Teaching is a Dogs Life (or is it?)
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Black Female, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A newly qualified teacher is appointed to one of the citys rougher schools. The boys don't really want to learn and most of the girls are more interested in sleeping with the teacher.

When I started teaching at the school I was full of enthusiasm and I thought that I was going to set the world alight with my brand new teaching techniques. I was a young inexperienced over enthusiastic teacher of 22 years of age thrown into teaching in an urban area Comprehensive School, which was located in a rough area of a north country city. It was here that I really learned the perils of being a teacher in a bad area. I very quickly learned all the things that a teacher had to put up with.

The students that I had to teach were a fairly mixed crowd with a hardcore of young kids belonging to one parent families. The majority had very little if any, interest in learning the subjects they were supposed to learn. The school had given up on them and had over time adopted the policy of, "just keep them amused and quiet until its time for them to leave school and we are rid if them." Attendance levels were poor, but no-one in authority seemed to care very much. If a student was away for a long time, then some sort of investigation would have to take place.

However, being somewhat naïve and new at teaching it was a challenge to me. Once my initial dismay had worn off, I thought that I might a well give it my best effort. The boys were the biggest problem for me initially, as far as discipline was concerned. They thought that teachers were there to be harassed and made fun of, and sometimes physically assaulted. However, I soon found that most of them were very passionate football supporters, and I initially allowed a bit of leeway to discuss footballing topics, and I soon found that when they were interested, they were also better behaved.

First of all I gave them the job of finding out all the detail they could about their favourite players, past and present and how many games they had played, how many goals they had scored and how many times they had been given yellow or red cards, and various other club statistics and so I started using football statistics in various ways as a means of teaching the basic Math's syllabus. This worked quite well with the boys, and I managed to retain a fair measure of discipline, and respect from most of them. I found that I was soon getting over the basic principles of the syllabus. Some of the girls were interested in soccer, and joined in with the subject quite well, but before long I found the girls were marginally more eager to learn anyway.

Most of the girls were extremely fashion conscious and came to school wearing plenty of make-up and the type of clothes that some cynics may say was an invitation to rape, despite the strict school rules on wearing uniform ... I must admit that I enjoyed the innovation that many of them displayed in their dress sense. I would occasionally say to them, something on the lines of "Look girls have a heart, how do you expect me or the lads here to be able to concentrate with all you beauties flaunting your beautiful bodies around.? This usually brought a few laughs, but I soon became very aware that the dressing and the make-up, was usually aimed at attracting the opposite sex. Gradually I became aware that much of their behaviour was also aimed at getting my interest as well. Which in all seriousness it did.

One day I was about to go into class when one of the younger sexy blonde female teachers a Miss Dora Dixon approached me and said "Congratulations Tony you seem to be keeping that fucking useless mob under control. Of course you know the girls are all passionately in love with you, and the girls are writing a lot of essays about their secret love, in my English lessons, and it is not hard to guess who most of them are talking about., so you will have to watch your step. Some of the more adventurous ones may try to trick you into having sex with them, one way or another. If you make them pregnant they are quite happy to be one parent mothers living on state benefit, as it is much better than coming to school." We talked for a bit about teaching problems as she obviously knew the background of some of the students, but she did give me pause for thought. I thought however she was a little cynical in her description of student behaviour

I had already received one or two little anonymous love letters and gifts of sweets and chocolate on my desk. I ignored the content of these love letters, although it was interesting to know which of the girls thought they had a chance with me. It was not as though I didn't fancy some of the girls, and there were certainly at least half a dozen which if circumstances were different I could have become very interested in. But at least thinking about them gave me some nice fantasy dreams every night.

Talking to Dora later I said. "That point you made about deliberately getting pregnant, surely they don't need me to do that, there are plenty of young willing boys out there."

She laughed "You don't know young girls Tony, they are not all that interested in schoolboys at that age. Thy read all those stupid female magazines, stuffed full of love stories and they in turn want sex and romance as part of their daily lives, and young handsome male schoolteachers who strut around in front of them all day, rate very high on their must have list. Don't forget that you are also forbidden fruit, and that makes you very much more interesting."

Later that day the head teacher stopped me, and she praised me for managing to keep the class so well under control, and she asked me how I was managing it. I explained my teaching methods to her, and then she said. "Well it seems to be working so far, but I still think that you will still be lucky if you can get one boy and two girls up to the standard to sit their O"levels."

My first sexual experience came after I had been at the school for about two months. It all started one Friday evening. I was ready for home, to my lonely bachelor pad. It was one of those days that started brightly but then it had turned into a dull dreary drizzly day, and as I turned off the campus, I noticed the blonde Dora Dixon looking extremely sexy as usual standing at the bus stop opposite the school, so I asked her if she would like a lift home. Which she quickly accepted.

She told me that her live in boyfriend had her car, as his own car was in dock, and she had to make do with the bus. We soon arrived at her home, and she invited me in to meet Kenny her partner. We opened the door and went in. She threw her damp raincoat on a chair and said. "I will put the kettle on. I expect Kenny is still asleep."

After putting the kettle on she ran upstairs to her bedroom. I heard her open the door and then she started screaming "You bastard, you fucking whore."

I went out to look up stairs and saw a man pulling some trousers on and then he turned and slapped Dora in the face.

"Shut up you stupid bitch." he shouted and lifted his hand again.

"I would not do that if I were you." I called up to him.

"Who in the fuck are you." he shouted. Looking a bit startled at the interruption.

"I'm a colleague of Dora's who invited me in to meet you."

"Piss off then" he shouted.

"No Tony don't go, I want him out and this fucking whore as well, who I thought was my best friend," obviously referring to a young blonde lady who darted down the stairs, and out the front door dressing as she went.

"Certainly, but I think I will call the police because he I have just witnessed him assaulting you." I moved towards the telephone as I spoke.

"No need mate I am a copper."

"Oh your mates will love you then lady beater." I said as I lifted the receiver and started to dial.

"No don't do that I will go." he shouted in a bit of a panic, obviously thinking about the implications for him if his mates arrived on the scene. Fifteen minutes later Kenny came down stairs lugging a suitcase.

"You are welcome to the stupid fucking oversexed cow." He bawled at me as he slammed the front door as he left. A few moments later I made ready, to leave but a tearful Dora pleaded with me to stay.

"Don't leave me Tony dear, can you change the locks for me because he still has a set of keys?"

Dora was obviously very distressed with Kenny's behaviour, and so I went out and purchased new door locks and fitted them with some tools that fortunately Kenny had left behind. I had just finished the job when Dora came downstairs, still crying profusely and sat by me on the Settee, she had showered and changed into her nightclothes. Feeling sorry for her, and not really thinking I put my arms round her to console her, which really was a crazy thing to do, I later realised. She smelt so nice and felt very sexy and her wandering hands soon let me know what her intentions were.

It was quite early when after a bit of cuddling and kissing she led me to her bedroom. While we had been sat on the settee she had quite brazenly reached over and grabbed my zipper and unzipped my bulging fly. At the time my common sense was trying to say no, but my cock was now in charge and common sense went out of the window. At least I consoled myself with the thought that she is not a student and that we were two consenting adults. Her fondling had made me so hot that I could have shot my load in my pants. The experience was too much to handle for me. I was lost, and I reached around her waist and clutched her under her breasts. She started making moaning sounds and whispering under her breath."Tony dear I want you, ohhhh please make love to me"

I was lost, and I knew then that I was too far gone to walk away, but at least she was an adult, and no-one could complain about us making love in our own time. As she spoke she was expertly working my trousers off, and her warm hands were soon rubbing my cock and playing with my balls. I was so hot - I wanted to fuck her right then, she was teasing me so much that I could not think straight.

Dora pulled my underwear down to my ankles and gently worked her way down my body with her tongue, tracing my body with her wet tongue. She got to the tip of my cock and began to lick and flick the head of my cock with her warm licking movements. She finally took "all" of my cock in her mouth and started to work it up and down. At the same time, she played with my balls, moving them up and down in a slow gentle motion as she sucked. She was doing such a good job I wanted to ram my cock all the way in her mouth so badly. I couldn't take it much longer, I pulled her head off my cock, and I picked her up and lay her on the bed and I started to work my way up her leg with my tongue, getting so close to her vagina, the heat from her pussy was intense and the smell of her sex was quite heady.

She really wanted to be fucked so bad, she was moaning at me and muttering "yes Tony yes that's lovely" and so on constantly. I stopped licking her and positioned myself between her legs, and thrust my cock all the way into her pussy, while she gave little squeals of delight. I started moving in and out, each stroke going deeper and deeper. She was moaning, and writhing all over the bed and she grabbed the back of my hair and started pulling it in her passion!

I reached under her body while I was fucking her, and gradually worked my finger gently into her anus, she began to moan even louder. As I started finger fucking her anus, she screamed out -"Oh ... yes..." then she came. I was not too far behind her, I arched my back, and I came in long bursts inside her - she wriggled and squirmed with delight. And so began a night of hectic lovemaking which left me almost totally exhausted by morning. Although it was a Saturday, and Dora was imploring me to stay with her for the weekend, but prudence decided that I should retreat back to my own lonely pad. The intensity of her wish to keep me with her sounded alarm bells in my head.

I had many girlfriends when I was in college, and I had enjoyed a full if not rather hectic sex life, but since starting at the school I had become a bit of a sexual hermit as I concentrated on trying to become a good teacher. That night with Dora had brought sex back to the forefront of my mind and as the day went on I wondered whether it would be such a bad thing if I was to have an affair with Dora, but somehow, although we had a few dates later after a night with her, I was reluctant to get too involved as she was much too eager to start a full blow relationship for my liking.

But after such a lovely sex filled night, she had broken my self imposed abstinence for sex and had brought back my need for regular sex to me I was only human and having as it were broken my sexual fast, my attention became more focused on the girls I was teaching. One girl in particular who interested me right from the beginning was fifteen year old Katie Doyle. I thought she was really a very beautiful and sexy teenager. She was a slim sexily dressed precocious blonde with a page boy hair style, and lovely expressive blue eyes, who exuded a sort of animal magnetism and this combined with her bubbly personality was like a magnet to me. She invariably came to school dressed in tight stone washed jeans, a tight white blouse which showed her breasts off to the best advantage, with black knee high fashion boots, and a surfeit of well applied make-up. She certainly usually looked very much older than fifteen.

The school had for years tried to enforce the wearing of the school uniform with the older girls, but they were largely ignored. The threat of expulsion was ignored. The school had found to their dismay that you can not threaten to suspend or expel a student who wants to be expelled, so very reluctantly the powers that be at the school had to accept that if they could keep them attending school until they were of an age to leave, that would be the next best option. Katie made her interest in me patently obvious, at least to me, as was the interest of some of the other girls. But I have to admit that I did partially encourage Katie's interest for all it was worth.

She made her interest in me quite obvious, but she was discreet when other kids were around. However, she would deliberately hang around after class trying to create chances to talk to me on my own. Our conversation invariably got around to matters sexual and I admit I was increasingly being severely tempted, and I did not discourage her as I should have done, in fact I deliberately and quite consciously gave her opportunities to meet me on my own, in a quiet part of the school.

On a number of occasions we managed to hold discreet conversations and cuddles in secluded corners in the corridors, where she would take the opportunity to crush her sexy young teenage body against mine, she would grind her crotch into my groin and we would kiss and one day when there was no danger of being seen, she undid my zip and put her hand inside my pants to pull me cock into the open. While she knelt down and sucked my cock I would in turn take the opportunity to fondle her breasts, and once or twice I managed to undo her jeans and fondle her hot wet pussy. Katie obviously enjoyed the fact she was giving me such an enormous erection, and we would both depart very highly frustrated. I knew that this relationship was heading for some sort of conclusion.

One Friday evening after school, I had a knock on the door just as I had settled down to watch the TV. I anticipated that it was the young married West Indian lady Joan Simpkin who lived in the house next door, who took every opportunity to invade my privacy, on the pretext of borrowing some sugar, or offering me a cake that she had baked, and who delighted in spending time with me when her husband was away which was quite often. But to my amazement, I opened the door to see a very sexily dressed Katie standing there dressed in a wet fawn mackintosh and smiling broadly at me from under her umbrella. As usual she looked lovely.

She did not wait for an invitation before she let herself in, and threw her wet mackintosh on to a vacant chair. As soon as I sat down she was on my lap, and giving me a very passionate kiss. When the kiss broke, I asked her what she was doing here in my apartment. She said quietly "I want to spend the night with you my darling."

Immediately I reacted and said. "Wow that is not a very wise thing to do Katie dear - it could land me in very big trouble, especially if the neighbours see you."

After about fifteen minutes when I had been unsuccessful in persuading Katie to go home I heard a knock on my front door, and I was relieved to see Joan my neighbour standing there with a big smile on her face, and holding a large sponge cake in her hands. I invited her in to the apartment immediately, seeing an opportunity to get rid of Katie. I introduced Katie to Joan, and I made some coffee and we chatted. I explained to Joan that Katie was a student of mine, and she had called to get some advice with a school project she was working on...

Eventually Joan left and I convinced Katie that it was unfortunate that Joan had called as she was a close friend of one of the teachers at the school, so extremely reluctantly she departed although, I did agree to meet her after lunch for a shopping expedition on the following Saturday ... She was adamant that her parents would not mind me taking her out. I was not so sure myself but decided to risk it.

I decided after Katie left that I ought to have a word with Joan as I did not want to start any rumours that could rebound on me later. I knocked on Joan's door and she was stood there with a big welcoming smile on her face, having just got ready for bed wearing a very skimpy nightdress.

"Can you spare me a few minutes Joan dear." I asked "Because I wanted to thank you for that lovely cake, and a very convenient intervention, but I see that I my have come at an inconvenient time." Then before I could blink Joan was upon me. She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into a long fiery passionate kiss. Pressing her body against mine. She began to grind her crotch against my stiffening erection. When we finally broke the kiss, coming up for air, she looked at me with a smile that somehow both baffled and delighted me.

"God, Tony I've been wanting to do that for weeks, since you moved in" she said softly, as her very sexy body was still impatiently pressing and grinding against mine. Her thick lips did not wait for a reply as they once again closed on mine, her tongue exploring my mouth as now being only being human and with a raging erection I guiltily wrapped my arms round her neck as I gladly succumbed to her seduction.

"Joan dear I think you are lovely, but we should stop now as you are married" I muttered.

"Yes Tony but where is my husband eh. He is off fucking one of his girl friends and leaving his wife alone at home.?"

I was staggered. "How do you know that?" I asked.

"I know he brings his dirty underwear for me to wash when he comes home and I see the stains."

"You know he is a sales rep and he stays away for three or four days at a time over in Ireland and I know just what he is up to with the girls over there."

My mind was in a whirl as I tried to absorb this latest bit of information.

"Why don't you leave him then"?

"Can I move in with you Tony and all your little school girls?" I saw two of them coming out of your place three nights ago."

"I was not in three nights ago I was at the football match with a friend of mine from school."I told her. I thought at the time that she was having me on and I took little notice, but I did think back later, and realised that I had lost my spare keys for a couple of days, and the school caretaker had found them and given them back to me.

But at the time Joan was too sexy o be bothered with her comment and with her body wrapped around mine. So I succumbed to her attack. As we kissed I reached and slipped off her nightdress shoulder straps and she pulled away enough to let it drop to the floor. Now all she was wearing was a tiny black silk thong.

Joan took me by the hand into her bedroom where she impatiently started pulling off my clothes, I began to kiss my way down her long, ebony body, lingering at the spot between her full, sweet breasts, down her smooth belly, finally pulling away the thong, and burying my face in her shaven pussy.

She wrapped those long almost endless silky legs around my head as I ate her pussy, running my tongue around the outline of her pink pussy lips, then licking away at the inside. She bucked against me, coming once, then quite quickly again, as I found her tiny clit and sucked on it. The scent and taste of her, incredibly sweet and musky smell, were driving me mad, and I knew I had to get inside her.

Releasing my head from between her legs, she pulled me up, kissing me over and over as she flipped me onto my back. All eagerness, she lowered her dripping cunt onto my cock. God, what a feeling, so hot and smooth as I sank into her! Reaching up to caress her as she rode me, I savoured the touch of her skin, loving the shiver that ran through her body as she came a third and a fourth time, until I exploded inside her.

She began to pull away, but I knew from her expression that we were far from finished. My erection was still rampant, which amazed and excited both of us, and she rolled onto her back this time. She wrapped her body around me, as she pulled me inside her and I came three more times, while she must have come at least a dozen before we finally released each other. I sat up on the bed and she cuddled up against me, her head on my shoulder.

She looked at me. "Now my darling Tony tell me am I a better fuck than all those little underage girls?"

I said Joan. "I honestly don't know, you saved my life tonight when you brought that cake otherwise I knew I was going to be put under a lot of pressure."

"What would you have done Tony?" She asked as she watched my reaction.

"Joan dear I honestly don't know."

She pushed me back on the bed and said.

Well Tony honey I want you to stay here and let Aunty Joan look after you tonight, and many nights afterwards if you will let me.?" I will prove that experience counts for a lot. It was a fantastic night and I did take Joan up on the offer quite frequently in the following weeks after that...

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