked about hanging out at the little luncheonette on Ave U what was its name? Oh Yeah Moe's. She would be 17 now a senior in high school, a good Catholic girl.

My mom wouldn't approve but my life would be much happier. I was Jewish, and until I met Elizabeth in 2003 had never even thought of being in love with a woman who wasn't Jewish. With the experience of my previous life I knew what I was going to get and I was willing to fight for it.

After borrowing dad's car I headed for Ave U to find Moe's. I walked in and ordered Coke. I sat at the fountain alone in the store, knowing if she wasn't here today she would be here another day. I was resolved to wait for her and to meet her. I went to the Juke box and dropped a nickel in and selected Harper Valley PTA.

The song ended and she hadn't been there yet. Three blonde sisters walked in the middle one had awe inspiring beauty. The fed some money into the Juke box and I heard Hey Jude by the Beatles begin to play. The older sister came over to talk to me.

"Hi I'm Mary, I have never seen you here before, are you new in the neighborhood?"

"Not really I'm Bruce and I just got out of the Army."

Then it dawned on me Mary was Elizabeth's older sister, Elizabeth looked so young, of course she did she would not be 17 until September. Now how do I get to date her without her parents thinking I am some sort of pervert?

Mary introduced us as young girl began to play in the background. Elizabeth smiled when my name was said. I guess I changed a bit. She told Mary and Geraldine that I was the man of her dreams and she had been dreaming about me for 6 years. We were going to get married, but don't tell their mother yet. With that she leaned into her sisters moving them away from me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately, he mouth opening for my tongue and stoking the fires burning with me. Elizabeth turned to Mary and asked.

"Did I do it right? It was my first kiss."

"Can't you see? He's speechless; he won't ever forget that kiss. I think you've got him hooked."

Mary turned to me and said.

"We will be at the movie tomorrow I'll keep Geraldine with me and you two can go sit in the balcony at 2 O'clock."

So went my first meeting with the O'Hara sisters. It wouldn't be my last.

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