The Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time

by woodmanone

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, .

Desc: Romantic Story: A chance meeting turns into love, but does it last?

There is very little sex in this story. A story of an unexpected love that grew and grew and the aftermath.

Just a few words to those who are hateful and insulting with their comments. I don't mind that you don't like the story line, or the grammar, or the spelling, or the punctuation. All of that can be used to improve my writing. The insults to me and my characters are uncalled for. Let me suggest to you, that if you don't like happy endings, don't read my stories. Most will have happy endings. Maybe it's because I'm out of touch with the real world, as some have suggested, or maybe it's because I am really happy in my life. Don't know, don't care. For you haters out there, use your power of censorship and don't read my stories. For the people who have suggestions about my stories please keep your comments coming. Thank you.

I am sitting here in the waiting room of our local hospital hoping for good news. As I wait, I think back to what has brought me here. This is that story.

Hi there, I am Charley. I just turned 26 years old, am in good health, and I am in pretty good physical shape. At 6 feet 1 and 210 pounds, I am a little over average in size. My face wouldn't launch a thousands ships, but it wouldn't sink any, either. I'm a decent looking guy you wouldn't be ashamed to be seen with.

I am married to Bobbie (Roberta actually) who is 24. She is very lovely, at least I think so. Bobbie is about 5 feet 8 inches, weight of 130 with long auburn hair and green eyes. She has a smoking body, all and all a very nice package. It wasn't always that way. I will get into that statement a little later.

We met while going to college and believe me it wasn't love at first sight. I was sort of a jock; second string basketball, second string running back on the football team, but starting second baseman for the baseball team. All and all not bad, but I wasn't a big man on campus (BMOC), although I was a big man in my fraternity. You see, I was one of only about ten members not on academic probation.

Our fraternity was sort of like Delta Tau Chi (That's the fraternity in the movie "Animal House". The ones that were always on double secret probation). We didn't mean to be such screw ups, it just sort of happened that way. There was a general attitude that college was for having parties, not for getting an education.

I had other ideas about education but I still liked to party a lot; so I did both. Good grades, a well rounded history in student activities, and being a fraternity member (Even Delta) would show up to my advantage on my resume. Employers look for that sort of thing in applicants for entry level positions.

My appetite for parties and loyalty to a frat brother is what put me in the position I am in today. Let me explain.

Most of our frat was at the mixer given by the girls of Tri Kappa sorority and doing our best to make it the hit of the season. I was in attendance and holding court on my throne. That means I was at a table with some of my frat brothers trying to drink the place out of alcohol of any kind. (except schnapps, I can't stand it). My frat brother, James, who is also my best friend was asking for my help. It seemed he had a chance to have cardinal knowledge of a certain coed by the name of Judy, but she had a roommate with her. He needed me to bird dog the roommate and keep her busy while he explored the frame of the beautiful Judy.

"Charley, you owe me bud. Remember Gloria last semester? Who was it that kept her best friend busy inside while you took Gloria outside to show her the back seat of your car? Return the favor please."

"You right James, I do owe you for your help with Gloria. However, Gloria's best friend was hardly a dog. In fact, I think I should have stuck with the friend. Gloria was not the stuff fantasies are made of. She was not as turned on as she acted once we got out to my car. Her whole act was just a tease and I went home alone. You got to nail the friend that night, so it was I that actually did the favor."

"Come on Charley, give me a break here. I need your help."

"Okay, I was just busting your chops a little. Where is this roomy of Judy's?"

James pointed to a girl standing by herself on the other side of the dance floor. "That's her with the dark green jumper. See her?"

"Son of a bitch. She has got to be the homeliest girl in the entire school. You can't really expect me to squire her around can you? It would ruin my reputation. People would laugh at me."

"You owe me Charley. How about it? Will you help out your best friend or not?"

"Okay, okay, but this makes me one up on you. You big ass."

"Great, see you later." James went to gather up his prize for the night and left me to handle her roomy.

If you haven't guessed by now the roomy was Roberta. (The Bobbie part came later). She wasn't a dog by any means, just unkempt if you know what I mean. The hair was dull looking and stringy, she was wearing glasses, and she wore no make up at all. There was no fashion sense at all. The green jumper she wore was almost floor length and out of date by at least 10 years. Oh well, I had promised.

I walked over to Roberta and offered her a cup of punch from the buffet table. I introduced myself and asked her name. She seemed a little shocked that I was talking to her. She told me her name and we chatted for a few minutes. Really, I talked and she gave one or two word responses. Boy do you owe me big time James, I thought, this gal is barely awake. I continued to try and get her to open up a little and being the charming fellow I am, she started to warm up. The music was soft and slow; so I ask her to dance. She was a better at talking than she was at dancing. After about a minute of stepping on each others toes, we decided to sit at a table and talk some more.

I suggested a drink to break the ice a little. After a couple of hours of sitting, talking and drinking we were so settled it was a miracle that we could walk. She was drinking because she was nervous and I was drinking because I was with her instead of some little honey. The more I drank, the better she looked. (There is a country song by Mickey Gilly, called "The girls all get prettier at closing time" that explains this phenomena). By the time I offered to walk her back to her apartment she looked hot to my alcohol infected brain. The evening got a little hazy after that.

The next morning I woke up around 10:30. My right arm was asleep and I couldn't seem to move it. I looked over discovered a body laying on my arm. Who the hell is that, I thought? She rolled over on her back and I was staring at Roberta. What the hell went on last night? How much did I have to drink? I couldn't remember anything but bits and pieces of the previous evening.

Roberta slowing opened her eyes and looked at me. She screamed and jumped out of bed. She screamed again when she realized she was nude. "What am I doing here?" she demanded. She looked around for her clothes; when she couldn't find them she started to freak out again.

"Don't scream again, my head is pounding," I pleaded. "Use my robe, it's on the door behind you."

She turned around, grabbed my robe and put it on. When she turned around I saw maybe the best ass at school. The robe was a little large on her but at least she stopped screaming. "What went on last night? What did you do to me? Did you take advantage of me?"

"Hold it, stop. I remember us having a pretty good time, once you took off that jumper. As far as me taking advantage of you, it may have been the other way round. We came to my room to get some music cds you wanted to borrow. When we started to leave, I gave you a little kiss and the next thing I knew I was on my back on the bed. You were on top of me trying to take off my shirt. After that we just did what comes naturally."

(Let me add here, that when that ugly jumper of Roberta's came off, it uncovered one of the best bodies I have ever seen. For a little while that body was all mine. I had made the most of my opportunity).

"I don't believe you. Your must have seduced me. I would never do anything like that."

Roberta clothes had been thrown around the room; as we were talking she had been picking them up. She went into the bathroom and dressed. She came out fully attired and went to the door. She turned a last time and said, "You keep your mouth shut about this, you hear me?"

"I don't want anyone to know about this either. My reputation would never recover."

She slammed to door on the way out which didn't help my head at all. Guess she was pretty worked up. I got out of bed, finished my morning routine, and went looking for James. He wasn't in the frat house, so I called his cell. He answered right away.

"Hey Charley, what the hell went on with you and Roberta last night? I'm at Judy's and Roberta just came crying saying something about she was ruined."

"We had a lot to drink at the mixed and came by my place. Woke up in bed together and judging from the evidence and what little I can remember we had a hell of a sexy night. Why should she be crying, I'm the one who is going to be laughed at by all the brothers?"

"Charley you don't understand. Her parents are very strict and now that she isn't a virgin anymore, Roberta thinks she won't be able to

ever go home to them."

"I'm sorry for her, but everything we did was consensual. She wasn't force to do anything. In fact she was very enthusiastic and took the lead several times. Tell her I won't say anything about last night. No one else has any need to know what happened."

"Okay Charley, I hope this stops right here, but I don't have a good feeling about it."

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