Chapter 1

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Slavery, Heterosexual, Horror, Superhero, Extra Sensory Perception, Vampires, FemaleDom, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Size, Violent, Transformation, Military,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brought to a strange new reality, the humans trapped there must now face a strange new race.

The inhabitants of the town were spread out across a strange countryside. Most were safe in the east while others like Tara were not so lucky. Thunderous storm clouds covered the sky, and the ground shook with earthquakes. Travel from where she ended up at heading to the south was near impossible as the earth itself seemed determined to suck her up when she tried to brave the flat barren terrain. Forced to seek shelter as rain soaked her to the bones, she retreated to a cave where she fell asleep. When she awoke mud still caked her tennis shoes as she ventured out into the freezing cold. Hugging her coat to her Tara shivered in the morning air. Her breaths came out in pain filled gasps as all warmth seemed to be leaving her in a matter of seconds. Strangely the cave had seemed ideally warm compared to being out in the open.

Without a seconds hesitation she quickly returned to it, and gave a sigh of relief as the cold drifted away. The cave itself seemed warmer now, though she could detect no sign of where the heat was coming from. The walls and floor of the cave seemed normal enough. It could easily been mistaken from one of those near her hometown by just its appearance. Only the cozy warmth inside marked it as anything different.

'What is this place?' She thought as she took a seat against the far wall. Her stomach rumbled as her eyes became accustomed to the darkness.

'I'm so hungry, but I dare not venture outside again. I could easily freeze to death.' Tara thought. Suddenly a flat rock appeared, glowing with a strange golden inner light, and on top of its flat top was a plate of biscuits and gravy: her favorite. At first Tara could only stare in wonder at this strange marvel.

'It must be a trick, but I saw no one enter the cave. Do I dare eat it?" Tara asked herself. A small breeze blew the smell of delicious sausage flavored gravy to her, and she took a big whiff. Her mouth watering she didn't care what was in it. All she could think about was her hunger and how good the meal would taste. Beside the plate were a fork and a knife, which she used to cut and eat as fast as she could. Never before had she tasted anything so good and she quickly devoured the plate. A glass of cold milk appeared next to it and she drank it with little hesitation.

Satisfied and warm Tara decided to take a nap and when she turned around to find a place to sleep she found yet another surprise: a two blankets and a pillow laid out for her on the ground where she had sat only moments before. As she moved away, the light in the rock began to dim as if it had served its purpose and was no longer needed. As she made her bed Tara felt both comfortable and safe in the strange cave and though part of her wanted to explore when the weather got better, another part of her wanted to stay.

'As far as survival goes perhaps I can find everything I need here. I suppose I could explore, and use this place as a shelter or home to come back to when things get tough out there, but for now I feel tired and need to sleep.' Tara admitted before settling into bed and closing her eyes. Pleasant and vivid dreams flowed into her mind, like glass being filled by a great pitcher. With the flow she perceived all that this new world held as some unseen force imparted the knowledge to her. What seemed like hours to her were in fact days, followed by months. Within the walls she was safe and cared for. Of all the humans trapped in the western lands, Tara was the luckiest.

Sasha and others were not so lucky. Walking underneath a thick canopy of treetops Sasha traveled with fifteen other women, all adults and all of them were trying to find there way toward the distant east and its sunnier lands. Thankfully it was not freezing cold where she was, instead it was quite muggy. Sweat poured off their bodies, soaking their clothing and causing it to cling. The humidity weighed down on them until even a half a mile felt like four. When the weather seemed to change with the coming of a new day as they neared the edge of the forest, relief turned to panic. What they saw at the woods edge was not a clear path to the east, but a standing army armored warriors dressed in chain and leather armor. Almost in unison most of the male warriors and a few of their female ones turned to eye the human women who had just burst from inside the woods. When a group charged towards them Sasha gave a shriek of fright and turned and ran with the other women.

Already tired and nearly totally blind by their own sweat stinging their eyes, none of the fleeing women could make good progress, and a look over Sasha' right shoulder showed that the pursuing males did not share in this disadvantage. Sasha could only watch in terror as continued to run, glancing back when she could and saw the women being brought down by the shear numbers of males surrounding them and tackling them. Three males to each human were not good odds to say the least; not that one of them couldn't easily have been enough. The trouble was Sasha was so worried about what lay behind her, that she didn't see three more males coming at her from the front, and by the time she turned around they were practically upon her. One managed to tackle her and bring her to the ground, the other two pinned her arms.

Sasha tried to kick and bite but the response she got quickly cowed her: One of the males seemed quite infuriated as her teeth sank into the side of his left hand and he bit her back, the difference was he had fangs. Screaming in pain, Sasha involuntarily released her hold on his hand before the effects of the bite hit her with the force of a powerful sedative that seemed to stop and just relaxing her. All resistance melted away as she experienced a feeling of euphoria as they stripped her naked. It wasn't until two separate cock heads pressed two barely divided holes that she came down enough to realizing what was happening. Before she could say or do anything, two very large male organs buried themselves deeply inside of her. At first there was a small degree of discomfort, which was a lot less than she had expected, given the suddenness of the two powerful males thrusting into her.

Any chance of bracing herself had quickly come and gone as they began fucking her in almost a perfect rhythm. Trapped between their two heavy bodies Sasha was both helpless, and incredibly turned on. Neither male was being particularly vicious in his thrusts. In fact as she decided the best action was to just accept that she couldn't do anything, they actually were making her feel quite good. Laying on her back she could feel them moving inside her ass and pussy figured it wouldn't hurt to get some satisfaction out of their efforts. Leaning back to provide the male in her pussy with better access she actually tried to kiss him as he changed his position, as if sensing her intention and wanting to accommodate. While she had been worried moving would be pushing her luck, it was the kiss that stopped things abruptly.

Noticing the male on top of her jerk his head back as her lips met his, Sasha didn't understand what she had done wrong and asked, "What is it?"

Eyeing her curiously the once startled male leaned downward and gently kissed her back, mimicking her earlier kiss, as a light peck. She felt the other male crane his head to see what was going on, and Sasha laughed as she noticed the look of pure wonder in all three males' eyes. In that one brief moment she figured it out.

"You've never kissed a woman before have you?" She said looking at each of them. While none of them spoke, it was clear what happened next. The still clothed male and the naked one on his knees both moved in to kiss her, and noticed the other one trying to do the same. In the blink of the eye they went from a cooperative group to individuals, and all wanted a piece of her. While the two other males attacked each other by punching and biting, the one still inside her ass took the opportunity to have her all to himself and began fucking her again with abandon. At first Sasha tried to get away, as this time the sensation, while good proved far too much for her body to handle. Two arms wrapped around her ample breasts and flat stomach before pinning her to him before she could get away. Safe in the knowledge that the golden haired female was his for the taking, the male began to groan in enjoyment while Sasha was fucked into three powerful orgasms. By the time he came Sasha was glad, because it gave her sore ass a break.

After he pulled out Sasha noticed that the throbbing pain in her backside disappeared in seconds. Before she could take a lot of time to enjoy it, the other two males, after discovering the futility of fighting another creature who could heal any cut or scratch easily, seemed to form a truce. Now it was the third male's turn to make his move. Coming at her from the side her crawled and kissed her like the other had and sighed in enjoyment as Sasha responded with a deeper kiss. The second male now jealous started to move in before stopping near her legs. Sniffing the air, he followed a powerful scent that drew him to her woman hood. Sasha giggled as his nose tickled her down there, and the male kissing her growled in annoyance that she had broken the kiss. Taking a few breaths to quickly get some air into her lungs in her lungs, Sasha began kissing him again and it seemed to settle him down. The second male now finding the pleasant delight that he had managed to sniff out, started licking her pussy lips and tasting very sweet juices. Sasha moaned again as she tried to keep kissing, but as the first male moved in to join the other two, he started licking and sucking her breast experimentally. How they had figured this all out, Sasha didn't know, but she wasn't about to complain, given their fine handiwork.

While Sasha managed to notice the other males sharing the rest of the human women, her three seemed to be showing a very independent streak thanks to her. When one strange male move tentatively towards her, the other three all locked their eyes on him and began snarling and biting at air. He seemed to get the message that she was off limits as did the rest of them. When it came time to leave and gather up their prisoners the three used her clothes to bind her hands and feet. Immobilized she was lifted onto the shoulder of the second male who shared a strong resemblance in the face as the other two.

'My mother always said: be careful what you wish for. I always dreamed of being with a bunch of guys, but I never pictured this. Oh well, I guess it could be worse.' Sasha said to herself.

Many humans both male and female suffered similar fates to Sasha; who were trying to escape the western lands. All but Tara were caught as the Nissian patrols found them. The farthest some got was within a day's ride of the border before the Nissians found a way to cut them off. The human's pursuers had found a rare prize in these new arrivals. Where they came from none of them knew, but was clear was that none of them had any fangs, and their strange tongues and clothing showed them not to be of this world. Guided by instinct, the patrols headed deeper into their territory towards home and away from their rivals the Nom.

Women and children were loaded onto metal carts with cages on them and were separated from each other, while the men were lashed together and forced to march with the rest of the army. The Nissians had no cavalry from what Sasha noticed, joined up to form one standing army that stretch as far as the eye could see.

'How could there be so many of them in this desolate wasteland?' Sasha asked from inside her own cage. She soon received her answer. Halting from time to time, groups of soldiers with five or more empty carts each, just like the one she was held in broke off from the group. Starting in early morning they would return by midday, the cages full of beasts both large and small. Most of them Sasha had never seen before, but some did look familiar, such alligators and large snakes.

"What do they do with them?" Sasha asked one of the older women, who had been in the cart long before her.

"They eat them. I have never been close to the pockets of forest and swamp these creatures come from. Part of me wonders if some of them existed in the places they found us. If so then I'm glad we never ran into them, because a lot of them seem to be fellow predators. Whoever these guys are, they aren't afraid of a lot, and I wouldn't doubt they could bring down a full grown bull elephant with just numbers and their bare hands." The other woman described exhausted.

"My name is Sasha. How long have you been in here?" Sasha asked.

"Naomi, and I'd say four days, most of the time they were searching for other humans and only picking up food when they needed it. How far along are you?" Naomi asked.

"What?" Sasha asked.

"Surely you've noticed your belly has gotten bigger. I'm guessing your body didn't start out like that." Naomi said pointing to Sasha's stomach. Glancing down Sasha realized that she had been so busy thinking about the Nissians themselves, that she had noticed her belly had indeed grown.

"How did this happen?" Sasha she asked in shock.

"You're pregnant my dear. Don't worry we've all gone through just like you new girls will. I myself have given birth to three already. My guess is you'll be due today or tomorrow. The bite they gave you wasn't just for sex, it was to prepare your body for this." Naomi explained.

"But I've felt no pain, or discomfort." Sasha said lifting up her shirt to see her swollen belly.

"And you'll feel nothing until it comes time to give birth, and even that's a breeze thanks to the bite. Both were a lot easier than my son's back on Earth. If you look you'll see the stars are different overhead, not to mention the fact that there are two moons now overhead." Naomi pointed out.

Sasha didn't even bother to check on the two moons. Her mind was still reeling at the thought that she would soon give birth. Granted none of the males she had been with had worn a condom, but usually there is a nine month waiting period on having a baby, and sometimes women don't get pregnant at all.

That night she awakened by one of the males that had captured her, and was led away from camp where the other two were waiting. Alone in this excluded spot Naomi expected more rough, but satisfying sex like before. The most handsome of the three moved in and kissed her. Naomi was so taken with the kiss, she did not notice the other two circling around behind her. She was caught by surprise when two sets of hands grabbed, and braced her arms in perfect coordination with the male kissing her pressing against her so she couldn't run or cry out. The Nissian in front of her breaks the kiss for a moment, Naomi might have guessed it was to catch a breath, but he seemed fine. As he kisses her again she tastes a salty, metallic taste which she can't recognize at first.

When it does become clear, she tries to push him away before the other two bite into her, quieting her. The chemicals of the bite working through her, Naomi calms down as they force more blood into her, biting their own wrists to provide her with it. After they were done Naomi felt suddenly week and the three of them helped ease her to the ground. Laying there Naomi seem them part to let another male approach wearing an expensive business suit.

"I don't how many of you, you think I can handle, but I'm sure this is pushing it." Naomi says, still coherent despite her slightly altered perception.

"I assure Naomi we won't be having sex, at least not traditionally." The newcomer replied.

"Holy shit! You can talk!" Naomi exclaimed.

He smiles at her, "As can they. Unfortunately until your blood turns that might not be entirely possible."

"Blood turns? Who are you people?" Naomi asked looking at each of them.

"My name is Tony. Nissian males don't have names. Such a thing would imply importance and their queen treats them like dogs. As for the basics of what we are: I would have thought that was plainly obvious by now." Tony said.

"Vampires. You mentioned yourself as separate than them. What makes you different?" Naomi asks as she lays there, feeling relaxed and almost drowsy.

"You mean other than my nice suit in comparison to their medieval styled armor?" Tony asked sarcastically.

"Alright, other than that." Naomi said feeling slightly giddy as she laughed at his joke.

"I am the Lord of the Night. They are slaves. Our positions alone put us on opposite sides of the spectrum. I rule everything in the supernatural world, while they rule nothing." Tony said.

"If you are supposed to have authority over everything why don't you help them?" Naomi asked.

"But I am: through you." Tony said looking her in the eye with a smile.

"Me? Why me?" Naomi asked trying to fight the peaceful feeling she was experiencing, part of her mind recognized it as unnatural. Exercising her will she shook herself out of the last traces of her stupor.

"I believe you have just answered that. Normally only a fully turned queen could shake off the effects of one bite, let alone two. Even without my help you have a formidable will." Tony said.

"Your help?" Naomi said, now totally clear headed.

"These three have asked me to provide them with a new queen, through you." Tony explained.

"Can't they choose someone else?" Naomi asks. She sees the three males look worriedly at Tony who holds a hand to quiet their fears.

"Be assured gentlemen, you were not wrong in your choice." Tony said looking from them to her.

"They chose me?" Naomi asked.

"Of course. In that moment you kissed one of them, they all sensed something different about you, and I confirmed it. You really have no idea the risk they have taken in even starting all this, do you?

Naomi thought about it for a moment, and then she understood, "If their queen finds out she will kill them."

"More likely she will torture them until they simply give up on life and choose to die. Nissians are quite a hardy species, particularly the males: it's what makes them such effective cannon fodder. Chop them to pieces and you will have to keep the pieces separate, burn them to ash and you will have to scatter them to the four winds or they'll come back. The point is: they can only die under a very limited amount of circumstances; one of the ways is they just give up." Tony said.

"That's horrible. Why don't you seem unaffected by this? Why aren't you doing something?" Naomi asked in earnest.

"I'm very practical, and as I mentioned: they'll have you to lead them. Think of it this way: by helping them you help the other humans as well as yourself. If you don't accept this opportunity the best you can hope for is to be turned into a vampire or a sex slave, unfortunately the current customs include feeding on their slaves. Sometimes the feedings or even the couplings end up with one the participants being dead." Tony pointed out.

"Well when you put it that way." Naomi admitted.

"I knew you would come around." Tony said and the Nissians are pleased as he smiles at them.

"That seems to take a load off their mind. So what happens next?" Naomi asks looking around.

"Merely lie back and close your eyes for a moment." Tony said.

Naomi did as she was told wondering what would happen next. A brief chill spread over her body and then she heard Tony's voice again.

"Open your eyes Naomi." Tony said.

Opening them slowly Naomi looked around and found herself in someone's room. On the bed before her was a young man. As she studied him she found him quite handsome, almost beautiful as he slept.

"Who is he?" Naomi whispered as she was unable to take her eyes off him.

"His name is Ter. He is a Nom male. They live beyond the great wall that protects them against the Nissian hives. Their magic is quite powerful. Like the Nissians, they too suffer the problem of one gender being the minority. In the case of the Nom the male is the minority, though they are treasured in this race unlike the Nissian males. This male will be the father of one of your children." Tony explained.

"You want me to have his child? Why?" Naomi said, turning her gaze away from the sleeping Ter.

"Two must be born: one of Nissian blood, the other of Nom; two halves to find the Prophet, and wake the Dreamer." Tony answered.

"What are you talking about?" Naomi asked.

"Do you remember how you got here?" Tony asked.

"A bright wave of light and energy came rushing at me as I walked home from the movies. I tried to run, but like those around me I was caught in it, and I ended up in a barren place far to the west." Naomi replied.

"A vampire was injured after being attacked. The exact circumstances you need not know, suffice to say: the consequences were quite dire. You and every human, as well as vampire that were in that town were transported here. This world represents the mind of the dreamer: he is the vampire that was wounded. His mind nearly shattered, it tried to save itself, and thus he sleeps. This world is a twisted version of reality. The Dreamer thought it all up." Tony answered.

"Does that mean you are part of him? That you are not real?" Naomi asked, confused.

"I am quite real, but I can only enter through your dreams at the moment. You are sleeping now. If I showed up in the waking world, I fear it would disturb this reality and possibly destroy it, along with everything in it." Tony answered.

"So you are here to help all of us?" Naomi asked just to be sure.

"For a price ... yes." Tony replied.

"What price?" Naomi asked.

"I too require a child. If you wish, that part can wait. In the mean time I will aid you when I can. You will be given a fighting chance at the very least." Tony said.

"What am I: a baby factory?" Naomi asked, as she started to get pissed.

"Think of it as the price of power. You have the opportunity to be a powerful queen, maybe the most powerful ever. Do this thing and I will provide you your chance." Tony replied.

Naomi considered his offer, weighing all the possibilities.

"I suppose there are worse ways to gain an empire." Naomi said with smile.

"Very good Qenha. You are finally learning." Tony said.

"My name is Naomi. Why would you call me that?" Naomi asked.

"It is your new name; your Nissian name. Maybe one day I will tell you what it means." Tony said leaving her to consummate her future.

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