Chen in College: First Day of School

by David Caspian

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Superhero, DomSub, FemaleDom, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chen goes off to college and has his first adventure

Chen Sanders stepped onto campus for his first day of school. His black hair hung loosely and at times covered his face. It was barely combed, and he wore a plaid button down collared shirt with blue jeans, and white sneakers which made him look average at best. Walking the halls Chen might have been surprised that he wasn't under the radar as he passed young women. Many of them actually turned their heads as he went by as if there was something in the air. While studying out on the quad Chen was approached one of cheerleaders at his school.

"Hello, we have a few of the same classes. My name's Suzie. What's yours?" She said.

Chen looked up, and brushed some of the hair from his face, his shyness showing. Chen was about 5'5 in height and had a slim build, along with slanted eyes and black hair showing his mixed ancestry. Whether Chen realized it or not; he had the build of a miniature supermodel. The only thing that might cause someone to hesitate hiring him would be his size and his choice in clothing which hid a lot of his body, but obviously not his face which any woman would to look at. Chen's brown eyes searched her face with a reserved curiosity naïve to all this information since he had been a late bloomer.

"Chen." He replied as he was uncertain as to what else he should say. Chen was accustomed to being ignored and was unsure of how to deal with the attention of a beautiful woman, who obviously wanted to talk with him.

"What are you studying Chen?" Suzie asked, sitting down beside him on a bench.

"Alegebra." Chen said.

"Having trouble?" Suzie asked.

"Actually I've always found math pretty easy." Chen admitted.

"Really? Would care to help me out? I could always use the help." Suzie said.

"I don't know ... this is all so sudden." Chen replied.

Leaning forward a little Suzie looked into his eyes and said, "Please?"

Perhaps it was the tone of her voice or her lovely honey blond hair with hazel eyes, but Chen found it hard to refuse her.

"So ... library?" Chen asked.

"I was thinking more along the lines of my apartment." Suzie suggested.

"We kind of just met." Chen argued.

"I'll order pizza, my treat." Suzie offered.

"I love pizza." Chen said.

"So you'll come?" Suzie asked.

Sighing Chen said, "Ok."

Writing out her address Suzie handed him a torn off piece of paper out of a notebook, before saying, "Then I'll see you at 6 pm. Don't be late."

Chen was dropped off in front of Suzie's apartment building by cab. Paying the faire he headed up the steps to press the buzzer to her room, so she could let him in.

"Chen?" Suzie's voice came in over the intercom.

"Yes." Chen said loud enough for her to hear.

"Come on up." Suzie said before a buzzing sound was heard, and the street level door unlocked. Stepping into the elevator Chen pressed the button to take him to the fourth floor. After a moment the elevator started moving, only to stop on the second floor. The doors opened and in stepped an older woman with short cut brown hair and a red party dress. Sniffing the air as she entered, the lady eyed Chen oddly before pressing the button for the fifth floor. Turning the strange woman approached him and slipped her hands underneath his shirt.

"Uh ... what are you doing?" Chen asked before gasping for breath. The feeling of her fingers stroking his stomach felt so good. Every nerve in Chen's body was ultra sensitive, overloading his brain until he was at the woman's mercy.

"You can call me Gail." The woman said. Ripping open his shirt the woman rose up and began kissing and nibbling his neck.

Between breaths the woman said, "You taste and smell so good."

Chen could only manage a soft moan in response. The sound of doors dinging open at the fourth floor revealed Suzie and her roommate Lea. The woman kissing Chen looked up to see who it was, leaving Chen grasping for breath.

"I see you've been busy. Would your lady friend care to join us in some place more private?" Suzie asked. Chen couldn't believe it: he had to be dreaming. Things like this didn't happen in real life. While he was thinking about that, the women were busy lifting him up, and practically carrying him out of the elevator to a room that Lea unlocked for them.

"Right inside ladies." Lea said with a smile. Once inside Lea locked the door while the other two women alternated between kissing and stripping Chen until he was completely naked. Forcing him against the door, Suzie and Lea held his arms pinning them at shoulder level while Gail removed her panties and dress. Removing a condom from its wrapper she slipped it onto his cock before turning around. Chen was a virgin and had no idea what was going on. Confused and caught off guard he felt Gail's fingers wrapped around his shaft as she guided him into her wet pussy. Pushing back she sighed in contentment as he slid all the way in. Within moments she was bouncing against him. More curvaceous than the other women, she also had a larger bust size and wasn't wearing a bra.

"Is this your first time beautiful?" Lea whispered into his ear.

"Ye ... yes!" Chen answered.

"If that's the case, he should have popped his cork by now." Suzie said with some amazement.

"I'm not complaining." Gail said as she kept fuck herself against him.

"But I can take care of that." Gail said looking back Chen with a grin. Pushing back one last time she started grinding her hips against and Chen cried out. Suzie quickly clamped her hand over his mouth to quiet him, so her neighbors wouldn't hear him.

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