Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Rape, Fiction, Science Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Scientists have discovered a way to shrink things, and though the formula has been suppressed, there are still miniature people being bred and sold as pets.

Gemma had known as far back as her youngest memories that she was considered an object. She knew that she had been bred, that she would be sold. Even so, her childhood had not been awful. She lived with her mother, played with other children, but throughout her life, the ominous fact that she would be taken away from her world, and thrust into a life of slavery hung over her head.

She knew of the outside world, too. The world of the big people. Her owner had sometimes turned on the T.V for them, and they all soaked up the knowledge of what was out there. She knew what they were, too. Apparently, a long time ago, illegal underground scientists had made a formula that could shrink things. They shrunk plants, animals, even people. There was no drug that could change these things back to normal size, and upon breeding them, their offspring were also tiny.

The government had found out and suppressed the drug and covered up the rumors. She knew that there were giants out there who thought that the little people like her didn't really exist. Only the most exclusive groups of people knew of her kind, and they bred them to keep them going as "pets."

Gemma was eighteen, blonde, and ten inches tall when that life of slavery began. She was taken out of the box where she was kept, her home. The big man who fed them, and occasionally gave them toys, was now selling her. She knew it was coming, but still couldn't bare the thought. Little did she know, the true horror her new life would be.

She was put in a bag for she didn't know how long, the ride was dark and bumpy, but nothing compared to black despair and restless tension in her heart. When she was dumped out of the bag, she could see three other girls on a table with her. They looked just as frightened as she was.

A man was holding another girl in his hand, "This one looks good," he said.

"She's 300," came the returning voice. Gemma didn't turn to look at the men speaking. She kept her eyes on her knees.

"That's too much, I'll give you 250."


The man put the girl back down on the table. He continued to look and assess. He eventually picked a girl and bought her for 250 thousand dollars.

Gemma was humiliated and ashamed at the whole ordeal. Other girls were continually brought to the table, and bought from it. Gemma was thankful that no one paid attention to her, until one man came along.

"How much is this one?" he asked, not even picking her up first.

"500," her owner said confidently. The man studied her carefully.

"Take off your dress, little girl." Gemma looked terrified. No one else had been made to take off there clothes, why must she?

"Go on now," he owner said, "Do as he asks." Gemma, never having disobeyed any of the giant's orders due to pure fear, stood up and slipped her thin, homemade dress off her body.

She was naked and red-faced, when the man picked her up. He turned her around and scrutinized her. She hoped desperately that he would put her back. "I'll take her."

Gemma was lying face down on the bed where her new owner had put her. She didn't attempt to move, and her owner was almost disappointed that he wouldn't have to punish her. He took his finger and ran it down her back and over her butt crack, feeling her smooth skin. He was hard already at the complete power he had over this tiny little woman.

He continued to run his finger down to her cunt, and she squirmed a little but remained still. He ran his finger back and forth, stimulating her until he felt her juices flow. He flipped her over and pinched her tiny little breasts, then ran his hands down the length of her body.

He then picked up a pencil and shoved the eraser end up her pussy. She screamed as this foreign object breached her virgin walls. He shoved a healthy length up into her, and moved it around slightly, and she thrashed and screamed with the pain. He began to fuck her with the pencil, bringing her slowly but surly to an unwanted orgasm.

He was so aroused by this, that he almost creamed in his pants. He stood up and quickly pulled down his jeans, ejaculating all over her tiny body a moment later. He smiled at her humiliation, and the unstoppable tears rolling down her cheeks. He ran his finger over her stomach, picking up some of his seed onto it, and holding it to her mouth.

"Lick it," he said to her, and could feel himself harden again as her small tongue licked his finger clean of his juices. He picked her up and rubbed the back of her body on his cock until it was fully erect again, then he set her back down on the bed.

This time he told her to open her mouth and he spilt his seed all over her face. She got a giant mouth full, and she rolled over onto her side, spitting it out and coughing, almost choking on it. When she got her breath back, he told her to stand up. When she did, he gave her a sharp little slap on her backside, causing her to fall to her knees.

"Now eat your dinner," he told her, meaning all of the cum spread out on the bed. She bent her head and started lapping up the juices; they tasted awful, wet and gross. He masturbated watching her, getting off on all the slurping and burping sounds she was making, and shot another load right where she was eating.

"Got some more for you," he told her. She kept eating, feeling the constant need to puke, but holding it back. Her stomach by now felt like it was about to burst, it was too tiny to hold so much.

"I can't eat any more," she said quietly in her teensy little voice.

"Okay baby, I understand, still I hate for all that good cum to go to waste. I know, you look like you could use a bath," and with that he scooped some juices up and started to rub her body. He touched her everywhere, his giant hands running back and forth and up and down her body several times over.

"Okay, time for bed," he finally said and picked her up and carried her to cage, he set her down inside, covered in his cum. "Sweet dreams little fuck toy," he said and left.

That had been Gemma's first night there. She had curled up in her cage and cried, cried more than she ever had before. When she finally quieted, she looked over in the cage next to hers. There was a pretty blonde girl tied spread eagle across the floor of her cage, she was covered with bruises, and where her left nipple should have been, there was a bloody wound. Her stomach was also slightly rounded.

"It's good that you obeyed him," the other girl told her. The bruised and battered state of her struck fear into Gemma's heart.

"I'm Gemma," was all she could think to say.

"Cecelia," the other girl said back. Gemma was acutely embarrassed to be talking to the girl. Partly because of the way the girl was tied, and partly because she knew she must have witnessed her torture. Despite this however, Gemma desperately wanted a friend, someone she could seek solace with.

"How long have you been here?" Gemma asked.

"Four months," the girl replied. She looked to be about Gemma's age. "I got pregnant on my first night here."

Gemma didn't even try guess what the other girl must be feeling, going through. The man was breeding her.

The next day when the man came back into the room, he had some bread and water for Gemma. He set it down in her cage, then focused his attention on Cecelia. He took out a camera and took a couple of photos of her, then cut her loose. He gave her breakfast and watched her eat it.

He picked up some red yarn and wrapped it around her wrists then put the top of the cage down. Pulling the yarn up through the top bars, he stretched it until Cecelia's arms were over her head, her toes barely touching the floor. He then tied the yarn to a ceiling bar, securing her in place.

"Now you," he said turning to Gemma. He reached down and opened her cage, picking her up out of it. "Don't be jealous," he said, "I have a present for you, too." He laid her down on the bed, and picked up a glass she hadn't noticed before. It was filled with long, cylindrical ice cubes.

Gemma felt horror as she instantly guessed what they were for. She still had his dry, encrusted cum all over her body, but he didn't seem to mind. He picked up one ice cube and placed it at the entrance to her pussy, thrusting it inside her. She screamed at the pain the coldness brought. She expected him to pull it out, or started fucking her with it, but instead he just left it there.

She felt the numbness slowly envelope her, all the way up inside of her. She couldn't tell if the ice cube was melting because she couldn't feel anything down between her legs. Then she eventually saw him pull it out, it was smaller than when it went in.

"You need to be cleaned, really, covered in cum you dirty whore," he admonished her. He ran the rest of the ice cube that had been inside her all over her body until it melted. It was so cold, but he didn't stop, he got another ice cube, and started washing her with that one, leaving it on her erect nipples painfully long.

When she was soaking wet with cold water, he bent down his head and blew on her chest. She hadn't thought she could get any colder, but the air against her skin did the trick. He then opened her legs, and blew in between them as well. By now the sensation had come back to her pussy, and she felt the coolness there like a whiplash.

He then got some more yarn like he had used on Cecelia, he hogtied her and put her in her cage.

Gemma wasn't sure how long he was gone, but he did eventually come back. He went straight to Cecelia and picked her up and took her to another room. Gemma could hear her screams from where she remained.

Cecelia was completely limp when the man put her back in her cage. Gemma saw the horrifying mess of ugly, red welts covering Cecelia's backside. She looked away.

"Now you," the man addressed her, "It's your turn, and I hope I don't have to punish you as well." He picked her up and placed her on the bed.

She sat there as he removed his pants. His giant member sprang free. He picked her up and sat her on it.

"Ride it," he said, but Gemma just sat there. "Ride it and make yourself cum."

She didn't move, and hated the way her most private area was open and touching his abhorrent thing.

"Come on little bitch, if you don't make yourself cum in the next five minutes, I'll have to punish you," he said when she just continued to sit there. He wrapped his hand around her waist and started moving her back and forth, so her pussy was rubbing against his cock, stimulating her.

Gemma could feel the hateful pleasure start to build between her legs. When he stopped moving her, she stopped as well, until he yelled at her to continue. She braced her hands on his cock, and started to move herself back and forth. She could feel the pleasure build, and hated herself for it, but couldn't help wanting release.

She was so close she could feel it. "Five, four, three," her master started counting down, and laughed as Gemma increased her pace, trying to get to that point. "Two, one. Oh no, what a bad girl you are," he said picking her up, "You have failed, and now I have no choice but to punish you," he said smiling. Gemma could still feel the need between her legs, but it started to fade due to the stimulation no longer occurring. She was left feeling bereft.

He laid her on the bed, and got out little metal cuffs. He clipped one over her left ankle, then pulled her leg up and attached it to her it to her left wrist. He did the same to her right side. He then got out a little metal bar with cuffs on the end. He attached one cuff to her right leg, just above the knee, then spread her legs apart and attached the other end to her left leg.

Gemma was humiliated at her position, her pussy in the air, spread wide for him to see, and she couldn't do anything about it. But he wasn't finished yet. He got a weird looking mess of metal clips and string. He clipped one clip one the fold of skin above her pussy, Gemma felt pain at the sharp pressure of the clip. He then pulled the attached string tight, and clipped the other end of it to her nipple. Electric hot pain shot through her body as the clip drew a little drop of blood. The string was so tight she had to arch her back so as not to have it pulling and stretching her nipple. He then attached another string from her pussy to her other nipple.

Gemma was already breathing hard from the pain, and the stress of arching her back. She thought that this was her punishment, but realized she was wrong when he pulled out a little cat o' nine tails. She knew he was going to whip her, and thought he would have to get her out of this contraption to turn her over.

But instead, with a flick of his wrist, he whipped her wide spread pussy. Gemma screamed at the white flash of pain. She had thought it was bad before, but it was nothing compared to this. He whipped her again. She almost blacked out from the pain and knew she wouldn't be able to take much more of it.

Silent tears were running down her face, and she rested her back on the floor, not caring about the pain in her nipples. He whipped her again. This time she did black out, and when she came to, she was in a cage, out of the contraption, but lying naked on the cold floor. She ate the food that was left for her.

Gemma was in a new house, taken there by her new owner. Cecelia was now almost nine months pregnant, and she had been left home. All Gemma knew about this new place is that they were going to make a movie here.

"You've got good taste, she's a beauty," one of the men she didn't know said upon seeing her. There were three new men altogether, all seeing her nakedness.

"All right, let's make a movie," one said. They took her and put her in the fridge, leaving the door open, her nipples grew hard due to the cold. They had a camera already all set up in front.

"This will be easy for you, just try to escape when we put the man in."

Gemma didn't know what was going on, but all of a sudden, a naked man was in there with her. He was just a head taller than her, and had rippling muscles, and was actually quite handsome. Gemma blushed. He had a regretful look on his face.

"Go on, run," the man behind the camera said.

Gemma did. She ran behind the milk, around the ketchup bottle, in front of the mayonnaise jar. The man chased her around. She knew what was going to happen, but wouldn't let herself think about it.

He caught her behind the grape juice. He dragged her out into the open, and pushed her to the ground. He climbed on top of her, and without any prelude, pushed his cock into her.

Gemma was ashamed at being fucked, by a man she had thought was handsome, in front of all these giant monsters. Despite that fact, though, his dick actually felt good. It felt better than any object her owner had stuck into her.

The man was taking her on a cold refrigerator shelf in front of all these men, but somehow, Gemma felt he was being gentle. She looked up into his face, and he wore sort of an apologetic plea in his eyes.

He started to fuck her in earnest, and Gemma could feel her pleasure rising. She didn't want the big men to see that she was enjoying this, that would just amuse them. She pushed her face into the man's shoulder, biting down on it.

He put his hand behind her head to support it, and she could barely hear her own muffled groan as she came. She could feel his seed spill inside her.

When it was over, her owner picked her up around the waist, and put her back in the bag that he had carried her there in. She didn't know what happened to the other man, but her owner took her home.

"You did a good job," he said as he placed her into her cage. She didn't want his compliment.

Gemma felt a strange longing at the fact that she knew she would never see that man again. It was weird, because she had not said so much as one word to him, but she missed him, he made her feel safe.

"How long does he leave us like this?" the new girl, Arabella asked.

"Usually about a day," Gemma answered. Arabella had only been there a week, having arrived the day after Gemma was forced to make a movie. She was not yet used to the way they were tied into uncomfortable positions.

Arabella was hanging by her wrists and feet from the top of her cage. Gemma's hands were bound above her, and the globes of her breasts were tied, so they jutted out, and were blue due to lack of circulation.

Cecelia was not bound, but was sitting in the corner of her cage. Gemma was worried about her, she had not been herself lately. Not since their owner had said he would sell the baby right away, that as soon as it was born, she would never see it again.

Their master suddenly walked into the room, and before she had time to even groan inwardly, he was collapsing to the ground. And before she had time to comprehend what was going on, he was dead, blood pooling around him.

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