Paili & Darissa's Science Project


Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Magic, Lesbian, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, Black Female, White Female, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Nudism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Paili & Darissa are bored with being seniors in High School, getting straight A's in Honors Courses and being star athletes. Both have been accepted to prestigious colleges. Out of boredom, on the one's 18th birthday, the two ladies devise and act on a plan so sinister, an entire city of people is turned on, falling in love or plain infuriated with them.

"OK, class, with the end of the semester nearly upon us, it's time to start thinking about those civics projects we discussed," Ms. Hathon lectured. "Now, in our last class we spoke about local government structure as well as city infrastructure planning. The assignment will entail each one of you to propose and outline a plan for a city government and describe a city infrastructure to be built from the ground up, considering all the factors for population growth and economic development that we discussed during the semester. I want the report to no longer than five pages. It's due in three weeks," the teacher concluded just as the bell rang.

"Ugh, what a boring assignment and for such a blow-off class," Paili moaned to Darissa as they made their way to their lockers. "Don't worry, you and I'll finish that one off the night before it's due," Darissa assured. "Wouldn't be so sure of it. Ms. Hathon just pulled me aside to remind me that she expects us to speak to local government officials and really dig into the assignment. This sucks, just as I'm getting ready for Prom, practicing for the tennis championships and preparing for that science seminar you and I are preparing for" Paili pouted.

The next period bell rang as the two 18-year old high school students headed to their AP calculus class, making eyes with two star football players. As the math teacher droned on, Paili's attention wandered as she thought about how to approach the pending civics assignment and figure out a science project for the upcoming seminar and complete that living arts writing essay. Paili then turned toward Darissa with smile and whispered something that made Darissa grin with glee. A solution to their cramped schedules.

"You mean you can actually make that formula up in the chemistry lab? What about the side effects" Darissa asked excitedly. "We won't be the ones feeling the side effects. I'm throwing something extra special in that concoction so the whole experience is just gonna be just so awesome. You'll see. In fact, let's ask Drake to join us. "Wow, our civics presentation is gonna be the best!" Darissa smiled at Paili.

"Darissa, Honey, it's time to get up. It's 6 O'clock and Happy 18th Birthday, Mrs. Rothman shouted to the sleepy girl. "OK, hold on," Darissa yawned back. Within 15 minutes Darissa was sitting at the breakfast table as her mom handed her her breakfast plate. "So, I don't want to be a pest, but you really need to start looking into those college visits. Your PSAT scores are perfect and you've already tested out of most of your AP class requirements. All the Ivy's are gonna love ya," Mrs. Rothman pleaded. "Please, mom. I'm working on it. I promise. But today is not the day to get started. Me and Paili are headed downtown to work an assignment for our government class. I promise I'll start setting up some college visits next week. I gotta go. Have to pick up Paili." Darissa grabbed her car keys and made a b-line for the door. "Wait a minute ... you're supposed to be in school today. Where downtown are you going?" Mrs. Rothman inquired as the door slammed.

"But I'm just so bored with high school at this point. I've taken all the AP classes I can, so I'm just looking forward to senior year. I just wanna have fun," Paili whined to her mom at the breakfast table. "I understand. Just stay focused, summer is around the corner and you can relax. Need I remind you, young lady, you still have to get those papers in for your trip to Israel this August," Mrs. Goldberg frowned. "I promise I'll get them tomorrow. Not today. Me and Darissa are headed downtown as part of our civics assignment." "Oh? Downtown?" Mrs. Goldberg asked suspiciously. "Yeah, we're meeting with local government officials, a few citizens and maybe even the military," Paili responded with a smirk. "That sounds terrific, but you're dressed like you're off to the beach." "Don't worry, mom, I'm changing in the car. Oh, there's Paili now. Gotta go." Paili kissed her mom on the cheek as she grabbed her large beach tote bag and headed out the door.

"Oh, thank god. My mom was being the biggest pain in the ass," Paili sighed to Darissa as she settled into the front passenger seat. "I hear ya. My mom can be such a pest, but I love her anyway," Darissa said gleefully. "Oh, Paili, you know Jay Drake, right?" "Hi, Paili. I've always wanted to skip class and head to the beach with you to for the longest time. I've got my bathing trunks, sun lotion, towel and even some beer," Jay cheerfully announced. Paili and Darissa looked at each other and giggled. "What's so funny?" Jay asked. "Nothing. The beer sounds awesome," Paili assured.

"Hey, Jay, my hot football player man, Darissa and me need to head downtown before we go to the beach. We need to get our passports for our trip to Israel. Is that OK?" Paili asked. "Whatever you need, girls, go for it," Jay responded casually as he reclined in the back seat of the Camry.

Darissa turned on the radio for the traffic report. "This is WRFS radio. The latest traffic report is brought to you by Playtex," the announcer began. "We have a doozy this hot Monday morning in May. Due to the scheduled rally and protest at City Hall, police have blocked off Trust Ave from 1st to 15th and rush hour traffic is moving slowly along I-787. Patience is appreciated, folks. We expect roughly 10,000 protestors from all over." Jay sat up and rested his chin between the two front seats. "We're probably gonna be late for the beach with all this traffic and that protest," he informed the girls with concern. Again, Darissa and Paili smiled girlishly at each other. "Don't worry, sweetie, us girls have it under control." Paili said.

"Wow, a government protest downtown. That's soo cool! It's just like Ms. Hathon talked about in class, ya know, about the freedom of speech and protest." "Yeah, sounds like this city could use some new leadership," Paili said as she broke out in laughter

As threesome slowly crawled along I-787, Paili and Darissa removed their jean shorts and t-shirts. Darissa revealed a light green tube-top bikini and Paili a white bikini with black trim. Darissa pulled back her dark black hair into a pony tail and Paili teased her think blonde locks into a full bodied look. "I thought you two had to go to the passport office?" Jay asked in a confused state. Darissa stared back at Jay through the rearview mirror, her olive-tone complexion, dimples and cute freckles reflecting the sun. Focusing her big brown eyes at him, "Yeah, it should be a quick stop. Just follow Paili's lead and start applying some sun lotion."

Paili turned around to face Jay. "Here. Relax. Take a sip of my Coke" "I'll have a sip too," Darissa laughed to Paili.

"Holy shit! There are so many people down here," Darissa marveled as they sat at the intersection of Main and Blisten, the four lane set of streets that was the gateway to downtown. "I'm starting to feel weird," Jay complained. "So am I" Darissa smiled as she turned to Paili. "It's time," Paili said authoritatively. Darissa put the car in park, blocking traffic in their lane. Jay looked confused. "Everyone out of the car! Jay, get out and take my hand. Just trust me," Paili stated confidently.

With horns blasting and angry commuters yelling every profanity in the English language at them, the three beach-toting teens left the car, Paili leading two by the hand, congregated in the middle of the intersection. The sounds of protestors several blocks away could be heard in the background; "Impeach the mayor, down with corruption!" blasted through bullhorns, banners flying. Paili and Darissa stood on either side of Jay underneath the traffic lights as some people began exiting their cars to confront them. "Trust me, Jay, you're gonna be a star," Paili whispered in his ear.

Just as one large angry man was upon them, the transformation began. Darissa and Paili cringed and Jay's jaw dropped as the three began to grow. "Oh, this is sooo awesome!" Darissa gawked to a laughing Paili. "What's going on?" Jay asked urgently as they reached 20 feet in height. "You, my hot man, along with us hot girls, are turning into a giant," Paili informed him as they reached 50 feet tall. "We're gonna rule the world," Darissa purred as they topped off at somewhere between 100 and 125 feet.

Jay's eyes widened in disbelief as the three stared down in amazement at all the people at their feet. People began screaming as car doors flew open and commuters began running. "What happened to my clothes? How come you two ... you still have on your bikinis?" Jay asked with dismay, standing stark naked in the bustling intersection. "Because I made the giant formula, Darissa and me are in charge. Besides, boys don't wear bikinis," Paili pouted in a not-so-nice, bratty tone. Darissa laughed as she held a hand over her mouth, waving down to people near her feet. "Boys' clothes are just sooo overrated," Darissa joked to the red-faced jock.

"Shhh ... here that?," Paili asked Darissa as they stood in the crowded intersection. Darissa laughed as her pretty ears made out the distant chants. "We want better government! When do we want it? Now!" The massive crowd crowed, only ten blocks from the towering and terrifying bikini-toting titans. Still mesmerized at the fleeing people at their feet, Darissa couldn't help but comment, "Those people are in for a real treat," she assured Paili who laughed girlishly. "Let's pay those protestors a visit," Paili smirked.

Darissa led the way as they headed down Frink Street in the direction of the chants, their impressive footfalls not yet reaching the massive crowd gathered outside city hall. Pail was right behind Darissa as they slowly, confidently ambled down the wide street, smiling down to fleeing people and tiptoeing between abandoned vehicles. CRUNCH! The sound of a car flattening echoed between the buildings. OOPS! Paili boomed. I TOTALLY SMOOSHED THAT CAR. Paili examined the bottom of her foot, removing scraps of metal and glass. GOSH, THAT SHIT DIDN'T HURT AT ALL Paili giggled. HEY, DAR, WAIT A MINUTE! Paili beckoned as she laughed. YOUR ASS CRACK IS LIKE TOTALLY SHOWING. LET ME FIX THAT. Paili lightly lifted Darissa's bikini bottom with her fingers so its elastic band was level with her lower back. THERE. NO MORE CRACK. Darissa giggled in embarrassment as she spotted several people on the sidewalks below gawking up at the scene.

HEY, PAILI. SEE ALL THOSE PEOPLE IN THOSE BUILDINGS? YEAH, I COUNTED AND WE CAN SEE INTO THE ELEVENTH FLOOR, Paili responded as she wrinkled her nose, curled her fingers and exposed her teeth as she "roared" to a group of people staring at them from a large window. Darissa laughed at Paili's Godzilla impersonation, responding loudly with, CAREFUL, PAIL, YOU'RE LIKELY TO MAKE PEOPLE PEE IN THEIR PANTS. Paili laughed and countered with, UMPH, PEOPLE ALREADY CRAPPED THEIR PANTS THE MOMENT THEY SAW US PICKING UP CARS BACK THERE. Darissa sighed. YOU'RE ALWAYS RIGHT, PAIL. FORGOT ABOUT THAT.

Paili and Darissa smiled in anticipation as they happened upon another busy intersection. They were greeted with a concert of screams and a wave of fleeing people at their feet. DARISSA, I THINK THEY'RE RUNNING FROM YOUR STINKY FEET, Paili joked as her big blue eyes followed a man and a woman climbing over the hood of a car. NOT HARDLY LIKELY, GIRLFRIEND. MATTER OF FACT, THEY'RE SCARED OF THAT UGLY SORE ON YOUR BIG TOE. Darissa pointed to street level and Paili took notice. WOW, HADN'T NOTICED IT BEFORE. IT'S ALL RED AND PUFFY, Paili replied. TO ALL THOSE PUNY PEOPLE, IT LOOKS LIKE SOME KIND OF MONSTER. BET IF I SQUEEZED IT, PUSS WOULD SLIME ALL OVER THE STREET AND KILL PEOPLE, Darissa bantered as she playfully slapped Paili's arm with the back of her right hand. EW, Paili cringed.

The giant girls stepped over the intersection as they waved down to the frightened people, Paili puckering a cute kiss below as Darissa walked her fingers over a roof of a neighboring building. Both girls adjusted their respective oversized beach tote bags more comfortably on their shoulders as they began to tiptoe among the cars. The colossal pair silently grinned at each other as the sounds of angry demonstration became louder, the chants over the bullhorns masking the impending approach of the girly giants. The two began to step more lightly, not wanting to give themselves away to the protestors too soon. Paili placed an erect finger to her lips, cautioning Darissa to remain quiet; the giants stood next to a building, just around the corner from the crowd of over six thousand.

"New Leadership! Less Corruption!" belted from the podium at the steps at the city hall, the massive crowd gathered across the steps in People's Park. The 115' tall Paili and Darissa stood with their backs to a shiny office building, its occupants' views completely darkened, windows glossed over with sun tan lotion, massive finger prints embossed on windows as the ladies held on for balance, listening to the protest. Darissa menacingly cautioned with a grimace to people fleeing at her feet from giving them away.

Next up at the podium was a well-known local activist. "Ladies and gentlemen..." The crowd roared in approval. "Please ... ladies and gentlemen..." The crowd quickly fell silent, one capable of hearing a pin drop. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming today. All seven thousand of you," the speaker began. The crowd erupted in applause. "We have come here today to make it clear that we are no longer accepting this corrupt and incompetent city government to remain at the helm. Petitions have been signed and e-mails have been sent, delivering one message..." BOOM! The ground shook slightly as a few heads in the crowd turned in curiosity. The speaker paused, then cleared his throat and continued. " ... We need to send the message that we the people want to hold emergency elections and put a mayor and leadership in city hall..." BOOM! Again the ground shook.

The people toward the rear of the crowd began to get nervous as they witnessed several people running from the neighboring side streets. "There are two giant women over there!" several of the fleeing people shouted in a frenzy. Some protestors started laughing, but others walked a few yards back to investigate. They did not need to. BOOM! BOOM! Like something out of a 1950's sci-fi B-Movie, two giant —sized girls appeared from around the corner of a newly constructed office building, one, a striking brunette and the other a gorgeous blonde. The co-eds straddled City Street, four giant feet creasing and cracking the seemingly pillowy road as their towering frames stood guard over the mass of humanity gathered before them. People were stunned into silence, too awe struck to speak. Many looked at each other in disbelief, not yet processing the unbelievable sight much less a an escape route.

NEW GOVERNMENT? WE'RE JUST THE TICKET. WAY SMART, ENERGETIC HAVE WE MENTIONED PRETTY SEXY, TOO? Paili offered, breaking the deafening silence. Paili and Darissa were flush against each other, Paili resting her right arm on Pail's shoulder, right hand dangling just over Darissa's chest. The crowd looked up as the two ladies playfully debated who should speak next. YOU GO ... NO, YOU GO. The pleasant scent of buttermilk sun lotion and feminine body spray over came the crowd's olfactory. AAAaah, THIS SOOO HOT!, Paili gushed as her eyes scanned the thousands of people, breathing in their feminine scents. JUST LOOK AT ALL THESE TINY PEOPLE ... UH!, Paili gushed. I LOVE BEING A GIANT!

UM ... WE'RE HERE TO ... UM ... TAKE OVER THE CITY, Darissa playfully informed, deciding on her choice of words haphazardly; her big brown eyes widening in excitement, leaving the scene silent for the people to digest her words. Several seconds went by. HEY, GIRL, I DON'T THINK THEY HEARD YOU, Paili suggested sarcastically for the world to hear. HERE, LET ME HELP. I THINK WHAT MY GIANT GIRLFRIEND IS TRYING TO SAY IS, WELL, WE'RE ... TAKING OVER THE CITY. YA KNOW, US GIRLS ARE CALLING THE SHOTS. Darissa slowly knelt down and picked up a car from the street and held it casually at her side. The crowd gasped and the mumbled to themselves in astonishment. SO ... WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE GONNA DO ABOUT IT? I MEAN, IT'S THOUSANDS OF YOU AGAINST SOME 18-YEAR OLD GIRLS IN BATHING SUITS. Paili teased as Darissa struck a pose, winked down to the crowd and sighed.

"Don't move! You are ordered to remain still!" blasted from the street level. WHO SAID THAT? Paili frowned. Darissa, with little effort, softly and nonchalantly pointed her long finger down in the direction of a pool of police cars that were stationed to monitor the protest. Feeling cocky, Paili smiled. EW, P-U, THE POLICE, Paili scoffed as she held a wrinkled nose with her fingers. I WAS WONDERING WHAT SMELLED SO BAD, Darissa teased as she rummaged through her tote bad to retrieve a giant sized bottle of spray-on sun lotion. LET ME DEAL WITH THESE COPS, Darissa insisted as Paili smiled at the stunned protestors taking in the scene. Adjusting the nozzle on the twenty foot tall bottle that in its giant size contained 1,000 gallons of greasy buttermilk lotion called "Buttermilk Beauty", Darissa took aim at the thirty some police cars and seventy-five police officers now pointing their weapons high up. Both girls were giggly.

WAIT! Paili insisted. OMG! LOOK! Paili was looking through her tote bag when she discovered something so sinister, Darissa gasped. HUH! Darissa held her chest as her eyes beamed in delight, her right hand still aiming the sun lotion toward the police. THEY MUST HAVE GOTTNE IN THERE WHEN I PACKED AND THEN GREW WHEN WE DID. Darissa laughed loudly, then began spraying gallon after gallon of sun lotion more than 100 feet down toward the police some 200 feet from the mighty women. The slippery, slimy, greasy and perfumy liquid rained down on the angry police as they waited the order to shoot. Unfortunately as the sun lotion began to pool on the street around their feet and encased everything and everyone in its wake, some of the officers were blinded and unable to take aim.

"Ready. On my order, fire at will!" STOP RIGHT THERE, MY PUNY PEOPLE!, Paili pouted pretentiously as she stepped closer to the scared-silent protestors sprawled before her feet on the grassy expanse of People's Park. Paili reached into her shiny tote bag and brought out an insect that she held in her fingers high above the now panicky people. MAYBE YOU PEEPS CAN'T SEE IT FROM WAY, WAY DOWN THERE, BUT I'M HOLDING A SPIDER IN MY FINGERS. HHMMM, TO ME IT LOOKS LIKE NOTHING MORE THAN A HELPLESS LITTLE SPECK, BUT I'M SURE IT'S MUCH BIGGER THAN ANY OF YOU PEOPLE. Darissa stopped spraying for a moment and held the car she swiped from the street next to the squirming insect. OOH, LOOK AT THAT, P. THAT SPIDER IS ALMOST THE SIZE OF THIS CAR, Darissa boasted as she winked cutely toward the ground.

That police did not believe the ladies and shots began to ring out. Like the divas they now were, the giants ignored the police and the screams of the protestors, choosing instead to soak on more sun lotion, don their designer sunglasses and adjust their bikinis. Both giants resuming a relax and sexy pose, Paili placed the spider on Darissa's waiting open and lotion soaked palm. Darissa examined the critter before tossing in the direction of the police, where it landed on its eight legs amid the jumble of squad cars and alarmed officers. Paili and Darissa were right. The spider was over ten feet in length and width and sent the police and protestors, alike scrambling. The giant spider crawled over cars and tackled people, spinning its silky web at whatever moved.

The only two people enjoying the horror show had an exclusive view from pretty pairs of designer sunglass-framed brown and blue eyes, their luscious long lashes batting beautifully as they feasted their sights on the chaos they so casually created. OMG! LOOK AT THOSE POOR PEOLE OVER THERE! Paili pointed as she fanned her sweaty face from the heat and removed a wedgy as her bikini began creeping up on her buttocks. WHAT? Darissa sarcastically mocked. I WAS TOO BUSY ADMIRING MYSELF IN THE REFLECTION OF THOSE WINDOWS OVER THERE AND HOW AWESOME I LOOK IN THIS SHINY SWIMSUIT. Darissa laughed as her eyes scanned the patchwork of people running in all directions. AAWW, POOR PEOPLE, Darissa sighed, feigning pity. People climbed over each other, pushing and shoving to break free of the triple threat; two giant girls and a monster spider. Darissa watched a scene in which the spider trapped two people in its legs and wrapped them in a silky web. Darissa was awe-struck, her heart fluttering in excitement, entranced by her perspective from so high, still wrapping her brilliant mind around the fact that she was a certified giant. Some people had made it to parked vehicles and began driving off. Paili pointed this fact out to Darissa and asked, WOULD A GIANT GIRL LET THAT CONTINUE? Darissa spotted one such line of cars and asked, WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE GOING? I HAVE GOOD MIND TO CRUSH ALL THOSE CARS. She began spraying sun lotion profusely down on them. IF YOU'RE HEADED TO THE BEACH, YOU'RE ALL HOOKED UP NOW, Darissa teased as many of the cars skidded and stalled from the flood of flowery fluid that showered the cars and pooled in the street.

Paili was nibbling quietly on a finger, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of being a giantess when she spotted a large group of people heading down Fink Street. MMM, MORE FUN, Paili purred. She carefully stepped among the scattering crowd, reached down between two people and plucked the menacing spider from the grass. BOOM ... BOOM. Paili positioned herself at the rear of People's Park, just where it meets Fink Street. The line of fleeing people was over two blocks long. Paili took a few more steps in their direction, knelt down and placed the spider in the street. Darissa approached from behind as she and Paili luxuriated in their roles as giantesses as the spider quickly overcame the crowd. I THINK IT'S TIME TO HEAD OFF FOR A SWIM. I LOVE FUCKING WITH PEOPLE, BUT PLAYING A GIANT IS SOOO EXHAUSTING, Paili pleaded, a moan of pleasure just under her breath. THAT WOULD BE GREAT. LET'S GO TO THE RIVER AND PAMPER ON OUR RAFTS. Aaaahh!, Darissa sighed sensuously as thousands of people milled frantically that the feet of the ghoulishly giggling gigantic girls. I COULD STAND A LITTLE PAMPERING, PERPHAPS, Paili promptly concurred.

Darissa and Paili ambled down Main Avenue toward the City River, people at their feet scrambling to steer clear of their seismic steps. The girls were as carefree and fanciful as any teenagers could be. Their attitude and demeanor reflected that of two popular high school girls making a grand entrance at the dance. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET IN THE WATER. IT'S GONNA FEEL SO GOOD. I HAVEN'T GONE FOR A LAZY DIP IN AGES, Paili confided to Darissa. YEAH, ALL THE SWIMMING WE'VE DONE HAS BEEN COMPETITIVE, YA KNOW, SWIM MEET HERE, SWIM MEET THERE, Darissa whined to her fellow high school swim team member and state swim champ.

As the powerful pair step over several cars and a set of streetlights, they could make out the silky warm waters that meandered through the huge city just five blocks before them. AAH, THERE IT IS, Paili purred. The giants noticed that the streets that led them the rest of the way to their resting spot were congested with pedestrians and people in cars and trucks. Darissa was frustrated and Paili was beginning to lose patience with all the honking at their feet. ALL THOSE TINY CAR HORNS ARE REALLY STARTING TO GET ON MY LAST NERVE, a pissy Paili pouted. I HEAR YOU GIRL. TOO BAD I'M SUCH A GRILY GIRL, OTHERWISE I'D TOTALLY GO GODZILLA ON THESE PEOPLE, Darissa joked. Paili combed her fingers through her hair and adjusted her bikini top as she pondered the situation. HEY, I DON'T MIND, Paili offered as she shrugged her shoulders.

Paili whispered into Darissa's ear as Darissa continued eyeing the scared people running or driving away from them, the honking and screaming intensifying. "I don't believe it! You have the power to do that?!," an incredulous Darissa inquired in disbelief of her blonde friend quietly. "Shhh, just watch" Paili softly whispered into Darissa's ear. The ladies went silent, carefully scanning the mayhem below as though an audience at a private screening of the latest monster movie. Darissa turned her head to see Paili biting her glossy lip as her eyes moved back and forth, her baby blues focused on the activity below. HMMM, LET ... ME ... SEE, Paili pondered with finger teetering on her lips. Her pupils seemed to focus on a cluster of cars moving ever so slowly just outside a coffee shop and a bookstore, some twenty feet from the intersection, the motorists hoping to negotiate their vehicles through an alleyway as a mean of avoiding the defeated intersection. The lead vehicle was already pulling into the hidden driveway, but was easily spotted by the perceptive Paili. GOT IT.

LOOK, DAR. THOSE SNEAKY PEOPLE IN THOSE CARS DOWN OVER THERE THINK THEY CAN AVOID US. THEY'RE TRYING TO PULL INTO THAT ALLEY, Paili laughed. I CAN GO GET THEM, Darissa suggested. JUST WATCH, Paili cooed evilly. Darissa was sick with suspense. Paili focused her eyes on the cars, squinting, her plump eyelashes fluttering all the while. Like a strike of lightening, two beams of energy emanated from her right and left eyes, respectively in the form of blue lasers that lit up the immediate vicinity. The lines extended 100 yards to the ground where they joined together to form a force field around the Ford sedan leading the pack of cars making an escape. The lasers created a luminescent blue bubble around the car, sealing doors and windows, trapping its passengers The beam's electrical force also allowed Paili to take control over the vehicle, allowing her to drive it simply by the movement of her beautiful blues.

HOLY SHIT! Darissa blurted out. THAT IS THE COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN! Paili grinned with satisfaction from the corner of her mouth, remaining focused on her grip of the vehicle like she was taking a math exam. Paili then crouched lower, hoping to gain a more intimate and up-and-close perspective of the trapped vehicle and the people in the immediate streetscape. HEY PEEPS, PAILI'S GOT THE WHEEL. BETTER MAKE WAY. VROOM! VROOM! Without so much as rotating her head, Paili's eyes captained the car, backing it up from the alleyway entrance as the people in the vehicles behind it fretted to get out of its way. With mere feet between the cars, Paili accelerated the hapless car into the SUV behind it, the massive crunch not lost by the hundreds fleeing the scene. OK, PEOPLE IN THE SUV, YOU NEED TO MOVE. HEY, DAR, HUN, CAN YOU BE A DOLL AND GO OVER THERE AND MOVE THAT STUPID SUV? WITH PLEASURE, the wide-eyed brunette witted whimsically. Darissa stepped over a one-story retail building and smack onto Burden Street amidst a line of cars that extended for miles. One foot was planted on the sidewalk, the other pocketed between a Porsche and a Mercedes on the street. Her wiggling toes took on human form to the unlucky people positioned precariously oh so close.

Darissa marveled at the manicured streetscape; lines of mature trees, shrubs and flowers that lined the freshly paved street. Row after row of one- to two-story retail shops dotted the sidewalks. Outdoor cafes were easily recognizable by behemoth brunette with their tables dressed in white linen and fancy chairs just outside their windows on the sidewalks. Billboards advertised anything from clothing to the latest albums by the hottest artists. It was all so familiar to the girl, but simultaneously fresh and new in their miniature form. People milled about in a frenzy as Darissa stood tall as a redwood tree and as Paili's laser grip remained on the vehicle across the street. HEY, YOU. DOWN THERE. AND THERE ... AND THERE, Darissa teased as she pointed below. Darissa found a seat on a two-story building, scrunching her legs on the street in a jumble of lanky flesh, toes against a window here, an ankle atop car there. With eyes focused on Paili's SUV, Darissa carefully plucked cars and people from the street with her fingers, placing them on rooftops as they screamed in reluctance.

After three minutes of removing some twenty or more vehicles and even more puny people, the roadway before her was a barren landscape. The people plucked to the rooftops were in shock as they studied the brazen brunette. Aside from the obvious, people were taken back by how young she was; a young Paili received equaled amazement at her youth as well. Having planned her next move, Darissa lowered her body onto the road, sitting between the sidewalks as though climbing into a hot bath. Her bikini-clad bottom greeted the warm pavement with ease as she stretched out her 60 foot-plus legs along the street, her feet erect with toes pointed to the sky. Placing her elbows on the street, the giant settled into a comfortable recline position. Next, Darissa adjusted her scrunchy which held her hair in a pony tail, the tail of silky hair scaling to below her shoulder blades. The hot sun magnified the beauty's lotion soaked skin; moist and glistening legs, arms and stomach reflected all the colors and activity brewing in its proximity. Pretty feminine scents caressed the air at street level, captivating even the most fear-induced people nearest the daunting Darissa. Her pretty shiny green bikini blended beautifully among all the carefully trimmed trees along the sidewalks. Soft creases that lined the edges of her bikini top were like flower pedals that held her pretty breasts in a shapely form, nipples delicately pressing against the shiny bikini surface that glowed like beacons in the intense morning sun.

LET SEE HERE, Darissa sighed as she arced her legs over the SUV Paili wanted disposed of. THAT'S THE ONE, GIRLFRIEND, Paili assured as she maintained the laser grip on the sedan. Darissa positioned her body so that she could place her face just above street level, big brown eyes piercing into tiny windows of cars. Many were abandoned, but Darissa was floored when she discovered cowering drivers in others that were not. OMIGOD!, PAILI, YOU SHOULD LAY YOUR EYES ON ALL THESE PEOPLE IN THESE TINY CARS. IT'S LIKE A HOT WHEEL SET OR SOMETHING. Darissa drew her eyes closer to one particular car, marveling how small it was, its driver, a young woman screaming as Darissa's right eye parked itself just above the windshield, Darissa's glossy lips just touching the front grill. In a deep menacing, yet soft feminine voice, Darissa addressed the driver, HEY GIRLFRIEND, WOULDN'T YOU JUST LOVE TO BE ME, A GIANT GIRL? TRUST ME, IT'S TOO MUCH FUN. YA KNOW, STOMPING AROUND, SCARING PEOPLE, PICKING UP CARS AND DOING WHATEVER A GIRL FEELS.

HEY, D, HATE TO INTERRUPT YOUR GOOD TIME, BUT YOU NEED TO MOVE THAT SUV, Paili boomed from high up. Darissa removed herself from the front of the tiny car and reached to the street at her knees and plucked the SUV from street, placing on a rooftop just to her right. THANK YOU, GIRLY, Paili said as the car under her control began "driving" down the street. Paili parked the car and waited for her friend. Simultaneously, several choppers flew overhead and more squad cars positioned themselves a few blocks away.

Darissa wasn't yet done enjoying her visit to the strip. Sprawling her body out further, the giant stretched out as far as possible on her stomach, angling to obtain the best street-level perspective possible, settling on her chin resting atop her left hand, freeing the right hand to whatever whims Darissa dreamed. Her brown eyes spotted a diner just to her right, patrons and staff seen by the giant as they cowered in the back. I SEE YOU, PEOPLE. YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM THE GIANT WOMAN, her fingers now tapping on the front door in a frightful fit. Rolling her eyes in delight, Darissa wiggled her nose, coaxing the aroma of the diner's cooking food through her nostrils. MMM, THAT FOOD SMELLS SO GOOD. I'LL HAVE TEN VEGGIE BURGERS ... HMMM ... BETTER MAKE THAT TWENTY. A GIANT GIRL'S GOTTA EAT. OH, MAKE SOME FOR MY BFF PAILI TOO. JUST LEAVE THE FOOD OUTSIDE THE DOOR. TRUST ME, YOU DON'T WANT A GIRL OF MY HEIGHT PAYING AT THE REGISTER.

The awe-struck staff quickly complied as they busied themselves behind the grill as Darissa smiled at the power she reeled. In the meantime, the hungry giant girl busied herself searching for more people hiding in shops or in cars. Scaling the street a few more yards, Darissa found two people hiding in a parked car. The couple was hiding in the backseat, but was found out as Darissa made short work peeking inside. HEY, PEEPS, THE METER'S RUNNING LOW, Darissa teased as she pulled the parking meter out of the ground with hear neatly manicured fingers, the sounds of the crunch and grind of concrete and metal forced from the sidewalk causing the couple to scream loudly. Looking in on the spooked pair, Darissa's eyes eclipsing their view, the giant dangled the meter before them and offered, SHHH, DON'T TELL THE METER MAID, PARKING'S FREE TODAY.

Darissa was having a blast when she discovered a loose manhole cover just under her bikini top, loosened as it clung to her glowing skin. Poking it with her shiny nail, it flipped on to the street from its hole. Darissa positioned the 100 lbs. object on its side like no more that a dime, looking off into the distance, noticing several people and a few cars making a clean getaway a block away from her cute nose. Holding the round metal up with a finger from her left hand, the gargantuan gal flicked it swiftly with a finger from the right hand. The three-foot round cover was jolted, rolling down the street at over 100 MPH, as though propelled by a slingshot. Darissa lay her head on her hands as she watched the object careen into a car with a violent explosion, imploding one side and smashing the windows in. Glass rained down on surrounding vehicles as the car was pushed several feet in the opposite direction from the fierce force. The cylinder was propelled upwards by the impact some 50 feet in the air and then landed on the roof of a new Bentley, completely caving in its roof. UMPH, THAT WAS SOO COOL, Darissa giggled. THIS GIANT SHIT IS SO COOL. THERE SHOULD BE MORE OF US GIANT LADIES.

Before the brunette giant could locate more people-friendly sized things to toy with, the sound of the diner's clanging door caught her pretty ears. Her order was ready. THANK YOU, PEOPLE. THE FOOD SMELLS DELCIOUS. Looking up at the increasingly impatient Paili who was now sitting on a neighboring building allowing Darissa some "me" time, Darissa offered the blonde a bite. BRING SOME OF THAT WITH YOU TO THE RIVER. I'LL EAT THEN, Paili responded. Darissa popped one sandwich after the other in her mouth, licking her fingers in satisfaction. GOD, I WAS SOOO HUNGRY, Darissa moaned.

Having wolfed down enough food for about fifteen people, Darissa rested in the street, almost ready to nap. Suddenly, almost in reflex, the giant began to rise, walking abruptly in the direction of Paili. WHAT'S WRONG? an alarmed Paili asked of her fellow giant. The red-faced Darissa put a hand over face, whispering, "I totally farted on the street." Paili burst into laughter. THOSE POOR PEOPLE, Paili sighed as she toyed with the car trapped in her laser vision.

HEY, WHAT SUPERPOWERS DID YOU GIVE ME IN THAT FORMULA? Darissa inquired. I'LL TELL YOU WHEN WE ARE ON OUR RAFTS IN THE RIVER, Paili replied as she continued playing with the car at their feet, Darissa's calling card now wafting heavily, rudely upon the population.

Thank goodness traffic's at a steady pace. Those girls are dangerous. I can't believe they ganged up on that crowd of protestors. And that spider!?" Jessica exclaimed to her husband as they sat in their car on Hillpass Road, just at the entrance to the Kelly Cole Bridge that spanned the City River. "They've got to figure out how they became giants or other people are liable to copy them," Jessica's husband Blake replied as they turned left onto the bridge, a four-lane drawbridge that sat some 15 feet above the surface of the water. Countless vehicles were all heading east, all four lanes now designated one-way as a result of the official state of emergency declared by the mayor.

Fanning herself nervously, Jessica declared, "Please move faster!" as the multitude of vehicles ahead of them crawled at no more than two or three miles-per-hour. "What the hell is that?" Blake cried out soon after. "Is it raining or something?" he asked as liquid rained down on their car and seemingly every other car ahead of them. The on-again-off-again sprinkle mystified everyone as the air along the bridge filled with the fragrance of cocoanut and buttermilk. Windshield wipers were employed, but the moistness that blanketed the scene only smeared about, forming an oiling, sticky perfumed residue on vehicles and on the roadway. Vehicles that just moments earlier were proceeding at a slow, but steady clip, found their wheels spinning, making for a treacherous trek.


"Hey, do you think all those people have noticed us?" Darissa asked of Paili in a soft tone. In an almost comical, yet creepy scene, just 300 yards from the Kelly Cole Bridge sat the giant bikini- wearing girls on two enormous inner tubes that floated in the warm, calm waters of the City River. Each inner tube was a bright shade of white with floral patterns; pink roses and other yellow, teal and various colored flowers that signified a uniquely feminine touch dotted the rubbery surfaces. The tubes were around 150 feet in diameter, with only a dip in the middle instead of a hole, allowing the ladies a luxurious amount of space to sink into, recline and sprawl out, the girls virtually plunging in a plethora of soft comfort without the nuisance of getting their back ends wet from the river water. A third inner tube, turned over, trailed the ladies, tethered to Paili's inner tube; the flat surface a barge of sorts that carried their enormous tote bags and allowed more space for them to place other objects as well, if the mood struck.

Paili pondered Darissa's question as she stared in the direction of the approaching bridge, their watercrafts descending upon the hundreds of helpless people as the river current carried the girls as though on the Lazy River ride at the local water park. "Just continue spraying, girlfriend. I'm having too much fun. I can't wait to see what's going on the bridge and what it looks like after all this," Paili giggled softly. For the past nearly five minutes, the giant girls had been saturating the roadway with sun lotion, dispensing the barrage from their giant-sized lotion spray bottles from a distance. "My fingers are getting tired," Darissa whined girlishly before halting her assault. "OK, mine too," Paili confessed as they rested for a minute, studying the bridge. "Hey! I have an idea! Let's pretend that we're sleeping and just let ourselves float up to the bridge and see what happens," Paili suggested. Darissa's big brown eyes beamed with excitement. "So cool! Then let's totally mess with all those people's heads!" Darissa added as the two giggled with glee. Still giggling, the girls nestled in their abundant inner tubes and closed their eyes. "Are you asleep yet?" Paili asked playfully. "No snoring!" Darissa joked.


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