Watching the Watcher

by jack08180

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A visit to a fetish party led me into an interesting bout of voyeurism, on both sides! Based on a true story

The night had been long, and fun. The smoke in the air had my eyes a bit sore. The music was loud enough to shake my chest and the lights flashing in their random patterns were enough to have my head spinning. The overload of the sights, sounds and smells were certainly not new, but not one I had experienced in a while. The overwhelming amount of tasty flesh on display was enough to cause a more predictable reaction. The night had been long, and an interesting one. The club had been full, but slowly the crowd had lessened as the night had worn on. I was about to call it a night myself, making one more slow circuit through the club when I saw a blur of blond and leather.

A cute tattooed girl I'd been watching all night, wearing only a g string and knee high boots ran past me, dragging a slightly less hyper well dressed man. I paused for a second as she pushed him down onto a bed that was in the corner of the club. Her rather sexy ass was thrust in my direction as she bent over him, tugging at his pants. I turned, leaning against the dividing wall between the rows of beds and the dance floor as she pulled out his cock, eagerly wrapping her mouth around it. It was an interesting view, but hard to see any action. I moved to the side, trying to get a better angle.

Her hair was plastered to her face with sweat, covering her mouth and hands a little. A twist of fate smiled on me and she looked up, catching my eye. With as much of a smile as possible with a mouth full of cock, she grinned, pulling her hair back and tucking it over her ear. Her eyes turned to his as she buried her nose in his pubes.

"That's so fucking hot." A voice came from behind me.

I looked over my shoulder to see a very slender brunette, in a bra, panties and stocking and garter belt set. Her huge knee high boots hid her short stature, but made her legs appear to go on forever.

I nodded in agreement, then turned back to watch.

The man had lost his shirt, and his blond friend had pulled his pants all the way off and was eagerly attacking his cock. He had pulled her to his side, shoving his hand into her tiny G string and was furiously rubbing her pussy. She was an animal, hungry with lust and it was all I could do not to dive on top of her myself.

"She's wild!" The voice came from behind.

This time, it was closer.

I turned, looking to the side. The brunette had moved right next to me, straining her head to try to get a better view. I motioned for her to move in front of me. Her boots made her taller, but I could still see over her head. She smiled a small smile and walked over to me. As she turned to watch the show, I glanced down at her delectable ass, hardly covered by the fabric of her underwear.

I sighed a little and looked up at the bed. The blond had apparently had enough of sucking and had rolled to her side, frantically trying to rip her underwear off. It didn't take much. Her companion grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back on top of him. She reached down and grabbed his thick cock, lifting her ass up and sinking down onto it. Even over the drowning sounds of the music and the club behind us, both I and my fellow voyeur could hear her groan in pleasure.

The blond leaned backwards, putting her hands on his knees as her ass began to rock. It was like a dance, like the best stripper lap dance I had ever seen, without the tease. This was the real thing; she was grinding her pussy down on his cock better than any porn I had ever watched.

"That's so hot." My friend said, turning to the side.

I agreed.

Then something unexpected happened.

She leaned back against me.

Her smell filled my nose. Her sweat, perfume, smoke, all mixed into the most powerful aphrodisiac I had ever experienced. If my own condition downstairs wasn't bad before, it was terrible now. I tried to keep a little distanced between my crotch and her delicious ass, but she put more weight against me, her soft flesh pressing against my body.

I put my hand on her hip, looking up to watch our show. The blond was leaning forward now, slamming her hips down onto her friend with amazing speed. His hands were on her ass, pulling her cheeks open as he urged her down onto him.

"Fuck, I wish she would turn around so I could see her face." My friend said softly.

Again I agreed.

There had to be some sort of vortex in that club that night, because there was no way on Earth that the blond could have heard her. Perhaps it was irony, or fate, or luck, but at that moment, the blond threw a leg up and lifted herself off of her companion and turned around, sitting back onto his cock in a sexy reverse move.

My friend and I could see her face grunt, and then turn into a blissful grin as she impaled herself on him. The sweat shone off her body in the flashing lights and I was hypnotized watching a tattoo just below her belly button move up and down. I could see where his cock was inside her, and her bare pussy gripped his cock as she rode him.

And then I felt something on my crotch.

I looked down, and sure enough my 'friend' had her hand behind her back, and was rubbing my cock through my pants. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. I winked at her, my hand moving down towards her crotch and my other wrapping around her. This wasn't a common occurrence for me, but I wasn't about to turn it down.

I pulled her close to me, feeling her chest lift up and down as her breath quickened. One hand moved up, sliding under her bra and massaging her firm breasts. The other found its target, pressing down on her swollen clit. The reaction was just as I expected. She was close enough that I could actually hear her gasp, and it make my cock strain against my pants. She was already trying to find the zipper, but now dug for it more frantically.

Rubbing my fingers in circles on her clit, I leaned down.

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