My Best Friend's Wife

by Baptist Jack

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Brian has been Tom's best friend since they were little, and he'll be damned if he'll let some bitch treat Tom that way, even if she is his wife.

So I've known Tom for my whole life ... well, damned near close enough. We bullshitted each other for years about imagined stories of girls we'd fucked all through Junior High, and, appallingly enough, the bastard lost his cherry to Meagan Meeks a full year and a half before I managed to lose mine to Traci. Of course, fittingly enough, I was the one who maintained a steady string of sex through college, while he latched on to Jenna and undertook some sort of pledge of celibacy until marriage.

I've been a dominant my whole life, I just didn't know it until I hit upon a couple of guys in my fraternity who showed me the ropes, so to speak. I've tried explaining this all to Tom and just how I don't understand how he lets Jenna treat him the way she does. Of course, he feeds me the same line that all of the married guys do, "You'll see how it is once you finally meet that one chick." Yeah, and he's been saying that to me for the last 6 years while his sex life has dwindled away to nothing ... and that's after he got married.

This all came to a head several weeks ago when he told me that he wanted to do something special for Jenna for their anniversary. I gave him the straight dope on some soft handcuffs and some rope from my collection, showed him how to tie a few knots and loaned him a little egg vibrator with a remote control. Stuff with a little bit of a kink for the vanilla couple ... and really, much more vanilla than my standard schtick, but he's my best friend and the man who I'd go to war for.

So imagine my surprise when I got a knock at my door at 10 pm on the night of his anniversary and he was standing there with tears in his eyes and a backpack full of stuff. "She kicked me out, Brian. I put the cuffs on her and she just freaked the fuck out."

The longer the story went, the more pissed off I got. Sure, I knew some girls just didn't go in for the bondage scene, but he'd gone out of his way to do something nice for her and she'd thrown it in his face and with a vengeance.

So I got Tom good and drunk and when he'd passed out, I took a drive over to Tom's place to have a little chat with Jenna.

Jenna answered the door with a sneer, "I should have figured he'd send you over here to do his confrontation for him. Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

I'd always restrained myself on account of Tom, but enough was enough. I felt the cool rage coming up over me as I slipped into my dominant mindset.

"Bitch, I don't think you understand exactly where you stand right now. You realize that Tom is my best friend and from where I sit, you're basically the cunt soaking up his free time, right? You really don't rate high in my books at the best of times, and at the moment, my only real use for you is to strip you naked, whip your ass and take you back over to him."

She laughed. "I figured ... he's always trying to be like you. It's kind of pathetic really. He's not the man to do anything of the sort ... he's really not much of a man at all."

Enough being enough, I pushed her back in through the doorway and slapped her. She stood there dazed, unsure what to do.

"Listen here, cunt, I've had about enough of your attitude. I think it's time you run along upstairs and get into a proper negligee and I'll be taking you over to my place to finish what Tom started earlier tonight with you."

With that, I waved my hand at her and turned to close the door. She charged headlong into my back, knocking me over in surprise. So much for my ability to read women.

Unfortunately for her, I knew what the hell I was doing. 10 seconds later found her face-down pinned on the floor in her flannel night-gown, screaming at me.

"I'll kill you, bastard! I'll cut your dick off and choke you with it."

I grinned. "Well Jenna. I think, you just decided that you didn't want to come nicely." And with that, I pulled out my ever-present boot knife. "Now hold still," I said, waving the knife slowly out in front of her face. That shut her up really quickly.

"Just what are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm just fixing this pesky little problem of your clothes, just in case you catch any more stupid ideas. Now hold still." And with that, I grabbed at the top of her gown and made one long slash. "And look, so good of you not to be wearing anything underneath. Oh Jenna, what a nice ass you have."

As I let her go, Jenna flipped herself over and pulled her gown up around her like blanket as she curled up, glaring at me. "You're not taking me anywhere!"

"Jenna, I think it's cute that you're of the opinion that this is a debate." I put the knife back in my boot and watched her confidence grow. "But if your cute little ass isn't off of that floor and heading up those stairs by the time I get that door closed, I'm going to be seeing a lot more of you than just your ass."

I didn't hear any movement behind me as I slowly stood and walked five paces to the door, and sure enough, as I turned from it, Jenna looked up at me with a challenge in her eye. Remarkably enough, this was beginning to feel less and less like a kidnapping and more like a submission session. "Your decision," I noted, as I strode towards her. As I grabbed her gown, Jenna tried to jerk away and run up the stairs. Well, she got up the stairs alright, but I ended up with her gown. Yes, Jenna was a natural blonde.

"I want to see you in some lingerie when I get up there Jenna."

And then I heard the door slam.

"Ah Jenna ... and here I thought we were going to make this easy for you ... Jenna, you have two options: you can open this door now and put on your lingerie and I'll give you five swats on the rear for this stunt. Or, you can hide behind the door and when I open it, you're going to have ten swats on the rear and five on that sweet blonde cunt of yours."

There was a muffled gasp behind the door, "You wouldn't!"

"Hasn't Tom told you that I make most of my money as a professional dominant and trainer on the weekends, Jenna? Do you think this is even a challenge for me? You have five seconds before I come through this door without your help."

I heard breathing on the other side of the door. "Five ... four ... three ... two..." And then scraping.

"Alright, come in, it's open."

I swung the door open and there stood Jenna, body flushed, waiting expectantly. Yeah, I'd called it ... this one was a total submissive just waiting for someone with the stones to break her in. Tom, sadly, was just not that man.

"Alright sweetie, let's give you those swats so you can get ready to go fuck Tom."

She glowered a bit as I sat on their bed and motioned her over. "Alright babe, I want you to put your hands on the bed, stick your ass out and count them out. Got that?"

She nodded.

I swatted her bottom and she yelped and started. "When you answer me, you say 'Yes Master!', got it?"

"Yes master," she answered, assuming the position.

I reached my hand in between her legs to spread them out and I could feel the heat and moisture coming off of her cunt. Damn, I was a bit jealous of my best friend.


"One, what? Cunt?"

"One, master."

"Two, master. Three, master. Four, master. Five, master. Owww ... I thought it was ... OWWW ... six, seven, master. Wasn't it? ... eight, master. Nine, master. Wasn't it five?"


"Wasn't it five, master?"

"I added one swat for every second you made me wait at the door ... you're lucky I didn't give you those swats on your pussy that you were asking for, Jenna. Now get up and go put on something nice for your husband."

Before I dropped Jenna off at my apartment, I told her that I wanted Tom fucked to exhaustion and I wanted them both to get a good night's sleep in my bed. From the flushed look on her face and the fact that her seat in my truck positively reeked of pussy, I was pretty sure that he got the fucking of a lifetime.

I went back into work for a while and crashed on the couch in my office, and by the time I got back to my apartment at 2 the next afternoon, they'd cleared out. I saw Tom at work on Monday morning, but he avoided me a bit and we didn't really get a chance to talk until lunch-time.

"So, how was the anniversary, my main man?"

"I don't know what the hell got into her Brian. When I left on Friday night, she was threatening my life, and then she turned up at your place, woke me up off of your spare bed and told me that you'd loaned us the place ... Oh, and to top it all off, Jenna is now talking threesome when the last time I brought it up, I got slapped, what gives?"

"Tom, do you want it straight?"

"Brian, you've never held back on me yet ... why should you start now?"

"So your wife is a submissive. You're just not a dominant. But when I whipped her bare ass and told her that she was going to go give you the fuck of your life, her pussy was drooling."

"Seriously?! How could you ... wait ... bare ASS?!"

"Yes my man, you no longer have to evade me ... I know for certain that your wife is a natural blonde. And as to the ass ... well, I suppose I should start from the beginning." And so I regaled an incredulous Tom with the story of how he had dominated Jenna and delivered her to Tom wet and naked.

"Man, I should hate you, but all I can think about is how I wish I'd been there."

"Well Tom, the best part is that you're still the only one who has fucked your precious Jenna ... even if I might have happened to have spanked her naked ass and run my hand up along her naked thighs."

"Hey man, if we can have this three-way, you can have your way with her, just so long as I get to join in."

And that, I suppose, is how I walked into my office the next morning with a naked Jenna lying spread-eagle on my desk with Tom sitting naked in my chair. They both looked a little bit nervous, but Jenna seemed even happier than Tom to see me.

"Tom, out of my chair ... only my naked ass in that chair. And Jenna, are you sure you want this? This is your last warning ... you say 'yes' and you're getting fucked and fucked good."

Tom hopped up and Jenna licked her lips, glancing at my growing bulge. "I figure I owe you that for keeping my husband and I together."

"Is that all?"

"Isn't it enough?" she purred.

"Well Jenna, you understand how I relate to women. If you want to do this threesome with Tom and I, you understand that we'll be in charge and you'll be doing the submitting?"

"Yes master."

"Good. Tom, if you'll be so kind, third drawer on the left, there's some shave gel and a packet of razors in there."

"Good lord Brian, and toothpaste, and mouthwash and..."

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