Dad's Old Army Budy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Father, Daughter, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Dad's Old Army Budy Comes to Town Daddy and I Will Show Him the Time of His Life.

I have known Dennis Miller almost all my life, he and my father were old army buddies back in the day. However, when daddy suggested that I treat his old army buddy, the idea was more then appealing.

I had just turned nineteen, and daddy and I had been fucking for well over a year. My mom and dad spilt up after she found daddy and me in bed together. Mom tried to except the fact that daddy loved young girls; she knew that he had fucked his share of young pussy over the twenty years that they had been together. However, it was different this time. This time it was a matter of incest and my mother could not deal with it.

My mother knew that I would never leave my father. I had just turned eighteen when my dad started touching me, I can still remember the first time he slipped his hand inside my panties. He had come into my room to kiss my good night, I was lying in bed and I was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of pink panties, daddy leaned over and kissed

me on my forehead when suddenly I felt a tug on the waistband. When I looked down I saw his hand caressing my small warm pussy for the first time.

"Hush baby girl, daddy is not going to hurt you, just relaxes and let daddy make you feel good." he said.

Nothing inside me told me that this was wrong; I know from the very start that the love that my father and I shared was very special. Daddy was right, what he was doing felt so dam good. After daddy came to my room the first time, we started playing our touching games, and about a month later is when daddy put his dick inside my pussy for the first time.

After mom left daddy, we had the house too ourselves. Most of the time we would run around naked, we would spend days making love, one of his favorite thing to do after a hard day at the office was to come home, throw me on the bed, spread my legs and eat my pussy.

One day dad gets a phone call from his old army body, Dennis Miller. He calls to say that he would be passing through our small town and that he wanted to drop in and see his old friend.

I had met Mr. Miller a few years back when he came into town, dad's army unit was having a reunion of some kind, and dad brought him by the house. I could not have been more the ten years old at the time. I remember him as being a big man, almost the same size as daddy.

The day that Mr. Miller showed up at our house daddy had just got home from work. He had a long day at the office. It was a hot summer day and daddy and I were sitting on the sofa watching the news. Our screen door was locked, however, the front door was open and you could see right into our living room.

Anyway, daddy had stuck his hand down my panties, and he had been fingering my pussy for a while. I had been so horny all that day, I was almost ready to jump the poor man and fuck him as soon as he walked in the door. We were just about naked, and he had just started to lick and play with my clit when we heard a knock on the screen door.

"HELLO IS ANYBODY HOME?" The big booming voices said.

It scared the shit out of both of us. Daddy quickly bulked up his pants and went to the door. I was still on the sofa waiting for daddy to come back and finish the job. I was sitting there with my bra and panties half off, and my legs open just waiting for daddy to come stick his hard dick inside me, when I heard, "Hey old buddy how ye doing?"

Oh my god, I only had enough time to grab the blanket that daddy and I always made love on, and wrap it around me. Just as I had covered myself daddy walks in with this big dumb looking son of a bitch, laughing and yakking it up. You really should have seen this fool when he saw me standing there with only a blanket covering me, his face almost hit the floor. Anyone with half a brain could tell what was going on.

"Well who is this beauty?"

"Dennis you remember my daughter, Christy."

"Dad" I said as I tried to hide my concern.

"Don't worry baby we can trust old Dennis." Dad said with a wink and a smile.

"Your daughter?" The man said with a smirk

Dad I think I will go to my room for awhile." I said, as I excused myself.

I went up to the bedroom that daddy and I had been sharing ever since mom moved out, leaving daddy and Mr. Miller alone to talk. I decided to take a shower while daddy entertained his guess. After taking a hot shower I laid on the bed hoping that Mr. Miller would soon be gone, and daddy and I could get back to some prime time fucking. I had come back into the living room where daddy and Mr. Miller had been drinking beer and talking.

I noticed the way they both looked at me as I passed through to go to the kitchen. After grabbing a soda I walked back into the living room when daddy asks me to come join him and Mr. Miller on the couch.

I sat between daddy and his old army buddy; of course daddy could not keep his hands to himself for very long. Grabbing a hand full of tits, daddy started to untie the white lace nightie that I had brought a few days ago.

I still didn't know what was going on, I was still worried about Mr. Miller knowing that daddy and I were lovers. However, I could tell by the look in his eyes that he hadn't any in days, and if he was anything like daddy I knew he was in need of a good wet pussy.

"Hay baby girl why don't you help me show old Dennis some real hospitality?" Daddy whispered in my ear, as he ran his hand between my legs.

I turned and gave daddy my wicked little sexy smile; I knew what he wanted all right. I stood up in front of Mr. Miller and a look of complete surprises came over his face, as I allowed the straps from my nightie to fall from my shoulders. Mr. Miller could not believe what he was seeing. Letting my nightie drop to the floor, the only thing left was the sexy black thong that daddy loved.

"Aw man I might have been wrong after all." Mr. Miller said as I saw his cock growing harder and harder.

"I told you man my, Christy has the hottest little body, and the best fucking pussy in town. Go on why don't you see for yourself?

I laid back on the sofa as daddy took a seat in his easy chair. I was still very horny, so I was more then willing to do as my daddy asked. Quickly discarding his clothes, Mr. Miller happily climbed between my open legs. My dad's old army buddy proved to be quite a lover that night. I loved the touch of his hands as they explored my body. He kissed every inch of my body, as my pussy begged for the attention it craved.

"Oh yes, yes, baby." I heard him yell, as he pumped my pussy harder and harder.

"You know about a year ago when I dropped in on old Dennis he gave me full access to his two lovely daughters."

Admit it man my girls gave you some of the best pussy you have had in awhile? Dennis said. As he continue to pound my little love hole

"I must say you are a lucky bester, you got those two sweet young things in your bed every night."

By now I had calmed down and I was beginning to enjoy the pleasure I was giving dad's old buddy, and from the look on his face I could tell that daddy really got turned on at the sight of me making love to another man.

Dennis must have fucked me close to an hour. Dennis was not as big as daddy; however he was a party good lover. As soon as Dennis got up off me, daddy would get right back on top of me again. The two-tag team fucked me for hours. I remember my pussy was so sore the next morning that I could barely get out of bed. Watch was just fine with daddy and his old army buddy.

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