Who Done It?

by jakewho69

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Desc: Mystery Story: Some one tried to kill me. Was it the wife? Was she cheating on me?

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It was Sunday when they woke me up. They say I woke up a few times earlier that day and then went back to sleep. Well this time I was awake and could remember things a little. A Doctor, John Chann, and a nurse, Donna, were talking to me. Dr. Chann explained that they had me in an induced coma since Wednesday because my brain had swollen and they had to remove part of my scull to make room for the swelling or I would have died.

Dr. Chann explained to me that I had been shot in the shoulder at my house. He told me that I fell as I was picking up one of my kids off the couch. When I fell, the child landed on the couch as I dropped her. It seems that my momentum carried me up over the top of the couch and I hit my head on oak table behind the couch. The kids called 911, and that saved my life.

He said the head injury was the worst of it. The bullet had gone straight though my shoulder and hit nothing vital. It did nick a vein and I bled a lot, but it was taken care of in the hospital. The main thing was the swelling of my brain. He said it all looked good now, and he could replace the piece of my scull on Tuesday. He said I would be as good as new in a month or two.

My kids and wife came in and held my hand while hugging me. I don't remember if we talked or not as I fell asleep. I woke up every two hours or so when the nurse checked on me. She would give me more pain medicine because my head was pounding and I also wanted to scratch my head. That's when I found out they had my hands tied down so I could not scratch my head.

At four in the morning, Mac, my neighbor from across the street, who was a technician and ran different tests on patients at night, stopped in to see me. He works the eleven to seven AM shifts at the hospital during weekdays.

He told me he heard the fire truck going to my house and he ran over when he saw my daughter Tracy in the road signaling for the fire rescue team. He found me in the basement with blood all around me. My head was bleeding like a stuffed pig from the fall. Blood was all over me so they scooped me up and rushed me off to the hospital in their rescue truck.

Mac said in a matter of seconds when he was in the basement the place was filled with fire rescue men. They were all over the place working on me and checking the kids. The kids had so much blood on them from hugging me rescue all thought the kids were hurt, but soon found out they were ok.

He told me my wife passed the rescue truck going to other way and they had to explain it to her that I had fallen. Mac's wife Mary stayed with the kids while my wife Jane drove up to the hospital to check on me.

At the hospital is when Jane found out that I been shot. She was surprised when the doctor told her. No one knew about me getting shot at the house. The fireman thought all the blood on my shirt came from my head wound. The only thing she knew was that I fell and hit my head ... It was a just matter of minutes when a cop was there asking her questions. She told him she didn't know anything as she was not there - she had gone shopping.

Mac said the cops came back and roped off the house as a crime scene. He told me they had a big truck that said crime scene on it. Cops went all through the neighborhood till three in the morning, and then they all came back at nine the next morning doing the same thing all over again.

Well when Mac left, I started to remember a little. Jane left to go shopping and the kids went down to the basement game room to watch TV. We have a nice den or game room in the basement. It is a walk out basement with an 8-foot opening that has a sliding glass door in it. It also has a screen door in it, which I had open because it was warm out.

I was watching TV with the kids and then I told them they had to go to bed. They both pretended to be fast asleep, so I reached down to pick up Tracy and I guess that's all I remember. I guess that is when I was shot and dropped her. I continued to fall and hit my head on the oak dinning table. As I bounced back, I fell on the floor hitting the back of my head.

Monday, a Detective Lance Jackson came into my room wanting to ask me questions. The doctor asked him if he could come back Wednesday because tomorrow they were putting my skull back together. Wednesday I would feel better and be more alert. He told the detective I would be released sometime Friday.

When Jane came up to the hospital I told her about Detective Jackson and she told me she has talked to him already a few times. He wanted to know whom she think shot me and who had it in for me. She had told him she knew of no one who was an enemy of mine. She told him it could be just a drive-by. Detective Jackson told her a drive-by is at the front of the house. Not in a back yard. He said who ever did this wanted me dead, which scared her.

Well I never got a chance to talk to Detective Jackson while I was in the hospital. A patrolman was shot and I guess everyone was out looking for the shooter. I got my skull put back together and they discharged me Friday. I had to wear a helmet like the hockey players wear in case I should fall. I felt weak, but by Monday I had most of my strength back

Monday I was home alone as the wife went back to work and the kids went in to school. I was looking at the hole in the screen door where the bullet came through. I was trying to figure where the guy shot me from when I heard the doorbell.

I had my 40-cal Glock in the small of my back as I looked out the window and saw Detective Jackson standing on my porch. I open the door and invited him in. He apologized for not seeing me sooner, but he was tied up with the officer shooting. We sat and had coffee together.

"So how are you coming on the case?" I asked.

"Not to good. Fire rescue kind of screwed our crime scene up on us."

"Maybe that's not too good for you, but they saved my life."

"Oh yes, that's what they are good at. But I think one of them carried off my bullet on me. Probably got stuck on his boots and who knows where it is today."

"Do you know where they shot from?"

"We know about where he did shoot from, well within a few feet anyway. But not what kind of weapon it was and we didn't find a shell casing out there either."

"Well then it's a revolver, isn't it?"

"Well it could be a rife or an automatic and they picked up casing."

"Any leads on who it could be?"

"Well not so far. That's why I wanted to talk to you. Your wife Jane can't come up with anyone who would have reason to kill you."

"Well I don't think I can either."

"Is anything going on at work? Do you have any trouble with anyone there? Even if you think it is small, give it to me. Let me figure out what is small and unimportant, that's my job."

"Nothing going on at work, not even small things. I've been working by myself getting a project ready for a company. I'm not in competition for a job with anyone else. I just do my job and leave. I don't hang with them, except every now and then, about once a month, we all go for a beer. We were going that Friday. No one is stealing at work that I know of, and there is no way I would know anyway. I could give you names of people from work, but I know it wouldn't do you any good."

"No, your wife gave me the names from work and I already talked to some them. What about friends you go out with or drink and party with? Here is a list of friends your wife gave me, is anyone missing from the list or anyone we could add?"

"Yes a couple names are off the list, Joe and Eddie Black and Tom and Jane Pike. Can't figure how she left them off. It makes me wonder."

"Is there anyone else?" he asked.

"No, that's it."

"She didn't leave them off. I took them off her list. I wanted to see if you would add them. Just checking up on you."

"Well good. I just couldn't figure how she slipped up on them."

"Well how are you and Jane doing? How long you two have been married? Either of you cheat on the other? You know cops always check the wife on things like this."

"Fourteen years in the fall. No, neither of us cheated on the other. Well you know how a wife and husband have a fight every now and then that lasts for a week or a month."

"No I don't, I'm not married tell me about it."

"Well you fight with you wife over something, but after a awhile you just make up. Neither one of you knows how it started or what it was about, you just know you were mad and you aren't going to give in first."

"Don't sound like fun to me."

"It happens in all marriages."

"Ok, I'll take your word for it. So how long has this one been going on?"

"Well, three more days and it will be a couple of months, I think."

"Wow a couple of months with no sex. No wonder why I don't get married. You sure neither one of you been cheating on the other?"

"I haven't."

"But you're not sure about her?"

"No, I didn't say that. Her time is always accounted for. No overtime, no weekend work, nothing."

"Does she ever go out by herself?"

"No, well she goes out once in a while with her girl friends."

"Yes, she told me and gave me a list of her girl friends. Here is the list, is anyone missing from it?"

"Wow, ten names. Yes, two names missing. I think she mentioned they went with her, Jane Adams and Betty White."

"Guess that's me always checking on people. Does she have any old boyfriends that live around here or near by? Or do you know any guy she's been playing up to since you two have been mad at each other?"

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