Tomorrow, Idin Noah Book 2

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."- Hamlet - William Shakespeare

Everywhere and no where.

Two years ago.

Darkness, everywhere is darkness, darkness and pain, Elise thought as she tried to focus on what was going on. Her last memory was of the fire burning through her, having been shot by Idin's daughter, she could still feel the rounds burning through her being, yet it felt like an eternity ago.

Her mind had been roaming the darkness for countless eons now, all there was there was darkness and pain. That had become her existence, she was going mad trapped in her own thoughts, thoughts of revenge, thoughts of chances she had not taken, thoughts of regret.

She relived the moment of her death countless times, each time feeling the bullets tear into her and ignite her flesh, in the dark place she never got rest from her torment, surely this was hell.

"Elise." The voice echoed in the darkness.

She tried to speak but had no mouth to voice an answer, she began to panic in all the decades she was in the darkness she had never heard another voice.

"Elise it is time." The voice grew thunderous, and she got the sense of something drawing near her in the darkness.

Again she tried to form words but nothing came, she tried to flee but there was no where to flee to.

"Elise your time has come, you may speak now" The voice sounded as if a thousand people where all speaking the same thing at once.

"whose there? Where am I, whats going on?" Elise said frightened.

"You are in the pit Elise." The voice echoed through the darkness.

"The pit?" She said frightened.

"The abusso, the bottomless pit, you are dead." The voice said taking a chanting like cadence

"dead, yes I remember that, I have been here for hundreds of years." she said, it was odd speaking with out a body.

The voices, thats what they were voices, thousands of them all speaking at the same time, they all laughed at her.

"Elise you have only been here a few moments, time is not the same in the pit, we have brought you to the pit for a purpose." The voice chanted.

"Why? who are you?" she said.

"We brought you here to serve our master" The voice said.

If she had a body she would of shivered.

"Who is your master and who are you?." She said slowly.

"Who is our master you mean." the voice chanted in the darkness.

"no one is my master." Elise said bravely.

The voices all started to laugh at once, the sound caused her pain to double.

"Silly mortal, no one has ever turned us down." The voices said.

"Who are you?" She shrieked.

"We are legion for we are many and we serve Abaddon the destroyer, and now so shall you." The voices said.

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