The Jade Dragon
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Magic, Fiction, Bestiality,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Magic, love and statues. An early story by the author. A romance with a difference. Please see author comments

Her name was Elizabeth Brighton, she lived in New York City, she was 32 year's old, tall at 5'9 inches, long legged, slim hipped and small busted, her hair was a reddish blond, shoulder length with natural curls, her eye's were gray with flecks of green, she had what her father liked to call pianist fingers, long and tapered.

Her family considered her an old maid, she considered herself an unencumbered woman. She was a legal secretary for a large law firm, she had been a model in her teens and early twenties until the fashion world turned to girls who looked malnourished and ill rather then just slim with some sort of feminine shape.

Each morning at exactly 7:45am she left for work, at 8am she got on the subway and rode to work, arriving at exactly 8:45am, she disliked unpunctual people, she considered it a sign of rudeness, her time was just as important as theirs. She was always very careful in her attire, wearing crisp ironed blouses with a jacket and skirt, alternating with slacks. Occasionally she wore a shirtdress, her shoes were always stylish but comfortable.

Elizabeth had two ruling passions, collecting antiques and her art, she sold her art to afford her antiques, she thought it was the best of both worlds. With the money she had saved while modeling, she bought a large loft in the artsy district of town. She loved the atmosphere and the people, in the five years she had lived there, she had gotten to know most of the characters that lived in the area, though she rarely socialized she still had a ready smile and kind word for everyone.

Elizabeth was just finishing up her last report for the day, Richard Meyers one of the senior partners came out of his office pulling on his jacket, she handed him a few personal notes from callers and wished him a good evening. She liked Richard and his Wife Ruth, she had been invited to several of their dinner parties and had always enjoyed herself. Rushing a bit Elizabeth locked up the office and pulled on her jacket and gloves.

Almost tapping her fingers with impatience, which she rarely did, Elizabeth rode the subway to her stop, she usually let most of the people off first, hating to get caught in the rush, but today she was one of the first out of the doors. She rode the freight elevator to her loft, opening the gate she unlocked her door and went inside. She hung up her jacket, the gloves in the jacket pocket, her scarf wrapped around the collar.

Making sure the lacquered oriental Tang waist high cabinet was properly placed, she stood back and looked, double checking once more, she placed a rice paper mat on the top and waited, once again she found herself tapping her fingers impatiently. Hearing the buzzer, Elizabeth went to the door, checked to see who it was, then opened it. Harry and Mark from the antique shop stood with a dolly which was holding a 4' crate. Holding the door open she ushered them in, telling them to put the crate over by the Tang cabinet.

Standing back she carefully watched them open the crate, the two of them took the statue out of the packing sawdust, they started to brush it off but she told them she would do it and quickly went and got one of her delicate brushes, she gently brushed off the statue, then asked them to place it on the cabinet.

Elizabeth stood staring at the statue, until she heard the two men putting the lid back on the crate, she turned and thanked them for their delivery and help, then she gave them their tip. Even though delivery fee's were paid up front and already taken care of, Natalie always gave them a tip. Mark and Harry were always happy to take deliveries to the loft.

Elizabeth brushed some remaining sawdust off the statue with great care, she stood and looked making sure its placement was just right. Her hand drifted over the statue's lines and she smiled. Startled she jumped as the phone rang, she grabbed her cordless and went up the iron circular stairs to her bedroom to change out of her work clothes.

Sophie, her best friend from modeling days and still a top notch model, chatted away as Elizabeth changed into a t-shirt and jeans. Whenever Sophie was in town she gave Elizabeth a call, then usually came over to pig out on pizza and beer and not have to worry about looks from people in restaurants. After she hung up the phone, Elizabeth washed off her makeup, pulled on a worn, torn sweat shirt and went downstairs to order the pizza and make sure she had plenty of beer on hand.

Elizabeth and Sophie were curled up on the sofa, laughing over a story Sophie had told about an Italian at the last fashion show Sophie done, it was a lingerie show for a well known company, she giggled as she told Elizabeth about the man sitting in the front row with an obvious hard on during the whole show, the girls had purposely given him hot looks at they walked down the run way, just for the fun of it. Modeling was hard, often tedious work and anytime the girls could add a laugh or giggle, they went for it.

Getting up off the couch Sophie, with an exclamation of delight, she went over to the statue, "oh Beth its gorgeous, when did you get this?" Elizabeth for some odd reason didn't want her to touch the statue, she steered Sophie away from it, explaining that it had just arrived earlier that day. "Come see my latest creation, I think you'll like it." Elizabeth went over to the large folding doors that were on tracks in the floor and ceiling. Complaining the whole time Sophie helped push back one of the doors, "why don't you get these automated, it sure would be a heck of a lot easier to open if you could just flick a switch." Elizabeth totally agreed but that would involve having workers in to install motorized cables and what not and she didn't want a bunch of clumsy jerks messing around in her loft.

Elizabeth's loft was separated into sections, the front section contained the kitchen, a small guest bathroom, the living area with her TV which she rarely watched, several chairs and sofa's and most of her antique collection. The second section was where she did her art work, there were canvases every where, off to one side was a king size mattress laying on the floor, that's where she slept most of the time, a big bathroom was in the back where she could shower without worrying about getting paint on anything. this section was usually a chaotic mess, that's the way Elizabeth wanted it, the rest of her life was so organized, so controlled that here she could be as messy and disordered as she wanted. The only reason she had put in the folding doors at all was so she could close them if she had family coming over or certain friends that she would rather not have see her art. The upstairs section of the loft was her bedroom, a traditional bedroom with a 19th century four poster bed, a tall boy and several chests. This pleased her Mother who had actually, with much complaining, gone up the round metal stairs once to take a look.

"Oh my gawd, Beth that's fantastic, it gives me chills all over." said Sophie with a leer as she looked at the canvas. Elizabeth grinned, she thought Sophie would like this one. It was a large picture, about 3 feet by 5 feet, done in charcoals and pencil. The whole drawing was one of supposition, a very voluptuous woman lay on her back, her back slightly arched, her hair spread out around her in wild disarray, wrapped around the woman's body was a winged serpent, its mouth at her breast, the serpent coiled around the woman's lower body, between her thighs and down one leg that lay straight, the other leg bent at the knee. The woman's hands were around the serpents neck, the look on the woman's face was one of sexual abandon or death. Depending on the viewers outlook, the serpent was either killing or making love to the woman, its mouth either suckling a breast, or biting her, the woman's hands were either trying to pull the serpent away or hold it closer.

Most of what Elizabeth drew was sensual fantasy art, now and then she did a few portraits or landscapes to please her parents, but the fantasy art was where she made her money and gave her the most pleasure. Sophie took another drink of her beer and winked at Beth, "Mmmmm I wouldn't mind having that between my legs." Elizabeth laughed, "I sure have had fun drawing it, its not quite done yet, a few finishing touches, but I doubt I'll have any trouble selling it."

Both women looked at each other as the buzzer rang, "if that's Daryl, I'll scream, I swear he has look outs on every roof top in town." snapped Sophie. Elizabeth went over to the door and turned on the outside camera, sure enough there stood her cousin Daryl. She left him waiting outside until they couldn't stand hearing the buzzer anymore, he was a total pest and she knew he would stand out there ringing for hours, she had seen him do it before. Especially when Sophie was over.

With a resigned sigh, she let him in, unlocking the door and pulling it open, then she went and got herself another beer. Sophie put on her best "who the hell are you look" and went for another beer too, one could only tolerate so much of Daryl sober.

Daryl strutted into the loft, in his late twenties, tall, thin to the point of looking like a refugee, he wore skin tight leather pants, a T-shirt and a leather jacket with chains on it and biker boots. Elizabeth often wondered if he set off the metal detectors at the airport, he was pierced everywhere a person could possibly imagine and then some.

Heading straight for the beer and pizza, Daryl gave Sophie a wink "bet your glad to seem me, a babe like you needs a real man to keep her screaming." Sophie just gave him, her "you've got to be kidding look," and went back to talking with Elizabeth. Daryl spotted the new drawing and wandered over to look, he leered at Sophie "ohh baby, let me put my one eyed snake between your thighs, then you can suck out my venom." Elizabeth glared at Daryl, "Your so disgusting, Daryl, why don't you go find some alley to hang out in."

With a hurt look on his face Daryl sighed, "Lizzie, you on the rag again? your always on the rag, what you need is a good stiff one on a regular basis, then maybe you wouldn't be such a bitch all the time." Elizabeth gritted her teeth, she didn't mind being called Liz, or Beth, but she hated being called Lizzie and Daryl knew it.

When they were kids in school together he used to follow her around chanting "Lizzie Borden, took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks, when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one." Until the day she had punched him in the nose so hard it gushed blood, she had gotten into trouble for that, but he never did it again.

Elizabeth just pointed to the door and said "out" Daryl pouted and looked at Sophie for support, she just grinned at him. After Daryl had left, the two laughed over his remarks, it was one thing for two women chatting and making sexual references about something, and many times they didn't even mind when a male friend joined in, but with Daryl it came out just plain disgusting and so lewd you just felt like barfing.

Elizabeth called a taxi for Sophie around 2am, she usually spent the night but had a plane to catch that afternoon. With a wave and a hug she was off. Leaving a small nightlight on Elizabeth stripped, dropping her clothes next to the mattress, pulled the blanket up and was soon sound asleep.

Groaning Elizabeth looked at the clock, it read 8am, she reached for the ringing phone swearing under her breath. After telling the salesman where he could put his home security system, she got up and fixed the coffee pot, waiting for the coffee to finish perking, she picked up the beer cans, the empty pizza box and put them in the trash, washed the glasses and plates. Smiling she stood looking at the statue and sipping her coffee.

The statue was 3 feet tall, not including the two inch base, it was a green jade dragon, its wings fully furled, its long neck arched, the head of the dragon was bent down, slightly tilted as if looking at something intensely, the arms crossed, the tail was long with the end curled around a mother of pearl quarter moon, the dragons legs slightly pulled up as if it would let go of the moon and fly off at any moment. The face of the dragon was long and strongly sculptured, it's ears slightly pointed with small flaring tufts along the out side, the dragons eye's were slanted and piercing. The whole dragon was raised off the base, the only thing that was attached was the quarter moon with the dragons tail around.

The moment she had seen the jade dragon in the antique shop she was fascinated by it, it was so amazingly detailed. Mrs. Macky who ran the shop knew Elizabeth well and had smiled at her "the minute I saw it, I thought of you, that's why I put it in the back and gave you a call." Elizabeth usually haggled over the price of things, Mrs. Macky expected it and the two would sit over a cup of tea and haggle over the price of things, but this time Elizabeth didn't even argue the price, even though it was outrageously expensive. After 4 long months of making payments the dragon was finally hers.

Stroking her hand down the dragons back, she ran her fingertip down the center of its face, she smiled as she went off to take a shower, carrying her coffee cup with her. She had asked Mrs. Macky about the origins of the dragon but all Mrs. Macky knew was that it had come from Taipei, an elderly gentleman sold it to her and that's all he had said.

Elizabeth spent the day putting the finishing touches on the drawing she had shown Sophie the night before. She gave a few buyers a call, poured herself a small glass of wine and was about to fix herself some dinner when the buzzer rang. Checking to see who it was, she sighed, not sure if she was in the mood for Frank or not. Frank could at best be called an off again, on again boyfriend, an investment banker in his forties, he traveled a great deal with apartments in several cities. Buzzing him in, she opened the door and went back to the kitchen. Frank came in lecturing her on leaving her door open and not being sure who was walking in, he gave her a quick kiss and frowned, then started to tell her about the dangers of drinking.

Smiling at her, Frank told her he had made reservations at their favorite restaurant, in an hour so she had better hurry and get cleaned up. Starting to feel annoyed, Elizabeth shrugged, it was someone else fixing dinner, she loved the place and he was paying, so she might as well go. She had tried paying her half the first few times they had gone out only to have Frank get offended, now she just went along and enjoyed the meal.

Coming downstairs, dressed for the evening, she saw Frank looking at the dragon, she smiled "a beautiful piece isn't it, it arrived yesterday." Frank frowned as he studied the statue "a little to aggressive for my taste," he was about to say more when he spotted the drawing she had just finished. Frank tisked at her "going through some depressed dark stage? my therapist would be more then happy to work you in, Elizabeth, I know we've talked before about your penchant for drawing lurid pornographic material." As they walked out the door she looked over her shoulder at the drawing, lurid pornographic material? He could be such a prude she thought.

Dinner was enjoyable, a few of her friends had stopped by the table to say hi and chat for a few minutes, the food as always was good and the atmosphere quiet and relaxing, she knew most of the waiters and chatted with them as they passed by the table. Frank as usual came up for a cup of herbal tea that she kept in the closet for him, in the last year he had become almost fanatical about health issues. Again as usual they went upstairs to her bedroom, where Frank undressed her, carefully setting aside, even folding her clothes, doing the same thing with his own, he joined her on the bed, he kissed her, fondled her breasts a few times, then putting a condom on rolled on top of her, thrust his hips a few times, kissed her again then rolled off, telling her how much he had enjoyed himself. Shortly after Frank got up, dressed, gave her another kiss and left, he never spent the whole night.

Locking the door behind Frank, Elizabeth showered, then pulling on an old pair of sweats went into the kitchen and fixed herself a cup of coffee. Telling herself she was a fool to even tolerate him and his lectures and pathetic sex, tonight had been worse then usual, she was annoyed, frustrated and knew it would take her hours before she could sleep. Putting up a new canvas, she started to work on a new picture, she turned up her stereo, her body moving to the music as she drew, going back into the kitchen for another cup of coffee, passing the jade dragon, she smiled at it "sorry if the music's too loud, Taipei, got to work off a little of this frustration." her hand sliding down its back. She worked most of the night, at times the music almost shaking the windows, good thing she didn't have any close neighbors that complained, most of her neighbors were night owls and partiers and rarely paid any attention when she played her music loud. Turning off her phone, the door buzzer, the music, and all the lights except for the one night light, she dropped her clothes by the side of the bed and curled up, pulling the blankets up over her head.

Elizabeth woke up grumbling, groaning and complaining in general, she was not a morning person, even when it wasn't morning. One day I'm going to be rich enough to work on my drawings all night and sleep all day, she told herself as she rolled off the mattress and stood up. She grinned to herself as her feet touched the floor, one of the things she had insisted on having put in was heated flooring, pipes with continuous moving hot water had been laid down on a special matting, then another layer of matting put over the pipes, then the flooring had been added, the matting provided not only insulation, but if a pipe broke, it held the water and funneled it out a special spout down into the alley beside the building.

Heading for the kitchen, she said good morning to Taipei, fixed the coffee pot and went upstairs to take a shower. She came back downstairs with a towel wrapped around her hair, old comfortable blue jeans and a sweater on. Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she stood next to the jade dragon telling it all about how she absolutely hated doing laundry but it was a necessary evil if she wanted clothes to wear for the next week. Elizabeth stood nibbling on a fingertip looking Taipei over, hummmming to herself she winked at the jade dragon, "Male, definitely male." As she drank her coffee, she gathered her laundry carrying it to the back of the loft, telling Taipei that those spiral metal stairs were a pain in the ass and as soon as she had saved up enough, baring purchasing any more antiques for awhile, she was going to have it replaced with a nice sensible staircase. Elizabeth dusted and cleaned as she waited on her laundry, turning on the stereo, she sang with the music as she ironed. Elizabeth was one of those rare people who was perfectly happy with her own company, she enjoyed being alone, she wasn't unsociable, she just preferred to do her own thing and found that she didn't have to explain herself to anyone if she stayed to herself.

Putting her clothes away, she went back to work on her latest drawing, she muttered under her breath about Frank's comment, pornographic material, he wouldn't know porno if it bite him in the balls. Then she giggled, maybe she should have a talk with his therapist about Frank's preoccupation with worrying about such things. She looked at the dragon, "what do you think, Taipei, maybe his therapist could explain sexual dysfunction to him" giggling all the way to the kitchen, she fixed herself a salad and a glass of ice tea, then sat crossed legged on the couch and ate, a small sketch pad by her side, every once in awhile she would pick it up, quickly do an outline or a quick drawing of an idea.

Turning on the TV she had a grand time having a one sided discussion of current events with the jade dragon, after the news was over she flipped off the TV and carried her bowl and glass back to the kitchen, she washed them and put them away, as she passed by Taipei she give him a little kiss on the nose "Your such good company, Taipei, I haven't heard you tell me what to do once." she grinned and went to bed, she hated Monday mornings.

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