Alone in a Country Town
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Petting, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Prostitution,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Set in the mid 1800's. Dawn is a sweet, stars in the eyes, kid from a religious family. She has always wanted to teach school and saw an add for a young female teacher to go to the lonely cattle town of Mill Creek to teach at the small one room school. On the way she falls into the hands of the evil school board member who is really an unscrupulous pimp. During a violent storm her life was overturned for ever.

Dawn was only 17years old but had wanted to teach school for most of her life, so when she saw the advertisement for a teacher in the remote hill town of Mill Creek she jumped at the opportunity to apply. Neither she, nor any of her friends or family new of the town that was deep in the hill country. However, it was an opportunity that couldn't be overlooked when opportunities were few. Dawn was even more delighted when she received a telegram that invite her to visit Bitter Springs to meet a member of the Mill Creek school board.

A week later she set out on the train journey that would change her life. Bitter Springs was just a whistle stop town with a general store, hotel and a few clap board houses. Its solitary reason to exist was to act as a hub for a number of farming and timber towns deep in the hills to the east. When Dawn arrived, fresh faced and enthusiastic, she was greeted at the station by a well groomed man in his early fifties. His suit was store bought but fitted well. His face was ruddy and he sported a pencil thin mustache on his top lip, he was otherwise clean shaven.

"Miss Purtil," he lifted his hat in greeting. When she inclined her head in acknowledgment he continued, "My name is Porter, Tom Porter. I own the Mill Creek general store."

"Mr Porter." Dawn lowered her eyes shyly as he took her arm.

"They serve lunch at the hotel and I have arranged for us to eat and have a chat. I'm sure you would also like to freshen up, I have reserved a room for you as well." They walked briskly along the dusty street toward the hotel in the full glare of the midday sun.

Upon finding the welcome cool of the hotel Dawn was escorted to the sparse hotel room. At the top of what could only generously be described as a functional staircase she washed and fixed her hair. Several minutes later she was in the small room adjacent to the lobby that served as a dining room. It had six tables. Each table seated four people and when full it would certainly be cramped. Dawn was nervous as she approached Mr Porter who rose to meet her. Playing the gentlemen he helped her chair and informed her that he had taken the liberty of ordering for her.

There was something about the man that made Dawn uncomfortable but she couldn't fault his manners at all. Through the swinging doors Dawn could see into the bar where a couple of dusty cow men lounged lazily at the bar. They in turn had not failed to notice the pretty young lady enter the dining area. In fact they had watched her and the older man with her walk down the street from the telegraph office and station a few minutes earlier.

"Now look at that Slade ain't that just the sweetest pussy you ever did see, I wonder what she's doing in this place." Dancer, no one new his other names asked his friend

"Maybe she's the new sporting girl, Goldie has been gone a week now." Slade's answer was slightly slurred from a little too much whiskey and beer

"Don't be a fucking idiot, does she look like a whore to you."

"Well ... no, but she might be." Dancer looked at his less than bright partner with disdain then ignored him and spoke directly to the barkeep.

"Who's the girl Harry," he indicated the couple at the dining room table. The barman leaned across the bar to be able to look into the dining room.

"Don't know but if she's with that weevil Porter she's in trouble.

"Who's Porter," Dancer inquired with interest.

"Owns the store in Mill Creek and this is the third girl in six months he has met at the train. Don't know what's going on but the other lasses looked just as sweet as that one does." Harry rubbed his nose and poured a drink for himself and held the bottle out to the two cow pokes "another boys?"

"Miss Purtil, we have a few things to discuss I believe," Porter words drew Dawn attention away from the men at the bar.

"Yes of course Mr Porter. You will want to see my references." Dawn began to rummage in her bag but Porter waved his hand dismissively.

"Later perhaps. For now I would like to get to know you, one can tell a lot from conversation don't you think. For example do you have any close relatives nearby." Dawn thought that this was rather a strange question to be asking to brake the Ice but she answered anyway.

"Not close by, no. I live with my parents in Emitville, that's where I came from today ... on the train. My father is the Methodist minister there but the rest of our family live back east."

"A young lady like yourself must have lots of friends, a boyfriend perhaps?" dawns brow furrowed.

"No I don't have a boyfriend but some of the young ladies that attend church are friends of mine. We have only lived in Emitville these past three months I have not become closely attached to any of them at this time. Porter seemed pleased and Dawn couldn't understand the faint hint of a smile that touched the corner of his mouth. For the next twenty minutes Porter asked further questions that had little to do with Dawns ability to teach. Finally he reached out for her references.

"Your references I'll look at them now Miss Purtil," his look was nothing more than cursory glance at each document. He handed the papers back to the girl, some unopened. "Very good, very good, you have the job if you still want it. Can you start immediately?" Although Dawn was beginning to have reservations she smiled and said that she could.

"Tomorrow then," he reached his hand out as he stood up from the table. "It's to late to start today so we will stay here tonight and leave tomorrow."

"That will be wonderful Mr Porter, Ill telegram my folks with the news right now." Porter stood, bid Dawn good evening and walked through the swinging doors into the Bar.

It was still hot outside and several mean looking dogs were lounging under the board walk in front of the hotel. They eyed Dawn lazily as she descended the four steps to the dusty street. Holding her ample skirts out of the fine dust she headed back toward the train station's telegraph office. The dogs emerged from under the building when she passed, stretched and yawned as the pretty girl daintily crossed the dusty expanse that separated the Train Station from the other buildings. Dawn looked back and saw the dogs begin to move and for a moment she thought that they would follow her but instead they headed in the direction of the corrals on the other side of the rail tracks.

Dawn flushed red as her eyes followed the direction of the three mangy curs. In the meager shade of the corral rails a big fawn and brown hound was trying to mount a much smaller and reluctant black bitch of unknown breed, while six or seven assorted dogs watched and waited. The girl lost sight of the pack as she rounded the small station building but when she reached the telegraph window the bitch had managed to evade the Hound and was trotting in the direction of the station.

Dawn tapped at the window, paused then tapped again before calling out for attention. There was no answer and clearly there was no attendant on duty. She again turned to watch the approaching dogs. The bitch with her tail tucked firmly between her legs was followed by the large contingent of dogs their tongs lolling and eyes fixed on the matron leading them.

The little bitch came right up to Dawn and sat on the hem of her skirt looking up at the young women who was now anxious to return to the hotel both to escape the dogs and the heat. The big hound began to sniff and paw at the little bitch who whined and turned away from the big dog.

"Go away, shoo you big ugly brute," Dawn tried to help the small animal but her less than forceful demands were totally ignored by the fawn hound. The bitch drew closer to Dawn but the dogs ignored the girls presence and continued to harass the black bitch. The bitch kept turning her behind away from the insistent dogs but for every turn there was another dog paying her attention.

Seeing that she was getting little help from the woman, if that was what she wanted, the black bitch trotted off a few yards and stopped. The fawn hound seized the moment and immediately tried to mount the now compliant bitch. Seeing the bitch move her tail to the side in surrender exposing her extremely puffy, leaking vulva to the male entourage. Dawn was mortified with embarrassment. She had never seen the like before and without thought she chastised the little black bitch.

"Oh you nasty little slut,"

"Now then Lady," a voice behind her interjected. Dawn wheeled around, a red tide of embarrassment surged from her neck to her face. It was Slade and Dancer who had ridden up unnoticed.

"You sound like your Envious," Slade continued then even as he spoke the little bitch yelped. Dawn swung about in time to see the big dog drive his thick pink shaft into the tiny females vulva. Slade again spoke as he healed his horse up for a closer look.

"Whooo! Now don't that give you Ideas Dancer"

"Shut your mouth Slade," the other cowboy interjected without effect. Dawn didn't know which way to look, down seemed best.

Slade was not going to be silenced, he was the sort of person who liked to take advantage of weaker people and women were fare game to this uncouth cowboy. He lent along the horses neck and peered down at the rutting dogs. The whimpering bitch was completely covered by the big fawn hound as he humped into the tiny black bitches swollen pussy.

"He nudged his horse closer to Dawn, "Come on Girly watch the doggies you might get some ideas."

"Go away you nasty man," Dawn managed to reprimand the uncouth Slade even though she was becoming afraid of where things were going. If things got out of hand there seemed little help at hand. Slade laughed and edged his horse even closer to the now trembling girl.

"Get away from her!" It was Porter and he strode up to the frightened girl. "Slade snarled but dug his horse in the ribs and moved off a few yards.

"Now then Mr Porter no need to get sore I was only chatting to the young lady." Dancer said nothing but looked on with curiosity. He was a friend of Slade's but he new his friend was volatile and unpredictable.

"Just leave her alone now, cant you see the young lady is frightened." He caught Dawns elbow and scuttled back across the dusty space to the hotel but not before having a last word."I'll see you two later.".

Back at the hotel Porter handed Dawn a stub of a pencil. "Write your message down Miss Purtil, Ill see that it is sent when the Telegraph reopens. For now though I think you are drawing too much attention from these local ruffians. With no other women in town and you being young and pretty, well, you just excite the young bucks a little to much."

"That wasn't my intention Mr Porter."

"Of course it wasn't, these boys come to town expecting to see Goldie, she... ," Porter coughed before continuing, "she was ... well she worked in the hotel, popular girl too." he coughed again and suggested that Dawn might feel more comfortable in her room for the time being.

Dawn agreed and hurried to the small room, removed her shoes and lay on the bed, again the feeling of uncertainty rose in her, just what did Porter mean when he said to Slade that he would talk to him later, it wasn't a threat but suggested more, a confidence perhaps.

It was still far to warm inside the cramped room so Dawn went out onto the second story veranda where it was a little cooler and she could see everything in town. To the east storm clouds were building over the hills and the distant flashes of lightning suggested a storm would be imminent. From the threatening nature of the rolling black cloud mass it was going to be a big one.

Several horsemen were moving along the street and they were also looking toward the approaching cloud mass. Further out there were other small groups of riders heading into the small town. It was Saturday and perhaps the men had been paid there monthly pay and were heading to the hotels saloon to let there hair down, Dawn speculated.

She was close to being right, they were the members of a crew who had just completed a cattle drive and were heading back to their respective ranches but first they were going to visit Goldie and drink and play cards for the evening. Porter was outside the General Store talking earnestly to a man and Slade and Dancer were sitting on the veranda of the same store. For maybe an hour Dawn watched the activities around the town including the randy dog pack which was on the move again. The only tree in the near vicinity was their destination and the little black bitch had another suitor with his nose close to her extremely obvious swelling.

"Thank god people don't behave like that," Dawn mumbled softly to herself.

A knock on the door startled her and she moved back into the room and across the small space to the door just as the impatient knocking began again. When she opened the door slightly she saw the barman and opened it wider.

"Sorry to disturb you miss but it looks like we will have a lot of cowmen staying over tonight. The storm you see, he pointed in the general direction of the building storm. When we have these big storms it's too dangerous to travel so the men stay in town. Well I usually put several men in a room when this happens,"

Dawn went to speak and the barman held up his hand in assurance. "I wouldn't expect you to share of course," he smiled nervously, "but I would like these rooms for the men and I have a very nice room down stairs that is very comfortable, Goldie's room, it's just as she left it, most of her clothes and other personal items are all there but I'm sure she wouldn't mind a lady such as yourself using it for a night."

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