Talk of the Town!

by dangerouslydead

Tags: Ma/Fa, Cheating, Cuckold,

Desc: Flash Story: He had to change the topic of conversation. Everyone talking about him being a cuckold was not right!

As I entered the house I was made aware that my plan had been successful. My wife and her boss, Ross, were lying naked in living room completely passed out. Their rather public affair had made me a topic of conversation in the community. Before that, however, I was planning on making their life very complicated and uncomfortable. I was going to make sure that they knew the pain of humiliation and betrayal.

I injected both of them with Sodium Pentothal and rendered them fully unconscious. Once I had them at y mercy I went to work. First of all I went to the kitchen and got myself a large bag of ice. I placed the bag of ice on his penis so that it may do its magic. Pretty soon he will be even smaller than he actually is. I often wondered why Nelly hooked up with him. He is no looker and has a penis that can make you giggle at sight (if you are a woman). Once I had his future frozen, I turned my attention to Nelly.

Here was the love of my life who could not keep her legs closed. My mind went back to the days when we were in love and exclusive to each other. She was a beautiful woman and I am sure that many would thank me in days to come to fuel their masturbatory material. It would be a blitzkrieg that the town would not forget anytime soon.

When his dick was shrunk to almost child size and his testicles had almost disappeared I went about taking a series of extremely humiliating pictures. It was not going to be easy to let it slide off his back like water on a duck. I put a strap on dildo on her and took some images of the dildo in and around his asshole. I had to make sure that I did not push the dildo far enough inside him to leave a trace. he was not supposed to know that these photos existed. Not yet, at least. I also took a series of photographs showing them naked on the living room couch and her fucking him. It took a lot o pillows to prop them up properly but then we had plenty of those in the living room.

Once done, I simply left the room and went back to my motel. I was going to enjoy this for all its worth and they were going to sweat it out. The next day I sent one photograph of the two of them naked to their work email and ccd it to the hr department. There was nothing written in that mail ... just an attached photo. The subject line read "Next time it goes to your spouses."

They waited all day for the HR department to summon them but they never did. Looks like the blackmailer had spelled the email address incorrectly. At 5 in the evening, just half an hour before they were to leave the office they received another mail. This time the mail had just some text and no photos.

"Tomorrow Ross will carry a large woman's handbag when he comes to the office and Nelly will wear one of her Husband's perfumes."

I had plans to make their lives as interesting as possible. Meanwhile I was going to sit on the sidelines and take digs at them without showing my hand. The next day as she got ready for the office I noticed her searching frantically for any of my perfumes. I had hidden all of them the night before, so there was no chance of her finding it. She could not ask me outright so she came up to me and started to help me dress. When I was dresses she asked me if I was out of perfume because she wanted to apply some to me. I told her that there must be one in my travel bag. She took it out and after applying it on me applied it on herself and said, "I want to be able to breath in your smell all day." Yeah, right.

Another victory when he turned up at the office carrying a woman's handbag. I am sure that he made all the right noises to justify carrying it but I had a picture of him walking into his office with a woman's handbag.

That day, at precisely 5 in the evening, they received another mail and another set of instructions. This time they had another photo to look at - after all they had to know I had an unlimited supply of these images.

"Tomorrow Ross will wear a woman's slip and hair curlers while taking the trash out. Nelly will wear one of her Husband's boxer shorts while getting the news paper from the front porch."

Next morning I had two wonderful pictures. Of course I could not be at both the places so Ross' wife took his photo for me. And you thought I was alone in all this!

I was getting replies from both of them from angry to pleading and from abusive to super abusive. I was ignoring them, of course. With each email I also pushed in some misspelled email addresses to let them know that the blackmailer knew where it would hurt the most.

For the next few days they did kept up their morning routine. One day Ross was wearing a stiletto while taking the trash out and the other day he had lipstick on. Meanwhile I was making snide remarks about Nelly wearing more of my stuff to bed and Rita was keeping Ross on his toes with remarks about him getting in touch with his feminine side. She even went so far as to sit down and have a serious conversation with Ross about his cross dressing tendency. He squirmed and squirmed but then came up with a lame excuse about wanting to know her side of life too. He said that he was trying to be a more compassionate husband. No Shit! She was not buying it so he had a tough time selling it and came out feeling unsure if the excuse was sold.

The last day of their torment they were asked to visit Studio 55, a bar famous for being alternate lifestyle couples' hangout. Their entry and exit were well recorded for posterity and then the emails stopped for a week. After a week they were asked to plan a two day trip to visit their suppliers.

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