Hotter Than July

by Dennis Kiros

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Group Sex, Orgy, Water Sports, Spitting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: On a hot and sleepless night a bisexual family comes together for their first raw and uninhibited fuck session.

It was the hottest night of the year and I could not sleep. The humidity was overwhelming and it did not help much that I had my bedroom window and door open.

There was no breeze.

I got out of my bed and went to the window. The smell of ocean and wet grass filled my nostrils. I tried not to think about the sounds of sex coming from my parents' and my sister's rooms.

My sister was as loud as usual, begging her boyfriend to fuck her faster and harder.

"Fuck my goddamn cunt you beautiful sonofabitch," she shouted. "Fuck my fucking brains out! Give it to me harder. That's it baby ... right there ... pound my fuckhole with that big cock ... ah shiiiiiit! Make me come ... make me come ... make me ... fucking ... come!"

I imagined her beautiful and sexy body lying there on her bed, her long blond hair all over her pillow and bed sheets with her legs wide open and her handsome boyfriend driving his big cock into her hot pussy, pounding her pretty cunt slit harder and faster, just the way my hot twenty-one-year old sister liked it.

This was not the first time I was imagining her in that way. As soon as she turned sixteen she started dressing like the sluts on MTV. Sexy halter-tops, cut off T-shirts that showed her sexy flat stomach and low cut jeans that revealed her thongs, lower back Kanji tattoo and almost revealed her pubic hair, were her favorite pieces of clothing.

I assume that if my parents had not been so liberal and relaxed about sexuality my sister would have driven them crazy.

But they did not mind a bit how my sister dressed or how active her sexual life was.

After all my parents are very active swingers.

I loved watching my sister's antics and as time went by I became more and more fascinated by her, almost as much as I was fascinated with my beautiful mother.

Everyone says that my sister is a younger version of my mother and I absolutely agree, although they should add sluttier to younger ... and definitely much crazier.

They also say that my mom looks exactly like Sharon Stone. I can see the resemblance, but I think that she is much hotter than Ms. Stone.

Age has been very kind to my mother. In her late thirties she looks much more youthful and hotter than most sexy twenty-year old women and she knows how to look good. She has perfect teeth and a lovely smile, always uses the perfect amount of make up, not too much and not too little. Her breasts are the perfect size, not too small and not too big and naturally firm. She always gives credit to my father and their loving marriage when people ask her how she manages to look so good.

My parents always discussed their lifestyle openly with my sister and me. They always said that having sex with others in a group setting had allowed them to discover and love each other more deeply. Up until that night and the events that followed I did not completely understand what they meant by that.

I stared into the dark of night trying to get the images of my mother and sister naked and having sex out of my head, but the more I tried the clearer those images became.

I was so fucking horny!

My cock started throbbing and in less than a minute became as hard as a rock. I thought that my parents must have left their bedroom door open because I could hear my mother's soft moans in between my sister's louder cries of ecstasy.

I wished that I could call my girlfriend to come over, but she was out of town for a few days. My heart started beating faster and I felt light headed.

I was getting too damned hot and needed to cool down. I left my room to go to the bathroom down the hall. I was right. The door to my parents' bedroom stood ajar and it looked like that they were having sex with the lights on.

In the bathroom I splashed some cold water on my face. It did not help much.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was flushed and my cock was about to rip my boxers open. I pulled down my boxers and splashed some water on my cock. For a short moment I admired my own body and my big throbbing cock.

I have inherited my parents' extremely good looks and my father's muscular genes. Just like my father I have a very muscular and well-toned body, dark blond hair, blue eyes, six-pack abs, big biceps, broad shoulders and pecs, strong legs and an eight and a half inch cock.

I left the bathroom and started towards my room. I glanced at my parents' bedroom door. The image of my naked mother popped into my head once more. Before I knew what I was doing I was right next to the open door of my parents' bedroom. One more step and I would be able to look inside.

I took that step.

I saw my father's muscular butt going back and forth, up and down. He was holding my mother's ankles wide apart and fucking her very slowly.

His muscular back and buttocks were glistening with sweat. His movements were glorious and rhythmic. Every few pumps he would lie on top of my mother silently and kiss her, making her moan into his mouth. My heart was pumping too fast and my head felt dizzy with thick and pure lust.

For less than a second my legs turned to mush, I lost my balance and stumbled head first into the bedroom. I caught the doorknob and prevented a complete fall.

When I finally regained my balance inside the bedroom and was able to look up, I found both my parents looking directly at me.

My father had turned his head and my mother had lifted her upper body using his shoulders. Seconds passed as if they were minutes. My parents looked surprised but to my relief they did not look angry at all.


"I ... I'm sorry," I managed to mumble. "I'll ... I'll leave now."

"No!" I thought I heard both of them say in unison.

I thought that I must have heard wrong. I turned and started to leave when I heard it again. First my mother and then my father, "NO!"


"Don't leave honey," my mother said softly.

Impossible, I thought, they want me to stay?

My father was smiling faintly. He was definitely not angry with me ... and he was staring at my hard on, so was my mother!

I had forgotten about my hard on, but now I was painfully aware of it. I tried to cover it with my hands and it must have looked funny to my parents because they both started laughing.

"It's ok baby!" my beautiful mother said, grinning impishly.

I found myself laughing nervously as well and removed my hands from my hard on.

"That's more like it," my mother said. "No need to hide that beauty from us."

"No there's no shame in having a nice healthy hard on son," my dad added. "Come on closer and watch. You might learn a thing or two from your old man."

"Or you can give your old man a few pointers," my mother chuckled and playfully licked my father's nose.

This is crazy, I thought.

I knew that my parents were cooler and much more relaxed about sex than everybody else's parents, but to invite me to watch them fuck was not something that I expected in a million years. They kept watching me closely as I slowly stepped toward their bed. As I got closer I finally could see my mother's beautiful body, her nakedness in all its glory.

My fucking hot mother is naked!

Her bare breasts were the most beautiful breasts that I had ever seen. Her long nipples stood erect gloriously and her dark blond cunt bush was covered with beads of sweat and possibly her own cunt juice. The pink lips of her pussy had engulfed my father's thick cock and I could see her erect clit throb wildly like a miniature cock that was about to harden.

I was standing so close to the bed that my legs were touching the side of it. My dad started to pump my hot mother's pussy slowly but firmly again. His cock started to make wet sounds as he pumped it back and forth inside her.

Squish! Slurp! Splash!

"Wow!" my father exclaimed. "Where did the flood come from?"

"Mm ... what?" my mother whimpered, looking straight into my eyes.

"You weren't so fucking wet a minute ago," my dad panted.

"What's your fucking point?"

"No point. Just an observation!"

"Sounds more like an accusation," my mother giggled throatily.

"Maybe you're right."

"Say it!"

"You're a sexy little pervert ... getting so fucking wet because our son is watching!"


"Shame on you!"

"Shut up and fuck me harder!"

My handsome father's big balls started slapping against my mother's butt cheeks. His shaft looked very wet. My mother's brow furrowed as she turned her attention to my father's pumping dick once more.

"That's it baby," my mother purred. "Right there! Fuck that pussy. Fuck it baby. Fuck me!"

She put her beautifully manicured fingers on my father's abs and started moaning.

"Ah ... fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours!" my mother cried as she lifted her ass off the bed, bucking her hips wildly against my father's crotch.

"Oh Jesus," my father gasped. "If you keep this going I'll come in less than a minute!"

"No!" my mother shouted, putting her ass down on the bed again. "Don't you dare come so fucking soon!"

My cock was throbbing again and becoming impossibly hard. I felt some pre-cum escape the tip of my cock and wet my white boxers.

"Why don't you take your boxers off baby," my mother said as she looked up at me. "Come get closer o us. Get on the bed ... oh I love the way your dad fucks me!"

Both of them smiled at me as I shed my boxers and climbed on the bed right next to them on my knees.

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