Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Josh is surprised to hear someone at his door during a raging snow storm.

He stood in the kitchen looking out the window at the large snow flakes falling upon the already covered back yard. The trees were coated and looked like those one might see on a Currier and Ives Christmas card.

They had been calling for snow and it must have started during the night to have this much on the ground. As he took a sip from his coffee cup he was glad to be inside with nothing to do today. He had already started a fire in both fire places and was well fixed for wood with two full wood boxes.

He took his cup back to the great room and set it on the table beside his chair near the fireplace. The fire was well established and gave the large room a cozy feeling.

He took a sip of coffee as he searched for the weather channel to get the latest information. Once he found it he relaxed and listened. There had been heavy snow since about two this morning and there was no sign of a let up. There was about eight inches on the ground with drifting to three feet in some areas. If it continued at it's present rate there would be two feet by the time it tailed off.

Well it looks like I'm in for the next couple of days at least. It will take that long for the plows to get back in here and get the roads cleared. Once the roads in front of his property were cleared he would be all right because he had a snow blower that would clean off his driveway, the walks, and the decks.

All the tables, chairs and umbrellas were stored in the outbuilding except the table for twelve and the benches which were built into the deck.

Normally he would not be here this time of year but he had come up night before last to do final winterizing when he heard about the unseasonably early winter storm that was coming in. He had finished up late yesterday and had decided to stay the night. It was snowing this morning when he got up and he made up his mind to wait for the storm to blow itself out before starting back to the city.

He had just turned his attention back to his book when he heard a noise outside.

"What the hell can that be," he thought. Animals from the woods would not be moving around in this weather and surely no one's dog was out. Then he heard it again. Someone or something was coming up on the front deck.

He got up and moved along the windows to the door. He saw what looked like a person just outside. Before he could get to the door there was a knock. Not a knock exactly, more like pounding. When he opened the door there stood a greatly underdressed woman. She had on only a light weight jacket, jeans and no boots. She appeared exhausted.

"Where the hell did you come from?" he asked. "Oh, forgive me. Come in. Please come in before you catch your death if you haven't already."

"Thank you. God, thank you. I've been wandering around for I don't know how long. I was coming down Burning Tree Road when my car skidded off the road and got stuck in the ditch. Your entrance road was the first I saw and I took a chance I could get help somewhere up here."

"How far did you walk?"

"Close to a mile I would guess."

"Good Lord. Well come in and sit by the fire and get warm. Why don't you have on a heavy coat and some boots?"

"When I left from Hickory early this morning the weather hadn't turned so violently cold and the snow wasn't this heavy. I would ordinarily have been in the city by now."

"Here give me that wet jacket and put this throw around you. Would you like some coffee? Just made."

"I would love some. Anything that's hot would be wonderful."

He left her by the fireplace after telling her not to get too close because her clothes would start to steam and would roast her.

He looked out the window just to satisfy himself. Sure enough there was no car anywhere to be seen. He poured her a mug of coffee figuring she could warm her hands as well as her insides with a mug instead of a cup.

"Here try this," he said handing her the mug. "I can add a little brandy to that if you like. It will help warm you up."

"Please do. Oh, this is really excellent coffee. What kind is it?"

"It's from the mountain area of Jamaica. It's ridiculously overpriced but well worth it."

"I didn't know that Jamaica had mountains. The only thing they ever show in their ads are beaches and luxurious hotels and fancy restaurants and from what you hear people are smoking joints everywhere. But this is really good coffee. Why have I never heard of it."

"The Japanese love it and by overpaying have priced it out of the regular market. They buy about ninety per cent of the crop every year which leaves only ten per cent for the rest of the world.

"If you are in Japan and order a cup don't be shocked by the $45.00 per cup price."


"Here let's get you out of those clothes. The bathroom is down that hall on the right. Take everything off and I'll see what I have that you can wear."

Without questioning him she did as he told her. Once she had closed the door she took off everything. It was all soaked including her panties and bra. She was so cold and tired she did what he told her without thinking.

It suddenly dawned on her she was standing there stark naked in the home of a complete stranger. She looked around saw towels on a shelf and took one and wrapped it around her.

There was a knock on the door. "yes," she answered.

"Here are some clothes that I think will fit. Sorry but I don't have any panties or a bra for you."

She opened the door and he handed her a pair of sweat pants and a flannel shirt and a pair of heavy wool socks.

"Come on down by the fire when you are dressed and bring your things and I can put them in the dryer."

She finally relaxed and looked around. There was a huge glass enclosed multiple nozzle shower. A large counter with oval sink with a wide mirror. There was an upscale toilet with a bidet next to it. This latter was somewhat of a surprise as there were no signs of a woman in the house.

The music that she had heard when she came in was playing in the bathroom as well. He must have a whole house stereo system that he has on all the time.

She removed the towel and hung it on a hook. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess but otherwise it wasn't too bad. She didn't look bad for a forty-eight year old broad. She had firm breasts though gravity was working against her, no rolls of fat around her middle and nice hips even if they were a little wide. They still drew looks when she walked by. Her stomach was no longer flat but still smooth all the way down to her pubic hair.

She brushed her hair with a brush from her purse then picked up her wet clothes and found her way back to where he was seated by the fire.

"Do you keep all women's sizes here for just such emergencies."

"Not exactly. I let friends use the place from time to time during the year and it seems that they are always leaving some item of clothing or other here when they leave. I have a small collection. Here let me get your things in the dryer."

When he had disappeared through the doorway with her clothes she looked around at the cozy room. She went over to his chair and noticed the copy of Virgil's Aeneid laying open. She picked it up to look at the page and it was in the original Latin. Perhaps a scholar of some kind she thought. One wall of the room was bookcases filled to overflowing.

When he came back he asked if she would like some more coffee. She told him that would be nice and handed him her mug.

"More brandy?" he asked when he returned.

"Please," she said holding out her mug.

He poured in a good slug and said, "I'm Josh Baxter by the way."

"Please forgive my bad manners. I'm Emily Hawkins."

"Nice to meet you Emily."

"Shouldn't I be calling someone about my car, Josh?"

"We can call Hank Thurston and ask about him getting it out of the ditch but it will probably be a day or two before he can get to it. These roads back in here are the last to get plowed in this kind of weather because there is so little traffic in this area."

"A day or two. Are you serious?"

"As a heart attack. But don't worry we have plenty of food and drink and I just finished putting in the winter wood for the fireplaces yesterday. So we'll be O.K. until we can get out."

"But I have a product launch campaign in two days that I have to be there for. I can't be here when I should be there."

"Well, we'll just have to pray that this stuff stops coming down soon so they can get back in here for us to get out. Let me go in the kitchen and call Hank. What kind of car are we talking about?"

"A red BMW sedan."

When he came back from the kitchen he poured them both more coffee and brandy.

"Just as I suspected. There is no way he can get out here until the roads are plowed. He said the snow is supposed to continue throughout the night but we might get a break tomorrow and if we do the roads should be clear by the day after. Said he would get to it as soon as he can. Hank is pretty reliable. He'll get to it at the first opportunity. I told him if it was operable to tow it up here. He'll probably come by to get the key when he comes after the car."

"Well, I guess that's it. Can I use your phone to make a call."

"Sure, it's on the counter in the kitchen."

As she walked away he watched her closely. She was in her late forties maybe fifty. She had a good figure with mature breasts. A nice ass that had spread a little but still made you take notice. She was beginning to lose her waist and had the little raised stomach that made older women so desirable. Her hair was almost blond, probably lightened. She had blue eyes and a pleasant smile. All in all she was a very attractive woman.

When she came back from the kitchen she was all smiles. "This is has turned out better than I could have hoped for. Because of some unforeseen problems they had to move the launch date forward a week. It doesn't matter if it stops snowing in the next two days or not I don't have to be in the city for a week. Give me another nip of that brandy.

"Oops. I'm sorry. I seem to have invited myself to stay in your house without being asked."

"That's all right. Of course you are welcome to stay. I had just assumed you understood that you would have to stay here until Hank could get your car out."

"Thank you sir I shall take you up on your invitation. Finally I feel like I can relax. This brandy is beginning to do its job. I'm warm all over and feel somewhat limp. This is good stuff." She said as she stretched out in front of the fireplace.

"Oh, that's too close. It's hot by that fire," she said as she scooted away from the heat ending at his feet. She leaned her back against his chair with her head resting against his thigh.

He immediately felt the heat from her body. As she stared into the dancing flames of the fire she instinctively started rubbing his leg with her hand closest to him As she sipped her coffee and brandy with the other. All of this caused a sensation that ran directly to his balls and cock. He could feel his cock stirring and starting to get larger. It ran down the upper left leg of his lounging pants just opposite her head. He reached down and massaged her neck and shoulder.

He knew what had happened. The heat from the fire had accelerated the effect of the brandy and she was feeling frisky as a result. As he rubbed her neck and shoulder his hand worked it's way down the front of her shirt and rubbed her upper chest where her breasts began.

When she made no movement to stop him he slowly rubbed lower and lower until he was caressing her tit on that side. She had pronounced nipples one of which he had between his thumb and forefinger.

The instant his hand touched her tit she placed the hand she had been rubbing his leg with between his thighs from underneath and ran her hand the length of his thigh until it was on his cock around which she wrapped her fingers.

After a few moments she put down her coffee mug and rose to her knees and positioned herself between his legs. She pulled his head down and kissed him hard on the mouth. She pushed her tongue past his lips and into his mouth and down his throat. She slid her tongue in and out as if she was fucking his mouth with her tongue. Then she sucked his tongue into her mouth and sucked on it like it as a cock. He could taste the hunger in her mouth.

While she was sucking his tongue she unsnapped the fly of his lounging pants and reached her hand in and freed his raging hard on which she immediately clamped in both her hands. She felt all over the head as if she were caressing a thing of great value. She momentarily removed her hands from his cock to remove her shirt.

Her tits were beautiful full orbs with magnificent pert nipples that stood ready to be sucked. Gravity and age were doing their work but her tits did not sag overly much, just enough so they were superior to those of twenty year old girls. These were a woman's tits. She took one tit in each hand and wrapped them around Josh's cock. As big as his cock was her tits swallowed it up. She rolled her tits back and forth massaging his cock. She then used them to stroke his cock. As his cock pushed through her tits she licked the head with her active tongue. She kept pulling him up until she had his cock in her mouth while keeping her tits around its base and his balls.

During this time he removed his shirt so that it didn't block his view of her hungrily taking his cock deeper in her mouth. As she reached around his hips to pull him to her she looked up at him with his cock stuck in her mouth as if she had been shot by an arrow made from a cock. When she pulled his hips to her he could feel his cock at the beginning of her throat and then it was sliding down her throat until her face was plastered against his pubic bone rocking back and forth. He could feel her lips on the base of his cock working to get more of him into her, but she had it all.

Then she began to slid his cock out of her mouth until she caught it just before it was released and plunged it back down her throat. All the while rubbing his balls that were resting in her hands. She continued this until he couldn't stand it any more and he hollered that he was coming and began pumping his cum deep into her mouth.

She became frenzied in her efforts to drain him of his essence. She was swallowing as fast as he was shooting. After she had empted him she continued sucking until she had completely cleaned his cock of all evidence that he had ever cum. She sucked and licked the head of his cock until he thought he would scream from the teasing. Finally she released him pulled herself up to kiss him on the mouth.

Breaking from the kiss she rocked back on her knees and looking up into his eyes she exclaimed, "Josh Baxter you have one fine dick. It must be at least eight inches long and fat enough but not so fat that I can't easily get it in my mouth. Aren't you glad it snowed. I know I am.

"Would you like to eat my pussy. If you would I would like it very much. I must warn you that I make noises when I am aroused and I certainly hope you will arose me before you fuck me or I fuck you."

"Nothing would give me more pleasure" he said as he fumbled with the remaining snap on his pants and slipped them down and off and slid to the back of the seat cushion.

She stepped out of the sweat pants and stood before him nude. The hair covering her pussy was like that on her head except softer. Her hips were as fine as he had guessed and there were no rolls of fat anywhere to be seen. Just soft flesh. She really took good care of herself and for that he was eternally grateful. She was magnificent for any age.

She stood before him with her pussy level with his neck. He put his arms around her hips and pulled her to him. His face pressed into her stomach which was the softest thing he had ever felt. Her skin was like silk. There was just enough give to it. He began licking and sucking on it like he couldn't get enough which he couldn't. If only he could fuck her stomach he would be fulfilled.

When he had licked it all he lowered his face to her pussy.

"Lay me down," she pleaded.

He eased her to the carpet and moved between her legs where he started licking the inside of her thighs. He ran his tongue from just above her knee up the inside of one thigh to just where the thigh formed that little bulge below the pussy and then back down her other thigh to the sounds of her moaning.

He moved with practiced patience upward to the golden triangle. She was making whimpering noises and had her fingers entwined in his hair trying to pull him to her as he got ever closer and then he put his mouth full on her pussy and she yelped with pleasure.

He slowly and repeatedly ran his tongue up her engorged lips from bottom to top opening them ever wider until like a snake testing the air he darted his tongue deep within her juice ladened pussy drawing a gasp of pleasant surprise from her.

After tongue fucking her into a state of euphoria he turned his attention to flicking her clit until it became erect. She was bucking her hips against his mouth as he licked.

She had a clit like none he had ever experienced. When it was erect it stuck out over an inch with a little head. It was fat like a tiny cock. He sucked it into his mouth and did his best imitation of being gay. It caused her to bounce all over the floor.

Her moaning became louder and louder the more he sucked until it sounded like a dirge. Her cries were like wordless tone poems that flowed from her lips as the spasms hit her again and again She finally let out "God, oh God please, please, please," and put her hands out and held his mouth against her pussy until she stopped shaking.

"God that was good," she said as she finally calmed enough to release his head. She pulled him up to her and kissed him deeply.

"Josh Baxter you are some kind of good at eating pussy."

"It's easy when I have someone like you as a partner. You're really something."

"You haven't seen anything yet. We still have at least two more days if not more. What do you say, you willing to take your chances with an old broad?"

"I can't think of anything I'd rather do," he said as his cock began to respond to the closeness of Emily's pussy.

The movement was not lost on Emily nor her nether regions.


The music was no playing Nat "King" Cole's Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

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