Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Size, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Needing money, a young wife falls into the world of strip clubs and sex.

Sage read thru the job listings looking for something she could do to earn some money. Seeing nothing that looked promising, she idly flipped thru the pages, and then she saw the ad. A local strip club was having an amateur contest with a $1000.00 dollar first prize. She carefully read the ad.

She knew that dancing would not be a problem. She majored in dance in collage and worked part-time at a dance studio. She had the body for it. At 5'8" and 110lbs, with long auburn hair and green eyes, her 36E-23-34 body was lean and firm. Her breasts were firm with no sag. Just to reassure herself she went to the bedroom and removed her robe and stood in front of the full length mirror. She was still slender with a flat stomach and firm waist, hips, and thighs. She was cleanly shaved except for her mound which was neatly trimmed into a small diamond.

She started thinking of dancing nude in front of a room full of men. She started moving to the sounds of the music coming from the radio in the kitchen. Moving her hands over her body, she found that her nipples were taught. They sat in the middle of silver dollar size areolas and when hardened stood out noticeably. A shutter shot down her spine as she ran her finger tips over them. She also noticed that a tingling started deep in her pussy and was working its way outward. She spread her legs to see that her outer lips were puffing up and showed a slight wetness. She slowly tweaked a nipple with one hand and ran the other down over her mound and touched her hardening clit with her finger tip. The feeling was like shocks running between her nipple and her clit. Her body started shaking as her abs contracted; she felt her pussy flood with wetness.

She lay down on the bed and propped a pillow under her head and continued to tweak her now very sensitive nipples while running her finger thru her very wet vulva spreading them open and dipping her finger tip into her wet hole. She could see herself in the mirror. Drawing her legs up until her feet were flat on the bed next to her hips her knees spread wide open. She could see her totally soaked and flowered open pussy. She wished Tony were here. She needed his thick nine inches inside her. A smile crossed her face as she rolled to the side of the bed and reached into the night stand where she kept her toys. She had two; the first was about the same size as her husband but smooth. The second was much bigger, twelve inches long and enormously thick. It was shaped like a real cock. Some porn star was the model for it. She chose this one and rolled back to the same position she been in. She wanted to watch as she pushed it into her pussy. She turned the base to the first setting and felt the slow vibrating of the toy.

As she touched the tip against her pussy she came. She felt her juices flowing out and she ran the shaft up and down thru it to get it wet. As she started to relax she inserted the tip into her hot wet hole. She has always had to put a lube on the toy before she could get it in, but she was so hot and wet it slid in with little effort. She slowly worked more and more in. She had never been able to take more that ten inches of this monster. She was now working about eight thick inches in and out of her tightly stretched pussy. She watched as her pussy lips were pulled out as they clung to the thick shaft then were rolled in as it went back in. She loved the feeling of her pussy being stretched and the sensation as her muscles griped and released the shaft as she slid it in and out. She felt a climax building deep in her, she turned the base to the middle setting, her climax was building stronger, and after pushing two more inches into her pussy she was swept away by her climax. As she came down she notice that only about an inch was still visible. She smiled, thinking that she had never had that much cock in her before. She wondered if she could get the last inch in. Turning the knob to high, she felt as if she would explode as her pussy twitched and the climactic feeling started building again. She gave herself a few quick strokes then push firmly down. She felt the base push up against her pelvis and her hard extended clit, the vibrations were sending shock waves thru her body. She cried out as a massive orgasm washed over her. After it passed, she turned off the dildo but left it buried in her still quivering vagina enjoying the pleasurable feeling as her vaginal muscles twitched and pulsed around the fake cock.

While lying on the bed and enjoying the afterglow she decided to sign up for the contest. The ad said that the contest was Wednesday, and that all contestants must register in-person at the club Monday or Tuesday between two and four PM. She would register on Monday. That gave her six days to work up a routine.

Her next problem was what to wear. She had thigh high hose and heals. What she needed was a costume. The dance studio has costumes used for ballroom dancing, very short, tight, and backless. She knew just the two she would borrow. She also found an outfit at Frederick's of Hollywood, while shopping for a garter belt and thong panties. It was a very sheer crop top, that hung over the shoulders by thin straps and draped over her breasts, the sheer wraparound half slip just covered her ass. Sage liked the way it hung off her hard nipples and how her neatly trimmed bush was clearly visible thru the slip. With the outfits selected, she turned her attention to picking the music and working up a dance routine.

When Tony came home he told her that he was going out of town on business. He would be leaving Monday afternoon and would return on Friday. Sage chose not to tell him about the contest but would surprise him when he returned.

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