Starting Over
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Pregnancy,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Can 2 people from different worlds save one planets inhabitants hope for survival and can they both find the love and happiness they both deserve or is a misunderstanding going to keep them apart and lonely forever?

It had been 3 months since the great tragedy that killed 80% of the female population and 75% of the males. Of the 20% of females left less the 5% were of child bearing age who could still reproduce and of those that still could almost all were already married and had provided their mate with at least one child in the last 2 years. The women who had lost their husbands in the accident were to be given one year to morn, and then were required by law to find another mate and provide him with at least one offspring with in 2 years of the mating ceremony. This new law came into effect after the end of the last Great War a century earlier when the planets population was less than 30,000. Over the last century the planet had been healing itself and with in the last 5 years was now able to sustain a larger population. The citizens of Toria were slowly repopulating the landscape. In a matter of seconds and due to a freak accident that no one could have seen coming, the population of nearly 100,000 was reduced to just barely 15,000 and the majority was men. To say the least women were in short supply and the number of female births had significantly decreased.

For the last month the council of elders has debated whether or not to seek the help from a planet far off that in many aspects was still very barbaric and very close minded. The Torian's could provide the people of the planet the natives call Earth with many advances in medicine and technology, and all that they asked in return was that those women of childbearing age who would be willing to be mated with a Torian male and of that union provide her husband with children. The women would have every comfort imaginable and would never have to suffer, food and fresh water were plentiful, things like hate, and war and disease were a thing of the past. The men of Toria never raised a hand to their women, no woman would ever be beaten or abused, and any husband found to be abusive in any way, physically, mentally or emotionally was stripped of his lands, children and wife. She would be given the land to raise the children on and a new mate would be found for her, one who would care for her and the children she already had as well as the children she would provide him.

Many late hours were put in, the decision a difficult one, but in the end there was only one choice. There were very very few physical differences between the people of Toria and those of Earth, all the physicians agree that of all the species they have encountered only humans had the genetic coding that was an almost identical match to those of Torians and would be the only ones who could help repopulate the planet. A small contingent of personnel would be sent to earth to begin the negotiation process and to begin screening and matching the women who would be willing to enter into a mating contract. This contingent of personnel would include 5 physicians, 10 technical advisors, 5 of what earthlings call ambassadors' and 100 of the men chosen by lottery to be the first to be mated. With their advance technology they were able to travel the distance between the 2 worlds in just over a month. They spent another month in negotiations with the leaders of earth and an agreement was made.

On September 1, 2009 the general public was given the news and despite the Torian's fears it had been received better then they had hoped. Women who were willing to leave earth to be mated with a Torian were screened both physically and mentally to ensure that she would provide healthy offspring and would have the emotional stability to leave behind everything she knew to be with the man she would call husband, companion, and mate.

Of all the Torian men who arrived on earth only one man wasn't looking for a mate, while Oris enjoyed the company of women, there was never one who spoke to his heart, none whom he would ever even remotely consider as a mate, he knew his duty was to help repopulate Toria, but he wanted a woman for more then just a wife and mother of his children, he wanted his true mate, the one who would complete him. The one thing he was absolutely sure of was that no human woman could be his one. Oris was one of the few men who would be making earth his home, his brains and technical ability was second to none and would be one of the greatest assets the Torians could give Earth. The others would be rotated out so that others could replace them to not only help within their various fields of expertise but also so that they could find their mate.

It had been six months since the Torians arrived and began helping the people of earth clean up the planet of its various issues so that things like pollution, war, poverty, hunger, and disease were a thing of the past.

Krista Malone a 35 year old single mom living in West Texas was one of those who thought the agreement between the Torians and her people was a great one, although she could not be considered as a mate for one of the Torian males, she was instrumental in helping prepare the young women (who lived in the area) who were chosen to prepare for life with their new mate. It really was a sad thing that Krista could not be chosen she only failed to meet 2 of the criteria and in the end neither of them were that significant considering all she could bring to the race of Torians.

February 28, 2010 was the date designated for the women of West Texas to be introduced to the men who would soon be their mates. As one of the richest women in the area and the one who helped with all the preparations Krista was invited to the ceremony to introduce the women to the area's Torian commander and to help with any unexpected incident that could possible come up.

Oris had heard about this woman named Krista Malone from his subordinates and his contacts with the earth government in charge of the mating agreements and procedures. From all the things he heard about her, he was curious as to why she was not listed as eligible for being a mate. According to everything he could find out she wasn't married, was smart, compassionate and had a good head on her shoulders, she was the type that would be a perfect mate, the kind of woman that his home world needed to help not only the repopulation of the planet but to help the women who had to adjust to life on a strange world, when they had no one else.

Krista had with the permission of both the Earth council and the Torian ambassadors began teaching the young ladies chosen various skills that she hoped would be helpful in their new lives. The Torian society was not like that of earth, people worked the land and worked together for the greater good. Women did have equal rights with men and would work along side their husbands on the land and would only be relieved of that duty once pregnancy is confirmed, after that her task would be to tend to everything in the home while her husband was solely responsible for the work on the land as well as any and all repairs within the home and outlying buildings, this particular law was not created to keep women subservient to men as they would have been in the olden days on earth but to ensure the health and safety of the mother and unborn child. She would not be allowed even in the duties of the house to do anything overly strenuous nor anything that could harm herself or her child, if for some reason there were complications with the pregnancy or the woman needed extra assistance in the home specially trained caregivers were brought in to take over the tasks that the doctor forbid her to do and to closely monitor the pregnancy. Once the child had been safely delivered and a physician certified her as being recovered enough to continue working along side her husband it would be the couple's choice as to how the work would be divided. Most women would mainly work in the house, but would always be there to help her husband as he needed. No man could force his wife to work only in the house if she wanted to work by his side on the land, and no man expected his wife to take on the sole burden of caring for the children and the home, they worked as partners and equally shared in all responsibilities.

For many years on earth some of the most basic of household tasks could not be performed by most young ladies, as such Krista taught them to quilt, make household items like curtains, rugs, place, mats, napkins and other various items that would make the house a home. Other items like creating accessories in plastic canvas, things to decorate a babies room with or for the holiday's that the earth women would be bring to this new land. It had been agreed that the Torians would incorporate most of the main holiday's based on the principle that these women were giving up so much already that by incorporating the holidays that would help bring normalcy to their lives and allow the offspring of these unions to learn both of their cultures and heritage. One of the principal things that Krista taught the young women of her area was how to cook, while not all of the provisions they are accustom to having would be available, seeds and plants for the fruits and vegetables that each young woman wanted would also be taken so that her garden could produce the things she had been accustom to eating. The men of Toria who had arrived with the initial contact, were more then happy to accommodate their new mates, most of them after having tried a variety of earth's foods actually enjoyed many of the items that would be taken back. In turn they would teach their wives about the produce of their lands and the women of Toria would instruct the women of earth as to how things there grow and how to prepare some of the dishes their husbands were used to. The hope was that in time to two cultures would blend harmoniously and that neither culture was destroyed.

Oris had been unofficially in the area for over 2 months, he had discretely kept his identity a secret and no one knew exactly who he was, he wanted a chance to get to know the people in the area without being bombarded and having as he put it "his ass kissed by those who thought they could get ahead by being overly friendly." Over the course of the 2 months he spent in the area getting to really know the people and seeing who and what they truly were. On numerous occasions he had run into this very beautiful woman who made his heart skip a beat anytime their eyes locked, something about her made him subconsciously rethink his position on never finding a mate.

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