Doing Monica -- Right at the Desk
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Wimp Husband,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Monica works hard to achieve her goal and she finally manages to seduce Bill and get him to give her just what she's been wanting.

Monica and Bill had quickly slipped into a most intimate and most inappropriate relationship but neither of them wanted to stop it nor could they quit their hot lusty sex now that they'd started. For one thing, Bill found Monica totally erotic and she seemed to show no inhibitions around him at all. From the first time they'd met and she'd not only flounced around in front of him but also taken the bold chance of turning around, lifting the back of her suit jacket and showing him the strap of her thong, their race to the mutual heights of sexual involvement and abandon had been uncontrollable from that point on. Monica had been the hotter and lustier of the pair, but Bill was a basic lust-driven horndog and he was right there with her in realizing his own fantasies.

Monica enjoyed every single moment as she realized that she'd not only caught Bill's attention but she was proving very successful in her temptation of him and her apparent ability to get him to do more and more salacious things with her. Monica was very pretty, had very large breasts, but she was also packing a bit more weight than she should have been but then she'd always described herself as "a big girl." "Fuck'em," Monica thought, "if men didn't like the way she looked, she'd had several who thought she was totally hot and apparently Bill did, too.

One thing Monica was quite sure that Bill especially liked about her and that was the obvious fact that she was well endowed in the chest. There had been other women whose physical appearance and prettiness had attracted and caught Bill's attention but the sexiness of Monica's large full sexy breasts was enthralling for him. Monica's was very observant when she caught a man's attention, and she could easily tell that it was not only her pretty face and voluptuous figure that had snatched Bill's eye, but also her bodacious tits that had given him his first erection when he spotted her. Monica knew from that moment on that she had him essentially wrapped around her finger and she just needed to use the natural endowments she'd been given to work her wiles with him.

People unwisely thought Monica wasn't that smart, but she was actually quite intelligent and Monica knew what effect she had on men. That was the reason when she first knew she'd caught Bill's attention, she'd made the very bold move of lifting the jacket of her pants suit and showed him the strap of her thong. Monica knew that she wasn't just showing Bill what kind of underwear she was wearing, she'd just visually giving this gorgeous horny male the key to her hot lusty wet pussy. Bill certainly wasn't the first sexy man she'd used that ruse on and she knew he wouldn't be the last. Eventually, she and he would move on in their individual lives and she'd seduce and attract the sexual desires of other men with the same methods.

One thing Monica knew for sure when she pulled up the bottom of her jacket and made sure Bill saw her thong strap; she had him. She'd instantly seen the light of hot sexual desire and interest in his eyes that gave her the assurance that now it was just a matter of time and place as to when he would want to get his cock buried inside her and fuck her for all he was worth. She knew now that it was a certainty.

Now, Monica was lying on top of Bill's work desk, her skirt was roughly pushed up completely to her waist, her blouse was partially unbuttoned where Bill had been getting her undressed and getting his pleasure with her large full tits and now he'd gotten her in a position where he could actually fuck her. He'd pulled her thong off and her smoothly shaved hot wet cunt was bare and Bill had gotten his pants and his briefs down and his hard engorged cock was fully swollen and ready for action.

"Monica, you're so fucking hot, baby," Bill said as he wrapped his large hand around his hardon and was stroking it slowly back and forth, knowing he was letting Monica see the size, length, and girth of his cock and anticipating the moment when he would fully move in between her spread thighs, mount her and give her the fuck he'd been wanting with her for many months. Bill had wanted this moment for months, and now it was about to happen. He let himself go mentally as he already envisioned what it was going to be like to mount Monica and slide his hardon inside her and began to fuck her as hotly as he'd ever thought about doing it.

Bill was more than ready to fuck Monica for the first time. He reached down, spreading her thighs apart and watched as the lips of her horny aroused cunt spread apart, inviting him to put the swollen head of his cock there and fill her full with his big cock. He pulled her thighs even further apart, and then almost bent over and buried his face in her luscious hot young pussy. He fought the temptation and instead guided the head of his hardon to the lips of Monica's waiting cunt. When his cockhead touched the wetness of her swollen cunt lips, he heard Monica moan and move her hips forward to try to force him to mount her. She was so hot for him to finally fuck her that she could hardly wait. She'd fantasized about him doing her for months and she wanted him to fuck her and give her his cumload.

Bill kept the head of his cock at the mouth of Monica's hot tight pussy and then he held the full hard shaft of his cock as he bucked his hips forward, feeling the tight lips of her hot cunt readily allowing him to enter her. Bill's cock entered Monica at least an inch or so and he held his cock there as he reached over and took both of her ankles in his hands. Then, spreading her thighs even further apart, Bill looked straight into Monica's eyes and shoved his cock firmly into her waiting cunt as strongly as he'd ever fucked into any woman he'd been with.

"Fuck me, Bill, yes, fuck me, fuck me now, Bill," Monica moaned as she realized she was finally getting his hardon buried inside her pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me, baby," Monica moaned.

Bill didn't say anything but he kept his cock firmly in her pussy as he pulled outward until only the head of his cock remained inside her and then he began to power-fuck Monica. He knew he didn't have much time but he was going to leave her with his calling card this time. He moaned at the feeling of Monica's tight hot young cunt firmly taking his cock and he began to wham his entire cock inside her, smacking the head firmly against the mouth of her womb until he had her moaning in both the pleasure of having him fucking her but also in some sexual pain from how hard he was giving her this fuck.

Bill fucked Monica and she basically lay there underneath him, taking every inch of his hardon until he felt his balls starting to prepare for his cum and when he felt his ejaculation starting, he buried his cock firmly into Monica's cunt, and held himself tightly inside her as he simply moaned, "I'm cumming. I'm cumming right now, baby."

Monica moaned and she also began to cum as she felt the first strong spurt of his hot thick jism shooting deep within her. For a moment, she tried to remember if she'd taken her birth control pill or not, but inwardly she hoped she hadn't. Maybe she could get more out of Bill than he'd ever thought possible.

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