Sexy Lucy's Big British Invasion
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Humor, Safe Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The British Invasion - The Next Generation

"Ah, finally, we arrive in America," Lucy Fern sighed to her friend Suzie Brock "I can't wait to see California and get some rays. England is so cloudy and cold all the time. I just can't wait to lay out in the sun and get a gorgeous tan," Lucy sighed. Suzie was eager to join her friend Lucy on a nice two-week vacation to Pomora, California. "I heard this city is so big and beautiful. I think it has as many people as London, but with lots of hot film stars!" Suzie exclaimed to Lucy as they grabbed their baggage and made their way to an awaiting taxi.

"Suzie, ya know, we've booked ourselves at the Fairmont Hotel Riverside. It is simply the most luxurious hotel in town. We're gonna pamper ourselves to heaven," Lucy sighed as the taxi dropped them off at the ornate entrance to the hotel. The two beautiful young women exited the cab and thumbed clumsily through the foreign looking U.S. dollar bills to be sure to give the tax driver the correct amount. "Thank you," Lucy and Suzie sang out simultaneously in their British accents to the cab driver.

Both women eagerly hopped through the hotel entrance, the cool breeze of the over-air conditioned lobby causing their hair to blow out. "This is so beautiful. Look, there's a bar over there overlooking the river and downtown." Lucy pointed with excitement, her brunette hair looking ever so silky and shiny. The Fairmont Hotel sat in the pristine part of town along the Pomora River and just across from the central business district. It was already 7.30 PM and the sun was beginning to set.

"I'll have a Lancashire Bitter," Lucy asked of the bartender. "Mmmm, I'll have a Woodpecker Apple Cider," Suzie asked casually in her cute English accent. The bartender laughed at the cute women. "Sorry ladies, but I think you forgot that in you're in the states now. I have Harp, Guinness, Heineken, Estella Artois if you want European or..."

Suzie and Lucy looked at each other and laughed. "We'll have a Budweiser," the girls rang out in harmony as they laughed. Lucy and Suzie were feeling superior because they knew American beer was shit compared to a healthy pint back in London. "I bet the bartender doesn't even realize they serve Budweiser piss warm off the shelf back in London," Lucy joked. The bartender lay two cold bottles of Bud on the counter. Lucy and Suzie picked up their drinks and lightly tapped each other's bottles. "Oh well, when in Rome ... Cheers, hun," Lucy giggled.

Lucy and Suzie took a light swig of their bottles as they headed out to the patio to watch the beautiful big sun set. The ladies reclined on lounge chairs, sighing in contentment in the California sun. "Yuck. This pint barely has any taste. Not only does it feel like I'm drinking water, but to be perfectly honest, my tummy is all in knots from this crap," Lucy complained to Suzie as she gagged and held her stomach in pain. "Are you OK?" Suzie inquired in a seeming panic. "This so-called pint of beer is a little off," Suzie assured. "I need to take you upstairs to bed. Jet lag is probably getting the best of you," Suzie comforted.

Suzie put an arm around Lucy as they headed to the elevator and up to their luxurious suite overlooking the Pomora River and the shiny expanse of downtown. Their bags had been brought up previously by the bell captain and turndown service had already visited, having left the sheets neatly folded back with chocolate ready for indulging. Lucy was wiped out and was preparing a bath to soothe away her bad-beer encounter. Suzie stared out the window at the enormous setting sun, taking in the rays' reflection on shiny skyscrapers. The intense and heavy rush hour traffic along the I-99 Freeway and Cloverleaf Overpass across the river held Suzie's attention as well.

Lucy sat in the bath like a queen, resting back and sighing away the long plane ride. She was anticipating lounging riverside in the hotel-provided lounge chairs on the hotel patio, being catered to by dutiful bartenders and wait staff. "Mmmm, this is the life," Lucy said to Suzie. "It sure is. I can't wait to start tanning tomorrow morning. I just hope all that traffic isn't too noisy tomorrow when we go outside to the patio. I'm looking out the window now and all the cars and stuff are so loud and obnoxious," Suzie bemoaned to a bathing Lucy. "I wouldn't worry. All the traffic probably won't bother us. I just want this bad-beer feeling to go away," Lucy sighed as she adjusted the bath pillow.


The next morning, Lucy and Suzie woke to a beautiful blue sky, completely clear of all clouds. Suzie jumped out of bed at 7.30 A.M. and pulled the drapes back to get a near panoramic view of Pomora. "Wow! Look how beautiful the city is. That river looks so amazing. Let's get up, get in our bikinis and let's go!" Suzie giggled in excitement. Lucy tussled under the sheets, hiding her face from the intense sun. "Oh, god. I feel so crappy. That damn American beer made me so worn out," Lucy complained with a sick moan. Suzie looked at Lucy with a cute frown. "Come on girl. Get up and get some sun. I've already got my sexy bikini on, so let's go," Suzie cheered a drowsy Lucy who had now emerged from under the covers.

Lucy emerged slowly from bed, still wearing a black miniskirt and tight white tank top t-shirt she had slipped on after her bath the night before. "OK, let me just go down with you to the patio as I am. I don't feel like changing into my bikini. I think what I'm wearing will gimme enough sun," Lucy suggested lazily as the ladies grabbed their tote bags, keys, sunglasses and sun lotion. The ladies proceeded out of the room and down the hall, their flip-flops flapping rhythmically. They continued their trek through the lobby outside to the lounge's riverside patio where bartenders and wait staff were busy prepping drinks and breakfast for hotel guests.

As the ladies settled in on lounge chairs, adjusting body parts and pulling at skimpy clothing for comfort, waiters descended upon the pair with early morning eagerness. "I'll have a glass of champagne," Suzie requested. Lucy was still settling in as she caressed her uneasy stomach. "Ya know, I'm not wearing anything under my miniskirt," Lucy giggled in a whisper to Suzie. Suzie laughed. "Don't tell me, your panties got lost in baggage claim." Both girls laughed.

Lucy and Suzie lay back on their lounge chairs and applied a generous helping of buttermilk sun tan lotion, moistening their beautiful bodies while protecting against harmful UVA and UVB rays. "I feel really weird right now. I have this strange sensation in my arms and legs," Lucy complained as tingling sensations reverberated throughout her 5'8" frame. Her greenish-brown eyes rolled slightly back in her head as she looked at Suzie in a panic.

"Girl, you look so sick. We need..." At that moment, Lucy cried out. Suzie watched in horror as Lucy's body began to expand; fingers, hands, arms and legs slowly stretched out. "Help! Fuck! Get some help!" Lucy cried out in panic. "What's happening to me?" Lucy cried, tears beginning to drip down her pretty face.

Suzie stood up in a panic, her bikini strap coming undone, exposing a breast, as she began to step back. Lucy was growing quickly, having gone from an already tall 5'8" to a shocking ten feet tall. Hotel staff gathered in awe. Lucy stood there, looking at herself grow. Now she was 20 feet tall, then 40 feet. Staff and other guests started to run.

"Hello, 911? Emergency! We have a problem with one of our guests. She has become very ill ... um ... well, she's growing ... into ... just send the police!" the hotel manager exclaimed over the phone.

Lucy's feet lengthened, then widened, knocking down bar stools, loungers and cracking the concrete in the pool area. Lucy was an eye-popping 95 feet tall, moaning and groaning from the aches and pains of expanding limbs and muscles. Lucy was in tears as she continued to grow, topping off at 125 feet. MMMM ... OOOOO ... WHAT THE ... WHA? ... WHAT ... THE ... FUCK ... HAPPENED? a towering Lucy asked aloud as she examined herself and her surroundings. The newly crowned giant stood in the pool areas, her eyes catching a glimpse of couple having sex in the twelfth floor of the hotel. They stopped pumping and started screaming at the sight of a giant Lucy Fern topless with black miniskirt still holding on for dear life against her body.

Lucy started smiling as all her beer pain faded, the sounds of screaming people and the wale of police sirens in the background. Lucy laughed evilly, then giggled as she looked down at the tiny people scurrying from the pool area. Part of her right foot had landed in the pool and splashed the whole patio with water. Lucy looked out into the very near distance. Only a few well-placed steps away was Santa Rosa Parkway outside the hotel. It was packed with rush hour traffic, the car horns' blasting gave Lucy a massive headache and stirred something wicked.

I AM SO A GIANT!!!! THIS IS GREAT!!! I WANNA RULE THE WORLD!!! Lucy purred aloud in a sweet, yet menacing British accent. I'LL START WITH AMERICA!

Lucy was feeling so lovely and amazing, so powerful, beautiful and carefree. She was overcome with a rush of strength, life, and vitality and of course, girl power. "MMmmm, all those cars down there look so fun to play with," Lucy purred under her breath as she studied the massive traffic jam on the six- lane expanse of the Santa Rosa Parkway.

Car horns honked and trucks' brakes screeched in normal patterns in a typical morning commute. Lucy had not been spotted beyond hotel staff as she took a large step over the pool and placed her foot in the grassy front lawn of the hotel. "Hey Lucy, have fun!!!" Suzie yelled up to her giant best friend. Lucy smiled and waved.

I'M GONNA GO ON A GIANT SIGHTSEEING WALK, Lucy beamed down, her breasts shining in the sun, hair waving in the breeze. I'M GONNA BE LIKE GODZILLA, BUT MUCH PRETTIER. IS MY HAIR OK?

HOW ABOUT MY MINISKIRT? Lucy laughed with renewed life. Suzie grabbed a glass of champagne and toasted up to her giant friend, "Cheers! You go girl!"


"Oh my god! What is that?" Jill asked her boyfriend as they sat in their car on the Santa Rosa Parkway. "Hoy shit! She's a fucking giant!" Matt exclaimed. "What do you think caused her to be so tall?" Jill asked as the couple watched in dismay and horror as giant Lucy descended upon the parkway, in her less-than-modest attire. Lucy smiled large, watching as people honked their car horns in panic, exiting their vehicles like mice from a barn when the lights are turned on. Screams and cries echoed high enough to reach her pretty face and ring in her soft ears. Lucy waved cutely down to the congested Parkway, with its carefully lined palm trees (which stood only up to her cute belly button), bicycle trails and the beautiful river along its path.

HI, LITTLE PEOPLE OF AMERICA, Lucy cutely sang down to hundreds of terrified people at her feet. Buttermilk sun lotion that smothered her body in a glow, spread its pretty aroma like a giant blanket over traffic. Lucy's English accent pierced the air, almost shaking the ground it was so large in her voice. Lucy stood in a sexy pose with her hands on her waist, watching people run in a panic.

OOPSY!! OH DEAR! Lucy cutely covered her mouth as she watched a panicked driver try to escape the scene, but instead hit two other cars with a massive CRUNCH!!.

PLEASE PEOPLE, IT'S JUST ME, LITTLE OLE LUCY. NO NEED TO MAKE SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS LIKE CAR CRASHES AND FREAKY SCENES OF PANICKY PEOPLE AND SHIT. Lucy giggled when a mob of ten people exiting a bus near her feet stumbled over themselves, pointing up to her as they tripped and trampled one another. ONE AT A TIME, PEEPS. I'M JUST A GIRL ... I MEAN A GIANT GIRL. NO NEED TO FREAK.

OH, WATCH OUT! OH, YOU POOR PUNY PEOPLE, Lucy mocked down cutely as she watched a car collide with another with a loud BOOM! Lucy snorted out a laugh, tapping her cute toes near several cars as her beautiful bare nipples seemed to be staring at the crazed humanity all around her feet. Her toes appeared to keep guard over people and traffic. OK, PEOPL IT'S A BIT RUDE TO FREAK OUT AROUND A LADY. EVEN A GIANT ONE. Lucy knelt down and picked up large Audi sedan, her ten-foot long fingers surrounding it, blocking out all the sunlight from getting into the interior. People in cars and on foot nearest her hand were in awe at her power, breaking out in a sweaty panic.

Lucy brought the car up to her pretty eyes, lashes fluttering as she stood back up to her full height. The two people inside were screaming as Lucy studied the car that rested in her soft palm. The giant woman tilted her head to the side, shifting her eyes in silence as her pretty mind wrapped around the details that made her feel so powerful as a 125-foot giant. Tiny doors, stereo system, steering wheel and yes, the puny people inside stirred her inner-Godzilla. Lucy was now feeling a sense of empowerment unparalleled in history. The sounds of the screaming and crying people both at her feet and increasingly in the distance beckoned her to play with the city, like a little girl; the temptation was too great.

Lucy lowered herself to the roadway and placed the car back down, mercifully on its wheels. She was feeling playful when she spotted a public bus jammed with people too fearful to exit it in front of a giant. She got down on her hands and knees, crushing several cars, the feeling of breaking glass and steel making her feel so enormous, powerful and sexy. The giant placed her ginorous pretty greenish-brown eyes up against the windows of the bus, her face eclipsing the world around it. Lucy's giant lashes rubbed against the bus' exterior, a lash or two catching in the doorway as her long dark hair draped the bus and the road.

Lucy peered in at the stunned people in the bus. The giant watched as people stood in silence as her eyes made their rounds scanning all the fearful faces. CHEERS, MY PUNY AMERICAN FRIENDS. I WANT EVERYONE OUT OF THE BUS. I WANT MY FEET MASSAGED. IF ANYONE GVES ME A HARD TIME ... UM ... HMMMM ... WHAT SHOULD I DO? Lucy held her hand to her chin ... I KNOW (giant girl giggles echo), I'll SQUISH YOU. NOW OUT. A GIANT GIRL NEEDS PAMPERING.

People on the bus started panicking. Some fainted as Lucy eyed them with amusement, walking her fingers on the roof of the bus, the resulting menacing thumping sound terrifying the bus passengers. TISS, TISS PEOPLE, Lucy commanded in her British accent. MY FEET ARE SORE FROM STEPPING ON THESE CARS AND THEY NEED A GOOD RUBBING ... SO GET GOING. Lucy watched the people file off the bus in dazed defeat, humbled by a beautiful young giant girl on holiday from London.


"Ms. Fern, do not move!" a voice echoed from a few yards away. Lucy perked up, using the bus for leverage, propping herself up to see what the fuss was about. Part of the bus' roof caved in from the beautiful giant's hand, enormous fingerprints painted on top of the large vehicle. Lucy was floored to see a cavalry of tiny police cars lined up on the street. They looked like toys.

"Ms. Fern, you are under arrest. You will be deported back to England." Lucy laughed as she lifted one of her breasts off a crushed car. She was now sitting on the Santa Rosa Parkway, holding a car in her hand. AND WHAT IF I REFUSE TO COOPERATE?, Lucy cutely asked as she waved the car in the air, people inside it screaming. Giant Lucy was feeling such a rush of power and excitement, she almost had an orgasm on the spot. She fanned herself with her free hand to cool herself down.

"We will be forced to shoot you," the authoritative voice echoed loudly back. UM, OK. SO IF I THROW THIS CAR AT A BUILDING, YOU'LL SHOOT ME? Lucy then girlishly tossed the occupied car at a nearby office building where it landed with a ferocious BOOM!. Lucy giggled. OOO, I'M SO SCARED. The police looked at each other nervously as Lucy primped her hair and adjusted her breasts for comfort. YA KNOW, I FEEL LIKE ACTING LIKE GODZILLA TODAY. Lucy stood to her full height as the police stared up in awe.

"Fire!" A rain of bullets pelted the giant woman. Not so much as leaving a welt on her silky smooth skin, Lucy picked a stray bullet off of her nipple and caressed herself. She stood in a sexy feminine power pose with her hands on her hips, her miniskirt flapping lightly in the wind as did her hair. The firing stopped.

THAT WAS AWESOME, the giant Lucy applauded, pretty as ever, her hands clapping as she smiled down to the police. Lucy then bent down slightly and slowly uprooted a palm tree, biting off a branch as she spread her legs wide. She raised the tree in the air, spit the tree branch down on a police car, curled her fingers and grimaced like the devil and ... ROARRRRRrrrr!!! Lucy rang out like a monster from a B-movie. She threw the tree at the police cars, crushing several as the police scampered like mice.

THUD ... THUD ... THUD ... THUMP. Lucy strolled menacingly over to where the 30 police cars were parked and stood over them with terrifying power and beauty. YOU PUNY POLICE WORK FOR ME NOW. Lucy knelt down and picked a police car in each hand and tossed them into the Pomora River. She turned around to see renewed screams of hundreds of fleeing commuters. Lucy formed a gigantic grin as we watched the people flee.

GODZILLA'S GOT NOTHIN' ON ME, PEOPLE. I'M TAKING OVER THIS CITY. Lucy began walking in the direction of the fleeing mobs, stepping on cars, knocking down street signs, telephone poles and uprooting trees along the way.

Lucy was eyeing a crowded freeway overpass on her way downtown as her pretty painted toes stood within inches of the fleeing mob of 50 people, some having fallen to the ground. Lucy stepped forward and...


Helen Jones had just gotten on the Nastasha Aquato Overpass heading for the A. Davies Highway. Helen had just arrived from Wales and was meeting her best friend Gavin in downtown Pomora for lunch. Helen and Gavin were BFF's and booked a luxurious suite at the Pomora Grand Boutique Hotel for a week of fun and relaxation. Helen was frustrated with the massive traffic jam on the elevated highway, sitting in the hot sun in her rental car. "Ugh, I am so tired from that plane ride. This is the last thing I needed," Helen griped.

Helen turned on the radio to get the latest news. "This is ... BBC America! We have breaking news in Pomora, California. Reports have just come in that London, UK native Lucy Fern, on holiday in the states has just turned into 125-foot woman and is going on a rampage. The 23-year old Londoner has been witnessed throwing cars and stepping on people. Local authorities say they will use all their police force to bring down the giant woman who is strolling through town in nothing more than a black miniskirt and sun lotion. Many might remember Lucy Fern as the runner-up for Ms. Britain, having lost the crown to trouble-making model Danielle Lloyd"

Helen Jones couldn't believe what she was hearing; one of her fellow citizens was in town at the same time as she, having fun as a sexy giant. Helen pouted as she slammed the steering wheel of her car, "I'm so jealous. I wanna be like Lucy. She and Danielle get to have all the fun. No fair."


"Captain, we need to get some more emergency folks over here. This mess is horrendous. I can't believe the carnage," Officer Jones yelled out to his superior. Lucy had stomped her way though Santa Rosa Parkway and stepped on upwards of thirty people. Large footprint craters were filled with dead and injured people. Two people were impaled when Lucy's toenail chipped and a piece flew off. "Help me!" a man cried out from one of Lucy's footprints. "Help is on the way", an ambulance technician assured the injured man.

Footprints were set in the Parkway or as far as the eye could see, Lucy in the distance heading for the Aquato Overpass. Ambulance personnel, police officers and ordinary people climbed into Lucy's footprints to rescue the injured, many of which were in crushed cars. Long thick strands of beautiful hair could be found entangled among the wreckage. Some footprints were moist inside from Lucy's perspiring feet, the injured people's clothes soaked to the skin in the giant foot's sweat.


"Mmmm, that smells so good," Prisha moaned as she sat in her BMW among the wreckage. Prisha was on her way to work on the Santa Rosa Parkway when the lanky Lucy seemed to come out of nowhere, delighting in stomping her way through traffic and stepping on people like Godzilla. Prisha was mere feet away from Lucy's errant steps, having survived the carnage along with her car. Prisha was now in a little shock, but the Indian girl's nostrils were flaring from a pleasurable scent. As Lucy was rampaging her way through town, minus panties in a pleasured state of mind, she had spilled vaginal fluid on to the roadway and onto Prisha's car. Prisha reached out of her window and felt the top of her BMW.

"Mmmmm, so rich and milky," Prisha oozed. On the roof was a large patch of vaginal juices. Prisha scooped some up and put the concoction to her nose, her nipples hardening and her vagina moistening instantaneously. Prisha's eye rolled into the back of her head. Then she stuck her face into her hands like a dog eating its dinner. "Mmmmmm, oooooo, mmmm, god." Prisha's face was covered in juices, her tongue licking her lips. Prisha immediately started masturbating, despite all the screaming and cries for help, and the carnage and destruction all around her. "Oh ... OH ... OH ... OH ... MMmmm ... aaaahhh," Prisha cried. She came hard and quick, squirting juices all over her car seat and on the steering wheel.

Prisha rested her head on her steering wheel, letting the orgasmic tingles shutter through her body. Then something felt wrong. Prisha sat up in a startled mess, her beautiful black hair tossing to and fro. "Ouch! Fuck! That hurts! Prisha's limbs started cramping. The pretty girl got out of her car and stood among the chaos, bent over to try to relieve the pain. A handsome police officer came over to assist her. "Ma'am, are you OK?" the kind man asked. "I think I'm gonna ... be fine ... let me just sit here," Prisha assured as she bent over in pain. Prisha sat on the hood of her car, the pain subsiding slightly. She couldn't help but get aroused again by Lucy's scent, despite horrific cramps.

Then from out of nowhere, Prisha began to grow. Instantly, she went from 5'6" to ten feet tall, then fifteen feet, sprouting to fifty feet in height. HELP! WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPEENING TO ME? Prisha was panicking as people at her feet ran in renewed hysteria, fresh memories of people being stepped on and cars being thrown like toys by the sexy giant Lucy from London. Prisha looked down in bewilderment and surprise. PEOPLE, I'M NOT A FREAK! PLEASE! ... Prisha continued to grow, shooting up to 100 feet tall, then topping off at a towering titanic height of 125 feet.

Prisha screamed, crying as tears began to flow down her pretty cheeks. I'M A FREAK, TOTALLY. Prisha covered her eyes, not wanting to see the world from her new perspective. Prisha settled down some, her 60-foot long legs still quivering some. She removed her hands from her face, looking down 125 feet to see tiny people running in every direction. She also stood in awe at the deep and large footprints Lucy left behind in the road; a deep feeling of power and a rush of ecstasy took over in her when she saw the injured people squirming in Lucy's footprints. To the 125-foot Prisha, crushed cars resembled flattened Coke cans. Prisha giggled at the rush and how silly people looked running and screaming from her. Tears turned to a grin as the delicate Prisha gained her composure and felt confident she could handle being superior to all.

THIS GIANT BUSINESS LOOKS LIKE IT MIGHT BE KIND OF COOL. Prisha looked off into the distance and found the lovely Lucy lumbering along crowded streets, screams and car crashes echoing in the distance. Prisha took a whiff of the pussy juice aroma wafting in the air and AAAAAAHHHHHH ... MMMMM. THAT SMELLS SO GOOD. I WANNA TOTALLY LICK THAT GIANT LUCY, Prisha sighed as her eyes took on a savage and fearsome stare, focusing on Lucy's shiny sun lotion soaked hot body in the distance.

I'LL JUST FOLLOW THESE FOOTPRINTS, THE SCREAMS AND THAT HOT SEXY SMELL UNTIL MY TONGUE IS SAFELY PLANTED ON THAT WICKED BODY ... MMMM ... SO DELICIOUS. Prisha licked her lips, smiled and then giggled down to hundreds of screaming and crying people at her feet. Prisha stepped forward, crushing two police cars, an ambulance and two people. Prisha inserted her feet into each one of Lucy's footprints, inflicting more hurt on the people inside them. MMMM, I THINK LUCY WEARS SIZE SIX ... HUNDRED SHOES, Prisha cutely mocked to the defeated people below her.


"Holy shit! Here she comes! Run!" Selma howled to her husband as they sat in their car on the Aquato Overpass amid rush hour traffic, increasingly becoming "giant women" hour in the city. Hundreds of people were now rushing in multiple directions on foot to flee the elevated freeway that spanned the Amy Davies Highway. The six lanes that comprised the Aquato Overpass were filled bumper-to-bumper with cars and trucks. Helicopters buzzed overhead and small airplanes circled to capture the real-life sci fi horror starring a ginormous Lucy Fern, the lovely lanky lady from London.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! THUD! ... THUD! THUMP! Lucy approached the overpass with a menacingly sexy swagger that lifted cars into the air in an orchestrated bounce. Fleeing people fell to their feet from the tremblers that Lucy's recently pedicured and pampered feet stirred. Lucy's miniskirt and hair flew gorgeously in the soft breeze, the hot sun and sun lotion mixing up a mural of shiny skin, its main gallery her round and firm breasts, looking all shiny and inviting for another giant woman to caress. Lucy's nipples were firm and erect, seemingly reaching out to the people on the overpass.

Lucy approached slowly, studying, examining and savoring the view of hundreds of puny people, toy-sized cars and little helicopters in the sky busy anticipating her next move. Lucy's vagina moistened in monster madness as her eyes dilated with pleasure at the horror she wrought. OH, THAT IS SO HOT. PLEASE SOMEONE DO THAT AGAIN, Lucy purred in her beautiful English accent as she watched several panicked drivers veer through the guardrails, off the overpass and plummet 60 feet onto traffic on the highway below. Lucy marveled at the cascading cars, diving off the elevated road like water off a waterfall, her pretty ears taking in the sound of crushing steel as the vehicles plowed on top of occupied cars below. AW, POOR PEOPLE. SOMETHING TELLS ME NO ONE HAS SEEN A GIANT WOMAN ON THIS SIDE OF THE POND. Lucy'r big pretty eyes watched with girlish delight at the blaze, mangled mess and freaked out people that the falling cars created on the highway below. I HOPE ALL THOSE PEOPLE IN THAT CAR CRASH, ER, UM, CRASHES, HAVE GIANT WOMAN INSURANCE.

Lucy sighed as she rolled her eyes in delightful pleasure, reaching to rub her wet vagina from the rush she got from causing a major car wreck by merely standing near traffic as a giant woman. She knew the power of being a giant was not so much being able to pick up people, throw cars or even knock down buildings, but that just being in the vicinity of puny people put them in a state of panic worthy of just watching; people produced all the carnage themselves without a giant woman so much as scratching a well painted nail or messy up a strand of salon-fresh hair.

Lucy clapped loudly, smiling and shaking her hair playfully. THIS IS THE MOST FUN I'VE HAD SINCE I LOST MY VIRGINITY. WATCHING YOU PEOPLE CRASH OFF THIS BRIDGE WAS SO HOT. Lucy eyed a group of ten people on the Aquato Overpass running away together in a close cluster. Putting her hands at her hips and swaying to one side like a sex kitten, Lucy prepared to address all the tiny American citizens before her.

NOW LOOK, PEOPLE, I TOTALLY SEE THIS GROUP OF LIKE TEN OR SO PUNY PEOPLE RUNNING AWAY FROM ME. The group knew they were spotted, hunkering between several cars, attempting to evade the large and beautiful greenish brown eyes of the lanky Lucy. The giant beauty stepped forward, her head looking down directly over the overpass, the roadway level with just above her knees. YOU POPLE CAN'T HIDE FROM ME. I CAN EVEN SMELL YOU, MY CUTE NOSE HAS SUPER SCENT.

Lucy reached down to the screaming cluster of men and women, flicked cars and trucks out of the way while she spoke to them. YOU'RE MY PETS NOW. Lucy turned her head to the other hundreds of people running away. OK, MY PEOPLE, Lucy reaches down and plucks five people from the roadway and places them in her wet sweaty and sweet smelling palm. ALL YOU PEOPLE STOP RUNNING. Lucy grimaced savagely, then stomped her right foot with all her might with an earth-shattering BOOM! On the Amy davies Highway below the overpass. Several cars and some people were crushed from the foot drop. People on the overpass stopped dead in their tracks.

I SAID, EXCUSE ME, PUNY PEOPLE. THAT MEANS EVRYONE HERE BUT ME, Lucy rang out as people stopped screaming, too in shock to move or scream. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET BACK IN THEIR CARS AND DO AS I SAY FROM NOW ON OR I'LL TURN THESE PEOPLE IN MY HAND INTO FINGER FOOD ... Lucy was about to speak again when...

DID I HEAR YOU HAD SOME FOOD? Lucy turned around in shock, the siight of an equally tall and equally gorgeous woman stood before her. Lucy's face glowed from excitement. WELL, HELLO GORGEOUS, Lucy purred as the giant Prisha approached the British babe with a bad attitude. MY NAME IS PRISHA, the new giant girl purred with sex in her voice. HOW DID YOU BECOME A...

Prisha kissed the giant without skipping a beat, the two giant women moaning and purring as though long lost lovers from decades past. The sound of their licks smacking and oozing radiated down to mix in with the screams of fleeing people. Their lips parted, but a ten-foot long strand of saliva still bridged their mouths. Lucy was speechless. Prisha was smiling ear-to-ear. I TIPTOED ALL THE WAY HERE SO YOU COULDN'T HEAR ME, SAVE ALL THE SCREAMING AND CAR CRASHES AND SIRENS ... Prisha giggled, her dark tone naked body glowing in the sun. Lucy laughed. AND HERE I THOUGHT ALL THOSE SCREAMS BACK THERE WERE PEOPLE GOING APE SHIT ABOUT HOW GORGEOUS MY CUTE ASS WAS. TURNS OUT THEY WERE GOING GAGA OVER YOURS, Lucy snorted as she laughed hysterically. Prisha laughed equally as hard, her breasts jiggling softly.


Prisha eyed the five people in Lucy's hand with amusement. The people looked at Prisha for help. AW, Prisha oozed. Lucy giggled. HOW CUTE, LUCY. Prisha then plucked a man from Lucy's hand and popped him in her mouth. UH ... OMIGOD! EW! YOU PEOPLE-EATING BICTH! EW ... GROSS, Lucy cried out in awe, facing cringing as though just having been shown a squished bug. Prisha laughed, then Lucy started breaking out into laughter. THAT WAS SOOO NOT NICE, Lucy girlishly scolded. Prisha shrugged her shoulders. KEEP HOLDING THEM AND YOU'LL SEE THE REST OF THEM BECOME APPETIZERS, Prisha joked as she swallowed. EW, UM, I'LL PUT THEM BACK HERE, Lucy giggled as she dumped the people back on the overpass. MAYBE I'LL HAVE A SNACK LATER, UM, MAYBE, Lucy said.


Prisha looked down at the crowded overpass, also noticing for the first time that both of them were standing in the freeway below the overpass, their four feet having crushed several cars between them, hundreds of more people there too. Prisha's attention then honed in on the overpass, eyes widening in excitement of being so big compared to everything. Prisha giggled as people looked for their cars, following Lucy's instructions to get back in and "shut the fuck up!".

WATCH THIS. Prisha reached into the roadway and started picking up cars and placing them in different places on the road, approaching commuters literally watching their cars fly off into the sky before their eyes. Prisha threw two of the cars off into the distance and then started turning other cars on their side, upside down and even stacking five cars on top of each other. YOU'RE SUCH A BITCH, GIRL. BUT I LOVE IT, Lucy laughed hysterically as she slapped her knees from the pain of the laughter. THEY'RE SO PISSED AT YOU. SOME OF THOSE CARS LOOKED LIKE THEY JUST CAME OFF THE LOT, NOW THEY'RE SMOOSHED. Lucy's breasts jiggled from her girlish giggling.

Lucy stood up and Prisha looked Lucy dead in the eyes. Prisha kissed Lucy again as the pair embraced in sensuous pleasure, their bodies rubbing and grinding together, their lips smacking and popping from rapturous kisses. Then Prisha ripped Lucy's miniskirt from her tight body, throwing it on the overpass, smothering thirty people as it draped over the side, spreading its feminine aroma all over. MMMMMM ... UUHHH ... HHMMM. Both women purred out loud. Prisha grabbed Lucy by the shoulders and directed her body in a lying position on the overpass. Both women were too aroused and excited to notice some fifty cars and countless people lost under Lucy's expansive, wet and aromatic body as it rest comfortably on the roadway. With her head on the overpass, Lucy's thick, beautiful long and lush hair spread out for seeming miles, its salon-fresh smell making Prisha's nipples harden. WOW, I CAN HEAR ALL THE SCREAMING PEOPLE NEAR THE BACK OF MY HEAD, Lucy smiled to Prisha. MMMMMM, IT"S LIKE MUSIC, Prisha whispered into Lucy's soft lobe, sucking on it, making Lucy moan from the loud smacking sound of Prisha's lips on her lobe.

Prisha straddled Lucy's soft and oily body, both women's legs hanging over the side of the overpass, feet planted on the destroyed highway below. Prisha's vaginal juices started leaking onto Lucy's stomach and draining on to the roadway. Prisha reached behind Lucy's head and picked up some cars, examining them and making goofy faces at the drivers who were to shell shocked to have left their vehicles. YOU SHOULD SEE THESE PEOPLE FREAKIN' IN THIS CAR, Prisha teased.

MMMM, LET ME SEE, Lucy asked. Prisha tilted the cars so Lucy could see a she lay on the road. Lucy peered in as she fingered Prisha's vagina. AW, HOW CUTE. I FEEL SO SORRY FOR THEM, THEY WERE PPROBABLY TURNED ON BY US UNTIL A GIANT INDIAN GIRL PICKED THEM UP AND STARTED MAKING FUN OF THEM, Lucy mused in a sexual trance. Prisha took the car and placed it against Lucy's vagina, the warm roof caressing and pampering Lucy's wet pussy in just the right spot. AAAAAAaaaaaah, MMMMMM, Lucy moaned. SO COOL, A CAR VIBRATOR, SO SEXY, Lucy groaned. Prisha tossed the car behind her shoulder.

Prisha then bent over and started licking Lucy's ear. The sound of Prisha's tongue and lips were so loud and sensual inside her lobes, Lucy nearly had an orgasm at that moment. Prisha drooled heavily in her ear, nibbling, twisting and bending the soft lobe, making Lucy all hot. Next, Prisha started licking Lucy's neck, dragging her tongue from the base of one ear, under her chin and around to the other ear. Lucy's neck was all wet from saliva. MMMMMM ... OOOO, Lucy moaned. Prisha's saliva scent made Lucy's nostrils flare in excitement.

ONE SEC, Prisha whispered as she kissed Lucy's left nipple. Prisha reached behind her and in between Lucy's legs to find a car near Lucy's vagina that had people still inside. They were trying to hide. Prisha picked up the car and shook the people out of the open doors into her moist palm. In a soft bedroom voice, Prisha whispered to Lucy, I'VE GOT SOME HELPING HANDS TO MASSAGE YOUR NIPPLES. Prisha gently placed a woman on one of Lucy's nipples and a man on the other. THESE PUNY PEOPLE ARE GONNA BRING YOUR NIPPLES TO LIFE, Prisha moaned as she let her dark hair hang down onto Lucy's breasts, Lucy giggling in pleasure from the soft texture.

Prisha proceeded to lick Lucy's firm stomach, keeping a watch on the people on Lucy's nipples to be sure they were adequately hugging, squeezing and fingering Lucy's beautiful and luscious breast tips. Lucy's stomach started to get all wet as Prisha proceeded to fill Lucy's belly button with drool. Lucy's stomach flexed from the combined sensations of puny people on her nipples and one gorgeous giant girl about to head south for her pussy.

OH, OH, PRISHA, Lucy moaned amid the screaming people all around her. Lucy began breathing very heavily as Prisha's 15-foot long tongue rolled into a narrow missile shape and then entered Lucy's vagina like a drill into a wall. OOOOOO ... GOD ... MMMMMM, OH, PRISHA Lucy wailed as Prisha's tongue worked hard to drool and pump inside Lucy. Prisha took two fingers and laced them next two her tongue, rubbing the clitoris gently. Lucy was breathing so heavily, not even the sound of whirling helicopters and planes above took away from the near-orgasm. In fact, the sound of all the puny humanity and tiny machines made Lucy's mind think the most kinky and outrageously sexy thoughts of her giant body amid the Lilliputian. NOT YET, Prisha commanded to Lucy. Lucy breathed more heavily, the surrounding atmosphere filling with her warm breath, pheromones and the smell of her feminine wetness.


Prisha's tongue and fingers danced, rubbed, licked and coddled the gargantuan gal's volcano-sized vagina, smearing, spreading and layering feminine flavored juices all over the road. Prisha moaned and hummed as her tongue tasted the heavenly fluid.

NOW! Prisha sighed in an authoritative voice. Lucy's mind skipped a beat or two, her muscles relaxing and releasing like ash from a volcano not having erupted in 500 years.

OOOOOOOOOO ... UH ... UH ... UH ... MMMMMMMMMMM, OH GOD ... MMMMMM ... HOLY ... SHIT ... FUCK ... Lucy screamed. Her voice echoed for miles. She had the most intense orgasm of her life, letting out a ferocious gust of wind when she screamed. Her vagina squirted upwards of thirty gallons of fluid onto the road and even down to the crushed up A. Davies Highway below. It would take up to 100 city workers to shovel up the sexy mess from the road and on cars. Rescue workers and the injured below were virtually drowned. The dead people were entombed.

Lucy lay on the road, her body all tingling and sweaty, and her face glowing and shining in the yellow sun. The giant smiled and hummed in utter satisfaction, still breathing heavily into the air. UH OH, Prisha rang out. Lucy opened her eyes to the sky straight up above her in response to Prisha's alarm. Her view was filled by two helicopters in the blue sky, not higher than 50 feet above her beautiful giant face.

"May Day! May Day!" the pilots yelled in a frenzy to ground control. "We're losing pressure. We're gonna crash!" Prisha and Lucy watched in a pampered state as the toy-sized choppers fluttered and swung to and fro to avoid crashing. MMMM, LET'S WATCH THESE CHOPPER CRASH, Lucy purred. Prisha laid her chin on Lucy's stomach as she watched the two hostages continue fondling Lucy's nipples, the sound of the doomed choppers sputtering in the sky. Lucy pouted her lips as she noticed the choppers righting themselves and beginning to fly off. OH, POOPY, THOSE PUNY PEOPLE IN THE WHIRLY BIRDS ARE GETTING AWAY. I WOULDV'E LOVED TO SEE THEM CRASH, Lucy purred in disgust.

OH, PULEAZE, THIS IS SO NOT A HARD REQUEST TO FILL, Prisha pouted as she puckered her lips and blew a kiss up to the helicopters. The choppers spun violently, clipping their blades together before they fell to the ground, landing with ear-splitting crash on the highway underneath them, a massive fireball bursting into the air, rocking the ground and vibrating the resting giants. Prisha looked over the side of the overpass to see a fiery inferno and burned people running in every direction possible. The screams were blood curdling. Prisha lay her chin on Lucy's stomach and purred, MMMMM, DON'T WORRY THE FIRE DEPARMENT WILL BE HERE IN THE NEXT, OH, HHMMM, TWO DAYS OR SO. Lucy laughed. REALLY? I HOPE THEY DON"T COOL ME DOWN. I'M FEELING SO HOT. THEY CAN WATCH ME EXPLODE, Lucy oozed as she fondled Prisha's soft hair amid the carnage.


Helen Jones lay unconscious in her car on the overpass, not more than 100 feet from Lucy's toes. "Oh shit! What happened?" Helen asked herself as she came back to consciousness, her car having banged into another when Lucy began straddling the roadway. Helen looked straight ahead and was floored to see one humungous vagina and a large ass sitting nearly on top of it. Helen panicked. "Omigod! Those giant people! I have to get out of her!" Helen screamed to herself. Helen started her car and pumped the gas in hysteria, but lost control, veering right into Lucy's vagina.

MMMMMMM, OH PRISHA., Lucy moaned as she had an instantaneous orgasm. Prisha looked at Lucy in a state of confusion. WHAT? I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, Prisha gasped. MMMM, WHATEVER IT WAS FELT SOOOOOOO GOOD.

Helen was freaking out. The front of her car was lodged in Lucy's pussy and her car was covered in fluids. "Mmmmm, that smells good. Helen tasted then swallowed some of the paste that had seeped into her car. "Oh, that tastes so good," Helen hummed

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