Lucious My K Nine Lover

by wifescreampie

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Desc: Sex Story: We had talked several times about her "adventures" and fantasies, each time getting to know one-another better. Several weeks ago, Fonda admitted to me that she'd been "experimenting" with her dog Lucious, a big Black Labrador Retriever. A very male, big Black Lab.

This past weekend saw the realization of two of my fantasies at the same time. Both were with a young lady who calls herself Fonda, and Fonda is a member of a group who affectionately call themselves "animal-lovers". Not the basic Humane Society variety of animal lover, not the devoted owner variety of animal lover, Fonda was truly an animal lover!

We had talked several times about her "adventures" and fantasies, each time getting to know one-another better. Several weeks ago, Fonda admitted to me that she'd been "experimenting" with her dog Lucious, a big Black Labrador Retriever. A very male, big Black Lab.

I learned that she and Lucious had been sharing in some sexual play- times, and that Fonda had even allowed him to mount her the last time, only a couple days ago, but she was leery of letting him really get inside her without someone else around.

Saturday morning brought me to her small cottage on the edge of a rural community about forty miles from where I live. As I arrived, I was greeted by a massive black creature on the cottage's stoop. Barking and growling, he waited until the lady of the house came out and "shushed" him and introduced us. Fonda and I shook hands (it seemed strange in light of some of the phone conversations we'd had) and she invited me in.

The cottage was surprisingly cozy, and her taste in decor was quaint without being too "country." She showed me around which took all of thirty seconds as there was only a single bedroom, a bath, kitchen/dinette, and a large living room/den. There was a distinct open space in the center of the living room, and I mentioned that a coffee table would go nicely there. She giggled and said that she'd moved the coffee table onto the back porch so that we would "have enough room to move around". I think I blushed, and I know I felt really, really dumb.

Fonda was dressed in a pair of denim jeans and a gray sweatshirt with a dogs head in the front and the words "I Love My Lab" under the picture. I just had to mention that I liked the shirt, and it was her turn to blush. She opened the front door and called Lucious inside. As big as he was, I was amazed at how gentle he became once in the house. A few minutes ago this was the same dog that would've taken an arm and then come back for more, and now he nuzzled my hand as I sat on the couch. I scratched his ears, and his tail made swishing thumps as it pounded the floor.

Fonda and I were making small talk about Lucious as a puppy, and how big he'd gotten in his sixteen months, when he abruptly pulled his head off my knee and went directly towards Fonda. He made a beeline to her crotch and as she pushed his nose away telling him to "Behave!" I noticed the head of his pink cock poking out of the black furry sheath." He's been doing that all morning, that's why I had to put him outside until you got here. I guess I've been a bit excited, and he can smell me," she stated, somewhat shyly. No sooner had she said it than he was back trying to nuzzle her crotch again. "Well, if you promise to help if I need it, we can get started..." I told her that I wouldn't let Lucious do anything to hurt her.

Fonda got up off the couch and reached into the front closet retrieving an exercise mat (you know those red on one side blue on the other foam things) and placed it in the center of the floor. "Sit!" she spoke sharply to Lucious, and he sat, his tongue hanging from the side of his mouth, and an inch of his red dick poking out from under his belly. Fonda giggled, and said, "I'm a little embarrassed for you to see me naked" as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to the floor. "This is how we usually start, when I'm on the couch watching TV, he'll come up and start sniffing and licking, and it'll just get going from there" she said as she sat back down on the far end of the couch. "Today, though, I'm not going to have to stop, and to tell you the truth, I'm so hot for him right now, I don't think I could stop. I've been having dreams about this ever since I talked to you Wednesday and you said you'd help me." I asked her what she wanted me to do, and she replied that unless she got into trouble and she needed help, just to watch. And this is what I watched.

Fonda leaned back on the couch with her legs slightly spread, the dampness of her excitement visible on her bikini-panties. She called Lucious and he came to her and stuck his nose directly between her thighs. I could see that he was starting to lick her pantied mound, and from her expression, they both were enjoying this. For several minutes she let Lucious nuzzle and lick her, and she even raised her left foot and massages his cock sheath with her toes. Shortly she said "Sit!" again, and again he sat. Fonda got up and saying "I think we're all gonna love this..." slid her pale blue panties off and kicked them toward me. They were soaked, and I don't think it was all dog slobber! As she pulled her sweatshirt over her head, Fonda asked if I'd get her the two white socks on the dinette. I got up and retrieved the two white socks, they looked like baby socks with tie-strings through the tops, only these were thicker, like sweat socks that'd been cut down. I held them up and evidently the question showed. "I made then the other day. After last weekend I realized that his claws could really scratch. Help me put them on his fore- paws." I did as I was told, and as Fonda knelt naked next to me before Lucious I could smell the musky scent that he was attracted to. I also became aware that I was getting a hard-on. I shifted myself to alleviate some of the pressure and Fonda said, "Well, I'm glad to see that I have the same effect on both of you!"

Sitting back down on the couch she again called Lucious, and again he buried his nose between her thighs, but this time, Fonda spread her legs wide, and I got a clear view of the tongue-action that was taking place. And some serious tongue-action there was. Lucious' tongue must have been six or seven inches long, and he was sliding every inch of it deep into Fonda's pussy. He'd lick her from her asshole to the top of her clit, and then back again, and in the middle, would slide his tongue all the way into her. The effect this was having on her was very visible, and she was getting to be very audible, too. Fonda hadn't mentioned that she got vocal, very vocal.

She continued to have Lucious lick and probe her for some fifteen minutes, and I know she had at least three pretty good orgasms. I watched as she squeezed and pinched her nipples and heard her coo lovingly to Lucious. I also watched the one inch of red doggy-dick extend into five or six inches of crimson, pulsing canine cock that swelled and throbbed to a good one and a half inched thick. This dog was big all over!

"It's time to see if this really will work, lover" she purred to him as Fonda slid down on the couch and pulled at her canine-lovers collar. He knew what was wanted, and, with one final slurping lick, moved up onto the couch with his forepaws, one of either side of Fondas waist. His hard cock was pulsing, and there was a slight swelling at the base, and he stepped in between her thighs with his hind legs. His hips were already taking on the classic doggy hunch and I watched open-mouthed as the pointed tip of his dog-cock neared the furry wet opening of Fonda's hole. She slid a bit lower, and I heard a slight yelp from Lucious as I saw the first contact. His aim was not as accurate as all would have liked, and his first thrust glanced a bit high, careening across Fonda's clit. A sharp gasp from her, followed by "Here, boy, let me help your aim" as she slid her hand between them and adjusted his angle. The next lunge brought a groan from all three of us as I saw him sink over half of his dog-meat into her pussy.

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