Paili & Darissa's Science Project


Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Magic, Lesbian, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, Black Female, White Female, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Nudism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Paili & Darissa are bored with being seniors in High School, getting straight A's in Honors Courses and being star athletes. Both have been accepted to prestigious colleges. Out of boredom, on the one's 18th birthday, the two ladies devise and act on a plan so sinister, an entire city of people is turned on, falling in love or plain infuriated with them.

"OK, class, with the end of the semester nearly upon us, it's time to start thinking about those civics projects we discussed," Ms. Hathon lectured. "Now, in our last class we spoke about local government structure as well as city infrastructure planning. The assignment will entail each one of you to propose and outline a plan for a city government and describe a city infrastructure to be built from the ground up, considering all the factors for population growth and economic development that we discussed during the semester. I want the report to no longer than five pages. It's due in three weeks," the teacher concluded just as the bell rang.

"Ugh, what a boring assignment and for such a blow-off class," Paili moaned to Darissa as they made their way to their lockers. "Don't worry, you and I'll finish that one off the night before it's due," Darissa assured. "Wouldn't be so sure of it. Ms. Hathon just pulled me aside to remind me that she expects us to speak to local government officials and really dig into the assignment. This sucks, just as I'm getting ready for Prom, practicing for the tennis championships and preparing for that science seminar you and I are preparing for" Paili pouted.

The next period bell rang as the two 18-year old high school students headed to their AP calculus class, making eyes with two star football players. As the math teacher droned on, Paili's attention wandered as she thought about how to approach the pending civics assignment and figure out a science project for the upcoming seminar and complete that living arts writing essay. Paili then turned toward Darissa with smile and whispered something that made Darissa grin with glee. A solution to their cramped schedules.

"You mean you can actually make that formula up in the chemistry lab? What about the side effects" Darissa asked excitedly. "We won't be the ones feeling the side effects. I'm throwing something extra special in that concoction so the whole experience is just gonna be just so awesome. You'll see. In fact, let's ask Drake to join us. "Wow, our civics presentation is gonna be the best!" Darissa smiled at Paili.

"Darissa, Honey, it's time to get up. It's 6 O'clock and Happy 18th Birthday, Mrs. Rothman shouted to the sleepy girl. "OK, hold on," Darissa yawned back. Within 15 minutes Darissa was sitting at the breakfast table as her mom handed her her breakfast plate. "So, I don't want to be a pest, but you really need to start looking into those college visits. Your PSAT scores are perfect and you've already tested out of most of your AP class requirements. All the Ivy's are gonna love ya," Mrs. Rothman pleaded. "Please, mom. I'm working on it. I promise. But today is not the day to get started. Me and Paili are headed downtown to work an assignment for our government class. I promise I'll start setting up some college visits next week. I gotta go. Have to pick up Paili." Darissa grabbed her car keys and made a b-line for the door. "Wait a minute ... you're supposed to be in school today. Where downtown are you going?" Mrs. Rothman inquired as the door slammed.

"But I'm just so bored with high school at this point. I've taken all the AP classes I can, so I'm just looking forward to senior year. I just wanna have fun," Paili whined to her mom at the breakfast table. "I understand. Just stay focused, summer is around the corner and you can relax. Need I remind you, young lady, you still have to get those papers in for your trip to Israel this August," Mrs. Goldberg frowned. "I promise I'll get them tomorrow. Not today. Me and Darissa are headed downtown as part of our civics assignment." "Oh? Downtown?" Mrs. Goldberg asked suspiciously. "Yeah, we're meeting with local government officials, a few citizens and maybe even the military," Paili responded with a smirk. "That sounds terrific, but you're dressed like you're off to the beach." "Don't worry, mom, I'm changing in the car. Oh, there's Paili now. Gotta go." Paili kissed her mom on the cheek as she grabbed her large beach tote bag and headed out the door.

"Oh, thank god. My mom was being the biggest pain in the ass," Paili sighed to Darissa as she settled into the front passenger seat. "I hear ya. My mom can be such a pest, but I love her anyway," Darissa said gleefully. "Oh, Paili, you know Jay Drake, right?" "Hi, Paili. I've always wanted to skip class and head to the beach with you to for the longest time. I've got my bathing trunks, sun lotion, towel and even some beer," Jay cheerfully announced. Paili and Darissa looked at each other and giggled. "What's so funny?" Jay asked. "Nothing. The beer sounds awesome," Paili assured.

"Hey, Jay, my hot football player man, Darissa and me need to head downtown before we go to the beach. We need to get our passports for our trip to Israel. Is that OK?" Paili asked. "Whatever you need, girls, go for it," Jay responded casually as he reclined in the back seat of the Camry.

Darissa turned on the radio for the traffic report. "This is WRFS radio. The latest traffic report is brought to you by Playtex," the announcer began. "We have a doozy this hot Monday morning in May. Due to the scheduled rally and protest at City Hall, police have blocked off Trust Ave from 1st to 15th and rush hour traffic is moving slowly along I-787. Patience is appreciated, folks. We expect roughly 10,000 protestors from all over." Jay sat up and rested his chin between the two front seats. "We're probably gonna be late for the beach with all this traffic and that protest," he informed the girls with concern. Again, Darissa and Paili smiled girlishly at each other. "Don't worry, sweetie, us girls have it under control." Paili said.

"Wow, a government protest downtown. That's soo cool! It's just like Ms. Hathon talked about in class, ya know, about the freedom of speech and protest." "Yeah, sounds like this city could use some new leadership," Paili said as she broke out in laughter

As threesome slowly crawled along I-787, Paili and Darissa removed their jean shorts and t-shirts. Darissa revealed a light green tube-top bikini and Paili a white bikini with black trim. Darissa pulled back her dark black hair into a pony tail and Paili teased her think blonde locks into a full bodied look. "I thought you two had to go to the passport office?" Jay asked in a confused state. Darissa stared back at Jay through the rearview mirror, her olive-tone complexion, dimples and cute freckles reflecting the sun. Focusing her big brown eyes at him, "Yeah, it should be a quick stop. Just follow Paili's lead and start applying some sun lotion."

Paili turned around to face Jay. "Here. Relax. Take a sip of my Coke" "I'll have a sip too," Darissa laughed to Paili.

"Holy shit! There are so many people down here," Darissa marveled as they sat at the intersection of Main and Blisten, the four lane set of streets that was the gateway to downtown. "I'm starting to feel weird," Jay complained. "So am I" Darissa smiled as she turned to Paili. "It's time," Paili said authoritatively. Darissa put the car in park, blocking traffic in their lane. Jay looked confused. "Everyone out of the car! Jay, get out and take my hand. Just trust me," Paili stated confidently.

With horns blasting and angry commuters yelling every profanity in the English language at them, the three beach-toting teens left the car, Paili leading two by the hand, congregated in the middle of the intersection. The sounds of protestors several blocks away could be heard in the background; "Impeach the mayor, down with corruption!" blasted through bullhorns, banners flying. Paili and Darissa stood on either side of Jay underneath the traffic lights as some people began exiting their cars to confront them. "Trust me, Jay, you're gonna be a star," Paili whispered in his ear.

Just as one large angry man was upon them, the transformation began. Darissa and Paili cringed and Jay's jaw dropped as the three began to grow. "Oh, this is sooo awesome!" Darissa gawked to a laughing Paili. "What's going on?" Jay asked urgently as they reached 20 feet in height. "You, my hot man, along with us hot girls, are turning into a giant," Paili informed him as they reached 50 feet tall. "We're gonna rule the world," Darissa purred as they topped off at somewhere between 100 and 125 feet.

Jay's eyes widened in disbelief as the three stared down in amazement at all the people at their feet. People began screaming as car doors flew open and commuters began running. "What happened to my clothes? How come you two ... you still have on your bikinis?" Jay asked with dismay, standing stark naked in the bustling intersection. "Because I made the giant formula, Darissa and me are in charge. Besides, boys don't wear bikinis," Paili pouted in a not-so-nice, bratty tone. Darissa laughed as she held a hand over her mouth, waving down to people near her feet. "Boys' clothes are just sooo overrated," Darissa joked to the red-faced jock.

"Shhh ... here that?," Paili asked Darissa as they stood in the crowded intersection. Darissa laughed as her pretty ears made out the distant chants. "We want better government! When do we want it? Now!" The massive crowd crowed, only ten blocks from the towering and terrifying bikini-toting titans. Still mesmerized at the fleeing people at their feet, Darissa couldn't help but comment, "Those people are in for a real treat," she assured Paili who laughed girlishly. "Let's pay those protestors a visit," Paili smirked.

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