Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Lesbian, FemaleDom, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Going away to a new school can be very scary, meeting new people, establishing yourself, but at St. Vargas University it is all very simple... first to cum loses.

"Alma mater, I had to go to her alma mater..." Amanda sighed as she sat down.

The first thing that came to Amanda's mind as she sat down in the school gym was that the back of her thighs were freezing against the cold metal of the fold out chair in this skirt. Her second thought was less than pleasant involving her bitch of a stepmother who had made her promise to wear the short denim skirt, and a tight blouse that clung to her breasts...

Or else the car that should have been in her name wasn't coming with her to school, no matter who actually paid for it working at a shoe store all through high school. In a silent curse Amanda tried to adjust the skirt to cover just abit more flesh, and took another exasperated breath in the shirt that threatened to rip along it's seams, as she scanned the crowd.

They were all girls of course given this was a private all girl college, another brilliant idea of her stepmothers. A cold small, college that called itself a university simply because it was in the north east long enough that it could claim it's buildings as 'schools'. It wasn't that it was a bad school, in fact it was a little known jem of a school that all her research assured her created some of the finest female minds of many generations, the problem was that it was HER school, the wicked witch's place and she was stuck there.

Amanda saw cliques already forming into little clusters, She quietly tried to be invisible scrunching herself into her seat as she waited for this informal mandatory orientation to be over with. Sitting all the way in the back at the end of the last row Amanda was poised to bolt from this friendly gathering as soon as humanly possible. Fingers grazing her bare skin she felt utterly ridiculous in this getup.

Amanda craned her neck around looking for some reminder of home, hoping maybe her friends weren't all back at her old school knowing that in reality she search was in vain. However as her eyes cast behind her she saw a single girl step through the threshold of the gym doors and stalk her way towards the crowd of girls. The first thing that struck Amanda was the girl's honey blond hair tied in a simple pony tail it would have looked plain on most other girls but on this girl it showed off her long tan neck, leading to a simple white scope neck tee shirt that held a perfect set of C cup breasts gently swaying with each strut of a step. The shirt ended revealing a gray pleated skirt and sculpted legs that conveyed strength and sex with each step. Her skin silky smooth and flawless seemed to slink against her outfit like the clothing was meant to caress her with each movement.

Amanda felt herself flush with heat watching this girl, this woman walking down the aisle she couldn't help herself her mouth opening slightly of its own volition Amanda feels her gaze captivated by this woman. Anyone watching her would have seen Amanda clearly leering at this woman, however as luck would have it no one was watching anyone other than the woman in the gray skirt. As she walked past each row the entire row of girls fell silent, their gazes just as fixated as Amanda's.

The woman stood in front of the girls her left leg cocked and her arm casually resting on her hip, waiting drinking in the sight of the girls seated in silence, a smirk playing across her lips. One of the girls in the front row tossed her a microphone, which was deftly caught with the ease of expectance, " Welcome to St. Vargas University. Some of our returning girls know me very well but for those that don't my name is Buffy Nearwood, and I am the student body president. Each of you have been selected to attend one of the most unique all girl schools in the nation. We pride ourselves, on molding the finest girls into great women of all different types. Consider yourselves honored to have come this far."

"However, do not think about resting on your laurels here. We do things differently here, we don't believe in cliques, and we don't believe in popularity contests." Pausing Buffy scanned the crowd looking for reactions, seeing a mixture of knowing smiles from some of the returning girls and confusion from the rest. Amanda simply stared at Buffy not knowing what to make of this speech, her cold thighs long since forgotten.

"Simply put we believe in competition, social standing through the best girl emerging from the pack. There are rules of course, to keep things fair and balanced, but in the end it comes down to your ability to enforce your will. I have lived by this principle and because of that I was able to become the president of the student body. You can go as far as your desire will take you, you may even want to try and unseat me. Emphasis on the word try."

Buffy paused again letting the crowd sink into the moment a bit deeper before continuing, slowly pacing up and down the crowd seemingly making eye contact with every girl there, "The rules are simple, no ganging up, no rematches for 24 hours, no hard restraints, and I'm talking specifically to you Samantha Jane." A dark curly haired girl flashed a smile while her friends gave her sidelong glances. Without missing a beat Buffy continued, "first peak loses and of course any girl can withdraw from all competition by saying she's ... straight."

Amanda's eyes widened at that last word, Buffy's voice had dripped sexuality caressing every letter of that last word the wink almost visible in her tone. Buffy continued, "But if you opt out remember you will have no social standing in this school year, you can of course try again next year but there is no easy outs, once you are out you are out."

Grinning like the cat that already ate the canary Buffy looked over the crowd once more her eyes settling on the startled Amanda, "And now for everyone's favorite part of the orientation, the practical example." Pointing at Amanda with a delicately painted index finger Buffy said, " You there, the brunette with the denim skirt, come down here for a moment."

Amanda felt the command, the force in Buffy's voice and started moving long before she realized that she was in fact moving towards the front of the crowd. Amanda's black chunky shoes echoing in her eyes as she got closer and closer. She dimly heard a few catcalls from the older girls but they didn't even register. Amanda stood before Buffy in stark contrast. Amanda's long brown hair falling on her shoulders parted in the middle, contrasted with the honey blond hair of Buffy, Amanda barely filled a B cup, against the full C of Buffy, and most importantly Buffy exuded confidence her hips cocked to once side frankly appraising Amanda as Amanda seemed to scrunch up inside herself trying to hide while standing.

Tossing the microphone back to the girl who first gave it to her Buffy moved closer to Amanda and whispered, "Relax, it is going to be okay, you don't have to worry about anything. What's your name?"

Amanda whispered moving her head closer to Buffy's ear, "I'm Amanda. I really don't..." Buffy placed her index finger against Amanda's lips silencing her, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you. I'm very very good at this." Before Amanda could ask what this exactly was, she felt Buffy's warm hands gripping her hips. Buffy's lips struck like a viper, her mouth reaching for and finding Amanda's pulse beating faster and fast as Buffy kissed her throat.

Buffy's hands did not stay idle on Amanda's hips, with aching slowness Buffy slid her hands up Amanda's sides, smooth finger tips dancing along her increasingly exposed midriff. Amanda stunned by the forcefulness and intensity of Buffy barely is able to utter the would, "Wait" before Buffy has pushed up Amanda's tight shirt and bra in a swift motion and latched on to her rock hard nipple.

Dimly Amanda tried to think when her nipples had gotten that hard but as Buffy deftly twisted one of the rosy little buds all Amanda's thoughts fluttered along with her eyelids as a small whimper escaped her lips, 'uhnn'

Buffy's brown butter eyes intensely inquisitive arched at this quick and immediate reaction. Wasting little time Buffy used her other hand to pinch the other nipple. Amanda emitted another whimper this time louder and much closer to a moan. Buffy pushed her advantage getting even closer to Amanda, working her thigh in between Amanda's legs, her short skirt ridding up her thighs to her panties allowing Buffy considerable amount of access and the girls of the crowd brief glimpses of the light blue panties as Buffy began to grind.

At this direct stimulation of her sex Amanda seemed to wake from her erotic stupor, she seemed to suddenly remember that her arms did not have to limply hang at her sides as Buffy had her way with her. Amanda tried to push against Buffy's shoulder and thigh to separate Buffy from her. But with each attempt to push away Buffy would grip closer and harder, causing Amanda to jerk against Buffy.

The bumpy ride pushing into her soaked panties caused Amanda to let lose a moan of, "Noooooo" Trying to fight back her hands still pushing but with less and less intensity, ash she started to push her hips involuntarily against Buffy's silky smooth thigh. Amanda pant, "But I'm not..."

Buffy quickly bit down on Amanda's exposed nipple silencing her, then with a harsh whisper against Amanda's ear Buffy commanded, "O no little girl you aren't going to dare to ruin my orientation, by opting out. You are my first of the semester, and I want your girl cum all over my thigh."

Buffy sucked on Amanda's ear lobe as she grinded little circles into Amanda's clit with her thigh "So" grind... "You" grind... "Are going" grind... "To CUM!"

Amanda's eyes completely closed as she gave in, her body completely betraying her as she bucked and ground her panty covered pussy against Buffy's thigh shouting and moaning, "O god YES! I'M CUMMMINNNNG!" Amanda felt every fiber in her being come alive as she was transported to ecstasy, unable to do anything but hold on forgetting all about the crowd of girls staring at her disheveled body as the Student Body President rocked her world. All Amanda could think about was the fact that she was cumming harder than she had ever cum before.

Slowly Amanda's thighs stopped gripping Buffy's leg. Amanda's legs wobbled as she felt a pair of girls move her to an empty seat. Amanda vaguely heard Buffy dismiss the students, her eyes still closed. And then she felt those lips, which had nibbled on her ears moments before brush them again, " You just lost a point. You are the low girl on the standings right now. You had better learn quickly if you want any chance to advance. And feel free to challenge me another day, I'd love to watch you cum for me again and again."

Amanda's eyes opened to drink in the sight of Buffy walking away. Amanda was left alone in the gym among the empty steel chairs wondering if she could ever learn to be like her.

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