Bare Assets
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Lesbian, BiSexual, Incest, DomSub, Swinging, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Cream Pie, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A very naughty story of a young man enjoying life within a naturist park. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to find a person to date when you tell them you're a nudist? Of course he has a life to live and occupation as well but all roads seem to lead to "SEX" of some kind. This story is full of all kinds of sex. So much even the editor is squeamish.

Age 3

Loraine said to Aunt Pauline, "He's so funny. If you leave him alone for a second, he has his shirt and underwear off; and he's running around, naked as a jaybird."

"Oh Sis," Aunt Pauline said, "He'll probably be like me and want to be a nudist."

Age 5

"Mom! Tommy took his clothes off again," Dana (age seven) said tattling to her mother.

"Leave him alone, Dana, he's not hurting anyone," Aunt Pauline said.

Loraine said, "Pauline, I can't let my kid run around outside without any clothes, we don't even have a fence."

Age 9

"Tommy, put a bathrobe on to go back to your room. It upsets your sister for you to be wandering around the house naked all the time."

"Oh, Mom, it's just me. I hope Aunt Pauline takes me back to the camp again, this year. You don't have to wear clothes the whole time out there, and nobody fusses about it."

Age 14

"Lee, Honey," Loraine was saying to her husband, "do you really think it's alright to let Tommy go out to the camp with Pauline? Dana doesn't like it at all, but Tommy seems to thrive out there. I even like to go, sometimes, but I'm almost embarrassed to be nude around Tommy."

"It doesn't seem to bother Tommy at all to be naked all the time," Lee, Tommy's dad, said. "I'm more bothered by it than he is. You and your sister are such teases! It's no wonder I have to hide around you two out there."

"But Tommy is getting big," Tommy's mother sighed. "He's almost six foot and his thingy is getting pretty big and it's always swinging around. I wonder if he's interested in girls yet."

As he snuggled into Loraine, tweaking one her nipples, Lee said, "We've had a couple of talks. He knows all about the birds and the bees. I've asked him about how he gets along with the other kids, and he says they all experiment a little and look at each other, but that's as far as he says he has gone."

Loraine shivering, "Oh Lee, you know where this leads, don't you?" Loraine held Lee's hand firmly against her breast. "I wish you would fix the squeaky boards in this bed. I guess it's okay to let him go back out there with Pauline this summer. Pauline says that he's going to be a part time lifeguard at the pool, and at the lake. Ohhh, Honey! More please."

Age 21

"Your aunt loved you so much, Tommy. You and Pauline were always the best of buddies. You were the only one in the family that would always go out to the camp with her. Look at her. She looks so peaceful. She shouldn't have that dress on. She would rather be nude. I guess they can't have a funeral for a naked lady."

Tommy spoke with tears running down his cheeks, "She was so close to us, Mom. She was always around, always teaching Dana and me something. She was your best friend, too. Damn! Cancer is so sneaky, so fast. I will really miss her, Mom."

Age 22

"Why can't I come back to the park? My aunt left me her cabin and the lots surrounding it. I've been away to school and I'm back now. I would like to be able to come out on weekends and enjoy the park."

"Look, Tommy," Mr. Franks the park originator and manager said. "I know you grew up out here, but you're an adult now. We don't allow single men to come out here. Parents would be apprehensive to have their daughters exposed to someone like you."

"But Mr. Franks, it's my cabin! My aunt left it to me. I have the title and everything in my name. I even paid the taxes on it while I've been in school ... and I had to really scrimp to get up the money, this past year. Now I've got a job, and I need to enjoy the lifestyle out here."

"I'm sorry, Tommy, that's the rule. Find a wife, find a girlfriend, find someone, a woman, who will accompany you out here and you're welcome. Call me to tell me you're coming, and we'll fix up your aunt's place for you."

Age 22 - at home

"Mom, please, you can come to the park with me. If you would come, they would let me come. They just don't allow single guys out there. They're afraid I'll attack their little girls. Like I don't know what they look like, by now!"

Loraine looked at her son lovingly, "Son, you should find a nice girl to take out there with you. I'll bet there are several who would love to spend a weekend with you out there."

"It's not that easy, Mom. When I tell someone I'm going with about being a naturist, they almost all run away. The ones that don't say that I should forget about running around naked and just ask them to marry me. Not a chance."

"Thanks for coming out with me this time, Mom. You need to ask some of the older widows if they could be my sponsor or something. I really like to go out there more often."

Age 24 - at his sister's apartment

"Oh, Dana, come on. You and Bee could both come out. You know I won't embarrass either of you and I know you both will have a great time. Mom said she can't go but every second or third week, and I want to go out there more often. Yeah, you're right. There aren't any eligible guys out there because they won't let them in alone. What about Jeff, are you tired of waiting? Jeff could come out too. You two could get a great all over tan and enjoy the lake and the pool. I'll even take you both on a canoe ride. Come on, Bee said she'd go, if you would."

Age 24 - at the camp, or 'park', as it's now known.

"Thank you, Mr. Franks, for fixing up and painting the inside of the cabin. It's as nice as it's ever been. While my sister and her friend are out here this week, I'll run in and get the shingles for the roof and redo it. I want to make the porch larger too. Aunt Pauline always wanted a larger porch."

"Just remember, Tommy, you can't come out here unless you're accompanied by a lady. I'm glad to see your sister and friend out. I hope they enjoy themselves."

At the end of the week, Dana said, "Tommy, did you enjoy seeing all of Bee and me? I saw you checking us out several times. At least you didn't spring a boner from staring."

"Dana, I'm not that bad. I was admiring your fresh tan. Bee darkened right up and you've turned golden. You look good with some sun."

"Well, brother, I'm not coming back out right away. You better start hunting for another female to come with you. Bee has a boy friend, so she probably won't be coming with you. I am surprised that you didn't even flirt with her while she was here."

"Bee is cute, Dana, but you already told me she had a boyfriend. I didn't want to upset either of you. I like it out here too much to make waves with someone who helped me come out."

Dana smiled, "I looked around to see if there were any divorcees or unattached women out here, but didn't find any. Bee and I will keep our eyes open to see if we can find you a nudie partner."

Age 24 - at work

I looked up from the drawing on my desk at the girl in front of me. She was average height, about five-five, probably one ten or so. Average build from what I could tell under the suit jacket she wore. She had shiny brown hair, more of an auburn, which was cut fairly short, but looked nice. She didn't have any discernable makeup on, which was a plus in my estimation.

"You're Tom Parks, right? Your sister is Dana, right?"

I gave her a crooked smile and nodded that she was correct.

"My name is Zena Harper. Your sister is my neighbor at the apartments where we live. Can you have lunch with me, or could we meet after work? I'd like to talk to you for a few minutes."

"I have to have lunch with the department supervisor today. How about meeting at 'The Office' right after work? Would that be good? We could have a cold one, a coffee, or whatever."

Zena Harper said, "A cold one sounds good. I'll be there as soon after five as I can."

As she left, I checked her out, noting she had a decent shape and a really nice caboose. Wonder what this is about.

The day flashed by as usual. Time flies when you're having fun, and work was fun for me. My degree in architecture had earned me a job as junior blueprint proofer for the area's largest builder. I checked over the build out blueprints before the work was begun, to make sure our lessors were getting what they wanted. Sometimes it took several meetings back and forth to get it right, but it was enjoyable to know the job would be done to meet the lessors' desires.

I left my building, went a block over, and entered 'The Office'. The place was a lively after-workday bar, which featured a few skimpily attired waitresses and barmaids, along with a loud jukebox. Their biggest draw was the ice-cold beer. The bottles sometimes had a few ice crystals floating in them, and the draft frosted the frozen mugs, instead of warm beer served in frosty glasses.

As soon as I came in, Zena grabbed me by the arm and pulled me toward a booth that had three women already sitting there. I didn't recognize any of them, but then, I didn't recognize Zena when she came up to me, either.

Zena said, "This is Tommy Parks, ah, Tom Parks. He's the brother of our neighbor, Dana. You know ... Dana and Bee? Tom this is Margaret, Joan, and Betsy. They work for Dover and Dover, downstairs from you."

I smiled at each of them, trying to get a feel for them. Margaret gave me a cold smile, and I couldn't tell why. Joan had a warm smile, while Betsy just nodded. Margaret looked like she could be a NFL lineman, while Joan looked like she was a tiny little girl. Betsy looked like she had a forty double Z chest on her, but didn't look overweight, otherwise.

Zena smiled at me, "I guess you want to know what this is about?"

I nodded with a smile, "That would be good."

"Your sister says you're a naturist, a nudist. My family is naturists too, but they live up in Atlanta. So far, I've not met anyone that goes to any of the parks down here, so I was happy to hear that your sister and her roommate went with you this past week. I would like to go with you out to your park, to look it over."

I was excited, "That would be great! Do you want to go this weekend? Do you other girls want to come along, too?"

Margaret frowned, Joan was almost giggling, and Betsy sort of stared. Zena said, "None of them have ever been to a naturist camp. They have some ill-advised pre-conceived ideas. There is something that I need to discuss with you, though."

The tone of Zena's voice had changed, so I looked at her and asked, "What's that?"

"I am a lesbian. My three girlfriends are all lesbians. None of us would be interested in any type of contact with you while we are at the camp."

Margaret finally said something, "I think if I see a naked man, I'll throw up."

"Oh, Margaret," Zena scolded, "You're always saying stuff like that, and I don't think you've ever even seen a naked guy. They are just guys. Most nudists don't pay any attention to other naked people."

"That's not entirely true, Zena. If you grew up in parks, I'm sure you did some discovery expeditions with the other kids along the way."

"You're right, Tommy, I did. But that's before I decided I liked what women had, a lot more than what men had."

Betsy leaned across the table toward me and asked, "Would you get a hard-on if you saw my big tatas?"

I smiled at Betsy, "Well, you never know, Betsy. I'll have to check them out first. There are quite a few ladies with giant bosoms out there. Most are older, but you never know. You could be the one to twitch my trigger."

"I'm gonna puke," Margaret said, disgustedly.

"I'm so excited," Joan gushed.

"I'd like to find out," Betsy said.

"They're incorrigible, Tommy. Would you take us out this weekend? We would like to go. I promise we'll be ladies, and not embarrass you. We have each other, so we are not predators. But remember, none of us are up for any horizontal hanky panky with you."

Joan was wiggling and giggling.

Zena corrected herself, "But then, Joan doesn't know what she wants or likes. I think she like everything."

"Oh, puke," Margaret said, disgustedly.

I looked at the four while drinking my cold draft.

"Okay. You guys pack up your toiletries and a couple of bottoms in case you get cold feet about going nude. We'll need enough food and drinks for Friday night, Saturday, and through lunch on Sunday. Let's do some meal planning, so we won't buy too much or have too little."

My little notebook served us well in making up a good list of food for our weekend. I added a note to pick up the paint that I wanted to put on the expanded porch.

After two beers, I left them with one last thought.

"I sure hope you all like to come out and will want to come out often. I have to have a female with me, in order to go out there. One or all of you are welcome to come. I promise to keep my hands off you for as long as you wish. I won't promise that I won't get excited over seeing you, but I promise that it will only be for a minute, until I get used to you. See you tomorrow night at five. Be ready for a great weekend."

I was in charge of getting beer, booze, soda, and milk. I stopped at Home Depot first to get the paint for the porch, and then stopped at Publix for the drinks.

At my apartment, I checked my toiletry bag to make sure I had everything. I took along a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, in case it got cool. I had two pairs of sandals already out at the cabin, along with plenty of towels, so I was fixed.

Friday dragged. I was so anxious that I wanted to skip out of work at noon. Instead, as I was getting up to go out for lunch, Zena came up. "Hey Tommy, want to go to lunch? How about the club upstairs?"

"That's a little rich for my blood, Zena. Could we pick a cheaper place?"

"My treat, Tom. Come on, we'll have a real executive lunch, I'll fix it with your boss."

As we passed by Mr. Andrews' office, Zena leaned in and said, "Seth, I'm taking Tom Parks to lunch. I have to talk to him about a couple of new clients. We'll be a little long, today."

All Mr. Andrews did was nod, and we were off to the stratosphere for a 'power lunch'.

Upon being seated, we were catered too unreasonably. Zena was obviously well known, as people were constantly asking her if they could get her anything. She ordered us both martinis, and then proceeded to tell me how excited she was about the weekend.

When our salads came, along with another martini, Zena said, "I have a confession. The company you work for is my uncle's. He hired me to be his marketing manager a couple of years ago. He's the only one in my family that accepts my lesbian lifestyle. You don't seem to be turned off by me being a lez, so I already like you, Tommy. We'll be great friends."

"I really haven't given it much thought, Zena. I like women, but I haven't met any that really do it for me yet. If I could find someone that was a combination of my mom, my aunt Pauline, and my sister, then I would be interested. But then, my sister can be a prude, my mom can be a little narrow, and I think my aunt Pauline liked girls, just like you do."

Zena was laughing. "Are you into incest or what?"

"No, no, not that way! But those are the girls I've been most comfortable with."

"I was just teasing, Tommy. I have a brother that's like my uncle, they both like boys. I wonder how my mom and dad had two gay kids. My brother has a life partner, but my uncle has never settled down. I'm surprised he hasn't approached you yet."

"I've never met him, Zena. I don't even know what he looks like. Every time I've been on the executive floor, he's been out."

"I'll fix that. I'll make sure we eat at his apartment, soon. The man is a great cook. You'll have to watch out for him though. He's pretty slick when he's on the make."

"I don't think I'll have any problem. I really do like girls. I don't know about guys, because I can't think of anything nicer than cuddling up with a nice, soft, curvy girl."

"You almost make it sound appealing, Tommy. I'll bet you'll make some girl happy."

It was almost three by the time we staggered from the restaurant. Zena took me to her office. She had her secretary bring us some coffee, while she showed me some of the plans for one of the buildings her uncle was taking over.

The secretary had a frown on her face as she served me coffee, but Zena said to her, "Don't worry, Sally, I haven't changed my mind. I still like pussy better than prick. This is the guy that's going to take us to the nudist camp, this weekend. You know, you should go with us."

"I couldn't do that, Zena. I can't even get naked with your friends, much less a bunch of men."

Zena turned to me and said, "Kind of bad, huh? I even have a lezzy secretary. I thought it would be easier if I had someone who understood my lifestyle." Zena stood and said, "Come on! Come with me, and let me introduce you to my uncle."

I frowned, but Zena grabbed my hand and pulled me with her, right down the hall until we entered the big double doors to the big guy's office. A male secretary was at the reception desk.

"How may I help you, Zena. Isn't this Tom Parks from architecture?"

"It is, Bruce. I want to see Uncle Bert," Zena said. She turned to me and added, "See, the guys know who you are. Bruce is a little aggressive, so watch out for him."

"Oh, Zena, watch what you say. A nice man like Tom will get the wrong idea."

"Bruce," Zena scoffed, "I don't think Tom plays the same game you do."

Bruce screwed up his mouth and said, "Go on in. Bert isn't doing anything."

Zena went through the big double doors, confronting a man sitting at a huge desk with windows completely backing him.

"Uncle Bert, I want to introduce Tom Parks from architecture. He does the build-out blue print approvals." Zena motioned for me to reach across the desk to shake her uncle's hand and said, "And he's the man I've been waiting for, all my life, Unk."

The man looked up at me with his mouth hanging open and his eyes were as big around as saucers. He whispered, "The man you've been waiting for all your life?"

"Yeah, Unk. A straight guy, that's a nudist. He's going to take me out to his naturist camp this weekend. As a matter of fact, he's taking four of us lezzies out there. Can you believe it? I've finally found the guy of my dreams."

The man began laughing the loudest belly laugh I've ever heard.

"Oh, Zena, I almost thought you were having an epiphany. I thought you were going straight."

"Not a chance, Unk. I'm as queer as you are, just not as couth."

"Ahmmm, Zena. You don't need to be so crude. Mr. Parks may not appreciate the way you can be."

"So far, Unk, he's been unflappable. He professes his love for women but doesn't seem to mind that me and mine like them as well. He didn't even flinch when Bruce made a pass."

The big man sighed as he sat back in his big chair.

"Thank God it's Friday. Every Friday people around here get squirrelly. So, Tom Parks ... you're actually going to take my niece to a nudist camp and parade around in the altogether with her? Are you going to announce her coming wherever you go, or can you control yourself?"

"Well, I sure hope I at least give him a hard-on when he looks at me the first time. After that it would be nice if he just wagged his tail."

"Ha, ha, ha! You are so bad, Zena. Your mother, that's my sister, Tom, raised you to be almost exactly like her. The big difference is she likes guys. Your brother knows the right path, but he doesn't like the naturist lifestyle, does he?"

The whole time they were joking, I was just watching and listening. I was beginning to think perhaps Zena might swing both ways, but she would have to be the one who let me know when she wanted to swing my way.

"Uncle Bert, you need to get to know Tom better. He is a smart guy and can probably help your company. Find out more about him and get him up on this floor, so I can have a buddy up here. You know it won't be an interoffice romance, but it will be a great friendship."

"Fine. I'll do that, Zena baby. Now, how about you two come for dinner Tuesday evening? Bring some wine for some chicken."

"We'll be there, Unk. We're outta here, gotta get on the road for the camp."

"Have a good weekend, you two, and enjoy yourselves. See you Tuesday evening."

I said to Zena, "Let me go down and clean up my desk before I leave. I know no one is in the department on Friday afternoon, but I like it to be neat on Monday, even if there isn't anything big happening."

"Okay, we'll meet you downstairs at the garage elevator in about ten minutes. I'll call the girls."

I cleaned up my desk and rolled up the blueprints I had just completed before lunch. I printed out my notes, slipped them into the rubber band holding the prints, and put them on my boss' desk. The project wasn't due until next Friday, but I had busted butt to get it done quickly. I liked to show I could work efficiently.

I met the girls at the elevator downstairs.

"Okay, we can take my truck as it will seat six, three up front and three in the back. Or you can follow me out, whichever."

Zena said, "Let's throw everything in the back of Tom's truck, and drop off the car at the apartments on the way. Betsy, you drive my car, I'll ride with Tom."

Giggly Joanie said, "Can I ride with you guys. I'll have the whole back seat to myself all the way to the apartment."

Zena rolled her eyes at Joanie's juvenile exuberance.

When we got into my truck, Zena leaned over to me and whispered, "Don't let Margaret the man-hater, or Betsy the ball breaker know we spent the entire afternoon drinking and having a good time. They wouldn't understand. I think Betsy may like guys, too, but won't admit it. Margaret, however, is a real genuine man-hater. Don't know why and don't want to know. Just leave her alone."

I said, "I have the soda, beer, and milk in the two big coolers in the back. There's a box of miscellaneous booze back there too. I have stuff for Margaritas, Mojitos, and even some Bloody Mary mix for in the morning. I bought some gin and scotch too, just for fun. We can have a great time. I have an extra cooler for the meat too. Ice in all of them, of course."

"Wow," Zena exclaimed, "you spent a lot of money for this weekend, is that going to be okay?"

"I've been saving up for this type of thing. I'm stocking up the cabin at the same time. If I can work it out, one of these days I want to move and live out there instead of in an apartment. If my mom and dad didn't think I needed to live on my own, I would have stayed at home. They think I need a place by myself, to bring women. So far, the only women I've had at my apartment, have been my mom and my sister."

"You really don't go out, do you, Tom," Zena asked, almost sounding concerned.

"I have dated occasionally. But like I said, I haven't found anyone interesting enough, yet. I'm patient. The time will come."

We stopped at the apartment complex where my sister and the girls all lived, to drop off Zena's car. The other two girls climbed in the back seat of the crew cab and we were off.

It was only twenty minutes from the apartments, to the camp, but it was like going to another world. I rolled up to the gate, and was passed through by Henry, the ancient security man at the park. He and two other older men were the keepers of the gate. They had been on the gates, since I was a little boy.

We rolled up to the cabin, parking on the side and the girls all jumped out, running up to the door. It was unlocked, as always. We went in and opened the windows, to let some fresh air in. The cabin was under a bunch of towering oak trees that shaded it, and kept the place reasonably cool. The cabin still needed air conditioning on summer afternoons to be comfortable inside, but for the most part, it was fine with the windows open.

"Okay, girls, let's start out the weekend by dusting the place, and wiping down all the counters. I'll mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. Zena, get the vacuum and do the rest of the floors. If the rest of you will dust and wipe down the dusty surfaces, I'll begin bringing in the goodies as soon as I'm done."

It went fast. We all worked together, and hauled everything into the cabin.

As they set all of their stuff down in the living room, I said, "You girls split up between the two bedrooms. I'll sleep out here on the couch. It's a very comfortable couch, so I'll be happy out here. Get your stuff situated and let's get these clothes off."

I began unbuttoning my shirt and Zena began by dropping her skirt. She and I were nude in seconds, while the other three stood gaping at us. Zena said, "Come on you pussies, get your clothes off and enjoy yourself. See Tom didn't even sprout a boner for me. Umm, maybe I spoke too soon. Turn away, Tommy, get over it."

"I'll be fine. The thing just had to say hi. It'll go down, see, it's already drooping."

"Puke," Margaret said, disgustedly.

"Ooh, lookie, look at his thing," Joanie giggled.

"Check these out, stud," Betsy said as she dropped her huge bra, along with her blouse.

My wanger did do an about face and stood right up for Betsy's bazooms, then decided it should lie back down.

"Too much excitement for me, Betsy. Best be careful, all the blood will rush from my head and I'll pass out."

The girls all laughed, including Margaret. I walked out onto the porch stretching, enjoying the freedom and the fresh wind caressing my body. Zena stood next to me and said, "Feels good, doesn't it?"

I hollered to the girls inside, "How about let's go to the pool and do some swimming. The pools heated, so it'll be warm enough."

Zena said, "Go ahead, we'll meetcha. I'll wait for the slowpokes."

A skinny little blonde came running out of the house in her flip-flops saying, "I'll go with you, Tom, do I need a towel?"

"It's still sunny, we'll let the air dry us out. One of the other girls will bring their brush or comb for your hair. Let's go."

We walked to the pool, slid our footwear off, and dove into the pool. Joan couldn't swim well but was able to get around okay.

She said, "Boy, I'll have to learn to swim better, if we come out here a lot. This is fun."

"They have swim classes for all ages every Saturday, Joan. You'll have to come down to get some free lessons."

"I'll do it. Help me remember to come, Tommy. This place is great. I didn't think I could be free and naked like this, but I don't feel funny at all. I guess when people start coming I might, but not yet."

Zena, Margaret, and big-boobed Betsy came to the pool. This was my first appraisal of Margaret. She wasn't bad looking, a little extra padding around the middle, but not bad. She had shoulders like a football player and narrow hips and she didn't have much of a butt, an almost flat backside. Betsy was the conundrum. She was about five three, and would normally be about hundred ten, sort of thick but still slim, heavier, stockier, muscular, with a chest on her that was enormous. I'd bet she'd already heard every big tit joke ever told. That's probably why she was so self-conscious about them.

We all swam and splashed for a while before getting out as some more people came. I tried to introduce the girls to everyone that came, but people and families were coming faster than I could go. Mr. Franks came up to me and said, "Nice of you to bring the young ladies with you. We're having a campfire later tonight. Bring them around for some marshmallows. They'll meet everyone in time."

Zena had taken up with one of the young wives with kids and was deep in conversation with her. Betsy was talking to an older lady and her husband, while Margaret and Joanie were sort of hiding behind me as I greeted people. As we were meeting people, I did the unthinkable, I put my arm around Margaret and Joanie, holding them to me as I spoke to various couples and older folks.

Margaret said quietly, "I want to go back to the cabin."

"Okay, let me tell Zena and Betsy. I'll take you."

"I want to go by myself. You stay away from me. Don't touch me."

I must have turned red, embarrassed, as Mrs. Wilson came up to me and asked, "Are you okay, Tommy, you're all red."

Little Joanie didn't know what to think. She had heard Margaret but didn't understand as we were all having fun, or so we thought.

Zena and Betsy noticed Margaret take off and came over to Joanie and me. "What happened, did you get to close to her, Tommy?" Zena asked.

Joanie put her hand to her mouth and said, "Oh, I didn't think about that, Tommy had his arm around both of us, holding us to him and was introducing us to people. I'll bet that's what Margaret's upset about. Tommy's like a brother to us. He's just with us, he ain't like a guy on the prowl are you, Tommy?"

Betsy said, "I'll go settle her down. You can put your arm around me anytime, Tommy. Just don't think that I've changed my mind about bed partners and you and I will be fine."

Little Joanie said, "What's the big deal. My goodness, we're adults here. I'm not even afraid of Tommy, why would big ole Margaret be so afraid?"

As she pulled Joanie and me to her and led us toward the cabin, Zena said, "It's just the way some people are, Joanie. You and me, we might just like a little attention from Tommy, but don't tell the others, they wouldn't understand."

"Oh, Zena, would you do that with Tommy? Would you really? That makes me excited. I wonder what it's like to be with a guy." She looked at me and asked, "Tommy, maybe you'll show me one of these days."

"Don't be in a rush, Joan, perhaps one of these days. I don't do stuff with people just to do it. I have to have feeling for them too. I'm a little old fashioned that way."

Zena hugged me to her as she walked, "You're one of a kind, Tommy. Here we are walking nude together with Joan trying to get you into her panties, and you're turning her down. Isn't that something? We'll work on him, Joanie, and make him show us all about guys."

Joanie giggled, "Ooh, I can't wait. I'm getting slippery just thinking about it."

Zena said, "You know Joan is the oldest among us. She's twenty-six, I'm twenty-two, and the other two are both twenty-three. I already know you're twenty-four and will be twenty-five in June."

"I don't think our ages mean much out here," I said, thinking of us as a group. "I don't think they mean much between us either. Come on, let's see if we can make Margaret feel better."

Margaret was dressed, sitting on the couch with a still nude Betsy next to her. Margaret had been crying, so I quickly went to the bedroom and put on some shorts then went back to Margaret and kneeled in front of her.

"Margaret, I'm sorry I touched you. I didn't mean for it to be intimate or to be imposing. I meant it to display to others that we were friends and stood together to meet new people. Please, relax with us, relax here, these are all good people."

Margaret's eyes opened and immediately noticed that I had shorts on. Her mouth was straight, tight with clenched teeth. She said, "Are you mocking me with those shorts on."

"I'm just trying to make you comfortable. I want to be your friend, a non-sexual friend, and a non-gender friend. Come on, Margaret. Make me your friend, and know that we can be friends with or without clothes."

I could see Betsy holding her breath as she knew how much of a man-hater Margaret was. Margaret looked at me and said, "Take those shorts off. This is your place. You don't wear clothes here. Sit on the couch. Betsy, Zena, sit next to him. I want to test him. I'll see what he really thinks."

I was confused, and I think Betsy and Zena were equally confused. I sat down with Betsy to my right and Zena to my left.

Joanie sat between my legs, and laid her head back onto the couch. Her hair flipped over my dick, tickling me. I didn't squirm, but was having trouble trying to hold myself limp.

Zena didn't help as she took my hand and was holding it in her lap with my fingertips barely touching her pubic hair. Betsy on the other side was holding my arm with one of her gargantuan breasts lying across my arm on my chest. If anything is going to get you up, what was happening to me would.

Margaret stood in front of me and just opened her arms with her palms out as if to say, "Here I am."

She turned to the big radio on the table and turned it on searching until she found the easy jazz station. Margaret turned back to us, unbuttoned her skirt, and let it drop, revealing her bottom covered in some old fashioned full panties over a broad bottom. Next, she unbuttoned her blouse, almost slowly, almost teasingly, one button at a time looking me in the eyes the whole time.

When she let the blouse slide to the floor, she posed again with her arms out and palms facing us, showing herself in bra and full panties.

With a determined look on her face, she passed her hands over the points of her bra-covered breasts. As she did that, she closed her eyes briefly as she teased her nipples. Her hands unclasped the bra's center clasp and let the cups fall away from her medium sized breasts that were either large Bs or small Cs, but rock hard firm. Margaret let the bra slide down her arms to fall onto her blouse and skirt gathered at her feet. She brought both hands up her sides to cup her breasts, almost offering them to us.

My dick lurched within Joanie's hair. She didn't help as she moved her head back and forth. I'm sure Zena's and Betsy's eyes could see me growing but didn't say anything.

Next Margaret moved her hands back down her body pushing her hands beneath the waistband, pushing the panties down her thighs, all the way to the floor.

While still looking me in the eye, Margaret pulled one foot then the other from her panties, standing with her legs spread wide, twirling the panties with one hand while raking her other hand through her thick dark pubic hair. Something about the sensuousness of the scene did me in as my dick rose straight up. It was a full-blown hard-on, noticeable by the world.

Margaret grinned widely and came down to kneel in front of Joanie and me.

"You got a hard-on from watching me, you really did. Look at you, your dick is standing up, really big."

The unthinkable happened, Margaret reached out and gently grasped my hard dick and gripped it with one then two hands.

"Look at this thing, both of my hands can't even hold it all, and it's big like that, just from looking at me."

Margaret looked up at me and said, "This is the first time in my life I've ever known a man to be genuinely excited by looking at me. I like it. I don't want a man, but I like knowing I can excite one, that I'm at least appealing."

Betsy said, "If you keep playing with that thing it's going to go off. I know what those things can do."

"I may want to see if he can get even more excited from just watching me. I'll just dance for him and you can make it squirt or whatever it does."

"You'll have to let it go if you're going to dance for him, Maggie," Betsy said. "Stand up and show him your body. Show us all your body. Show us how sexy you are, and show us how ready for us you are."

Instead of moving away, Margaret came up close to me, her lips almost touching mine, looking into my eyes as she held my dick in a chokehold.

"Tommy, I don't want to fuck you, but I want you to want me. I want you to get off looking at me. Please, show me I'm a woman."

Something snapped inside me and my juices began shooting up between us landing on Margaret and my face, her breasts, and our stomachs. She was almost smothering little Joanie.

The sensation of my semen landing all over her caused Margaret to shudder. She actually had juices run down her leg.

I was terrified that I had gone too far, that my body had betrayed me and possibly scared poor Margaret away for life.

Instead, Margaret got the sexiest look on her face that a girl could ever get. With my cum dripping from our mouths, she pressed her lips to mine and gave me a soul kiss that kept my dick rock solid. Of course, she still had a choke hold on it but she kept kissing me, using her tongue to lick more of my juice between our lips.

Margaret pulled from me and looked down at herself with cum dripping from her nipples. "Isn't that the sexiest thing you've ever seen in your life. Sorry Joanie, I didn't mean to smother you. Here, lick some of this from my nipple."

Joanie latched onto Margaret's cum covered nipple, sucking it into her mouth lustily. Margaret leaned back on her heels letting go of me with one hand and dropping her now free hand to her own center.

"Oh my God! I came so hard, and I wasn't even touching myself. Did you see that? He came from looking at me! A man got off on me! A good looking man squirted his stuff all over me, from just looking at me!"

I didn't want to tell her the chokehold she had on me probably had something to do with it.

Margaret smiled, and let go of me.

"Now, I'm a woman. I may not like men but I like you, Tommy. I want you to do that again for me one of these days. I want your stuff all over me like it is now. I want Joanie to suck the stuff off my nipple and play with herself just like she did. I want all of it again."

Betsy looked at me with glazed eyes and said, "In about two seconds I think you're going to have to fuck me. I'm about to explode."

Zena took hold of me from Margaret and said, "Does this thing give that much pleasure? Maybe I'll have to find out more about you and this thing."

Little Joanie turned around and looked at my still very hard dick, "I'll bet that thing feels better than those cold dildos I use at home. I think we should try it out while we are here."

Betsy turned to me and said in my ear, "Please, come with me into the bedroom for a few minutes. I need what you have."

Margaret said, "Oh, no you don't! If you're going to do something with him, you have to do it in front of us, just like I did. Go ahead, do it! Don't hurt him, but do it to him."

"Oh, God! I'm so hot, I have to have something, now!"

Betsy swung her leg over my lap, grabbing my dick from Zena, then centered me and forced herself down onto me, groaning.

"Oh, God, that feels so good. Oh so much better than rubber."

Betsy smothered me with her huge breasts and began riding me, as she was used to doing all the work at home with her own toys. She was busily pounding away until she groaned loudly collapsing on me. Her huge breasts cushioned her on my chest.

Zena leaned over me and asked, "Did you do it in her, did you squirt in her?"

"No, I can't do that in her, we shouldn't be doing this without protection anyway. I can't let her take a chance."

Zena kissed me saying, "You are the man for us. Just the guy for a bunch of lezzies: a real boy-toy. Get up, Betsy, you better get off that thing before it wants to squirt again. That thing will make babies you know."

Betsy looked at her, turned and looked at me. She kissed me softly and said, "Maybe I might want a baby. What do you think, Tommy, want to make a baby in me?"

"That's scary, Betsy, don't say those things. I couldn't do that to you. We're not even married, or engaged, or anything."

Zena said, "See what I mean, the next thing you know he's going to propose to all of us."

Joanie climbed up to the side of me and said, "Yes, I'll marry you right now! Yes!"

Margaret came around to the back of the couch and leaned over me and said, "Isn't this something. This guy gets off on me, the real man-hater, then he fucks my lesbian girl friend, or was that she fucked him?"

I tried to lighten the situation, "How about we all get up and have a beer or a drink? I think it's time for supper. There's too much heavy stuff going on around here."

Betsy smiled at me, kissed me again, and got up. My dick was still board stiff, waving around in the breeze. Joanie was looking at it, grasped it, leaned over and very gently and kissed it.

She licked her lips and said, "Tastes like Betsy."

With that, she opened up, and took about five inches into her mouth, until she gagged a little. She only backed off a fraction. She kept this up until I pulled her from me. She had a hurt look on her face, "I wanted to taste you again. Let me, please, let me get it out."

What's a guy to do? Zena leaned over to me and gently kissed me, as she took hold of me and stroked me into Joanie's mouth. With Zena's kisses and stroking, Betsy's breasts still lying on my arm, Margaret's caressing of my head, and Joanie's sucking on my knob...

It took about sixty seconds for my second load to shoot up into Joanie's mouth. It sounded like she was choking, but she kept right on sucking. Cum was drooling from her nostrils, and more was oozing from her lips around my cock.

As I began going limp, Joanie rose off of me with a 'pop'.

She said, while whipping the juice from her face, "I really like the taste of that stuff. Here ... Margaret, Betsy, kiss me. Taste it."

Both girls gave her a deep kiss while I was still kissing Zena. Zena said, "You know, you kiss very nice for a guy. I like kissing you."

I groaned as my well-used cock twitched.

"Enough, girls. Let's make supper. I think a steak is in order. Everyone agree?"

They came out of their zone and all agreed. I started the grille while they began making salad and nuking some potatoes. Joanie decided to be the bartender and Mojitos were served all around.

The whole time we were cooking supper, the four girls kept comparing their feelings of what had happened. I kept thinking that any minute, the four admitted lesbians would realize that two had completely crossed the line, and the other two were leaning that way.

We ate salads, followed by some delicious Porterhouse steaks. Our baked potatoes were served with sour cream, and some fresh broccoli was steamed on the stove. The girls mostly drank soda, while Zena and I drank a beer with our meal.

When we were finished, the five of us made short work of washing, drying, and putting away the dishes. We went out onto the big porch to sit for a few minutes before going down to the campfire.

Joanie was sitting on the glider with Margaret and asked, "Does what we did constitute being heterosexual?"

Margaret said, "Probably a little, but I only held him and kissed him. I did taste his stuff though."

"I already knew I was bisexual," Betsy said. "I just don't like the way guys paw me and twist my nipples. You would think all I am is two big tits."

Zena commented, "You know you like your breasts played with, Betsy. You love for us to suck on them, bite your nipples, and just rub our hands all over them."

"I know, but you all do it so gently, so smoothly that it makes me tingle whenever you touch me. You tease my breasts until I'm absolutely flooded, then you taste me until I explode." Betsy shivered talking about it.

Margaret put her arm around Joanie, pulling the tiny girl to her, "Then we all get "Joanie-the-mouth" to drive us all nuts. Joanie has the most active mouth of all of us, on all of us."

"She sure proved she has a BI-sexual mouth this afternoon," Zena said, sitting next to me on a patio loveseat. "My goodness, she sucked Tommy as well as any porn star we've ever watched."

Zena turned to me and asked, "What do you think, Tommy? Want to be our experimental boy toy? I think all of us are curious about men, and we're especially curious about you. Will you let us use you to find out more about men, and how we feel about them?"

Margaret offered, "I don't think I'm willing to fuck you, but I think I'd like to do what Joanie did. If I know our little imp like I think I do, she's going to sit on that thing of yours before the weekend is over. Tommy, I hope you have some condoms so you don't knock any of us up?"

I was a little red faced at the question. Betsy noticed and asked, "You don't have any condoms with you do you? You brought us out here with the intention of just enjoying our company and not our bodies. You're so sweet, Tommy. I almost wish you had filled me up with all that stuff you fed Joanie."

Zena, ever the coolest head of the group said, "Don't get carried away girls, none of us need to be raising a kid right now. We've talked about maybe having one or two among us; but I know that I, for one, would rather have it planned."

It was getting dark and we could see the big campfire starting down by the rec center. Joanie asked, "I'm getting a little chilly, is it permissible to put on some clothes to go down there?"

Zena and I answered at the same time, "This is a naturist camp."

She stuttered, and I continued with, "You can be nude, partially clothed, or fully dressed and you will be equally accepted. I think I'm going to put something on too. It might be warm down by the fire, but it will be cold between here and there."

We all put on some clothes to walk down to the campfire. I think the girls were all surprised to find that almost everyone was clothed to one degree or another. Parents were supervising the kids as they stuck marshmallows into the flames of the fire using long forks just for the occasion. The four young ladies instantly became little girls, getting a fork and marshmallows to roast.

The men stood behind the kids and ladies, watching and passing a couple bottles of schnapps around to warm us up.

When Zena had her fill of toasted marshmallows, she came to stand beside me, leaning up against me. Mrs. Franks was standing with Mr. Franks and commented, "So, Tommy, is this your lady friend? Is she the one who finally has caught your eye?"

"We're just real good friends, Mrs. Franks. Zena and I work for the same company and have become good friends."

"I know you passed on every eligible young lady out here while your aunt was still alive, so this one must be something special."

Zena was holding my arm but said, "I couldn't do much better, Ma'am. Tom is a really great guy but we kind of live different lifestyles. I did grow up in a naturist family and lived most of my youth in a place just like this. Up in Atlanta we don't have warm days twelve months a year, but we do have a fairly long spring and summer."

"Well, it's nice to see Tommy bring some friends out to the park," Mrs. Franks said. "You need to keep coming with him so he can come out. We have some rather strict rules about single men out here."

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were standing with us also. Mrs. Wilson said, "All of us older women have sort of helped raise Tommy. His mom and his sister didn't come that often, but she did come last weekend with that friend of hers. Anyway, Tommy is special to all of us. Whenever we've needed help, Tommy is always ready and willing. That's why the men built his big porch for him so quick. They all help each other."

Zena said, "We're going to paint the porch in the morning. We brought the paint with us. Tommy said he would paint the deck Sunday morning before we leave so it will have a chance to dry while he's away."

"That's nice young lady, ah, Zena," Mrs. Wilson said. "Come back with Tommy often. He needs a lady friend for out here, as well as for his personal life."

As the campfire crowd began to dissipate, the girls and I walked down by the lake to see the full moon shine its path across the water. It was a beautiful sight. Several young teen couples were sitting on the man made beach by the lake, looking at the painting the evening sky had given us.

Back at the cabin, I closed the windows as the temperature had dropped into the high sixties. I made sure everyone had blankets for the beds, and that I had a couple for the couch. I received hugs from everyone, as we got ready for a good night's sleep.

"Tommy? Tommy! Wake up, Tommy," a soft voice whispered in my ear.

I opened my eyes to see Zena kneeling by the couch.

"Is something the matter, Zena?"

"No, I just wanted to snuggle with you. Would mind if I lay with you? I want you to hold me."

"I'm naked, Zena, I sleep this way."

"I do too, Tommy, it'll be alright. I want to feel your skin against mine."

"But, Zena," I protested, "you're gonna feel more than just my skin against you. I won't be able to help it, especially in the morning."

"That's okay, Tommy, it won't bother me. I know you won't do anything to me I don't want."

I held up the two blankets that I was wrapped up in and Zena slid down next to me. The couch wasn't that big since it was still folded up as just a couch. I thought of pulling it out to make a bed, but Zena was already squirming around getting comfortable, holding my hand around her, and hugging herself to me. It was a good thing I was still groggy with sleep or my lower parts would have been waking up.

I gently kissed the back of Zena's neck, and she gave an "Mmmmm."

We both drifted off to sleep in just moments.

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