Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, TransGender, Science Fiction, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kelly is a sixteen year old girl trapped in a boy's body. As if that wasn't bad enough, Kelly's parents want their son back, her boyfriend is married, and now aliens have attacked the Earth. Sometimes life really sucks.

Like I didn't have enough problems.

"What do you think you're doing?" My mom was guarding the front door as I came down the stairs.

"Going to the beach," I said, hooking my thumbs in the pockets of my cut-off's. "It's Saturday."

"Not like that you're not," she said.


"I'm tired of this. I really am, Kevin," she told me. "This isn't normal."

"I'm normal," I said, looking down at the yellow bikini top I wore. I adjusted it slightly, knowing that would set her off, pulling the triangular cups in place over my smallish breasts.

"You're a boy, not a girl."

"So what?" I frowned, looking at her then with my dark blue eyes. "It isn't my fault."

"Don't start with me!" she said. "You get back upstairs and take that off, right now. Do you understand me?"

"No!" I shook my head, "I don't understand at all! Why do you even care?"

"Kevin! Get back here, young man!" Mom yelled, but I was going the other way, out the back.

"Kevin's dead!" I shouted, slamming the kitchen door behind me.

It was better going out the back anyway. I could cut through the Peterson's yard and go around the block to the corner that way. Bad enough being a fag, as my dad liked to say, but having a boyfriend would really freak my parents out. They didn't know about Christian and I wasn't gonna tell them. I wouldn't have told them I was a girl, except would have been hard to keep it a secret.

"Kelly!" Christian smiled, waiting for me like always and he was a really great boyfriend.

"Hey!" I stopped running and started walking, putting my hands behind my butt and moving my hips a little more than I had to. My purse hung off my right shoulder and it bounced against my narrow waist, all the flair pinned to it jangling like a blonde haired gypsy.

He looked at me, really looked, and that's what I liked the most. I mean, the kissing is nice and the other stuff, you know, but what I liked about Christian were his eyes and how they drank me in. He made it feel like he was seeing me for the very first time and falling in love all over again. His big brown eyes would travel all over me and the corners of his mouth would go up. He'd shift his body, leaning against his old Corvette one way and then the other, like he wanted a better view. He just made me feel special that way and I enjoyed it.

"You look great," Christian decided and he gave me a casual kiss on the mouth when I got close enough.

"You always say that," I said, tossing my head to get the hair out of my eyes.

"You always do." Christian shrugged and grinned and opened the door for me so I could climb across the driver's seat.

"I was sposed to get a ... Hey!" I grabbed my panties. They were hanging from his rear view mirror.

"What?" Christian asked as he got in behind me. "Oh."

"I was lookin' for these!"

"I found them under the seat."

"Yeah, I bet!" I snorted, letting them go and tugging the seat belt around my tummy.

"What were you supposed to get?"

"Huh? Oh, a haircut." I rolled my eyes as he started the car with a vroom. "You believe that?"

"No way!"

"Yeah, seriously. My dad told me he was gonna get it all cut off too, like an army haircut or something."

"Fuck," Christian breathed. "Your parents are weird, Kell."

"I know."

I played with my hair and no way I was gonna get it cut. I hadn't had a haircut since I'd turned twelve and I was sixteen now. Four years of growing my hair out and they were gonna cut it?

"Like that would make you a boy again, huh?" Christian asked unhappily and I nodded.

"Yeah, or something. I gotta run away, I think. They're gonna like check me into a hospital pretty soon."


"Yeah," I said. "My dad hates fags. He called me a cocksucker last night."

"Your dad did?" Christian glanced at me. "That's messed up."

"I know."

It had made me cry, but I wasn't going to tell my boyfriend that. When my dad saw me crying he'd gotten really mad, throwing his arms up and yelling some more. He hated me and wanted to know where his son went, like I'd murdered Kevin and dumped his body someplace so I could take his place. It was sick.

"Hey..." Christian smiled at me. "I talked to that friend of mine last night."

"Which one?"

"Sheila, the one who's getting the operation."

"Cool. What'd she say?"

"She told me where you can get the hormones. It's really easy," Christian said. "She knows this doctor in Pasadena and he hooks her friends up all the time."


"Yeah. I've got his number in my wallet."

"That reminds me!" I giggled. "I gotta take a pill."

"Heh!" Christian grinned at that. "Least I know you're protected, huh?"

"Yeah, it's working though," I said. "My tits are a little bigger, right?"

"They're sweet, Kell."

"Mostly nipples though, see?" I pulled my bikini open, exposing my puffy pink nipples and Christian swerved a bit. "Careful!"

"Don't do that when I'm driving!"

"Sorry." I stuck out my tongue, fixing my top again and then pointing at a Seven-Eleven. "I need something to drink."


I waited in the car while Christian got me a diet Pepsi to wash my birth control pill down with. I took two every day and I don't know if that's really healthy, but I heard it's just female hormones anyway. It did make my tits bigger for sure and if I could get like real hormone treatment, I thought that would be so awesome. The hard part would be finding the cash though because my parents weren't ever gonna pay for it, no way!

Christian took a long time in the store, so I turned on his radio. Nothing but static which seemed weird, but we were in the valley too, so who knows. I pushed in a CD, some old Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Hate Machine because that's pretty cool, and I was singing along with it when Christian came out.

"Head like a hole! Black as your soul! I'd rather die, than give you control!"

"Bow down before the one you serve. You're gonna get what you deserve!"

Christian started singing too as he got in and we just laughed at each other. We were totally alike in so many ways. That's why we were in love, even though he was like ten years older than me. He had his own place, of course, and sometimes I crashed there with him, but he had a wife too and she was mostly home, which really sucked. I'd never met her or anything, but I'd seen her picture and fucked her husband in her bed. I hated her.

"Your radio's broke," I said after the first track ended and I turned his stereo down a little.

"What?" Christian gave me a funny look and popped the CD out.

"See?" I shrugged as he pushed buttons and found nothing but static.

"That's weird," he said. "I was listening to the surf report this morning."

"Sun spots!" I giggled.

"I guess." Christian pushed the CD back in and hit number two.

"You talk to her yet?"


"You know who," I sighed, pulling my hair back as the wind whipped through the open window.



"I will, alright?" Christian looked at me.

"I'm not mad," I said lightly.

"Yeah, you are," he said. "I was going to, but then..."

"I know."

"I love you, okay?" Christian reached for my left leg, stroking my bare thigh. "I'm going to divorce her. Soon. I just ... I have to do it fair, you know?"

"I know, yeah." I looked outside and he'd said all that before. I didn't even know what fair meant.

We drove in silence for a little while.

"Hey!" I sat up and looked around. "I thought we were going to the beach."

"Everybody goes to the beach."

"So..." I blinked at him. "Where are we going?"

"Up to the cabin." Christian smiled at me. "Me and you, all night?"

"I didn't bring anything!"

"I got what we need, it's cool."

"You got clothes for me?" I laughed at him. "I got a bikini and a pair of shorts."

"Sandals too!"

"Yeah." I rolled my eyes. "And a purse."

"So? We'll just ... Stay naked!"

"Oh, God!" I sighed theatrically and slid back down in the deep bucket seat, putting my bare feet on the dash and wiggling my pink toes.

"What? Come on," he said. "It'll be fun. You like it there."

"See? I ask if you told her and you just take me to the woods. It isn't gonna work."

"What's not gonna work?"

"I ain't gonna forget about it, Christian." I bit my lip, looking at him, "I love you, but this sneaking around and my parents and..."

"I know," he said with a nod. "I'll look for a place on Monday. We can move in together."


"Yeah." He looked at me. "I promise, Kelly."

"Okay." I tried not to smile, but I couldn't help it.

"Ummmm..." I sighed, lying on my tummy in front of the fireplace on a big, soft sheepskin rug.

"How's that feel, baby?" Christian straddled my thighs, massaging my back with some scented oil.


"You're seriously sexy, you know that?"

"Hmmm..." I smiled. "If Daddy could only see me now."

We were both naked after a nice little dinner salad and some wine. Christian hadn't brought clothes, but at least he'd thought of food. There weren't any lights at all either, just the fireplace and our bodies were golden in the warm firelight; my lithe form beneath his, looking very much like the girl I was supposed to be. Only my cock and balls gave lie to a disguise which was otherwise perfect, and Christian liked that part of me too. That's something his wife didn't know about - that her husband of five years loved transsexuals.

"He should be proud of you," Christian said. "You're such a beautiful girl. He's gotta be blind."

"I wish he was!" I giggled. "I wouldn't have so much trouble sneaking out."

"Not for much longer, baby."

"I know," I sighed. "I can't wait to move out. You shoulda seen his face the first time I put on a dress."

"I bet."

"I was twelve," I said and I'd probably told this story before, but he didn't mind. "I bought this dress for like three dollars at a yard sale and took it home and put it on..."

"What color was it?"


"Like your eyes," Christian agreed and his hands were on my ass, kneading the firm round flesh hard the way I liked it.

"Yeah," I smiled. "Blue like my eyes and I brushed my hair and came downstairs, wanting to show Daddy how pretty I was..."

"I know, Kelly." He lowered his chest to my back gently.

He began kissing my neck and face and I could feel his erection pressing between my butt cheeks. I moaned softly, wanting to forget how my dad had ripped the dress off me, taken me over his knees and whipped me with his belt. I got my last haircut then, that day, crying in the barber's chair and I swearing I'd never get another.

"I love you so much, Chris."

"I love you too," he breathed, pressing his wet cockhead against my anus until I opened for him with a gasp and small shiver of delight.

It didn't hurt, not anymore, and we were both oiled up for it anyway. Christian's thick cock pushed inside me slowly, stretching the soft walls of my rectum easily. I'd been making love to him for over a year, since we'd first met at Venice Beach. I'd been circling the body builders on my roller blades and Christian had been circling me, wondering if I was a really a girl or not because he honestly couldn't tell. I'd been fourteen and in that middle part of changing from a boy into a girl, awkward and insecure and struggling with myself as much as my parents.

Christian had saved me.

"I love your cock," I sighed, feeling him work it a fraction deeper with each slow stroke. We had all night for that one fuck, if we wanted it.

"I think about you," Christian said and I smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean when I have sex with ... her."

"You almost said it." I giggled and we'd made a little game of never, ever saying his wife's name.

"Almost." He kissed my cheek. "But when I fuck her, I'm always thinking it's you."

"That's almost romantic."

"Only almost?" Christian pouted.

"Well..." I said. "I just wish you wouldn't fuck her at all ... Ummm there!"

"Ah yeah, Kelly ... There," he agreed and he was all the way inside me, grinding more than fucking. He rolled his hips and worked his swollen cockhead against my prostate nicely.

"Mmm hmmm ... Oh! Fuck me nice ... Slow, like that."

"Get up a little," he suggested. "Get on your hands and knees."

"Yeah," I whispered, knowing he wanted to play with my cock while he fucked me.

Christian reached around my right hip and found my soft penis. I was never hard while we made love, not without some help, but I would be soon enough. The birth control pills kind of put a damper on some of my urgency, but not much. I was just sixteen anyway, so my body pumped out the testosterone and whatever else boys make like crazy.

I was just lucky I didn't have a hairy body or anything. As it was I only shaved like once a week and that was plenty. I didn't get any hair on my legs or face and just a little under my arms, my pubic hair liked to grow fast though and that's where I shaved. I loved being smooth all over, especially between my thighs, and Christian didn't mind it at all. He thought I was pretty sexy like that.

"You're so wet, baby!" Christian chuckled as he found my cock leaking precum like crazy.

"Make it hard for me!" I gasped happily as Christian pulled the foreskin back and rubbed the sensitive head of my penis with his thumb.

"I will," he promised.

He fucked me slowly, but real steady too; in and out while massaging my cock in time with his thrusts. After a minute, if even that, I'd grown long and stiff in Christian's gentle fist. My girlish penis had swollen to its full five inches and that seemed so small compared to his. I'd felt a little self-conscious about that the first time Christian had undressed me and it had been even smaller then.

He'd told me it was beautiful like the rest of me, a pretty cock for a pretty girl, and then Christian had shown me just how much he liked it by giving me head for about an hour. I'd cum three times before he was done and then he'd taken me home without even showing me his. That had been on our fourth date and I'd been so in love that it hurt sometimes. I'd practically begged Christian to take my cherry and that hadn't hurt at all, or if it did, I couldn't remember it. And if it was weird, a twenty-four year old married man dating a fourteen year old transsexual-in-the-making, it felt perfect for us. Christian was my first and only boyfriend and I'd never want another.

"Oh! Keep doing that and I'm going to cum!" I warned him and Christian just laughed.

"I want you to cum on me," he said. "Let's do ... this..."

"Now I know why we have sex all the time," I giggled as he pushed and pulled me around.

"Why?" Christian asked, lying on his back now as I straddled his cock, guiding him back into my horny boy pussy.

"Cause you're too cheap to buy a Twister game," I said and then groaned as I lowered myself back down.

I took every inch until I sat flush against his body. Christian's wiry pubic hair tickled my balls as they rested beneath my hard cock. I reached behind me, putting my hands on his muscular thighs and started riding his dick slowly, arching my back as Christian took my penis in his hand and started jerking me off. We'd made love like this more than a lot and it was a really good way to do it.

"You told me you don't like games," Christian said. "Otherwise..."

"You'd buy it?" I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Sure," he agreed. "Anything you want, Kelly."

"I wish!"

"I wish I had a camera."

"What?" I pushed myself all the way down again, wincing slightly, but not with anything but pleasure.

"I want to see us fucking," Christian said. "I bet we look good together."

"Like I don't have enough to worry about?" I rolled my eyes. "That would be all I need."


"Pictures of me on the internet or something," I panted. "One of those post-your-girlfriend-naked sites."

I had a hard time getting the words out and Christian just grinned at me. My cock was throbbing now and soaked with the precum he spread along the shaft. The foreskin made a wet snapping sort of sound as it covered and then exposed the glans, like the louder slap of my ass as I pushed myself down harder and faster, riding his erection eagerly as the pleasure mounted for both of us.

"Are you close?" Christian breathed and I nodded, swallowing thickly and any second I was going to lose it. "Cum for me, baby. Shoot your cum all over me, Kell ... I want to see you cum..."

"Ohhh ah!" I shut my eyes tightly, slamming my ass down on that long fat prick and grinding like crazy.

"Fuck yeah! Shoot it, girl!" Christian kept stroking my penis, keeping his fingers tight around it as I began to cum.

Sperm flew out the tip in rapid spurts, the first reaching his chest and the rest weaker, but it was a lot anyway. We hadn't seen each other in a long three days. My whitish orgasm stained Christian's flushed skin with streaks and blobs of semen, and a lot of it eventually spilled across his fingers and into the nest of black hair pubic beneath me. He pressed my cock down, rubbing it wetly against his skin, smearing my cum around so he could wear it while we fucked.

"Here, baby ... Fuck, your tits are bigger." Christian smiled as he brought his cum covered fingers to my small breasts, rubbing my sperm over my nipples.

"Uh-huh." I licked my lips, still feeling all hot and fuzzy from my orgasm.

"Fuck me good now, I want to cum too," he said, holding my hips and urging me to ride him hard again.

My cock had softened, slapping his belly while we made love, and soon Christian had pulled me close, wanting to kiss me as my spermy tits rubbed his chest. I opened my mouth for his tongue and his hands went to my ass, lifting me slightly and then pulling me back down as he thrust upward, really driving his cock inside me hard. I loved the way Christian tongue fucked me while his cock plundered my asshole relentlessly and it wasn't going to take him long. After only a few moments I felt his arms encircling my back, pulling me tightly to his body while his cock jerked inside me.

I squeezed my butt around him, massaging his spasming prick with my rectum, which hadn't been a hard trick to learn at all. I loved milking his balls, as I liked to think of it, and Christian filled me with his creamy seed. Our kisses grew languid then, lazy and soft as we caught our breath in each other's arms. I'd never felt so happy as I did then, I thought. He was going to leave his wife and move in with me. I'd be free and with someone who loved and understood me completely. We could even get married maybe, if the world ever came to its senses. Wouldn't that be nice, I wondered, to be a wife and we could adopt children and...

I fell asleep in Christian's arms with his cock still hard inside me.

"Your radio's still broke," I said the next afternoon, pushing the scan button and hearing nothing.

"Stupid radio," Christian said. He climbed into the car for the drive back to Los Angeles and I wasn't looking forward to going home.

We came down out of the mountains and onto the main road. A small town sat there, just a gas station and a bar, a few houses maybe, and not much else. Christian needed to get gas so he pulled into the service station, a Texaco, and as soon as we'd rolled to a stop near the pumps a man started yelling at us.

"Get the hell out of here!" he shouted, holding a shotgun and pointing it at us, which about made my heart stop.

"What?" Christian stared at him and then we took off, that little Corvette of his spitting gravel and then squealing on the asphalt.

"What was that?" I swallowed hard, looking behind us and Christian was looking too.

"I dunno," he said. "Shit."

It took me a few minutes to get calmed down. I'd never seen a real gun before, much less had one pointed at me. I licked my lips and leaned over, looking at the gas gauge and wondering if a quarter of a tank was a lot or a little. I didn't even have a driver's license yet.

"Have we got enough gas?" I asked Christian and he shrugged.

"No," he said. "We need to get some. There's another town about ten miles up the road."

"I hope they're friendly."

"Yeah," Christian agreed. "Me too."

The next town, at another junction where the county road met an old interstate highway, was crazy. It looked like rush hour in Long Beach or something, with cars everywhere and trucks too. They were in both lanes, but all going east away from Los Angeles; nobody seemed to be going west. We heard a lot of honking and yelling. People were running around the gas station there, stealing stuff it looked like. We were about a quarter mile away probably, up on a rise overlooking it, and I didn't want to go down there at all.

"Christian," I said softly. "I'm scared."

"Me too," Christian nodded. "I don't know what's going on, but..."

"Hey! Give us a ride! Hey!"

"Stop! We need a ride!"

Some voices interrupted him and we both looked as a couple guys were running up the road towards us, yelling and holding up their hands like telling us to stop. We were already stopped though and Christian and I were both kind of frozen, I think, trying to understand. Then I knew I didn't want anyone running up to the car and I reached for Christian's leg at the same time as he gunned the engine and popped the clutch, making a real sharp and fast U-turn away from those two guys.

"What do you think they wanted?" I asked, feeling like I wanted to cry and not knowing why. I was so scared I could hardly breathe.

"Probably the car," Christian almost laughed, but it wasn't funny and we both knew it.

"Where are we going?"

"We gotta get gas, Kell." Christian looked at me.

"But he had a gun!"

"The guy won't shoot us," he said and I wanted to believe it. "He won't shoot us for no reason."

"What if he does?" I asked. "What if he knows the reason and we don't?"

"What? Uh ... Shit, I dunno. Okay?" He set his jaw and I could see him trying to think.

"I wanna go home," I said. "Take me home, Christian."

"I will," he promised. "We gotta get gas and find out what's going on first."

I wanted to say more, but there wasn't anything else to say. I just sat there and the sun had started going down already. We didn't have any food left. I didn't even have any clothes except what I wore. I had about thirteen dollars in my purse and I didn't know what Christian had, probably credit cards mostly. What if credit cards didn't work anymore?

"What if the radio's not broke?" I asked suddenly.


"Like, what if there's no more radio cause..." I narrowed my eyes, trying to think, " ... there's no more radio stations?"

"What?" Christian shook his head. "We were in LA yesterday, remember? The radio stations were there and the radio didn't work."

"Yeah," I frowned, "but what if they weren't? Or if they were like broken somehow and then..."

"Kell ... Kelly, relax."

"I can't," I said, feeling my eyes getting wet.

"There it is," Christian said a few minutes later.

He drove slowly, pulling into the gas station again, and I wiped at my cheeks and eyes. I wasn't totally losing it, but I was going to if I didn't find out what was going on. The world wasn't supposed to be like this.

"Get outta here!" the man shouted from the open door this time and still held his shotgun.

"Don't shoot!" Christian yelled back. "We just want some gas!"

"Ain't no gas," the man said loudly, but at least he wasn't yelling. "Ain't no electricity."

"What?" Christian raised his hands off the steering wheel, letting the man see them while I peered around him. "What's going on?"

"You better get out of here now," the man with gun said. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Please, hold on. Just ... Just tell us. Please?" Christian asked and then grabbed my arm, giving me a little jerk. "Look, I've got my girlfriend with me. She's pregnant."

I blinked at that, but I wasn't gonna say anything.

"Hmph." The guy didn't look too impressed, but then he cocked his head as if listening to someone else. "Just get out slow. The both of you."

"He's gonna shoot us!" I whispered, clutching Christian's arm. "I don't want to get out."

"I don't think he's going to shoot us, Kell," he said, but he didn't look too eager to get out either.

"Come on. If you want gas, we gotta pump it manual," the guy told us and he kinda jerked the barrel of his shotgun.

"You'll sell us some gas?" Christian asked and the guy nodded.

"Maybe, let me see ya first," the man said. "Be quick, it ain't gonna be too safe around here tonight."

"We gotta get gas," Christian told me. "You'll be okay, Kelly."

"I'm scared," I said needlessly. "I don't like this."

"Me neither, but we gotta do it."

We got out of the car slowly, holding our hands up like the man was arresting us. He was older, in his forties, I guess, maybe fifty, and looked like any other guy. Except for the gun.

"You're pregnant, huh?" He looked at me and I shook like a leaf and almost started crying again. "Okay, yeah. Sorry about this."

He looked genuinely sorry as we walked towards him and he pointed the shotgun down at the ground. I could see a woman about his age standing just inside the store. She looked nearly as frightened as I felt, but a little concerned too as she looked at me. I guessed she probably had her own kids someplace and was thinking about them; maybe she had a girl like me.

"What's going on?" Christian asked and we stopped maybe ten feet away. "We got down to the interstate and it was crazy."

"Gonna be crazy here too, soon as somebody looks at a map," the man said. "Only good thing is this road don't go hardly anywhere anyway."

"I just want to go home," I said in a small voice.

"Get your car, bring it around the back way, there's a hand pump we can use." The guy looked at me. "Where's your home at?"

"In LA," I told him. "Out by Studio City."

"Hmph," the man looked over his shoulder at his wife.

"What?" I asked him.

"There ain't no Los Angeles anymore," he said. "It's all gone, least that's what I heard."

"What?" I felt dizzy.

"Highway Patrol came through about two hours ago," the guy said. "Been telling everybody to stock up and hide."

"Hide?" I stared at him, thinking he must be joking. This was all a dream.

"From the aliens." The man nodded and turned around, already walking around towards the back of the station while Christian had gotten back in the car. I couldn't tell if he believe the man or not.

"Come in here and sit down," the woman said. "I'll get you something to drink."

It was too late for that though because I just collapsed mostly, landing on my butt on the gravel. Aliens? There aren't any aliens, everybody knows that. Los Angeles is fine. My parents are fine. Everything is fine. So why was I sitting in the dirt feeling like I wanted to throw up?

"Here now. Come on," she said gently as she pulled me to my unsteady feet. "We don't know what's going on. There's no radio or television since yesterday, the electricity went off last night. Nobody knows, so we'll just sit down..."

She seemed to be speaking to herself as much as to me, I realized, and trying to reassure both of us at once. I found myself sitting on a stool in the little store they had there, leaning heavily on the glass countertop. I put my head on my crossed arms while she put a can of Seven-Up in front of me.

"That might settle your stomach," she said and I wondered why my stomach would be upset. "I had three babies, got sick with every one of them too."

She was thinking about her children and I shook my head.

"I'm not pregnant," I told her. "My boyfriend just said that cause we need gas."


"Sorry," I sighed, wondering if I could still have the soda, but I wasn't thirsty anyway. Just really scared and confused.

"Don't have to be sorry about that." She smiled bravely. "You look a little young for it anyway."

"Yeah." I tried to smile back and decided to drink some just for good manners. "You think it's really gone?"

"I don't know." She closed her eyes for a second. "I hope not."

"Me too."

"Do you have someplace else to go?"

"No," I said. "I don't think so. My mom and dad are there."

"My kids," she said with a nod. "My oldest just had a little girl a couple months ago. Ruby Ann. Named her after me."

"That's a nice name. Ruby."

"Silly kids." She smiled again. "Anyway, they're okay."

"Yeah," I agreed, drinking some Seven-Up. "They're okay."

We sat for awhile, I don't know how long, before Christian and the other man came in through the back door. Christian looked a little red faced and sweaty, not smiling neither.

"You ready to go, Kelly?" he asked me and the woman started moving then.

"You take some food with you," Ruby said. "Some water too."

"Yeah, I guess so," I answered Christian, watching the woman as she started filling a paper bag, just grabbing some canned food and stuff like that.

"Get a flashlight, some of those batteries there," the man said, pointing at a rack nearby and Christian did as he was told. "Those people get up here, it's gonna be like locusts come through."

"Are you staying?" I asked him.

"That's our house back there." He nodded towards the back door. "When our kids come looking..."

"We have to stay," Ruby agreed as she handed me the bag.

"We're gonna go up Lake Road for the night," Christian told them. "We got a cabin up there, if you need some help or anything..."

"Thanks," the man said. "You just lock the door and keep a close eye on your girl. All the crazies will be out, you know that."

"Crazies?" I swallowed hard.

"Ed!" Ruby frowned at him. "She ain't scared enough yet?"

"Sorry." The man dropped his chin and gave me a little look. "I just mean, you gotta be careful now. It ain't gonna bring out the best in folks."

"Yeah, we got that figured out," Christian said. "Thanks for the gas and..."

"Right, well, if it's all a big joke, you come back and we'll settle your bill." Ed chuckled ruefully. "Take care of yourselves."

"You too." Christian fumbled with the flashlight as the man offered his hand.

"They're okay," I whispered as Ruby gave me a little hug, but she didn't say anything, just nodded.

I felt both happy and frightened to be away from that place and I found myself worrying that Ruby and her husband might be in danger. Whatever was going on, Ed clearly expected a lot of trouble from other people. Some of them anyway and I guess we'd seen a bit of that at the interstate, but bad things brought out the best in some people too and I hoped the man and his wife would be okay.

The not knowing was the worst part. I'd grown up with the television always on. If anything was happening anywhere, I knew about it and I'd never cared. Now I couldn't find out anything and I'd never felt so frustrated by anything in my life.

"We shouldn't have come up here," I decided. "We shoulda gone to the beach."

"Well, we didn't." Christian looked at me.

"It's your fault."

"My fault? Kelly, no. Come on."

"I shoulda been home!" I was crying again and this time for real because we were going completely the wrong direction.

"Shhh..." Christian reached for me, but I jerked away.

"What did you bring me up here for?" I asked him. "God! What if my mom and dad are hurt or something? What if they need me?"

"They'd want you to be safe," Christian said quietly. "They'd be happy you're here. If anything happened to LA, they'd want you to be here."

"I told my mom I was dead," I said, wiping my eyes and blinking. "It's the last thing I told her when I left."

"Kelly..." Christian sighed and rubbed my leg.

I didn't say anything else and we rode back up to the cabin in silence. There wasn't any electricity there anyway, which was why we hadn't known anything about anything. There were candles though and we had the fireplace. Christian used the axe to chop some wood while I rocked myself on the porch and watched the sun set. We ate some baked beans and crackers from the bag Ruby had given us and it wasn't much of a dinner.

"Where are we going to go?" I asked Christian, lying by the fire and curled up in his arms.

"I don't know," he admitted. "We can't stay here though. We don't have any food."


"Tomorrow morning I'll look at the map, see what's around here."

"You think there's really aliens?" I asked him. "You think they blew up Los Angeles?"

"No." Christian pulled me a little tighter, pressing his face against my hair. "I think something happened though. Earthquake maybe, something like that."

"I didn't hear anything last night," I said. "I didn't feel anything."

"Yeah. Probably it's just a joke or something," Christian said, but I didn't think he believed it.

"What if it is aliens?" I wondered. "You think we can beat them?"

"Kelly." He gave me a frustrated laugh. "I don't know. We always win in the movies, right?"

"In our movies," I sighed. "But what about their movies?"

"Okay." Christian took a breath. "Let's say there's aliens and they blew up LA and New York and the President. We can't do anything about it, right?"

"Don't say that stuff."

"That's what you're saying," he told me. "It doesn't help does it?"

"Don't have to get mad," I pouted.

"I'm not mad, Kell. I'm just scared. Like you, okay? I love you."


"You're okay?" Christian rubbed my back, kissing me gently and it felt good being touched. Not in a sexy way, but in a comforting way.

"I said I am." I looked up at him. "I just wish I had some clothes."


"Seriously!" I smiled, trying real hard to lighten up. "Disaster strikes and all I'm wearing is a yellow bikini?"

"Yeah." Christian laughed. "That's pretty cool."

"You think so, huh?" I giggled. "God! If I lose my shorts I won't even have pockets."

"So you gotta stay with me. I'm the pocket guy."

"Yeah?" I bit my lip. "What's in this pocket?"

"Ohhh ... Careful, baby!"

"So that's where the flashlight went." I giggled, unzipping his jeans. "I hope it's got fresh batteries."

"What got you in a mood all of a sudden?" Christian wondered and I shrugged.

"I just want to forget for awhile, alright?" I looked into his eyes by the light of the fire. "Can you make me forget?"

"Yeah." My boyfriend kissed my lips softly. "I can do that, Kelly."

"You're thinking about her, huh?" I'd been awake for about half an hour, pretending to be asleep while I watched Christian.

"Good morning." He turned his head from the window where he'd been sitting. "Sleep okay?"

"It's alright. I understand."

"I'm boiling water on the fire." He pushed himself up. "It's probably hot already."

Of course he'd be thinking about his wife; they'd been married for five years. He still loved her a little, I knew that. He always would. I stretched, standing there naked and Christian smiled at my morning erection, which I only got sometimes after I started taking the pills and usually only if I really needed to pee. I looked around for my bikini, but decided I didn't need it. I was just going to pee off the porch anyway.

"Do you want coffee or cocoa?" Christian asked me, watching my butt wiggle as I kind of shivered on my way to the door. The air felt colder than I'd expected.

"We got cocoa?" I grinned at him over my shoulder, hugging myself. "I want that."

"Okay. Twinkies or, um ... Ho-Ho's?"

"Heh!" I opened the door and stepped outside. "I can't make a decision like that on a full bladder."

I went to the end of the porch, standing tip-toe and putting my dick over the railing, which had to be at exactly the wrong height. I had to stand tip-toe, but that made it hard to relax. So I sort of bent my knees to get under it, but that wasn't comfortable either and my penis was hard as a rock. So I stroked it a little, just because that felt good, and walked back to the steps and onto the amazingly cold grass which had to be wet with dew, of course. Like I didn't have enough problems.

"How hard is it to pee?" I wondered, looking up as if God would cut me a little slack already.

And then something flew over the cabin. It wasn't a flying saucer, although I didn't get a real good look at it, and it wasn't an airplane, I knew that. It hummed like an insect, a mosquito in my ear, except bigger somehow. It moved fast too; there and gone even as I tried to understand what I'd seen. About three seconds later two jets flew over, definitely jets, and they were just a couple blurs and I didn't hear them at all until there followed a loud crash of thunder. A sonic boom that made the cabin shake, I hoped, or else somebody had blown something up and that would be bad.

"What was that?" Christian came outside quickly and I'd forgotten about peeing, I just stood there holding my softening dick.

"I saw the aliens!" I said. "Over there. They're fighting."


"Some jets were chasing it."

"Really?" He kind of blinked at that. "What did they look like?"

"I don't know," I shrugged.

"Let's go inside, I made your cocoa." Christian was looking up too, but there wasn't anything to see but blue sky through the tree tops.

"We're fighting them!" I felt almost happy as I drank hot chocolate and ate a Twinkie slowly. "The air force was chasing one of them. I hope they shot it down."

"Sounds like a movie," Christian said, sipping coffee and looking at a map. We were sitting close to each other on the floor.

"Yeah." I frowned. "You think they got shields and stuff?"

"Shields? No, not if it was trying to get away."

"Yeah." I smiled. "It was definitely running away. Maybe we're winning. Stupid aliens."

"Huh?" He looked at me and sometimes Christian forgot I'd only just turned sixteen. I forgot too sometimes. "Well, we can go north, stay on this road out here and get to Bakersfield eventually. That isn't too far."


"Just on the other side of the mountains."

"And then what?" I wondered.

"And then we'll find out what's going on maybe," he said. "Bakersfield is kinda big anyway."

"I've never been there." I took another bite of my Twinkie.

"Me neither." Christian shrugged. "But I don't think we want to go the other way yet."

"I shoulda asked Ruby if I could borrow some clothes."

"It's gonna be hot anyway," he said with a chuckle, eyeing my puffy nipples as I sat there and they were dark now, swollen with love bites from the night before.

"Maybe I'll just go topless," I teased him, pinching my right nipple and pulling it outward.

"I dare ya!" Christian picked up my half-eaten Twinkie and rubbed some of the cream filling on my left nipple.

"Hey!" I giggled and then he leaned over, taking my tittie into his mouth and sucking it hard. He washed the sugary filling away with his tongue while I stroked his thick black hair.

"Mmmm ... That's a good breakfast."

"I got a Twinkie for you," I said softly. "If you really want it."

"You are a twinkie," Christian sighed.

"Be nice!" I laughed and pushed his head down because my girl cock had gotten hard again, straining for attention, and maybe it was just stress or something.

"Give me some of that cream filling," he whispered just before enveloping my erection entirely in his hot, wet mouth.

That's the nice thing about having a rather smallish and pretty penis, my boyfriend could get all of it into his mouth easily. I just fell back onto the sheepskins, letting Christian make me feel good. He wasn't really gay, I didn't think, neither of us were. He just loved my cock because it was a part of me and I was a girl in my head. A girl in my heart.

"Ohhh my balls, yeah..." I sighed softly, feeling my cock slide over his rough, unshaven face like it was sandpaper.

It tickled and made me shiver, but that could have been his tongue rolling my smallish testes in his mouth. He took my whole sack inside, sucking my scrotum and balls gently. Christian's hands moved along my spread thighs and over my flat tummy all the while too. He was really good at that stuff and I bit my bottom lip and moaned, lifting my butt off the floor.

"Hmmm..." Christian moved back to my penis and then he just started blowing me, sliding his tight lips up and down the pink shaft.

His tongue worked along the underside and around the sensitive head as the foreskin peeled back. I held Christian's head in my hands, humping his mouth, fucking him faster and faster until I thought I was going to die. My balls tightened as I started cumming hard, my cock spurting into his hungry mouth. He swallowed quickly, taking all of my cock and holding me there with his hands under my clenched ass. He didn't spill a drop either.

"Ahhh fuck!" I gasped and my heart was pounding.

That hadn't taken us very long at all, only three minutes maybe, and I wished I could have lasted longer, but I never did. Christian made me feel so good and I'd forgotten everything else for that short time. There was just me and my boyfriend and his sweet sucking mouth on my throbbing penis, and the world should have been like that always.

Christian cleaned me slowly, gathering the remains of my orgasm, washing my softening cock and balls clean until he lifted his smiling face. My spent penis fell onto my tummy with a wet plop. He slid up my body and kissed me, letting me lick his mouth and taste myself there. It was nice, a good way to come down after a really intense orgasm and I loved him so much. I wrapped my legs around him, feeling Christian's swollen cock through his boxers and my asshole still felt greasy from the night before. I hadn't washed myself yet.

"Is this wrong?" I asked him, feeling Christian working to free his erection and bring it to my hot little hole.

"No." Christian shook his head.

"I feel..." I sighed, " ... guilty. Doing this when everybody else might be..."

"Shhh..." Christian kissed me. "It's okay, Kelly. We don't have to cry all the time."

"I know." I nodded. "But ... I don't know."


Christian pushed into my ass slowly and I was a little sore down there, a little stiff maybe and it felt like a weak cramp at first, but then he slipped inside me and it was okay. We made love again and maybe that's what we needed, more than just what we wanted.

"Get your legs up, baby," Christian whispered. "I want to feel you all the way inside."

"You are all the way inside!" I giggled, but I knew what he meant.

I soon had my knees over his shoulders and that way Christian could get as deep as possible, so far inside that his cockhead hit bottom everytime. It felt so good that it almost hurt like that. His big dick finding something soft and sensitive, the pillow of pleasure deep in my ass. I gasped happily and clutched him against my body, breathlessly begging for more. He had me pinned down and helpless, a sensation I always enjoyed. My man was taking me like a real woman and that made me feel special.

We stared into each other's eyes while we fucked and I knew Christian wasn't thinking of anyone or anything but me. Not like when he fucked his wife. He was mine. Christian belonged to me and I was wrapped around his manhood, urging him with every gasp and groan to fill me with his thick sperm. He was going to make me cum too. Not a real orgasm with my penis, but something else, something distinctly female and uniquely mine maybe. Just an overwhelming pleasure that stole my senses completely, leaving me hot and dizzy and crying softly beneath him.

When Christian came he kissed my eyes, thrusting his cock hard inside me even while he ejaculated into my body. It seemed beautiful and violent and tender all at once. His semen filled my ass and I squeezed his cock hard with my soft muscles, milking his balls for every drop; milking eternity for every second. I wanted all of him inside me and forever.

"This is weird," I decided, looking left and right as we sat on an overpass above the highway.

"Yeah." Christian nodded left, towards the north. "Bakersfield is that way, about fifteen miles maybe."

"There's no cars or trucks or anything."

"I know."

"You think they blew up Bakersfield too?" I asked and Christian just shook his head.

"I don't know, baby."

"I'd better put my top on," I said, like that would make me feel better somehow.

The highway looked deserted. There weren't even abandoned cars, or burned up ones or anything. There weren't any at all and this was a big highway, two lanes going north and south with a big grassy median between them. I don't think I'd ever seen a totally empty highway before and it scared me simply because it seemed so very odd.

"What's that?" I wondered, looking straight ahead at some flashing lights in the distance. "An accident or something?"

"I don't think so," Christian said slowly.

"That's the army!" I leaned forward, "Look! There's soldiers and everything!"


We were driving slowly and we'd come to a roadblock. As we got closer, there were a lot of cars pulled over onto the shoulder or nosed into the ditches. A couple empty fields nearby were filled with like a thousand cars, just sitting there with the sun reflecting off the windows. On the road there were sandbags piled up with barbed wire and a tank looking thing, except it didn't have a really big gun, just a smaller one, but it still looked dangerous. Some tents were there too and a big sign that said "STOP!" So that's what we did, especially since some of the soldiers were pointing guns at us.

"We're not in trouble, are we?" I asked, feeling excited and happy to see soldiers, but scared too. Everything scared me now it seemed like.

"I don't know, Kelly." Christian turned off the engine as about six uniformed soldiers came towards us.

"Get out of the vehicle," a man shouted, an officer maybe, except they all looked the same. They were all green.

"We'd better do what they say," Christian told me and I nodded, opening my door and grabbing my purse.

"Hi," Christian offered, because what else do you say in a situation like that?

"Are you armed?" the soldier asked, coming closer now while his men watched us. They were looking down the long barrels of their rifles and I didn't like that.

"No. We don't have any guns or anything," Christian replied and I shook my head, moving to stand next to my boyfriend.

"There's a curfew in effect. Do you know about that?" the soldier asked and a couple of his men came closer and one of them pulled me away from Christian.

"We don't know anything," I said and the soldier checked my shorts, just patting me with his hands since all I had on was my bikini underneath my cutoffs.

"No. We just came out of the mountains, up near Weather Springs," Christian explained and a soldier started frisking him too.

"There's martial law now," the soldier said as his men stepped back, telling him we were unarmed. "You live around here?"

"We live in Los Angeles," Christian said.

"Is it still there?" I asked, looking at the man and he seemed pretty young to me. His soldiers were even younger too, but they were relaxed now and not pointing their guns at us anymore.

"LA?" The officer looked at me. "No. It's gone."

"What?" I blinked at him, because I'd really been expecting him to say yeah, it's still there. Everything's just fine.

But it wasn't and I threw up then, everything just coming up all at once as I bent over, retching and shaking. My eyes were wet and the soldier closest to me stepped back while Christian moved to hold me.

"The aliens blew it up. Like in the movies, you know?" a soldier said, the one who'd checked Christian. "A lot of other places too."

"Why?" Christian asked them and the soldiers didn't know.

"You'll be resettled," the officer said. "Just leave your car."

"Resettled?" I spit on the ground and wiped my mouth, and my stomach hurt so bad I could barely stand up straight.

"It's mostly done now," one of the soldiers said. "Come on. We've got a humvee over there."

"What's done?" Christian asked, putting his arm around my waist. We were both in shock as much as anything else, kind of numb and just doing whatever they told us to.

"The war," the officer replied, walking slowly with us.

"We beat them?" I blinked at the man and that almost made me feel better, except mostly I thought about my parents and I was gonna be sick again.

"No." He shook his head. "We surrendered this morning."

"What?" Christian stopped walking and I pretty much fainted about then.

"Hey, drink this." Christian poured some tepid water onto my lips from a plastic bottle.

"What happened?" I said after a weak swallow and I looked around.

I was lying on a hardwood floor with my head in Christian's lap as he leaned against a wall. We were in a gymnasium apparently, like at my high school, with basketball hoops and folding bleachers and all that. There were a lot of people in there too, but it was quiet except for a crying baby. Some kids were playing jacks or something in a far corner. A few people coughed.

"You passed out," Christian said, stroking the hair out of my eyes.

"He said we surrendered."

"Yeah." He nodded. "That's what they're saying. The whole planet surrendered or something."

"I want my mom." I closed my eyes.

"I know, baby." Christian held me and I was crying.

"If your last name begins with H, I, J, or K..." a loud voice filled the gym, a soldier with a black megaphone, " ... form a line right here and you will be processed."

"What does that mean?" I looked up into Christian's brown eyes.

"I don't know," he said with a shrug.

"Do I have to go?" I wondered.

"No, stay with me."

"But my last name is Jenner," I reminded him. "What if I get in trouble?"

"They took our names," Christian whispered. "You didn't have any ID so I told them you're my wife. You're Kelly Michaels now, okay?"

"We're married?" I blinked at him and Christian gave me a small smile.

"We gotta stay together, right?"

"Yeah, you can't leave me," I agreed.

"Then we're married."

"Okay," I said and that actually made me feel good. "But what if they find out I'm a boy?"

"We'll say we got married in San Francisco." Christian grinned and that made me giggle.

"I always wanted to marry you," I sighed. "But not like this."

"I know." He dropped his head to kiss my lips softly. "Just don't forget, okay?"

"I won't," I promised, saying my new name in my head.

Kelly Michaels. It sounded nice and I'd practiced saying it before, so many times alone in my bed at night. I felt happy, a small part of me. Christian wasn't going to lose me. He was going to keep me safe. I felt unhappy too though, thinking about my parents and how my dad had hated me. How Mom had fought with me, trying to change me all the time, and none of us understanding why it had to be like that. I loved them and missed them. I tried to remember the last time I'd told my mom and dad I loved them and I couldn't.

That made me cry again and Christian knew I had to.

There were small knots of people, men mostly, but women too, standing around or sitting and talking. Christian didn't want to leave me, but he wanted to try and find out what was going on. He wanted to see if anyone knew anything and so I let him go, promising I'd be okay so long as I could still see him. I felt kind of bad, being weak like I was and crying all the time. I didn't want Christian to have to baby sit me, so I nodded and gave him a little push, telling him to find something out so we'd know more than we did.

There was food there. Some soldiers brought in McDonalds, of all things. I wasn't hungry though and the rich sweet smell filled the air. Ever notice that? How sweet McDonalds smells? I never paid attention to it before, but after that I'd never forget. Nobody seemed to be eating very much, except for the kids. They'd brought Happy Meals too, the soldiers, and so there were little windup Hamburglars walking around. Clowns in racecars zooming across the floor and bumping into people's legs, and that seemed sort of funny for some reason.

"Well..." Christian returned a short time later and sat down beside me. "Some guys were saying the aliens blew up just a few places, the biggest cities, like LA and New York."

"Why?" I asked him and he shrugged.

"Just to make a point, I guess," he said with a shrug. "One guy thought maybe they just wanted to cripple us. You know, make us more worried about surviving than fighting. I don't know."

"So they're not gonna kill everybody?" I swallowed hard because that's sort of what I thought they were doing.

"I don't think so. Some guy, this professor or something, he said the aliens probably need people."

"Need us for what?"

"Well, they didn't come here for no reason, right?" Christian looked at me and I didn't know. "They're not here just because they're evil. They want something. Resources, like oil maybe or iron, food, who knows?"

"So..." I narrowed my eyes. "What? They're like gonna make slaves out of everybody?"

"Maybe," Christian sighed. "Nobody knows much more than we do, it's all guessing."

"I hate guessing." I frowned, curling up against him.

"Me too, Kell. Do you want to eat something?"


"You should eat. I'll get you something; we don't know what's gonna happen."

I did eat a little bit of a quarter pounder, but it was hard. My tummy felt all knotted up and Christian didn't eat a whole lot himself. We didn't say much either. Mostly we just sat there looking at all the other people. They were all from Los Angeles too it seemed like, displaced persons now, without a home or families. We were all sad and it was depressing just being there.

"Can I have your attention please? If your name ends in L, M, or N..." the soldier with the megaphone had come back, " ... please form a line here by the doors and we'll get you processed. No questions please. Just L, M, and N's now."

"That's us, right?" I looked at Christian and he nodded.

"You ready?"

"I'm scared." I tried to smile.

"It'll be okay, maybe we can find out something," he said, standing slowly and then helping me to my feet.

There were about sixty of us, I guess, forming a long line and we really were in a school. We walked down a hallway, shuffling quietly past finger paintings and little drinking fountains, and that made it worse. Then we had to wait before going into one of the four classrooms the army had decided to use. Some people went in one at a time, the people by themselves, but families went into a room together and I was relieved by that.

"Next..." A soldier came for us and Christian held my hand. "Names?"

"Uh, Christian and Kelly Michaels."

The soldier had a clipboard and he found us on it. "Through here, please." He guided us into one of the classrooms.

There were two men in there, one an army officer and the other in civilian clothes, a rumpled suit and loose tie. They looked tired and bored, as I suppose they had to after doing this all day long. We sat in a couple folding chairs. The army guy asked for our names and he had his own list, checking us off with a pen after Christian told him.

"What happened..." I started asking and the officer just held up his hand.

"Look, everybody's got a million questions. All I know is aliens are here. They destroyed a number of large cities all over the world, including Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. The President surrendered and we're in the process of meeting their terms."

"Ow!" I looked down and the civilian guy had stabbed me with a needle while I'd been busy listening to the army guy.

"What are you doing?" Christian frowned as he rose up and the army guy waved him back down.

"DNA sampling," the civilian told us. "We have to get it from every single person. Hold out your arm please."

"Why?" I blinked at the officer, rubbing my arm and it had just been a prick really, not that bad.

"We don't know," he told us as Christian had his arm pricked as well. "The aliens want a catalogue of DNA from everyone on earth"

The needle they used, if you could call it that, looked more like a thick, silver ballpoint pen than anything else. The needle stabbed out and then retracted completely back inside, and I wondered if it was clean. It would suck to get AIDS or something on top of everything else that was going on. That seemed like kind of a crazy thought to have and mostly I felt overwhelmed by it all. DNA from about six billion people? What did that mean?

"You lived in Los Angeles? Do you have relatives anywhere else, other than New York or Chicago?" The soldier looked between us and we shook our heads. "Okay, we're going to relocate you to..."

"Don't we get a choice or something?" Christian wondered.

"One more..." The civilian held my other arm and pricked my skin again.

"Ow! What's that for?" I rubbed my arm and that one had hurt a little.

" ... Denver," the officer said, writing something down.

"It's a marker," the civilian told me, as if that explained anything. "It means the aliens have your DNA sample now and they can find you."

"What?" I stared at him, but he was busy doing Christian's shoulder and not looking at me at all. "They got my DNA already?"

"Look," the army guy spoke to Christian. "You have no money, no possessions, no nothing. There's available quarters in Denver and you'll get a voucher from the government to buy new clothes and food."

"I'm a television producer." Christian blinked at him. "What am I going to do in Denver?"

"Find a job, take care of your wife," the soldier said. "We have about two million people to relocate, okay? Plus we have to rebuild everything we lost. Nobody gets to pick and choose, understand? I'm sorry, but everyone's having a really bad day."

"Can I get my car?" Christian asked and that brought a wry smile.

"You couldn't afford the gas," the officer said.

"Why?" I wondered.

"The government is seizing all vital resources, like gas and oil," the civilian answered. "It'll be rationed while the country rebuilds. We can't depend on anyone else."

"What does that mean?" I looked at Christian and he just looked back at me.

All in all we were in there for less than fifteen minutes and I guessed they didn't really care about the details very much. They just wanted to get our DNA samples and assign us to a city. The government didn't really care who we were or what skills we had, but having two million people without homes was a lot, until I thought about how many people must have lived in those three cities. Two million wasn't very many people at all then and I wondered if he'd meant just Los Angeles survivors, or all of them put together.

We traveled by bus to the airport and found a green air force jet already waiting for us. A lot of people were going to Denver apparently. It wasn't really a passenger plane either. It had bench seats facing backwards and some air force guys were there to make sure we fastened our seatbelts and stuff. Some people were unhappy and complained loudly, but they were ignored mostly. There was a fight outside, but I didn't see who or ever find out why. I just heard the fighting and then some gun shots and that made me jump, so Christian held me close.

The shock was wearing off, I thought, and the people were starting to go a little crazy. Someone near us, the professor Christian had met before, tried to explain why the government was moving us so quickly and to a lot of different places, not just Denver. I didn't understand, but he sorta made sense. Dispersing the survivors, putting us in other cities, among people who weren't suffering so directly, it would help keep everything under control.

"These are dangerous times," the professor said softly, "and the government knows it."

"But the war's over," some man said.

"I'm not talking about aliens," the older man replied. "I'm talking about faith in the government, in us. All it would take is a little push and the whole thing would collapse."

"Why?" someone else wondered. "The rest of the country is fine."

"The national and global economies are in ruins," the professor said. "Our military was defeated. There's martial law, curfews, rationing ... The President has invoked the War Powers Act, making him a virtual dictator. People are frightened, they're confused and hurt. One false move and it'll be like toppling dominoes."

"He's scaring me," I whispered and I pressed my cheek against Christian's chest because I didn't want to hear anymore.

"How do you know?" a woman challenged the professor and he shrugged.

"I teach ... I used to teach ... social anthropology at UCLA," he said without humor. "This sort of thing, well, it's my specialty."

"Great. An expert," a guy muttered. "I was hoping you were a garbage man or something."

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