Book 2 - Bitsy's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Fiction,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A tale of Damsels, Dragons and Knights...and much more

The old dragon watched the fairy fidgeting as she sat at her desk. He chuckled to himself as she nibbled on a tiny fingernail, then the edge of her quill, if she wiggled any harder she would fall off her chair. Which would not be a surprising sight, since she had done it many times before. "have you finished working out that spell yet?" he asked. Startled she swung around to answer, the ink pot went in one direction and the parchment in the other. She looked down sadly at the mess, then back to the old dragon, with a small sigh she set about cleaning the mess up. When she was all done, she sat down and once again started to work on the lesson she had been given.

The old dragon, Marluxion, finally took pity on her and sent her outside to gather some herbs and flowers that he needed. He winced as she almost flew into the door, she was in such a hurry to get outside. He followed her and stood watching as she dancing about the flowers, talking to the small animals, playing with the birds that nested in the tree's near by. She seemed to absorb the sunshine until she glowed with an inner light.

Her name was Bitsy, a young forest fairy who had come to live with him, some months ago. It seemed as if a tiny whirl wind had entered his lair and his life. She chattered constantly, her thirst for knowledge never ending. She was always moving, never still, flittering from place to place. Even in her sleep she seemed to be in constant motion. He could feel her love for life, she never gave half measure, but grasped everything before her in her tiny hands and held on tenaciously. One day she would be a great power within herself, her affinity for magic was truly amazing, He knew she had no notion of how far she had progressed in such a short time. The gods help them all when she did.

Seeing Marluxion watching her, she smiled and waved at him, tripping over a small root, she laughed and picked herself up. She flew over to the old dragon and sat on his shoulder, looking off into the distance. "its almost time for Virlane and MiLady's hatchling to arrive isn't it? Do you think they will send for us? we really should be there you know, just incase they need anything." she looked at him expectantly. "if they need us, they will send word." he said quietly.

Muttering to herself, she went back to gathering the things that Marluxion had asked for. He chuckled, that was one of the things he had yet to break her of, this muttering to herself. He had Trink to thank for that, the dandy elf was a master of muttering and the two enjoyed each others company, they were often seen sitting under a tree, Trink filling Bitsy's head with his wild elvan adventures.

Bitsy placed the flowers and herbs in the proper bins, she touched the petals, soon winter would be here and everything would sleep till spring. She shivered thinking, it wouldn't hurt to start making her winter clothes. Later that night as she sat trying to concentrate on each painstaking stitch, she looked at Marluxion several times. "If your not careful, you will end up stitching that cape to your fingers, was there something you wanted to ask?" Happy to put down the sewing, she nodded smiling.

"Don't you have a lady friend? Marluxion, Trink says every male needs a lady friend, he says every male needs a plump bosom to rest on, that, if they don't their superior parts will shrivel up and won't work right anymore. So I thought I had better ask you, about a lady friend, if you don't have one perhaps Trink and I could help you find one. I don't think it would be a good idea to shrivel up, no matter how old you are."

Marluxion, who should have known better then to take a sip of wine, just before Bitsy said something with that serious little look on her face, started to choke. she instantly flew to him and started to ineffectually slap his back. "good heavens, you should be more careful, you scared the wits out of me, choking like that." He gasped, getting his breath back and just stared at her. Seeing the look on his face, she flew back to her sewing and tucked her chin down on her chest and started to sew furiously, muttering that she had just smacked him on the back a few times, no need to get touchy about it.

Marluxion carefully put down his goblet and looked at the little fairy. He cleared his throat several times before speaking, "I appreciate you concern, Bitsy, but dragon's superior parts do not shrivel, no matter whether they have a lady friend or not. If I have the need to mate, I find a dragoness who is also feeling the same urge. I think you need to stop taking each of Trink's exaggerations as being the truth of all truths. He is an elf who loves to tell tale tales, most with himself being the rescuing hero to some overly endowed female." He chuckled as he saw her look down at her chest, "everything in its time, child, nature provides what it will, no more, no less."

He realized she was going to pursue the subject and held up a paw, to silence her. "I have an errand for you to run tomorrow, it has been a while since you've seen your parents. I have been sending them regular progress reports, so they needn't worry about your care and well being. You can deliver this next one in person, visit with your family and friends, have a day of play. You have worked hard and earned it." Marluxion had every intentions of informing Bitsy's mother that it was about time she and her daughter had a long discussion on the sexual aspects of a fairy's life.

He sent her off to bed, little bits of thread and cloth trailed behind her, she muttered as she realized she had sewn the new garment to her skirt. After washing up for the night, Bitsy sat on her bed, brushing her hair, she didn't notice the little cracklings of static as she brushed it, she didn't notice how long, and thick it was, how it seemed to float about her and bounce with life, just like she did. Bitsy put her brush away, and slipped under the covers, snuggling down under the warm soft blankets, she fell asleep giggling as she remembered the look on the old dragons face as she mentioned shriveled parts.

The morning dawned bright and crisp, small ice crystals seemed to float in the air, shimmering as the sun slowly came up to melt them into dew drops for the forest. Bitsy dressed quickly, in a hurry to be on her way. She fixed their breakfast, always trying to get Marluxion to eat better, he often seemed too preoccupied with his studies to eat. After cleaning up, she looked expectantly at Marluxion.

He handed her the scroll intended for her parents, this she tucked away in the small pouch she always carried. Telling her to enjoy herself, he sent her on her way. She always loved the way he did that, so autocratically, with a wave of his paw and poof she was gone.

Bitsy stood in the forest glade, watching the morning sun filter down through the tree's, she listened to the sounds of the forest and smiled, this was home. She dearly loved Marluxion and enjoyed living in his lair, learning all the amazing things he had to teach. But it just wasn't home, deep inside the lair you couldn't hear the noise of the forest, the animals waking to the dawn, the tree's coming alive with the sun. With a happy sigh, she twirled around, her arms out stretched, she loved her forest.

With a loud umph she slammed into something and went flying onto her bottom. She looked up startled, the sun in her eye's, she put up her hand. Two strong hands lifted her back onto her feet. "I see you haven't learned to stay upright yet, I'm amazed you've survived as long as you have." a brisk male voice stated. Bitsy bent down to brush herself off and finally got a look at who had helped her up. He was very tall, his hair jet black, down to his collar, his face deeply tanned, His eye's were the color of rich amber. As her eye's slide over him she couldn't help but notice how muscular his thighs looked in his tight leggings. She felt her cheeks turn warm and hurriedly looked elsewhere.

"Hello, WindWhispers, thanks for helping me up, but if you hadn't been standing so close, I wouldn't have banged into you and fallen down." She rambled as she skipped along, as usual not watching where she was going and promptly ran into a small sapling. Once again, the strong hands reached out and caught her before she could fall.

He couldn't help but laugh, he had known Bitsy all her life, she was only 5 years younger then he. They had played together often, until he had reached a certain age, then the idea of playing with a girl fairy was enough to make a guy shudder. The last time she had come home, he had been away, but had heard about her visit from his friends.

For the first time since she had bumped into him, WindWhispers really looked at Bitsy. Instead of the gangly little girl fairy he remembered, there danced along side him a tall, very young woman, her hair falling over her shoulders, down to the middle of her back. He wanted to reach out and touch it, feel it, as it seemed to float around her, an odd color, he thought to himself, not white, not blue, he couldn't quite put his finger on exactly what color it was.

Amid the hugs and chatter from her family and friends, Bitsy lost sight of WindWhispers, several times she looked around for him but he seemed to have left, he promptly vanished from her thoughts as she handed her father the scroll, Marluxion had sent. She nibbled on her lip as she watched her father read, he kept looking at her then reading, then looking at her again. "I'm doing very well in my studies, Father" she said putting on a bright little smile. Her father burst into laughter as he handed the scroll to her mother.

Bitsy stood there fighting back the tears, that her father's laughter had brought to her eye's. Her heart ached deep inside, All her life the forest folk had laughed at her, sometimes unkindly, but usually with what she felt was sympathetic kindness. It still hurt though, no one wants to be laughed at, they want to be laughed with.

"What has she done now? blown up the old dragons work shop again?" She turned with a hiss on her lips and shoved Keebler aside, "I haven't done anything wrong and your mean to even thinks such things!" Bitsy snarled as she fled out the door, banging into the doorway, she kept on going.

Sitting under a small tree, Bitsy cried, her tiny crystal tears streaming down her cheeks. She knew she shouldn't of shoved Keebler, he wasn't a mean fairy, just seemed to find everything in life so amusing. Keebler was her cousin, he had round chubby cheeks, a little button of a nose, and could only be kindly called short. As long as Bitsy could remember Keebler had followed WindWhisper around. Her thoughts distracted, wondering when WindWhisper had gotten so tall, his hands so strong.

Her mother sat down next to her and pulled her into warm loving arms. Bitsy cried against her mothers shoulder for a long time. Thamara softly brushed the tears from her daughter's face. "Your father's laughter was not directed at you, Bitsy, but at what Marluxion had written, he was imagining the look on the old dragon's face as you asked about shriveled parts and couldn't help laughing." at the look on her daughters face, Thamara smiled "yes, he did mention that and a few other things he thought should be brought to our attention. Bitsy, you were born reaching out to the world, your eye's searching for things only you could see. Your love of life, the quest to see and experience everything you possibly can, pushes you in a great rush. One day all the bits and pieces will fall into place, you have to learn to give life time to catch up with you."

Bitsy gave a watery chuckle, "the look on his face was funny, but I was only asking out of concern for him. Trink says that no matter how old you get, you have to use your superior parts regularly or your system gets all out of sorts and it can be very painful." Bitsy looked earnestly at her mother, waiting for a reply.

Her mother laughed and hugged Bitsy, then she pulled Bitsy to her feet, the two walked, gathering flowers, looking at the forest, checking on the animals. As they walked, Thamara talked to her daughter about growing up, about the natural curiosity about all things sexual. Her mother explained how confusing and frustrating it was reaching a certain age and being overwhelmed by your body and all the new, strange feelings that seemed to run wild. They talked for a long time, Thamara encouraging Bitsy to ask all the questions she wanted. Once during their talk she gently patted Bitsy's cheek that was a bright flushed pink, "sex is as natural as the sun coming up each morning and setting each night. Your growing up and one day you will be ready for a mate of your own. In the mean time, just enjoy who and what you are and let life, your family and Marluxion worry abut the rest."

The day passed quickly, much to quickly, Bitsy knew she needed to return to the lair soon, but didn't think it would hurt to go back just a bit later then usual. She had much to think about, the day had brought many interesting facts and thoughts. Hugging her family goodbye, she looked up at the full moon and smiled, then waved as she slowly vanished from view.

Sitting at the very top of the tree, where she had once watched MiLady and Virlane in the glen below. Bitsy looked out into the night sky, so big, so wondrous, she felt as if she could reach out and touch the moon as it glowed down on the tiny earth below. She heard a noise behind her, just the brush of a branch against another, but she heard it and slowly turned. He stood leaning against the tree, his arms folded across his chest, one ankle casually resting over the other.

For a long time the two looked at each other, WindWhisper held out a small cape, "its going to storm soon, the wind is rising, you might want this." She nodded holding out her hand, afraid if she moved, she would do something really stupid like fall out of the tree. Instead she slipped, catching her long shirt on a branch, she dangled there trying desperately to undo her shirt, feeling like a complete fool. Once again tears filled her eye's, it seemed as if that's all she did these days, cry and appear foolish.

Not saying a word, WindWhispers bent down and untangled her shirt, holding onto her tiny wrist with the other hand. He pulled her up and wrapped the cape around her shoulders. Reaching out he took a small leaf from her hair and flicked it away, watching it float out on the night air. He turned his deep amber eye's to look at Bitsy. He looked into her eye's, they were so dark blue, almost black as the midnight sky. His eye's dropped down to her lips, he almost groaned, as she unconsciously ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. His hands tightened on the edges of her cape, he slowly pulled her forward. He bent his head and barely brushed his lips over hers, then carefully pressed his lips to hers, his tongue slipped between her lips as she gasped. His hands slide inside the cape and cupped her young breasts, then moved down her back to her waist, he pulled her up against his body. He whispered into her ear "Your mine, dearling, you always have been, soon you'll be old enough for me to come for you." WindWhispers set her away from him and once again pulled the cape closed around her, "Head home, the storm is almost here, it's going to be a bad one, I must leave and warn the others." then he touched his lips to hers once more and left.

Bitsy stood on the tree branch, staring after him. She knew she must have looked like a gasping fish out of water, with her mouth hanging open. She touched her fingers to her lips, her eye's wide with surprise, as she watched him leave. Muttering to herself "his indeed, well he has another thing coming if he thinks, he can just fly by, kiss me and say I'm his!" She was just about to depart when she looked up and outlined by the moon flew a dragon, it was flying erratically, it suddenly seemed to plummet to the earth.

Flying as fast as she could, Bitsy was shocked to see Virlane's golden dragoness laying on the ground, her tail wrapped around her body, she kept moaning as Bitsy got closer. Bitsy flew all around the dragoness, looking and touching, "where are you hurt? lady, is anything broken? let me go get Virlane for you, he will fix everything all up, don't go anywhere, I will be right back."

The golden dragoness, grabbed ahold of Bitsy's cape and let out a deep moan, she seemed to shimmer then turned into the human woman, Katrina. "please Bitsy, find Virlane, he is at a gathering of friends, I tried to go to him but it was to late, I have to return to the keep."

Bitsy was shocked as she looked at the human woman, she was naked and her huge distended belly, seemed stretched to the breaking point, Her eye's widened even more as Katrina moaned in pain and grabbed her belly. "look, you can't have a hatchling here, not in the forest, not now, there are night creatures wandering, you have to go home." she tugged at the lady trying to get her attention. Katrina cried out again "the baby is coming, Bitsy, please you have to help me." Bitsy's thought flew around wildly "cross your legs, that's it, just cross your legs and keep them tights."

She knew she had to get the lady to the tower room. The wind had started to blow badly, the air had suddenly turned cold, the lady lay on the ground, shivering and moaning in pain. She took a deep breath, then another, she remembered Marluxion's words "No matter in times of stress or fear, keep the inner calm, that will help you work your magic." Bitsy closed her eye's, breathing deeply, she touched the lady and in a soft calm voice uttered the words that would transport the two of them to the tower room.

Bitsy looked at the woman writhing on the bed, she knew she had to get her human help, she turned and flew right into the curtains hanging around the large bed, with a muttered curse she untangled herself and flew out the window to the stables. She saw the candle light coming from under Drappers door and pounded on the door, trying to shove it open, she muttered to herself then appeared on the other side of the door. She went tumbling into the room. Drapper looked up in surprise, ah it was Bitsy, one should of known.

"Drapper, you have to come quickly, the lady, she needs help, you have to hurry, she is in the tower room, she says the hatchling is coming!" Drapper jumped to his feet as he watched Bitsy fly out of the room. Bitsy he yelled, "Where is Virlane?" She flew back into the room "at some kind of gathering, that's all I know" the she flew out again heading for the tower room. Drapper ran to the chest in the corner, he pulled out a bell and started to shake it, it didn't make a sound but he knew no matter where Virlane was he would hear it and know it was an emergency. Then he ran out of the room, yelling for Mary.

Bitsy flew back into the room just as the lady screamed. Bitsy froze in mid air, then felt like screaming herself as the lady screamed again. Katrina saw Bitsy and reached for her. "Bitsy you have to help, the baby is coming, NOW!" Shaking like a leaf Bitsy had no idea what she could possibly do, but went to help, she saw the lady pushing down on her huge belly and watched as the child came out. Bitsy knew it should be crying, she knew it should be moving, she went and touched the baby, then saw the cord around its neck. She had seen that once a long time ago, a new born fawn that had died.

Bitsy put her hand on the cord, took a deep breath and spoke softly, her hand seemed to glow a soft blue as the cord fell away, then she placed her hand on the babies chest, rubbing as her hand glowed a darker blue.

Katrina watched, tears streaming down her face, she wanted to scream that it couldn't be true, her child couldn't be dead, she moaned, where was Virlane.

Bitsy concentrated with all her might, until it felt as if her hand was burning off, suddenly she saw a movement, she pushed again on the babies chest, it moved again. Suddenly the baby made a tiny little noise, almost like a kittens cry. Katrina heard the sound also and tried to sit up, reaching for her baby. Bitsy pulled her hand back and looked at the baby closely, it seemed to be ok, not that she had seen a human baby before. She reached down and touched it again, goodness it sure was a mess, she thought.

A roar filled the air and Bitsy was tossed across the room as Collin, who was also the dragon Virlane, husband to Katrina, the woman and golden dragoness, scooped up his child into his large hands. He turned with a terrible look in his eye's "don't touch the baby!" Bitsy who had slammed into the wall, sat stunned on the floor, she stared at Collin and started to speak just as the door to the chamber slammed open and Drapper came running in with Mary and Harriett right behind him. It seemed as if the whole room was in chaos, everyone talking at once.

Bitsy slowly stood up and quietly flew out of the window, the fierce wind blew, grabbing at her hair and her cape, it pushed her this way and that. She didn't notice when it started to rain, or when the rain turned to sleet. She finally lay huddled under a bush, shivering, she tried to concentrate, tried to remember the words to get to Marluxion's lair. She could feel him looking for her, she tried to hang onto his thoughts.

In an instant she was in the study of the lair, she lay curled up on the floor, shivering. then felt a paw wrap around her. With deep concern, Marluxion quickly went into the bathing chambers, he stripped off her ice covered clothes, his breath warmed her, before he gently put her into a small pool of hot water, she cried out as the hot water washed over her cold body and tried to get out, he held her in the water until he was sure she was warmed enough. Wrapping a warm towel around her, he dried her gently off. Instead of taking her to her own sleeping alcove, he placed her on his bed where he could keep watch over her.

He watched her as she lay huddled under the covers, her teeth chattering as each shiver wracked her tiny body. She fought him as he tried to make her drink the medicines he had prepared, managing to get some into her but he wanted her to drink more. Satisfied at last he set the small cup down. Even though he soothed her with a sleeping spell, she tossed about, moaning in her sleep. He frowned as he heard her crying in her sleep, that she hadn't hurt the baby. It was well into the next day before she finally slept as if unconscious. The old dragon lay curled around her adding his warmth to her body, he felt the fever, and warmed her more, until she was soaking wet with her own sweat. He dried her off and covered her once again with warm dry blankets.

Bitsy tried to push the covers off, she was so hot, so thirsty, her arms seemed to be made of lead and she finally stopped, the effort to much for her. She opened her eyes hearing Marluxion urging her to take a drink. she drank and drank until he took the cup away, she looked at him again tiredly and closed her eyes.

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