Smokey Takes My Virginity

by wifescreampie

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, First, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Teenage girl loses her virginity to her pet.

One morning, when I was fourteen years old, my mother stopped in my room to tell me she was leaving for work. She mumbled something about being home late, and I had to make my own dinner...

I really wasn't paying any attention to my mom ... It was summer, and I had a summer love that year, by the name of Jessie. I was lying in bed thinking about Jessie. Two days before, we had necked at the Fourth of July Fireworks, and while everyone else was looking up, we were looking down, feeling each other up pretty heavily. When he slipped his hand up under my shirt, I froze. I wanted it so badly, but I was afraid of being caught. He played with my breasts for a while, and pinched my rock-hard nipples, and I really debated dragging him off somewhere behind the park building and letting him fuck me.

I wanted it soooo badly. Most of my friends were having sex, and I was still a virgin. I was making my plans for our first time while I lay in bed that morning. How great it would be. In a field of flowers, he'd peel off my flowing white dress, etc. All of the teenage girl first- time fantasies were running through my mind while my fingers were running through my pubes. I kept playing with myself, alternately rubbing my clit and pushing my fingers deep inside my cunnie. It was then, that my dog Smokey jumped up on the bed and immediately stuck his nose right in the crotch of my tap pants. I quickly pulled my hand away and lay still. I felt like I had been caught, and I buried my face in the pillow, and hoped he'd go away.

No such luck. He kept nosing around and licking, and I realized to myself that his tongue felt really good. But this was something that a nice girl wouldn't do, so I reached around to push his head away. Just before I reached him, he got his nose inside my tap pants, and his tongue went straight inside me. I froze again, but this time not in fear, but in pleasure. I didn't want to do a single thing that might scare him into stopping his tongue bath of my crotch. I buried my head again and squealed with delight.

I became aware of a burning desire in my loins, a craving so strong I could do nothing to stop it. I rolled over on my back and ripped off my panties and practically shoved my cunnie in Smokey's face. A feeling started building up inside me that I had never felt; a pulsing, flowing feeling, and then < P O W!! It was like shivers exploding. It was my first orgasm, and I didn't even know what it was...

Smokey kept licking and licking at me, and I orgasmed again and again, until finally the tongue that felt so good was like a kind of torture. I tore myself away from his tongue, and half-fell off my bed, kind of squatting on the floor, leaning back, and gasping for breath. "What just happened?" I thought. "I can't believe this..." Then, while still in my post orgasmic daze, Smokey came up between me and took a few more licks between my legs. I squeezed my legs together, and Smokey jumped up with his feet on my bed and began humping.

His dick was bright pink, and pointed, and poking me right in the stomach. I watched his movements for a minute, fascinated, watching his dick move back and forth, and then realized what he was doing.

"Smokey! I'm a GIRL! you want a girl dog!! Go away!" I laughed, and tried to climb back on the bed. "Go find a girl dog!" I said, and crawled across the bed on my hands and knees. He jumped back on the bed, and immediately mounted me, grabbing my hips with his forepaws, pulling me back towards him. I thought he was trying to drag me back off the bed, and I was laughing and trying to shake him off, when all of a sudden I felt his dick hit my thigh. Without even thinking, I pushed back and put my head down. Then, realizing what I was doing, got up and tried to get away again. Suddenly, his dick hit home, and slid in a little bit.

When he felt this, he grabbed me hard and thrust himself in me to the hilt. The feeling was incredible. I felt so full, and so good, I couldn't help myself. I grabbed his forepaws, and buried my face in the sheets, thrusting back hard against his every move. His dick was so warm, so hard, so much better than the wax candle I had been using before. Soon, there was a feeling of stretching, like he was pushing and pulling something bigger than his dick into my cunnie. It was incredible, with each push and pull of his knot, I orgasmed.

Smokey kept this up for what felt like forever, until I became aware that he was < G R O W I N G inside of me, stretching me to the limit. He began to push up even closer and his thrusts got shorter. The next thing I know, I felt a rapid pulsing of his hot dick inside, and a feeling like a hose of hot syrup was painting the inside of my cunnie, washing down my insides and seemingly filling my whole body...

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