Chapter 1: Opportunity Knocks

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Enema, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Needles, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: Opportunity Knocks - Death leaves a hole in all of us, a pain that never goes away. What happens, however, when a Master dies, leaving his slaves bereft of his control and guidance. Valerie Burbon and her friends come face to face with such trauma when death interupts the normal flow of their lives. How will the contend with the loss and pain that come? How will the slave herself, alone for the first time in years, deal with her unintended freedom? The death of a Master will touch all their lives.

The slave was hanging from the ceiling. Her feet just touched the ground. If she stood on her toes, the strain on her shoulders was eased a bit. She was naked of course. Leather cuffs encircled her wrists. There were rings on them that were hooked to a chain in the ceiling. The chain was embedded into a solid piece of oak that made the joist for the floor above. The six by six wasn't going to give any time soon. The slave's fingers briefly touched the quick release for the chain, but she'd never dream of releasing herself. Her Master wanted her suspended like this, and she never denied her Master anything. In fact, the prospect of the next several hours, suffering for Him gave her a feeling of joy. She smiled and concentrated on the buzzing of the vibrating ben wah balls that were stuffed in her pussy.

Four weeks earlier...

Valerie Burbon eased her car into her assigned parking spot. The smile on her face said a lot about how her life had been going these past two years. Since the opening of Valerie's Crisis, she'd been able to parlay the brief bout of fame from the movie into greater exposure for Delgrasi Publications, the premier publisher of fetish specialty magazines. In addition to the increased quality of ads in the magazines (a perennial problem for so called sex magazines), Valerie's efforts (and fame) had convinced several vanilla companies to advertise in Delgrasi publications.

Valerie's personal life was equally joyous. Her life partner, Sally Thatcher, had become her full time slave around the time the movie about their first month together was being made. In the over two years since, Sally had grown increasingly satisfied in her total subservience to Valerie. Valerie was pleasantly surprised to find herself thoroughly enjoying being a 24/7 Mistress. Of course, Valerie was still a submissive, answering to Charles Vanquil at his whim. Her submission to Charles had deepened in the three years since she first let Him take her home and have his way with her. It had been over a year since Val had used her safe word for anything other than safety concerns.

Valerie stopped on her way in to chat with the new receptionist, Imogene Cahara. "So, how was the date last night?"

"Oh. Ms. Burbon, it was fantastic. John took me to see Sampson's Pride," she gushed, referring to the new romantic comedy from Hellfire Pictures. "After that, dancing at the Gotham Club and home for some more intimate dancing."

"It does sound like you had a great time. Did you broach it with him?"

Imogene looked down, embarrassed. "No, I chickened out. He'll think I'm a freak."

Val cupped the receptionist's chin in her hand. "No, he won't; and if he does, you deserve better. Imogene, it's not like you're asking him to let you tie him up or something," Valerie continued, referencing her own particular kink. "When he sees how turned on you are by being in rubber during sex, he'll leap at the chance. Have you tried that rubber underwear out yet?"

"Oh, Gods! Once, and it drove me crazy. I got a new crotchless pair last week. Do you think I should... ?"

"Of course! That's a great way to introduce him to your kink. You know, he may have one of his own he's been afraid to share with you?"

"Do you think so?"

"He's a man. Of course he has a kink. It may be as mild as wanting to see you with cum on your face, but he has a kink."

"Eww, that sounds so gross."

"Imogene, think about it. You're giving him a blowjob, wearing a tight, hot, full face rubber mask. He pulls out and sprays you and the mask with his cum. You rub it into the rubber..."

Valerie stopped, her point made as Imogene closed her eyes in fantasy, her breath coming up short. "Oh Gods! That would be wonderful."

"Yeah, it would. Well, back to work."

"Thank you, Ms. Burbon."

A short trip through the corridors of Delgrasi brought Valerie to her office, where her secretary, June, was already hard at work, finishing a conversation with someone on the phone. " ... that's good. I'll let her know." She looked up at her boss and smiled. "Ms. Burbon, good morning. How was your weekend, ma'am?"

"It was good. Yours?"

"The kids and I spent Saturday at Six Flags, so I'm broke, tired and happy. You have a new appointment on your schedule. The gentleman called just a little while ago." June handed Valerie her day sheet so she could see her day. When Valerie saw her ten o'clock appointment she looked back at June.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Yes, ma'am. Vincent Sanders of Ridgeview Riding Gear requested an appointment to see you as soon as possible. Since Mr. Wilson cancelled again, I put Mr. Sanders into the open slot. I also checked with Mr. Freshin and he's free at ten as well."

"Very good. I wonder what brought this sudden change about. I couldn't get the time of day from them last year."

"I'm planning on checking that. With luck, you'll know by the time you see him."

"Thanks, June."

Valerie wandered into her office, her mind still trying to process what had just happened. Val had come to view Ridgeview Riding Gear as the holy grail of her job. Calvin Freshin, editor of The Pony's Paddock, had been wanting a real tack company to advertise in the pony girl's magazine for years. Valerie had been sending out feelers ever since her breakthrough two years ago with Yara's Leather Products. Yara's made the best leather care products in the world, as far as the local BDSM community was concerned, and they now advertised heavily in Delgrasi Publications.

According to Calvin, most pony girl gear was homemade and of wildly varying quality. What little there was available to buy was from cottage industries (usually pony girls themselves selling small quantities of homemade gear). The market was ripe for a forward thinking business to meet the increasing need for professionally made pony girl gear. The fact that quite a bit of actual horse tack could be used directly would make it easy for a company to make the transition. Until today, however, no tack company wanted to hear of their gear being used on humans. Equestrians tended to be very conservative; normal for suppliers of one of the oldest lines of human endeavor.

Val turned her mind from the mystery and concentrated on her work. She spent much of the morning going over proposed ads, verifying they met her standards of quality and taste. Improving the quality of ads in Delgrasi's dozen publications had been the primary reason Valerie's position had been created over two years ago. Most sex toy companies responded with enthusiasm at the prospect of having their ads improved at little or no cost to themselves. The increase in readership and in the advertiser's sales spoke to the success of the operation.

Just 15 minutes before her appointment with Mr. Sanders, June buzzed her. "Ms. Burbon, I've forwarded an online article from the Wall Street Journal dated three weeks ago. It might explain your next appointment."

"Thanks, June."

Valerie opened her email and clicked on the item from her secretary.

The financial and equestrian worlds lost a brilliant and generous friend today. Melvin Ridgeview, founder of the Ridgeview Riding Gear empire passed away in his sleep last night, the victim of age and a weakening heart. The company he founded expects to continue in the founder's footsteps, providing the very best equestrian equipment money can buy.

Melvin is survived by three sons and two daughters, along with numerous grandchildren. The eldest son, Patrick, inherited Melvin's controlling interest in the company. In a brief interview, Patrick said, "I expect to continue in my father's footsteps, as well as expand our market base with the development of new products." Just what those new products are was not forthcoming.

The article continued, going into more detail on the history of the company and Melvin Ridgeview's philanthropic activities. Val was beginning to see what was going on. A change in leadership at the company, under the hand of a member of a younger generation, was opening a door. It may well be the case that Patrick Ridgeview saw the fetish community, and pony players specifically, as potential customers. She wondered how receptive Vincent Sanders would be to this idea.

June buzzed Valerie. "Ms. Burbon, Mr. Sanders is here."

"Show him in, June."

Valerie rose and met the businessman as he was shown in. She extended her hand. "Welcome to Delgrasi Publications, Mr. Sanders." Once he was sitting, Valerie continued as she sat down. "Let me offer my condolences to your company for its recent loss."

"Thank you, Ms. Burbon. Melvin Ridgeview left the company in good shape to survive his death."

"That's good to know. What can Delgrasi Publications do for you today?"

"Our new CEO wants to, as he put it, 'take our company into the 21st century.' For Mr. Ridgeview, that means taking our company into new ventures. One venture he wants us to investigate is so-called pony play as a market for our products." From his tone, it was clear Mr. Sanders had issues with the idea. Valerie hoped they were addressable issues.

"I can assure you, Mr. Sanders, pony players are definitely a market that's ripe for exploitation by your company. Pony girls and pony boys are possibly more dedicated to their fetish than any other members of the fetish community."

"That may be, Ms. Burbon, but the board of directors is concerned about just how appropriate it is to become linked with the intentional degradation of human beings. Is my understanding correct; pony play is predicated on the assumption that it's all right to treat humans as animals?"

"In a sense you're correct, but you're also wrong. Yes, pony play treats humans as animals. In fact, pony play is part of a larger fetish group referred to as animal play. Animal play itself is usually thought of as a subgroup of BDSM or domination and submission. What your characterization misses is that the human animals are willing and eager to be viewed as such. They're being treated as animals because they want to be treated that way."

"I find that hard to believe, Ms. Burbon. Why would any rational person want to be treated as if they're an animal?"

"Oh my. The reasons are about as varied as the people who play. Some, like transsexuals who feel like they've been born into the wrong gender, feel they've been born into the wrong species. They want to release their inner pony, dog, whatever. Some are merely taking role play to another level. For others, it's the ultimate expression of submission in a D/s relationship. You may as well ask why some people like to eat sour kraut. I personally find the stuff revolting."

"We're in agreement there. How can you be so sure, Ms. Burbon? I started my research by investigating the literature. It's rife with examples of forced animalization, I believe it's called. The board won't allow the company to become associated with such despicable practices."

"I see. It sounds like you've been reading erotic fiction, Mr. Sanders. A common theme in erotic fiction is non-consent. In the real world, we call that kidnapping and rape. Some BDSM play may well contain elements of non-consent fantasies, but consent is our watchword. The same is true for real world pony play. As for how I know, I can't say that I know any pony girls or boys myself. Calvin Freshin, the editor of The Pony's Paddock, has indeed met many human animals and can attest to their willingness and desire to be the animals they portray. In fact, he should be here. He's far more knowledgeable about the subject than I am." Valerie turned to her intercom. "June, would you ask if Calvin has a few minutes? If he does, ask him to come by the office."

"Yes, ma'am. Right away."

"While we're waiting, let's assume that we've convinced you that pony play isn't objectionable as you've been thinking. Just what does your new CEO want from Delgrasi?"

"Well, his plan is two fold. In the short run, he wants to advertise those products we make that are already useable by the players, I think you called them. In the long run, he's hoping to produce a line of pony play products; equestrian gear designed specifically for humans to wear and use. We, of course, have no idea just what those products might be. Market research would be a must."

"Well, Patrick Ridgeview is certainly forward looking. I'm sure there are plenty of your products that are already in demand in the field. I suspect some are already being purchased and used; or at least yours and your various competitors. You see, the equestrian field has ignored the fetish community since; well, forever. The first company to break that barrier will gain the most important thing there is in business; name recognition. Once your company begins advertising in The Pony's Paddock, every pony girl and boy will think of your company when they think of buying a new piece of equipment. I don't have to tell you how valuable that kind of name recognition is."

There was a knock on Valerie's office door and June stuck her head in. "Ms. Burbon, Mr. Freshin is here."

"Oh, good, send him in." As Calvin entered the room, Val greeted him. "Calvin, come in. This is Vincent Sanders from Ridgeview Riding Gear. He's investigating whether Pony's Paddock is a place they wish to advertise."

"Ah, Mr. Sanders," Calvin said, holding a hand out. "I've heard quite a bit about your company's products; very good things about them."

"You have? Are you a horseman?"

"Oh, no. I'm afraid real horses and I don't get along. No, your praises are sung by pony girls and boys. I've met several that use your company's gear already and they speak very highly of its quality and value."

"So, you've met these pony girls?"

"Oh, yes. As Editor of the Paddock, I need to keep up on the latest in the field. I regularly attend animal play conventions and competitions."

"There's enough interest in this fetish to support conventions? Just what kind of competitions are we talking about?"

"We estimate there's some 10,000 human animal enthusiasts nationwide and view that as a very conservative estimate. There's no telling how many engage in such play purely privately and escape the radar, as it were. As for competitions, if there's anything real horses compete in, pony girls and boys do so as well. They race, perform in dressage competitions, pony shows, even work pony contests. I understand there's even going to be a barrel race at the next Atlanta Pony Girl fair."

"That's ... amazing. And all these human animals are willing subjects?"

"More than willing, I'd say. Many do so because they have a need to do so. Their lives would be incomplete without their animal sides having a chance to be expressed and explored."

"How can I know this for myself? The board didn't send me here to take your word for things. After all, you're hardly unbiased."

"The simplest way would be to go to a convention and talk to them yourselves. The Atlanta fair I mentioned is in two weeks."

"They allow outsiders at their conventions?"

"Of course. Most so-called outsiders will be vendors. You'd not only have a chance to meet the girls yourself, but you'd have the opportunity to scope out your potential competition. I think you'll find the market primed for your entry."

"I'd need someone who knew what was going on there with me. Are you going yourself, Mr. Freshin?"

"Yes, and I'd be honored to be your guide. Come to my office and I'll give you the information you'll need to register."

"Of course."

Calvin led Mr. Sanders out while Valerie smiled. Other than the usual misunderstandings vanillas had about the fetish, Vincent had an open mind about the venture. The idea of a real equestrian house making gear for pony girls would be a major boon to the lifestyle and the industry. A few minutes later, Calvin knocked and entered.

"Valerie, just how did you pull this little coup off?"

"It wasn't my doing, Calvin. Their CEO died and his son is pushing the company, 'into the 21st century.' That includes broadening their market to include the fetish community."

"Amazing. I'd never have anticipated such a turn of events. Are you planning on auctioning yourself week after next?"

"Of course. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Are you bidding?"

"Yes, most definitely. I love having you under me, especially since you don't safe word any more."

Calvin had won Valerie on three separate occasions at Mephisto's monthly charity slave auction. He was a very demanding Master who pushed Valerie beyond her limits. About two years ago, Val discovered that she didn't like using her safe word to stop a scene. She still used it when something dangerous had to be addressed, but she generally gave her all to her dominants. Her owner, Charles Vanquil, had been exploring the boundaries of her submissiveness ever since this change had occurred. He was of the opinion that Valerie could submit without safe words because she trusted her dominants that much; and because she needed an ongoing depth of submission to sustain her in her domination of Sally.

The rest of Valerie's day was occupied with the minutia of running the advertising department of a publishing house. Like most sexually themed magazines, Delgrasi's publications had nearly half their page count dedicated to advertisements. She envisioned a day when that wouldn't be so, but financial realities stood in the way of that dream. Until circulation was high enough to allow for a decrease in the sheer quantity of advertising needed to pay for the publications, a significant page count would be dedicated to paying the bills, so to speak.

As she worked, her thoughts drifted back to the weekend. Charles had taken in a new submissive and Valerie had been part of her initiation weekend. Nadine Johnson had spent two days in submission to Charles' household. Nadine had nowhere near the pain tolerance that Val had. The sub had used her safe word during every whipping to stop it short. Nadine didn't try to avoid whippings; she knew they were a part of submitting to Charles. She did, however, evidence an inability to bear up under significant levels of pain.

On the other hand, Nadine had a seemingly uncontrollable desire to be tortured with orgasm denial. She seemed to thrive while writhing in bondage; her orgasm on the edge but unfinished. Valerie was convinced that when Nadine cried out for more in such scenes, she was begging for more torture, not more pleasure.

Nadine also showed excellent qualities as a switch. She took to her initial training as a dominant like a fish to water. Where Valerie had been unable to finish the training at her initiation, Nadine seemed to truly enjoy being in control and giving pain to a willing subject. Valerie suspected she'd be as good at it as Sally had been, before the change.

By the time she was driving home, Valerie's thoughts had settled firmly on her lover and slave, Sally. Sally had spent a weekend alone for the most part while Valerie was involved in Nadine's initiation. Earlier that morning, Valerie had seen that Sally was craving use by her Mistress. Val had denied her clothes and masturbation privileges for the day; and then ordered her to clean all the toys in the basement.

As she parked at the base of the hill that was the entrance to their house, Valerie smiled in anticipation. Sally was in for a very rough night. Opening the door, she found Sally on her knees, waiting for her Mistress. Valerie walked up and let Sally kiss her legs. Sally was holding her hands behind her back as she lavished affection on the woman she loved and served.

Valerie grabbed Sally by the hair and tilted her head back. "Who do you belong to, slave?"

"You, Mistress. I'm yours, body and soul."

"What can I do to you?"

"Anything, Mistress, anything you wish. Please use me, Mistress."

Valerie tightened her grip, pulling painfully at Sally's hair. Sally grimaced and smiled at the same time. "Oh, I will, slave, I most certainly will." Valerie pulled Sally to her feet and forced her mouth to Sally's. They kissed, deep and long, their tongues intertwined and playing with one another. "I've missed you so much, Sally," Val whispered as she released the hair and clasped Sally in a tight embrace.

Sally returned the embrace while moaning and whispering, "I've missed you, Mistress. Tonight, Mistress? Play with me tonight?"

"Yes, tonight. I want to try out our new stocks."

Sally trembled in anticipation. The stocks had arrived over the weekend and Sally had set them up in the sound proofed basement. All day today, it had tantalized and called to her; whispering promises of restraint, pain and denial. Sally enjoyed nothing more than surrendering to her Mistress, to be tortured or pleasured with no control over her fate.

Her satisfaction, though, came from being Valerie's slave. Each day Sally looked for ways to serve her Mistress. When Sally wasn't confined for the night, she'd learned to rise before Valerie; so she could set out Valerie's clothes for the day, prepare Valerie's breakfast and even bathe her Mistress when she could. Sally tried to make sure there was never anything around the house that needed to be done by Valerie. Early in her 24/7 slavery, Sally craved not having to make choices. She'd looked to Valerie for every choice in her life; what to wear, what to eat, what she'd do each day, who she'd have sex with. As the months wore on though, Sally found that such dependence wasn't enough. Sally needed to know that she'd gone above and beyond for her Mistress. Slowly, she started anticipating Valerie's needs. At first Sally would ask if she could do this or that for Valerie. Later, some things just came naturally. Sally had the sense that change was coming again, but wasn't sure what. She tried to not let it worry her; after all, Valerie was her Mistress and was in control.

"Mistress, dinner is ready now. I made chicken and dumplings."

"Sounds scrumptious. Put one setting on the table and your cushion next to my seat."

Sally skipped off to prepare the table while Valerie checked her personal email. There were several personal emails that she could look at later, as well as one from her Master, Charles. In it, he instructed her to report to Nadine's home on Wednesday night, where she was to put herself in teaching submission to the new switch. Valerie smiled at the prospect. Nadine had already demonstrated a healthy imagination when it came to dominating a submissive. Wednesday should be very fun.

Sally knelt beside Valerie's chair while Val ate. Even after two years, Sally looked so contented in that submissive position. Valerie fed Sally by hand as she ate herself. This simple act reinforced the dependence Sally had on Val. That dependence wasn't one of need, but of choice; Sally chose, day to day, to put her every need in the hands of the woman she loved.

After dinner, Valerie clipped a leash to Sally's collar. The silver collar looked much like the collar Valerie wore, just with a different inscription. It was, in fact, a replica of Valerie's that had been made for the movie, Valerie's Crisis. The crew of the movie had given it, along with the matching ankle and wrist cuffs, to Valerie and Sally as a gift for all the hard work they'd put into advising on the BDSM scenes. Where Valerie's collar had the inscription, "Valerie, property of Master Charles;" Sally's said, "Sally, Valerie's slave." The only other difference was the remnants of a .22 caliber slug embedded in Valerie's.

Val led Sally to the basement, shutting the thick door behind them. The basement was a large open space with a single room off one side that served as laundry room, spare bathroom and toy storage. The main room had eyebolts in numerous places in the ceiling and floor. In the center was a wooden pillar about two feet across, affectionately called the whipping post (their first piece of play equipment). Three other pieces of furniture were secured in various places in the room. A spanking bench, looking much like a vaulting horse, was off to the left of the post. The bench, along with the wheel mounted St. Andrew's cross against the right wall, were more gifts from the movie crew. Fifteen feet behind the whipping post was their newest piece of equipment.

Part of their pay from Hellfire pictures had been invested in a long term CD and the earnings had paid for the high quality toy/punishment device. The restraints could be raised and lowered to accommodate any size slave. The arm and neck holes were padded with soft leather, but fit snuggly, preventing any movement. A gap in the neck padding kept the windpipe free from being obstructed. The crossbar was counterweighted, making it easy to use by any size dominant. That also prevented the crossbar from slamming into place, a much desired safety feature. The leg binders were adjustable, allowing for anywhere from 2 to 4 feet of separation between the victim's feet. At full width, any pussy or cock would be exposed and vulnerable.

Valerie had Sally's legs locked in at the maximum spread in short order. After a quick trip to the storage area, she added a blindfold and gag to Sally's head, just two of the toys she'd packed in a small carry bag. Once the collar and cuffs were removed, she pushed on Sally's back, indicating that she should bend over. Sally trembled as she did, knowing she would become unbalanced soon. She did, in fact, fall forward a couple of inches before Val caught her and lowered her into the neck and wrist openings. When the top piece lowered into place, Sally started breathing faster and pushed against her bindings. Her helplessness sank in and her fingers wriggled uselessly.

"Feeling anxious, my slave?" Val asked. Sally nodded, unseeing. Valerie continued. "You're mine. I'll do what I want, whenever I want. I could fuck you all night, sending you into orgasmic bliss until you can't handle any more. I could whip you until your entire ass and legs were a mass of black and blue and you'd be unable to sit for days." As Val spoke, Sally's excitement increased. She wanted it, whatever it was. She needed to be used with no thought for her own desires. She moaned through her gag, trying to beg Val to start anything.

Val ran her hand along Sally's back, from neck to ass crack. Sally moaned and arched her back as much as she could. Valerie's hands continued to caress her lover, all the while, avoiding the obvious erogenous areas. Soon Sally was whimpering, her pussy and tits primed for sexual contact. She knew it wasn't going to be that easy. Valerie loved erotic torture and had become a master of holding Sally just shy of orgasm. Still, Sally thrust herself, as much as her bondage allowed, towards Valerie's hands, seeking more of what she knew would be nearly unbearable.

When Val stopped, Sally was already covered in a thin film of sweat and her pussy was visibly wet from its own juices. Sally couldn't see what was happening and her mind imagined any number of implements being pulled out for use on her body. In reality, Valerie was stripping herself. Val enjoyed being naked while she gave Sally the pain they both craved. Long gone was Valerie's discomfort at inflicting pain on anyone, especially her lover. Val found the appearance of each mark she laid down on Sally's body to be an increase to her own arousal. Once she was undressed, she picked up a cat with long, soft tails.

When the first lashes from the cat caressed Sally's ass with rivulets of pain, Sally actually sighed. Val was starting soft and slow tonight. That usually meant a long session with several implements. Sally tended to end such scenes sobbing uncontrollably and unable to sit without pain for several days. She tried to show her willingness and acceptance by raising her butt to meet the strokes as they came down. Each stroke brought a reddening to her ass cheeks that started to fade right away. The long pace allowed the marks to almost fully fade before being renewed by another stroke.

Once Sally's skin had taken on a constant red hue, Val stopped and returned to caressing her helpless slave. This time she included Sally's breasts, lavishing attention on them, perking the nipples and areolas up for even more attention. Valerie lay against Sally, listening to her lungs fill with and release their precious cargos of life giving air while her hands played with and pinched sensitive nipples. Sally's moans were constant as her arousal and desire grew under the talented hands o her Mistress.

When Sally's nipples were where Val wanted them to be, she got back up and retrieved the clamps. She brushed the ends against Sally's breasts, watching her squirm at the realization. Sally tried to talk through the gag, but nothing intelligible came out.

"Are you scared of the clamps?"

Sally nodded. She knew they were clover clamps; the kind that wouldn't fall off, but would bite even deeper under pressure.

"Are you begging not to feel them?"

There was a pause, and then Sally shook her head. Val could detect a small sob from her throat. Valerie knew how much Sally hated the clover clamps. Until a few months ago, they were the one thing guaranteed to cause her to beg for mercy. Yet, in the last four months, Sally hadn't begged, not even once, not even in the face of the clamps. Val had asked Sally why and Sally could only whisper, "I can't, I just can't ask you not to anymore. I want to give you everything. I want to want everything you have to give me." It was at times like these that Valerie experienced trepidation at where their lives had gone.

With two deft, well practiced moves, Valerie snapped the clamps on Sally's nipples and let the weights fall. The resulting tug dug the clamps deep into Sally's tit flesh, pulling a muffled scream form her. With the weights still swinging, Val picked up the tawse and laid into Sally's ass and thighs. The twin-tailed leather slapper left deep red marks. The sharp pain this caused made Sally jerk, sending the weights on the clamps swinging like pendulums. Sally made no attempt to stifle her screams, though the gag kept them reduced in volume.

Valerie kept the tawse going for quite a while, at a slow pace. Unlike her Master, Charles, Valerie preferred a slow application of pain, letting the submissive feel each in its entirety and savor/dread the approach of the next one. In Sally's case, the weighted clamps would almost stop swinging when the next blow landed and set them moving again. Tears were leaking from under the blindfold and her sobs were constant. By the time Valerie had stopped this latest round, Sally's upper legs were a deep red and her ass was showing a spot or two of purple coloration.

In this interim period, Val removed the gag and let Sally give full vent to the suffering she was undergoing. Sally bawled openly, giving voice to the pain she was in. When Valerie removed the clamps and the pain in Sally's breasts underwent a renewed surge, Sally wailed in agony. Valerie held her bound lover and stroked her face and hair while the crying continued. It was several minutes before Sally regained her composure (as much as possible under the circumstances). Val slipped one hand along Sally's belly until it reached her pussy. Her palm brushed over Sally's clit while two fingers slipped between her folds. Sally gasped and thrust back against Valerie's hand, impaling herself on those fingers. Val cupped Sally's cunt and rubbed her hand back and forth, slowly fucking Sally with her fingers.

Sally whimpered and moaned, soaking in the increasing arousal as she rocked against Val's hand. She was fearful that Valerie would stop short of her orgasm, making her suffer denial on top of the pain. Even after over two years, Valerie still got her biggest thrill from inflicting orgasm denial on Sally. The idea of turning pleasure into a torture appealed to Val. Sally struggled to move past her fear, to accept whatever happened. She'd seen Val's face when Val had denied her in the past and knew the joy it gave her Mistress.

Soon Sally was trembling at the approach of her climax. Valerie was holding her on the edge, keeping Sally incredibly aroused but preventing her orgasm. Lost in her pleasure, little whispers of pleading were escaping as Sally begged for her orgasm. Val placed the gag back in place, holding it with her free hand, but not cinching it into place this time. Understanding, Sally stopped begging and sank into the pleasure, letting it take her over. When Valerie stopped, Sally's orgasm still on the horizon, Sally simply wailed through the gag for the loss.

"You're so beautiful like this, Sally."

"Thank you, Mistress," Sally managed to gasp.

"I'm going to hurt you some more."

"Anything you want, Mistress. I'm yours, so totally yours."

Valerie picked up a bamboo cane and slapped it against Sally's thighs, leaving a red slash behind. Sally gasped in shock, letting out a keening sound when her breath came to her. Valerie's technique was very different from Charles'. Valerie's Master used the cane as his ultimate expression of pain. Each stroke he laid down pulled screams from his submissives and left full blown welts behind. He rarely gave more than five strokes with the thin, wooden instruments. Valerie had gone out of her way to get training on lighter cane use from Sir Tom, a dominant she'd worked with when Charles was out of town two years ago. Yes, her blows were painful, but it was a different type of pain. This sharp pain faded quickly to a heat that suffused the entirety of Sally's legs and ass. Given slowly, with a fair amount of time between strokes, Sally's arousal actually grew (that never happened with Charles).

As the strokes slowly came, Sally was shedding tears and trying to raise her ass or legs to invite them. When the first landed in the inside of her thigh, her head jerked up and she tried to spread her legs even more. Her cunt was on fire, arousal roaring through her body, centered on her pussy. Little drops of cunt juice rolled down her legs, stinging when they encountered the red slashes being laid down on her legs. Valerie kept up the slow pace, each stroke landing on the inside of her legs, until Sally was writhing and moaning. When Sally couldn't take the suspense any more, she pleaded, "Mistress, please, Mistress."

Sally and Valerie could never tell whether Sally was begging for more or for less when she pleaded like this. This time, Valerie gave one last stroke, this one straight up against Sally's pussy, just as Sir Tom had taught her. Sally peaked over that edge and started into her orgasm; her body shuddering and her voice crying out. Valerie dropped to her knees and attacked Sally's cunt with her tongue. The additional stimulation propelled Sally's orgasm to extreme lengths, well over a minute.

When Sally came down from her high, Val released the foot binders and then opened the stocks themselves. Half carrying the exhausted and sore woman to the couch/bed near the door, Val let Sally lay down on her front and started giving Sally a massage with a medicated body rub. Stiff muscles relaxed while the lingering pain was helped into that warmth that made submissives glow after a hard scene. As she became more aware of her surroundings again, Sally realized something.

"Mistress, would you like me to..."

"Yes, you do need to pleasure me."

Valerie crawled on the bed, putting her legs around her slave. Sally brought her hands under Val's hips and pulled her Mistress' pussy to her lips. Her tongue snaked out to lap at the plentiful fluids that Val had generated over more than an hour. Valerie sighed as Sally's expert tongue teased and tantalized her sex with feather light strokes. Valerie's excitement grew little by little; reaching new plateaus of pleasure every few minutes. Val gripped the edge of the bed and steeled herself to wait until Sally had drawn a climax from her with exquisite slowness.

Thirty minutes later, Val was in tears from being so close to an orgasm for so long. Her pussy was aching from a need to be fucked; her cunt was sopped with her own juices and Sally's saliva, while her clit was poking out of its hood, begging for another touch. When Sally stuck three fingers in Valerie's pussy, Val cried out with partial relief. Sally's fingers began a slow stroking, rubbing against the inside of Valerie's cunt while Sally's tongue renewed its acquaintance with Valerie's clit. Valerie's hips arched off the bed and started to fuck back. It took only a matter of minutes before this finger-fucking sent Valerie over the edge. Valerie screamed deliriously as pleasure exploded from her cunt to encompass her entire body. Sally pulled even more out of Val by keeping her tongue on the clit as the orgasm wracked Val's body.

When the climax finally subsided, Sally crawled up next to her Mistress and they cuddled for a while. No words were exchanged, yet anyone watching would have no doubt of their love for one another. Silently, they walked back upstairs where they showered and went to bed. The next day, Sally would spend time cleaning and sterilizing the equipment and toys they'd used.

Tuesday morning saw Valerie back in her office, dealing with the day to day affairs of running the advertisement department of the company. At noon, she had her weekly lunch with Calvin Freshin, editor of The Pony's Paddock. Their lunches were part business and part personal. Calvin was a dominant and had dominated Valerie on a few occasions, usually the result of winning her at Mephisto's monthly auction. As they left the building, Valerie noticed Calvin grimacing.

"Calvin, is there anything wrong?"

"I've been having stomach pains the past few days. It passes quickly for the most part."

"You should see a doctor. There's no telling what it is."

"Oh, that's not necessary. It never stays around long enough to be a problem. I watch what I eat; try not to upset my stomach much."

Valerie recognized the signs of male stoicism and hoped it wouldn't get him into much trouble. As they were looking over the menus, she asked, "How's Susan doing?"

"She's doing well. I gave her some serious welts and bruising over the weekend." Calvin was an acknowledged sadist, taking enjoyment from inflicting pain on others. Susan was his slave and outlet. Valerie had talked with Susan on numerous occasions and knew that the submissive was very happy as Calvin's helpless slave. Calvin continued with, "She's hoping you can come by and see her coloring before she heals much more. She's at that stage were the bruising takes on that wonderful yellow, purple and red coloring."

"Calvin, you're so lucky to have found Susan. Not every sadist has their very own masochist to play with. I'll bet you haven't put her on light duty, have you?"

"Of course not. Watching her struggle through her chores while her body aches is just as much fun as making that body ache in the first place. You know, she's actually more responsive during sex when she's hurting than when she's not."

"I may stop by to visit after work, if you don't mind."

"Of course, feel free. You can even avail yourself of her service if you want."

The rest of their lunch talk focused on work issues. Of all the editors, Calvin took the most direct interest in the ads that ran in his magazine. He believed that those who were into animal play were more passionate about their fetish than those with other interests. Consequently, they responded stronger to both good and bad ads. The increase in his readership since Valerie had been hired seemed to support that view. In the past two years, circulation for The Pony's Paddock had increased by 75 percent, while the other titles had seen more modest increases.

That evening, after letting Sally know she'd be home late, Valerie followed Calvin to his place. Waiting for him just inside the door was Susan, naked and kneeling. Her breasts were covered in welts while her arms were purple and red from deep bruising.

"Welcome home, Master. How may I serve you tonight?"

"Fetch Valerie and myself a drink, then finish dinner. I'll have a martini. Valerie?"

"I'll have a Tom Collins."

"Yes, Master."

Susan rose and went to do as she'd been told, letting Valerie see her back. Susan's ass and upper legs were covered in a criss cross of welts that had been obviously left by a cane. Her back was well bruised by something with a softer strike, one that didn't leave individual markings. Calvin led Val to the living room which served as his entertainment center and play room. While one wall had a large screen TV and associated entertainment systems, a second wall had a St. Andrew's cross mounted on it. A selection of whips, floggers and canes were arranged on shelves to either side. Clearly, Calvin felt no need to hide his fetish in his own home.

It was only 15 minutes after they'd arrived when dinner was finished. Susan served them a meal of stuffed peppers, a rice pilaf and asparagus. Like Valerie did with Sally on many occasions, Calvin made Susan eat from the floor without her hands. The apparent cruelty was belied by the joy apparent on her face. Valerie could sense the love the two had for each other. She knew most of the world wouldn't understand how it was possible to so brutalize someone you loved. It was only Valerie's long association with both that made it possible for her to understand this apparent dichotomy.

After dinner was finished and Susan had been allowed to clean herself, Calvin addressed her in his best dominant tone of voice. "Susan, I'm giving you to Valerie tonight. She can use you in any way she chooses."

"Thank you, Master." Turning to Valerie, she crawled on her knees and kissed Valerie's feet. "How may I serve you, Mistress?"

Valerie could see Susan's pussy visibly moistening as she knelt there. "To the cross, slave!" Valerie commanded.

Susan leapt to her feet and ran to the cross, stretching herself out on the crossbars. She trembled with a mixture of excitement and fear. Valerie walked over and used the straps that were already there to bind Susan firmly to the cross. She pulled the straps tight enough for Susan to wince under their pressure. Once bound, Susan experienced pleasure as Val started to caress every exposed inch of her skin. Val didn't know Susan's body as well as she knew Sally's, but that didn't offer much of an inhibition to Susan's rising arousal.

Soon, Susan's body was covered in a sheen of perspiration and she was moaning uncontrollably; trying to thrust her body to somehow receive more stimulation than Valerie was giving her. Her bindings, however, were tight and total. She could only move her head, fingers and toes. Still, Val caressed and fondled the helpless slave, driving her need and desire even higher without release. When Susan finally broke down and begged, "Mistress, please, let me cum, I need to cum," Val was surprised that it took over 30 minutes to reach that point.

Val's hand lightly caressed Susan's cunt while she answered. "You can cum, but there'll be a price. Will you pay the price to cum?"

"Anything, Mistress, I'll do anything."

"I know you will."

With that, Valerie plunged three fingers deep into Susan's pussy, thrusting with great force while the palm of her hand rubbed roughly against Susan's clit. Val was almost lifting Susan against the bindings of the cross. As Susan started to moan and cry out, Val leaned in and kissed her, capturing Susan's outbursts while raping her mouth with her tongue. Valerie brought her free hand up from behind to grab a handful of Susan's hair and pull it tight, holding the head as immobile as the rest of her body. When she came, Susan strained against the straps, turning the skin beneath white from the pressure. Her mouth opened wide in a scream rendered nearly soundless by Valerie's mouth. Val kept the hand fuck up for almost a minute, until Susan's moans and cries morphed into cries of distress, as her now overly sensitive clit was complaining about the continued stimulation.

As Susan came down from her ecstatic high, Val backed away and took a crop from the wall. She turned to the gasping slave, saying, "It's time for the price."

"Mistress, use me any way you wish. My body is yours right now."

Val brought the crop down and caught Susan's nipple with the end. As Susan screamed in pain, Val struck the other nipple with as much force. Four more times Valerie swung the crop, each swing catching only the nipple. When she stopped, Susan gasped a, "Thank you," out between her sobs. Val replaced the crop and turned to Calvin.

"Calvin, thank you for dinner and an enjoyable evening. I need to be getting home, though. See you at work, tomorrow?"

"Of course. I enjoyed having you over. We should get together with our slaves and play some tag team mastering."

"That does sound like fun. I'm sure Sally would enjoy it as well. Have a good night, you two."

Valerie drove home and was met at the door by her own slave. Sally was kneeling when she walked in, dressed in a simple tunic that hung a couple of inches below her pussy when she stood. From the kneeling position, Sally's pussy was just barely covered. It pulled against her breasts, highlighting the nipples and their rings.

"Good evening, Mistress. Did you have a good night?"

"Yes, Susan looked lovely in her bruises, though not as lovely as you are, love."

"Thank you, Mistress." Sally rubber her face against Valerie's hand, smelling Susan on it. Smiling, she commented, "I see you got a chance to play with her as well."

"Yes, I worked her up until she was begging and then forced an orgasm from her."

"Ooo, sounds yummy. Did you take your pleasure from her?"

"No, I left her bound with Calvin."

"Would you like me to... ?"

"Not tonight. I just want to cuddle."

And that's what the two women did the rest of the evening. With soft music in the background, Val and Sally snuggled together and enjoyed being near each other. Some petting occurred, but there wasn't any urgency created and they retired for the evening in each other's arms.

The next morning came too soon and Valerie dragged herself from bed to prepare for work. Sally, as normal, made breakfast for her Mistress and had everything ready for Valerie as she prepared for the new day. Valerie arrived at the office with the expectation that her day would be another one of routine. Such was not to be.

It happened at 11:13 in the morning. Valerie was just leaving the building's women's room when she heard a cry of pain from down the hall. Rushing down, she saw Calvin Freshin on the ground, holding his side in agony. His secretary, Mary Carstares, was dialing the phone. Val knelt down beside him. He looked feverish and barely conscious.

"Calvin, what's wrong?"

There wasn't a response, merely moaning. Behind her, she heard Mary talking. "He just collapsed, holding his side. Yes, he's breathing. No, I don't see any blood. Yes, 1632 Marietta, suite 23. Please hurry."

"Mary, what happened?"

"I don't know. He's been complaining all week about feeling under the weather and how his side is always a little cramped. He was bringing some papers out for me to go over and he just cried out and collapsed. I don't think I've heard that loud a cry of pain from any submissive at Mephisto's."

Mary, while not into BDSM herself, had a curiosity about all things sexual. She'd gone to Mephisto's to watch and try to understand just what the players in the scene got from it. Val was waiting for when Mary decided that the best way to understand it was to experience it.

"There's good pain and bad pain. Calvin's clearly in the middle of bad pain. Was his cramping worse this morning?"

"I think so, but he wasn't saying much about it. I don't think he wanted to admit how much he was hurting."

"Typical macho bullshit. We've got wonderful health coverage that he should have been using..."

It was then that the emergency crews burst in and moved in on Calvin. Valerie and Mary stood back and watched the professionals do their job. While neither woman could follow most of the jargon passing back and forth, they both gasped at the phrase, "ruptured appendix." Soon, Calvin was adorned with IV lines and a variety of life sign monitors. His stretcher was wheeled out and the staff, which had gathered in the meantime, was left wondering how he would do. It wasn't long before everyone wandered back to their offices. Mary signaled Val that she needed to talk.

"Ms. Burbon, what should I do about his appointments?"

"I suppose you'll need to reschedule them."

"I know, but two of them are time critical. He was going to give final approval or non-approval to a couple of proposed articles for The Pony's Paddock. They're both large, multi-chapter articles. It's a big commitment of page space."

"What'll happen if they both are left holding?"

"We'll have to find smaller spots to fill the page counts. We don't have enough things on file to fill the space."

"Mary, just how familiar are you with the day to day operations of the magazine?"

"I know everything about it, ma'am. Isn't that what a secretary is supposed to do?"

"Yes," Val said with a smile. Valerie had known secretarial personnel who would be horrified at Mary's attitude. "Talk with the people yourself and make the decision you think Calvin would make. You've worked for him for two years now; I'm sure you have a handle on how he thinks."

"Can I do that?"

"Yes. If anyone questions you, send them to me."

"Ms. Burbon, shouldn't someone call Susan and let her know what happened?"

"Oh my God! I hadn't thought of that. I suppose we will. Let me handle that. Susan may need someone to take her to the hospital."

"Okay. Ms. Burbon, thank you for the confidence. I won't let Mr. Freshin down."

"I know you won't."

Val returned to her office and picked up her work where she left off. When she had a break between appointments, she buzzed June.

"June, can the rest of my appointments be put off?"

"Yes, ma'am, they're all internal meetings."

"Good; call everyone and let them know I'll be out the rest of the day."

"Right away. Is there anything I need to be aware of?"

"No, I just need to check on Calvin's slave, Susan. She has standing orders to not answer the phone, so I'll need to tell her in person about Calvin's collapse."

"I see."

In the two years June had been working for Valerie at Delgrasi, she'd become used to the casual talk of Masters and slaves; as well as a wide variety of other sexual topics. June had that most coveted of skills for secretaries; the ability to ignore the content of the work when it would otherwise get in the way of doing her job. Val considered herself lucky to have gotten June back after the fiasco at Branford and Gashune.

Valerie drove to Calvin's house. The editor and dominant lived in a secluded Victorian house, surrounded on three sides by rows of trees. Valerie wasn't sure where his money came from, but she did know that Calvin was independently wealthy. His work at Delgrasi was the result of being unable to be idle. Just how wealthy he was was a matter of speculation since he didn't flaunt it.

A naked Susan answered the door. Her mouth was gagged with a full coverage gag, a penis variety if Valerie knew Calvin. When Susan saw who was at the door, she knelt and inclined her head, waiting for orders. Susan was a 24/7 slave with no limits, as far as Valerie had been able to determine. She'd seen Susan whipped and caned until blood ran from the wounds and she'd seen Susan given freely to others sexually. Val knew that there were many times Susan accepted things that she clearly had no liking of. Briefly, Val wondered if she'd ever reach that level of submission with Charles. The idea appealed to, and frightened her.

"Stand up, Susan; I'm not here as a Mistress. May I come in?"

Susan stood gracefully, the marks from her earlier whippings rippling against her skin. She led Val to the main living room with its play equipment prominently displayed. Susan brought Valerie a glass of water and inclined her head as if to ask, "Is this what you want"

"Thank you, Susan. I need to take your gag off; we need to talk."

Susan shook her head violently; trying to get across the knowledge that she was under orders not to remove it.

"Susan, you need to go to Him. He suffered a ruptured appendix and is probably in surgery now. I need to take you to the hospital and they won't understand the gag."

Susan's eyes widened as she took in the news. She rushed to a small desk and pulled a key out of a drawer. She knelt again at Val's feet and held the key up. Val smiled and took the key. When Susan bowed her head forward, Valerie unlocked the small padlock that held the gag in place. When Susan looked up again, there were tears in her eyes.

"Will Master be alright?"

"I hope so. The rupture will cause an infection and he'll have to stay at the hospital for a while, I suspect. Pack up anything you think he might want or need while he convalesces and I'll take you there."

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."

Susan ran off to pack, leaving Valerie sitting by herself. When Susan returned 15 minutes later, Val could only smile. Susan had packed an oversized laptop bag, no doubt with enough equipment to make his hospital room a miniature office; as well as a larger garment bag with far more clothes than the nurses would allow him to wear. Susan herself, however, was still naked.

"Susan, they won't let you in like that."

The slave looked down at herself, only now realizing she was undressed. She blushed over her entire body.

"I suppose not, Mistress. I don't go out much with vanillas. When Master takes me out, he likes me revealed. Would you pick something out for me? I don't feel comfortable any more, picking my own clothes."

"I'd be happy to. Show me what you've got."

Susan led Val to her bedroom. The name was a misnomer since there wasn't a bed in it. In one corner was a futon mattress with a chain hanging from a hook nearby. In another corner was a cage, its walls bolted to the floor. The cage was only a three feet cube, small enough that the five foot, seven inch Susan would be unable to lie or stand in it. Several anchor points were welded to the bars. Valerie tried to imagine being locked in such a cage and shuddered.

Susan opened the walk in closet and waved Valerie in. Clearly, Calvin liked to dress his slave up in a wide variety of outfits. It was just that most of them wouldn't pass legal muster out on the streets, and many of those that would were designed to make Susan the center of everyone's attention. When she made her choice, Valerie thought it ironic that the least attention calling garment was also the most clearly slave-like.

A simple, cotton pullover covered Susan's torso and midriff. The hem came down halfway between Susan's hips and knees. A simple cotton belt tightened the piece so that Susan's curves and breasts were accentuated. Valerie insisted on a brief pair of panties, almost a thong, to prevent any unintended flashing of pussy. Valerie added a pair of sandals to complete the outfit. As Susan stood there, hands clasped in front and head down, her collar very visible, she was the dictionary picture of a John Norman Gorian© slave girl. Valerie smiled at a thought of how Sally would react to such a choice. Sally hated Norman's Gor© series and couldn't understand how anyone would choose to emulate the Masters and slaves from that fictional universe.

"Susan, you look lovely in that. Do you think anyone will recognize the literary reference?"

"I wouldn't want to speculate, Mistress."

"I didn't think so. Come along, slave. Your Master awaits you."

As they drove, Valerie tried to prepare Susan for what was to come. "Susan, you know Calvin set you up with his power of attorney, right?"

"Yes, Mistress. I just never thought I'd have to use it."

"Are you up to this? You'll have to be the one telling others what to do for Him."

"I think so. After nearly falling apart as his secretary that one time, he's made it clear that he expects me to be forceful about seeing to his wants and needs." She paused for a moment. "It's so hard, Mistress."

"I know, trust me, I know. Just remember that you're passing on his wishes."

"I'll try, Mistress. Can you stay with me?"

"Not for long. I have my own slave obligations to attend to."

"How do you do it, Mistress? How do you dominate and be submissive at the same time?"

"The key is that I don't. I'm not dominating anyone when I submit to Master. I only dominate Sally. I can do that because I love her so much. I doubt I could dominate anyone else; certainly not to the extent I do her. In some ways, I'm submitting to Sally's need for a total Mistress instead of just dominating her."

The rest of the trip was made in silence. Val parked in the hospital's garage, putting the ticket in her purse. Susan walked just behind her as they threaded their way to the main building of the medical complex. When they reached the emergency room, it was a bustle of activity. Several people, both behind curtains and in the waiting seats, were moaning in discomfort. A police officer was standing next to one of the closed curtains. When they reached the main desk, the man behind it looked up.

"What's the nature of your emergency?"

"Calvin Freshin was brought in earlier today. Could you tell us where he's been taken?"

"I don't have that..." Paramedics wheeled a stretcher in and the man turned away from them. "Take her to bed six; Doctor Morton." Turning back to Valerie, he added, "You want main reception. If he's in the system, they'll know where he is."

Knowing they wouldn't get any more here, Valerie and Susan moved away and navigated the labyrinthine corridors until they found the main entrance. Ironically, they'd passed the front entrance on their way to the emergency room. At the main desk, they encountered a matronly woman with a pleasant smile.

"Good afternoon. What can I do for you?"

"Calvin Freshin was brought in today with a ruptured appendix. Can you tell us where we can find him?"

"Are you family?" she asked while typing away on her computer.

Val looked at Susan who swallowed once and stepped forward. "I'm his sla ... girlfriend."

"I'm sorry, dear. You have to be actually related to him for me to release any information."

"But, I have his things. He'll need them. He'll want to see me."

"Once he's in a regular room, you'll be able to visit him during visiting hours. Until then, I can't violate his privacy."

"What if Susan had a power of attorney?" Val asked.

"That would be different, of course." She turned to Susan. "Do you have such a thing?"

"Yes, ma'am. It's right here."

Susan reached into one of the pockets of the laptop case and pulled a document out. A notary seal was prominently visible on the lower corner. Susan handed it to the receptionist. She looked it over with a practiced eye.

"It seems to be in order. Well, he's in surgery right now. He's scheduled to be taken to the ICU afterwards. Apparently he has a serious infection. Nothing's been planned beyond that. Do you have a preference on rooms?"

"Private, please, with a second bed. I'll be spending most days and nights with him."

"They won't let you into ICU; it's a sterile environment. I'll book the room now so you'll have someplace to stay yourself. Do you have his insurance information? He wasn't in any condition to give it himself."

"Yes, right here."

Susan handed the papers to the lady. Several minutes passed while she entered information in. When she finished, she handed the paperwork back to Susan.

"His room will be 1234. Surgery is on the fourth floor. You won't have any trouble finding the waiting area. I have you flagged as an unspecified relative, so you shouldn't have to go through this again."

"Thank you."

Susan looked up at Valerie who smiled back at her. As they walked towards the elevators, Susan seemed to collapse in on herself. While they waited for a car to arrive, Val took hold of Susan's arm.

"Susan, you did great out there. Calvin would be very proud of you."

"It was so hard. I felt like I was going to pass out. If I hadn't been doing it for Master, I don't think I could have done it."

"But you did, that's the important thing. Let's get his stuff in the room before we head to surgery."

On the twelfth floor, room 1234 was easy to find. Inside the two-bed room was a young lady putting sheets on the beds. She looked up when Val and Susan entered.

"May I help you find something?"

"Is this Calvin Freshin's room?"

She looked at a clipboard before she replied. "Yes it is. And you are... ?"

"Susan Thinkle. I'm his sla ... girlfriend. I'll be staying with him."

"That explains the private two-bed room." The girl looked at both Susan and Valerie closer. Val, used to it after years, could tell she was looking at their collars. She seemed to be fighting with herself over whether to say anything. Val tried to smile encouragingly. The silence ended when the girl asked, "I'm sorry if this is rude, but are you his ... submissives? I couldn't help noticing the collars. They're slave collars, aren't they?"

"Yes," Val answered, "They are slave collars. Only Susan is Calvin's. I have another Master. Are you interested in D/s?"

"My boyfriend and I play Master and slave in the bedroom. I've never met another..."

"I'm Valerie Burbon. It's a pleasure to meet you." Valerie walked up and extended her hand. The girl, whose name tag said, Shirley, took it. She stared at the inscription on Valerie's collar, "Valerie, slave of Master Charles."

"Are you his ... slave ... all the time?"

"Not really. I'm available to Him whenever he wishes, but I'm my own woman and I have a career and life of my own as well. Susan, on the other hand, is Calvin's all the time. Isn't that right, Susan?"

Susan, at ease while talking to other submissives about slavery, smiled and nodded her head. "Oh yes, I'm his property 24/7. It's just right for me. I can't imagine being anything else."

In a hushed voice, Shirley asked, "What's it like, being his slave all the time?"

"It's heaven. I only have to worry about one thing: is this what He wants? Will this make Him happy? It's hard too. He's very demanding and has a sadistic side. I wouldn't have it any other way. Are you thinking about 24/7?"

Shirley nodded, biting her lower lip.

"Make sure you're ready to take that step. You'll know you are when it's time. I haven't regretted a day since Master collared me."

Shirley showed Susan where to store the stuff she'd brought for the stay. Valerie watched as Susan gained in confidence. Like many submissives, Susan was at her best when actually doing those things her submission required. Knowing she was serving Calvin helped Susan tremendously. Soon they were down on the fourth floor, in the surgery waiting area. A nurse talked to Susan, finding out just how long Calvin had been showing symptoms. Valerie was shocked to overhear that Calvin had been having abdominal pains for almost two weeks. Obviously, he should have been in to see a doctor much earlier.

In the middle of the interview, a doctor in scrubs walked through the swinging doors marked, "hospital staff only." He looked around and, spotting the nurse, came over.

"You're Mr. Freshin's family?"

"Yes, sir, his girlfriend."

A look passed between the nurse and the doctor that spoke an entire conversation of information. The doctor continued. "We removed the ruptured appendix and cleaned the infected material as much as possible. He's still under the anesthesia and we're moving him to the ICU. It's going to be touch and go for the next day or so, as his body fights the burgeoning infection. Is he allergic to any medicines as far as you know?"

"He has a reaction to aspirin; it makes his stomach upset and he can't keep food down. I don't know of any antibiotic allergies."

"Good, very good. We'll start him on IV antibiotics and monitor him closely. Nurse Chalpel can show you where the ICU waiting area is. You won't be able to be with him until he shows definite signs of recovering from the surgery and infection."

"I understand. Doctor, what are his chances?"

"I think they're good, though you can never tell with something like this. It's really up to his own body now."

The doctor moved away, his mind already on other patients. The nurse led Susan away towards the ICU. Valerie gave a little wave of encouragement and headed out of the hospital. She had no trouble finding her car; the result of years of parking in downtown parking structures. She had an hour before she was supposed to be at Nadine's house. She used the extra time to call June and let her know what she'd found out about Calvin, secure in the knowledge that the information would soon be dispersed company wide.

Nadine Johnson's house was a small bungalow. If there was a second floor, it'd be an attic not suitable for much more than a small bedroom or storage. Valerie decided she'd be surprised if there were more than four rooms in the house altogether. She walked up to the door and rang the bell. Before the ring had quieted, the exuberant lady opened the door.

"Val! Please, come in."

She held the door open and Valerie entered a small living room with a couple of easy chairs and a small entertainment center. She could see an archway leading to a kitchen and a door she assumed led to the bedroom. The décor was very feminine with a light blue background on the walls. Nadine was dressed in a blue dress that left a fair amount of cleavage visible and stopped short of her knees.

"Your house is very lovely, Mistress; your dress too." Valerie had adopted a submissive tone from the outset.

"Thank you, Valerie. Charles said that you'd be under me for two hours." Valerie nodded her agreement with the recollection. "Are there any hard limits for you I should be aware of?"

"Not beyond those covered over the weekend, Mistress."

"I can't believe how wonderful it feels to hear you call me that. I remember how shocked I was the first time I saw you chained to the gate, naked."

"You've seen me submitting before?"

"Oh yes, over two years ago. You were chained to the gate of a mansion and several people were ogling your body. Joyce, my best friend, recognized you and let herself be talked into teasing you."

"You're Joyce's friend! I had no idea. You didn't seem very happy with Joyce's decision then."

"It wasn't that. At the time I thought Charles was an arrogant bastard; demanding that Joyce strip in front of all those people. It was only later that Joyce helped me understand how important it was for her that Charles be demanding like that. I've watched her blossom since she got involved with BDSM. It's the best thing that ever happened to her; and me."

"Master does have that ability to see what a submissive needs. He saw what I needed from the very first. What do you want to do tonight, Mistress?"

Nadine's countenance changed as she assumed her dominance. Valerie instinctively bowed her head. Nadine stood and walked around Valerie, looking at her with a hungry eye. She'd seen Valerie in submission during the weekend and had been looking forward to some time with her alone.

"Go to the bedroom and take your clothes off."

"Yes, Mistress."

Valerie stepped into the bedroom. The room wasn't very large and was nearly filled by the king sized, four poster bed. A combination dresser and vanity filled one wall beside the bed. Valerie took her clothes off and folded them on the vanity. By the time she'd finished, Nadine had joined her.

"On the bed, spread eagle. I'm going to bind you."

Valerie spread herself on the bed and watched as Nadine tied her wrists and ankles Valerie became excited as her freedom was taken from her. She tugged on the bonds, making sure they wouldn't give. When Nadine pulled a candle out, Val gasped. It had been some time since she'd last been waxed. Perhaps no form of play was more open to extremes in intensity. Wax could be incredibly hot and painful, or lusciously warm and sensual and depended on many factors. Remembering that she was supposed to be teaching as well as submitting, she cleared her throat.

"Yes, Val?"

"Mistress, what type of candle is that?"

"It's a votive candle I use when I'm meditating. I take it the type of candle makes a difference?"

"Yes, Mistress. The higher quality of candle, the hotter the wax melts. Beeswax candles can leave blisters if you're not careful."

"It's a good thing I'm cheap, isn't it?" she commented as she lit the candle. Once it was burning, she set it aside to build up a pool of wax and started caressing Valerie's breasts. Her nipples responded immediately and stood at attention. Val moaned at the sensuous touches she was experiencing. Her eyes closed and she sank into the feelings, letting her Mistress have her way with her body. Soon Nadine was fingering every part of Valerie's body, sensitizing every nerve.

When the first drops of wax landed, Nadine was caressing one breast and had dripped several drops on the other. Valerie bowed her back and hissed at the heat and pain. While not excruciating, it was sharp and unexpected. The wax cooled quickly and the pain faded to a warmth that seemed to spread across the entire breast. The second dribbles of wax coated the other breast, encasing the nipple in a wax cast.

Valerie felt a tongue licking at the wax coverings to her breasts and moaned at the mere hints of pleasure; the wax was protecting Valerie from too much pleasure, much to her dismay. Val thrust her chest up in an attempt to increase the feelings, but to no avail. When she felt Nadine's fingers pulling her pussy lips open and exposing her clit, Val whimpered. She knew what was coming and dreaded the heat on her most sensitive part.

"Ask for it, Val."

"Please, Mistress," Val begged while admiring the mental domination in the back of her mind.

"Beg for it, Val. Beg now."

"Please, Mistress, wax my clit and pussy."

Nadine brought the candle closer and tipped it, dripping wax directly onto Val's clit. Valerie shrieked from the pain. This time the candle was much closer and the wax hotter. Val tried to shift her hips, but Nadine had almost lain on them and Val was trapped. The wax continued to pour over her pussy, coating the folds with a layer of the hardening white substance. Valerie was in tears from the pain and started to plead.

"Mistress, please, it hurts."

"Good, that's what I want it to do. This is such a rush; you know that, don't you?"

In spite of her pain, Val had to smile, briefly. Yes, she knew what a rush it was to have someone submit to you. She also knew the rush of submitting. It wasn't long before the wax on her pussy had formed a protective layer, insulating Val from any further wax. Once that had happened, Nadine began the other half of wax play. Carefully, wax was peeled from Val's body. The tugging of the wax against her skin was just as erotic as fingers playing over it. By the time Nadine had pulled the last of the wax from Val's pussy, Val was moaning with desire and need.

When she saw Nadine straddle her, cunt lowering onto her face, Val eagerly reached out with her tongue to give her Mistress pleasure. Nadine pressed down, fucking Val's face and tongue. Val was only able to breathe as Nadine lifted herself up. Valerie reveled in the blatant use of her face and her already high arousal levels went even higher. She pulled against her bonds as she tried to rub her own cunt against something, anything, that might send her over the edge. Nothing availed her until Nadine came herself.

When Nadine's pussy started to quiver, she put her face into Valerie's cunt and let her screams out. The sonic vibrations were all Val needed to go over the top and start her own orgasm. Both women were screaming their pleasure into each other's pussies, prolonging their respective climaxes. It was only when they both were too tired to cum more that they collapsed.

Once she'd recovered, Nadine rose and unbound Valerie from the bed. The two women took a short shower and, dressed, sat in Nadine's living room for the debriefing, such as it was (Charles required such talks after a switch finished a training dominant session).

"Nadine, all in all you handled things very well. Your tone was commanding and your technique with both the ropes and the wax was good. Keep in mind that I have a high pain tolerance and others might not be able to handle the level of intensity you gave my pussy."

"I know; I was watching you over the weekend. I wish I had more pain tolerance myself. I feel guilty about how much I used my safe words."

"Don't be; never feel guilty about using them. Yes, Master loves inflicting pain, but he enjoys many other facets of BDSM as well. He'll work with you to find play that both of you enjoy. Remember that the initiation was about finding out more about your likes, dislikes and limits. Your limits will grow; every submissive's do. Just don't try to force them and hurt yourself in the process."

"You're right, of course. Thank you for coming tonight. I have an early morning tomorrow and need to cut things short."

"I understand. Until next time."

Nadine saw Val to the door and she drove home to spend some time with her lover. Valerie told Sally all about her time with Nadine, enjoying how aroused Sally got from the tale. She teased Sally for some time afterwards, never letting her reach a climax. She had Sally spend the night in her cage, hands bound to keep her from masturbating (though both knew Sally would never do so without permission).

In the morning, Sally was writhing in her cage when Valerie woke. Val slipped out of bed and knelt next to the cage. Sally looked up with longing in her eyes.


"I love you, Sally."

"I love you, Mistress. Mistress, I need you."

"I know. I missed you in bed." Valerie unlocked the cage and Sally's bindings. Sally crawled out and fell into Valerie's embrace. Valerie slipped her hand down to Sally's pussy, finding it wet and open. Her finger slipped in and began a slow, sensuous fucking. Sally held on, clutching her lover and Mistress tightly. Her arousal climbed, slowly, yet steadily. Her fear was that Val would stop short of her climax. Yet, Sally reveled in the frustration she experienced when Valerie left her hanging, knowing how much her Mistress loved inflicting that torture on her.

This morning, Valerie wanted something different, however. She didn't stop, but continued to slowly bring Sally to higher and higher levels. Soon, Sally was gasping as she hovered on the edge of her orgasm. Valerie knew Sally's body and reactions like the back of her hand. She could keep Sally on the edge seemingly forever, letting the pleasure build without cresting. Soon, Sally was whimpering and moaning at the same time. Enjoying the sensations, yet desperate for her climax. Her hips were thrusting against Valerie's hand, seeking even more touch; enough to give her what she needed. When Val relented and cupped her hand to brush Sally's clit, Sally screamed her orgasm out while she shook uncontrollably in her lover's arms.

"Mistress, thank you so much. Do you want... ?"

"Not right now, I have to get ready for work. You are, however, going to please me tonight."

"I'm looking forward to it, Mistress. I'll fix breakfast while you shower."

Valerie reflected on how much things had changed in her life in the last few years. She'd come a long way from the straight, vanilla woman who'd been afraid to let anyone into her heart. Now she lived with a woman she loved more than life itself and no longer felt the emptiness that had been created by Mike's death (Mike had been her husband). She used to be a mid-level executive for a rather staid advertising firm. Now she was the person in charge of advertising for an entire publishing house. Instead of pitching whatever happened to need pitching (many of which she couldn't have cared less about), she was creating quality ads for products she felt connected to and even, in some cases, used. In addition to all that, she had a vibrant sex life that went beyond her domination of Sally and her submission to Charles.

Imogene stood excitedly when Val entered the front office area. "Ms. Burbon! I did it, I told him."

"I take it from the excitement that it went well?"

"Better than that. He loves the idea. He especially wants to see me in bright red rubber."

"Oh, that's interesting. Isn't his car red?"

"Yeah, it's his favorite color. I'll need to do some shopping; I never thought of getting things in red."

"Take him with you so you can model for him, unless that'll keep you from being able to finish," Val added with a lustful grin.

Val went on her way, reaching her own office in no time. June was already there.

"Ms. Burbon, George Falstaf wants to see you in his office right away."

"Did he say what about?"

"No, ma'am. You have half an hour before your first appointment. It's with Jenny Barnes from Kitchen Submissions."

"Right, about the recipe contest. I'd better go see George now. Keep the coffee hot for me."

Valerie navigated the hallways to find the offices of Delgrasi's general manager. His secretary looked up and waved Val through. Inside, George was eating a bagel with coffee.

"Ah, Valerie, come in, have a seat. Coffee?"

"No, thanks; June has my personal blend brewing back at the office. What can I do for you?"

"We received an update on Calvin's health from his slave. It looks like he's going to be on bed rest for a couple of weeks. Normally I wouldn't be concerned; working from home is something he does well. But he can't show your new advertising client around the pony girl convention from his bed. I want you to go in his place. This is a big breakthrough in advertising and I don't want to lose this one."

"That it is, sir. Are you sure I'm the best person to take Calvin's place? I don't know a whole lot about pony girls; certainly no more than I've read in the magazine." Valerie kept up with all the publications, reading each one from cover to cover.

"The only person that would know even close to as much as Calvin, would be Mary, his secretary. She's going to have to be here to facilitate his working from home. In terms of the advertising, you do know as much as he does, so you're the logical second choice."

"I see. Well, I'd better start making arrangements to be gone for several days. I should also try to pick Mary's brain for more information on pony play in general. Is there anything else?"

"No, that was it. Good luck at the convention."

Valerie stopped by June's desk on her way back to her office.

"June, coordinate with Mary Carstares and see if Calvin's membership in the Atlanta Pony Girl Fair and his plane tickets can be transferred to me. Then we need to free up my schedule for the end of next week and the beginning of the week after that. Yes, Calvin can't go now and the powers that be have decided that I'm the best person to send in his stead."

"I'll get right on it. I assume we need to reschedule for the days you'll be gone?" At Val's nod, she continued with, "I'll forward you a copy so you can start looking at what needs to be done after you finish with Ms. Barnes."

"Thanks, June. Send Jenny right in when she gets here."

Valerie had just enough time to jot some questions down about the recipe contest before the sprightly blond poked her head through the door. "Valerie!"

"Jenny, come on in. The lasagna recipe in last month's issue was fabulous."

"Really? I didn't have much luck with it."

"Sally said the secret was in not overcooking the noodles before putting it all together. I wouldn't know myself; I'm not much of a scratch chef; more of a hamburger helper cook."

"That could be it. I'll have to experiment some."

"So, what's this idea about a recipe contest, and why do I need to be involved?"

The meeting went on for some time as they discussed ways to bring several of the vanilla advertisers from Kitchen Submissions in on the idea. Jenny's publication had seen more success in attracting vanilla advertisers than any other of Delgrasi's publications. Most food companies understood that food magazines were a must in their advertising schemes. The vast majority of the companies Val had approached in the last couple of years had simply been unaware of Kitchen Submissions' existence.

In the end, they decided that they'd offer the opportunity to all the companies, but only select one each from a food company, a kitchen tool company and an appliance company. The ones selected would be those bidding the most in support of the contest in terms of dollars and material support. Of course, their products would feature prominently in the contest.

It wasn't until later in the afternoon that June reported to Val about the trip.

"Ms. Burbon, we were able to have the membership at the convention transferred to your name. Mr. Freshin had already arranged for some of the publication staff to man the Delgrasi booth on the vendor floor since he was expecting to have to spend a fair amount of time with Mr. Sanders. The flight details were harder to work with. Mr. Freshin's tickets were the usual non-refundable, non-exchangeable ones, so there was no chance of changing the tickets into your name. Global Travel was, however, able to cancel the tickets with a small processing fee. I have your tickets purchased, though on a different flight than he was originally planning on taking. The hotel reservations were able to transfer over as part of the convention transfer."

"Sounds good, June. Would you book Sally on the same flight, hopefully seated next to me, and register her at the convention? You still have my credit card number on file, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am. I'll get right on that. I think the seat next to you was open too. You'll be leaving on the 5:34 fight and traveling non-stop. Assuming no delays, you'll arrive at the hotel five hours before the convention starts. I've forwarded everything they had online to your email. From what I could tell, several of the events will take place somewhere else."

"I'm not surprised. I doubt the hotel has the facilities for, nor the desire for hosting a cart race. Contact Mr. Sanders' office and confirm the change in plans. I don't want him surprised by my being there instead of Calvin."

"I will."

That evening, Valerie had Sally, after dinner; make love to her for over two hours. By the time they'd fallen asleep in each other's arms, Valerie had cum six times and Sally was again highly aroused and unfulfilled. In the morning, Sally was looking longingly at Valerie.


"Yes, Sally."

"You're going to Master's tonight?" In spite of not having submitted to Charles for over two years, Sally still thought of him as her Master as well as Valerie's. He refused to dominate her without a safe word, and Sally hadn't had one since becoming Val's slave.

"Yes, dear. I'll be gone all weekend; it's my turn to serve the house."

Sally clasped closer to Valerie. "I'll miss you so much."

"I know you will, love. I'll miss you too. You still miss Him don't you?" Sally nodded, tears coming to her eyes. "While I'm gone this weekend, I want you to think about having a safety word." When Sally tensed, Val hurried to explain. "I didn't say a safe word, I said a safety word."

"What's the difference, Mistress?"

"You can use a safe word to stop a scene if it's too much or you aren't enjoying it, you know that." Sally nodded. "A safety word can only be used to let your Master or Mistress know that something harmful is happening; something unsafe that needs to be fixed. That's Master's concern, that you can't or won't tell him about something that could injure you. He understands, I think, that you have no real limits. I don't think I have any with him. I haven't used my safe word for anything but potential dangers since Rachael broke me."

Valerie was referring to an intense day long session of submission to Rachael, a lesbian dominant who enjoyed hard mental domination. Valerie had been struggling with dominating Sally 24/7 and Rachael had seen Valerie's own need for deep submission. Without using pain of any sort, Rachael had broken Valerie; letting her think that she was allowing a tattoo on the very place she'd been saving for a tattoo to honor Sally. That it had turned out to be Sally's tattoo, a leopard staring out from the jungle, hadn't been told to Valerie until she'd returned home. That very tattoo now graced Valerie's lower belly and upper pubic mound.

"Not a safe word; just a danger warning."


"I'll think about it. Do you think He'll take me back if I agree?"

"I think so. I'm going to ask Him this weekend. While I'm gone, you have permission to go out with anyone who asks, vanilla or D/s."

"May I cum this weekend?"

"Yes, dear. I'll want to hear all about it, if anything happens."

"Of course, Mistress."

Valerie's Friday was typical. Fridays were publication days at Delgrasi, with at least one magazine going to press each week. Today saw two of the monthlies and one of the quarterlies going to press, and there was always some last minute thing that made the entire office complex do its imitation of a kicked over ant hill. Valerie was grateful that this week, the culprit wasn't in the advertising, but instead, a corrupted photo for an article that had to have a replacement found. In spite of the drama, the magazines went to press on time and intact. Valerie was able to leave early to make her appointment before going to Charles' place.

Valerie parked her car in the lot for Full Body Beauty. The logo underneath the name read, "It's your body, make ALL of it beautiful." Val smiled at the sign, as she always did. How literal you took the sign depended on who you were. Vanilla patrons came in simply expecting a full service salon that would deal with hair, face, fingers, toes and other mundane, visible parts of the body. Fetishists understood the subtle reference to the intimate portions of the body. Full Body Beauty was a full service salon that would give just as much care to depilating pussies as it did to underarms. Ears weren't the only thing you could have pierced here.

Inside, a young woman, no older than 25, looked up and smiled. She came from around the counter and embraced Valerie in an enthusiastic hug.

"Valerie! It's so good to see you again. Are you here for your usual?"

"Lilly, it's so nice to see you as well. Yes, I'm spending the weekend again and need everything touched up."

Lilly Amberhurst had known Valerie form the first time she'd submitted to Charles Vanquil. Lilly had been working as a maid in Charles' mansion and found herself torn about what Val would experience there. Valerie took time to console, and explain things to, her. Once Charles had known how bad things were for Lilly, he'd let her go with a generous severance and Valerie had steered her to a job at her old firm so she could save up enough to go to beauty school. Full Body Beauty was the result of that schooling.

"Come on back to the room. I'll see to the work myself."

Lilly's establishment had grown in popularity fast, especially among the BDSM community. Here was a place submissives could come and have special beauty work done without being made to feel like freaks or lower than human. Prior to Lilly's shop, the only place that would offer intimate beauty services and tattoos was Divine's Devils. Any submissive entering that establishment quickly found themselves treated as nothing but property. If that was your fetish, that was fine; but not all submissives were slaves.

In the back room, Valerie undressed and lay on the reclining chair. Lilly started heating up the wax she was going to use and turned towards Valerie. With a professional eye, she looked over the stubble that had come in around Valerie's pussy and pubic mound. She knew from previous work that Valerie needed to be hair free there whenever she reported to her Master's house. Typically, a good waxing would stay stubble free for two weeks. At the beep, she turned back to the wax and brought it to the edge of the chair. A quick finger test for proper temperature and she started applying the wax.

"Charlie completed his program last week."

"Ah, so he's a fully certified tattoo artist?"

"Except for the state licensing requirements, yes. He expects to finish that early next month."

"Are you two still planning on his working here?"

"Yeah. Several clients have been putting off tattoos so they can avoid Divine's. Even some of our vanilla clients are showing some interest in tattoos; though not in the same places, of course."

They both smiled at that. Both the locations and the types of tattoos would vary widely among Lilly's clients. The shop had grown much in the last year; and Lilly had been able to repay the loan Charles had given her a full two years early. Lilly was now a self sufficient business woman, putting her twin associates degrees of Business Management and Beauty Care to good use.

The wax removal was as painful as it always was. You just can't pull hairs out by the roots and not cause pain. Lilly's deft hands managed to keep it to a minimum. Soon, Valerie was dressed again and on her way to the home of her Master. Even after all these years, she still suffered butterflies when she drove to a session or weekend with her Master. Charles had a way of making each scene, every weekend, new and fresh; pushing Valerie's limits wonderfully. This weekend was no different. The butterflies would remain until she'd begun her service. At least now, as opposed to years ago, the anticipation wasn't so bad as to make her break out in tears.

At the front gate, Herman's voice came through the intercom as the gate opened remotely. "Ms. Burbon, Master Charles wishes you to use the servant's entrance, dressing in the uniform you find just inside the door. Once dressed; report to him in the lounge."

Valerie drove to the back entrance, smiling at the archaic name for it. It was actually known as the employee entrance; servant's entrance was only used with Charles' submissives when they were on weekend servant duty. To protect his vanilla employees, Charles didn't require them to work weekends when he had his submissives in attendance. Instead, the submissives themselves took turns doing the basic household chores. Having to cook or clean in the nude or in some skimpy fetish outfit was just as much a submissive rush for Valerie as being used sexually or enduring under pain of some sort. Frequently, the Master of the house would take advantage of one of his servants in some way.

Just inside the back door was Valerie's outfit for the weekend. It was the classic French maid's outfit popular in the fetish community. The short skirt barely covered her pussy. With the lack of any undergarment, any bending over would leave Valerie totally exposed. The blouse was, of course, far too small to close properly, leaving Valerie's breasts straining at the fabric and cleavage visible all the way down. It was also short, leaving the middle of her torso exposed. Black fishnet stockings were held up by a garter while she would be walking on five inch high heels.

Once dressed, Val walked (carefully) to the lounge, a room of fond memories and many different names. Charles was seated in his favorite easy chair. Steven and Ramone were seated nearby while Nadine was bound hand and foot on the floor. Val could smell her arousal and hear the muted buzz of a vibrator nearby. From Nadine's moans, it was probably installed deep inside her, driving her crazy with lust.

"Sir, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Valerie. Dinner will be Tuscan chicken, antipasto and steamed Sicilian vegetables. Prepare the table for three and the floor for one. I expect everything to be ready in an hour."

"Yes, sir. Right away, sir."

Valerie left for the kitchen, wishing she was in Nadine's place. Unlike many new submissives, Nadine had requested a specific scene (or scenes) for her second weekend. If Charles had granted her wish, she would be experiencing long term objectification and arousal with no relief at all. Valerie's cunt spasmed and juiced at the thought of hours of high arousal with no orgasms, all the while being treated like an object or animal. Nadine was in for a wondrously torturous time.

The cook had already prepared the food for cooking, so Valerie had only to put the chicken in the oven and start mixing the pasta and other goodies that went into the antipasto. The vegetables could be steamed in the last ten minutes or so. While the chicken cooked, Val set the table in the dining room. She set up Nadine's bowls near Charles' place at the table. No wine was decanted, as Charles didn't allow any alcohol during play times. Instead, Valerie prepared carafes of ice water and fruit juice.

Once dinner was on the table, she returned to the study to find all three men around Nadine, who was bound, kneeling, to the floor. They were caressing her body while she moaned uncontrollably. The smell of female musk was heavy in the air, letting anyone know that Nadine was well into her sensuous torture. Valerie could see Nadine look at Charles with a look that was part pleading and part adoration.

"Master, dinner is ready."

The play stopped as all three men looked up at Valerie. Nadine was panting and covered in perspiration. "Very good, Valerie. We'll be along presently. You'll be serving us at the table tonight." He turned back towards Nadine and released her from the concealed tie downs. Valerie remembered being tied to the same rings on occasions before.

In the dining room, Valerie served each of the men before putting anything in Nadine's bowl. Nadine had her hands bound behind her, forcing her to eat with only her mouth. Valerie wasn't able to spare Nadine too much attention, as she was constantly being called to attend to one of the men. Her own arousal was stoked as they made frequent use of her exposed state to fondle her ass, pussy and tits.

After dinner, Nadine was led downstairs to one of the play rooms while Valerie cleaned up the dining room and dishes. Most of the weekend would be spent doing just this type of household chore as service to her Master. She'd even had service weekends where there was no sex at all (though she longed for it by the time the weekend was over). This weekend was not to experience such a dearth. Valerie was in the middle of attending to a list Herman had prepared when she was summoned to play room three.

When she arrived, Nadine was bound to the medical exam table. Her wrists were strapped to the rails, her waist pinned by a strap and her legs locked to the stirrups. Her exposed sex was dripping and moans were escaping from around her gag. As she waited for orders, she noticed that some of the liquid on Nadine's cunt was semen. All three men were naked with semi-flaccid cocks.

"Valerie, clean us up first."

Valerie smiled and knelt before Charles to take his cock into her mouth. With slow, sensuous motions, she sucked and licked his penis until all the fluids from both him and Nadine were cleaned off. By the time she was done, he'd begun to harden again. Similarly, she cleaned the cocks of the other two men, leaving them erect, with only her own saliva coating them.

"Valerie, attend to Nadine's pussy. Keep at it until we return. If she cums, you'll both be severely beaten. I want her as close to the edge of orgasm as you can hold her without her cumming."

"Yes, sir, I understand."

The three men took their leave, though Valerie noticed the not quite concealed camera was running. She moved to Nadine who was eyeing her with lust and a little fear. Valerie had known when Nadine had asked last Sunday that she didn't know what she was asking for. Spending an entire weekend objectified and not quite in orgasm was hard for the most experienced submissives, let alone for one in only her second long term submission. Knowing Charles would be watching, Valerie bent to her task, staring with soft licks at the edges of Nadine's pussy.

Even before Val reached her cunt, Nadine was writhing and moaning, tugging at her bonds and trying to create enough sensation to cum, just a little. When Val reached the dripping fluids and tasted the heady combination of male and female cum, she moaned with delight. She prolonged her feast, savoring each tongue full of cum with appreciative moans. Some had dripped down Nadine's crack, and Valerie used long, broad strokes to capture what was waiting near and on the bound woman's ass.

An hour passed and Nadine was sobbing in frustration. Valerie was surprised that she hadn't used a safe word yet. The erotic tension must have been excruciating. Still, Val licked and sucked at her pussy, savoring the cunt juice and the quivers of near orgasm she was inflicting on Nadine. Valerie's own pussy was sopped, wet with desire of her own. She heard the door open, but kept at her chore until Charles ordered, "Stop, Valerie."

"Gentlemen, I'm retiring for the night. Nadine is yours to use as you will. Whether she cums or not is up to you." He turned to Valerie. "Attend me, wench."

"Yes, sir."

Valerie followed Charles to the main floor where his personal bedroom was. The four poster bed dominated the room. There were two dressers, one with a vanity and the other without. Valerie knew the one without was filled with a wide variety of toys. A large dog kennel was in the corner, used from time to time to cage a submissive. From past experiences, Valerie knew what to do. She undressed him much as a servant might undress him in ages past. When he was naked, Valerie couldn't help but stare at the body she'd been craving for more than just tonight.

Charles took her wrists and held them tightly in his hands, letting her feel the power and control. "Do you want to be used tonight?"

"Oh, yes Master, please use me. It's been so long."

Her hands were forced behind her back and clasped in one of his. The other hand forced her willing head forward where her lips were raped by his. Val surrendered up her mouth, along with the rest of her body. His mouth pulled away enough to whisper, "I want your pain tonight."

"Anything, Master, anything you wish."

"Spread yourself against the bed frame."

Valerie grabbed the upper ends of the posts and spread her legs until her feet touched the feet of the bed. Charles reached from behind her and clipped the rings in her cuffs to rings on the bed posts. Val tugged, sighing in relief at her helplessness. Her sight ended as a blindfold was place over her eyes. She opened her mouth and was rewarded with a gag that covered her entire mouth while plugging it with a penis shaped dildo.

When the first clamp pinched her nipple, she gasped and thrust her chest forward, inviting even more. The request was granted as a second clamp took possession of the other nipple. When more weight tightened them, Valerie knew she had clover clamps on. In quick succession, pinch after pinch was applied to her breasts, forming a circular pattern. Well versed with the types of toys, Valerie recognized the clothes pins being placed on her. She lost count somewhere after 30 pins and shuddered when she felt the end of a string brush against her belly.

She tried to form the words to beg for mercy, but the gag prevented her. She knew she could stop the upcoming pain by stomping her foot three times, but didn't want to stop it. She feared, yet craved, the zipper. When all were applied, she trembled in dreading anticipation of what was to come next.

Charles, however, surprised her. The next thing she felt was the impact of the twin straps of the tawse against her ass. She squealed through the gag as the second blow hit. Each blow caused the weights on the clamps to swing, pulling and pinching her nipples harder. Sometimes, it would hit a clothes pin and re-ignite that pain as well. There was no warm up this time and soon, Valerie was sobbing in pain. Charles dropped the tawse and grabbed Valerie, thrusting his cock deep with a loud growl. His arms encircled her and, while she couldn't see it, his hands grasped the ends of the two zippers. Each thrust was a massive invasion of Valerie's pussy and she thrust back, trying to take him deeper, harder, oblivious to the pain in her ass.

With a yell, he thrust one last time and flooded Valerie with cum, while simultaneously pulling on the ends of the zippers, snapping all 50 clothes pins off her body in one fell swoop. Valerie gave out a high, keening sound as the equivalent pain from an hour of whipping assaulted her body in one brief instant. The pain of the pins drowned out the feeling of cum splashing into her cunt. Still, her body reacted to each new thrust and thrust back unawares. The removal of the clamps was hardly noticed.

Charles, recovered from his own orgasm, took Valerie down and laid her on the bed. Lying next to her, he softly rubbed her body, soothing the numerous pain centers across her breasts. His mouth sought out hers and he swallowed her sobs until she'd recovered enough to talk.

"Was I pleasing, Master?"

Charles chuckled at her first utterance after all that. "Yes, Valerie, you were very pleasing. I want only one more thing from you tonight."

"Anything, Master."

His hand crept to her pussy, still flowing with hers and his fluids. "Cum for me, my little slave." He caressed and penetrated her pussy, driving her nascent arousal back up. He held her immobile, his lags pinning her legs and his other hand pinning hers above her head. She fucked his hand back as much as she could, but he set the pace and he kept her on the edge for over an hour. Again and again, she thought she was going to climax, when he backed off a little and left her hanging. Only when she was panting and near exhaustion did he pinch her clit, from inside and outside her cunt. His thumb pressed down on it while his fingers, inside her cunt, pressed up, sending Valerie into a screaming orgasm that caused her to buck so hard that she threw his legs off of hers.

When she came down, she heard his whisper of, "Sleep now, Valerie," and obeyed because she was incapable of not doing so. She spent the rest of the weekend merely attending to the household chores as Charles focused his attention on his new submissive in her second week. She was able to talk with Charles about Sally and a safety word. As long as Sally was willing to stop play if danger reared its head, he would allow her back into the fold. When the two left Sunday morning for breakfast, Valerie knew Nadine was going to be put through her own whore walk. She said a silent prayer that Nadine did better on hers than Valerie had done.

Sunday evening, after Valerie returned home, Sally and Valerie shared the details of their respective weekends. Sally had been out with Gwen, a dear friend both had dated in the past. When Valerie described the zipper play, Sally looked so longingly about it that Valerie made a silent plan to give Sally one herself sometime soon. The evening ended with them in each other's arms, sleeping into the next week.

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